Elon Musk and SpaceX want to land on the Moon in 2 years


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We all know SPACEX launches rockets for. Four NASA they launch supplies to the International Space Station possibly later this year they'll be launching humans back to the International Space Station. The tentative launch date is November fifteenth but they've had had some setbacks with their crew dragon capsule about a month ago. There was an anomaly spacex head investigated the anomaly they figured out what it is and they fix the problem now. Now NASA is a lot of red tape that SPACEX NASA have to go through together in order to get this flight cleared so it's possible they might miss that deadline of November fifteenth now. My plan personally is to jump in a car drive down to Florida and watch this launch if it happens. It's going to be a tight one. We're not exactly sure if it's going to happen November her what a NASA representative said. It's possible that it's going to happen next year. Instead possibly middle of January early February this launch will happen where humans we'll be launching from United States soil on a U._S. rocket in a U._S. built capsule to the International Space Station now that is close. Close that's a couple months away now. What Elon Musk and SPACEX WANNA do in the near future past this Elon Musk thinks he can send a SPACEX WCHS rocket to the moon and in time dotcom article the asked him that when the next boots on the moon will be so they said if you had to bet your house on it when would you say the next boot prints show up on the Moon Elon Musk said while the gonna sound pretty crazy but I think we could land on the moon in less than two years certainly with an uncritical I believe we could land on the moon in two years so then maybe within a year or two of that we could send crew out say four years at the outside so within four years Elon Musk wants is to send human beings back to the moon on a SPACEX rocket it he also said in this time dotcom article he said after being asked if it's going to be the U._S.? Going back to the moon or SPACEX he said I'm not sure if it were to take longer to convince NASA authorities we can do versus just doing it. We might just do it. It may literally be easier to just land starship on. Moon thing trying to convince NASA that we can obviously this is a decision that's out of my hands. The sheer amount of effort required to convince a large number of skeptical engineers at NASA we can do it as very high and not unreasonably so because because they're like come on. How could this possibly work the skepticism you know <hes> they'd have good reasons for it but the for sure way to end the skips skepticism is just to do it goes back to the red tape of NASA asa could NASA do it faster probably if they didn't have all the bureaucratic red tape holding them back the S <HES> space launch system BS LS is a giant rocket the Nasr's making and this giant rocket? We'll have the Orion capsule on top event which will be sending humans back to Mars in twenty twenty four so within five years. NASA wants to send people in within before for four years according to Elon Musk's spacex wants to be able to send astronauts now. This is where it gets really cool. There is a executive from NASA aw but said NASA chief financial officers are the C._F._o.. If Musk's spacex pulled off the private moon landing in twenty twenty one that NASA will partner with them and. Then the both get there faster but he said that the odds of that happening are very slim as we all know how Elon Musk is real now how determined he has to get get things done in to kind of change. Human history and SPACEX will be that tool to change the next space race if all goes well so this year possibly we send humans back to the International Space Station in within three to four years. We'll send people back to the moon according to Elon Musk. Hey I'm all for it. I want to see it happen. How cool would it be if we started industries on the moon? How cool would it be? If we started colonizing the moon. We have to colonize the moon so we can learn how to do it before we actually call. It is Mars so oh you know. It's a steppingstone right. We can't really learn how to do things on Mars because it's pretty far away and if anything goes wrong there's really no way to save people but if they're on the moon very close the grand scheme of things and we can go and pick people up if possible the articles missions. There's GonNa be a space station orbiting the moon which could be an evacuation point if the astronauts need it so. There we go spacex is in the hunt for the next boots on the moon. NASA will help them if they can pull it off. How cool is this so i WanNa say thank you <hes> to to one of my sponsors here <hes> audible? If you enjoy audiobooks audible has a thing going on right now you can click on the link in the description audible will give you to audio books for free when you sign up and just as a thing that I do. I listen to audio books before I go to bed literally. I listen to audio books every night before I go to bed. I listen to books by Neil degrasse Tyson. I listen to books by Brian. 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