The August Issue with Anna Wintour and Tonne Goodman


Taste. Hello. My name is Andre Leon Talley. And today, I have oaks editor in chief, and my friend Anna winter with me in the studio. So Anna we hit today to discuss the August issue and celebrate the Olympics. Of course is a moment to celebrate youth. Young people who've given up their lives who've trained exceptionally to be competitive to hopefully, get a gold or maybe a bronze or silver. And I'd like to ask you, why did you decide to have Zhijie Hadid, arguably the most popular model of today photograph with Ashton Eaton on the cover of obviously, she is certainly one of the vote goals of the moment, and she has a wonderful sense of freedom and loving her body. And she's also very interested in sports. I think she trained height hod when she was in high school. So she and ashen had a wonderful report together if you see a leaping as she does through the pages. Those a real leaps. No artificial is not no. You know? So we felt that she was the right choice. And I personally find the portfolio very positive and optimistic and joyous, which is the joyful the idea that we were going for because I think in a time when there there is a lot of very sad upsetting news in the world to recognize how incredibly hard as you as you said earlier, these young people work and giving up, you know, a sense of any kind of normal life twos. Work in this sport of choices to me. I find that the opening ceremony. They all come out with great. Nations, and they whoever it is chosen to wave that flag. And sometimes it's just one or two people on the American or the, you know, the bigger nations it's hundreds of them. But it's you know, you see the pride and the I mean sort of being so overwhelmed by that moment in their faces. And to me, I just find that very very emotional. Emotional the kind of emotional experience when you see the great tennis champion. Serena get the Wimbledon was she she was very motivated those past two weeks, as I'm sure you saw enough as I mean, you could just tell from her body language. She was going to win. It was great. And hopefully, she'll do the same at the Olympics. I hear that she might be carrying the flag for the United States for. She suddenly deserves then almost to the US open. But just going back also to the Olympics. The other thing from our world, I find so fascinating is obviously such an impact such an influence on designers today in the credible growth of athletic clothes into women's wardrobes today. I think is another reason that we wanted to celebrate the Olympics in this issue you celebrated beautifully because g is wearing clothes. It looked like they can be one of the street. I notice verse Archie pullovers with beautiful Salvador for Gama pleaded skirts. Yeah. She's bleeping falling action in stunning levels. By Riano, athletic, inspired. Don't you agree? I do so joyful. So a beat now. I I love that the great portfolio Tony MR aided. The most store. And you can just feel how much fun they had doing it. And I love this gentleman, Mr. eastern. Yes. Yes. Goggles here super athlete. Yes. But that's what athletes aren't superheroes. I just hope that they will have a good time in South America. And we hear that it's been a bit tricky down there. But in the end it all comes to comes together. Yes. So you said athletes also in your April issue Simone biles, Alex wargin. So you really feel important to promote athletes achievement to look at different body types, Andre and to you know, I think really because the the enormous growth in social media was I think that we have to recognize that there are different body types in Jesus been very outspoken about that because as you know, she's been somewhat criticized I think completely wrongly on social media and she addresses that and she's proud of a body issue. Well, should be I wanna jump right to your friend, Wendy Murdoch. I think that there is a great story on her because it's a lady who is in Volusia, whereas profile invo because she is a great business woman film. Maker. I think she's someone that does so many different interesting things, and so helpful to so many people super smart understands how to work with the world in China and the world in the United States, but she's gone through a very high profile situation in her personal life, and I think has handled it with enormous dignity and grace, and that is something also to be celebrated and she's moving on. And we wanted to recognize that and talk our readers through through history and what she's done and what she plans to do. She's also a wonderful mother. I think is Grayson khloe to. Yes. Exactly. And I think she's loves fashion works very closely with us on various initiatives at the museum. She's one of the chairs as the friends of the costume institute in under her leadership we've grown from fifty members to over one hundred an extraordinarily short amount of time with Aaron Lauder and now with Silvana. So, you know, she's a VO go. I noticed in the interview she talked about how she came. She didn't know how to dress at a certain point. She learned has certainly lands. Learned a lot. I thought she looked amazing the met this year and Christopher Keene. Yes. And she has an very beautiful outfit. That's sort of gold trousers should Princess Shula. Guess now. Jesse Eisenberg cafe society represents Allen. I went actually went to see the movie last night is absolutely charming. Love affair between hard to play by Jesse Eisenberg. And Kristen Stewart, and he is a out of work young man that comes to California and is given a job by Steve corral who plays his uncle who's a famous LA agent and Christians Jewett plays the love interest for both of them. And I'm not going to spoil it for the readers by telling you who gets the girl, but it's you know, it has all of Woody, Allen's humor and style and moblised close and Blake lively and other great vocab ago extraordinary as just. See Eisenberg's wife, and you know, there's all the moblised characters that you learn to look forward and Woody Allen movie. And of course, the biggest star of all is probably New York City. What do you think Eisenberg is actor to watch and your opinion? Well, I I thought he was great in social network, and I also saw him in office play that name completely extracts me. But it was on a small theatre off Broadway with Vanessa Redgrave, and he wrote and directed and starred in that play and it was about a young man going back to visit his rate aren't in played by Vanessa Redgrave. And it was based on a true story. And I think he has a very Ouessant of theater and acting. He's a writer. He's a director and the perfect choice to play and Woody Allen ties in the film confidence yet insecure, but confidently in his talent in his skill. Yes. He's been very open about suffering himself from. Anxiety as many actors do and but how he's overcome it. And you see him change in the film from this incredibly insecure young man into someone who's running sort of an L Morocco type nightclub with a lot of charm and Alon. So I'm not going to spoil the movie for you, Andre I recommend you. See the okay I've seen this on another portfolio of Olympics are the Olympics. Those are some of the American Olympic athletes that we'll be going down. We hope to Rio including defensive great fencer African-American terrible. Yes. That's a great photograph. Yes. And we asked different photographers, two, different portraits and thrilled with that. You'd be looking at the Olympics on television. I will be collude. I've I've ever done. I plan my vacation schedule about around the every single after I do I do I really love it. I mean, and you sort of get into get hooked into it in the back stories, and you know, how much those kids have given up to be there. Relooking giving up an early age. They just start training at the age of fifteen for like five five or four like this arena. They were hitting tennis balls at the age of seven or something in Compton. So is that the only time look at TV Hannah television all the time. The library. Yes. I love television. Oh, good. Do you watch the news? Yes. I'll be watching the conventions. That's for. Sure. Okay. All right. Thank you so much love your feedback with September September big one. I'm looking forward. Don't you picks? Of course. Hello. My name is on-demand tally are with Tony Goldwyn. The exceptional extraordinary fashion director of oh who has just come back from some trip somewhere in the world. But here today to discuss the August issue of the exceptional alignment of fashion. That has been athletically inspired and beautiful on g Hadid in the Olympic essay portfolio when she did and this fabulous man, throwing the job in Ashton eastern. Tony, Tony, how did you absolutely put together who did the scouting to find these extrordinary sentence barber? You have two O's that you bring those of these circular steel pieces. We had those made for us we photographed Olympic athletes before in different situations. So every time you do it yet. Again, you try to come up with something different. And we went to Santa Barbara because of Ashton. We went to where he was and did a very thorough scout and. Different looking at different approaches. Photographing it ultimately, we just got lucky and one of the areas at the Santa Barbara built more for seasons had this beautiful patio that overlooked the ocean and had wonderful light the orientation for the light was perfect, and we decided to use it as a staging area a set. And and then we brought these pieces in as cultural tools. Rule set dressing. It's amazing that they're blue and a way to make it slightly more abstract. They're blue they're green green optimistic and quite beautiful and they do fit in. I it just works beautifully. Yeah. No, MR Ashton is the first page. Leaping over what did he do to get to that place in the media over that? Oh, okay. Sexual one has to be full disclosure these elements are they're they're real. But they are put together as a photograph. He was standing next to the one that you see. Ashton was at that height. And he was doing a backward flip or something high jump, but we did for his own safety. Put the this element in visually. After the photograph. Still makes great sense. It's the great impressive piece. And this is a brilliant outfit on the I I read this is a Calvin Klein Gress. Here's what I had to do is that I felt that I had to kind of invent something that would be beautiful in this circumstance because there there are close out there that have got an athletic inspiration that you'll see some of the designers embraced it more than others. So when you hadn't designer that did not brace them quite as much than you add to it. So this is a cop elation of well, the dresses Calvin Klein, the underscored is another designer the love those are from the t shirt is ragging bone. I believe so we put them together with the same kind of idea. For the close of the next spread. You have g she running through the circular too, abstract piece. That's true. That's completely true. And she is wearing the most extraordinary goes to pieces scooper net or it is a stretch knit. Now, this this look is actually an attack. Look, this was from the we talk collection, and it was one of the inspiring pieces because it has so many different elements and the fluidity of the skirt the underscored with something as you can see that took advantage of unused out at to other designs to love these real on a hardtops tops Isla chew love them. And that she actually wear them. And it's where they comfortable. They look great. They she did wear them. And the thing that is very very impressive. Is that she not only wore them. But she ran with them. She jumped with them. She did everything in these shoes. It's all completely true. They were not put in post or anything that was it to do this fabulous. It was wonderful. Onto they did they collaborative get on. Well, they got on wonderfully because they're both on people. And she says the way in Texas, and she says I trained harder, but a very competitive, but it looks so joyful and optimistic and it looks over ROY at Saint time. She's wearing these sort of blue knit piece is she standing in a very elegant ROY confident way. Yeah. And then she is a gay there's action movement in this marvelous. A this is a crop top or knit. This is what did I do nation, Bergdorf Goodman and Calvin Klein? Well, no, not quite it's an ale see crop that happens to be available at Burke, and it is a dress that I put over the dress. I tried to create some striping and some banding, and that's how I did it. This is really so successful. You almost think that she is over her skis. But she's not on skis platformer ram. She is on the top of one of the boxes. That's true too. She's she's on the top. And this is an outfit that could actually be worn in the street. I think well Pucci. Yeah. The whole thing is a body suit by Puccini and over that is a dress by DKNY this beautiful body super punchy he became famous because he was Olympic skier. You know that I didn't count Pucci represented the talian skating in the Olympics in nineteen forty eight. Her fact, therefore, he loved you. Remember Pucci was always a stretch pants. Yes. His skied vessel be made his huge conic Brennan. See this beautiful that Chevron e solid stripe. And then we have this beautiful. Sort of Asian. He's way Mackey eastern and she's wearing she is wearing a waitress that was really beautiful. I put a little white slip underneath it to give it a little something extra. I gave her a little turtleneck at the MAC. And then she is holding a discus because that is one of the things that he competes, and he is a decapa lead. So he does ten different events. And I love this superman, gobble. What is the swimming? This. This was fabulous. This is a piece that has been made exclusively for him. And it is a helmet that cools his head. It's got to cooling device was made only for him. But you do have to cool down. If you're doing ten different. I wouldn't say the body. The tank top. Yeah. I think it's pretty with the flag. Now, it's beautiful. It's quite beautiful here. We have a game in a mid sort of two top Scotland. Yeah. And a black and white slip popped under their coordinate with the white on the shoe. It's actually the wing victory almost like we have the wonderful page, which I just can't believe this is my favorite this my favorite pension. And this this happened now the green, but this did happen. They did leap this picture is actually real. And I cannot emphasize enough because people are going to look at it and say, this is real. She was following him. This leap is her leap. She's at the same height that he's at this is completely a real photograph. We sized the green sculptures underneath it to fit into the picture. We did not make them go up or go down it. These things were fit into an existing photographic, which what she actually made that leap in zeal. Yes, skirt, and that's Kurt. And how many times she repeat endlessly? I had to say JJ you've got to stop now, please. Because I was afraid she was going to break breakers. Rehearsal. No sheesh. Judy is a true athlete. You know? She was almost Olympic herself. She she was involved. Yeah. She did wonderful Action Front busy from Santa Barbara. I don't know. And he trains in throw. Sounds with native trae. Yep. And he's a lovely lovely guy. Photographed him once before and I was so happy to see him again. And he was a great addition to the shoot obvious covered address is. That is quite quite beautiful quite stunning and quite graphic stripes and Ashton's tank top. Yeah. I think it looks to review also looks like those great is ROY Greek images when you think of the Olympics going Greek times see things in posed very things of big. They are who they I mean, they they are the athletes really are heroes. It's quite optimistic is quite joyful to have this this moment on the world to see young people, celebrating excellence in athleticism is quite amazing. I agree the Olympics. I of course, I will be watching. Although I don't have a TV. Television house. No, I don't. Kids that is actually how it happened. You saw because the kids when they were young they were games on it that I objected to and when the television broken ever had it. Now, you have a computer, you can watch anything you need on a computer. So how tell. Television in your own home ten to my God. I would remember doing shoot they were both Webber and I begged TV yes. At that time. God this amazing. A computer? You think it? Well, I'm glued to television. How do you feel about fashion in this moment time, Tony, you know, especially the changing of the guards so many houses this the lady from the Valentina going to a bad. How do you feel about? I think that it's fascinating time. I think we're all going to watch very very carefully to see how all the pieces. Yeah. How pieces fall into place, and I'm sure it'll be wonderful. So what we come about six September. You had the trip and the pitchers hector's R N. Fabulous really, really exciting to something. New and different. Yes. Thank you so much. Great work. Thank you. Thank you on. The vote podcast is production of those magazine recorded here at one World Trade Center and produced by Nagai Mohammadi, and he'll be Couric sound engineering by David Lauren's and hosted by me.

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