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AP One Minute Headlines Jan 15 2019 15:00 (EST)


Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry, it's pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. No on Brexit. I'm Donahue with an AP news minute. The British parliament voted no on Prime Minister, Theresa May's plan to exit from the European Union is clear that the house does not support this deal. But tonight's vote tells us nothing about what it does support opposition leader. Jeremy Corbyn wants a no confidence vote results of tonight's vote is the greatest defeat for a government since the nineteen twenties in this house. This is a catastrophic defeat to this government plunges. The UK politics into crisis ten weeks before the country is due to leave the European Union. President Trump's attorney general nominee William Barr says before a Senate committee the president asked him about the leader of the Russian invest Russia investigation. Robert muller. Bob is a is a straight shooter and should be dealt with as such truth. And Trump is called the Russia investigation. A witch hunt Barr says he doesn't believe Muller would be involved in a witch. On the hearing is going on before before the Senate. I'm Ed Donahue. Time to own the out you've always wanted because until February twenty eighth you can enjoy the four with a complimentary style pack, saving you over four and a half thousand euro. So all you have to do is choose the color. Call into your local dealer during the one nine one sales event. Terms and conditions apply while stocks last.

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