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Mike in J. lays gentleman and now this episode is Joaquin. Phoenix who is promoting joker which is in theaters October fourth and you should go see it. He was great. You know I just I don't know we just kind of shot the shit and he's really funny just really fun. Funny Guy Again didn't know what to expect. Never met him and I was just delighted so we had a really really really really great time and I hope you enjoy. I hope you enjoy this episode. As much as I enjoyed being there for it. We recorded take a couple of weeks ago. at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles well you know sometimes I get people to come out route to the house or Pinna ped- which is what I call the place where the podcast studio is because the first owner was a seal trainer owner and so renamed it so sometimes I give people but if they're doing press truck or whatever they read kind of squeeze it in and we typically will go to the four seasons and so we were at the luxurious four seasons in Beverly Hills California for this episode number ten twenty two of the podcast with Joaquin Phoenix Roll the thing initiating detainee protocol interesting like especially with this movie I don't I don't read reviews. I don't be any pieces that are like about movies. I don't really know what people think. I'm not sure I do now because maybe they're aligned me. No no but you know you start to get a sense it like how how everyone seems to to react to this movie differently. So That's interesting. I mean not I think it's kept it lively in some ways. What's been this sort of prevalent. Look what they've been saying all day like what kind of Fr judging by the questions of what you're getting hit with. What are the. What are you gleaning from that? I mean to be honest list. Most of the questions are like about dieting. Yeah fitness regime well I. I don't know that it's kind of funny that that's one of the things that bother you like well. Is that part of it but a lot of other things in the Diet process you you know what I mean. Honestly I I can kind of. I can get talking about almost anything and think that it's it's interesting because is I'm self obsessed. Business really understand why God doesn't it sounds like the dieting it ends up. It's not just a physical thing it affects your Mosul mental state and changes the way that I move and it suddenly made me aware of my body a different way and that affected kind of the the the movement of the character and the dance so it's not just this kind of the actor lost weight for for the movie it it. It is something more to be so soon as I start talking about it. I remember all this shit and go like yeah. Let's fucking wild. I hadn't really expected to do that and those can let me part of this character but it started merged based on the weight loss so we've got the weight loss question of the quick way in finding you just had more vegetables and had a more balanced diet. He probably would have been fine. Yeah I did do the right and it's fucking amazing and it but the thing that what people people are saying about it. There's no superhero element to it at all. You're basically you come in with you understand the foundation you know who the character becomes you know you have all this back knowledge and so it's really interesting because you're you're really just watching a poor dude unravel over overtime and a friend of mine who I think you talked to yesterday in Tiffany Smith. I talked to her afterwards and she goes. This movie makes me want to be nicer to people in public. I think she's awesome. Yeah that's me yeah. do you agree. It's more complex than not. That's maybe I hear thing. Aw whatever your reaction is is ballot and I think it says something about you and I think that's what's Nice about the movie right. It's not that active. It's not telling you what you're supposed to feel of the reaction. You're supposed to have towards the character. I think that's really rare for most movies but certainly for something that might be considered the superior genre so I think that that's I think that's valid but for me. It's much more complex than church. Sure sure I mean it. One thing that I was really through pretty much in every scene of the movie my apologies no it's great but it but it also I also feel empathy for you as a person because it you are her essentially all day every day. How how what was your shoot schedule Helong by months. You're working on this month. So Oh how are you do. You just have to live in that space. Are you good at like okay. I'm home from work. Now punched a clock or do you have to unwind aimed in detox emotionally. Hopefully the you don't know the difference. Hopefully there's I think if you're able to identify yourself and the character of then. You're probably not in the right place but I wouldn't. I WanNa know what method acting is I don't. I don't understand this so so I I I don't know I don't know what it is but I wouldn't make any effort when I got home to try and shake things. I don't think about it that way. Just go home and start prepping for the next day in the week ahead but I never felt that I never felt like I need to let go or in fact is wanted to to work more. I mean I was so frustrated like the weekends against were the absolute worst time for me. I couldn't stand it like two days off and what the fuck you do so for me really every day we'd wrap. This isn't really is an exaggeration. I would go home. Sometimes I would look at some of the dailies from the previous work and then I would call taught I text for a couple of hours until we thought we just have to talk about going back and forth and then we would talk for an hour or two hours about what we're shooting in the next week what we already shot. What seems like it's working. What is in what what we might want to try and then we would go to Cetin alligators set early sometimes two hours early the last the three weeks. I think that we were on set two hours earlier than our call every day and we would meet in our trailer and talk about the day so I like. I just wanted to to be working all the time. I think it's really interesting to hear that you were watching dailies. Elliot because I know I know a lot of performance for performance influenced by what they don't want it to get in their way of judging them selves. You've never done. I'd never done it before. Maybe twenty five years ago dailies. I've never watched the monitor and and todd was just one day who is like I've even WanNa look at. He is just looking at this shot and look at the stunt land doing this this shot unless what you see what it looks like. I didn't WanNa look at it and then who is like it's wide enough where we can get the stunt the stunt guy to do this olive kicking the garbage now from Alma kick some garbage and I kicked the garbage unlike Torah from ligament or simply. It's is in the movie. sit down at the kitchen garbage and I sit down. It's because I was like I had this horrible. Shooting pain through body immediately sat down and I couldn't. I couldn't shoot couldn't do another take. At least they used it. Though if you're gonNA need to yourself at least a guy that's right and so he so then when but not happened he said look. Can we please watch the monitor because when I show you that is he's a genius. This guy worked play my character and I said fine I watched it and then a couple of days later another wide shot and then I started looking at some of the the takes on the monitor what's had never done before and I had always had that fear like it's going to start influencing me character and I won't be able to to stay inside of it thinking about it objectively in at the point where assured wasn't dailies and I just like some selection watching it in a strange I thought it was. I thought it was helpful. It is assuming I mean you figure going to do from now on to this yeah. I don't know in now. Every movie is different and I never would have anticipated that something I would do for any movie you've but it just was right for this. One Yeah and I love hearing that I love hearing about the work that you put into it because I do think people like you know. People like to Romanticize idea of like Oh man you know you're breweries. Get struck with inspiration kind of breezing. Let the moment to but hearing about how much work goes into it to make because you don't see all the you don't see all the work it seamless when you're watching it and I love the idea of the craft of it rather than just like the clouds open up and it so like his well to me. It's both things things I have. I have that experience as well but I think like requires a lot of work to get to a place where so you can be open to inspiration I don't really understand the process of never figured it. I don't have like a set way of working. You can't because you're working with the different filmmaker and changes each time but on this you you we went through the script. Taller Ni- A lot together reading through the entire script and working on things and talking about possibilities of ways to placing lacine but really the there's a point where we started to identify what we thought might be like the motivation motivation for the character in particular scene and the moment we did that it just like suck the life out just became aimed dead and I think we realized like we need to have a lot of possibilities that we can rely on if we need if you need it but we need to go in and be open to whatever kind of whatever kind of feeling overtakes us in that moment. I mean it was a really interesting way of working but it seemed like that's what the character demanded really because I don't think he fucking knows what what he's GonNa do from one moment to the next scene like if we had decided that in advance just wouldn't work and you know. I think there are a couple of times remember shooting. It's using a scene where he gets the gun for the first time and he stands up and he starts dancing with the shirt off kind of has this fantasy about talking doc in this girl in the club dancing this feeling of empowerment and I think we know that we're going to do that as we did it. I take anti goes on that's fine except we're looking at the ceiling and all the flags because the camera doesn't know that they were going that way then we are like. I guess we talked about these possibilities but it didn't know that I was going. I was going to stand up there and then I think that just I think hopefully that gives it some kind of energy. That's hard to to capture like unless you're actually experiencing it. Yeah I mean because the movie is I guess I I would call it. The DYSTOPIA and seventies sort of this kind of you know Gotham at its low point basically but I obviously I'm I'm sure both probably brought this up but there is that sort of parallels between like it's this where culture is that right. Now you know this sort of dissatisfied this general dissatisfaction and sort of polarized disparate class structures and people just wanting some kind of change for you know for the for the common man. I mean is it feel feel a little bit feel like sort of a commentary on contemporary culture does to me but but I again and I think there are some people that are going to view this as just a movie. That seems like entertaining character. They know they're gonNA joy near the people that are we're going to read into it and feel like there's a deeper meaning commentary and both those points of view are valid. Scher and so our struggle struggle when I'm doing press with how to talk about it because for me. I don't like watching trailers reading about moving before right. I don't want Wjr your opinion to influence me me kind of defeats the purpose of right for me what I enjoy about as projecting my own feelings onto the character later so I always struggle with how to talk about it and especially this one which I think you know. It's almost like a worship test for the audience. It's kind of like what you wanted wanted to be. It can be and I think that I agree with what you're saying and I understand that but into it's something different for for everybody else. I think that's a perfect answer for that and I also I always struggle to just on this side of it. You know when studios I mean. I really wanted to see this movie. There are a lot of movies where people go well. You know we're really going to do the podcast unless you see the movie for Instance Gibbon. We can't really talk. You can't really talk about it too much. Were because you can't spoil anything. You don't WanNa give anything away and all the questions that you would have after seeing someone. It's not like I can specifically say oh and the scene with the girl from down the hall because people are GonNa go well fuck. I didn't want to know that you know you wanNA leave. It open to interpretation or like opera man like yeah yeah. Exactly yeah for winter comes in on the porpoise over the building. It's like expressing amazing moment you don't WanNa bring that no no and then when he kills his marshmallow man like the dolphins right through that was a really good integration of all those things so I think people are just GonNa love it. I think people are GonNa love. It and younger dies at the end. What a a great way to end the movie the only the only way to you wouldn't WanNa ruin own. No no you don't want that to happen is that they're going to get to experience for themselves. Yeah Yeah Yeah exactly but but it is especially in especially in a culture where spoilers are like really socially on the level of what used to just be reserved for like crime now just like people really and I do I do. I think it's because we because I don't remember it being like that. When we were growing up. Did you have like super spoiler. Range will grownup no but it was it was hard to spoil things that that that time in the dark ages into the nineteen hundred it was difficult but I think it's different now because of this new technology sure sure sure sure sure but I also think that you know people hits. It's just weird kind of self fulfilling self propagating machine of Lake. We want to be distracted all the time but we can't really process all the information and so we're we're just looking for little moments to get some kind of an endorphin rush and it's like oh seeing a surprising thing in a movie is like our it's like a drug. Now you know where you want to experience Brinson. Someone blows it. They've taken something away from you. Emotional of joy yeah I mean I I did actually beat up my sister because the ending being of a movie what movie is just last week yeah I don't. I don't understand the Banal. Spoilers are are it's. It's IT'S A. It's a big thing right because you used to be that the people that have access to the movie in advance were journalist shirt as they probably had a relationship with the studio the movie and they go obviously we're knocking. Spell this and they gotta yeah now. All sorts of people have access to it and they don't give a fuck and writers kind of put it out there right so yeah probably changed a bit right is it has but I also I guess it's probably because people had seen the movie before but when I saw the screening the other night the Dobie theater I was expecting to lock your phone and Abaga Joe and they didn't make decisions. Everyone was allowed to put it online absolutely alive yeah yeah yeah. I stream on twitch loved led by the way it was it was really great no but but but that level of of of protection we've really commodified the element supplies now in our culture. Do you do go see movies or do you watch you just go to the movies. Ever I do just go the movies he's ever. That's great to hear yeah I do but I can remember when I saw I do. Migrants say yeah you know because if you do the oiler not always not only. Is it a spoiler but don't you kind of feel the pressure sometimes of like every retire you like. If you take a side on something or say something. It's like Oh God then. It's just like what just being judged over stupid things it. Does that stress you out at all. I don't know but I'm on. That's only something that's a result of being on social. Media wouldn't know how that would happen happens. Maybe does happen but I'm just not aware of it. Yeah you've made the right decision by the way and you don't need to be social media yeah. I I don't think I did did it ever tantalize you in anyway. Oh No not at all not at all but I didn't try to think of what the regular regulate twitter was. Maybe the first thing that that I was that is what is called right. That is what it's still twitch. Oh it says it's a live streaming platform for mainly mainly for gamers but they put a bunch of Bob Ross episodes on twitch wants. You know it's like they just screamed content to it. Yeah I can't remember. I think it was together like you know. Where are you. What are you doing. It's kind of like the basis of what of what you're saying like why. I don't want anyone to know where I am and what I'm doing now. Why would I share with anybody. Is it just didn't make any sense to me. It is sort of the social media is really the tabloid ing of our a culture where it's like tabloids now. Everyone's The fucking tabloid right and it's also a weird weird addiction to and so I do feel like do you play games games or anything. Is there anything you know. Do you live. Do you live all time. He's not being a reduction poop. The president is food but I mean do you make the active choice to like sort of not get super sucked into technology nuggets super sucked into all. Let's uproots. No I dare dare I. It was a period of time over a year where I did play. This game called Dum dum worse yeah. Is that the first person shooter you've gone through and I think I lost an entire year to room and then like I got my friend hooked on it and then I think a point I saw how `bout out off he was and what I what I done did oh. No you know what it wasn't. It wasn't doing wrong. It was called City of Heroes Okay. Do you remember that game. Replay played that you see here is in there was city of villains and you created a character and as you gain experience you became more powerful and get new kind of coup qualities or could you have flying empower yeah like lightening or whatever and so there's a point where you get like level forty five and you're kind of unbelievable bad ass right ruling the city. The and I remember I saw my walked in the room and my friend was just lip synced over the computer twitching. No no and I went up on my drive press delete on my character. That's a very bold thing to do. The only way and I it was tough. There were few days. I can't believe I did that. I worked so hard to create the character but it was the only way to save myself. Yup and then since then I've never done anything like again. That's really smart. That's a very hard thing to do because what a lot of gamers will do is go my God. I can't believe I spent all this time doing that but rather than really sit with that. I'm just going to play more to distract myself from feeling about also. How do you have do you distract yourself or are you good sort of being alone or you. Good Kinda just being with yourself. I'm good being with myself. yeah. I mean you know no no. I like daydreaming so maybe that's a distraction but I I think a lot about nothing important yeah nothing evaluation but but I dated a digital yeah. I'm very comfortable being alone. Do you write journal or anything. Do you keep it any kind of I don't. I'm you so you couldn't read my writing. I can remember I try to three months of things. I have no as a whole. I don't and I'm a terrible writer. You think Oh yeah awful why what makes you think that AH I don't know because the few sentences that I could read just Austin like him and make it make any sense so you don't have any desire to be a writer. No the desire to do and I wish I could actually but I but I can't yes not happening do you. What sort of your process for jamming you just hang out do you. Is there any. Do you have a hobby like what are you like to do what you do because you if you will take breaks between stuff instead of just. I'm going to do ten movies a year. So is it just kinda disconnecting and going away and traveling linger due to travel much no no for me being home as vacation right because usually when I work at away from home yeah so I'm eager eager to get back home but I do bunch of stupid shit. I mean nothing. Nothing like exciting but it's just like my life one of the few things that I that I have that that isn't you know public. That's good but you know not exciting. That's I feel like that's so you know being a couple. Jensen their forties. I embrace the boring stuff and I love being in pajamas at like six thirty. There's nothing more than just like bears at five forty five screened by the way before the record. I'm and I'm twenty nine nine someday when we are in our forties. You don't look great. I gotta be honest. Well attain got dragged. I lived at the beach for a while. A lot of it didn't sunscreen you know and use sunscreen and a yeah it is it is really important to kind of. Keep those mm-hmm spaces for yourself because I feel like it. There's so much about our culture that just wants every piece of things to consume them every piece of a person and I think you having been an actor from such a young age frog. I'm assuming that's where you sort of learned like okay. I'm going to keep some piece for myself and not get sucked in by all this stuff. I guess I don't know I mean now are making a big deal out of it and it's not really that big of a deal. I just couldn't talk about Go into cryotherapy Lousiana the boulevard daily. Maybe these myself for three minutes nicely my favorite song aw so I mean but it's like it's just like that right. Hang out with your friends. Don't have runs with such a lie. There's probably a couple friends and there you listen that one guy you ruined his life. He's probably still playing city of Heroes Rescue. Their son of a bitch could ask you about two things you did in the eighties that I love that okay parenthoods one of my favorite movies. I think it's a beautiful film. Do you remember much about it. Do you enjoy it was a weird I did too. Here's what's the thing that sucks most about being a child. Actually working to Charles's is amazing. It's the most exciting experience that you've had just being around all the different technicians ends and camera just endless how inspiring and exciting but then you have to log in school and so that's brutal so you'll get a break from set where you're not working and everybody else kind of goes off and they hang out of the good craft service and they talk and you have to go to. Taylor and Mike set with the teacher and log hours so I remembered during that being very angry about but it was it was actually what I remember is. I remember the first a costume fitting and it was suggested that I wear this denim jacket that had a a lot of pins on it and like that's that's not who who who is fourteen years old at fifteen years old and I really bothered by the fact that somebody was telling me what I was supposed to do with what I thought were my clothes and it didn't make sense to me and I was really intimidated to talk to Ron Howard the director because I knew I was scared and I didn't know if it was my place. I'm finally only just being so kind of like overwhelmed and an angry that somebody was telling me that that's what I had to wear that I finally went up and I said Iran I gotTa Talk To. You and I don't know if I would wear these pants on things like what were. They shouldn't do that then his own no. I I mean it does appear as A. Let's let's talk about it and I couldn't. I couldn't believe that it and it's I got so excited about like this. Idea that it was a sounds fucking cliche to build a blank canvas and and I could have infused my own audio of who I thought this kid was and so it ended up being like this really this amazing moment for for me of like working with director actor. That was the successful director he was famous. I knew him but he was so cool and he encouraged me to to like Justin. Instant fused my ideas of of what I wanted the character to be that's really cool because a completely different way fired aw Shit lucky you ought to be working with Steve Byrne. Come in and talk about fucking pins in your jacket pocket attitude. That sounds like that's what I would do some Geeky in your mind. Luckily Howard I it was cool and he was he was an actor probably understood but that was like right you know and and and he really encouraged Kerr's me to do that and created a monster yeah well he also he also probably understood that kids especially at that age fourteen fifteen can be very delicate and if you shoot them down and at least listen to them mm-hmm then those are very pivotal moments in their development and that could totally fuck it up forever and so he was just you know. I'm just glad I'm glad okay got something else. I would never consider exactly exactly things that he's I mean it. I watched that movie once a year. I just think it's such a two beautiful. It's timeless nothing about. It feels like Oh. This was made in the eighty like it. It's just such as perfect little family story. Do you ever do you ever go back and watch any of your stuff when you've had some distance from it. No I haven't but you want to do that. We'll do craft therapy. be real food and then. I'm not I'm still in my thirties three three YEP. Yes imagine like maybe like my mid forties or something right. He's becoming Sacramento. No it's just a trick yeah yeah yeah. Yes call them optical illusion. I'm so sorry I'm so sorry. It's so cool to be millennials. You guys I I think so. You can't look me in the I now. I feel weird. I feel weird brothers. How different you look you in the eye right now because we are so millennial. I I like getting older thing. I think was always freaked me out and and I love it. I think it it feels good. That's time I've ever had last five years of my life. Just Been Besson by my thirties. Were great loved. It always always was dreading it growing up but just the the I love Ta Life. Is it because you think you are just more comfortable with yourself now or just because because you don't stress as you know you're dying in your life so cocky when you're young like I'm I'm literally dying yeah and I better start enjoying because we're time millionaires in our twenties and thirties after that it's like this could be the day man absolutely absolutely yeah I. I don't really know what it is but I do think that's actually part of it. I mean in some ways as you start becoming aware of your mortality and you go like life's fucking amazing it is and maybe yeah and then and then the idea that you know if you used to get tweaked up about like this is not like it'd be dead. No one's GONNA see. It doesn't matter who fucking cares you know like nothing is so oh nothing is that is that important anymore except except trafficking by drivers. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah because sake the left us. The Fast Lane exactly can reason people entering exiting from the right so they're left with his best. Let's move. You can't do sixty in the fast lane. texting doesn't make any sense also texting during a movie. You're the light does affect everyone but other than that nothing else is really l. Finding we're very calm. Nothing also sometimes at restaurants garlic allergy and then they fucking shit up with garlic anyway but that's infuriating right but other than that. There's not that much to really be that worth a few more but I wanNA take up too much time talking about the now that we're talking. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Actually I feel worse now. We still did before good for talk about dying and it's all over and catastrophe so nothing except this particular podcast is worth getting worked up over the traffic in the movies and the food thing and that that the dying and then also there's a heck of the movies and the and the giants got had to be number one fourth. I like it for yeah for me. Think Seinfeld's joke about that. I'm not gonNA tell the joke because I'll fuck it up. People's number one fear was speaking in public yup and the second greatest fear was dying yeah well. I understand that because the people speak in public there's a no one wants to be embarrassed. No one wants to have other people pointed them and go. You're dumb and there's that feeling of dread red then. There's also like dying just like it. There's no unless it's a lengthy process not aware that you've done it wrong. Exactly nobody it can criticize you for dying yeah exactly you can't fuck that up. It's just it is what it is right. No one's GONNA no one's GonNa unless it's like a hold my beer ear moment really cold beer. I'M GONNA go get Selfie with his alligator. Then yes then you should be shamed but other than that yeah you're right. There's no real one way to do it. Do you like are you can you are you a public speaker at all. Do you like doing looks up no terrifying. I I go into fighter flight. Yeah absolutely yeah yeah. I just shut down. I don't know what it is in. Do you think if do trick yourself self into like what would it be a character of someone who likes getting like do you have any any ways that you get around it at China at once and then I turn your fucking play play a character that enjoys this so then we had that conversation with you and the character yeah but no there's there's really there's there's no way around it yeah. Is there anything else that you enjoy doing that. You WanNa try. I mean do you want to do on a direct. Do you want to do more. Do you want to produce a bunch of stuff for. Are you pretty happy. Just kind of focusing on one thing at a time and do you live kind of in the moment. Do you just sort of moment to moment kind of person. I don't know why don't know before you uh-huh hippy dippy and don't know but they're not saying this is the friendliest you do both things. I mean you you fantasize about the future you have goals and then you have no choice but to just live in the moment but some people really are and I've talked to a lot of people. A lot of people really kind of favor one or the other. Some people really just go. You know I just kind of like to go where the wherever going for that day and then other people like to sort sort of meticulously. Try to control the outcome and control the outcome and gave up on that on that one yeah. Do you ever read any STOIC philosophy. It's great though it is good. I'm I'm sure but I never learned to read. Oh Gosh this is really embarrassing. I'm so sorry I'm comfortable with it. This would explain the writing problem literate damage this entire time you know idea. I'm so sorry no don't be sorry. Listen when we go today. We're going to watch the movie and then I'm GonNa just GonNa Bring. We'll we'll get some get some coloring books and we'll get some alphabet bugs. That'd be fun. You'll have a good time. You have a really good time tried that when I was younger and it didn't work out well so nervous us this time as a grown man of thirty three yeah. I really do believe necessary. I feel like maybe although you've managed to a pretty good job job without you know. No one stands up for illiteracy. Maybe I'm going to do a PSA kids. Don't read need. I didn't things are great. It can't get much better as a matter of fact think of how many things things if I could read I might have gone on the Internet and been discouraged. That's a great point. I'm telling Ya not enough. People are standing up for now better place right here right. Now it's happening. You're welcome. Do you feel like do you feel like so. You can go out and just live a normal life and not get pestered not get bothered. You feel like a part of it yeah. Let's great usually it. It is great I was I've been really fortunate because of managed to continue to work with people that I really admire on on movies that that I enjoy being part of and they never make any money nobody sees them and so. I get to do the things that I love but ah deal with like you know people you know trying to me pictures or autographs or anything no one saw gladiator gladiator years years ago you know or thirteen years ago could save don't verify that by the way don't be lying but but but but but seriously I I really enjoy that and I don't know how I feel so fortunate because I continue due to to be casting movies that I really want to be a part of Yep. I know how that that happens on just I'm so grateful but mostly Assu. It's it's fine. But how do you know I mean it's you. You do have a really good direct record of of just picking really juicy stuff stuff with great characters that that people enjoy I mean how do you do you have an internal thing. Is it just like a you know what I think. I could really bring something to this or is it. You are just kind of a fan of the thing and go. I want to be a part of this in some way and never think I can bring something to it. Usually the deciding factor Dr from me is the filmmaker. It's really that simple more than the more than the character and so that has been what's guided me thinking a majority of my decisions few decisions when I was younger you know I I didn't approach way but certainly the last ten years. It's just been guided by filmmaker and so when when you get something that you look at you go grow you know. I'm a fan of this person's work. I wanted to kind of sit down with them and see if we if we connect and vibe is that sort of the last part of that process sure I mean sometimes I mean I work but but I'll I it's it's really about how yeah how do we communicate and are we a after the same things for this film or sometimes we disagree which which is really good also on this one of my favorites so so yeah it it it it really is. It's kind of like I don't know what the Nagas but yeah. It's it's. It's it's hard to. It's not a science really is just like whether you click with somebody whether whether you like them yeah but I think that's an interesting point about liking to disagree with people does that is that to find compromises and sort of expand your comfort comfort zones or do you think it just the discourses healthy and good. Both I mean I just feel like you know. There's some fucking sank with some director told me once said you know work with people that are smarter than you and as I feel like if you're agreeing with me I like when we're in trouble. I have the best idea so I think I'd just you know I like it when directors disagree with me and and and you just start pushing each other. I mean I think that's the that's the best part of collaboration right sure challenge each other yeah but it's also I mean you can't you also have to have a healthy relationship to your ego to be able to do that because most people well and I feel like this business enables stop Oh. I don't want to upset in this person so I'm just going to agree with whatever and then I I feel like that's how people can get fucked over. It's like no one set you know in retrospect to go yeah. We really didn't think you should why didn't someone say something far well. We did one upset you. That would have been helpful though yeah no I only you can only can do that. I mean I think that's that's kind of part of it right after a really strong opinion and I think that the doctors have a strong opinion to and yeah then you just you challenge each other and then hope for the best I find that anyone who can stay have some semblance of feeling normal in you know in what we do is is is doing something bright and even if it's you know like self deprecating whatever it is. I don't know but you've seems like you know you committed to be pretty balanced through all the craziness. I mean my my life well. It's affected by the work that that I do. I mean just in like it's paid for my fucking life but my life doesn't revolve around the entertainment industry yeah. This is my family established. I don't have friends right if you did. They wouldn't be right but you know I have a great family and an and that's what my life is. I will forget I mean my life is completely removed from the entertainment world that I am not feeling anything. I've just haven't worked for eight months of more since we wrap this this film and so the first time back when when we had to go to Venice to start press it's just it takes me a couple of days to readjust remember like this is something that I do in my life part of my life because it's so distant from every other part of of my life in how live so that's that really interesting. I forgot what the separate cryotherapy goodness no. I know you're not at all. Actually it was an absolute pleasure talking to you. I mean you. I mean like I'm not. I'm not being I'm not. I'm very sincere I I I do. I do default to being snarky sometimes but I'm also genuinely genuine sincere person. I don't know these these these days where you have to talk all day okay and then you come in and then you just have to fuck and talk to do you don't know for an hour about random stuff it. I don't know you roll with it. Really well and I really appreciate it was very nice. It was enjoyable left gift for you guys. Oh my gosh thank you for chewing up so much paper. Frogs up first quarter pound of plastic here knew so it just makes you. It's just making your system immune to whatever is in all of our water. Actually it is a shame that it's the end of the day because because I I do feel like I'm fading and Bums me out because you don't see because you have such amazing energy but I haven't had to do this all day rush to exercise today and have a late breakfast and you know generally not like green energy. Oh nine. It's amazing analyzing shit. These could be interpreted number. No no no no no. I meant that that sincerely appreciate you so much for your time. Thank you very much for your time. I'm excited for people to see the movie and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year and you know get some rest and and manage to keep staying away from social media and video games yeah. Maybe I'll see you next year for your thirty four th birthday thank you nice meeting the number ten twenty two with Joaquin Phoenix and took as word salad wrap actually been thinking about the name Word Salad rap. I liked it initially because it was intentionally finally clunky but I wonder if it should just be called. Idiot Salad is idiot salad too on the nose. I D Ten t idiot salad because it is kind of the same I don't know. What do you think let us know. What are you looking at ten. T. Dot com again at is just the at symbol. It's not at in the email name that was that was my mistake for thinking. I was so fucking clever. What are you looking at Twenty Anti Dot com. Stay with words salad rap or just change. Its Idiot Salad. that's a pretty it salad. I Dunno you can't decide. I live it up to you and try to try to remove yourself from it a little bit 'cause if you're used towards outright. Mecca words because I'm used to that but then try to displace yourself from it and look at them both evenly if you can. I don't know whatever it gets the most team also we'll win but let's talk about Kazakhstan over God what if no one emails and then if nobody knows positioning and then in if if no one's listening they wanna make even doing in that everything's going to shit and so I'm GonNa let him fire never going to work and you've just witnessed catastrophe moment. How many of you the Malay of your day catastrophes because that is what today's as whatever wrap that we're going to end up calling it is about I read a fund Marcus Aurelius quote which said never let the future disturb disturb you you will meet it if you have to the same weapons of reason which today army against the present now I am eh. I am a skilled catastrophes. I'm real good at it because it is all about trying to prepare yourself. It's it's flake disaster preparation. It's it's a survival mechanism right. You WanNa make sure that you're as prepared as possible for any situation. you know for me. I played a lot of tournament chess when I was growing up and so it was all about just trying to see every possibility and seeing does this possibility either end with the defeat of the other person or them defeating me and so you know as great as can be in terms of thinking there is over analytical thinking which pays dividends a two year anxiety levels so catastrophes ing just isn't fucking worth it. Don't do it to yourself. I mean you know I've things to to me. As much as I'm saying this to you is I feel like I do a lot of things. 'cause we're all students of life you guys and I I'm sure you've been the situation where something little triggered some bigger thing which led to a bigger thing which led to a bigger fear which I do a bigger fear and then ultimately where it all leads kind of the same thing is like God then it's all. It's all GonNa burn to listen. Sometimes yeah things do you you know but the number of times that happens is very very very very slim and even if it does. Are you really going to be prepared for it. If you freaked data about it the whole time there's a great I think I saw it on on get motivated or are stoicism or what are these these great bring type sub read. It's that I subscribe to that are all about brain health and ven diagram. There's a giant circle that says things I worry about and then there's a much smaller circle about you know ten percent of that circle that says things that it can happen and then in that there's a tiny little dot that said things that do happen. There really resonated with me because you know how much of your life could you get back. How how much of your mental and emotional health could you get back. If you were able to stop yourself a metastasized and I feel like it happens in a series of of I sort of like it too like rocket boosters wear you know you have one sort of negative thought and it's almost like your brain scanning standing for the next level of negative like zero something that's slightly more catastrophic and then that kind of kicks up the fuel right because it's boosting your out into into fucking anxiety orbit and so you then that scans and then that finds a slightly more catastrophic traffic on and so on and so on and so on and then you're just Kinda in it and it doesn't solve anything and it doesn't really help in so if if in those moments you could just maybe sort of right down you know here's what I'm feeling. Maybe seeing it from a third person perspective while I hope you realize like Oh yeah. I think I'm doing that weird thing again or if you're able to brush off before it jumps two or three levels deep where you you know when you get to that first level of slight catastrophe where you're like up well if that happens. I guess I'll just figure it out or nothing. I can you know whatever I'm not saying. Don't be prepared haired for things in life but you know there is that that section of diminishing returns where you can't be more prepared. You're just torturing yourself and so I I think that's what I'm saying today and if if you've never even thought that that's the thing you do but this resonates with you in some way than just sort of start do look up catastrophes in what people do but don't use that as an excuse to catastrophes go. I never thought of these other horrible buys abilities in general you are Dr Okay. How about that in general you're okay. You've gotten to this point in your life. No matter what you face no matter what hardships that you face in your still here and that's worth something because you you are worth something so I appreciate you. Thank you for listening to word salad or idiot salad. Whatever we're going to call it can shoot June email to what are you looking at dot com and I hope to see New York this week in October third fourth and Fifth Caroline Caroline Dot Com for tickets and have a wonderful wonderful rest of your timeframe in the day whatever that may be and I'll see in your ears real soon. Id Eddie ten scanning complete. Enjoy your worried.

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