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3032: Leaving Neverland w/ Carole Montgomery


Hey. What can the keep them a girl? I'm Keith Malley March eighth this week five PM Orlando time will be at the pod fest multimedia exp- now, what could that mean multimedia? I don't know. I'm gonna find out. We'll be doing a live show there. So come check it out at the Wyndham Orlando resort to get your tickets for free. Go to Keith mcgurn dot com slash Florida. Keith McGraw dot com slash Florida. So it is it is part of the expo, but you don't have to pay for the X. They're letting our people if you get on this list for free. So go to Keith. And the girl dot com slash Florida. Slot of fun. I'll be passing bath salts. We'll have a good time. You remember when we did the caq awards? We gave out a free lifetime VIP membership to one lucky listener. Yes, it was Archimedes screw and he's going back and listening to my name is Keith's where I get the guest drunk, and then yell questions that your questions at them. It's fun to see him comment on the form. That while he's binging yelich. He's doing old school. Like, here's finding to the old ones. He's looking at the one with Danny. And Andrea Angie, just said oh God. Well, he referenced God he wrote Jesus Christ. That's his whole comment. A. Casey, James Selangor, who's a big drinker you, bro. Casey, holy shit. What is show? Definitely binging mica. Fox was a two parter episodes called the FOX the other one the hound for the FOX he rates, Mike Kaplan, and Mike dated the Faulk, this is blowing my mind allow really? So it's all there in your VIP program, including every show we've ever done over three thousand episodes going back to the beginning of March two thousand five all right? There's a whole new show for you. Ladies and gentlemen, creator of the hit show. Funny. Women of a certain age, I could tell when someone's going to be hit featured on politically incorrect with Bill Maher written for the Huffington Post preaching on Showtime, Oprah MTV lifetime, Carol Montgomery. Hello. Hello, carol. How are you? I'm good. Thank you, a funny. Women of surnames will this be on Showtime. Yes. It's very much twenty third. This is exciting. It's exciting. How old is the woman have to be a certain age fifty okay fifty up and you have fringe wrestle. The on the now in Coppola's Janine Garoppolo. Yeah. When the Liman we have a lot of people pretty excited aren't really and nothing better than supporting women. That's what I said. Sorry. That's what I say. You do say that I won't even get on a bus if a man's drive. That is really great of you. Appreciate that all women crucial to get the win. It tight of not being able to get into the bus industry. Yeah. Yeah. You're a great person. And you've been performing for the troops. Not once not twice eleven times. And by that. I mean, she goes overseas. I don't mean just harasses people walk in New York City that have uniform on she goes over there. Do you see eleven times eleven how many years does this go back? We started in two thousand ten do you is there? This could beat them question. But is there any difference in the soldiers attitude is there, I don't know the state of war, whoever the president is is anything. Different. I have not been there since with the new president has been elected. So I can't really say I was there. I think when I would was at. But no, I think I'm two thousand ten who was president two thousand those. No one knows. Okay. But the crowds are people. I have friends who've gone oversea since the new president's Obon. Oh was thank you the answer later. They don't care. I was in the military. I didn't think anything about what's Clinton's policy. Just your job. Did you job? So but the best audiences in the world any tell you that because they're doing their job. But like our job is to left right now. Commander told us to laugh at the next forty five minutes says of dying very low today this show. Oh, the comedy. That means they're not gonna bomb here. Yes. You know? One of our bunch of heroes. The comedians really are forgoing their. Yes, is there is there like, you know, the nicest crowds, but in the back of your mind somebody there could have had the friend die that morning fresh early. We did a show the first the first time we went out that we were in Iraq. And the rec center that we were in had been hit by an ID like the week before. So an couple of people. It was actually some of the people that work there because they allowed people don't know this. But when the military base is usually hire the locals to work there. So it was a couple of local people that were running away from the explosion. And they got hit which I didn't know that you know, that you're if if if that happens if you're ever in a situation where there's a bomb you don't run you you go into a ball. So this way, they the shrapnel doesn't catch. You know, what I heard what you you get bigger than the ball, really like your giant bomb? Wow. You don't look at in the I don't look at it. And yeah. Take that bomb on don't you just go come on motherfucker, come at me. I just try to scare it. That's very good. I quickly turn it around. Nice. I mean, you were in the army, you know, it's hard to pay attention. But all these facts, you know, what do I do with a bear? What do I do with this Chartres with the bomb? Lot of information comes in those two months when another com we did it outside joing the war. It was the same was the same tour. And I was like so good commander says to me. So listen, you see these bunkers if something happens if you hear sirens run to the bunker, and I couldn't I just like, you know, hit the floor. He goes you won't have enough time. And I was like I need to go home. Now. I don't want to stay here ever. Think of like, hey, guys feels like it's going to rain. Let's go inside. That's a great idea. Let me mention this sponsor in this might help out the military Brooklyn and sheets. 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What's most families to? Yes. You live with your mother in law. Now talking about women of a certain age. We know you're over fifty. I'm sixty you're over sixty. I'll be sixty one you'll be sixty one. I look good though. And you have your you, look amazing. It's it's a lot of semen chart for me to focus. Yes. He what I meant by thirty. So German law is in the room over does. She have some kind of health issue or. Yes, she does. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, can I ask what it always the excuse though? I don't know. Like, I've heard this before she she's had a bunch of strokes. And okay. So she's a little does that put a damper on the relationship on. You mean the sex on anything on watching TV? Honestly, anything she comes in and out whenever she wants. You know, what I mean that we had to put a lock on the door. Finally, does she does she opened? My my mom. I know you're going to say when I was visiting my brother, it's not even her house. But she knows I'm her kids. She knows what room I meant. And she just opens the door was my forehead because she's religious doing anything. Right. That my mother-in-law knocks. She she knocks. But as she's knocking she's opening are, so yes, the same thing. Hence, the reason why we have a lock on the door. And that's what she does. She say like, you don't need a law. No, no. She doesn't realize that. We did that. My father doesn't know this. But he walked in on me masturbating last time, I visited. Oh, you under the sheets. I was but linen sheets. Callback. Very nice pro. You say something you said later. It's amazing. How that word? Yeah. I think he noted that they don't usually do that. They don't usually just walk in because they think they understand we would never walk into our parents room, we want or not. And if nobody answered we'd walk away, there is no like, I know you're in there or you up like, no. So yeah, it was in. I was in their place in Israel. He just opens the door, and I work with vibrator, folks. So anna. No because he's he soon as the open door. He was like. Oh, right. Why my walking in here? And I was like, I don't know if that's why am I walking in here? She's obviously masturbating or why am I walking in here? She's an adult a noisy vibrator, which vibrators not noisy. Well, when do you not here? Right. Okay. I mean, you know, Israel, there's not like this a threat of bombing. But I was so that was going to say he could've thought it was a bomb. Yeah. My dad would have walked around to hear that. Oh my God. Behind the dresser. My mother walked in on us while we were conceiving my son. Lest it in a very weird way. While will. And she's talking us while we were we were doing it side by side. So she just talking like you want bagels. Tamara should I get what he wants what kind of cream cheese? You wanna? Yeah. And that was the and save my son. That's all you can't get rid of them. Yourself twenty seven twenty eight does he live with you? He used to he used to acting like it's years. How has it been a year? No e- moved out in October. He's been in and out of the house like three or four times. He's a musician. Yes. He explained you. Gotta stop calling the house. It's your house. Yeah. In and out of some person. Yeah. He he's been that long. When he does the out. Do you take the keys back? No. I'm a Jewish mother. I would I would it was up to me. He'd stay there for the rest of his life. You'd like I love him. Does enabler mean Jewish mother does? I am totally Jewish. My love him. She says I love what about my baby. Do you hear that? If her son is listening to hear that that is how grown woman is describing you. Okay. That's and that's what you girl friend. Here's K. Do you worry you're doing him a disservice by along him to come back to the house that we saw while he still has all of his shit there? You know? I mean service is that is that and they blame him. No. It's just his girlfriend said when she was over when when they would let us he live now he lives in Brooklyn where in flatbush in his girlfriend's. No, no, no, they got it together. So they moved at like he moved into her. No, he got his, you know, they did it together. But when I when adults and then, and then she says, she was at the apartment, and I said all of this is yours, and she goes. Oh, no. It's not right. She said, he's not taking all that shit. Dating somebody. Now, she is three kids is so in the future when we're living together. I don't know how I'm gonna say, no, we can't hold all their stuff. They have to say, no. We don't need those kids. Oh, Honey, they just grab they hold onto everything. And he he's a reader. So I should be happy that he reads, but he has so many books should be happy that he read those reuse seven, you know, when you should be happy that he reads when he's three. Yes. Yes. Should be happy that he is a brain. Yes. I should be happy about your husband loves video games. Does does do you look at it odd? Like, I've had girlfriends are looking me on that. I play video. Yeah. Meanwhile, to me, it's a it's a movie that you're if anything, you're more active. It's a movie that you're controlling push. Let me have you forty four. Okay. My husband is going to be sixty this year. He should put down the fucking GameBoy. Okay. What's the difference between Keith in your husband was dump don't the this? They're the same person except he's younger. He doesn't fly. Why doesn't have a hernia? Like my husband. Okay. So why is it video game wrong seem childish, but not a dumb movie, but you can see them moving. Go just in the mode, and you could be eighty but the video games too for my husband. He when he's playing his games. He's usually playing the switch before we go to bed. Okay. I don't see that is kind of like a GameBoy. Yeah. He has a GameBoy to Roka. He has every Pok Mon have call. He's caught them. All I don't bring. I don't bring an XBox the bed might be the definitely yeah. Exactly. Exactly way too. You're not saying that you mind his game playing you mind, his not playing you. Oh, no, no, no. He plays me too. But it's you know, it's when you go to sleep at night, some people read some people watch TV, that's all he does is play on this game. Until he falls asleep and the stupid music is playing whatever the polka music Nelson. Do you guys have a chance to have sex whenever she leaves the house? It's one of those like quick. How old she my mother eighty two. Why should live in LA? She going. She said. Hip replace- locker in the room. She goes out every morning, and she lets us know this at every day, she comes into our room. And goes I'm going to get called. Don't wanna get coffee because wanna do a little cream, right? She gives us that moment with. So we can you know, and we've been together for forty years. So it's not like it takes forever. It's pretty much. Nice. Very nice nice to not take forever. Why are you taking forever over there? We have to do she's going to be back with the coffee and the time how long do they get for Coffey, twenty minutes twenty thirty minutes. You know, we could probably due to three tops. Crafts. In your stand up. I was hearing guess you said, you know, you don't wanna work anymore. You're getting of a certain age you're thinking about being a Hooker. So you can lay on the back the rest of your life. Yes. No. I assume you're joking. But I was I was talking to a friend of mine in in choosing. But she was saying he, you know, what I think I wanna be a Hooker. I think I'm really going to do it. And I'm and I said, okay. Are you worried about violence in this? And I know it's like who who doesn't think this. But she thinks it especially, and I know that because I know it worried about the violence or guys being into her too quickly right now being to Lichi. And so I said, well, what are you worried about violence? And she said, I'm not gonna have guys that would be violent. I'd be very picky. Like, okay. Okay. He like, she has a consent form here Phillies out. No, if I get a bad vibe, I'll say no, well, all of a sudden your heads through a window. What do you mean? Yeah. I wouldn't be with those gusts. Okay. Okay. Very good. Yeah. She Mobley shouldn't be go. Get them. See I could be a Hooker. Capable anytime. You throw an idea. He tries to work it out with have you thought of the things that you told me you started thinking about, but then stop thinking about and then and then they go. Well, I did think about it. And I decided to stick my head in the sand. And he goes, okay. Very good. You could play dumb your problem solver, or I know when the let it go. Okay, you're doing the trick. I'm watching David Copperfield now. Okay. I wouldn't I wouldn't have violent. Oh, you wouldn't have violent guys because every guest I knows been on here who said that kind of lifestyle. Wendy, Starling Caitlin Bailey. They happen to one out of it. That's interesting. But okay, you won't have any problems you're actually more shy than them. But you won't have any problems. Okay. I have to tell us otas is somebody who is made. Now, we on the hood just the front though, I would all the close friends that Keith rose. Amazing. He has friends at this. But it's weird who knows but. Friendly anarchy. Whatever their bullshit was Mike was saying. It's at one p somebody includes me and soften a sort of realize when you're just supposed say on sounds good. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You know, they don't really want conversation. I'd be a good Hooker. Yes. You would. Yes. Yes. But you don't do too much because you'll die. Yeah. See end of it. Yeah. They don't want real comps you'd be you'd be the Heidi Fleiss without the trouble. You know, how it worked out for everybody? Worked out and they had such a good grin about it. Like, you right now, everyone who goes into into the sex industry goes, you know, what today's the day. I finally live my dream. Now, I understand people listening to this. Some people are very fine in this, and blah, blah, blah. But generally, the industry's fucked up your very fucked up. I used to work in burlesque shows in Vegas. So I've been around the adult people less the adult entertainment pits like that's like a strip club of boring, right? It's a production show. 'cause I know what helps when when someone like the boring you actually, it's more boring than you think. I don't get off. But I've glitter all over me. Tad is boring. That's exactly what the production shows all these naked women. And then I come out and do stand up. Totally fucking ruined. The vibe I actually really liked burlesque more than stripping because I like the story behind the porn. Yeah. Yeah. And I like the the story is you had a lot of close. Put some store, by the way, they repeatedly stories a lot of notice. So the story is chair usually story has a chair. The. Now, it's exciting. Everybody's you know, you see all these channels on TV. I don't watch affable. Everybody's different. Good for them. Okay. There. It's like it's like you can't like anything. I like video games. I play wargames allot. That's the thing. I shoot and kill people. So I can understand. I'd be able to relate and entertain the troops. Because I think I know what they're going through. You know, like I would talk about strategy like, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Because they want to hear that. Want to hear that? From you civilian in great. We'd share tips. I'd be like what I do. I don't know where the enemy is right. Run out into the middle of the battlefield. And when they shoot me run back real quick. And I know what direction to go in. And then they'd be like, oh, well, we do is not that none of them. We can compare you know, and then I'd be like, what do you guys do when you get hurt when I get hurt. I hide behind a rocket breathe real heavy. And then I feel better. And then I keep fighting. What are you guys doing? They probably use, you know, some kind of appendi-. But then, you know, we compare it. That's all I don't know if you'd last out there, you'd probably do pretty good first of all completed everywhere. Game of every place you go. God worse. I don't like is when you play these games, and I'm bad at at bedded, physical directions, north south east and the other one, and I'll in these games, I get lost to and sometimes I really don't know where I'm supposed to go. And then sometimes you have the computers playing characters on your team the Bill Sards come on. That's gone. I just want to strangle them like asshole. I've been saving the fucking world every game. You do some this is real war. You would just keep yelling at me. Yeah. Somewhere. And I would get tips from the real soul. What do I do when I say always you play war games on your computer? Okay. On the XBox on the so I get what they're going through because because they make these games real where it's like, oh, I like this character. And then they kill the character. Then you get sat in real life. I get it. Do you cry cry? I'm not a fruitcake, but it, and I know I have to go back a war require. But I go. We bringing back fruitcake. I'm hoping. I'm not dense as what I meant. Oh, you meant like, homophobic. None you meant food cake. Like, the actual food. I'm like, he's not a fruitcake. What he the thing that nobody wants a Christmas. But everyone keeps bringing. Yes. Keith right there. Oh, okay. Okay. I'm so sorry. You're more of a marble loaf? Name. Thank you. Thank you. Everybody enjoys a piece. That's right. Have you ever thought for even for a little bit? I you know, what I will be Hooker. Sure. Yeah. It's great money, and I wouldn't do much right? I think they have to go. Can I tell you a story? Okay. So I call it a blowjob. It's true. I wouldn't give blowjobs blow funds. Blow equal unemployment. I was it's a long story. I won't get into it. But I was meet him. It was a TV show that was on. And it was with porn stars. And we were having a discussion. I asked them. I said we'll watch the retirement age for porn like figuring like by probably thirty five. And they all looked at me and went Oni. There's there's room for you. There's there's a king for everybody. So I think I could do really well as Hooker. Right. It's just a shame. When you're told you're kink. There's a king everybody become. Sixty year old flabby woman. That's some guys is beaten off to that. That's nice. I mentioned something if you wanna do less, you know, in your life. Roth e shoes as these are shoes that first of all they're made from recycled water bottle. So you're saving the planet. Wow. Leaving a carbon footprint tonight tried that. 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Free shipping and free returns and exchanges on your off these shoe and trust me, you won't return them. So they don't mind doing that. Right to do a scam. Once I got route these shoes I said, I wanna return these I sent back to Poland spring bottles. They were onto that though. A Rossi's dot com. ROTC H Y Esto comments or k t g to get your new favourite flats and free shipping. It's a no brainer. She's that a comfortable stylish, sustainable and free shipping. Get yourself appear today. Roth these dot com promo Katie get this deal while they last. I'm reading this. I mean, you've been married forty years. Right. Pretty much. Okay. There's a woman twenty-seven she found out her new husband has a micro penis after they got married. They never had sex. Okay. And so she went on read it and says, what do you guys think is he was he trying to bamboozling and these Reda's start thinking about Iraq? Did did he deliberately try to lie to you and trick you to not have sex to the minted cetera. The guy found it and now threatening to sue her from basing him. But did she say his name? No. So fuck off exactly a female ready user shared her story on the site asking him, she was justified in feeling deceived. The now husband is thirty two. She was twenty seven. I mean, even save she used his name fuck off. Are they still married? They were they're married right now. Yes, he's threatening to sue his wife. Yes. So he's an asshole. It was that in the house. I promise never sue you. I can't imagine why you would sue your husband. They were wife never still human beings there with each other a year before they are married waited to have sex, right. The husband wanted to wait claiming he was quote, old fashioned. But she discovered after the wedding that his penises avowed, quote, an inch and a quarter long. She wrote that she felt the seved and her story earned international tension now he is threatening to leave and sue her for defamation of character. Get both wrong. First of all. Yes. He did that on purpose. Absolutely. Sent in. You wanted to believe the lie. You know, why are you waiting until marriage? What is your reason? But I don't wanna know what sex is like with him until you're married now, you know, what Sex's life with him when you're married you said you wanted to stay no matter what. Because sex is not important, and everyone told you sex is important because you might not vibe snows penises too small, but you can't say anything that's not a vibe. We'll guess what it's vibe, and you're putting it out there. But on read it instead of with him, so sex is not important. Okay. I don't know how to my kids you had sex. Right. You know, like I'd like to ask you married. Okay. You did have sex. No don't lie. Yes. The right answer. Let's see her husband found out, even though he it would be difficult for anybody to figure out who he was he's now threatening sue her for defamation of character. If it's it's an internet quarter. Then that's what it is. Mation? What are you? I mean, did they would they intimate? It all like if you're making out with a guy, and you're on, you know, you you you would feel does it get bigger. Or is that what it is? When it's hard. I mean, that's what it is hard. Oh, but also if she if she put her hand down this. She would know right know what I'm saying. So so there's no way the answer to your question is yes, she felt him down there and just expected him to grow after marriage. You know it, but she did maybe she's knitted dated six months. We've been engaged for another six and just got married on Saturday. I literally just got back from honeymoon a couple hours ago. Yeah. You just wanted to get married. I don't know how to tell you. This husband isn't a religious guy. He just says he's quote, old fashioned. Like that good morning. We got close to what do you do when you do have? Let's say, and I do think he tried to trigger. Let's say that's what he did. Does he take his pants off and go get chill? Let's work with and she starts crying. He's like sorry, baby. This is the way it is. Yeah. I think so we got close to little by the way, I think. They can be happily married. I think they can have great sec. Oh, absolutely. They're both not taking responsibility for anything. So they're just gonna die. Like, it's not gonna matter off to both of you. There's not I mean, there's other things you can do without a dick. So they the I don't know what your dick is like until I get to say something you don't get to say anything. Right. I mean, you do God bless and fucking break up and do whatever the fuck you want. It's funny that he threatens divorce Ono that would teach me a realistic. We got close to fooling around a couple of times. But it never went far. I try but he always stopped after it went too far anyway fast forward to now housing. She cried herself to sleep. Then when he's like, no, no, no, you're you're the lust of my life. But now he because we were taught that that's romantic we were taught that's respectful we were taught that we're better than other people because we're not selling the cow before whatever the fuck with milk. Am I am I the ASO for reading into this and being upset that I weighed into my wedding night? The find out that he is old isn't as old fashioned as he says he is I'm not going to shame him. Honestly, I don't even know how I broached the topic. You're I honestly just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and went to town on him. But I don't know you want the town. How could you go to town? Someone's fell to St. with them. What town go to town? What you do? Take the town and the suburb into your mouth. Yes. To like a half truth or something. Well, I don't even think a into quarters half truth or something was intentionally withheld from me, this was unexpected to say the least. And if you read this far, thanks for your time. You're welcome. It's not that he was trying to the it's it's just he didn't want the rejection of whatever was in his pants that. He obviously got rejected by whatever that is whatever it is. He didn't wanna be rejected until they were married, and she didn't want to know. Yeah. But okay, whatever just get divorced less than learn. How is this? It's one year who gives a shit I wouldn't have gone on. Right. It. I would have just gone and said, I'm getting divorce. This is so sweet like she really loves him. How? Yeah. She went to. She was trying. She was like, you know, if if he says that this sex is like what you're bringing to me, I'm gonna try, but you know, he might have been more shy than she realizes. Because if he's hiding that deep he still hiding on your honeymoon. While you're trying you're going on ready. You're trying to find information on how could this work? And then he starts suing you he has friends now Andrea's Andrews making a face. But I think she likes. She went to town on it. She's learning how to do it. If you care you're going on read it if you don't care, you just blow up your life, and that's fine to blow it up. He he has friends. It's worth hundred friends, isn't it like you'd think some cares about his dick? I'd be friends with the guy with the small thing. What do you? No. I mean, this guy friend says he talked to them. Nice talk. I mean, more and more learning you guys really faithful you really talk about your penis. I yeah, that's question. Keith answer when everyone goes. Yeah. Mine's still could alone. But it's took you can go no minds of micro. Hey, guys. And everyone goes home. He's fingering quiet right now, we do not talk about his penis in the is nothing to worry about. Okay. Andrea. I have not seen. He's pinas. And theoretically Keith has a lot of confidence. So I'll fill in the gaps there. But I don't know if this woman, I don't you're painting her like she's just going on read it to do research because she loves him. No. She's like she's kind of making a mockery of him on the internet a little bit. If she yes, I agree. Because you you you can figure out who she is in the new can figure out who he is. I'm not saying like, he's dishonest. But he if this is the thing he's most self conscious about which is a huge fucking thing. For guys this whole dick thing is they're murdering people over their problems there Dicks the near going online to a hugely popular website. Haven't we spoken about people's deprive five Leo on podcasts? Who who you mean us all of that on the word document? We haven't talked about like this guy came to fast this guy socks, and we're like, yeah. But there's no way for anyone to find out who those people are in the way that we speak about them. Don't even though the prostitution. I'm talking about end. We don't we don't say anything. I mean, I know. Yeah. Thanks. We don't we don't do it in a way. I at least your guys is policy. I feel I can I by extension. Mine has been like unless someone is a a predator or someone who's done like damage needs to be called out publicly for for what they do. I don't ever name someone. No, also. But I also definitely how how would people know? But I definitely say like this is this is some fucked up shit. That's that happened. Yeah. And then get people's response. Right. But I'm not that careful as normal human being. I think I think the online community is this is my only way of not talking to my friends about it who have to look in the face and. This is the way to not to like go on the side. Because what are you supposed to do? You just supposed to hold that in when now. Now gonna go talk to people about it because you people can ease. I mean, I don't I'm not sure they ever on Reddit. I'm yeah. I'm not sure the anonymity of read it. But I don't think that it is. I think you could easily find out who she is in them by extension who he is. So that's my problem with it is that like, you it seems like she's kind of an it doesn't seem like she is talking him doesn't seem like she's I didn't even read. He he talks either totally know, it's they're all it's fucked up all over the board. But like it's just like we have were. So I can't believe I'm saying this. But here we go. We're so we are so quick to defend women. When people talk about their bodies in public. We are like that's disgusting. You shouldn't judge. But then this woman is going online and talking about probably the most embarrassing thing in this man's life. And then for research you not doing research she's being shameful about him. And I don't know how easily find out who is you don't think maybe we are just automatically shaming him for have a it's fine to know that somebody has an internet does not should not affect obviously like insure. But what world do you live in though, I agree with you? But what world do we live and much of worth? What if my wife did surprise me and she only has one boob, and you can like live with a wife that has one boob. I just didn't know that until we were married and now I don't know how to navigate it then you can go on these online. Forums of people who are married with one boob. But they don't know what read it is. Like, though, have you been on read it before are you? I wouldn't even go near read. It's a fucking shit storm. Get rolling, and it's not it's not like this is not her going to a go to our slash micro pain. Yeah. At like. Do we know what she said? Because I think I think then that's the deciding what I was reading am. I an asshole I don't even know how to broach the subject, I feel lied to a half truth. I don't this sounds like a need help give a war. Would you? Go to read. It you go to anything people. Yeah. Good idea. I feel like that. So I feel like if the reverse of the story was like. You know at a small Clint yet, or I don't I don't know what the equivalent at my the thing is like. We have play. We talk about toxic masculinity a lot and a huge part of it is that so much pressure is put on men to perform well sexually. That's why they freak out when they can't like rape people. You know what I mean? It's all there's this is the area in which they're the most sensitive, and that's why he's lying about. And I agree a small peanut fucking eat me. Oh, we'll find out. What like I agree with that? That's like we would be coddling him like she can't say it because it's going to be to embarrass for him. And I think that's the right agreed in theory in practice in the world that we live in and the way that like masculine as if we end up for selves than it's in the world that we live in. Why can't we hide it for them? Like, it's a lot of hiding for men. It's a lot of she doesn't get this speak. Right. It's not it's it'll get to us. And then we won't like him. But if this was words from a man, I wouldn't be like what the fuck if he was like I can't get her off because I hate her. Clint I hate it. A hate touching it. I hate getting near. With my mouth, a hate it. But I don't know what to do about it it. I didn't know this before. What do I do? I wouldn't be like he's trying to shame. He hates it. It's just the way. It is is she I don't know if she's saying that she hates it. I think she's wondering if she should I think I think it just feels betrayed somebody been, you know, like, that's a betrayal that he didn't go only, you know, we've been together with a by the way, my dig is only in you know, like I think that she feels like I should have said that to her because she can't consent into being a relationship with someone like that. He's taking away her ability to say, right? Yes. Or no to that. Ryan she's equally responsible yet. But but he's he's using. He's he's manipulating it to be that. Well, sure, she's using a romance a blob, he's Aligarh, but it, but but I don't think that this was her being like I love him so much. I wanna make it work. It was her being like is this guy a liar? But but that's. Question you. But that's a question. You had. I don't know because it's about his body and a very personal thing. I think it's inappropriate to ask that of the internet in a way that I don't think so not tell you why. When I first went to alanon. I was I was saying in that room in front of strangers and fun of people who can Google my name because I say the word, I'm not hiding so it's and I'm talking about something that I can't tell my friends and my family right because it could shame the people that are around me, but I need to let this out. But it was out read. It's not us to say space. I read it is not an anonymous room. Why is he not safe right now? What is what is not safe about his life? Because she's now this is in the news. You can eat this guy. We're talking about it. This is thing. Yeah. This is something that gives them a deep. Shame which I agree it shouldn't. But now everyone gets to laugh at him because she had to talk about it on read it. But when you my thing was her intention was not. Shame him I- intention was to show him. My. That's my going. Yeah. Everything else. I think we totally agree with. Yeah. It didn't the I was going to say the lyrics. The wording did not sound chaiman to me though. The wording was like is this guy a liar and not Chaim? That's me going. I have to second. Guess my religious guy a liar malicious internet community filled with Neo Nazis and in cells on went on Reddit. That's my on my podcast knowing that let's say my ex husband acknowledging that there's different. There is such a huge difference. Your podcast is known for being a progressive safe place. You guys have a community of people that are very open, and and you do withhold things. They're stink. You like when you had your break up initially. You was held things for your own health. You also were like, you know, you are very mindful. This is not mindful. This was this. Our our after the honeymoon part. Yeah. She literally run. Yeah. That's true. Yeah. That's irresponsible. I don't I don't see the timing being anything. I think that if you think you were bamboozled, and you have enough of of of something in you to tell anyone spaces where you can talk to people. Yes. Her about spaces Yasser withholding and saying things a little bit nicer, but you know, what fucking day, but why it on rent though book because what precedent does that set? Does that set? She's looking for some nice two inch thick like like, I have a problem with my relationship XYZ like this person is HIV positive, and blah, blah, blah. And they didn't tell me again fucked up situation. But now, you're releasing this person's private sexual information. Like what precedent does that set? And I like a really old person here for a moment is this is the problem with the internet because if this was something forty years ago, you either would've went to your priest or your, you know, don't do that three. But you know, what I'm saying like, you wouldn't have gone and just know able use. And that's a good thing. Like, you would have gone to the priest. Let that's good. You would have had to options and one of them is potentially raping the children in your community. One of them is your only option because. A great one is not a adviser them. I but also going back in time is not a good idea going back in time and going remember when we didn't have choices. And now we're learning how to make new choices. But that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying? Is that back in the problem with the internet in general is that everyone just thinks out put that out there? And they don't realize how how how far reaching being the internet is not that we should keep our. Problems quiet, but they were other ways to deal with it. I just don't think going on Reddit of all places was a smart idea for the show. She's twenty seven years old. Why don't you just fucking post pictures of this small dick on Instagram and just get it over with look, I married this guy, you that's really the equivalent. I do. Yeah. I do too. I just think that that she might as well just put it all over the social media to me read. It is we talk so openly about things people telling you at some point in your life. Why are you getting on stage and talking about your marriage when that should be private well that okay? But there's a huge difference. There's a huge range between everything should be private and saying my tiny. Dick husband is a liar on read it, right? There's a range. I think there's absolutely rain might have found our poll for today. But also, but talking about what you're saying about what about me as a woman. I started in the late seven. Eighties. So I was one of the few. There were not a lot of women on stage. I was told that every fucking day of my life. You're the first person to talk into microphone. People like what I didn't do that. But you put they would say that they would say you were woman you shouldn't be talking about sex. You shouldn't be talking about your husband. But you know, what I went fuck you. And I kept doing in forty years later. You know, I'm doing it. Remember back then when we only had two people to talk to one of them was not a Mike with you holding it wasn't. So we can't just go. Like, remember when things better. They just say that the I'm not saying that they were better. It's just the ring with you. Sorry continue. No. Thank you for taking. I'm just saying that that was there is there's a problem when people look she's twenty seven and she decided she's gonna let fucking read it of all places. She's going to talk about that. Like, I said to me that's money. You just fucking posts the dick on on Instagram than to me that there's a problem with people of this generation. They just think my whole life is public. So let me just talk about everything, and there are certain things like as much as I talk about sex and everything I talk about on states. This just there's things people don't know. And it's always amazing because people always like, wow, big is your how big is my. He's a nice a nice seven inches. All right. Very good. Well, I think it's I think like, and we we operate in this new area. I mean, you guys were the pioneers, a podcasting a lot of ways in using your personal life as a form of entertainment. And like, I think this is a brand and brand new area, and it continues to be more and more popular we have stars at our famous to rinse to grab. Like your own life as a way to generate content is a new form of entertainment right now. And so we're still deciding like what what what like places it damaging like I've done podcast fresh out of breakup, and I've been really fucked up during them and afterwards been like shit. I shouldn't have done that. Because I wasn't stable enough to be talking about that. And I said things that out of anger that I I wish I wasn't recorded. You know, I think that like in this world where? Being connect being so connected. Is I think there's a great part of that. I think that's huge obviously believe in that in a huge way. But there are downsides of like anything else, and you can accidents or not be in the right, mental space and expose some like damning information about people like in a world where people are are hurt about in specially sexual information sexual information, people get like pretty fucked up about it. So I just don't I I do think we should be open. You know what I mean? Like, I love Kevin Allison story at re you know, what I'm not anti this. I'm not saying don't say anything. But this this is so irresponsible. There are ways to be responsible with people's personal information that she think anybody's going to say, no, maybe he just didn't think to tell you. Good luck. Yeah. No. It doesn't matter. I think she just wanted to it. And she can't say to anyone that she knows. So also as far as personal stuff in private. We talk about the fact that I talk about all this stuff, you know, with my family. But I remember one time when my when we were living in Vegas, and I think my son was in junior high, and for some reason because I was in the PTA they there was some kind of show they all came out to see me at this. You know? Sorry and. I purposely didn't talk about my son because I knew it would mortified him to have his friends know what I talk about. I waited to do it on television to talk about him and his his sexual stuff. But so so I there is a when I did the Showtime special. I was going to do all the stuff about him. And I thought you know, what let me not really just put that out there. You know, he was there with his girlfriend. There was all these people. I thought I'm not going to people. I've talked about them all the time in the club's. But you know, there's see your son writing something on social media and be like, hey, calm down. This is he he he will literally times when I have said stuff to him. And then t tweets it. I'm like okay, sternly material. All right. Thank you. Thank you, by the way. Maybe this wasn't the point. But I'm reading that George Pell. He was the third most senior Catholic in the world. He's the Vatican treasurer he was convicted of five charges of kids. Wow. That's when like you hope this should is chewing goes the hell. Please go where you believed in what's left to say. What is the most important person? You're telling me the pope is no idea come on. He knows. Of course, he knows what happens in the Catholic church now, like do they just put ten it? Doesn't happen still. Yeah. Yeah. There's so many people. I know the reason I was mentioning the whole thing about going to the because when I grew up I grew up in Brooklyn Benson her. So I was surrounded by a talian. And we'd all you know. That's what they did. We go have, you know, they'd go to church, we go have family dinner. I'm not a talion, I'm Jewish. But I was around it rather have somebody described my vagina unread it in detail, then live the life. You just said. I was sixteen seventeen. I grew up clearly left it too. Yeah. Absolutely. I yeah. You know? But but it is interesting. And I have good friends that are Catholics. Now. That's still a lot. You know? Well, you know, it's like the way they talk about Trump. You know, he's he tells it like it is you go that documentaries coming out about Michael Jackson, leaving the never land. And it was it was it got to standing ovation at a film festival. But also so disturbing that people walked out, and it's the it's two mainly two of the kids that are now Dulce that are saying in detail what happened even though years ago during the Michael Jackson trial. They didn't they weren't ready to say anything and they said Michael Jackson was innocent. Now, there's eleven adults more that's coming through saying. Michael Jackson thoughts stories that are early similar the same way that, you know, kids at the head the Jesus juice giving kids wine story when. These kids aren't related in any way. And they all have relatable story, you know, something's up so through even though I don't know how they're going what they're doing scientifically. But they're talking about existing Michael Jackson's dead body for some clothes. I don't know how how would I don't know he still dead stand for a long time. They just had something on. There's one of these. I don't know which network it is always doing like, you know. Those type of stores where they talk about the last days of so and so so this was the last days of Michael Jackson than how he died and all that stuff. And it's just so I mean, he was so pumped up with drugs. You know, his body's probably still perfect. He he died in two thousand nine to him sold ten years almost an years ago. Yeah. The divers say did the the kids. The now adults talk about how they feel about his death or. I didn't see the documentary. I understand it's about to come out. Maybe even tonight is the first part. It's for the movie was four hours long at this film festival. Maybe people are walking out to p maybe. I'm still in. I mean. You know, what I mean support for the movie, but not for the content back in nineteen Ninety-two Jackson developed a relationship with a twelve year old Jackson Lipton. Right. A lot of hardware. What's what you once? You're in adult you developed a relationship with a twelve year old you're under arrest. Good to know best cases, you're fucked. What are the ever try to talk to a twelve year old your mom thirty? It's right. Oh, yeah. Tell me something's going on Jackson invited him and his family to travel with him during his dangerous. Tour Rolling Stone reported the boy had sleepovers with Jackson the child's father claimed his son at privately told him that he had been repeatedly molested by Jackson and ninety three. The boy was the first known reported allegation. He told us psychiatrist with Jackson did to him including cuddling and open mouth kissing videotapes received from were cease from Jackson's condo those were reported to be pornography. But not enough evidence to incriminate him. But with all that he still paid the boy twenty three million dollars. That's a lot of money. This this is something I also notice and you've noticed it with Harvey Weinstein with Kevin Spacey. The first accusation gets paid off a lot of money, and they think that's the end then it's not the end. And there's no way they can pay off all these people now to Bach that twenty million really made me look bad. It's it's a pattern that you see. Same thing happened with less movements to did. He pay anybody off believe he did. I believe it and how we did to Harvey definitely. Yeah. In the in the millions who's the who's the guy that Kevin Spacey guy from FOX L, right? The one with the the button on the door to close the door. That's Matt Lauer Matt Lauer that was that. When I heard that that freaked me the fuck out, can you just imagine going in like like, your, you know, your secretary. Here's your papers. And you hear to don't like like it. Let the doors locked I mean, jeeze what would you do in that situation? I kick him in the balls. Obviously fall in love. Knows what I want talk about him on read it that would help. Why wouldn't bothered in guys? Like that. Bill O'Reilly is who I'm thinking Phil Ryan paid sixty million to the first person that. Yeah. And then more people come at least, at least and more people came out, and he's like well fuck now, we got a problem this. It's interesting when you pay in the tens of millions, right? But that's the point. I was like can we just even talk about the fact that? Throwing these numbers out that. To them. That's the thing. Bill O'Reilly sixty million dollars. That's nothing to him. That's like me giving you twenty bucks. So that's not really because you can't because he messed with so many people he can't pay all them off. He doesn't have that money. But still he's he still has a career and he still makes living. So I mean to me sixty million bucks. Here to go in two thousand three. There was the documentary living with Michael Jackson. I saw that. And it makes them look bad in the Michael Jackson, one of his deals was okay, I'll do this. But then I want all the original footage, and I get to edit, and I'll put out myself, and he did that. And he looked even worse. It's saying I'm asleep with kids when people don't know what they're doing wrong. It's Joe much worse. The focus of that doc was Jackson's relationship with a younger boy named Gavin of these oh who stayed at his Neverland ranch. A spin magazine reported that the boy privately lead thirties. No Jackson at abused him on several occasions. So if you're one of these stupid people at what any tell somebody that the investigation against Jackson started again and Jackson will serve the warrant that allowed police. The search Neverland ranch. The findings were never revealed except for stash of port Jackson was arrested a week later. He was formally charged with nine criminal counts, including seven of child molestation in two thousand five cleared of all charges and then in two thousand nine he thought. So is right before he died. You know, he looked in this documentary. You know, the life. He just looked like it was scary looking what? 'cause I grew up. You know, it's I have very mixed feelings about all of this. But I when I see the picture of him as a child, and then I see what he was is an adult. It's it's like, it's it just blows my mind, you know, a different person. Yeah. When now the the family members, I'm hearing them and interview saying this isn't the doing for attention and money, which it's are we smart enough to know that as the dumbest excuse first of all you attack a famous person there's problems you're attacking the greatest pop star of all time that is dead. Now, you don't think you're going to have problems? You're almost a hero to come out. And I don't think I'm exaggerating. And by the way, these the Michael Jackson family members that are saying, oh, I know, Michael, you didn't even see the movie, you didn't see the movie they go. I don't have to. I know. Michael Jackson, didn't hang around you. We were reading the nose the didn't like the family. They're all fighting for his money. They never hung out. I feel like it would help if you can you admit something about Michael Jackson. Right. Like, if you if you like, no, he's the wonderboy nothing ever have that happen. And he's just trying to give to the world. Okay. Well, we're not talking to you. But if you can just say, if it was my own brother, I go rather not know. Yeah. So you need to talk to somebody else. Not no way away hit of had buzzers in his room. When somebody got close to it. Given out the you know, Jesus juice white wine red wine in coke cans like he's doing work. That's good product place. Any any say in quote, if it's good enough for Jesus I take it's good enough for us. Okay. Everybody has that story. And what would get just get to the standby wife insists on playing music at the wedding at seven the fucking clo-. It's that good. It's that good. I am good wedding Keith. But he didn't play thriller. No. I don't want that where we're going to have it. Okay. Are you still with your wife? Because he didn't seem very happy about that. So I was like, wow. But I have to. But the thing about that they found stash of porn wouldn't that be every man would get arrested then because don't they all when they're I don't all have stashes of porn. I don't keep in the same room where I cut kits. Okay. Good. That's good to know. Thank you. I'm glad that we cleared that up. Do you have porn? I mean, do you have stashed mean not not today in the internet? You just just go to porn hub or you blue or whatever the Yugo you blow where do I go XXX? I think it is. I don't know dot com. Yeah. Something like that. I mean, you can't not know when in touch yourself. You're not going to be like what was it again? What's that up? I know so many porn stars. Now. Like, I'm like, I'm not going to what what could you imagine like me and my husband like, yeah. Let's get into Milwaukee. I'm like, wait a minute. I know that girl I can't be fucking you. Now. So, you know, put anymore now. I just have to be selective. I have to make sure my friends are in that do you ever tax? Oh, good for you. Good. I love when you had those two. You was great. You the pro Sacha pro deliver specific search terms now just fucking whatever's on the front page. Yeah. That was on the front page. No. I don't. I mean, you know, whatever family stuff is to real, right? I know right. She's Adrian McManus was a made for Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch personal made four years says, she has no doubt the singer was a pedophile. It's weird when these people. Yeah. Okay. Right. Like, thanks for sharing. Bill bill. Cosby's driver came out and said, there's no doubt that he was planning. Did they so she was there for four years? I know a lot of famous famous people make you sign NDA's. So so I think there's a clause about kid fucking nearly. Okay. That's good to know. Thank you. You can't right. You promised McManus claims Jackson. Brought young boys into his bedroom. And said she saw troubling things about cleaning up after the fifty six year old says she finished Jackson's and she found she fished out Jackson's and children's underwear from jacuzzi at the home at witness kids walking around barely clothed. She says she found vast selene and tampons next to Jackson's bed and around the house and recalls the singer having a strange obsession with photos of children. She said, quote, I didn't question it because he was my boss, and I just do what you're supposed to do. But I would wonder but most disturbing was large collection of cassettes that she believes contain intimate footage the star filled with children and the nineteen nineties hellish guessing land. I don't know. She says that his details emerged that Jackson could face criminal charges when former child companion Jordan Chandler, alleged abuse. The tapes were hidden McManus said she was scarred from she was scared to come forward because she quote was told. By Michael's bodyguards that they would hire a hitman to take him out. Wow. Now that sounds like a mob the documentary details nearly a decade the new one that's on HBO now detailing nearly a decade of Michael Jackson's alleged sexual abuse against two boys. They were five and ten now. Like, I said, they're grown adults. They were at the Jackson estate, see. Many viewers gutter see to allocate your mind, I said that many people walked out because it was disturbing. He helped me my career said one of the men men who went on to become a choreographer for instant can Britney Spears he also sex sexually abused me for seven years. This this person happened to be in a Michael Jackson contest the five years old. He performed thriller. And he got the chance to meet Michael Jackson later on a trip to Disneyland with his family. He would meet Jackson again when the singer invited the boy and his family to Neverland ranch is two thousand seven acre state, by the way, if you buy it's for sale now Neverland ranch in its without exaggeration, the prices drop like seventy five percent with these allegations. You have to burn the whole place down. Right. Like, you're buying for the land. You don't keep it a theme park there, you honestly, I know. No. I'm sure there's somebody that would do that. That would buy it. Because there's just like, you know, there's a king for everybody. Keep remember. That's true. That's callback. Right. You go. Look at you. He and his sister. The you know. You know, the Boyana sister played on the grounds which included the zoo carnival movie theater and Jackson asked the family to stay the weekend. After meeting them just four hours prior the night before the boy and his family were due to the part for the Grand Canyon. The boy woke up to Jackson sobbing on the floor in the dark. Just so sad. You're going to leave. He said Jackson convinced his mother joy to let the boy stay five more days while the rest of the family visited there is on she agreed in lie lies the wise, the family visiting Arizona one kid staying at Michael Jackson. Why is the family leaving their child? Michael Jackson asked. But why would you do that? Why would you do that? I mean, seriously the seven year old boy got to spend a weekend with the man he barely knew. And that's when the Jackson began this person has last name is Robson Robson claims the Ludek started with mutual fondling than vote. The kissing showering together masturbation nipple squeezing oral sex. He said Jackson told him you. And I were brought together by God. That is how we show our love lot of God's stuff from various in a boys. Now men that are claiming Jackson said, well, he's two men that group. Okay. Jackson also sought to put a wedge between Robson and his parents calling him son and telling him don't trust women who've once you started that first week every night. I was with them was abuse. With my mother in the next room. The other man in the documentary is last name safe chop was a California child actor who was in the nineteen eighty-seven, Pepsi commercial. The Jackson was in Jackson took a liking to him called up the boys home asked his mother, if he could send a film crew to interview the boy, she she agreed in the kid was filmed talking about himself laying in bed, and then dancing now that I look back at it says the boy now man it was almost like an audition for in Paris. He introduced me to masturbation, that's all that will start as relationship testified. Jackson made the boy run drills to get his clothes on quickly. If you hurt somebody coming. He said Jackson warned him that if people find out, quote as life would be over in my life would be. Oh, wow. Safe. Chuck says he was the first visitor to the Neverland ranch and claims to have had sexual relations with Jackson it's game room. Third floor attic moving theatre pull jacuzzi and train station. It happened every day. That's not a good sound for that. Both save Chuck and Robson say, they were bless you save Chuck and Robson say they were in love with Jackson and affection. That crippled them into adulthood. When particularly sick AC safe truck claims the singer staged a mock wedding ceremony between the two of them complete with written vows in a golden ring. Full of diamonds, I could see being in love as a kid with Michael Jackson's. It's very confusing that if feels very gross in odd, but at the same time good both both these guys say they were soon replaced with younger children. When Jordan Chandler accused Jackson sexual abuse nineteen Ninety-three safe, Chuck and Robson. Both took the stand saying they were never abused by Jackson Jackson's estate noted that during the channel trial Jackson's team coached Robson safe. Chuck the men playing the say no to every single question that case was settled out of court for millions of dollars. The two men finally told her stories in two thousand fifteen on the today show, and that we have the documentary. And now we have eleven more people coming forward. Don't play the music. I was in the store yesterday. They were playing the music don't. That good. So that good. I know this is a controversial. But it's not that good. It's not let's up upland. I don't wanna argue this because I think it's perfectly fine to never play Michael Jackson again. But I also understand separating the art audio play. Yet while you really need to get over this. It's hard to. Been without your life, two years. Let's okay. What were you married for? We were together. Eight years k. Why would I let that go? You know? I would I say when I go. No, no fucking Michael Jackson. Fuck you. When I do that. I don't know. I don't either. Okay, sucker bitch, saying say, Keith your sucker. Bit euler. Suckered fucking big. Sometimes I go to hear it. Never again. Here. Michael Jackson, a store, I leave dropping all my groceries, and I'm leaving my new girlfriend has the know that respect it come at a wedding. They plant a grab a handful of shrimp, and I walk. Goodness. I don't mind saying all right? So this Friday March eight we're going to be doing a live show. Get on the free list, keeping the girl dot com slash Florida. It's in Orlando. It's right there at the pod fest multimedia Expos sounds like fun at the Wyndham Orlando resort. I'm not joking about those bath salts have a good time. All right. Carol montgomery. You can follow online Twitter at national mom. All right. There's a contest and she want on Instagram boiler Instagram, the thirst traps, you can see at Carol Montgomery comic guests careless. See A R O L E. Yes. And the website, Carol, Montgomery dot com and this show I was talking about going to see it on Showtime funny women of a certain age. It's a show straight from the unfettered mouths and uninhibited minds of the funniest most daring most experienced people in comedy women. I'm gonna say then have seen it all fair nannies. Very fair. You're very good. That's right. And you've named some names who's gonna Fran drescher moon. Now Geniza Jimmy Garoppolo in Koplowitz. It's all Wendy Liebman. I mean, come on come on. This is very exciting. Congratulations. Thank you. It's pretty awesome. Absolutely. Tell forget to follow us on social media. We've been posting some shit. You wanna see oh hens is going through a time. Oh my God. Listen this. Hey, here's a picture. Strap and under. She goes everything is fine. And I'm totally not about to break hashtag. Why did I bet keep she? She had heard the boars, right? I'm gonna be celebrate. So I don't confuse sex and love right with Bubba. Right. She said other words, she has three months to go. She is cracking show. How long is it? How long have you been settled it six months nine months, then she has three months ago? So wait a minute. So celebrate meaning no sex or just not fucking what whatever that means. Nothing. None of no masturbating. Like, none of that. She nothing that includes another person and not at micro, dick, right? Okay. That's interesting with that co micro penises lead count. Yeah. S credit? Yeah. Okay. At bet I can get off on a micro penis. That's horning. Associates that it's just fun. So you're backed up when the subway makes a turn to explode. Yes. Man, I'm doing more laundry. Well, she's she's helping the dry not around. You can ask questions with the Thais of. Yeah. All right. Well, I'm gonna for having me on the show. This was fun. It was very fun. Yes. Yeah. I just wanted to let you know star cast to yell at people. No, what people acting like a Walson. Telling you, I don't know. I have to see when my own I turn my phone back on probably gonna blow up on read it like who's this bitch. Thank you guys. We'll talk to you tomorrow. Her.

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