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"traffic center official insurance news" Discussed on WRVA

"Landmark visit landmark dot to learn more today that's a landmark dot EDU Mercer rug cleaning studios Richmond news weather and traffic a radio dot com station good morning I'm mad dumb line inspection not removal after a check of traffic and weather from the my insurance factor dot com traffic center official insurance news radio W. RP at ninety five to ninety five and sixty four right now or incident free watch for collision book road at two ninety five on the south side collisions on whole street Warwick and Hopkins near bell Boulevard at Ladbroke court Kevin Casey newsradio Levin forty W. RBA number ninety six point one FM good morning beautiful weather today the best weather day the week campus today sunny with a light northerly breeze high in the low to mid eighty should be a gorgeous Monday partly sunny Tuesday not too bad eighty nine for Wednesday and Thursday it'll be thick with humidity daytime highs near ninety an isolated storm possible Wednesday better chance on Thursday then the humidity slides a little bit Friday from N. B. C. twelve I'm meteorologist Andrew Friedman on newsradio eleven forty W. R. via you know ninety six point one FM the news radio WRVA weather center it's sunny and seventy nine in deer run news radio W. R. VA time ten thirty one department of general services crews widely monument this morning the department stressing the least that you will not be coming down today however the crews were out there inspecting it ahead of removal we do not have a date or time for.

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