April 18, 2019: Shocking Sweeps


How good hockey in all Japan? Pro led by giant baba Mitchell. Hartman sour Toshiaki Kawada accurate highway all my favorites. Ready? Okay. Elliott deep breath. Yup. Bite down hard on your mouth guard as they say in MMA circles, this is a tough one. What happens with the Tampa Bay Lightning now and what happens with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now, we'll hit pause on the penguins conversation. But to start the pod the biggest story in hockey this year. Columbus advances to the second round for the first time in that organization's history, and they do so by knocking off the presidents trophy winners. One of the best regular season teams. We've ever seen in the Tampa Bay Lightning. What? Now, let me answer your question with a question first of all because upset ever while. There was this plucky bunch of college kids in nights talking about professional is this the biggest player Hoff's for however. Yes. For hockey for shield people brought up Minnesota over Chicago and ninety one Mike Modano mentioned that on Twitter. You did had some people might Twitter feed mentioning Detroit losing to Edmonton in two thousand and three that was a sweep to. But Detroit was not the number one team in the league that year those losing to Anaheim Anaheim Fezzan three they lost Edmonton later. But even though that was a sweep Detroit was not the number one team in the league. I had some people mansion Montreal beating Boston in one thousand nine hundred seventy one Ken Dryden and Boston would win the Stanley Cup and seventy seventy two the following year. He'd win the Calder. But this to me was sweep and the biggest one ever because should never happen to a presence trophy winning team before the future. I think for Tampa. And pittsburgh. It's very different my senses. The penguins have been weighing. For some time. Now that this was going to be the end of the group that won the Stanley Cup back to back pas on the pens. I do wanna get there. But no, I'm just saying that okay? I think Tampa is different. Because my guess is they still see themselves in their window. Does Tampa have a Washington Capitals two thousand and ten vibe about them right now the team that was supposed to be the juggernaut the team that was supposed to be the wood Chipper for anyone that was gonna stand in their way until as Washington found out in two thousand and ten they met yorislav halack and Mike Cam Larry this time, they met Sergei Brodsky and insert player x here. The only problem with that. Exact comparison is the Tampa Bay has a Stanley Cup. Final berth two thousand fifteen they have to Eastern Conference finals trips. In addition to what this is. So I think you could make a real good argument that they were actually a head of. That Washington team in two thousand ten but what I see is is that what did the capitals do. They kept reloading with their star players. And they just said we're going to keep trying until we climb the mountain and eventually they did there are no guarantees. But of I'm Tampa. I'm identifying my best players, and I will continue to reload with them. I mean, I know trade kucherov. No, that's my point about Tampa has has been like, I know there's a lot of listen the nerves or close to the skin last night. Let a knee-jerk reactions ten Bay Lightning fans feel overwhelmed and there's a knee jerk. Oh, this isn't a good team. You gotta fire the coach and this needs to be redone, and you can't win with Stam coast and this guy vanished. And let's get rid of all of the I don't know if it's gonna come out by the time this podcast is done. But I think stamkos had a pretty significant shoulder injury. Now, I don't like to use injuries excuse. They got. Beat. They got beat fair and square. But I think there is something there, look, what are you gonna trade off you trade headman? No trade Vassil Ascii. No trade point. No, you're going to. No. So you're coming back again next year with the same guys. And you've got seraglio who looks like he's going to be a player Joseph who looks like he's going to be a player Gord who is a player. Now, the interesting one will be the defense because you're losing Girardi you're losing Kover near you losing strong woman. Now, you could decide to resign one. But I wonder I wonder if Tampa is going to be one of the teams that takes a long look at risk to line in from buffalo. Are they going to be able to with the salary structure? They have now because the window to win is still wide open for Tampa. But this comes coupled with a potential cap crunch. Yes. With the money that Raza's Bristolian makes and the money that all those players you just named already make and will make C B point and vassal Eski after next season up. There's gonna be a cap crunch coming up for the Tampa Bay Lightning unless there's money. Going out. And that means a contract. Heidi entertain the idea of wrestling, you're gonna well first of all in Buffalo's gonna want something for them. And the one thing is we talked about this in the last podcast. That wrist aligning doesn't exactly have fans out there among the analytics community, but it sounds like there's enough of a market for him building out there that they're going to be able to get something for him. He's a five point four million dollar player for what three more years three more years. Yeah. To twenty one twenty two. So you're going to get something for him because there's enough of a market. And you know, I think there's enough teams that see a young. What is he twenty three twenty four years old? Okay. So people will take a chance at that. No. If you're looking at Tampa, who's this going to cost you I keep coming back to Alex Cologne, and probably polite polite is that five point three until twenty twenty two. You know, you're probably gonna have to buy out Ryan Callahan. Who's got one year left? I believe one more year left. Yeah. So he may get bought out. Or traded with something. So you're looking at Callahan. You're looking at polite you're looking at cholorine. Having to is. They gotta pay circuit chef soon to right? Yes. Circuit Chev is up in two twenty twenty. I wonder that's what I'm saying. There's a cab crunch Cummings. Poser your moves though. First of all, I think Jillian breeze, blah. He's got time. He'll put thought into it. He won't make any knee jerk. Decisions hill, basically, call an organizational timeout, he'll tell everybody to take a deep breath. And that's what I would do to. And he'd say we're gonna meet again in a couple of weeks, and we're going to start talking everyone, come with your ideas. And we'll figure out where we're gonna go. But the big guys are all going to stay. And it's going to be those secondary guys who unfortunately are going to have to go when you look at the Tampa Bay Lightning team that have now accident in four games. Yes. And you look at what they did in the regular season. And how they were chasing the record books and how players like Vassilev ski. He's kept firing him back in there. Was it Tampa Bay Lightning team that and you mentioned potential injury. Stamkos. Did this look like a Tampa team? That was tired. No. I don't buy that. I don't buy it. Then what happened? John Cooper made his comments and Kelly Rudy echoed them on the broadcast on Tuesday night the night they lost that they simply weren't sharp. They hadn't played meaningful games. And the one thing. I absolutely do believe is that when you're Columbus, and you've been swimming for your life, not to drown. And then you get in. There's a certain relax sation that comes over you like a we made it now we can breathe to me. The most unbelievable thing about this. I'm not accepting tired from Tampa as an excuse. You know, stamkos being hurt and had been not being himself and being hurt that affected them, but they got beat. And the most amazing thing to me is Jeff this series could've been over in the first period in game one, you know, Bobrovsky was on the ropes. He was one punch away from being knocked out. I mean, it was the TV shot that you always dread to see if three nothing and the director cuts to corpus sallow on the bench. Not even looking at Twitter rally. He does not wanna go in there. Jerry Cheever's the towel over his head is recess getting lit up. I sit ler, and then this Gordon make it three one and the whole series changes. Nick Lino in with a truck. Scars mic. Fully no take to buries it in the breakaway and the blue jackets or now trailing by the score of three to one Tampa gut beat because they got beat Columbus four, check them and neutral zone them to death. That's what they did. And then Bobrovsky rediscovered the goalie. He had not been all year. No excuses. Columbus was full marks for the victory. There's still plenty of hockey to play in the first round. But right now to me v coaching move of the first round, I think we'll probably on the same page about this one the coaching move of the first route is after that first period where we all thought we're seeing corpus sallow John Tyrrell said, no, yeah. Prosecute goes back in. We're not giving them the hook that to me is the move of the series. I agree hundred percent hundred percent. And you know, one thing I'd like to say is didn't like the lightning sent out that tweet right after the game on everyone's disappointed, and you don't want. Here's houston. Look, I understand respecting your fans. I think it's very important. And we're in the new social media era where fans wanna hear that their opinions matter in teams are respectful of that. And I think that is good but minutes after that crushing defeat. I didn't think that tweet needed to be sent out. I don't think you have to apologize for losing. You know, the God beat it happens in sports. It was a team that had a phenomenal year when the playoffs started. They just weren't as sharp. But the God beat they competed. They lost whatever. I don't think you need to apologize for that. Maybe if you wanna do that a day after two days after on a teams to break up day whenever that's going to be. I don't think you need to send that out right after the series. Pittsburgh did a smaller version of the same thing. I don't agree with that. I don't think you have to apologize for losing unless you absolutely didn't even try. But I don't think you can say either Tampa or Pittsburgh that they didn't try. They just weren't as good big picture question. Yeah. Okay. First of all congrats to Columbus. That was your amazing. That was so much fun to watch thrilled for those fans at why does just happy for the organization top to bottom out a lot of wonderful people there. A lot of great fans there. Congratulations. Park that is this a good thing for hockey. Tampa going out like this. I don't think like that. I'm not asking you to subscribe to it a mask, you just to think about who the movie unforgiven years ago. Yeah. Do you? Remember Clinton's was line in that movie deserve has got nothing to do with it. Entertain this think about this play with the site. You don't even want to play with the idea that here's because ultimately what I'm getting to is what does the regular season mean? It's still hard to get into the playoffs. Sure. It is. You know, we've had the Commissioner this year on the podcast. And I'm sitting there telling him that I wanna see four more teams going to get lost. Because the regular season means something, you know, it's still hard to get into the playoffs. The railroad season. The H L is meaningful. What I think this tells us is. It reminds us is how different the regular season is from the playoffs when the curtain goes down on number eighty two and the curtain goes up on game number one the league changes. And I know people don't like that. I talked about this actually with someone the other day. There's only one solution for this problem. And that is to your the Cup after a game though, you shorten the regular season. I'm in favor of that. I mean, the ladder people are now talking about this. The minute. The players signed off on linkage. The have a hard time getting the players to agree to shrink schedule the because their salary their money is tied to the amount of games. Yes. From fans point of view. I mean, even from player safety point of view, you could make that argument as well. And fatigue etcetera. I just don't know the players would ever go for it, not the owners would ever go. I would go for. I think the owners would you think the owners would go for short? And sees if it meant that the players salaries will go down, I think they would consider if the NBA is considering it and a lot of the NBA thought on it why Adam silver who says there's too many players not playing in the regular season. There's he doesn't like the load management. Now, he is considering some NCAA tournaments to raise revenue and things like that. We know the players association in the NHL is talking about having the World Cup in twenty twenty one during the season now, so far the NHL owners don't want that. So it's all in the Goshi -ation right now. And we're talking out of our butts here. A little bit. Because we don't know if this would ever even come up in a conversation, but I was talking about this with one league executive this week. And I told them about what the NBA was thinking. And he said, can you send me the article, and I sent it to them and Adam silver said that they are considering shortening the regular season because there's too many players aren't playing, but the NHL is in theory. The NHL is interesting players way the NBA does it's going to happen though. You think the NHL is going down that road? I eventually I think there's too many teams investing in the sports science. Now, the one eighth of McCain is only gonna play sixty five games. Hope you're hope you the lucky ticket holders. But that's what's happening in the NBA. I get that. But you, and so you think the NHL is going down. The only reason the only I think teams are discussing it. Yes. The only reason that it hasn't happened is it's so hard to get in. It is hard to make it in the NHL. But the thing is the players, it's obvious. Now, the players themselves you watch what they do. Now in the postseason. It's not the same. It's not the same league. There's nobody who can listen to this podcast can tell me the NHL regular season is the same a league the shell in the playoffs and part of it is the refereeing standards do change. But part of it is the players change. They change what they're willing to do the games or a lot meaner. There are a lot nastier. There's so much dirtier on each other. Of course is inevitable because you're not playing different teams every night you playing the same. But I think all happen natural put your body on the line in the playoffs more than you will in the regular season. Why of course because middle of January beginning of February are you blocking like, it's your your mitchum shot. You one of the playoffs. You don't think that way at that time you look back, and you say, wow, if only wouldn't have surrendered that goal or this to game losing shoot turned into a four game losing streak. And if it wasn't we'd be in the playoffs. But it is an interesting point because I don't know the Michener blocks those two shots on David posture. Knock at the end of January, right? But here's the thing. Just to go back to your initial question. I don't like the is this a good thing because to me that sheets Columbus, and that's why I with not taking anything where you are. I'm just saying play with Jeff Merrick hates Columbus people in Ohio, Geoff, Merrick hates Columbus. Let him know what area code four one six. I don't like that. Like to me if you win four out of seven in the playoffs. You earn it? Yeah. Yeah, there's flukes. And there's upsets, but they earn this win. Nobody flukes into or doesn't deserve a four. Nothing win over a team that won sixty two games of the regular season. I've seen some arguments. And I I saw you tweeted them out about is this a good thing. I'm so against that they earned it. They want it. They got it. And I won't question. Whether or not it's good for the NHL 'cause eight I think it is look at all the interests that was created by this. Now, I want more seven game series. I don't like sweeps, but to me at the end of the day, they should get full credit and full value for the victory, and it shouldn't come down to is this good for the HR. And let me ask you another question cute. And this is kind of the funny thing to me about all this is we were talking last time Keith Yandell saying you should get to be able to pick your opponent. You gotta think they're probably would have picked. Columbus would Tampa pit Columbus. And how would they have lived that down? That would add it to worse another layer of this fed tastic, by the way, what was Panara and doing with kucherov. What was that with the high hand? And he wasn't kucherov didn't punch him in the face like kucherov. And I say this with all due respect. I like this about his makeup. He is one surly looking guy all the time. And I couldn't believe that. Like if it was me. By lost like that. And the guy was trying to high five me from the other team, so Tampa stay the course is the same true of the Pittsburgh Penguins. That question answered next thirty one thoughts brought to you by the next generation GMC Sierra denied. You have got the tip your hat. Blue loud. Morello Barrick trucks. Plea Lambert, the coaching staff that your calendars and these players who have really bought in. Do a team system. The different way of doing things to help themselves in Boyle boy than it ever. Not only. Did it help them? You're moving. Take. The Pittsburgh Penguins. Two of the games right at home. It's a clean sweep for the first time. Six nineteen eighty three the New York Islanders sweep a playoff series and they eliminate the Pittsburgh Penguins. All right. Great call John Bartlett's penguins over the islanders advance. Congrats to the islanders the same way. We congratulated Columbus and their fans congrats to the islanders. This wasn't Columbus tamper proportions. And even when you look at the standings, this wasn't an upset although very much it feels like one just because it's a sweep just because this week perhaps. And because we have the idea that the islanders shouldn't be a better team in the Pittsburgh Penguins. But they were the regular season. Yeah. The they are what your record says. It is another one full marks they earned it. You know, it's hard not to be happy for Jordan, Abberley playful. There's a bunch of people. I'm how I'm happy for Robyn Leonard, I'm happy for Jordan Everley. I'm happy for Matt bars. All like, I'm happy Frau, Josh bail. I'm happy for a lot of people those d like the the four guys who all had their battles to get their pool. Lock pellet Mayfield. Devon taves. Gar. Snow when he was still the GM there. He would every time I chatted with him. He would say Devon taes. Devon tapes. He was promising. The Devon tapes is going to be somebody those guys all had not easy roads to get to where they are. Our it's phenomenal. It's really good. I think that they've got to fight Lamour ellos gotta fight because we know he's more powerful than Batman. So we know that he's got to find some way that they get back into Nassau around to now I said this on air on Tuesday night and somebody texted me on Wednesday more actually called me on Wednesday morning. And they said the one of the biggest issues is the league wrestles with the idea of does the Rena really have the infrastructure like if they keep winning and the amount of media keeps increasing and you have certain needs of the building. Can it handle that really? And that's one of the issues, but it's phenomenal television. It's a phenomenal atmosphere, and it's not antiseptic. It's a throwback to where the league was. But anyway, with Pittsburgh, see, I think they've been weighing for a while that this was the end when they are in last place like a month and a half into the season Eastern Conference. They were weighing that. This was the end and. And twenty what does that mean? What does the end mean for Pittsburgh because the end philosophy is that said blow up and rebuild as Pittsburgh there? Well, the thing is now you're you realize now, you're probably this group. It's a great group. They won two cups. I'm not in any way shortening. What this group has done. But it's at the point now where they don't have prospects many anymore. They don't have as many picks anymore. They're getting old. They have to go out, and they have to add to what they have. And the only way they're going to add to what they have is by trading, a significant piece or two and to me the number one thing that you can do without really blowing lid off what you might think they do is la- Tang. You say la- Tang before castle even though his name their castle. I think is different. Like, I don't know what Kessels value is. There was a point this season where they looked into it. And then they pulled his name out. I mean, I think castle has some value. It's so difficult to predict what Kessels value is. Because there are people out there who will say he can help us. And there are people out there who will say we just don't have the infrastructure to deal with that to me, and I don't have a team off the top of my head. But to me he helps team significantly that has to grind for every goal because that is taxing the one thing that Phil cast a will give any team that he's on is an easy goal. Yup. And when you're a team that has to work hard to get the little black thing over the line and. It takes so much out of you to get to make that happen. Then your team the needs an easy goal. And the one thing that we know about Phil kessel is bang bang two shots. It's two goals. That's the one that I keep coming back to and that's been a discussion before the other one. I I wondered just because of who the coaches is Arizona. The that's a team that MS got to him before. And he missed the play they missed the plastics year. And it was a battle for them to score. And I do think that this season when he was potentially available think Arizona was one of the teams that kind of kicked tires on the idea. So kessel is three more years at six point eight, and they probably have to eat some money there. Now, let Tang is what four more years at seven three more years at seven to see I think he's got value. He did not play well in the playoffs regular season. He was phenomenal. Like he was not on my Norris ballot. But it was tough. He was online minority ballot. I'm not going to give the order. I had headman MC put mcdonagh on my northbound because I thought he had a phenomenal season. I had been mcdonagh burns John Carlson and Giordano who I will say was my number one. And the toughest to after that were Riley and looting. I think a right hand shot D like cr-. Tang who at seven to five for three years with a regular season? He just had you're going to be able to do that. You're going to have takers. You need him to say, okay, though, is you have no trade clause. According to cap, friendly modified, no trade and move. Plus, always got a modified, no trade. So probably with a guy like that. If you're gonna do it. You're going to work with them. You're going to say, you know, forever. These four Pittsburgh. You're probably want to send them a place where he is going to be happy. Okay. But let me take this one step further than if you're going to make cut like that why not make too if you're making that one cut because that's a big one. I think that's what you're if you're in for penny in for a pound, right? We're probably talking kessel. We're probably talking Tang. And then we'll see what else they wanna do a hockey central Nunes. It was on with Brian Burke, and Marc Savard and asked Burke, how many times, and he was the general manager was the name Yevgeny Malkin floated out there, and he said never to his team. He was never offered teams. Of course would. Call the penguins, and listen, you're not doing your jobs general manager, if you're not asking about everybody. And so that name would come up, but from his chair he was never actively shopped. Yes, I was a bit careless with this a couple years ago, and it kind of blew up. So I'm I'm really careful about it. Because I do think there was a point a couple years ago where the penguins kind of at least. Investigated it. I don't know how far it went. But it was before they want again in two thousand fifteen and they were not in a in a great position. And I think they at least kicked it around. But it never really went that far it's up to him, right? If if if if if this is even any kind of a possibility it's gotta be because he wants to do it because they're going to have to do it through him seemed often the playoffs. He wasn't himself. See people ripped Crosby. I thought Crosby played pretty hard. It just didn't work from the honors a marvelous job pull up and pellets played fantastic. Whoever matched up against him. Did a great job. Whether it was the Brock Nelson line or the clutter of buck line, which I think where the two lines that got the most time against him last time, I checked they did a great job in him. But he played really hard Malkin was not himself. He just wasn't Malkin. But at the end of the day, it's gotta be his call. And let's just take this even further if he's willing to even consider it. Where's it going? Who's got nine point five while people in their people will make room for him. But how many places he really gonna wanna go to? Rangers florida. Everything's florida. Right. Everything's coming up Florida right now. But anywhere really is any more than that. What about someone like Patrick horn Quist? And what about someone like only Mata those it to other people as I'm going through the roster last night that I say, okay, if they're going to cut well only monitors a guy they've been looking at moving for a while now and the and they just haven't liked what's been available. Be more years at four. I don't think that he really has great value right now heartless niches one. He just signed extension. This took effect for next year. Right. This season. Sorry for the five point three. They all all all the years blend together. Like, I mean, the thing about horn Quist is if I was a good team that I had chance to win. I would definitely be looking at that guy because he's a great great pain in the ass playoffs. He's one of those players where GM say I wish we could get rid of the instigator rule for one day. Just so we could deal with him. See I think Pittsburgh will look at this. Like, we want to do a retool on the fly because we want to contend again while Crosby, and assuming Malkin is still there are in their primes are still able to do it. I don't think this is a three year rebuild. You're still going for it. The other thing too is I think they have to extend Sullivan again soon. I think his contract is coming up. So you know, you have to do that too. And that's a big ticket luck. Like venial just got five million Todd McClellan. I don't think he got five if he gets his bonuses. I think he's. At five but Mike Sullivan's got to Stanley Cup. So he's five million dollar guy. At least. Let's get there. Then Elaine foot off your flyers off the sound anything won't to get to a couple of other Stanley Cup. Tissues unit. Couple of seconds. But these are also headlines Elaine vino new head coach of the Philadelphia. Flyers not surprised meal. We reported last Friday that they had permission to talk to him. And you know, people told me I soft pedaled it that it was going to be him on Friday, and you just don't wanna be wrong. Right. So you you keep it a little looser than you, really think. But once they lost Quenneville, I think a jumped to number one on their list, and and they went out and they got him. And you know, I know it didn't end well for vino in the Rangers. But I've seen a lot of his work over the years. I dealt with them in Montreal I dealt with them in Vancouver. I dealt with them with the Rangers. When they were really good. And I was still doing a lot more plow series on the road. I think the guy is a hell of a coach with a team. That's ready to take a leap. And I think Philadelphia's definitely one of those teams that's ready to take a leap. I assume. Rick wilson. Is going to stay on the bench there. He did a great job with our D. I really liked being. Yo I I just think that that guy is not he's not gonna make the same stakes that got him at the end in in New York. Whatever the issues were there think he's smart enough to say that's not the way it can be again and all make it better. I think he's a really demanding good. Coach Wilson did a great job with Dr San Heim. This season. Hey with Elaine video one of the and this might just be knee-jerk based on you know, previous history. But I guess all his previous have probably stopped saying that does this mean that the Philadelphia Flyers are forget the future. It's right now trade kids bringing vet players if they're gonna trade kids. I think last year they were definitely heading in that direction. I think the smartest thing Chuck Fletcher. Did was he put the brakes on a bit one of the reasons? Ron excellent got fired was because they were like, okay, let's go. Let's go. Let's go and one of the really quiet museum shell last season was the flyers. They hired. Valerie Kamilo over from the Washington nationals, and she's charged basically of their business operations. And they and they let go of the person at the end of the year who was previously there. So I think that shows you the pressure they feel to sell tickets and improve and she's got an excellent reputation, and as we know to like, we said one of the reasons they made the change from Hextall's. They wanted to. Accelerate the process I thought Fletch do a really good job of kind of slowing that down. They didn't make any ridiculous rates move to calm everyone down and they brought up cutter heart. That's the one change. They did make they brought him up. And I don't think they're gonna make crazy stupid trades. But I think they know that results are expected the interesting one is going to be Goss despair. You know, they've got a lot of the his name just always seems to be in the rumor mill will see what they do if they go anywhere. Four more years at four point five. It's a great contract. Offensive defencemen wonderful on the power play. But they got a lot of guys San Heim Provorov. It's like there's good Dion the heroic even there, right? The other guys came up at the end of the year played they look good like they've got a surplus there. I flipped Meier's real nice as well. The other coaching issue, and you reference it a couple of seconds ago Todd McCullough now head coach of the Los Angeles Kings, not surprise I that was the guy they want all along. I think he did some smart negotiating with buffalo in the and LA in and made it kind of work but make a marketplace. Marketplace create yourself leverage, that's negotiation one one. But I think he always wanted L A. And I and I think Rob Blake knew that that was the guy he wanted. He coached him. And I'm not surprised in the least bit that it worked out that way. And I think most people aren't either what does he do to the Los Angeles Kings? What happens to the Los Angeles Kings this off season now that they don't have the interim coach behind the bench there. We talked last week about. Okay. What does this mean? Philly Cova chalk. Now, they have the bench boss. Todd McLellan is in there, knowing what we know about him coaching previously in San Jose. And then most recently Edmonson, what do you? You expect him to do in L A and what are the expectations for the kings? I expect that they will look at year wine is what didn't work with Kovalchuk so year to Halloween make it work. I assume he'll try to get Kobo Chuck to play with Strang's, you know, this year, they started with Cova Chuck and a place on the power play that didn't work for him. I'm I'm sure that will be different LA too is going to do another one of those rebuild on the fly things. They're going to try to bring in some of their youth. I'm curious to see how much of a player they're going to be this summer what they look to do younger and faster younger and faster. But they've got big contracts on the books. Right. So he's a big ticket. Copay tires are still has term and five point two. Dustin Brown is a big ticket. You mentioned Cova Chuck that's five point eight. There's there's some cool checks only two more years. And if you make that were especially objects six point two, yes. But you can try to make it work at least better than you. Did this year? You've got to hope some of your kids breakthrough in. Play for you know, they'll probably by out phenomenal. Enough. I assume that that's a move. That's going to be coming there. You think a buyout not? Let's try to make this work with the new head coach Blake said, they might do that. I'm sure they'll try but Blake said at the end of your press conference that buyouts are possible. And that's the name that you know, might stand out a little bit two more years at five point two. Yeah. You know, they might do it. I just think that he will try to get them to play faster, but they're going to need different personnel to do that. I'm curious about the whole Jeff Carter thing too. I mean, I got the sense that they weren't exactly thrilled with you know, how that went this year and Carter clearly made healthy to me. Well, you also made it clear he didn't want to go many places, and I think the relationship between him and the organization wasn't always easy. And we'll see if they can repair that the other thing too is I'm curious about the goaltending. In one of the things you can do is. If you're not gonna trade quick they've got a couple of goalies there. They've got Campbell. They've got Peterson. I'm wondering if one of those two guys becomes a trade peace because goalies now, there's not sixty four of them. Although we're couple years away from sixty four. And now we only need sixty to those could be the king's best trade pieces. If that's what they wanna do. You say we're keeping wine we moved the other. If you're not moving quick. So does that mean that you're hinting at the let's get all these teams? Right. Carolina, New York Islanders. Boston Bruins Dallas Stars model of we don't have one starter. But to starters will be more of a model for teams next year for sure when we talked earlier about load management. That's the first thing that comes to mind for me is how you handle goaltenders and. The analytics crew will always tell you don't play them back to back because the numbers aren't favorable. And so most teams have stopped doing that. Is this that next step? I think it's also a realization that the league is the. Yeah. The the travel on everything and you need three guys. If you're a playoff team, you need three guys to other NHL issues before we get to Paul Vison nets. We'll do separate podcast with business that will release next week. We're gonna play a couple of clips from the interview we did with him earlier on this week other headlines around the NHL K Nazem Kadri. Yup. Before you embark on a journey of revenge. Dig two graves went on the journey of revenge and ended up costing him. Old. And pitch obedient mcadoo. It's the hit was not called on Marlo. But it was a reaction of cadre that through the arm up of Brad Meier immediately char is going over to check on them. Would you make of the situation and be the suspension, which wasn't a set number of games? Not the first time they've done Raffi Torres, and Jared, Saul we've seen it before Brennan Shanahan's was the voice that was on that video as well. Thursday night in Los Angeles, San Jose, Ford Raffi Torres delivered and legal check to the head of kings for Jared Stoll, which I'm sure that Boston made quite clear in the hearing with George barrows. What did you make of the suspension itself and the act itself? And does it mean anything for his future with the Toronto Maple Leafs dance your second question? I I think that's still to be told. Tronto win this series without them. If they do I think it absolutely changes the way potentially goes. But what happens if he comes back? They win the let's say for argument's sake. Fs here. They win the series. It comes back and he plays dynamite. Like, they still need good contracts on the team because of all their situation. He's contractors great. Who's your third line center next year, if you're the maple leaves? Yes. And everyone's still there's doesn't Qadri are you making the third line center. No. There was a point in game. Three were they won the other night where they played Goce with knee Landers linemates late in the game. Yes. So they took him out and they put him with Marlin Brown. That says to me he's not their third line center. I know we like to all rush to judgement and say, he's gone. I think they're really annoyed at him. I know they let him lead the stretch on the practice day between games three and four which I thought was actually a really good idea of Babcock by think organizationally they are really unhappy with him right now. The best thing that could happen to that guy is they win and he gets another chance, and he goes with that chance. But as we record this it's Wednesday before game four there's anywhere between two and four games left in this series. As we sit this year right now who is this organization if they have to cut someone gonna cut. For salary for salary who's getting cut someone make the argument, it'd be William Neulander, he's one. And this is just us talking to more for game for Gardner, not resigned. You have to assume that's too. And if you still need to cut you have Gionta verisign awesome Matthews is one to up the gut and if the cut salary probably Nazem Kadri, I think it's some combination of Gardner. Neil Lander cadre Marlow if you can do it. That's I mean Marla would be just don't know the Connor Brown. Okay. It's a combination of that group. But the thing is they still have something to show you like they still have time to show you that. It's not going to be them. Kyle do this. The one thing we both say this ally, you always have to throw a conventional wisdom with him the conventional wisdom right now as you have to get rid of cash. Gary. And I think they are annoyed him, but he's not doing it. While he's annoyed at him. If that's the way it's going to go. He's going to take his time. And he's going to think it out. I am not a person who's convinced that cadres days are over. I'm not because I still think there's more to be determined by how others perform, but the one thing he has done as Babcock had said is he has put his feet in the determination of other people not only with player safety, but with his own organization. Thoughts on the suspension itself as you mentioned not the first time we've heard it. But do you have an issue with a series as opposed to a number of game? No fine. No why go that route. Because I think if they lose like, it's a big suspension. Yeah. Even if they win it's a big suspension Colin Campbell said to me that he felt in the playoffs. One game was two games. Yeah. So essentially it somewhere between six and ten game suspension. Now, Brian Burke feels differently. He felt in the first round. It was maybe two or three and in the Stanley Cup final. It was five, but there's a multiplier it's a significant. It's a check three years ago. He got suspended for games for regular season. Cross-check this year on the child. There's only one crosscheck that got us suspension ju- jar care on on Vince done two games. The other ones were all fines to get three to five playoff games for cross. Check. That's stiff very stiff. I got. No problem with it. What do you think? No, I'm fine with that. I, you know, and this is might be in the sake of keeping it as clean as possible and not have carryover suspensions. I'm no I have a mean elegant unless it happens in that game six and only turns into a one gamer. I have no problem just if his early in around, and it's significant I have no problem saying you're not gonna see this team for the rest of the series. We're going to step away. We'll come back with part of our interview with Paul Bissonnette. Former NHL now star of the spitting chiklis podcasts. We're back in a moment. Brought to you by the next generation GMC Sierra the now complete with the world's first six function multi-proposal gate net sliding around on the way to hockey use the built-in load stop to help keep them in place. Loading what seems like half teams worth of bags the tailgate? Also turns into a staff for easier access and has an inner gate that flips down for unloading all the year, you can fit GMC. Sierra Denali, we are professional grade. Podcast still to come ask. Thirty one Elliott. This is going to be part of our conversation with Paul Bissonnette s- of the Zona coyotes organization of spitting chiklis podcast, and he's a guy that has a lot of ways his beak in a number of different fountains. And I think we're both on the same page about this good for him. He's trying to lots of different stuff in this post hockey career in why not keep doing what you wanna do. Keep trying everything. My only jealousy of him is that he can get away with things on his podcast that we never could on ours. We would sound so phony if we tried to make this pod check what's come on at a chance heads up, those some some salty language would visit. If you are listening to this, you know, maybe not with children just because the language now. I don't know how you feel Jeff. But I believe it's my responsibility to police might child language and behaviour not everybody feels the same way. If you are concerned about language, don't listen to this with your children. Now, the coyotes they ever say like with your crossover, something you did the pillow talk this year with Tyson Nash, which I thought was hilarious. I was just silly. But it was fun. Like, these guys in beds, next to with the heck is going on his this visual this. It's Larry Hello fans. Voting the pillow talk with business shirt. You know me and national miss the old times taking pre-game naps after pre game meal and really the player lifestyle. So we decided to check into a logo tell, you know, get back to the old times. I thought of the pillow talk idea that was your idea. If I said it was terrible would use. It was Nashes idea. No, offend me. You kidding me? You read my, but the coyotes ever worry about any of the crossover something that said on spending checklists affecting you at the coyotes or anything like that. Well, I wanted to stab Bush the coyotes gig, I, and then I hopped on the podcast, and surprisingly, they haven't said anything. But I think that they know that I'm picking that over coyotes because and that's not a shot of the coyotes eater. I'm not polished, my outlet is spitting chick. Let's that's where I get to be myself. And for that reason, I think it's grown to the size. It has. And I have full creative control. The most exhausting thing is working with corporate brands. Although, you know, it's nice to it's it's the money's a little bit easier is I don't have someone tell me. Watch you say there, I think we gotta change out, it's exhausting. There's people who don't want to be told what's funny anymore, and there's a market for and we're in it. You'll let your one of their best embassador to you. Always talk them up on the podcast. So I can't see it being a problem for them at all. No. And if it ever became a problem, they could come to me. And let me know. But I'm I'm not in this to hurt anyone. I'm just being myself. And if you know if that if word upset them, I would be totally okay. With that. I'd say, hey, I respect your decision. I understand that you're looking out for your best interest as a company and an organization, and I wouldn't have no problem. Getting can't you know, the thing too is it's growing Paul like the NHL is starting to use you now and some events I laughed my head off at the tour this year with the what's in the box that was geared that was their idea. So that was their idea thought of it already been done before. And I'm Mike. Okay. That's a cool concept. Wasn't sure how crazy the guys are going to be about it. They played along. They were good. They were nervous. Like you could. Well, they were really nervous day too. I think a few of them would caught wind. So we weren't able to use that that footage, but we were planning on actually putting them in the box. But then that each always like, could you imagine awesome Matthews gets bit by a lizard. And he gets an infection and he's unable to play this artist season. I wouldn't be able to walk the streets. Toronto Matthews over the year. Komodo dragon. Bullfrog fungus infection created for us release ever. Like what what's your goals, your polling, where do you want this to take you my main objective in my post hockey career is to show fans the lighter side of these guys as much as possible. That's why did that little show. Well, that's all she wrote for me, my lustiest hockey careers. Come to an end, look when you carry multiple organizations on your back over the course of a decade, the body tends to fall apart just last year tour, both my yells and played on for those keeping score home. That's one more than Joe thord ever played on. I hang up the skates. Having accomplished everything. There is the competition sport. With my sights set on a new conquest the world of medium, and what better way to start my new career than with a documentary on a place. That's very close to my heart a stunningly beautiful province. A melting pot of so many great cultures backgrounds and heritage place where everyone is accepted, regardless of your skin color creed. A symbol of diversity. And everyone is fit to there are more fitness studios here per capita than anywhere in the world. Everyone seems to run hike and even do yoga. And everyone seems so happy which is weird 'cause it's a fucking expensive. Anyway, the greenery would blow your mind away the oceans and mountains had already left your John floor. Yes, I'm talking about beautiful British Columbia. This is business does BC. So that show. I mean, we wrote a script assuming guys would hop in. And we kind of had to give them. This is what you are as a character. We need some guys with themselves some guys kind of playing characters, and I think fans liked it. Because they're like man, these hockey guys are acting. This is ridiculous sucked. They're terrible. But it's kind of funny. It's good. Good. Right. So I want to do another one in start expand the roles bigger production. And just I mean fans sent a lot of money to watch these guys play. And my dad worked at a steel mill and he worked hard for his money. And I know what it costs to go to hockey games. And you know, I wanna give these guys as much entertainment as they deserve because I got to benefit from those ticket sales in the NHL pays right? So I want to give a gift to all the hardcore fans out there a little bit about your career as well. And I remember talking to Brad may once then I said, maybe which one team did you always wanna play for? But you never had a shot to he said, I always myself somewhere down the road in a Bruins. Jersey at just felt like I should one day play for the Bruins end forever. Never you never ended up obviously playing for the Bruins. Is there a team that you always wanted to play for going back to when you're a kid, and you I lace them up. Always had you had. Wow. What it'd be like the pull that sweater over my head. Yeah. Cliche. Answer would be leaves. But that's what would be your from around here from around here. Also when I was picked up by waivers by Phoenix three teams put into claim Minnesota Toronto and Phoenix and Phoenix had finished the worst of those three teams. So they got to claim me the year that I got picked up after I got sent down and training camp by Pittsburgh. So I'd reached it was my fourth year. So I was passed entry level. So I had to clear waivers, and they snag me. And I mean Jonah would have been cool. Although I did have a good memory in Toronto. My the first game that my dad had ever see me play scoring the game where against the leaves ice. So my mother was sick at the time. So she was unable to tend the game cr-. Crazy enough. Buffalo would be my either answer because that's even closer to home. And I went to a lot of games there. My dad would take me there. Instead a lot. It was a lot cheaper. Of course, if the old awed and place to watch games. And also my grandparents had never seen me play in any game too. So my dad had already been so my mom and grandparents come to the game in buffalo. Sure shit. I scored the fucking game winner in that one to my grandparents along the glass on the other side. So when I was given the knuckles pass I'm going to the corner, and I gave her the knuckles to my what my grandpa he passed away. He's gone now. Rest in peace. He did a lot for me. You know, driving me to practices and whatever but seven NHL goals in my career in two game winners. It's kinda cool. Right. I'm always curious about tough hockey players and the idea of fear. We're talking to PJ stock wants make of all those guys you ever peach folly who scared you, and he said robbery robbery, those is at all so tough. Difficult things from has athletes talk about, but who are you scared of and did anyone ever all here? You know? I was I was nervous every pre-game now because I knew I had to fight. So I was always nervous and scared going into games because you never know it could be the one punch then ends at all Holt, nor was was just one of those guys that scare me. He always had a good game face. You never see him really joking around. And he just had that look where I'm gonna handle business. And then I don't know how much truth to this. But I believe he had a metal plate put in his face and his hand because of all the fighting, and he cracked is audible, so he was essentially like the Terminator lease in my head. This could all be fabricated in my own mind. I don't know. In fact, if he does have a plate in his head in hand, and he just had that knockout power where he always gets his punches through. So he was definitely one. Eric Godard was a guy that I played with in. Pittsburgh, nobody talks about the sky enough. You see him with his your big, man. You seem shirt. Though, he wasn't jacked he was just long. He was just long and he just stood in there. And he threw thankfully, I was just roommate because I made the NHL and he was in Pittsburgh at the times. I didn't have to fight him. Those are the two off the top of my head. I fought Perros Chris Neal always seem like a pretty tough guy to me that I would have an issue never fought Ryan Reeves, right? Like thought Ryan Reeves twice like 'cause I watched him against Cain the other night. And like those are two tough guys who both are unafraid like the thing that really stood out to me was how they were smiling at each other after that was over. Pretty wanna fight either of those. The freight he smiling while it's going on there. A few guys that I know are ever talked to twenty twists top of that list who loved everything about it. He's he's hungry for I liked doing it more when I was sticking up for teammates. That's when the switch would hit where I'm like. I don't care if I get head. I'm going to hurt. I fought riot reason. He just broken the NHL. I would say I got slight advantage on that one. He'll beat me up the next time. But what's crazy about him? Is he's progressively gotten hungrier for and you can tell by how he fights still in that Cain fight. He was swinging so hard and yet it was so controlled that guy would terrify me had to do that. I would be terrified by that. And if he connects with one of those he's a massive human being we did the fitness testing when I was at Saint Louis camp the one year, and this guy was bench pressing like three oh five like it was nothing. And and we're all sitting around disguise hurt someone, but it credits a cane for standing in their king Kane's got that switch to he doesn't get pushed over. No, he's tough. He's a tough every three times in one game when he was in buffalo. Yes. Any any any beat someone up and use? I was like g k disguising gamer. Paulison at the Zona coyotes and the spitting checklists podcast. Now, the entire interview we will air next week. Should I throw a date on that MO or just it's the playoffs in rob? Is it'll come up next week the full conversation. Subscribe with Paulison it. Yeah. You will get it. And hopefully, you will enjoy it. If you enjoyed that clip. And if you enjoy his work as a member of the Zona coyotes pillow talk out standing and also is work as part of these spitting chiklis podcast. Interesting story there about the Terminator and plates in the face and Colton Moore. I'm always fascinated with the element of fear. And we don't like to talk about a lot. I know players don't. But listen, any sport, no matter, whether it's physical or mental intimidation is a huge part of it's absolutely. And it's kind of fitting that we we talk about it in this week with the whole spectacle of Ovechkin situation, Washington Carolina. What did you? Think watching that what I think watching it. It's uncomfortable to watch someone get hurt. Like that in the fight. I'm I've never been one. That's clutch the pearls about a hockey fight as unless someone's getting jumped or unless I mean, we've all seen hockey fights. And you know, one of the the big ones for historians are is the Dave Schultz del Ralph which should've been called off. Well, before it went on, you know, past the point where it's an entertaining hockey fight. I looked at it as a young hockey player who made a mistake and got big dog by Alex Ovechkin I'd uncomfortable as it was the outcome. I'm not upset that that was a fight in the NHL where you know. I mean, if you challenge somebody anywhere in that happens. That's what happens you, you have to know what you're doing. When you do it. The one thing I don't get about. All this is that Ovechkin has said that he was challenged and vast. And Rodber numerous answer the day after was well, let's just say there's two different stories going on out there. So I don't know what the truth is. I'm assuming it's somewhere in the middle. Someone will ask fetched cough about the number one thing is I'm glad to hear. He sounds like he's okay. That's number one. But again, the, oh, I mean, I always remember I grew up with, you know, there are consequences for your actions. That's what my parents always told me. And you know, like if you bait someone and you lose out because of it. It's your fault. To some of questions on Twitter, hashtag ask thirty one from Kyle Frizzell. Hey, guys, we hear the term of players coach. But would you say there's a players GM in the league currently players GM. I've seen GM's get burned by being quote unquote to loyalty players bardy Lombardia. Mike Richards is the one most recently comes to mind right away. Lombardi. Sure did. And Marion Gabric was he signed after they won the Cup. And you know that that contract didn't work out for them as a general manager. I think you almost have to have be detached Burkey when he was GM really tried to be a player's GM in some some guys and other guys know, he has certain codes the trade. Griffis freeze before the actual there were there were things that he did that drove other players, absolutely bananas and agents bananas. I think when you're in charge of their futures. It is very very difficult to always be player friendly. I think what happens the most is that some guys look at players who've done something for them in terms of the way they played and they try to do favors for that player. We've all heard the stories you have I have about general managers that do a player a favor by getting him out of that market. Or if you have to make a trade send them to somewhere where it's good for them. We've all seen humanitarian trades. Oh, this isn't a hockey trade. This is a humanitarian whose a big one in baseball last year. Stephen Scotty, Saint Louis to Oakland when his mother was ill. Okay. From JJ. Hank are the pens doomed to the same fate as Chicago in L A after Cup wins. It's possible. I mean, we talked about this a lot earlier in the podcast. They're going to have to make some moves to replenish, I hesitate to bed on Sydney Crosby missing the playoffs because I don't like to bet against Sidney Crosby. But you can see there is a retool coming here. And there might be a little bit of pain from OG come on man with the success of that say that oh, gee, come on, man. All right with the success of Columbus. Will we see more GM's become more bold and aggressive at future trade deadline's men? I hope so Elliott, well, I really hope so too. And the other thing too is they beat the team Tampa Julian breeze made the decision not to add the deadline. So you you've got the two extremes in that situation to deadline deals and the two headliners have worked out Matt shayna marks don't the thing about the. That's really interesting is that when Columbus was in danger of missing the playoffs. People were basically asking me every radio interview. I did is kick aligning get fired at the end of the season. And now, he's a genius. And I think we were pretty consistent. I was always saying that I believe that. That's what Columbus should do that. This was the year for them go for it absolutely made a thousand percent cents. But people talk all the time about the process if you want to build a winning to throw process the toughest things the fans in meteor only interested in winning and losing, right? Like, nobody. Nobody cares about the process. So is your line in any smarter today than he was yesterday? No, I think he made it to me he made the right choice. But today now he looks like a genius because everything paid off and two weeks ago. Everybody was right again fired because they didn't look like they were gonna make the playoffs. Like, it just shows you that it's a results oriented business. But I'm glad the result worked in that way. Because we wanna see a sport where people are. Unafraid to go for it and aggressive and saying, you know, what if they can do it. I can do it. Our team can do it. Let's go for it. If I'm gonna sit there for hours on deadline day, I want something happening. No kidding. Give us some talk about from pep. Nuts husband has there ever been any thought of a program in the NHL like the Mike -letes, Mike 'cause program in the NFL seems like a great way for charity and personality to shine a bit would love it. If they did it with gloves. See I am in favor of this. So major league baseball has one weekend every year. We're also you can put your whatever name you want on your jersey. And I think the NBA did it this year to someone will correct me if I'm right or wrong to they not do it this year. Although I thought they did. But I mentioned it to berkey. And he thought I was more storm surge stuff. Like, that's where you win. So now, I'm really in favor of it. I'd love to see why not like that. Thing you could do it. Maybe what they should do as you. Do it for the all star game. Why not I like doing the frequencies? Okay. So I mean, what is harmless I told it's a fantastic caused a great thing. And it's harmless further to that one the same spirit from shawnee hill. K if helmets becoming mandatory during warm up what are your thoughts on allowing them to be custom painted leg goalie masks? Oh my God. I'm just imagining berkey and cherry. Good good. It's good. It's liling. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is good. I will say Jeff I think there has to be a limit. Is that the limit though, I think we all have a life. Fine, goalie masks helmets. Yeah. I'm not. So sure I'm liking that. Because you want something branches for worm. No, no, I understand. But you want something that will have an effect, right? Like, if you're going to do something charitable or something like that. Like like, the tweeter was suggesting I don't know if in warm up that's going to do it. Painted on your skates. Personalized I'm thanking you want. Remember, my wife when she was pregnant with our first child, and I was working hockey night one night. She called me up or semi attacks and said, hey, I'm bored. I wasn't coming home to clock in the morning, you mind, if I mess around the your skates, and I'm like, what do you want? You don't trust. But she's an artist, and I come home and sitting there on our coach, she had taken my was same skates sixties and on the tuck she had painted a chimp on it. And it looks fantastic. And now, I love it fantastic. Why not that? I have no problem with that. Okay. In our copycat league. This from John grubb's in our copycat league. What new trend that was set this year will likely carry over maybe two goalie thing. No backup goalie just two starters. Well, I mean, we hope it's something we addressed earlier in the section that is the go for it mentality. I think it's too early to say yet. I hope it's the gopher mentality. But maybe after two rounds we're gonna have a better idea. Clumps is going to be rested. No matter who they face next, and sort of the too much this might be Ottawa two thousand seven might be like depending on how long these other series go we could be looking at a an eight or nine day layoff. Okay. So we'll end on that question Elliott. Let me ask you how you doing? You're a weekend. I know the first round is a grind. I know. You're not going to ever complain about your job. And now we've talked about it. But you've talked about preparing for playoffs before. And listen, I get the luxury of when the last game is over. I turn off my ipad. And I go to bed. You don't hire holding up really good one of the things that really helps to panels and the other panel with Dave and Colby and dog. They have the Vegas San Jose series. So you're not leaving it, you know, one one thirty every night. There's only been one late game that was has been really bad. And that was the game three the Calgary Colorado game where Colorado stop them. So I think when you're games are good. And you're not going home at one thirty every night. It's really that much more enjoyable in the storylines have been good, you know, I the series. We're doing Toronto Boston series. It's been good the Calgary. Colorado Sears while we're going to do game four tonight. But the first two games. Are really good. The Winnipeg Saint Louis series looks like a seven gamer. That's always really exciting. And even though we didn't do Columbus. We did the islanders. I think stories like that keep you really excited. San Jose's been a fun series to watch. I think as long as you get compelling games. It's really good. Now. The other thing that I've learned is. I don't go out after the games in the first round used to be go out. You have a beer. And then you go home. I don't do that anymore. Much in the first round of the round. You gotta take care of yourself. So I go our little boys all. So depressing. So sad. I go home I crawl into bed. I maybe play one game of internet hearts, and I go to sleep. So I'm better at taking care of myself. I used to be at what point on this question at what point during an overtime. Do you start missing shootouts? Never. I never want that in the place never ever ever. What would you know? I just know how you know sitting there watching over and over and over there's a certain time where you're saying to yourself, and everyone has a different everyone has come close. Saying in general is there a yeah. I can handle two periods of overtime at which point it start to say this getting ridiculous. Okay. Here's we leave you with Canadian singer songwriter. Sean saroka, aka ten kills the pack. He's got a show in Toronto. On may third. Same-day? He'll be dropping his EP force majeure. Here is Barscelona by ten kills the panic on the podcast. To the polls show. Gary on chasing your face with two page. Found on the. skies are. Salone? Stones. Skies. Please. No stones. Anything? City. Statistics. Me too. Skies. No storms head. In the skies. No stones.

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