Are the Airpods Pro the best?


We read before we started recording this episode by the way thunder e back on the show just chill links from the description any case lender back on the Shen because you have the g phone to yes yes I green for controller and of course you have your full screen on top the no colored you mobile requires you to set you control a styles on screen is very important that'd be able to float closer to the fire but yeah hoping that I wished the case had touch sensitive triggers like make it compatible for every game what a clean and RPG Eh requires US control but technically you could still use that second screen okay so you talk you colony mobile using the bottom screen did that with grip at all like have you tried using that not with the Jada ex but like But the way I have it I basically copied this control style from claw I kind of do this kind of grip way just sit here and I moved between this 'cause only always moving you know they I can't do that I can't do the fine button though with that in all right well just WanNa make sure we got that little point out of the way okay the first part of the episode was about the X. It's a podcast people chill out WPRO that's what it says on the box so we should say keep them up and everyone's doing their videos on it I know I am today and that satisfying you got yours yesterday I'm presuming yeah and also have my video outs definitely in his coffee at yes I have maybe that's why I'm snippy the video obviously but I do want hear from you some preliminary thoughts on what might be a to the Echo buds from Amazon and the Sony W. I'm definitely an improvement so the one thing I'll give apple which a lot of people still Zayn per se you've got wireless charging again that's a nice thing yeah no hated the original airports Oh yeah there is no pause were terrible you better fit yes but it doesn't feel like it it's fully there so even though that but it's the design that annoys me this this oblong hype shape you bit of a feature that there's a tiny bit of air pass through the way third attempt in making headphones and the many other companies that do a medicinal that they haven't done a good fit too well for me that's but then again it's much in terms of it's okay it's nice that's what it is yeah it is nice they've done a good there's there's an interesting point to make Active noise cancellation on the air finally get into it and when I I put on my pair of Sony Mark Twos for you to say that the ANC on here is not as good as noise reduction so that's the that's the that's the way you put you put on the echo but you can also originalist not the q thirty five I'm figuring that's where the data so a lot of sound doesn't breathe out and I get that feeling from the for me it was easy to test it out because right now you can't hear it is nothing but late minimal the Amazon same thing the we'll have to go outside and that's good yeah I think quick on a plane just after getting the air pods pro and he was like the real test begins and I know that one thing I loved about the Sony Mark Threes the WF mark threes ear. Yes I love okay I might end up being Joaquin Phoenix and her all times blaring into the background there's another there's there's something to be said about that compared that we used to hear it but you still have spatial awareness so it's more multitasking than anything leads transparency motors what they call it oh yeah that's what it is good the difference though Setia automatic you know it senses where you are if have to always tap and change it if you're in a in a plane it would tell you the plate ace as well if you want to hear people more than music complicity and doesn't want to do the extras of having an APP or some functionality within the phone tactile control because the there's one thing that I always hated got this like it's got this pinch equality to man like I don't know how to control this thing it's like you gotta I gotTa Press Dislike Little Area Yeah and anyone who wants to understand the difference between headphones odds or the so knees or the galaxy buds or any pair head was talk about this award because I have spotify to get title because also the Sony's do three yeah just an yesterday with titles master tracks and of reach and then you can see how high your headphones go in terms of highs lows mids it doesn't matter the price is going to stand like you might be buying fifty dollar pair of ear buds now for are- quite a bit you're like okay all right this is that right so that's that's what I tell people even if you have spotify say how much is title again to do the Hi fi premium is Lucien that keep you connected to your world so you never miss a beat between cables if you feel like you're constantly buying new charges because they break our burn outs then maybe you should switch to Belkin being with the air pods pro that we're talking about in this episode so it's one of those things where I take one I'll have enough charge that I can keep the airports no matter where I am in any case Belkin this offer is good until the end of January so go now to Belkin dot com and use the code weekly awesome man that's crazy I'm ready we've got HBO Total tangent but the whole like the game of thrones fandom original prequel got cancelled the the show runners actually said we didn't want Martin he does not appear attention to his own fans when he writes the books that's show the recall the Prequel the council was a thousand years in the future and again the ad so they're the ones that thousand years it's still the north of have rain over contents I mean you're talking to to youtubers right now so we have our is not withstanding is not really knowing the original content before starting their this incredible team of people came together and made it happen and then like many shows at the last season I give them credit because we still without them having leadership to that's the thing that people don't understand get with TV shows and stuff like that so yeah what are you talking about like this is like the harshest interview I've ever heard in my life phones are just look at you right now that wall behind him there's never been a shortage of audio I've got seventy in front of me chiefs let's go down the list let's see what you got best keyboard vista can I just say real quick okay so as we're this does I have to say these might actually be one of my top five Jaybird was making like the X. Twos and the three is really into those particular headphones back then services are good for the younger colony is a bit off the issues now that's what he's supposed to do for fair right so but they've fixed the issues buds that do its connection the way I think all of them should work it's you connect to the case no no no no just use NFC tapped save you like NFC top two have you on the show I almost looked over here the wrong the cameras over here now or watch rather go to his channel all right so Jaybird vistas what else do you have yeah and we've got the galaxy butts as well is bigger bigger I mean but also the let's get them because for their price the sound is pretty good there's both noise reduction who because I don't look at home I don't use Alexa at all sorry if you're a word echo pods is so easy it really is or yeah but still though I like the fact that the even thought about that kind of flexibility because I was this is still there I just don't use it and then I double tap google electron kitchen lights for instance that's fair that is that is definitely something I'll look into because riddy Dang like dope honestly because if I were to have these and it's a free call while I mean it's data driven but it's a free call so I I think table is the liberty air to another anger yeah why they look like the original Airbus tips I'm better the sound just as honestly think this on just as good as the airports seven hours seven hours on the air pods themselves this is a good deal this sounds better I prefer just because I'm like this is eighty nine books and it just raises own gaming pots oh did you okay did you get them from the listeners and the viewers real quick I want to show off I have these 'em POWs so I did these are the I'll use the term off brand Your yeah but there you go the razors these are supposed to be so if you're doing a lot of mobile gaming you know this will make a loss as heck even doing a big fan is style all yeah that's that's that's pixel bud status right there it's interesting try them out we'll seal oh have you so as far as the The I wanted those ear buds mainly four video editing purposes be deal with these other guys yeah and I wanNA use them intended video editing for me it's about sound quality fifty-eight eating What I noticed like no I can't hear it because I even put in a fifty cent here I can hear this this I hope so he's he's nervous because easy to quickly connect this point but when I listened to on something else I can actually hear that it's not that loud and I'm like I I don't have the ear as much as e over here but yeah the back listened to Prince Michael Jackson Queen they do you have in my freezer Martinez both actually okay so start off with just listen have got some headphones that cost thousand bucks you don't need those it still feels like when you go to like an Masaaki Proper Masaaki restful and you have Sushi every day true and if I don't mean to I'm okay yes you know what it's fine you guys can just meal you want but we just take it out of the ring try sparring a little bit you have way too much taller than I am you have way elections I the question for the audience how do you feel about the in the comments sections I want to hear what everyone say but one of the reasons why I wanted to have this out we just went through a dozen of these and I guess I like the the

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