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FOF #2862 Donut McQueens Horror Film Hideaway


during the Times of Rona we've been satisfying are craving for something frightening by watching donuts scary movie night a fabulous streaming and screaming web show where drag Queen Donut McQueen gets high and comments on horror films. Dona recently streamed cursed horror film. Legend Wes Craven's tribute to where Walt starring Christina Ricci for forehead and a Pantheon of men two thousand celebrities. The film is so so but the commentary is to die for today. Horror Hostess Donut. Mcqueen joins us to take a look at horror films. Wes Craven's porn career and how where wolves represent our repressed sexuality. Oh plus facebook ads. A hugging care reaction Emoji but not everyone has access to it. The RONA PANDEMIC CUTS Whitney Houston's Hologram tour mercifully short. And is it too much to ask a legendary developed Vanessa Williams to lip sync for her life on Rupaul celebrity drag race? I'm Fausto for knows I'm Mark Villian and this is feast of thought is made possible because of fabulous people just like you for an ad free experience fees to fund dot com slash plus or visit us at Patriotair Dot com slash feast of fun. Hello Hi is this donut McQueen. You've reached donor. Yes Hello MS glazed. Abc's why do they call you? Donut you know what they call me. Donut because I love getting glazed but they. That's there's they don't offer a lot of reasons for real. I thought they called you. Donate because you're sweet and you got a hole in the middle. I got you know what I'm going to have to like. Give you some money off the back end for that because I love that. I'm GonNa put the whole located. It depends on what day you catch me. You know like I mean on the weekends. It's doughnut we are so much enjoying your scary movie night on facebook. We've been watching it for weeks. Now thank you so I wanna say thank you like shout out to you. Marc sheltie Fausto. Like I love you guys so much all thank you. It's good to hear that. Prove it my whole picks will be in the mail so whole picks yes? She is a glazed donut. Hunting crueler it may be all twisted. But it's does God. What are you on your horror? Movie Madness 'cause this is usually want every single night since praet basically since this pandemic started practically right is that how it goes yes every single night so it was like the first day that they announced the big like federal. Like everything is like closing down and I was like man. Everybody seems really stressed out. I'm a comedian. What do I do let me just like I love horror movies sue and I normally might drag live doing things every night. You don't have time to just sit in like enjoy good movie sign. Thought it'd be fun for everybody do that so on one night we watch the movie scream and so now tonight is the night. Forty six night forty-six crazy and you haven't taken a break. There's not been a day where you've been like oh down with a corona virus and said not today. Come on I am black. I have not taken a break since I came out the womb. Vacations vibrations from repulsed. She's got a A. Dj set her dancer in a quarantine. Corentin dance arena. And she says she's going to do it every single day during the the thing I'm like don't you need a rest. Don't you off and just relax? I mean shadow to issues like legend. Hello Legend but no like no. No rest for the wicked. I'm up forever. I think you know in a lot of ways. We're going back to the good old days of the early days of the Internet and the nineteen sixties when every community in the United States had their own horror host or hostess cable. Local television had a kooky personality. Here in Chicago's Fan Guli in California was L. Vira mistress of the dark vamp era. We had one in my hometown. It was he was a radio. Do Dj is. I think his name was like Tim. Cook or something like that. It was Apple Apple. It was around midnight movies and you know they were all just as bad as the ELVIRA. One's actually show good ones. I like some bad ones too. Yeah like some bad ones. Well one big surprise that we discovered all of us was the movie curse starring Christina Ricci from two thousand five. Oh my goodness yes. Like three days ago on Thursday night we watched cursed and added. No Wes Craven made a film like in the two thousands like that and I didn't know it was aware will fill and it was gay and it was great. Come on it was so good. Did you love her? I saw that in two thousand five or watch this movie and I said I looked to Fausto. He's like enjoy this movie and enjoying you're you're talking about it. Is this going on and reacting to it and I looked at him and the ionized said. I invited you to see this movie when it came out in the theaters I went alone and watched it because I want it and you didn't want to go and he's like out of that for this. I'm not holding onto it. I just remember you not wanting to go and I remember sitting in the theater going. He's missing out on On the record Martin says you're put me on blast here. You're going to the movies by herself. You're always saying pretty much everything there's out there you know not. All MOVIES ARE WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION. And maybe five if we had gone to see this movie together or something you'd never talked about is like having a tax you'd never talked about it afterwards. You went to see it. It was so great that you didn't share talk about it with anybody. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't I don't your your bidder at like better about it because now donate an I. R. Like excited about rediscovering. This one of the super fans. I don't know if I would decide to say I was bitter. Do I sound bitter into just ahead of the curve on that one. Oh Okay we'll just say I a big fan of it from sense to say. Wow you fight in front of the cast. I mean nightmare on ELM street. So then there's like the last house on the left which was his first movie. And you know I don't know if you guys don't but he used to do porn. Why yes. He's a documentary out called inside deep throat. And we're not really sure exactly. What his role in that film was but yeah he was out of the game but he was a professor in decided he was going to start making. Some X rated films are getting involved in producing and editing. That kind of stuff and then Then he transitioned into more mainstream films but even last house on the left. He didn't think that that thing would go mainstream. He thought it would be limited release but a lot of people saw a lot of people. Hated it because you know it was like this is the dawn of the slasher era and this was definitely a slasher film. And that kind of stuff you know. It just freaked people out because they hadn't seen this kind of stuff Texas chainsaw massacre of last house on the left they hadn't seen that kind of stuff and by the time even like even I remember seeing Friday the thirteenth when it first came out I was a little kid and my older sister took me do it at home. My friends in grade school like she took you to see that I would just like Yeah and that was almost like seventy years later but so you know a lot of that stuff was like people didn't WanNa see it. They wouldn't go to it but it lived on VHS. That's for sure so donut. Why did you choose a curse to show that night? So Mike the whole reason like I do. These are just just like I really live for Elvira. Like I'm a kid of the nineties but I love Muscial kind of has a eighties. Donut scary movie night. As kind of like a retro. Vhs eighties you know kind of five. And I really like lift for Elvira like spend Guli in those types of. I really wanted to give that for goods and in doing so Mike. What are fun movies? What are like even movies that are really like split people in to like wait pause split people into but you know what I mean like. Divide us in terms of opinion like scream three. We watch scream three on Friday night and a lot of people hate that movie from West Craven and turns out. It was a great movie. Well Courtney Cox says look in. That film is very controversial. Because it's very bizarre. Shows banks banks or is that what you want to call them? David our cat. And Courtney Cox Weird and out of place in the movie like everybody else seems kind of like. They were interprofessional stylists. They're wearing makeup. They look like they belong in front of Lens. And then Courtney Cox and David Arquette in this film seemed like they stumbled into it. Record is gone through her. What she's been through. I mean she probably just had. A Manic episode was do my own bangs. Let me just do these. Quarantine corny hawks had a Brittany moment in real life. And that's why what I'm saying her character. I'm not really sure why the why they chose that screen. Basically the premise is that Have Campbell is cursed to some degree by this mass? This right or not sure I understand. What the premise of scream is this girl had has has had a fucked up like man like before though for the first movie even starts. Her mom has been brutally murdered. And then this crazy lady named gale weathers which by the way. Gil Weather's can I just go on record as saying that is the best fucking drag name? I've ever heard in my life. Oh yes good deal. Weather's like and so she. This woman has been terrorizing her but also just trying to make her coin. And so when the movie starts up this were meeting a frazzled person. And then I mean spoiler alert if you haven't seen nineteen ninety-six a scream her boyfriend like the guy she's been fucking turns out to have like killed her mom the year previous. And it's just a crazy story. I feel bad for. I feel bad for Sydney Campbell. Let's scream kind of a tribute to other horror films. Like Halloween and nightmare on ELM street will be constructed. They deconstruct I. It's sort of an parody mosh to those films so net. Campbell inevitably in every film. It's sort of like betrayed and rocked and shook as person wearing masks after person is attacking assaulting her exactly but you know what I love about Sydney though and what I love about screamers. She's such a bad ass final girl like she. Every movie she takes the power back and she in every movie like cocks. The gun in this there's no sequel for you guy. Walking by the third movie she like see somebody with that mascot. She's like I'm Outta here. She was working and scream. Three on a on a What do you call it? A hotline for abused and even then they were able to finder. So that's the power of this kind of stuff. It will get you wherever you go. I just remember to David. Our cats had mentioned to Courtney Cox that he really liked this. Betty page looked and hence the BANGS. Oh attempt to try to save that relationship. I guess because they split up shortly after that in real life. It's interesting because we have to keep saying in real life as opposed to them film because their lives kind of mirror this movie green three where they already divorced or was it screened for. They were getting divorced. I think it was screened for. Yeah they were divorced by scream for and it was really awkward. Probably because they were still married in the move share and Sonny Bono did it to in real life. Oh my God give it up for share the queen of Queens so now but but back to curse because I thought I loved a lot of the things that you had to say when you're streaming this movie and it was like the big big reveal and I guess we I guess we're spoiling a lot of films. Is that like Milo Ventimiglia from heroes. He starts off the film as a bully. But we get a real surprise twist I mean common Trump in our queer little lives to like the bullied. You know like I'm GonNa. The homophobic bullied turns out to be. You know totally the power bottom of the whole thing. I really love to know he comes out as gay and falls in love with all people at Zuko Jesse Eisenberg. I mean of all people that was really. I have to suspend disbelief because I was like Jesse Eisenberg. I can't sit maybe. He saw his deaconess showers of the news. Just like I gotta get that only. Hey maybe no I really liked how they sprinkled in gain that movie out of nowhere West Craven at us with like a gay Little storyline it was beautiful and to give people context of what two thousand five was like. There were still a lot of gay and lesbian film. Festivals logo was in was just getting started and there was like not a lot of mainstream. You know major motion picture releases with gay characters that were sympathetic and heroic to you know to some degree Dr or you go from hating the bully to like really worried that he's been killed or hurt to two thousand five. That was like a pre glee era like before mainstream America. Really saw like you know gay people that weren't really scaring them you know the masses and you know Fox News and stuff so glee really came out and change that and then like drag race was still on logo. I mean this was pre honey. This is three years before drag race. Oh Shit Curses two thousand five. We were mark and I were in a meeting in logos offices in New York City in two thousand six I think yeah with Trying to turn. Feast of Fools podcasts. At the time into a television program and the Guy Said. I will never logo never do a show with drag queens. This is a gay and lesbian channel. Not a drag Queen Channel. Are you kidding me Dick euless you know that? That guy should not work there today. The I'm sure. Well good for you guys for persevering I mean like I love. Y'All so much I've been rocky shape that there's a lot of people that like. Oh my God all you do is like cover drag races and stuff and there's just like we've been here three years before drag race and while they hear yours after her. Hopefully I'm really enjoying a repulse secret celebrity drag race grid. What's the secret about it? I wonder there no celebrities. Williams is a true celebrity that that to me was really. I had complicated feelings about it and you got to see that donut. No I didn't because I start my show a ten and the way they're airing. I hate how they break up and talked and seasons twelve Bass for alert so Williams as Lipsky for our life in the latest installment rupaul. Secret celebrity drag race. And I'm like this would be I. I mean I'm thinking of of women in entertainment and music that have contributed more to drag than Vanessa Williams. And here you are putting her in a wig and having some other music where she's the one who saved the best for last will Amina in ugly Betty. She is a diva and to me. I'm like that just makes me love Vanessa Williams more and it doesn't really make me love Ru Paul's franchise because I'm just like your. This is a legend. And you're like you know reducing her to training. You're making her look like Kate Pearson for comparison the shade. Oh my God well. You know what I've been watching that show on. Hbo With Bob and Shangila the transformation show where they go on the road. We're here I think it's called on. Hbo Hit Psych. I think that's what celebrity draggers wanted to be low key but it's a really good so it's Nice 'cause they're kind of like getting more into people's homes and they're kind of like you know interacting with them super like. They're in the middle of America. Which is where I am too. I'd throw them. I do my own drag shows in addition to doughnut scary movie night before like quarantine. I did my own craft shows. Where do you do that at in Indiana of all places? Can you believe how? Where in Indiana so I was doing it. In highland and Griffith Indiana and these places are alike. I mean the first and they're at rednecks straight bars and stuff in the first show I did. They're like my car. Got All graffitied and everything was crazy but I stayed strong. And I'm telling you we would have like four hundred people in this bar every month. Really the videos are just absolutely crazy. But we've had a crazy actually hosted northwest Indiana's very first gay pride last year. It was beautiful. Oh that's amazing so is adjusted drag show or is it like a variety show kind of thing with a bunch of different acts coming seeing it or is it just people just flock to come see a drag show. I do a lot of different I'm like a Weirdo Queen Allah. I sometimes really lip sync but I usually just come out you know rap Kendrick Lamar Song in the Antebellum. Ballgown or something like that. You know what I mean but then really dumb and fun and I'm a comedian to just how jobs all night and then I bring out my girls. These beautiful queen shot to every queen. I've had the pleasure of booking in my shows and it's just beautiful and it's cool because these people around here they don't have that type of shit around here so it's fun. Yeah I've heard good things about some of the drag shows in northwest Indiana and like down in Kankakee and other places like Joliet because we're always thinking of dragons like maybe like a big city kind of thing but you know if you've got the right kind of population around you like people will come and see it. Yeah the world's changing man. It's changing mop mop for me about spray for me spray for me for putting out. That is so good I live for. Y'All like oh I love it. I really think this is probably the first time any drag queen or any pop music. Video has a dance sequence with a mop. I thought they were so clever burly and it's like I think he's unto versions now one with drag Queens and one with his backup dancers honey target is getting his coin. Okay Yeah I was GonNa tell you. I was having a great day until you sent me that Whitney Houston Hologram Shit. Oh my God you look. I've been watching forty five straight days of horror movies. This was the scariest thing I've seen. Is that weird? It's just like okay it's a Hologram. It's you know it's not her body. It's a dancer that's using her moves and whatnot and everything's just kind of virtually recreated but it looks robotic and weird so this is all we're talking about folks is Whitney Houston's Hologram dance and music tour that was mercifully cut short by the corona fires and dynamic and probably. I'm guessing people caught the Rona from going to see that show and the video footage. I saw reminded me a lot of going to chucky cheese all instead of Herat on stage. It's Whitney Houston that was not Winnie. That was some kind of gluten free. Whitney Houston Rachel. Those law life like on weight watchers. That was the weirdest like Monet. Changed Snatch game. I've received. It was beautiful so they created a CGI a robot version of Whitney Houston and then they motioned mapped. Whitney's dance moves with a professional dancer and from my understanding and reading the news stories. Some of it is actually a vocal impersonator. So it's like I would say ninety five percent not Whitney Houston. What because they have to have some dialogue and stuff. So yeah so the the robot on stage of the project the Hologram projection is also superimposed with video footage of dancers and musicians. But it is what hundred percents not people. Why aren't to some of the dancers people? I thought it was and then all of a sudden they disappear on stage like a computer would dissolve them. And I'm like Oh my God. I thought I was only watching. One robot everything on the two male dancers there were on either side of that. I saw looked real to me. They looked real but then in the new story. If you see the end the very end of it they also dissolve so anyways People are watching it. And it's kind of the same atmosphere as in chucky cheese when the kids are kind of like they're talking to each other than paying attention to the stage and some of the die. Hard fans are like really trying real hard to pretend that the robot. Whitney Houston is a real person is still weird. It's the scariest Shit I've ever seen like come on. I mean and this so this is the this is not Whitney. This is some digital bitch that we do not know like she's not with me and she has the nerve to hold a sweat cloth in her hand while she's doing this. Unlike Whitney issue not working on sweat pewter generated sweat Ya droplets stolen Mo- Low restart the machine because you know. Imagine if these things GIG popular. I don't know what's going to happen. Is like half of the music industry. You know create robotic versions of you know Kurt Cobain. We'll go to a Beatles concert from whatever era early Beatles later Beatles. Whatever you want and you'll get to see sergeant pepper. Beatles makes love to black and White Beatles. We saw an exhibit. Recently that had one of those hologram things than sitting in the audience I was like wow. This is weird you know because e sit at the right spot it looks kind of real but it also doesn't look real. How say whatever it was that because I don't think it's public knowledge but eventually we will? I'm thinking about the metaphor here because Whitney Houston was like controlled and run like a machine by our friendly and her manager and record label throughout her life. It's kind of a very bitter irony. It's very black mirror twilight zone thing right like she's free. I want to be with my own voice. And that she drowns in the TUB and they turn her into a robot and it's like now you're free hours forever in. You'll do everything I say. He will that's horrifying. Oh my God guys now. That is a horror film. Beth a horror film. They should make that into. Oh my God back to curse a back of a circle starring Christina Ricci's forehead. Oh my aunt her forehead should have won a Goddamn Oscar for this movie. Was it you that said that? They don't even bother putting makeup on it. They just put a little oil on an shining. Oh my God. Y'All do Christina Ricci like that. She is a queen and she was so good in that movie to see really. Oh she's good and monster you know. Christina. Ricci is definitely unsung hero their unnatural translucent. I liked her in the Lizzie. Bordon series that they had on one of the TV stations. I watch it. It's not the greatest but it's like she's always like all these people ended up disappearing dead and you never quite know if it's her or not at least in the beginning of the series like that her. Did she do that what happened? She was really getting curse too. I really like it was crazy to see west craven still start gagging for the kids like I mean. We really didn't give him his flowers while he was here. He really had a lot of innovative the other night on Friday. I watched nightmare shoot for the first time I know. Blasphemous for a horror reviewer but I watch street and it was like a prolific experience. It was so scary and beautiful. I find nightmare on ELM STREET. Still to this day too scary to. It's probably one of the movies that scare the shit out of me. The most I think I probably saw like ours was like one thousand nine hundred twenty and I was at a friend's house and we watched it on cable. Tv and it was like I was afraid to leave to go because I was so frightened by now I watch it and I I laugh at a lot of it like I see more of the humor and whatnot because like the first time you see it it gets you though Yeah it was my first time on Friday and I'm telling you like I wish I had watched it on my own. I because my reactions are so embarrassing video. Like I'm so scared and I think that's what makes a really good scary movie like you said it scared the shit out of you now. You can laugh at it. That's beautiful so this is your first time saying that. You didn't get a chance to actually see a nightmare street. Two Freddy's revenge ditgiault. I did we actually met. And that's blasphemous too. We watched it a few weeks ago. I'm done at scary me. I yeah we did. Yeah that was so funny because like so many people. Watch that movie. And they didn't get like some of the home or product undertones of all that stuff. And if you don't understand like sado-masochism or gay bars or the leather seeing the you know the the maybe you wouldn't see that kind of stuff doesn't register so. I guess for like in the making of the movie like a lot of people didn't quite know what was going on but other people are like this gay shit and I mean there's literally a scene where there's literally as more. He's take his gym teachers making him shower after a night at the Sim bar and dogma. Than Freddie comes on and I don't want to spoil it but I mean it's really that gay it's really that it's beautiful when I think about like you know gave rs and films. The first time I ever saw a gay bar in a movie was in the Police Academy Franchise when the police officers are the villains wind up in a bar called the Blue Oyster and it's basically SM leather bar. Where all the guys there do the tango dance dance for man originally so the villain stumbles into the bar and some guy goes finally a new dance partner and grabs him and starts dancing. The guys like I like it too much. Yeah in terms of like a horror films and where was one film that always. I'm a huge fan of and is the back. Well the cabin in the woods. Really fantastic film. Oh yes and you know I think about Michael Jackson's thriller video though. Do you remember when that premiered back in the I mean? I don't think he might have been too young for that. It wasn't even. It was like three or four. I remember was that at a party and everybody stopped and watched it. I think it was premiered. On what if MTV's first world premiere videos everybody stopped? They played it. Was like a fifteen or twenty minute video or half an hour or something and Michael Jackson transforms into our cat. Now Wall aware cat a Black Panther. If you will yeah he's just like you know I remember as a kid getting so scared of it like I was generally like terrified. Well if you have been afraid of Michael Jackson you had the right. Those instincts instincts there for Sherve. So were you were terrified of the thriller video. Yeah Yeah I remember the school. Our school got us to watch it as extracurricular activity really they played the hour long documentary because there was a thriller thriller with Brian Depalma. And there's a scene where they have the special effects sky filming Michael Jackson's transforming and they're having him Moan like you're paying and he's like scared anymore. Oh God well. There was such a big event you know because it was like a law. It was his new song from him. It was a big long video. They really hyped it up because most music videos were to three minutes long however long the song was and this was the year of these things just kind of becoming big and so it was just like I. I didn't have MTV at the time. But all my friends were just. They were all glued to their television and like watching it when it happened. I was saying I'm telling you the first time I saw that video it was in New York City. I was a kid okay at I looked at the hotel for some reason and I saw on the screen and I was so fucking scared and I did not sleep for three days and it was directed by a pretty well known. Filmmaker John Landis at the time you know Wolf Yeah so which to me just like it was so so much money and energy and time was put into that promoting that song and Vincent Price. Does the head and it's just like my friend who lives in Washington. Dc and she was babysitting for this family and when the family came home. They had vincent price with him. I guess they had been friends and they brought him back she goes she goes and you know a medium. He's as creepy as you would think he would be is. She's like totally creeped out. What what was your friends. Jennifer Jennifer you can excuse me. Do you know where the bathroom is. I need to powder my nose out lesbian. And she wrote a book you know talked about her dad being bisexual. Whoa okay daddy landed. I think especially after you watch Hollywood. I don't know if you've seen on Netflix. I gave Elon is like the best villain live for now. I haven't seen Hollywood yet. Is it good? It's good it's fun. People think it's Corny. But it's just you know right now and the time Rona you need a little hope you need a little life and The Hollywood is really giving us life. It was really moving now. Of course I had a couple of cocktails chance I was like this is so beautiful. You shocked me when I saw Queen Latifah kissing that other woman. I thought it was her first time she did but I guess she had kissed another woman. Users played gay before and Bessie. Yeah so who queen isn't it? Oh man yeah she plays Hattie mcdaniel. Oh Lord vice to the lead actress. Who's a woman of color on how to accept her academy award if she were to get one and there are some people on social media whose names shall not go mentioned angry? Because you know the the show supposed to take place in the nineteen fifty nine hundred forty seven four late forties right. So and they're using the term called people of Color and I'm like they. They're angry that are not using authentic terms. This is not a black for every so basically once upon a time in Hollywood Tarintino movie it's kind of like a rewrite of the the mansfield murders and like different out. Calm like a different idea of what high we could be an so. Hollywood is Netflix. Special done by Ryan wants his name. Fausto Fig Ryan Murphy as kind of a retaliated like a Hollywood story where like you know people of Color Queer people are centered and women are in power that kind of stuff so is it takes a lot of liberties with how things really were fantastic. It's a fantasy land if you would have of what could be or what could have been and so you know. There's a lot of things in there that are historically inaccurate. Because of that but for whatever reason this person wants to focus on that and people are mad about that who you'd think we were in America that's Bush's protesting out in downtown area of our town without a mask on Belak. I need to go back to my clubs. You know what I let them protest because anytime Downton Abbey comes on. I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA start protesting. I'm going to get them right back. I'm GONNA had a rare. Breaking bag has a reunion. Oh streets okay. Have you seen American Wolf in London? Speaking of like the most iconic. You know where we'll films I saw when I was a kid. My Dad My dad likes I love horror films as a kid a kid and you love films your parents are like either they encourage you or they like discourage you my dad was so eagerly you like this shit. Let me show you. This should and he showed me American Werewolf and I think I blacked it out because I don't remember anything from it. Yeah I was not allowed to see it and the scenes that I saw like on television I was like. Oh my God. This movie sounds so scary. And then mark showed it to me the other day About a year or two ago and I was like this. Movie's really sexy. Oh yeah that might have changed. Like it's probably one of the most sexy metamorphose change of a of a of a Werewolf because it's you know it's James Naughton. Who is famous for is like Dr Pepper Commercials back in the summer your pepper. Johnson and he just rips off all his clothes and you see him naked. And you're like Oh my God you get to see like a hot guys but in a movie because you didn't really get to see that too often and then he just becomes hairy and so sexy but the the Werewolf is not just a metaphor for like repressed sexuality in American Werewolf. It's also about like blossoming sexuality to totally. It's like you're becoming more of an animal like with when Your Vampire? It's like you're dying and you become in cold and a creature of the night if you're aware of your creature of the night but you're like more fair all your creature and you're on all fours it's where wolves they're all like you know a sexy and Farrell and kind of tapping into your sexuality but vampires are almost always like kind of like gay. There always just like. Oh there's this dude at my window wants to come in. Oh he wants to suck on me. Oh Shit you not. I went to Catholic grade school right and there was a book in our library and it was had some horror stories in it and one of the horror stories in it was about a vampire and I swear to God he sucked this boy in the book and it was just say my reading this correctly am I reading and so every now and then I would go back to that book because it was in the library and they put it up and I looked at it and I read it again. I'd like And then what do the book just hear. It was no longer there. I don't know what's book that was what short story it was in that book. But I'll just I'll never forget it 'cause I tried to go back and I'm like am I reading this correctly and make sure enough. Oh man put that in there but there was star and a wolf man film. Yeah but it wasn't that great of the and the way that I think if I'm not mistaken if was that movie another movie where it was like the Werewolf. Transformation was kind of like the world was underneath him and he just starts ripping Affleck is human skin like yeah. It was just kind of like. Oh let's not as sexy dude slow so we can see. Oh my God no. I'm so excited. Do you think that's one? We should watch on donuts scary moving. The they'll talk movie. I WanNa March Abbott. And Costello meet Frankenstein and the Wolf Monster. Its one hundred best movies of all time really. Yeah have you. Have you done any of the old classic horror films the Frankenstein? The mummy no. We haven't done any classics. Yeah which ones do you think we should do? Avoca Stella meet Frankenstein. Let me tell you universal films. At the time they own the franchise to Dracula with the Ben Lugosi. You know they had a lawn Cheney during Frankenstein and the Wolfman like the three classic when you think of these characters you know. And and they're in. This wacky screwball comedy. And they're all like you know screaming and chasing like Scooby Doo in fact that like Scooby. Doo Borrows a lot from this film and it really is a phenomenal. It's very campy. It's weird and it stars. Just huge James in motion picture history. You know you're going to put that on the list. We you know what we have to do some classics. We got some good movies Coming up to put that on the list. We have like what he of a thing. I've never seen the thing before which version the John Carpenter. I don't think that's the original but I think that's John Carpenter's part Russell. That's probably that is definitely in the top five of my favorite horror films. He's so cute Kurt Russell and it's terrifying. That movie is terrifying at times. The Rona virus. You don't know who's got it right who's GonNa give it and there's a mean going around like using that Kurt Russell scene where they do do the blood testing as corona virus reference. I've meant to save it on my. I wonder if I saved on my phone. Anyway I can take some person with Corona Virus Blood. And you hate up a coat hanger and you stick it in it. The blood out and attacking. Oh Hell No. We can't do that we we. I was scared. Somebody's Head Cup. Gets cut off in that movie sprouts legs like a spider in this New Brunswick. It's so nice Seattle. I love it. I did see the remake in the remake. Just just just. It's just not as good now is really flat. And it's unfortunate your car but because you're doing one every single night till you drop dead every single night till I drop that you know. This is the forty-six night and tonight we're doing orphan because I to take requests a from everybody in. It's one of my best friend's birthday tonight. And she wanted to watch orphan and I never seen that movie before so excited to watch that. We're watching orphan. Tonight and midsummer. Get Out Franken. We have a mother's Day feature that's GonNa be linked to Franken Hobart God I haven't seen that in forever. Did you see midsummer? I thought? Look Okay I wish I didn't because I saw it in theaters and I was like. Oh my God what is this? This is too deep really related to it because I just you know not too recently been on reality. Tv Show and Scandinavia. Where they take you and show you the local customs and so it was like watching this film and I'm just like God getting to being on an aura and then you know because they kept showing her all these different. This is how we do. This and this is how we do that. And you're like this is weird. What's happening but I kind of laughed like there was so much humor. I felt like in that movie and I think a lot of people in the audience were just like they were mortified. And I'm just like laughing. I mean what a different thing environment to the it was so sunny in that movie and it's usually are horror. Movies are in the dark and this was just out in the open. It was kind of crazy to watch what is often about. I have no clue and everybody is telling me and especially my best friend. She's like look. You don't know anything about this movie. Don't don't look up anything about it so I don't know usually I try to do research in all these movies. I WANNA go in blind. I want to go and I want to raw when we go to child right and kid winds up killing him. I'm guessing problem. Well you'll have to see because there's like this happen all the time in the news. Somebody like adopts a kid and the kid turns out to be like a little person. Who's a serial killer you know? I was adopted too so I think I feel bad for my parents every day. I'm like you got this dude adopted. You have the right to kill your adoptive parents. Is that how it goes? That's what that's what it said in the contract. That's what happened in real life in like this one woman. This family went on Dr Phil. Do you remember that story? I'm not really even sure. How any of that even panned out. I think she actually was a young girl. I think she was. The parents are just like this. Girl's a Chee Demon. She's a big. They just packed up and left. This child who may have been like had mental health issues all by themselves and department is insane and then they all went on Dr Phil to confront each other about it. Dr Phil is just I mean like and you know I love trash TV. I've been on trash TV. Actually not a lot of people living on Jerry Springer. I was in an episode Jerry Springer. It has like two million views on YouTube. I don't even want to say the title of IT Right. But it was so cute. Actually normally Jerry Springer is like people fighting and everything ours was so cute. I like got to go down the poll. I made my insurance through the look at. Okay look it up. It's called naked. Peekaboo it's really good. What make it peekaboo and I got a writing credit because I sang a song on their an original song and they credited me what was the premise of the of the parents. Who are like anti sack. My Mama thinks I dressed too sexy kind of shit or what it was so I don't need. I don't know if I should like ruined the Mystique of the Jerry fucking springer show right now but my friend worked on production and she was like A. Let's go let's get knows it. Okay cool and I brought my friend and We had a nice little mess through a moment on Jerry Springer. Let's just say that. They gave US Steve. The bodyguard his own show. I mean that's Daddy Stevie deserves. It should have been a porno. He's shooting a porno right now. I know I said it should have been a porno kind of pornographic because everybody's always getting choked by him. People into that stuff signed me up getting glazed and choked. I you know I'm an enigma. Somebody called me the other day and I was like what did you call me but I I just like to make people happy and smile and I'm a comedian. Sometimes things I say are controversial. But it's always in good fun and everybody comes to my shelves overnight Digitally now and we have a good time. Are you liking this better or like you? Think once the Rona virus. Because I'm seeing a lot of DRAG QUEENS. That used to like put down the internet or not pay attention to or not wanting to create videos or online content. Now everybody's like basically streaming. Their makeup is their embracing. I see I gotta say controversially. I love it because I've been making content online for years. Now I've been incorporating it into weird ways I like seeing these people embrace this ship because it's there and you can get you going and you can do yoga but I just hope going forward. They remember how it feels to walk past your drag closet every day and you not using it so book. Some of these other girls that you bitches ain't been booking you know what I mean more people booking drag queens and Allen an invited them to share a stream with them or you know people do it on instagram. I had the pleasure of being incapable Kardashians bitches and bearded bitches and space show instagram. And basically you just like Join Somebody's live video and perform i. It's it's it's a new world people are trying to figure it out but I'm here to let all the queen's no if you need a hand I am a video editor and producer. Hit a bitch up for you. Drew a really great job with Tacna and logically. It's kind of really complicated to do that to have a video streaming while you're talking and you know not not get alkyl Sam knocking on your door. You know it's been really interesting. I kind of figured out a way to do it. And I'm not knocking on wood right now but it's really cool and I liked the format the way it looks. It's really like shiny and eighties looking. So when you scroll through it on the time line it catches your eye and I really liked that. Vhs sort of drive in movies US aesthetic that you have going there. Yeah you like those commercials to do those commercials. Are they bloom? There's a commercial where you can like call Freddie on like a sex hotline or something. Yeah he's like a baby call me. It's the weirdest spots and then I put in like McDonald's commercials from the eighties. That she was so weird. I just wish I was around for the eighties. Dude I was born in. I was there basically. I'll tell you what the eighties was. We spent a lot of time watching cable television eating Haagen Dazs ice cream bagging parents to drop us off at the mall and we went to the mall or parents would give us like five or twenty two. It seems like a like no money today but we felt rich five or ten dollars in like the eighties. Was You can get a lot of stuff. You could play video games so I go to. The movies was about four dollars and you had a burger fries in shake was another five dollars and then the five dollars to play the video games and then five dollars to buy a fish like I was born in Nineteen ninety-one but I did hear that in the eighties you could by covered wagon for like two dollars you get pure cocaine in the eighties marked it up all night. Having a good time makes it a little baking soda and Cook it up and you get a rock. And I'm not saying marks partied a lot but he's consumed more than Lindsay Lohan spill. Egg God her livers waking. Ooh honey you okay like I because I noticed that on on facebook you say you live in Los Angeles. Also I lived there for in two thousand eighteen. I lived there for like a year and it was honestly like once again. I watch horror movies every night. The crave the scariest thing was living in La Bitch. It was fucking fine It was just one okay. So can we really talk about? I want to hear the. I want to hear the gruesome truth. La To me was okay. The idea of La never appealed to me. But when I got there I was like okay I can kind of get. I'm a little goth so I was like I can get into the sunlight. I can eat some in and out bitch when I got there. I realized it was like mad. Racist likes so low key because I took a lot of public transport. And there's a lot of things they don't tell you about our lay one skid row. What the fuck was that like? Oh I it shook me and on the bus. Every time I was on the bus literally some person ranting and raving and screaming clearly mentally ill but like everybody else. They're just crazy bomb and they would like I've gone shit thrown at me. One time I was walking home from a movie okay. This is just one experience one night mellow. I was walking home from a movie down the street and all of a sudden I hear. Also your voted. I don't know if I can say that on here but I I it and then I don't stop moving but as soon as I go. I don't know how to explain this also in a bottle just crashes across Across the wall next to me and if I would have stopped moving for a second it would hit me in the fucking face and I was like damn it is like two in the morning like what's good. La But also had great times there too. So you know I. It was a mixed bag. You know. I've never been in another place that reminds me more of Puerto Rico and San Juan in Los Angeles texture whether racial injustice inequality corruption Spanish Spanish obsession with architecture. An obsession with wealth and glamour. And it's like I felt right at home. Yeah I'm much more new so we are in place to live. That's for sure you know enjoying the visit. I enjoy myself but it's Could I lived there? I don't know my friend. Devon Green said you have to have a lot of money to be feel comfortable or safe in Los Angeles and it's it's a hard place emotionally to be if you're struggling but it could be fun to you know like there were days where. I would just go to the beads and like I remember. Some cute dude was like following me because he could smell my blunt and I was like. I'll let you smoke this blunt with me and then you know what that guy led me to a cool party that night. La was a mixed bag. Wasn't really like about your donut. Is that you're always willing to share your blunt with people as always oh limits your my love with the world. It's life's too short man. I've seen short. How soon before like when you record you thing to do you smoke? Do you get high right beforehand. Or are you getting high during some of the stuff? What's going on? Well honey? Let me tell you something I have had three brain surgeries starting at the age of seventeen years old so I don't think anybody would turn their nose up at me. Smoking a bunch of pot. But I do. I love the spiritual and medicinal qualities of marijuana. I'm a proponent of it and I smoke weed everyday and before I usually smoke weed in my broadcast. I figured out a tricky with it do it. I have like I can put this static on just my video camera is no one can see how mouth. I was like no bitch. I'm baking out called on all your so clever. I know brain surgery when you were eighteen years old when I was seventeen in high school it was crazy happened as the they discovered a lump. Yeah it was crazy and I was like my senior year of high school and I was just like I was a theater kid so I was excited to do little shop inforwars and for like Prom and I was excited to Suck Dick. You know like I was just like a young kid. You know just living my life next thing you know in all these machines and shit and I was really light hearted about it. The whole time like so On your dates you were going feed me on stage or saying feed me. I was saying breed me if he'd be a mixture of did you plainly shopper horrors. Of course I was archery to. How low you could've played audrey to and Audrey one. I wish just me and like white face like white chicks. My friend Thomas Karrada he. His late husband is the playwright turns McNally he produced Latina cts of version of little shop. Horrors in New York. Oh my God this up Chop Horace gophers now. Instead of taking place in a Jewish neighborhood takes place in Latinas neighborhood and Audrey who usually played by Audrey Corinne to me. It's like I can't think of Audrey Green not as audrey right. It's biology actresses name escapes me right now. But it's Rulli. I heard some great reviews about it. Yeah lingering is legend and like a little shop before was like my dream should do so. It was kind of crazy when I had that surgery but I recovered and here. I'm just a bit of supper. Time for us. To Basha singly. Alison Shit I was and I was the thing was when I had that surgery. They gave me a bunch of pain pills. I didn't and I was like no. I don't know what that is. I'm like a hippy. Dippy dude so I was like just a bunch of weed so for that whole show I was I would say belligerently. High violently high so every and I was in the pit because there was a somebody operating plant on stage while I was singing for it and I'm just in that pit lightstone. His fouls lit another blunt while I was singing. So you're down. You're comfortable sitting in a room where the Microphone Cozy. Inner Levi Stubbs. Yes you're just like your lag if I can move and I could talk. Who SAYS I can't smoke anything I want? I mean you oh my God. Direct line honey. I got that musical memorized. It's so good. And then I heard Jake Jilin Hall was more on an off Broadway production. Oh interesting he's he's too. He's too muscular to be a nerd. He can remind nerd. Yeah he's all do. Please give me a job. The Rona viruses killed my career. Which are knew how to quit you? Audrey Drag Queen I think Audrey to is an UN- under appreciated pop culture icon. Oh so I mean. Come on just everything. I'm glad they're rebooting it but also shot up to Nina West to war a nice audrey to runway draggers season eleven. Yeah and also the boulet brothers when I first met them we. Somebody brought them to us. We were interviewed. People drag con in Los Angeles. And they're like have you met the Belabor others and unlike who the hell's that that we had we know that was before that they we met them I in Los Angeles at drag on and they came up to us and they were wearing this like little shop of horrors. Audrey to head pieces. That were made okay. Custom-made just like who the hell these dispute that I feel like we met them at Austin. I because the Austin National Drag Festival Happen. I right not to my recollection. It was the second time we had been in Austin. We met them in Los Angeles. I have videotape footage of us. Like what's her name. What are your about all my God? And I'm sure they knew you though they knew us and people were like you don't know the Belabor others amazing they're working on a show called Dracula really great and I was like. Oh this is really great. And and then like Dracula became this huge thing you know and I was like as really glad that the show is doing so well because I've always loved their sensibility. They're static and their love for horror films and I feel like some of my favorite drag queens like when you find out of drag Queens into horror films. You know you're going to have a good time always always same drag queen into horror movies. That's why I'm here for you every night like I just live for and a lot of people have a lot of. What is this word? A lot of people. There's a stigma against people who like horror movies because of you know the violence in the world. I don't think I haven't found that with the Hor- community everybody's so kind and if you go to oricon people are like smiling and partying and shit like I live for the horror community. So what are you GonNa do like once all this ends I mean? Are you going to rub your eyes and venture out into the sun and warm? After quarantine is over. I'll still be like doing shows and everything but donut scary movie. I thought by now it would. Maybe I don't know I wouldn't say I'm pessimistic but I didn't. I thought maybe it would slow down. It's only getting bigger and better and a lot of people have been talking to me about Weird Shit and like transferring over into live things like I'm going to be working with Coco Chanel on something. That's really beautiful and I'm just GonNa keep going just because if it makes people smile at skits get by me. I like go out and protest. They had I faxed protesters are. What are you know like In if I we don't know what the world is going to be in the future but we are talking about like you know potential installations in the flesh of like horror movies. Some type of Elvira things. I don't WanNA spoil it around the corner from us. Doesn't she's down the street? Yeah he's a bad bitch home bar of the call. I'M GONNA have to come visit honey. Yeah you're like one of my favorite discoveries. The first time I saw your videos you were high as a kite. What was I watching this? Poor Man Oh my God. Yeah we were. I was so yeah we saw catch was the third night we watched and yeah I was completely stone out what the there is. No you gotta forgive people during this time Rona for acting crazy or for why I mean it was and also that was the movie to do it to like we watch twenty nineteen nine hundred cats but the but holes and everything come on. Oh you actually got a version that had the holes in it. Oh yeah you know I got come on? I'm donut hole. I didn't realize I thought that was just an urban legend. No it's real and I don't want to. Maybe there's a version that they put out on the Internet like a trailer that they had put the buttonholes back in. But I'm sure that that was exaggerated thing right. Well the bottles are very clear. They're very there but I don't think they're the most crazy part of the movie. Literally Jennifer Hudson is wearing acrylic the entire tire movie. It's scaring acrylic nails. You mean Alan. It's crazy like a full set. Like how are the nails? They're super does they're really long. Track four-inch three inch nails a good four inch and unlike why is Bella wearing to look for that I? I didn't realize he's wearing crazy. Like post office lady worker nails. It's fucking crazy. Its own my God yeah. I thought the move the music of the movies pretty good you know I live for. I was in production of cats. Actually I should probably do. Okay can you guess I was Old Deuteronomy? Oh that's so sweet. The one who goes? Do you know how to go to hell you? That was everything you're like on the on the big black cat. I love being big and black. I'm a big see. That's why I like this job too. That's why I like Donald Scary movie night because I get to be big old black cat Macau J- just get to talk shit. We'd and watch horror movies have won wig off. Actually you know what that's how I started. Doing drag are made woods for all the girls like literally. I've been a gigs. Where I have a wig on my head and like Demi Saxton will come up and just be like no. I need to buy that from that. Two hundred dollars right now. That's how it yards. Yeah somebody just bought the whig right off your head. Oh many times. I wasn't even the first. It's crazy because that's what got me into drag because I do here and I'd like do human people's hair and then I started doing weeks. Yeah it's crazy on drag race on a season that there's no pandemic you know what I can't say nothing but this pandemic girl come on honey. I totally see you like if you ever got that show you do well. You know it's like you got all the all the bells and whistles ready to go beauty queen now part. Oh yes right about it. Part of Dream Head shaves it away. If someone's listening we want you on drag race but we need you to shave your like sure. Why not you know where the fuck it'll grow back. They're going to be a bearded queen. After the show's over the realty can either realistic realty. What you just said I literally said that in my addition tape. I was like the first line at my table is look. I'm a Beer Quinn. But I'll cut it off. If you want me to off my Dick Rupaul. Come on the show. Oh that's right. Yeah you have your Dick and can't have boobs right. Well unless you're on Rupaul. Secret celebrity drag race. And your name's Vanessa Williams. Yes my gosh this aid while you knew this lot of people out there okay so you can have women do drag on celebrity drag race but not on regular drag race. How does that make any sense? I'm sure next to you is probably GonNa be kids or trans women and then like everybody's heads are going to explode. You know I can. I'm trying not to fuck up my bag in the future. I'm trying you know. Part of it is like I don't think they've they've had people who are like our drag race and then they cast them on the show G. Gun. Hello Jesus hello kinds of shit about the rupaul drag rates and they brought her back so you know I wouldn't worry about it I'll fuck and say I think it's fucking time I wanNA see drag kings drag queens drag things all in betweens. I WANNA see Trans People. Non Binary people I wanNA see all types of Queer people on my TV screen period. I think just no disrespect to everybody out there but this is something we're GonNa have to ourselves that we can't rely on on other people to make the world a better place. You know be be the doughnut McQueen stream your dream exactly e- exactly 'cause people be kind of like I'm not GonNa lie. I kind of do a tough love approach to because if you want something you can go out there and getting people be so like you have to open the door for meat. Knock kid open for. Make your own bus through the window. Musudan Window and ROB everybody. But it's more I think it's I put it this way. It's comfortable to complain and I do it to you know it's like my husband always like though negative whining about this and whining about that. What are you going to do about it? You know and and to me. I'm just like there's a certain comfort in making rupaul or somebody else. Whoever that person is your you know the obstacle of Y. Your life isn't better exactly. And you know Alexandra Cortez Our Future. President of the United States of America says that we need to be the change we want to see in the world and yes. You have great attention to discrimination when you see it. Yeah there's there's there's the difference between you know saying you know I don't know part of me is like it's a TV show you know we're not talking about healthcare here we're not talking about wage inequality here we're talking about television program you know we learn from what is learned from Hollywood. The members didn't tation matters. Patti lupone Rupaul. It'd be back. We didn't show every kind of dream one one team many dreams and I'm just going to start a whole class like a seminar for all these complainers to just like teach them how to be black in America because like after a certain point. You just don't give a fuck you know you just gotTa Kinda look at the Bullshit. Just hit the blunt and be like all right. How can I just start with an because he can't you know what I mean? You GotTa start somewhere and you start with yourself i. What do you feel like you know? Some survival mechanism for us just been sort of like laughing off at the injustice and misfortune. I'm Jim I so that's part of it but I'll I go real a Lotta people know me for my will for instance. I don't know if any if you guys know but I had a big altercation. In the past year I was doing my big drag shows in Indiana and basically the bar was working out was really like underpaying the girls and undervaluing them. A my money was okay. I didn't say anything But I did. I stood up and I said this is not okay and when I said that they wanted to chop my head so I was like. Let me. Just take my Lucrative show and move it and in one day with seven hours notice. I moved to another venue and have four hundred people there that night. And that was me saying. Don't fuck with the game slide so I also really hard in terms of my like. I don't take bullshit from anybody and I also don't take bullshit against anybody like I don't sit by and let bullshit happen. I will always speak up but also laugh to. We can laugh about it. I'm a comedian. Also up in your face and be like this is what. You're not going to do this so we can learn from this because we can all be friends on the fan and honey. If if if if my life was put in danger to see one of your shows I would do it. Oh my God no you will be met with such love we will. You have talking about the Rona honey. I can't participate in the south. A Larouche Hadas judge one one time ooh cc of Charlotte to see see and we went down there and some guy came up to me. It was Kinda cute you know. And he's like I need help. Pay My Electric Bill. House like what he was really cute. Though did any smiled one. Two one two three teeth. That's next logical progression for me is to be the count. I'm just GONNA BE McDonnell. Yeah you could be any muppet. Which would you be the one that gets paid the most But I'd probably be realistically the one that's in the garbage can grouch. But I'm pulling snow. I'd be the one that was stoned all the time. You know the big old like woolly. Mammoth that was so you go. Or is he invisible to the people of Sesame Street for years and then some child psychologists were like your fucking kids up with this character. They changed it so one episode. The the people of Sesame Street discovered that big bird's imaginary friend wasn't imaginary. Oh my God and they're like Oh my I remember the day. It was like it was on the news. Packwood sesame street I wrote about Sesame Street introduced HIV positive muppet. Damn I South Africa. The South Africa Tech Alani Street. Or whatever but it was still like she did videos with Bill Clinton and stuff and all these Republicans are like sesame street starting to give children AIDS own my God. I can't believe they made snuffy invisible. God He started off took office invisible. Nobody saw and people are like you don't have a friend like snuffle Alpha. Yes Oh kids were confused. Because we're like what is happening. Burton Ernie's based on a not Abbott and Costello Laurel and hardy so a lot of those Skits that they did. We're actually laurel and hardy skits kind simplified for kids but they were fucking well. That was the thing that Laurel and hardy initially was. The humor was that they were too poor men living in the depression era and it had to share the same bed and so forced was homosexuality based out of poverty yanks so a lot of the Lawrence hardy films were them in bed and they're like the skinny guy. Hardy is Laurel. I can't remember the skinny. One is like snoring really loud and pushing his arms around the Chubby one. And it's like mad at each other you know. One dress accidentally puts on a women's hat and thinks she looks pretty and get you know so there's a lot of like unintentional homosexuality that and so you know people say that. Bernie weren't gay or the people created it but they're based on two very popular characters. Who very much had homosexuality is part of their themes so I mean I can relate. I'm gay out of poverty as well so my mom gave her bay. I'm gay for every day. Any anytime. Anywhere don't worldwide donut worldwide on Instagram facebook twitch then Mo hit me up now we watch you on facebook. Are you doing the facebook live or doing something else in it just shoots it out because you can do that nowadays right you can shoot it out to a bunch of different channels right? Yeah the setup I have is crazy like first of all like the setup like are you enjoying your. It's brand new. Sometimes I wish the the the the movie was a little louder. Yes yes so you have to lower the volume on the movie. So the sensors don't catch it. Well that's it's really tricky because you would think with all this fucking run on the street that they'd be a little lax on the you know like things online and stuff with especially with everybody going live and stuff. But they aren't so I have to kind of you know. It's more of a commentary based. Watch PARTY TYPE DEAL. But it's still like you know you can hear the sound is getting better to It's tricky say I've see on youtube because they're always posting you know. Tv shows movies on facebook. The secret is they just speed it up and slow it down. So you're watching something like really love this show so much. I WANNA watch it anyways. You know what's beautiful too and while doing it every night is because even right now just got a message that said do not research or orphan for tonight bears. A big spoiler dot like people are so involved in it. It's just beautiful where you're creating like a real community for the folks. It's an honor. I mean I. It's the least I can do. Why why lead with anything but love you know what I mean a sweet you gotTa hold a medal? You covered in Glazed Sam. Talk to you. Oh my God I love you guys so much. What is your favorite doughnut? My fav- everybody always asks me that. My name is donut. For a plethora of reasons I used to work and I was. I was a pastry chef for a really long time so I would like get up really early in the morning at like three and make like doughnuts cupcakes and stuff and I would always eat. When you're making cakes you You have to cut them a certain way. And then you chrome coat All the stuff. There's layers of layers to making a cake. But I would eat the access cake all the time and I had the meanest German lay out. Don't even want to say her name but she was awesome but she was mean and she'd be like you don't need to eat that you already knew too fat. You don't need to eat that I was gonNA say notes Donut. So that's why she gave you the nickname doughnut. Whoa no she was like she would always call me cupcake and like she one time. She called me Mike. Marzipan and I was like okay. But you're getting too far penalties little sweet names and so I was like okay. I'm don't know all that's all great. So this like mean all crazy. Pastry Chef Lady looked at. You said your name is donuts. Now you donate. Yeah I was like Okay Arnold Schwarzenegger but people can find you under the name. Judah McQueen. That's my legal name and so you know I don't McQueen has great name. Thank you I look forward to naming my kids the weirdest fucking names like with McQueen is the last name like a great name for a drag queen to be last name is McQueen. It's just it's destiny. I mean it's like somebody knew that I was. You know it's like somebody new. I don't how they Johnson Spanish but every now and then you come across signs like from bakeries and they they spelled donuts like Donna's do Nas my road named Judah and out the other day in a parking lot. This guy was trying to hand me like this this Bible pamphlet or something and he's like what your name I was like. It's Judah and he thought my name was judicious so he got immediately scared of me really legal since come on. It's your Damn Bible. I didn't write it. I mean he started running away and I just I just chase them and I was just like I was like yeah. Let's go. Jud Gog was part of the land of Israel. I believe right. Yes sir. You're right you know. I don't know anything about this dude. I Christian religion. Is that what they call it? I have no cowboy named to me or something has an old feel to it. My Name's Judah Judah McQueen I'm GONNA use the outhouse tonight but my you can call me donut because Sweet I used to say you can call me donut because you can eat me girl. That's that's obvious. Does the say no to any pastry or man. Oh never never hit me up. Pella's I keep your six feet six feet away right. Oh my God don't show Ms. Like I'm just going to have like eighty fucking orgies after this shit. Oh my God eighty at least that was the first Brecca grasp girl talking to you. Don't McQueen I love good. Thank you so much for giving me an average thank you for lifting people of Color thank you for uplifting my young black us on we love you and love what you do and please come back often and frequently. Oh my God see each other in the real flesh. Yeah let's make Lewis is true. Ross ooh that sounds good. I could be on the cooking. Show you if you want to. I would love to audition for it. I won't come show up but ass naked just with some donor you got. Cut in your Your audition tape for Rupe off. You know I got Who was that Drag Queen? That came to US issues that I'm GONNA be on their cooking. Would drag queens and I was like. Where's your addition tape? And she was so mad about it but who we actually did with her. It was a kiss by from from Atlanta Georgia ABC fag. What's her name away? Lay garth Brooks Nicole. Page that said Apple Lady Guards McColl Garth Brooks her so mad. Because I was like I said. Where's your audition tape girl? She's like what do you know as next? That's why I'm asking separates the people that really want to do it. And the people that don't WanNa see didn't of course we wanted to talk to her and south so anyway she came she. We did this. We went out of the club. And she's at Y'all gas one of my my brands one of my brands is Biden nipples ripple. She drew blood. Whoa and she said that was the last time she ever been a nipple. I'll right well. That's a different kind of breastfeeding baby. We'll be haven't any vampire movies on donuts scary movie not at all. You GotTa do interview with the Vampire cruise in it Brad Pitt. They're both young. And the little vampire baby. Kirsten Dentsu is like ten or eleven. When they made that moving maybe twelve. Oh my God i WanNa Watch a Lotta people said watch the lost boys as well all my God. The Lost Boys is incredible. I saw that like three times in the movie theater. It is so gay at night. Hello though and fright night. That's one of my favorite ones fright. Night to be bright. Night is a great film and the the young guy who gets turns or vampire later on went to do porn. No well one of the guys who was like. I thought you were going to help me. Yeah he he just porno and the female lead in their went on to produce The big gay sketch show right became an out lesbian. And you can totally see her. Be like a gay and that she you'll just like this is a baby. Dyke kind of foster. You're just like Oh on the big. A sketch show and riding McDowell was also is also in that and these fantastic. That's why I think one of my favorite roles of I've ever seen him in. The Laws Means Amanda Beers. Yeah WHOA and guess guess. Guess who was on that show? Kate Clinton Kate McKinnon from sadder. Good and I ask Jonny McGovern about it. Like how close are you guys stuff? He's like she don't return. My calls talk show NAM on their anywhere. She doesn't mention it anywhere. My God yes okay. So maybe the lost boys that should be the first vampire movie watch. Yeah do it do it? I mean it's so good talking to you stay whatever stay delicious crispy Apple Apple Phil. That's cream yeah. There be filled in moist than lushes. Andy Bavarians out there. Feel free to Creamy at Donna worldwide. Thank you can tell the kids the show. Yes I was GONNA say but go ahead. Yeah oh I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I'm right now as you finish the Judah donut McQueen lives in Chicago southside. Checkout Donut Scary Movie Nights Dreamy. Every single day ten. Pm Central at facebook dot com slash donut worldwide. Is that good? That's perfect? That is perfect. Baby I love your so much. Thank you so much babies we love you to. Donut by Donut by gorge after lives outside checkout carry movie night and when the corona virus stuff is lifted. You can catch out. Some of his shows Northwest Indiana. I can't believe he's just down the street from us. Well when you talk about somebody being on the south side of Chicago from where we live. That's a good hour some. It's an hour at least but you know what it's worth the trip. Yeah he can come here anytime. I Love Donna. I love his sensibility at personality haven't catched his a lot of fun. You know. Just chill back. Just forget about your troubles and lose yourself in this fun experience that he's giving people for free streaming all these movies and asking for tips or doing it just like us. American Express will do nicely. Thank you let male. Loosen up your car la. Tell me you talk about our pay Triana again. Patriots Dot Com Slash V. Still Fun where else can get a little something something extra fun. Dot Com slash. Plus you can sign up and contribute to the show to make this show happen. So we're here for the future we're GONNA ride out this pandemic and beyond with your support. We can do this or if you'd like to make a one time. Donation got that stimulus money stimulate. Me Just do a little van. Moa Feast of fun then. Mall cash cash me outside. How about that and mail fees to fund for. Pay Pal. Honey you. We'll take anything anything. Edibles you said never in who are Nada who lives in Rio de Janeiro. She's been listening to fees to fund for Thirteen Years Ira Nada. She wrote us a nice review on itunes apple podcasts. And you can do so to. And we'll read them on the show. Although I'M SIS straight woman I've always been in love with gay culture and I wanted to improve my English speaking skills fees. The Fun wasn't perfect match. Mark and Fausto are always in tune with the latest and greatest transit gay and pop culture. They are never afraid to give their opinion about it. When I look back I see that ten years ago. They were talking about only topics that are now covered by the mainstream media. Yep they were talking about sexual and gender identity. Ten years ago. She's using that clap. Clap Yep I started watching Rupaul drag race on season one because Grow up in a small conservative town. Rio De Janeiro small town. She might be from outside the burbs so she grew up outside of their in Brazil. I feel like the hosts are my hot sexy intelligent and opinionated and gay uncles so I truly believe they change my worldview and showed me diversity and diversity she. I love it if you're not subscribed to face the fun yet. What are you waiting for her sister? Thank you so much for another that made my day. I forgot how many people from Brazil listen to the show especially very early on to. Yeah it's Brazil like in terms of foreign countries. Brazil Australia Germany Canada You know any place where people speak English but other they speak Portuguese Portuguese Because we're gay is in Portuguese. Like what is this? I like this. I like it a lot I go to Rio. We've had Brazilian listeners. Come visit us. When you brought us some Kashasa cash. Asha Schachter liquor made from sugar as well. You have different things. Like Rama's made from molasses right or something like that. So this is made from the sugar cane. Karsh Asha drinking at like potatoes or from grain and one cocktail you can make with. That is You to throw Kasha Liquor and limes and Powdered egg whites or pasteurize egg whites and little soda water that you made that for once a long time ago. Our coasts our. Yeah that's White. Brandies that's White liquor made from grapes and shot. And I'm sure how that is any different from a vodka made from grapes. Oh malaria you know the Moyano Thank you so much for listening bye.

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