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welcome back to the airport. The days are shorter the night to get coming coming in much earlier now but we are here with you every week on the dots to go through the week spoiled stories. And it's been a busy one. Today was celebrating Prince. Charles's seventy he first birthday. We had another look baby archie. which is very cute talking? About how Charles and Camilla have been celebrating phrase special family together in India and we'll be talking about how the Sussex is a celebration Christmas this year away from the Royal Family and with Megan's mother Doria Ragland. It'll be a family celebration operation slightly different to how Harry and make an expense it for the last couple of years but just a special. And then William Kate Harry and Meghan have been celebrating the success of their the crisis helpline shout this week. They're being engagements for that and they throw in the show. I'll be talking with sense. Appoints the homeless charity that Prince. William William has been patron off for fifteen years. He's been carrying on the work of his mother as we know as young children. Princess Diana took Harry and William Thomas Shelters this is Kate's to show them a different side of life and it's clearly had an impact on him. It's something that he's continued to champion and work alongside and with Afro after the years since sense. Point said celebrated their fiftieth anniversary. This week. So we'll be hearing a lot more about that and how Williams carrying his mother's work in the show but I I'm joined by. ABC News Foreign Correspondent Maggie Rulli. We're GONNA be talking about the week's biggest needs starting with Prince Charles's birthday imagine. I feel like we should have birthday cake or something in a hit to celebrate party. Seventy one right. I know it's been a much smaller celebration for Charles's here obviously Chrissy for a seventeenth. We had months of build up with documentaries. And we've really got an insight into his private life and his family life and then when we look at how the roles roles acknowledged his birthday. This has all been about family. We've got amazing you archie. I was so cute. Even you told me about it when I pulled it up. A- they add that reaction. It's we and I think it's great that the Sussex is still sharing those moments. I think we spend so much time talking. About how the couple privacy. They want privacy but they know exactly when to to share it the appropriate time as well grandpa exactly and then we sold the Cambridge's do exactly the same on the social media accounts we were nice voice over the Charles with Baby Louis and Duchess cates and Charles themselves as being celebrating with Camilla in the middle of his trip to India. He's been on a two day visit to India where he's been discussing sustainability the impact of climate change. That's having on the country and of course what's the UK's ties to India itself and he kicked off his birthday with stars attending a round table conference business leaders in Mumbai Butts. What's he then joined? Camilla flew out on Monday. Sources confirm We know that she was feeling unwell. She didn't attend some of the remembrance visits there were. She had a chest chest infection. And that was why we didn't see her alongside Harry and Meghan the field of remembrance at Westminster Abbey. She's actually going out for some rejuvenation juvenile therapy in India at the moment to a longtime doctor had listed health practitioner to Isaac Mattei and she flew there privately on the Monday. The start of this week and she's being put on according to reports the south Indian vegetarian diets. That's sort of famous Amos for this retreat. We'll be about. I Guess Detox Chelsea for her. You're worried about her last weekend. Exactly and Charles Charles joined AH This elastic healthcare center in Bangalore and I tighten if he himself is getting involved in my mind. Charles was getting involved doc in what was it the the Vegan detox retreat. That's seventy first birthday. So do we have any idea what he did to celebrate his birthday. What was their their cake? Involved Clarence House will only say that he celebrating at private. The with Camilla somewhat confirmed that the two together today but part of his to visit to India so him feel the love in every corner he went. I think that there was a cake. One of the engagements where He received Quinn reports a delicious chocolate cake decorated with strawberries and a flower garden as well as occasion. I mean he's getting a warm birthday. Welcome even though. He's working non-stop Charles's visited India so many times before In his role is prince. Do Do you think India's special for him was any thought process that I'm GONNA be in this country for my birthday or he just works all the time and how many of you there on his birthday think him him. Everything comes second the work I mean we know that after India. Charles and Duchess Cornwall heading off to New Zealand. And so they're really liked back to back when it comes. Thanks to the engagement but I think that it really worked out quite well and they're in India because they've traveled privately that before we know that Camilla's being to this holistic retreat. I think five times in the last ten years or so. So it's definitely a favorite spot. I think they really enjoy it and received so well over there. I think that taking a note. Now go to retreat. That sounds lovely. I know I'm ready for it. The weather here arable while you can exactly and speaking of holidays this week. All the talk has been about. The Sussex is and what they're doing Christmas this is the Christmas heard round the world. Every one thing it really is. I think that this all started because of course we knew that they'd be celebrating Thanksgiving as a family. And so the requests into into Buckingham Palace on one of the couple doing celebrate with Archie started quite early on this year and they've only just confirmed that the couple will will be breaking away from tradition little bit by spending the end of the year and Christmas with Doria Ragland. Megan's mother we presume in the US but Buckingham Palace confirming anything. They simply put out a statement that read that that you conduct yourself looking forward to extended family time towards the end of this month. And we know that Harry's engagement on Sunday at the inside of waters is last couple are done after that and the palace continues and say having spent the last two Christmases Christmases Sandringham. They're all highness's will spend the holiday this year is new family. Duchesses mother Doria Ragland. This decision is in line with precedent accident set previously by other members of the family and has the support of Her Majesty the Queen and I love how they put that in. The immediate compensation would have followed with this curry and Meghan Snub Queen. That's always the direction the tabloids go with this kind of story I think everything in its place where it was really really interesting because they came out not only sort of giving their plans ahead of time Christmases not for more than a month still so they have plenty of time slowly to give their plans early but they sort of a stopped hopefully the rumors before they can start. You know first off saying it's been done before everybody we're not the first and second just saying we already talked to the Queen's he's cool just go with US target exactly. Well William. And Kate's taken. A number of Christmas is away from Sandringham. They like to mix it up so some years there with the Middleton's wins in buckle. Bray and I think it was twenty twelve twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen. They skipped out on the Sandringham celebration. So I think Harry and Meghan doing it once. It's certainly allowed. We've also seen the TINDALL's spend time in Australia for the holidays. So I think Harry and Meghan it really is. Yeah I think a well-deserved break this this continues to break. I think that they're starting now. which is you know? I spoke with one of their aides this morning. He said I really hope that this is a break from the because every time that they have taken a break in the past it's always turned into work and it goes to show how dedicated they are to their work but bills me sweet dedicated it's them selves little self-care again back to the TLC. We all need it this time of year being your family and friends and on one eight like you mentioned it you know there are a couple. They're young family. That sort of what you do. I mean myself you have to share holidays between families with your partner on one hand it's totally normal the other the royalty so that comes with some not normal sees So it's really interesting to hear that other royal couples have done this as well because because I think when the rumors started flying early on about them taking this break near the end of the year there was so much focus on. What about Christmas and it seems like this world ending being thing but at the end of the day you know president has been said? It's been done before the Queen's okay with it this is something that families do. They share time with each other and so so I kind of liked it. They just decided to be very matter of fact about it. PUT It out there. This is what we're doing and it's a priority of ours. Exactly I think for security reasons. The Palestinians sharing The couple plans to be. We know that earlier this year that palace and a spokesperson for the couple said that they would mix it up and they spend some time in the UK and sometime in the US us. Oh we'll just have to find out where when those tricks actually happen. I'm sure there'll be plenty of stories on Good Morning America way. Oh Oh you now there will be the couple still. Bill remain engaged on some level with the work. They're doing A. I've heard that the social media account is not taking a break so so we'll see updates on different things whilst they're off work. I'm sure it'd be difficult for them to actually stay away from work but fair enough. It's interesting on the social media aren't even think of that but I wonder when you take time away from work for social media accounts keep running it normally turns towards personal things Salute will be curious to see how all that sort of plays out with their count. Looks like when they're taking time all definitely. I think they've really made this account about them that work their message but also also family as well. It is a safe space for them to share private moments. I can't imagine I was just about to say this. Joyce think for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's it's impossible that we won't see Archie on at least one of those. You heard it here first. Everyone uh-huh wrong. You can all come. We're GONNA come January first. Oh man we didn't see she'll just be me in a few. Today's Harry will attend his last engagement. That's the on side awards at the royal alcohol. This'll be to recognize achievements of young people volunteers and staff who work across cross all of the youth zones in the UK Harry's very involved with this particular organization they create state of the art twenty-first-century East facilities called onside youth signs in the UK and this basically gives young people a chance to get off the streets and have a safe space to hang out notice in London. Some of the stops on the buses. Now you know I don't know if I'd have you. Ridden a bus in London yet Maggie. Actually I've been on the tube quite event all right. I'm a little nervous. The the buses in certain areas it can be quite fun find it conceivable but if time says a ticket that runs inside the buses that tells you what your next step is and they've now started pointing out where an onside eastern is. That's which I think is great because the buses in London are used by so much of the youth of the city. So I think things like this things like Harry's engagement really point out how safe spaces for young people to hang out and they've had massive effects. I know that when Harry and Meghan business at the hive in Birkenhead last you you know it was January this year. They got to see how I think kids as young as eight years old up to eighteen how they have these spaces to really hang out. They had makeup and hair school running for like some of the other girls but they also had like play space for kids and music facilities for some of the teenagers and it was just just a really great thing. And I think for Harry. This is continuing his focus on youth issues empowering youth. He's a huge believer in young people being the a future of our world and I think he uses his platform to kind of make sure that they have every opportunity possible. It's fitting that sort of their last. Ah Big engagement before taking time off is something that seems so personal as well exactly and speaking of helping the youth of this country a hurry. Meghan William K all acknowledged the incredible work being done by volunteers on shouts which is the crisis. helpline launched launched by the Fab four earlier this year through the foundation shots a crisis text line for those in need and when they put a message out a call to action asking people to volunteer for the organization. They responses came in thick and fast. I think our very own James Longman apply I to be one of the or so him put that on social myself also applied as well and has been a really interesting experience I think it's very easy to do if you haven't thought about doing something like this before and you want to help you can do this. From the safety of your home mm-hmm you just need a computer and some of the training that comes with the role But you can then choose your hours that you help. And the Duchess of Cambridge attended ended a volunteer celebration event honoring all of the volunteers that have been involved. This took place in London at a theater in White City on the twelfth of November number and it was really a chance to pat lots of backs and to sort of say how impactful this organization. This project has been. I think you've got awesome stats there it will if it's amazing to to read some of these stats because Prince William has said so. There's a sad demand for volunteers. The fact that you I need them in the first place can be heavy. But then you see the number that come forward and it's this very uplifting Community as well they currently average six six hundred conversations each day that six hundred people that needed help were knocking to find it anywhere else and they turn to shout to have these conversations. There are fifteen eighteen hundred volunteers active on the platform. That help handle these conversations so you can see the demand is there and I think more word gets out the more people know about this. I an agile. Those numbers are only going to increase as more people again. No the resources exist and reach out to it in times of need. It's pretty incredible. Yeah and what's great about this William Liam Kate Harry and Meghan have all been really involved in the behind the scenes work that goes into this The the initiative wouldn't confirm if any of them registered as volunteers. He is but they do say that. All four of them have made behind the scenes visits to the offices shouts to check on things going into learn about how how things are progressing as you say this will only get bigger if you are based in the UK you can text shout on eight five five eight. They're available twenty four seven and what was really interesting about. The engagement was the Times that they're volunteers. Some of them are working. They say that their most popular our to receive messages at three a m in the UK. Okay and I guess you know. That's it shows the need to have such a huge force of volunteers because because this isn't just working nine to five. This is a twenty four seven operation and those times that people need help support. Don't always match up with the Times. I'm so people traditionally volunteer for charities. It's been interesting great to see the L.. Four of the FAB. Four if you will the four wheels throwing themselves into these heavier of your topics I mean. These aren't light issues. But they're choosing to tackle into champion. They're they're real issues that are affecting young people here in the UK and it's great to see you know the four of them young people themselves Sort of rallying around there Fallow young people in need and and building them up together absolutely in this is obviously modelled on a very successful use initiative the crisis helpline which has been running for a number of years and this is everything that shout is is is sort of based on the model that worked so well in the US. So it's great. See sort of them. Taking ideas from other places. Meghan was very familiar with crisis as well so she brought in another element to that to. US and UK working together just like US element love coming up up to the break. I'm going to be chatting with I pull no blitz from the centerpoint Highness charity here in London He's been working with the chassis for a number of years. He's seen how passionate and Prince William has been about taking over the work that his mother Princess Diana date on the West. They've been doing. He attended a number of celebrations this week. Including a fiftieth anniversary anniversary events here in London and every talking to us about that and just how important is being for William to continue his mother's work you see headlines it's across your screen all day but you're busy. What do you need to know? What's actually shaping your world? I'm Brad Milkey from ABC News and every morning. We start here. It was extraordinary. I watching here in Singapore is. ABC's new daily podcast. A handful of stories just twenty minutes director Comey. Thanks for being with us. newsmakers smart reporting taking you straight to the heart word of the story starting here. Listen for free on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP. It's finally here. You can download the Disney plus APP right now and start streaming the best of Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars and National Geographic Ad. Free and wherever ver- whenever you want them for more good at Disney dot com welcome back. Everyone I'm joined by Paul. Nope let's from center point. Who Celebrating Their fiftieth anniversary anniversary this week so I just want to say? Congratulations thank you very much. He's got this far but As me and my many of my colleagues think it's strange anniversary in a way because I think that certainly our our founder back in nineteen sixty nine. I don't think would have imagined they would still be need for charity to homelessness in one thousand nine hundred nine in the UK. Yeah absolutely. I remember the last time they were big nick celebrations Center points or sort of a big event I'll Prince William was singing alongside Bon Jovi and Taylor swift to living on a prayer Kensington Kensington. Palace I remember that was very surreal moments but a really fantastic evening. Few guys in the of course had a wonderful night of anniversary celebrations this week with Prince William to we did we did. We've been lucky to be Supported by a great many people and Musicians and last last night we had already and then pops for starting older listeners. These days Duran Duran played very rare concerts. I think they're not quite as old as we are. I think they celebrate their fortieth anniversary next year. But says a pound but yeah I mean the biggest Supporter of ours. House of course is role. Patron the Duke of Cambridge Prince William. WHO's been a patient of ours since twenty two thousand five and and we're just really lucky to have him be involved and be just so interested informed about the issues? Many people we support you are dealing with on a daily basis You know the because being so committed to helping young homeless people in the getting their lives back on track. He's of course I paid a number of visits to to your various locations here in the UK and then early this week. He opens the Apprentice House in in London. which is a space aims to support young people in their journeys independent living? How impactful is it to have someone? Like Prince William Champion championing your cause but also really sort of being on the ground helping out. It's absolutely fantastic. I mean you can't really measure is your the the value not only in terms of the increased profoundly brings a cost to center point but also the issue of youth homelessness switch in the UK UK effect surrounded by one hundred thousand young people every year. So it's It's absolutely invaluable to have his his his support and his help in raising the profile of those issues. But I think it's also something that's really really important to the young people he meets so yesterday I I think the feeling was that he of course wanted to help us. Mauka our birthday would be gollar with all the supporters last night right but also incredibly important to him that morning as you say you came and opened a new project which is designed to support young people into employment employment and training because ultimately. That's the the way they can escape youth homelessness in the long term. But I know that something that the UK is absolutely passionate. SOBAT is making sure those young people are listened to and he spent almost half an hour with those young people and I think to give up thirty minutes of his time to come and she really get into those issues and really listen to and understand whether young people are coming from was fantastic. tastic huge amount to those young people he met yesterday morning absolutely essential. Point was the first charity that William inherited from his mother. And I'd say say probably because of that. It's always been one that he's hold especially close to his heart and take me back to Diana's involvement with sense appoints. Whoa what is can you tell us about the legacy there so like princess? Diana was Patriots Center Point from Nineteen Nineteen ninety-two until a very tragic and early death in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and one of the interesting things at the gala last tonight was we. We saw old footage of her speaking a by the issues at a visit to send two point all those years ago and I think that really has instilled in the Duke of Cambridge. who was himself only in his Sort of early to mid teens when he was first brought by why his mother to come and find out about some of the issues affecting young homeless people. That's clear left a great mark and and I think whilst we've got to seize lots of the glamorous sites and of course listeners will will know all about the Glitz and the Glamour of some of the events like our. Golly what they won't to see not only the low key visits like the one he did yesterday but also some of the of course private visits which the does and he does that very much coach for the benefit of the people we support and so he can find out more because The young people of course whilst some will be happy to talk to the major each year in be filmed and photographed. Many actually will open up a lot. More rarely talk in a much more intimate setting with the Juke. If the cameras are away so I know that's something that's really important to him is is not just to do the high profile events but really to to dig deep down. I think not very much is a legacy of of his mother. Who again her speaking out on on issues like youth homelessness? We've really critical in raising the profile of those issues back in the one thousand nine hundred ninety s you mentioned the private engagements. I'm oversee on all of the royal engagements that take place with the a young royals. There is always a sort of sense of high. Energy is a lot of cameras as a lot of people around and I'm sure that during his private engagements it's the chance of William to really connect it's on a different level able to share an insight on on on what these visits alike for William. Well they tend to be As I say very a AH intimate occasions it something where typically It may be a group of young people gathered around a kitchen table with him. I mean very literally actually often the kitchen table under sitting down and I think the real key for him is is listening and and just listening to the issues issues people have whether they come from what their story is but I think also what's really important to him and the challenge. I think you always gives to centerpoint as an organization is okay. How are we going to support those young people? How are those young people going to school themselves to to go on and achieve the dreams and their arm visions and that's the tension because we have some hugely talented young people? Some of them were performing on States last night this part of the galler and we have others go onto university. We have people you know. Go on. They do absolutely a fantastic things that I think that's something that's really important to the CAN. Those settings is to get people to to talk about them selves. Not In a way where we want to of course dredge up difficult memories but I think something that he really wants to understand. What are the real issues facing these young people also on every occasion he comes to visit bit with the media with him or not? He can say that's interesting because I came and visited here three years ago and it sounds like the issues may be improved or or actually okay. That's interesting not difficult. Problem is still one that many young people facing so I think it really. He helps him to understand the issues. And he's so passionate on shows such great empathy and it's just so natural with the with the young some people it's it really is a A fantastic testament to check the juku Cambridge as a as a as an individual He's just so good at what you mean people at ease. We're oversee heading into Windsor now. It's time where I think homelessness particularly in in the big cities Here in the U. K. is really frontal mine for lots of people at their any particular campaigns or A ecoles to appeal at the moment. That you you guys running well obviously in the UK we have a AH general election Full next prime minister and all members of parliament. So it's a busy time for us. I looking at what various politicians are. We're going to Hope to do if they're elected and I think as you say in this time of year it brings home The issue of homelessness. And I think one of the main things we're looking at is how can we support young people when it's time for them to move on from center points hostels typically. A young person will stay at center. Point four something like twelve to eighteen months in that time we can help them with Mental health problems physical health problems. Help them gain new skills and qualifications but one of the big things we face in the UK. As I'm sure in many other cities around the world breath is the high cost of housing and so one of our big campaigns at the moment to try to persuade cities and the UK as a whole to really tackle because some of the high cost of housing because many young people we support ended up in hostels SALONGA and they need to be because they can't find anywhere affordable Tallit says. That's really big focus for us at the moment Well I hope that this week's engagements and events really help shining lights on what it is you're trying to achieve at the moment. Paul thank you so much for joining us at. Where can we find center point on line and on social media you can find this this out at centerpoint? UK On twitter and you can also find out on the Internet at www dot centerpoint dot org doc dot UK. Thank you so much. Thank you. Well that just about wraps up for this week thanks again for all of the tweets are always look out for with them. He's a Hashtag the airport so you can filter them out from the noise in my twitter feed. It does get a little chaotic their times. Just send send them over to ask Obi I'm always looking out for them. And until the next episode I will see that

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