Moment of the Day (8/5/19)


They had a couple of choices here. I went with the second one because you guys and it's certainly a spark some conversation with the callers to some thoughts from the baker mayfield mayfield beer incident even if those thoughts become a little bit jumbled. When did this start. This all started during the n._b._a. Playoffs right where they put these guys off the offensive lineman i then aaron rodgers did thought aaron rodgers and yeah and then of course aaron rodgers tweet out you know at least somebody's better at me better. What will you say some quarterbacks. <music> are better than this than i am or something like that. If there's one of those things that any it was he tweeted out. At least he's quarterbacks are better at something than i am six so smooth as a baby's bottom. He's back all right. We're giving away. Try that again blondie.

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