Episode 98: Hustlers + The Big Short


The phone buds podcast is made possible by listeners like you go to the phone buds dot com slash donate to download our premium shows by film buds merchandise or donate directly via paypal or Patriot on that's the film buds dot com slash donate thank you it is I've never been in a mood like this. Hello everybody hello everybody welcome back to the film buds podcast this episode number ninety eight really close really closed up and my name is Henry Khloe and we're joined by special guests. You're supposed to keep talking. Who's been on a few times before Mr Henry Wilkinson into your own introduction? I like that okay or Henry Number to me to tell you. What did you say? The Alley Calls Me Wilkie so any thanks for coming back on man. Thanks for having me back. Of course he has so much attala on because we had we had to redact the live to tell you lots tell us yeah we profession redacting yeah so so we are going to be talking about hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez the new Jennifer Lopez movie yeah then we're going to be doing retro review of the big short Allah's Genius Henry when you that I did which is another movie dealing with Wall Street and the kind of so so smart. Thank you wow much better than clocks you a silly boy low in comparison that one of my college professors Smart Right Right Wow Henry well. That's the best thing about you you just fall into the it's yes. It's amazing Henry's going to win. The you know what Henry Sleepy that person. He's like in life. Okay bear with me. This is what I'm picturing. Okay I just picture you like in a parking lot like outside of like asset. You like go hungry. I'm Lou hung's see like pullover like offer highway or whatever may be coming back from school until I got a a seven eleven or whatever lose my wallet maybe sheets. You're classy boy. It'd be a sheet do sheets at school. Yes yes you know low-dose sheets the bloomers Waddell yeah and then you and then you sit on you know the things stop your car. I know them cowboys hit him. Nothing's that bump your car on in parking lots and I it was very unclear in the parking lot yeah yeah little just low concrete thing yeah. I know what you mean. Oh there were others. No not if that okay I know perfect just plopped on one of those right yeah. It's Nice Bliss Blustery Day you know maybe a teeny drizzle k. and then both right on the face smack right over one. I is a lottery ticket and you say well. It's kind of funny. Go turn the soon you okay. That's perfect perfect Utah and he turned around you say ou and it's close sheet is just closed so news and then you just go home and say oh hi everybody and then really my house beyond okay to maybe somebody sleeping on the has fallen asleep after masterpiece theater at Madonna Lotteries on yeah. She loves mashed POTATOES AND LOTTERIES ON. I don't awesome channel. I doubt it. I don't think it is today okay so anyway so then you say ou so when you pull out your back pocket get and you take a gander and Henry wins the lottery wow I I hope so existence yeah yes. I have yeah yeah well you did the the fake ramones fan thing you said that was a reality and then it became reality so yeah cool well. Oh and Henry Wilkinson is going to have a beautiful didn't is going to be a guest because he doesn't need to other work. He's guest at Bill Reporters Dinner Party and everybody's going to be there. Okay everybody not enough. You'll be plus twos what we'll sneak in under your hoop skirt and you'll feed US tidbit recording equipment yes hooper beyond saying those agents these season podcasts. I'm really onto APPs. I 's okay well today. We should say so. We definitely want to hear about the twenty three couple quick little in house announcements so first of all episode. Two of the Music Buds podcast is up our secondary podcast if you're new to the show and that's on Itunes spotify and some other places and hand Khloe guess what I t's The music buds dot com is officially live. Check it out. Give it a look. You can give me give it a tickle. You can't streaming download episodes. Stay up to date with future ones and donate donate crazy about novel idea. There's a button right there. You can donate blood in and out and so yeah the Music Buds Dot COM is up. I've designed it myself just like the film Bud Dot Com and so thank you so much but that is up and check out music buds. It was a fun show Khloe Yeah. It was something I was low rainman. We were both low rainman arrear both of our favor the band run the heads on that list of the fifteen dogs not to listen to while you're driving. Did you see that it was like a bit you said the theater who put it out. It was like a real it was trying to University of South China University. Those are real study. Yeah shoot getting it. It was Mr Bright side and American Idiot Ron Right which was on a few probably every like classical musical that has ever existed and oops crash into someone yeah. I've been a reckless driver today by the way I am sorry everybody. It's OK yeah well. We'll drive. You home probably yeah well Henry like we teased you. Competed at Disney's D twenty agree just in case for people who may be unfamiliar. Give us a little overview of wildlife no it's. It's so fun to talk. Basically my little Soundbite d twenty three. It's the official Disney Expo that they host sort of similar to like another Tom Com type vibe thing but lucky enough to have the presence of me but also lots lots of other cool people what because of the highly aerial aerial let's get into the T. We have exclusive Henry. Oh my God we might become famous. Now I was was in the same room as highly Bailey who's playing in the live action and they forgot to announce her name blackish panel and they announced everybody in the skip over for her and her sister was like excuse like looking around and everybody started shouting your name so anyway I think there's video footage to but which which down there and there was no remain yeah so they did have a little mermaid anniversary panel for the thirtieth breath anniversary of the film and it was alley where was Halley. Where was she used because Henry? Don't let me I'm GONNA keep in. I'm excited about all the things that you honestly no more than I do at this point because remember remember area like is is a fan of your work and Julie air well. That's right yeah. That's so cool now because that's what would you say Khloe arrested just the rest of it well well anyway they announced no news basically for live action little made remake or any new films we were the film panel and in previous years they've announced like the new stuff that they're working on and in this they only showed clips of things that already have I've been announced or yes stuff like like great. You know not really anything that we wanted to raise bad now. She's edgy so is she is. She's she's Henry Dolphin Level Okay with WHO ray Oh but you name Yeah Yeah. I gotta look now Daisy Ridley Great Imo now oh is she. I miss that no not not a kid just keep oh no show yes that Sino. Oh sorry I'm sorry okay. Cowboy redacted yes so on the very first episode of the film buds that I was on. I just spilled all the team. I was like Oh yeah. I'm in this contest is back up my costume was accepted and then I messaged Khloe and Henry really late at night and I was like Oh my God I could be disqualified help and Henry so calmly edited my misspeaking out of the podcast vote now I can actually say stuff about it yeah so I made this huge forty pound or slow costume that Khloe helped me with pain into Harry Potter and was being thanks yeah so it was very fun and the costume costume itself again. Thank you yeah so I submitted it. I was accepted. I had to fly it out to California. Whether any other or solicitation coolest there were four that is a huge. I was like sort of shock there so they had a bunch of different categories with the one like the Broadway that that was my friend Vanessa. How many did you know before these people anybody a lot of people use? It was like camp right you yeah. It's basically camp. You're meeting friends that you've known for a while a lot of people I knew from online but I'd never met him person so I would say see like a good like handful or so like maybe ten fifteen people that I was competing with. I've been friends with for a while and I only know about I would say together. Maybe seven people in real life in person just period. Maybe that's Barron. I mean they're only ten British actors. There's everything L. E. Love Game Speaking which Downton Abbey last night and cried Imelda Staunton. We Focus Send me the week yes relator anyway so competed. I woke up at like five five in the morning to put makeup on as I said the costume was like forty pounds so I could barely walk in heels the Weird Oh oh yeah we're not even know how that ended out we so any doubt ended our eight mark. You're not allowed to wear anything that drags on the floor floor and I had these like ten feet long tentacles so luckily I had two friends that were able to carry them for me. They dress like ills now now. I wish well okay one. Oh my eric was King Triton and the my friend. Emily was Vanessa. Oh beautiful she did. It was gorgeous so they were able to help me carry those I think I didn't see try to as a UN Vanessa Asa on facebook. I can use L. Kaley Kaley friend of the show. Thank God really used to love that she was like yeah she like getting get Vanessa was her favorite Disney princess. She didn't understand a concept yeah. She's like Vanessa Really Pretty Nice voice like what's your the problem I see the Black Swan Yeah exactly he had no idea well which is on brand caveat. I love it and she's pretty popular character though they had a lot of Merck's for her at the expo. I waited fourteen hours yeah he's to buy this lake heirlooms all of her for the anniversary. The people were also looks seven hundred dollars on Ebay no. PSA Henry's barbies a better than anybody else's barbies true you can figure out what Henry I'm referring to which Henry a little brain teaser either. They're crazy. Remember the Freakish Emma Watson Star you know I mean I kinda hate it but I love the freakish. Give Freakish. What what do you want him Barbie? They redacted it. Seem Oh Gotcha. Oh Oh my God the malefic that one I'm dead wow yeah so anyway fun experience Erin cool lots of celebrities that I was just like bumping into ICU induced liver and later on who did I it was the speaking voice for Jasmine in Aladdin Oh and she's actually actually white which is interesting yeah but nobody really bad uh-huh an event Nicole Brown. She was one of the judges for the costume contest so who's Nicole Brown event Nicole Nicole ground from community she is. She has north about fashion though I she wanted the judges because she is like a huge Disney Fan Dan loves costumes respect at the two other people were fashion people so they have like one celebrity amend link well. It's a panel diversify. Vanessa guy can close horseshoe. I thought it was it doesn't count in worship. Plus is almost whatever Sandra I'm not Saudi. Whatever from time anymore amazing Hong with it? It was three days amazing. I gotTa and you've got to see all those guys dooms child favorite movie so they had a really amazing sweeping with Uh exit which the song I don't owe for the which one yeah yeah noble doted Brandy and Whitney Houston is nothing no way in a while since I've seen it I've seen I don't think so. Oh my God wait sorry I know I know I know I love notes are not fave one of our fable kids eleanor yeah she referenced Cora Line. Oh Man and it was your head except for me yeah. I didn't even get creepy includes like what she's like like Cory Line Eleanor well you you know the original other mother was psycho mother's side your mother's side comeback when she knows that reference yet no in a way I suck away. I can't really gossip about the me matchmaking Elementary School Middle School now. It's fine on the podcasts at very a little bit. I basically for anyone who really with the show. I'm basically forcing Ice Clinton yesterday. Do Tai Ahead Clinton. Come to my painting class on Wednesday. It's free I know just calm com classic so cute. He was kind of like you. I mean he could see the deal where they don't look like you but they also cuts. That's nice beer. Okay like the Brown hair ice is the guy is no solve. Some color for your is awesome. Pretty cleanse is like ridiculous. Never seen is like that my life pool aw except this one guy at the at the at the animal shelter very loop CD me off whenever no animal shelter employees their customer customer well. I got to volunteer cool yeah now. Are you going to talk about Bernie or should we wait for that boiler alert. You already said you did no. I didn't have live. I didn't only ninety nine bumped into a celebrity lebo. Oh butterfinger can stay with my favorite personal world. Don't ask me okay sorry everybody volunteered for okay okay Bernie came to UNC volunteered and it was the dumbest job I could ever have been given. Did you see my snaps. Joy Deleted Snapshot Yes. I've been listening his story inside you suck. I'm pissed. You don't have snapchat you know I'm pissed you off. Snapchat Ed Henry on on your because I always eat like having love that only you who my apps a little funky now you know I like. I didn't have any space on my phone. No I get it. Live your best life until yet but I will say like a little. I'm glad to know this because I've been like a low tier about it. I Like I love Henry's. I love seeing what he's up to. I love his work happened. I'm glad to know that that's like just you need to get an instagram so down kinky book because I put all that only instagram anyway so I went to volunteer for Bernie. I got the dumbest from the whole world. They're basically like you look to sweet to do. Security not like way don't put that on any not like a weird way or anything like that near like and they just like Yeah Oh yeah now like to. I've seen you tackle children before so like you can actually do security loves you also need. I shouldn't anyway anyway. They're like they were like they didn't say you look too sweet. They were like security. Maybe not we have a perfect job for you. Privilege APP for you okay. I had to go across the street mind you. This is at two thirty. The rally starts is at to the rise of five thirty okay and entered seven thirty so I'm doing this job for for five basically five hour now. Wait till you hear what the job is and then we just wait okay so I'd to go cross across the street his in the middle. It's like by the belltower little amphitheater deal surgical cross-strait up off the things I concede darn thing which is fine like I was like I'm here to Montier. I know his deal. I obviously China. I don't think it's all like a contract only be front row like that's not the point of this right so I had my job was to hold this big banner with these two other people so that they wanted to get a shot from over his shoulder with the crowd with the like. UNC and banner yeah so that was my job useless right and I had this little of volunteer badge thing which means you can go anywhere so now listen to this also no one else was allowed onto this balcony lives like a safety issue but then people coping pingelap on and they were very dramatic around me people being really mean to the police. I was like don't put me to the police. Leave them alone Khloe. That's good w because they were like all minority believe and I was like y'all get over yourself. You're not the one they're just doing their job. It's true you could be a sniper like just leave like the point is literally. It was a good no pun intended like it was a good shot right the right okay. I think that's more to us. They're like you're definitely not going to shoot. Bernie Sanders like you can go on to the you can know that Banner Okay Stop on the bench. I'm sorry I smell probably don't think so. I'm not getting anything I don't you definitely don't you always small beautiful. Oh he always fragrance anyway. Sorry that was random list been no. You never smell sweating all day. I've been yeah okay and I and I lifted my arms to demonstrate my banner. Holding I said Oh whoops holding the a banner and these two the one the first guy he slipped away. I was turned away without me. Noticing gone. I said we went to the bathroom. Dingle the bathroom awesome and then I see him cross the either gravy I could see I saw lots of people I north off people for my soccer team. As a lot of people I could see down below blue sweater as I call him and he uses low badge to skip the line and he went right in front. Wait for Bernie just to watch them. I said blows sweater. This is not very democratic. Socialist of you know the water but the police were like why is this girl out of here stable then I kicked one leg up up to this side to hold the banner up right. Okay Oh wait y'all are missing. You're saying why is Kobe holes in the band they sound like they just want to get her out of the way they could just type the banner to the railing right right the reason I had to be up there is because they didn't they were denied a permit to tie anything to this particular railing by UNC so I so human tad to literally stand up there. UNC makes no sense. My cousin works at the hospital and they charge them the park all while they're saving people's lives even I I see you godawful. I'm aware of that and it's not it's terrible especially if you there for like fourteen hobbles make sure don't talk politics on this because I'm starting to really fire like really mad about stuff stuff like let's leave it at the blue sweater anyway. You know who you are no. They don't know who they are that the problem. The goal walls were blue sweater. I stuck past that guy. That's what I'm talking about. Okay Okay dogmeat started. Okay my mom absolutely about this. Okay I needed Tom. I get very upset. Sweat migrate still haven't gone away by the way keeps moving it's been it's been unlike several months crazy yes. We don't know no say truck though it's I I have been and it's not bad thing. It's just like not tailing. I felt it was so funny. I was like y'all this kind of corporate brag a little ipod. She got a little guy in this yeah yeah okay anyway most of the story so I ended up a leg up to hold once at two blue sweater other side of the banner with the leg which looked insane. I do this for five hours then the girl on this side who was pissed me off. I like you can go honestly. I didn't say she was leaving anyway. Say you go but when she left I was like I don't mind your frigging annoying Balsam balls on me and everyone in the noise not really you agree on things but she was. She was like why Pie I don't really know voting for like because my Mama I said okay well great so thank you for being here for Bernie. She's like I just wanted to the back like I don't even remember what she said anyway so she laughed and said the same thing so I ha- please don't let this reflect on all birdies at borders because most of them were all gray ray okay great nice kind people I'll anyway and so I then had to looked like I was stretching on a ballet bar because then I had to make up on the other side okay this banner. It's a banner I look. I'm not kidding about the size of this man. Don't it and I had a banner up for five hours by myself. I was like I wanna go okay so listen knows is a good choice. Got Good good moral Bernie would approve also Danny Glover was there thank cone from parents. Jerry's was there shoutout to Gary Strauss Papa Strauss created the peanut butter and Jelly Flavor Bend Jerry's he went to college with them in their business class and they're like Yo yeah. They like tried to yeah. They all live together and they will. He was in their project. Where they've I the ice cream? It's not quite correct yeah but then he was like MHM scientist idiot the world diabetes what Okay Anyway I say that as a bitter lactose intolerant person obviously ice cream does not it's not a director anyway right yeah. well the thing go to the store so I had that been that I have a job to do a stupid job yes. I have a job to I'm going to do it. I looked at the pictures they put on facebook. You couldn't even tell banner. It's five bartering smiled eyes that smile I had she's in the whole Thomas I might you might seem you won't but you might so I'm going to smile a whole time anyway the moment the clock struck with and he was like I been Bernie Ernie Houben Gray. He didn't say that but maybe he should I said Okay and I ran faster than ever before I darted I did I started I was I was doing like hurdles hopping. I'm surprised get tackled okay. I have my little I have my little bag and I have my little volunteer and I was the big banner and a little bit. I was Oh also also the suspense all volunteer picture. You're like all the volunteers Bernie had goats to a town hall after that and Yes our hyun stay for four hours take pictures. I know that's important and said going to talk to more actual people right own no shade but that climate anyway so sorry. Are you ooh okay so anyway yes so so there was a volunteer photo with him for everybody right. Volunteers boost waters is going to be in that picture right. Oh my God but I was so far away because I was across the street from your night and and I read so fast APPs happen things. Oh sorry and what did I hit the way I didn't hit him. Don't read didn't hit. I hit the thing being like a like another hurdle thing out of what they're called but who's on the other side of that hurdle thing burning and Isabel you're my hero and I said well you and I said what I say I basically had you're my hero I said like all you end and RPG these good company and I freaked out it was the best moment of my life and I was like I don't know do the better manner was like very quick very quickly and of course then they wouldn't let me let me how Oh my God and I made it in time for the volunteer around your photo 'cause he's still just shaking hands of people right like wow but then they wouldn't let me over right because there were a lot of people by their because obviously he was right there those people so they were watching people jumping hurdles until I wanted to have this man there really was no. I was like it was almost like slow mo like it was like the Matrix I was like halfway halfway up and he was like no. I just went back down like I'm. He went now this jump picture with my phone. I only took the picture for Papa Strauss. 'cause Papa Strauss life but when you get photo with him I'll frame it and I said that Q. Where's my thing I don't want? I spend my little protein shake. I'm a mess today. How long have been talking for? Don't worry about it well. It's so it's not a good picture like don't get excited but it's really funny that the big I ended up without without jumped out. You're getting a picture. Isn't that funny that on the Instagram Yeah isn't that funny I was like I ah I should get there now. Running back have dodgers. You're GonNa have the hurdle fun happen our share wow what a day must have been on there. I couldn't find my car where you would have loved it some way. Hey this is the best part of the story Kerr Henry and the last part dory or literally. Somebody said I was on the phone with my mom Gloviczki. I've like the the life is complete and from behind me I hear would you you'll be happy. Somebody says it's always said Hello I did. I like it was like oh I'm flowing as a high knew her yeah. They said Whoa yes khloe Strauss. Yes yes the lady who ran the Ark of the Dragon. I made documentary. Nfl Crazy Mitch wet feel the ban. I said that's that's right man like you know what a time head no matter who you're about that's a good story yeah yeah. Do you go from banner holder to take your point. Is You gotTa do what you say you're GONNA do. If you say you'RE GONNA do it if if it's important to somebody and you're like this is the dumbest thing. This makes no difference but you say you're GonNa do it you gotTa. Do you know what it'll be okay because you you you can hop those things until you can't cool. Some security guard says now but then I made my own my own photo work Kim Brad all right well mine halo brocade soccer. It was horrible. I don't know I've shaken it to use it and the the thing right off. I said well. That's the like like Eddie. I Love Eddie. Oh my God I am like any. I am getting got me. Who's in love with me again? Are All we know those me who is a hush Patrick. Wow discussion about eh yeah so all right. I'm still not over it spoiler alert tip of course and we the people behind Jamia Downton Abbey last night. We're talking the entire trailer the theater no experience is dead. It had now my trailer what the little women trailer with Meryl Streep and the whole trailing Oh. He's so cute. Oh Wow this looks great. Oh Wow I love every adaptation like showing that allows shut the F. up eventually my mom and I did because they were talking during the movie too and so my mom and I would just turn around and eventually got to the point rose like I've been waiting for this movie nights. Yeah like you're GONNA be in a public house stagnated. That's the indifference be respectful unless it's me doing the talking in which case deal with young but you're talking like yeah. Mine did voluntarily leave their counter. It's not having a conversation. It's it's a little it's responses yeah someday they. I should probably get a hold of God trailer before hustlers for this new APP killer movie yeah what the Hell do horribly together. We did you okay brutal. What the heck was that a direct to netflix movie for sure? Yeah it looks so suit looks really bad even for me. Wasn't there someone Kinda famous. No don't think so yes. It is no no no no no yes it is it is it's no yes. It's the girl from Magadan. Harry's number actually got annoyed with me before it was the girl from Y-you. I haven't seen a pen Begley yeah that's it the people who know will now. I guess we can move on get twosome reviews so I guess we'll get to Hustler's. We have a clip. Let's take a lesson. I was a senator full once no way ninety three I quin stevie wonder came in while the stevie wonder a Casey Adamant Jim Bay Room whereas the Godley blunt how come you're so good. I see with every single kind of guy and I don't know it's like you have figured out. I guess I'm just a people person all right so hustlers is written and directed by Laurent Skafar area and it stars constance constance Wu Jennifer Lopez Julia stiles Medi totally tally but see see I mean the names are all mixed up who didn't get enough screen time if you had that now wasted famous any famous men's in it but really it was a a women's ensemble really. Is that it that lady I think is famous the drought now famous but the drug you want. I think people know she is right I I I don't all right well. Keep Your eyes peeled and maybe we'll figure it out. Let us know at the film buds I if you spot her and knew she he is a funny little. We'll get to later betting a little addition to the music buds podcast dot com thing go confusion Asian there. It's funny. It's good count and this. This synopsis is inspired by the Viral New York magazine Article hustlers follows a crew crew of savvy former Strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients so I don't know would turn the tables implies weird. They're the one they're all aware of the transaction occurring odd but anyway so I don't know maybe like the Wall Street people. Are you know taking advantage of their common. Folk strippers are taking advantage the job of the Wall Street guys and they're the ones getting rich yeah instead of yeah. I think that's what they were hoping yeah an Unpick Della my dad so you're yes okay yeah so yeah so this one I think premiered at tiff. I believe it is I think so that's weird and yeah it's been getting pretty strong views across the board and so what did y'all think should we kick it off to our guest your Henry sure I enjoyed it like coming out of the theater Khloe and I we saw together. We were both sort of talking about our impression and I still feel pretty good about it. I thought the Jaylo is really really good yeah now. I was a standout performance from her yeah I really enjoyed it. I did feel and I think we both said had this. it felt longer than run time that it was for like two hours or a little less but it fell bell the opposite really I was never bored for a second I know I thought I thought it was bored but I do feel like there was some pacing issues Blueblood Laborde yeah to shame I liked the music track the songs things that they had chosen especially Fiona apple it was like she never gets soundtrack ever so that was cool not enough Lizardo and Cardi B. Yearly audience was loving both of them like every time everytime okay so of course Henry both also adore both right sure but every like like the first little hat on each other I mean right but the girl these girls in the front whenever Cardi B. especially being that they were so happy yeah I guess you guys are in for disappointment. You'd only about two seconds I know about her. Moments were great but not downstream few and far between in Khloe. What about you? I feel bad feel guilty. Why was number? Why is that Pathan? I just feel bad don't into okay Jaylo. Not My favorite Kayla was very I was like oh well. J.LO's knock not good so it's not gonNa be good she was really she won't okay but also I. I called them Mitt Romney effect so I make this a political observer I apologize. I know we're past that point. I I'm I'm probably the reason we're not famous. Yet would be monetize should've told Bernie about tone buds. You're Bernie podcast. Oh he has a podcast. Listen to the burner. Something could have plugged it shoe. They I talk my hero. Here's my hero or burn unit. That's funny about that uh-huh film by Bernie Yeah I love it. Motoko the watch Dan Yeah whoa Oh yeah oh yeah the Mitt Romney fact okay so remember when they were doing the watch shake. Your head actually was thinking about something completely different in my head. I'm sorry sorry about that and we pay attention to me back anyway so okay so remember when he was debating Obama and Mitt Romney basically like remembered his own name and Obama was like having a bit of like he was fine. He wasn't a May like he didn't like bring everyone to tears like he wasn't like he didn't make you smell your grandmother's cooking again. You know what I mean right and meanwhile Mitt Romney literally like was like form descends Romney killed it quits because you're like Mitt Romney's idiot in Obama's amazing so I caught the Mitt Romney effect because what my I think the Mitt Romney factors happening with everyone like key J. Lo I keep Wisey Wisey. Jennifer Lawrence is not her name Jennifer Lopez Oscar unlike no no I mean I thought she was very good. I wouldn't say it's Oscar absolutely not can't even cry that close up the absolutely not no. She did no no no no. You're thinking thing yeah the other one where the shot opened with having two years one was on top of her eyelash which implies that they were drops which is fine but when there was when she was hugging constant whoa shoes no tears I thought of him. Somebody should've Pulo low pop in so much drop low drop in there. I get it if you can't cry. It's fine to drop learn. The Java for my point is like not they only thing it's Oscar because she did what's that move with Ben Affleck and nothing really from your right now but that's stupid movie with Ben Affleck Affleck. You know what I'm talking about. I mean I know from out of sight. I haven't seen her many other. Things whatever I know her from wasn't moving made Manhattan with ray finds signs and little teeny Tyler Posey yeah I know Tyler Posey surprise me too so anyway she was. It's really good. Constants will not only because I don't really like the person 'cause she seems like I felt so bad that I told her I didn't know now I I would much rather be after the you could at least enjoyed it in the moment. Enjoy concept was apparently like the worst. Have you heard all this. I haven't okay well. You can look it up pretty well. Oh yeah she's like literally the worst and not in unlike we hate women conaway like she no well. You can be like it's easier to like things that like in soccer for example you I eight yell a bunch about manual. People think I'm annoying okay high frequency but women are always said that they're bossy when yeah you're way s but but no she is like apparently actually like ridiculous to work within like fresh off the boat which like gave her her star Dr Got Renewed for another season and like why on twitter like she's so young not cool. She's a real mark from the killers. If you listen into the music tease their Lacrosse over how fun but so content will separately separately Bradley honestly she liked wasn't really give it to me as much as I needed it especially when she was a single mom and stuff. I was like not like she wasn't given. I don't feel it was very convincing. Performance now really was really was especially in like I wasn't getting anything like she came. Unlike I vote sort of disinterested did she did yeah and I'm not exactly disinterested as such a word because I was kind of like she s came across Lake sociopath but like not in an interesting way non Mike Christian Bale Way of doing it on purpose exactly if addresses back like Lazy Lazy I was like I don't yeah that could have been so much better. If somebody else did US yeah we hadn't dead on the motions yeah exactly and there was there could be a lot more than that but you know who killed it for. I think I can speak for both of he's here. Lily Rhine was oh you full-time no good what you've been stephen also riverdell but better than Riverdale yes but no shoe so she was so good she really held it okay no spoilers but like she was. We were basically very soon. We said everyone else whatever and Kiki was funny. We Love Kiki. We do love Kiki. She was Kiki she works. That's the thing though Lily Reinhart was this character Kiki like most good but lily reinhart more impressive. If you ask me personally the story itself I like Henry brought up fell very long which for me personally because I don't feel like it was an even if I don't feel like it was a pacing thing it just felt separately. I can go for a slow paced movie. You know I can like I love James. Slow Paced is fiber potential Roger shot up here though I can't have any more cognitive dissonance in my life okay I love boat. Oh my little henry how amazing is is is Henry coming to the Halloween Party of the invitation you need to I made it out to be too early thing kidding. You're so annoying giving doing Kaley bring down with the right. I'm okay with it. Suck Geez man you don. Thank you so much. Oh thanks leading though I'm I have no problem here. You know I have Komo there. I know you're everybody likes to Andrew. Thanks okay the thirteen the best it's not my fault. You're not bandwagon. Sometimes the bandwagon has good music doc. It's helped me even our what even is a bandwagon. You'll people I'd wagon toll us. What does the nobody knows me? Neither anyway yeah yes. You'll both both there and it'll be amazing and wonderful. I got us. They want to early but why close. I know I have to do this week. I think this would be other tonight. ooh midnight invitation. How does that how ooh ooh? How are we getting it via via mail via snail mail obvious now? I was just asking cheese listeners. Do you see what I I've just asking lease. Oh please let's review this and just this geometry say you don't pay attention to our relationship the milestones there in because I said the way I always do it and you don't know what that is where you draw yeah a- and I texted to you anyway yeah so then stolley pacing be was so pacing but it felt so long and that's like a big red flag for me. Yeah Big Red Flag for me can't deal with that and like I don't know I could and at the end of the day I just like oh so disenchanted. I loved like if they'd gone a different angle. Of course I know me like I know I'm meet. Yes what you said during the trailers about the movie in January with like everybody that we love like that's what this should have yeah exactly we haven't seen this other movie the movie with Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish Ah shut up eight point me are doing cooling. I know I know who people are GonNa be siding with these arguments so there's no point me pro. You know it's all at so you say you okay what Henry the listeners say not you Henry. That's Wilkie Jacob number. One sure that's yeah they agree with him and he agreed. I bet he's interested he would. I feel like you'll see it but maybe won't tell anybody on letterbox them. Yeah Yeah looks at you. Know I love Rose Byrne now. She's great yeah so yeah but yeah no just all come along and I was Kinda. I just feel like he could have been a lot more. The direction was really boring not very creative. The riding was Kinda. Boring especially felt very face. Subaru version does based on a real like they had so much actual in and the pictures at the end when they were saying what how what the heck they showed fake pictures show real picture. What what every does what what that was the dumbest thing my for my serving weekends at Prison Sean? I love that talk about the name of my band serving prison. The prison was pretty good name. Actually I'm very good thinking of names for things. Giants got but yeah dragway got amazing. I'm like I love that and I was GonNa say something. It is the writer and director who did seeking a friend for the end of the world. I realized Oh. I don't like that. Crap shoot. Maybe they had too many like cooks in the kitchen for this. There's only one cook well maybe they into few lakes influences of X. Between Soderbergh and score says to me this it reminded Jenner honor. It reminded me a lot of Magic Mike which love as well but that's hell agenda what Magic Mike Strippers No. I think I don't find find other hand regret with me. I mean I think I think how they portray. The strippers is fantastic and like his hilarious. It's like it's great satire. So how does that tire not this Magic Mike Anti Magic. It's magic. Mike Mike Mike in Theaters in the front row with my aunt I love that Soderbergh and I was like lull uh-huh and those liberal the peak of my you say it was the time of life where life most afforded me the ability to be all absorbed movies okay so I saw like every single movie. Whatever whatever whatever obviously I can see that by myself because I was to all and everything right? I think it's SORTA broke. I gotTa go and Sin Sin Those who she's like. Oh take you Khloe just to be a nice end. I know she's so funny honey as like this is not what I liked it like a little more. I can't think of a good we've talked about this before. I want to marry it might be like super gradient stuff. Noah's nose stupid it was like Hotel Hotel Commercial Polish nasty no not hotel Polish Polish condo condos commercial Polish brain and I reviewed that on the Steven soderbergh special that you can bathe in like it yeah yeah Why did you bring it up sorry Henry? I'm sorry it's too. It's not eleven people. Don't don't take it in okay. It's totally different. You also have actually would not like Britain really the Ooh Brayden. If you're listening. I just love I hope we can pick we're bringing people up. Put them on a pedestal and then just crash it down. I don't teach your son that that when your wife before you fall asleep Davinci code you hear that that that can we talk about yeah. Sorry everybody here but we had You know how we read sometimes on the show which we should do we haven't done a couple should deal with you later. We had someone who said they remind remind they made them. Thank you made I would be a dad with my son sitting on the couch asleep watching the Vinci Code. That's what they pictured in their minds who you are. I mean well. Maybe one actually the foreshadow foreshadowing yes. I can't wait. I mean maybe our kids will get married. Maybe Cross our fingers also also just random fact. My parents have like a Davinci code collection like of the big fans really yeah well. I feel bad would be my dad doesn't read and he loves those books but my mom also enjoys it 'cause she's. She loves the whole like Conspiracy Guy. He said I see you know she almost worked for the CIA. I did know that just like Papa stress. Sorry don't get mad at me. You're not here. You can't do it. Remember my Your Fiftieth High School. In your reunion. He has fiftieth high school reunion. Prevail Facie any wasn't at soccer and we ended our three getaway little local gossip for you. Logos associated so bad dad and they said I found this guy didn't I didn't he will be in the bosom okay yes seriously and he fell some my thought that you were me and you fell and I didn't yeah. Are you kidding me. Oh Oh my God. This is why I was like other. Well oops gave Reuse Gabriel. I just but anyway I stopped myself okay I. I was like people seem soccer. You're not going to like me 'cause literally. After they made the call. I looked at the wrath I scream I it was like I'll go away from Mike. I literally screaming. I was like who is gone. Mike so loud. That's like inappropriate. Check these these games out. Oh it's time we should all go to one of your game brings. That should do a video for the Debbie so good yeah perfect. That's what we're doing for one hundred episode fun Video Yeah Wow we should do. The boyfriend tag boyfriend entered yeah you know nothing about the Internet. I've come up with ideas. I think we should do the boyfriend tag even though obviously your boyfriend but it works. It's basically not someone apparently Oh yeah Henry narrow dating just to one person but hey you know what should their own. I don't know Oh man now to lots of Children Wilkin. I are married and we live in Virginia bless him and then another idea. I was thinking we could do each other's makeup. I thought that'd be cute. I don't having makeup. I have makeup though I've never used because I don't really use it but my mom. My mom used to think I was like she was. She wasn't concerned but she was trying to figure out the the situation. She and my sister were very headed their time they thought I was like trans. Thousand wanted to be a boy literally. I were rebelled soccer t insured cargo shorts and they were like Oh God. Obviously I went to art school. I know these is being swearing shirts. Cargo shorts the fines pilot my mom's literally now now now not now but we're not judging anyone. They would have been nice but it's not funny. I didn't know that they thought that until like that's why I'm talking about. I thought that until very recently well you know I said Oh interesting not interesting well. I don't but yes we'll do. We make I yeah. I don't wear makeup in in the first house you year makeup. I don't WANNA wear makeup why it's like what are the youtubers. All the youtubers do Henry. We're going to be uh-huh tubers youtubers for for day yes fine. Let's do Miami funny books. Do the commentary of something of nobody's you're so weird about even on the mutiple jaw planning music. How do commentary for can't show anything we woman no? It's US watching it your cell weird okay. Wait it out. I mean the the video. Let's not bigger in front of children. Okay you move bovine. What did you think of the movie? I actually liked hustlers quite a bit crazy man. They didn't have a buffet that Strip club. That's it's really the lady would bring them cake and stuff but like the bacon the Ron. I want pancakes. That's the way to go actually liked it much more than I thought I would. I mean I I agree. Jennifer for Lopez isn't like Oscar worthy but I thought she had a pretty commanding presence and I thought that really worked and I I didn't find it. I was worried that I saw it was almost two hours as long as I was never really bored. I thought that I mean there. Are maybe a couple of little lows but I see I thought that direction and writing were quite good for a movie like this. I felt very fluid. I mean I it felt very fluid and it just felt like this. I mean I guess it's a little more straightforward like I feel like the whereas in this nothing that the direction wasn't like mind blowing but I thought that it told the story in a very fluid just kind of single motion way that I felt like it it really helped keep me interested which which I mean movies similar to this I feel can be little lifeless but didn't feel that way with this thought it was fast paced and I liked the cast of characters. I like Manna Nanos Great. I thought she was she was. I wish I could have had a little more her in so I actually okay now. It's kind of a double edged sword here so I act I thought Cardi B. was brutal and I'm sorry I I. I'm not super familiar with their. I'm sorry he's however however let me say this. I'm sorry I'm sure there are people out the out right now however coming because she's he's very over the top which is fine. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but although I didn't really like her when she was onscreen I felt like her that energy was lacking in and the rest of the film like the first well. What do you want saying Clar- now I'm in a way to say it? I'm glad she's only me and a little bit because I felt it a little too ridiculous and she is and she got her start uh-huh worker. I have no problem with that but I mean it's realism yeah sure I mean that's fine. It's just I felt like I was a little more interested in the more grounded characters and so I I mean constance Wu. I thought she was good. I think there could could have been someone maybe a little more likable in the role but I still felt like she carried it pretty well. I didn't really have an issue with the single use the weirdest choice. She's an odd choice choice for it. I'll say that yeah maybe get like I don't buy her now. Why saying I mean I quite enjoyed it? I would have liked if they got an unknown. I think that would kind of for Washer really well. I think this big name Jennifer Lopez playing like someone I think that would work really well like on all my gosh. She's showing the ropes and yeah it would be a great parallel having an unknown sort of playing this up incoming person yeah yeah totally in a new field I do like how the relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu doesn't start in a conflict like it's just very like here all help learn these things. It's not like a battle to where you're having to wait until they become friends. They're just friends right off the bat. I like that and I think that it could have had a little more humor in it. I think it was maybe a little too serious at times for what the story is but I yeah I tell you act pretty different movies outside but I mean I thought visually easy American Airlines yeah. Oh you didn't like it was good I mean it's not it's not really like my type of movie Khloe. I know you know I I liked it. It was fine. It was good boy. I'm sorry but I thought I thought visually especially inside the Strip club. It was great. I thought it looked great and couldn't use the buffet. You really dropped the ball around but I thought it yeah I really elite enjoyed the direction and I was constantly interested in what was going on. I mean maybe it's just because I had lower expectations but Michael Tation tation. Were not high cool so I think I think Lily Reinhart is quite good in Tel Ed so good I really like dog. I really liked is Kiki. The one that runs off towards the end where she's like almost completely naked and she's just running through a parking lot else hilarious when the hospital and she's like no yeah that was good a queen so I actually thought I mean I'm sure y'all will disagree. I thought I could have used more in the story. Even more like I would have liked to see more with these characters actually won the just the central the group made for more even more of the story longer moving yeah so I could use more in a shorter Matt Time I did. I mean like we said I really liked the soundtrack. It had a cool mix. I can't remember what it was good. You know I am it takes law from your remembers. I don't know if you know that about me Henry all the only thing I got my head as if you say soundtrack asset Oh Nanna talk about the list yeah now say don't you threw out say what movies have from mm-hmm sixteen candles and I'm out. I'm very bad with them drag. We need to work on that the majority of my phone I know I injured intimating well right after I see a movie Obeng. That was great if it really sticks now I remember some that are good like I can tell you. I believe Steve Correct me if I'm wrong. I believe I came on here was like the soundtrack was so good for bladerunner twenty forty nine. Ah Soundtrack does that count. That's so sounds God so skoll war art so the soundtrack is like starring premade cremate selected songs that are being chosen for the movie. The score is composed music Hans Zimmer John John Williams yes yes so you'll impress your friends. Everybody House even even wrong. When I was trying to save you definitely soundtrack Gallet Nanna Gore we all learned something today Benaroya good good soundtrack and I think that was even on it? I just kind of you remember Fiona Apple. I mean I I mean. I don't know I didn't really I know many of the songs but I thought I enjoyed the songs Britney Spears. I guess it was Britney. Spears that beautiful girl slow from middle the School Day Sean Kingston stuck at the two thousand milkshake was on it like what I I think so yeah I mean I didn't know a lot of the songs but I enjoyed them. Within the movie was no KKK. No Lizardo loveless would have been a little the two zero with our billy eyeless. It doesn't go at all. Actually we should do rick because I cried a lot. I don't know if you know that I cried a lot. I love the car so much Oh yeah yeah of course I cried. I figured Oh don't worry I will say now now. I mean I it had a little bit of this. This may sound course I don't know but I thought it could have been a little sleep easier to be honest like just in terms of the like not in like I'm not saying I need to see nudity and but I felt like it could have been a little messier so to speak they weren't messy Asi ladies bad their life together but there are scenes they're kind of pretty uncomfortable as what they're having to do especially towards the end and then also at the beginning of the the film. It's just them stripping so it's not like it's that clean of presentation. I didn't really see I grew that but an but now I'm not saying that it needed to be. NC Seventeen or something but I felt like it played a slightly safe I think for what the the 'cause I mean it is dealing with a world of exploitation and I felt like it could have spend the night look at it. I think could also say it. It viewed it as they Buick Lake Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge yeah like when they showed Jennifer Lopez has your she's idolized like you're seeing her. Through especially like constant who was is n- everything and that was not by no means yeah it was by no means a big issue or anything like that but I felt like even comparing it to somebody like Magic Mike but you know again again. It's not not a big thing but I mean I still enjoyed the group of characters and the dynamics between them and it I mean it had a familiar story Rican a story arc but I I was never really getting aggravated than I knew how the story was going to play out which I kind of did yeah so the last thing I'll says. I didn't think he did a very good job. I haven't read the I probably should've gone and read the article and they'll probably do but I think already is gone. Read the article but I don't think the movies did a very good job of communicating. The actual intricacies of the relationship chip between Galas character constant was sure I think that was kind of Europe than the rest of one hour Bakti constants lose characters like Oh she was always in control and never really saw there was a lot of that and that didn't add up. They kept saying certain things the not actually you're going to make us believe that these characters are kind of you know interwoven connections tax show them yes yes exactly and then we're not supposed to trust constants within like let's back that up to and more constructive way and also like they didn't put any I don't think it's a spoiler you see her. No Saas weather. UCR interviewed as like divert beginning right and like it's clearly like an an upper like her. She looks very presentable like she has like obviously can't tell my mother could but I couldn't tell those real or not like jewelry and stuff like she had a very nice house like well. Blah like whatever and there was no explanation and as to how that was the case aftermath any yes exactly yeah exactly Salihi we know that they went to prison on weekends but sh- why clearly story then they got caught. There's no whether either also we already said that. I know and I mean now again. This isn't really an issue. It's more just a point so I actually think that the weakest part of the movie is the main the conflict with main story about the Wall Street. Yeah that's stocks. That's what I was GonNa say and of course sidelined rank. I'm letting you and I'm sorry I also you know I know it's our dynamic al Q- Noble no that's so true. I wish they'd really really gone on. That's like the movie I wanted to see like like J. J. Lo had that one really good monologue about it in like the diner things yeah yeah and then that was like that is angle I want. I want more of Bat which I don't know how you feel about the obviously we're doing it with the big shoreline yet. That's what I wanted with a cross like an I know that's what is the driving force of the second yeah and I said before like annoy me and then I probably got distracted like me and like that's the kind of stuff I like because like you know Wall Street you suck right like I wanted that part of it and I wanted to get big an intense because look but no you're right and they kinda really like you said it seemed like an after almost like like the layer playing it safe but I would've really liked that because I thought that was the Best I love that diner bit loved that is Dan and so I mean and not in not even just that but even I just enjoyed watching the kind of procedural aspect of Constance Wu coming coming into the Strip club and having no idea of what to do and having to deal with these different dynamics of people who've been there much longer than she has and so there are these kind of power struggles between them and actually just enjoyed that the teaching of Jennifer Lopez or of Constance Wu by Jennifer Lopez in that T- Mambi Yeah Yeah Cardi helped okay and so I would check I mean I hate to constantly compare but like something like magic. Mike that's constant throughout throughout the whole movie. Is that whole bunch of characters and of course magic. Mike doesn't deal Wall Street but I think I really enjoyed that first twenty thirty thirty minutes where the whole Wall Street aspect was not relate injected yet in those just these these characters that you could really Kinda plop into any setting thing 'cause they're relatively familiar kinds of personnel personalities. Excuse me and so I I enjoyed that and I agree that I think even comparing it to the Wolf Wall Street even a little bit like that movie has more detail and goes much further there with many things you know the one thing I've I've I got out of this movie that I will be. I will now be introducing you to as my sisters. My sister favored by far my favorite movie the whole my sisters Sir Meaning. That's okay. That's okay what what what did she say same father different mothers uh-huh so funny I will say Jennifer Lopez Peres's her for her for coat on my favorite character out rock that should walk into company or make up no keeps rock Berko ridiculous US looking like cats live action. I'm putting makeup on you. Okay one hundred episode. I'm putting makeup on you. What's wrong with you? Why not you can take it off right after after okay yeah? It's GonNa be on youtube forever. I mean I don't really character video mostly when the weather poorly on arguing so me don't read with you as we so man. We're really given isn't that one chipper hope this episode Shipper Yeah you Henry those those like early Liane was they probably lost hope. I am Brandon. Maybe so yeah I mean I I was sir. I'm trying to think if there's anything else and I mean I yeah I I give to Chrissy taking smile. Yeah see Henry knows that working on that I had to show it to Henry. Sorry Okay Ed dropped the ball. Sleep watching that one with your son Yeah. I think you're going to name your son on like advocates or something no yeah although I mean I I mean maybe as a middle name yeah hey checkout Abkhaz gross. The what is Ross. It's taken I know saying go the name after the came Your Kid Wrath atticus. No no we're going down yeah. No let's circle back here I don't have I don't have a name picked out from time. We did it too early and now doing too late we really are stride is two. PM for Recording Lok Lobos finest lead. It's okay yeah all right well so anything else about give it a Chrissy teigen smiles. You're looking at me stars. Maybe two and five I don't know no. I don't watch it anytime soon but I like to see. I thought you were seemed more positive when we started I am I am positive but it's also not my favorite read some. I all the movies in the world all the movies in the world. I think a three is very jenner. Is You know like if if it were only my favorite parts of the movie I would say it was a four who is just Cardi year. If they'd given Liz thing to do maybe she doesn't she she just came on screen the flu and then none of flute even honestly yeah yes. You just did one one note anyway. three-star I lyman grade till they gotTA BE Great Henry. She just burst sorry asked I'm between a four and a four and a half I was I was I was taking up taking the world you know four and a half fuck it man. You only live once okay. You're just doing because you don't like me singing. I know I know I was thinking about my star rating. I really out and that is data may not new bag next one is all right well. Let's move on get to our Retro Review Big H. O. Short from two thousand fifteen. We have a clip as well. Let's take a listen swaps on mortgage bonds of credit default swap will pay off if the underlying bond fails you WANNA bet against the housing market and why those bonds only fail if millions of Americans don't pay their mortgages. That's never happened in history. Kill excuse me Berry seems like a foolish foolish investment based on prevailing sentiment the market banks in popular culture yes but everyone's we've wrong this Wall Street huckleberry. If you offer us for money we are going taking my one concern is is that when the bonds fail I want to be certain of payment in in case of solvency issues with your bank. I'm sorry are you for real. You WanNa bet against housing market and you're worried we won't pay you just okay so the big short subsidies in that series they're the big short was released in two thousand fifteen and is directed by Adam McKay and stars Ryan Gosling Steve Carell Christian Bale Essay Ryan Gosling Brad Pitt Myth unbeatable Margot Robbie again the names are all over the place here so struggling but the synopsis is in two thousand six two thousand seven a group of investors bet against the US mortgage market went rock doc yeah he just popped in my mind in their research they discover how flawed and corrupt the market is May I start start by saying that Steve Kerr out in general but especially in this movie and I think you will concur is my spirit animal he they could see he gets. That's all I have to say Oh my dad until like Hugh Kit your boss boss losing in look like the bad guy from Dune like me but live on that so yeah this one got some Oscar attention when it came out and that was randomly in and of course McKay has gone on to do vice which we reviewed on the show as well and also that other one shoot what was the other one shoe and he's doing that Adam McKay oh that might be one thing I've with Adam. McKay was like my hero okay so he worked with Walker Lot but his he used to do like he directed anchorman basically written Eh but like his deal is he's been like okay. I'M GONNA make really entertaining but also educational movies about being relevant like vital basically a almost like inject like American modern injustice is that people are almost like two board to pay attention like their attachment to short-lived attention to yeah fair enough. I'm annoying elitist. That's true but like yeah like. BSO He makes them really like fun for lack of a better word and accessible I guess and entertaining and like you said that's a good point yeah like how he had Margot Robbie in the Bathtub Aftab and Mike Anthony Board the plane with like the STU like so like Kudos. I'm like obsessed with Adam McKay because like he's doing his jaw and you know Ohio. I'm so annoying I know I know I'm sorry like I think you like are given you make it there. You have you can nominate take on your give out what you've put back by making it worthwhile means something but also not just be like that like he made it really entertaining like it's a worthwhile and piece of entertainment like it's a win win win win. I think so even when like I don't like parts of the way like I don't love his I direction exactly like in this one. I don't love his little youtube zoom. USA Yes yeah exactly don't get me started which also you'll hate hate it. I hate it because I think it goes with his works but I think it fits in with his genre that he created it to like. I'm fine with that. I don't love the zooms in and everything like this like a Bollywood soap opera. Mike like the zooms in motion and the Chil fill it with it makes sense. There's just an overabundance as Houma Yeah but like I think it's like overall. It's it's worth more than it is. It's not like sure maybe he'll improve over time but like for I just really appreciate those two. Oh is next one is about with with homes right Kingston Yeah Jennifer just playing Elizabeth Hampson national. I'm black. I do know those with homeowners yeah. I just really appreciate what he do. Do also I'm obsessed with the whole cast especially in this movie from a Christian Bale and yeah criminal guy so well we're also also just obsessed crucial be on everything and he's perfect and also Ziv corral is perfect and amazing in every way like go wrong but yeah I feel like this role was kind of made for Christian Bale cooking bellboys Assegai go out of himself and Mike were bail no like I was like oh I just got I should've Berg drums yeah can do that and then by. CPI like gets the two sides of like really good acting like Mike One like you find this other person in yourself from this one is like yeah I was like Ryan Gosling like entertaining and like fine like but his role as not he's. He's basically him like crazy. Henry thinks he's fine. That's good happening but I never said that. He's good looking. I know how you feel. He's I mean he's not ugly anyway. I don't know how to respond no need anyway but he was a little bit like crazy stupid or crazy. We'll have to anyway Brad Brad Pitt bedfellows billionaire blake. You live your best life. Repay your grades pre mazing. Ad Astra can't wait. We have to see it together. You're more than welcome. Okay thank thank you we have measure because now Claude talking talkie. It seems like it's GonNa be a very contemplating. GotTa gotTa be in it. Well you can t a one time with me there okay well. I mean honestly I don't really I don't really mind mega your mind all right gosh address important bio story relatively okay. They well told writing wise. Visually I would take what do you call those things for seasickness. Take one of those. No what is that what is called the things they didn't happen. I went on that well boat remember. We didn't have anyone on the whaleboat. I had to wear those little Richard that John Deere Dra mean off my game Graham. I mean yeah take a grammar mean and then watch this movie. It's worth it because that's everything else about the perfect ooh heartache now how cool history teacher who has a hangover's like y'all just want to know watched the movie eh fill out the sheet okay. I do think what you said the explanation. They did a really great job of can I didn't know I said. COPD what no I am not a person person for anything related to numbers money bank air or anything like that so like I barely know what houses to i. I'm batted Django Jange when we get down. I can't even do that part of the rain jingle with the little letters in my goodness anyway. I think they did a great job of explaining sort of you've papa the bubble in all different aspects of like what led up to the crash and you know I think that was great. filmmaking taking wise I feel like it couldn't decide between if it wanted to be a movie or documentary and I think it was integrated well enough and I wish that it had just chosen what I see part of me. I really liked the little asides like they do in the office where they turn and they're like. This isn't how it actually actually happened instead. We did this this is how did how awful watch yeah. I like that but I also feel it can only happen a couple times and I wish that it was more prevalent. They don't do it at all do more or don't I would agree yeah but also I find now. Look nothing against her. The Margot Robbie thing is it's much wjr. Obviously we know she was in the wolf of Wall Street. It's just too on the nose so self aware I totally miss. I don't know what that intentional well. I don't think it wasn't tensions came out two years Sri dealer site if anything You you don't think Adam McCain knew she was like I said I think it was an oversight. If anything let US know Mr Mackay the film that that could have been for me that could have been cut those a little too much but I don't see why Selena Gomez had to be in as well Yeah Uh. Why don't you why she has to be another thing to be true so the choice of these talking head people is just didn't really make sense? I mean they it didn't Anthony Bourdain was all right that nation was good like the fish and the you know reuse but I feel like those are the three ones right. I think like Selena Gomez Marvi anything but I feel like they could have just done without though I I just had the characters within the movie absolutely added to us or have that's true even they even could have had like Ryan gosling like a small like like classic like New York restaurant and be like you see that fish like the main talking to you even though they know what the stuff is you know they gassed in Lantos but I mean out say in the direction. I'd I'd say it. He does a better in this than he doesn't vice it makes sense longest with this covered so fast and like the world itself share sure that makes sense as well yeah I agree. That's very true yeah. Yeah I mean I. I like the movie a fair bit. I don't Anri watches it. It's kind of been unhurt a little bit but I think at times I mean I fully appreciate and respect the whole out so much rather this movie exist as it is the not exist at all. You know I think at times it does get a little too overly didactic it just it just gets all you know. My style. Just gets a little tiring. I think and I mean more more so advice I think but I think in this. There's just a little too much information at times at all at once along with the whole Youtube video essay style l. of editing it just gets a little obnoxious and bloated at times but I still I mean I think Christian Bale is great. I would say I mean I like Ryan Gosling but I think he does kind of take me out of that a little bit. He's a little tin. It's his hair sure. Van Hatch takes thanks man. His hair was yes Pondo percents. Oh my God if you see the shoot what's his real name Steve Harrington. Oh did you wait. Oh my God oh my I'm going to have pinned their hair on Steve at my party. Had it had me shook what happened. I went into full mourning for today. I miss that's what the head it's so it must have been for the show right like because they haven't started filming season four you like to they want to anyway because you can't grow hair that fast just slap a wig on them. They make from Steve Harrington right from changing. Things currently looks like Ooh. That's a shame the little French bakery eh you'll carry. That's his curie. It looks like you took a pair of safety scissors from preschool and cut it himself not looking a picture of everyone. Clinton and eleanor cut my hair because I wanted that's how community M. Two kids bonding who like 'cause because eleanor has president Clinton right smaller Noah podcasts all right. We'll say they are anyway articles on condition. She has listened. She is all considered that I don't know Clinton. You GotTa be who you want. Who you need as a little person I need? Someone in my corner is has little to be like you know what you need a break help you out girl now with that kind of stuff I just need. I don't even know I need someone to sharpen pencils from me or something but just somebody you know they were looking out. You know what I mean. I whoa Elnora crash I'm Clinton. I wanted to help her so badly that I let them bond over literally cut. They were cutting my hair. That's how committed I was the cause. Remember remember that or do any of that. I am but anyway you can't tell you curly hair steve if you got them girl Oh uh so I like. I like Brad Pitt as well. He I mean he's I think he's gotten to the point in his career where he I think he's doing some some of his best work. meet him so the a pissant sounds terrible. Panasonic is bad that doesn't sound good Brat Brandis brought zones. We'll find we'll find it and so I I think it's it's definitely an interesting story and I appreciate him. I'm being very ambitious with something that like you said could be very bland yeah or it's just hard to get across exactly yeah yeah I think he he does that. Well overall although he doesn't always stick stick landings a sorry sorry Adam grabby hi Tania Oh you know I found out birds of prey. The new is coming out the same day is the new Green Day album Henry on the way to see the movie the Best Day of Henry's line on the way to the movie. I'll be listening to this too after now on the way now commit I'll I'll be I'll be listening to it. At Twelve PM. It will get tough. Em Twelve am pm the killers coach amyloid released at random times. Sometimes it's ten thirty. AM sometimes it's one thirty PM. I say Oh my God guys anyways sidetrack but it really the end of the show cidre my God that'd be cute if we if it wasn't a it wasn't am am buddy partner whatever money podcast if it wasn't a or whatever like I'd than merely but right then sidetracked would be a good the music sidetrack y'all can use that what's another what's the third name besides no mean for for a buds but show the book buds the Love Buds Love you talk about talk about a romance and psychology and stuff. You know I have no idea oh I was just coming up with names asked I'm not saying we should actually should do the on the the flower buds it can be baking show gardening show yeah both edible flower show that'd be a great podcast I that will flower at this really fancy restaurant in Maine and my tongue feel like there was a caterpillar all over wow is several sounds horrible. I couldn't get the taste so I get. It wasn't even a taste of the tech on patent unbound coma Gosh Yeah it was three years ago. I made a sauce one time out of honeysuckle hours. Oh ooh yeah because they're able it's almost the best time of the year it almost the Jewish New Year mausoleum awesome. Thank you so much very exciting. This means that it's almost honey cake time. No honey cake is the best. I'm going to bring money on your home of course the best honey cake I ain't doing it worked hard catch. I was little. What's that like you know? I don't really I. I never was like Fu especially our little obviously my first word we've been over this yeah awkward. Sorry mother Oh you did it okay but anyway what my first word was. Mine was tree tree. That's so cute my was Henry. We don't know juries without we may never know your is by Mama. We pay beanie yeah. I still don't know who my first crush was either. We were talking about that. You know sh few shows ago. We were talking yeah. The idea came up of our first crush because you'd you said it was some oh Sam climate or nominee. It was on like a movie or TV show and I was trying to come up with what mine was and I don't like celebrity. Yeah I still have no idea and he said Oh yeah my co worker yeah his coworker same crummy kindergarten longtime ago. We've all been nice all he's really nice. He's also could taste. What can you say up and trying to get on the show gatty? That'd be that'd be so bye. I love that he should come to the party. That's the real thing we should film the Halloween Party. Broker will blot little blog for the that'll be a buddy then they can the everybody sure. All my guys only goes say starts costing one. I think this is my favorite movie. I wish that I was here for that. Oh so sad shame the favorite movie oh instead of Fu I used to say I used to be like make me a cake yeah because I think I I think the idea in local head which is still like Yo put a bunch effort to making this beautiful thing that I'm just going to devour her. Make me a cake. It really good right actually make me again. CARE may make I'll eat. It and it'll be gone so interestingly enough when I was like a toddler whenever I was mad at someone I would say no birthday cake for you. That's so the feeling funny not thinking for you. I love that anything else but big short yeah. If I was a dude I would have Christian Bale's haircut that makes sense. I can see that yeah. I'm nothing is a very good haircut but I'm saying half and maybe I can make it work yeah now which is better vice vice or the big short. Okay the big short you agree now. I would agree you me too. but Adams is better than both so I burnt I give this movie when when you walk up the steps of the Library of Congress and Chris Paul Day. How do you take a deep breath before before you're about to walk in and now the dust by another kick it trash can yeah but then you pick it up because she cleanup? We should get one of those those cameras on made that every time he you start to shout out your star rating my my reaction your heart rate like one of those amusement park ones where you're going. It's nap the show yeah because we have one on me on space mountain sleeping yeah so that was related to four for me. I'd say four yeah pretty strong well any news. Anybody has now who cares. Let's skip it. Wow retired Schwantz. Go Sleep now. He shorts should we do that. Let's question don't be silly. Goose Island I listened to go above everything pleaded love. You said the film buds podcast and email dot com is the address that you can reach us also on twitter and glitter on you again visit kyw loving always also on twitter and facebook at film buds and Instagram if you're desperate and kit and also yeah so feel free to send US questions comments in if you're a first time listener or if you've been listening all actually we do a review you can do that. I sure I never know how to get to it and if you don't know it if you're new we occasionally originally have started reading reviews by listeners like you on the show so please rate us on the show and you might have us read yeah Khloe Arthur J. Kind Intel who's it from dairy read that one that one sounds familiar yeah work kerm. Try pick the most recent one. I think there've been anyone's oh politically correct always allow lover not not. That's all you really need to know. It's really really really fracking good smiley face. fracking is the I don't we didn't you know but maybe maybe you is politically correct. Politically correct always around like freedom Kim Jong Auto corrected it to fracking yeah or maybe it's like different. That's no fracking dialects fracking and it got usurped by the bad people like a really dark. Never mind must be the native American. I wow you didn't know that I thought it was Indian East L. Shoe. Da Confused about the Indians whose politically recco because sleep from Douala isn't as bad. They're bad but thank you politically correct or politically correct also kick one just pick one more had one that went on there now. You not not that it's bad ads just little loves henry much again shoot one. That said they WANNA Henry to be the boyfriend. That was the one really really maybe the best boat those boy friend. Sorry what's their name. Hey girl what did work at the one I was reading Awro. I guess so you WanNa read that one and say okay you pick well. Sorry all right Mike so I'm sorry so sorry everybody struggling. Stay afloat so this one comes from the tonight show with me forty one two thousand two thousand so uh I'm like I said I'm struggling here girls. They say always reliably funny. Yeah listen pretty much every week. Khloe is incredibly charming the way you said it Khloe is I heard of always up to date with current topics and trends and her co host Henry. That's me there to be wonderfully out of tune the guy at the same wait for it. Wait for you to be the wonderfully out of soon guy who yet at the same time. I'm still somehow smarter than pretty much. Everyone else you meet sweet. Don't know how that works but I really enjoy the friends. They have on like Henry here of many different backgrounds and personalities are awesome awesome well bringing in fresh perspectives to wrap things up the film buds podcast is the one to beat for me on staying night nine show with me sure. Can maybe pick a random one. We'll tell you you've run out. Just let him read it. Okay Moise Twenty Times longer than it should uh-huh this very long okay from New York Sept writing. Maybe towards the bottom because we read a lot of most recent ones from the bottom now. We haven't done this eight times. Though it's true I've read this one. Khloe is my favorite concert ever enough said we may listener said Oh my that's that's the thing it's king with the Red Red Crown on God it. Can we missed that one bonus shows. I eat your produce before I it's Brooke. I love that that is so good. That's good Henry. It is good. I love your favorite podcast or ever so my thanks so much. Hey you gotTA in reply. Oh Yeah I got you. It's pretty tell me why making why do I have told me in person because there's a lot to talk about. You can't just say Oh. Here's this this matt that it's like. There's a fair amount of things I suppose to relay a wait. Oh wait. I WanNa read this one. Okay how I live and breathe from mother of cubs. Have you read because I saw that I'm in it and I got yeah. Well okay. It's phenomenal just to get that out there. It makes me laugh over and over and over again Khloe as the sweetest girl live or Henry Number one inside joke is undeniably charming. That's so cute bank. That was me I that's not part of their work. Thank you chloe seems the most self-aware when it comes to current encl- cultural issues and similar then Henry is super intelligent and sharp and also makes me Giggle a lot when he'll say things a certain way from certain such a sweet boy a doctor died. People love the ellipses on this your name your kids attic lift these fair team but I love him. Their guests are great as well Henry number two Jamie Jacobs. The random phone calls from people that they know like your relatives yeah Alot just trust me. It seems like a mess. It's one of the most genuine podcasts I've ever listen to say about. Me Seems like a mess people also tons and tons of content so you'll never get bored excell excell Excell Excell excell Asoka Asoka manningly jokes joke right another repeating what straight up show you what's with people are dead food. Do a craft reboot. Just do a sequel. My God still stole alive. I exists. She still put Henry Down to the classroom to do and then have a cameo. that'd be cool. I would love that Oh oh my goodness the Henry in it maybe we should have three of them. I kind of work who knew how so thanks for the reviews everybody and and again please rate us. You might get years read so and more and an email. I'll answer you in one way or the other he will. He's very reliable that way except for that unless he has to do with trains except for that one you let slip away. Oh Yeah how how on I'll tell you after the show so all right well yeah so the question. It's a shouldn't be too big of a question question but it's it's fun so from Greta in Milwaukee Yeah Greta you tell me where I was going to punch him in the face Action Camera Yeah Greta. You say you're from Milwaukee. Thank you girl. She says hi somebody's considering you are park. PODCASTERS podcasters also listened to many podcasts now if so how often slash how many also is there anything you appreciate the most just about doing film buds and Music Buds or something that you've learned. It's a bad ass show. Thanks for Reading Greta from thank you so much but we weren't ignore you yeah. No we were listening. I listen to get an Henry reminded me of when I listened to read into it because she actually started listening to it. I got a lot of people start listening to it and then he started how unfortunate I started not really enjoying listening to him. I feel like he doth changed a little bit yeah. I feel like earth that shoot what is it they shoot. Sorry sorry I feel like they've changed a little bit who refine line who we're talking about life draft madness I just don't find it as enjoyable who just came out today as HIV positive really you live your best life. Wow I had no idea my goodness live your best life indeed and no idea why I mean Dr on Earth. I know that Verna but now I have but obviously but just like that's just me personally. I prefer the earlier ones I guess trusting yeah but man I should maybe I should give show again true true true I been listening to like I've been telling you most perfect the empty their MPR podcast asked about like the supreme core amendments and everything. It's very betty interest punk rock punk Gra the first two seasons are where it's at third season like no shade is like Super Weird but I was so interesting about like housing but third season they made like the most perfect album. It's like songs songs back. It's just kind of lazy like they're really happy about it so I'm sure a lot of other people are nothing's perfect you know it would mean I love Jonathan Van Ness but not all the time. I love most perfect but season three down. This is different. I guess maybe maybe it's me but most perfect for sure like if give it a little listen yeah but but I don't really podcast I probably should but not I don't know either no now I know I only really listened to the one that inspired me to make this one so yeah. Let's it other than that. I am out and Henry. You're going to be a yeah podcast Mama soon sorry like he's going to help somebody else made by guests. Oh Yeah Oh yeah sure yeah what's his idea. I should say show I shouldn't say it yet. Take it anyway Khloe political and Henry do you listen to podcasts for the film Butts of course obviously of course listen into this unknown. I love it. You actually listen to actually been going back to the beginning the beginning you may do the bad sound around. I'm sorry I'm sorry that's okay. It's so unfortunately Omani like okay. bootlegs are illegal but also watch and listen. There's so many like old old old download the upper down to sell just on Salom you don't anyway I don't mind I've listened to where we ever so young Khloe talking on the phone. We literally never talked before the first this podcast they believe we went in the room in the movie theater here at the beginning of episode five is Khloe talking. Oh that's that's cool yeah. Oh my gosh yeah besides that not really there's that one true crime podcast at one got no listen that everybody at my school was listening to and so like I've overheard bits and pieces people playing class but it hit the one what is what is it my dear you. You know not serious my perfect murder whatever it's called look. I don't endorse any He's never ever more perfect because it's about the supreme court but that's different yeah. I like murder. No I mean there's some but not really my mom and I both don't like true crime and stresses I just I think there's something fundamentally erroneous about real people's lives actually as a form of entertainment I think of raw cure being entertained by people suffering the people that exist so yeah no I don't. I don't really listen to very many podcast murder podcast once once somebody makes a costume concern podcast do it do it do a no. You won't listen. You're from your let's do it allows you edited. 'cause you make it yeah well now. Is there anything on the second part of the question to to both of you. Is there anything having our little. Oh Baby Commerce anything that you've learned a while doing the show or that you appreciate the most about about doing the show. I appreciate our let me read it for you. Start a also she says also also also is there. Anything you appreciate the most about doing film buds and Music Buds or something you've learned yes yes. That's your answer. I really value I like had because again I referenced like when I as little I could fully delve into like movies and everything 'cause like you have time for it and stuff I have received at really drifted from that unlike because of this podcast I like see at Lisa like now I see a movie every week and that's so special and wonderful to be like especially because like an unhealthy part of my personality is like I have a reason for doing everything like an external reason for doing everything to like. Hey Watch it. That's okay. This is your reason. I'm kind of have a reason. It's like not very healthy though like but it's it's process to like. It's like angry birds to what's the reason for that. No I can talk about it on the show Henry you saw that from no reason I know but anyway that no no he liked. It was okay three out of five I gave the first one to two and a half. I take one more your second. One was slightly better ratify. Yeah I henry. What did I get most out of this our friendship completely we never would have known each other? That's not up one hundred or any of your friends. I guess I knew Jim but she and thanks to Jimmy. She introduced us so sweet. but that's I mean we're talking about ages ago but it's crazy that we've only known each other for two years. He has like feels like a lifetime is like way too long. You know yeah so that's definitely what in terms of stuff. We've learned gosh endless endless things and I've just learned how to cast also yeah yeah yeah all. This is so good question or Henry in the time that you've been on any anything that you've learned only listening. Yes you're sitting. I mean I think the main thing is just like different perspectives and because you know like if you only talk with people with like minded tastes mm-hmm but not always you know like sometimes we have like different Santoni like respect you know the other person's is true. Not Taste of that is not. I hope that made sense yet. No maybe perfect yeah no. I think you've just learning different viewpoints and was that the whole question or is it a big beautiful world podcast area ah too many just listen to this and many for us to get famous Ma'am although although I was famous okay people are loving the chapter episode. The downloads are through the roof. It's crazy it's getting I was like it was a good review. Oh thank you people love insure nopal I guess but as I know exactly what it is but and music buds is shooting up as well Tasso. Oh man so thanks Tha thank you for for downloading a what you've learned your favorite love love your favorite thing from the film button will will save them all for our one hundredth episode sure I've just decided inch hurry up on that one two weeks. That's like a paper fair fair enough missile they know about eggplants. They know the areas areas check out if you've listened to it yet check out the two year anniversary yeah but show that came out. I guess maybe a month and a half ago or so that has a compilation of some classic films Moments Yeah. You'll you'll be hooked for sure. That was a good time I might even go do that when we're done. You know my just go relive last two years so in the last two years. I'm sure it's great. I don't know I can hey. That's my thing I learned tasted for Migas. We have for Migas says Dr Dr. Lee's favorite thing I learned. You didn't know that no idea when I offers done I was like excuse land what no no because for the longest time and then it's like this whole family like actors now siblings and the love you're from. You can't wait for that Netflix documentary to come out about that. I want to know the tea well. Thanks for the Question Greta and if you've learned something to hear what people have just in case you want this okay. It came to my I I had a psychic moment that really want is okay. Grant from Milwaukee can't come to the phone right now. After the did a real beep missed it now. They're on her phone. W it'll be a will be okay can't have pasta. That's like me will probably we don't have a real beep on here so true. Thank you Henry. Welcome shoot. I'll just insert one power. We've never said that the magic of editing that in yeah yeah just the editing process is crazy. All you know so you should take a video of that now. so all right well again the film butts podcast. gmail.com is where you can reaches police in this stuff if been listening which obviously if you're listening to this you are so all right well. I guess we can end off with their picks of the week. I this might be a first for me. I have nothing I I did watch about fifteen minutes of the new help boy and it's Arbor yeah which I had seen already and it's still just okay so so I got when I watched the rest of it you know did he have the am six pack or not. He's big and I think it's fake could be that's what I heard is that it's like. They put it on could be on Edward Cullen. The first fifteen minutes all right now Hendra you've said before you Downton Abbey last night movie loved D- so good except there was one costume that they had for like maybe two seconds and they revived a one hundred year old costuming method for the people have been trying to figure out for one hundred years and it was only there for a little bit it's they made it in collaboration with the Fortuna State uh-huh and it's a method of pleading pleading fabric that is unparalleled. It's never been done before the nineteen twenty s or after and they figured out how how to do it for this movie and so for the first time in one hundred years it's Lau then tick Fortuna pleaded gown so yeah. I just feel like I was that I wasn't there for longer but see loved that I haven't been on here in a while so I loved the dark crystal right yeah because y'all have no great. I watch one day. It was so going on one day one day. Molly woke well. Actually no I started really really early because it came on at like three in the morning or something like midnight California. I watched like two episodes and then I went to sleep and then I woke up and then finished dame eh super good. I was excited for Carnival Roping actually ended up not liking it at all I like was not I'm like I was like sad to very much knobby decide. I was curious about so you would've liked it too I had hopes for it and it disappointed me and then also uncared del Delvin Delvin she spewing misinformation about corsets online saying only sell uncomfortable which like if course it's uncomfortable. It's not made your measurements. It's lace too tight which is historically inaccurate. It's a tight lacing fetish it wasn't done or are they didn't season it. It's like you wouldn't wear a brand new pair of Raves thon like you have to put it on and then wait for it to get acclimated to your body and so anyway anyway I just I like I'm GonNa die on this Hill Lily James Corset for Cinderella and she didn't complain about it because it was made to her measurements and it fit well may season that anyway so there's a lot of misinformation I interesting annoyed me that she started complaining about it because I'm like I missed that one yeah the love chapter two. I saw it that was we saw it again. We talked about that the museum yeah we saw it chapter and he's not again and it was bad or the second guy yeah crybaby scream at me. All Lucia and I want to see it again so please see to a trio. Can you move time chloe skip ad Astra and it it was great like I liked it more than the first meet him to you know I like the first well shoot shoot suit but the the only thing about that one that I have to say is I feel like they could have gone scarier are with pennywise and like digressing yeah and they feel like they held it back and stayed pretty you know same yeah pretty tame with his design and especially because the concept artists for the movie created some really awesome designs that I've seen online that I've just been loving and and like why didn't you go with like there's some where he has like a bunch of is like a spider lake anyway some creative things but it's a small complaint. Yeah so's my picks. I am sadly. Maybe I frankly yeah. I've just been working on the music buds website so busy. Oh I'm so excited for Gretel in Hansel with so feel Ellis Louis so excited for that one. I've been waiting like two years to see anything of that soon. Good stuff coming same yeah that's in mid October October eighteen hole get you back on for that. Uh going opening night cool so yeah. I guess that about does it. I should say been quite something I think so next week ad Astra for sure maybe do a retro review of Interstellar Interstellar again again. Had have we not dinner. We have inception. Oh Heck Yeah let's do it. Oh my God the the time has come so yeah well. I guess we'll do those two. You know I guess no real needs to eh discuss that. I guess that's what will do so you look look for that coming next week and don't forget about the music buds dot com and the new episode of that that's up. It was a great show superfund time and I'm glad people seem to be enjoying IT L. So as a shock to me means you to music yeah got it. Yeah like one of my least favorite words eclectic yeah opinion so I mean just it's quite higgledy-piggledy yeah check out all that stuff and and the film Buds Dot Com if you haven't been there yet that has all the information you can stream download download episodes. They're on the blog posts and donate as well check out photos of us. The two of us not just the two of us. Oh Yeah Oh yeah so you do. I was trying to fill the silence by doing creepy yeah yeah. Oh my God well. Henry is always been great to see a thanks for coming on and I'm glad everything you had a good time at D. Twenty three. He's it looked like a lot of fun. You'll was lurking thank. You felt amazing for like four hours I was in costume and then tentacle Suction in Cup started

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