BGN Radio #12: Final Eagles-Titans Preview Extravaganza


Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention? I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. Listen. Hello, bleeding, green nation, and welcome back to radio. This is episode number twelve, and this is your eagles titans preview at eagles week four matchup against the Tennessee titans. I'm John Stolnis from bleeding green, Asian dot com. You can follow me on Twitter at John Stolnis and joining me for this preview podcast as he does every single week. A couple of days ahead of time is the man the myth, the legend, the brains behind the operation at bleeding, green dot com. Great p. l. g. all hail g Brennan leaked out in how you doing buddy. Maker. Oh boy, I appreciate the the very generous compliments everyday is a good day to be alive has been select usually says from Houston. So like showed a great job of previewing this matchup already. So obviously listen to those if you haven't already, but this should be good John. I can't believe we are ready about to be a quarter way the season like it just it goes by like that. It's just snap of finger, so, but I'm excited. It's another important game. Absolutely. No. And you're totally right to because I mean, you know, me, I, I cover baseball heavily when I'm not doing these podcasts with you. I have the Phillies podcast hitting season with the good fight and do a lot of writing for them and the baseball season because you're playing every single day. It feels like by the time you get to September, I'm ready for it to be done. At this point. It is suddenly all are. When they're not doing well, especially right now it's been, it's been pretty terrible, but at the end of baseball season like this, you're ready for it to end with the NFL season. You only have sixteen games. They're so precious each one of these sixteen games that they come and they come and go so fast. And we're already at the fourth one. We've already played three games and I think you know, before we get into the guts of the show, I want to touch on this a little bit because you're right. It feels like for the first couple of weeks, we were just kind of waiting. It didn't even feel like the first two weeks of the regular season to me anyway, were the regular season because we were waiting for a lot of the players who were injured comeback, especially Carson Wentz. And I think for a lot of people last week felt like, okay, Carson's back now, the two thousand eighteen season is really underway and the fact that the eagles are two in one. Basically with those first two weeks being a lot of the a lot of the secondary players in a lot of respects, the offense on the offense of side of the ball. Looked like some preseason lineups that you would see in there now, I think you're right. It's the fourth game of the season, but it still feels like we're just getting started, but this will be the quarter pole after this game against the titans. Yeah, and I feel good. You know, obviously two and one Nick foles at the start to those games. Carson his back. He obviously looked great in terms of his physical abilities in this first game back. There's no concern at all like about, can this guy be healthy enough to be great note there shouldn't be. I mean, what more could you have wanted in that game? Obviously, he was rusty think from mental perspective is some things he needs to clean up, but just going on all the encouraging things we saw, and the fact that we know Carson Wentz is gonna work hard as heck to get back on track and clean up those mistakes. I have no worries. I feel really good. So really confident moving forward, I feel good man. I feel you'll aren't a good spot here in chance to be better here and they win this game. They're three and one of us sudden so yeah, we're going to break it all down coming up here and just a second titans are. A sneaky team. We're going to talk about that a little bit, especially on the defensive side of the ball could pose the eagles problems offensively. But I wanna remind everybody, listen the if you're not subscribing to the bleeding green Asian podcast feed. Please go ahead and do that. Whether you're on apple podcast, Spotify, Google, podcasts, Stitcher, whatever, whatever it might be and the ratings and the reviews, five star ratings, five star reviews, Brandon. I think that's the only thing they can do now. Right? As five stars. It's been locked in. I think the overlords at apple have basically said just it's only five stars, but seriously, no, the reviews that we've gotten are fantastic. Love hearing what you guys have to say the feedback, constructive criticism, what you guys want to see what we're doing well that you like give us those reviews the five star ratings, please keep those coming. They do help us out tremendously and you know blood to encourage all of you that if you're amenable to continue to do that, and we everybody doing that when they get the opportunity to so. Want to mention a couple other things before we get into the show. The eagles had a couple of pieces of sad news this week to pass along. I earlier in the week, one of the one of the teams all time, great wide receivers. Tommy McDonald passed away. Neither of us got to see Tommy McDonald play. He really was probably in if not, our father's generation of eagles football are grandfather's generation of eagles football, but everybody you talked to and he became a pretty well known TV personality. He, he was not an. It wasn't on TV all the time, but he became pretty well known as a as a as a fiery guy. And you know, when he's always, he'd always be good for a quote kind of later in life. And so it's it's sad to see. Tommy McDonald pass away here. The other guy that we learned here on Friday had passed away. A big surprise, west Hopkins, b, LG passed away, former eagles. Great. One of the one of the toughest safeties in the league during the time, the us playing in the late eighties and early nineties with that Buddy Ryan team. I got to see him play a lot Beal. Gee, this this was when I was first getting introduced eagles football. And when Buddy Ryan came aboard, that was really the first team. I followed closely the CLYDE Simmons Reggie White Byron Evans, Seth Joyner eagles in west Hopkins in that secondary was really think second only to Ronnie Lott in that era, as far as hard hitting safeties are concerned, west Hopkins could lay the wood on anybody in the in the National Football League and that defense that Forty-six blitzing defense at Buddy Ryan put in was absolutely perfect for him. He and Andre waters really formed a terrifying duo. If you're a wide receiver, especially back in the in the eighties and nineties Beal g when you didn't have a lot of the roughing, you know a lot of the roughing rules that we have now, the. The personal foul calls the head hunting calls all that kind of stuff. West Hopkins basically could work with impunity back there and it was terrifying. I remember one game in particular in in nineteen Ninety-one. It's called the the house of pain game when the eagles went into Houston and absolutely destroyed a pretty good team defensively, just laying people out. Remember Seth Joyner heading a violent case of the flu in that game and had the game of his career. But west Hopkins also in that game was absolutely devastating. He got slowed down by knee injury in the middle of his career, really kind of sapped the life out of the very end of his career. But men Bill g. he was one of the most ferocious safeties the franchises ever seen. Again, I think probably the second hardest hitting safety of that era behind only Ronnie Lott he was. He was amazing, sounds to me almost like he was like Brian Dawkins before Brian Dawkins. If yeah, if that's accurate, I never got to watch him. Unfortunately, obviously very sad for the eagles alumni. This. This week with both him and Tommy McDonald to do of a story about him. I, I've never watched him play, but my my memory of Tommy McDonald is win. I was just twenty one. I was on my first training camp covering the eagles with winning relation back in two thousand thirteen eagles did a open training camp practice was a first one at Lincoln financial field. The chip Kelly era, the first practice they had their since they moved away from Lehigh and like you said, they had alumni day and they're being out a bunch of guys McNabb Dawkins Westbrook's a bunch of guys and McDonald was one of them, and I think he was like was the, I don't know, like seventy something or sixty something at the time, and he is out of the tunnel like he is twenty-five. He's like jumping around like, who is the sky? I never even really, you know, had that super familiarity with him to that point in just like you could see that energy. And I know a good friend of the podcast Patrick wall. He's to work for the eagles. You know, he was around timing. MacDonald points, I guess, working for the team and he said he was probably an endearing way. He's at. He's one of the craziest guys he ever met. He was disliked this just this very positive force of energy. So very sad that we lost both of those guys this week. Yeah, especially this Tommy I think, lived a a good long life Wests dying. I forget exactly how old west was seven fifty seventy at far too young and we don't know exactly the cause of death. Not really all that important to us right now either because we just wanna remember west and end Tommy and to to great eagles players gone in the same week. It's just unusual. It happens that way, but let's move onto happier things. And let's talk about this eagles titans game coming up here. I last week, you know, as we all know the eagles beat the colts twenty two sixteen moved to and one on the season, the titans beat the Jaguars, an offense of show here man, nine to six. The Jaguars I you know I didn't see this game, but I I watched a lot of the highlights. I watched some film breakdown of Tennessee and Jacksonville in this game, and it's his ugly as the score indicates man. It was three three going into halftime. Marcus mariota twelve eighteen for one hundred yards passing fifty one yards on the ground of fifty. Two point six QB rating in that one. Derrick Henry, they're, they're good running back eighteen for fifty seven, three, two average. And then Corey Davis who's a pretty good wide receiver for them to for thirty four. But. Certainly not an impressive an impressive offense of showing Tennessee, but they are two in one same record as the eagles and the eagles head Tennessee where the crowd is not expected to be much of a factor in this one here be g. coach, Mike Rabl. Once again, this week said that titans fans need to show up on Sunday and said there have been too many times where the home team, the home team was caught off guard by how much sound and noise visiting fans were making. And I'm seeing on social media just like we've seen in every other eagles away venue this year. I think we're gonna see it. A lot is that eagles fans are traveling this year, and there's a big contingent in Tennessee set from what I hear the sounds of it according to Mike Gabel sounds like there's going to be some plenty of seats available for eagles fans to to get loud. So this is this is an away game, but it might not have the negative side effects. Most away games do here Bill, we see fans takeover everywhere, so it'll be no surprise to me that we see a big. See of midnight green in Tennessee. It'd be great. Obviously, you know eagles not the best road team here. I think it's seven of ten in their last seventeen like that's for for the Doug Peterson era. Obviously, we've talked about the home road defensive splits for awhile now, so nice to get you know that crowd noise in their little bit. Have that support down there. The had that for the bucks, I feel like at least a decent amount and didn't help as much. So I don't know. We'll see. But yeah, have to this titans team on one hand there two and one and they lost to the only loss they had was to three, no dolphins team. So maybe they're, they're not terrible, but I just here's how I look at it. John. I was thinking about this earlier when we were out they can vote what we're gonna talk about in the podcast and they can you name me ten titans players off the top of your head? 'cause I remember and I bring this up because I remember doing this back when the eagles played the titans, two thousand fourteen the last time they played them during the chip era, and obviously things have changed. Since then, Zach Menton burgers starting for them at the time, but they just seem so relevant and like I couldn't even five players on their team back then. I saw I kind of lifted at to ten now because obviously they've improved since then two different teams, different era. But I just, I don't. I'm not. There's nothing about this team that's really making me sake in my boots. I don't know how you feel. Yeah, no. Well, here's the thing I this. This feels like a trap game to me and I, I'm not the first one to mention this and I wrote about this for bleeding, green dot com. This weekend that this this feels this is this has all the makings of a classic trap game because you're right. This is not an imposing at least on the offensive side of the ball. This is not an imposing team. The eagles are gonna go play. Yes, they went nine and seven and made the playoffs last year. Yes. They actually won a playoff game last year beating the chiefs in the open in the wildcard round of the playoffs. But it felt fluke ish and it still feels fluke. Shit doesn't because you're right. There are no real stars on this team, especially. Offensive side of the ball. Marcus mariota has not turned into the quarterback that a lot of us were thinking, especially when we were pining for chip Kelly to get him here in Philadelphia. He has not turned into the quarterback that a lot of expected him to be Derrick. Henry is a really good running back. And this team has we'll get into here in a few minutes loves to run the ball. He's probably their best offensive player. You've got Cory Davis at wide receiver, and frankly, I'll be able to name a few players just because I did some research on writing this week, but you know, I if I hadn't done that research, those are the three guys. I probably would have been able to tell you about because it's it's not a stacked unit, but because they're going on the road, the eagles are because this is an opponent you could look past because you have the Minnesota Vikings at home. Next week, NFC championship game rematch sitting there waiting for you when you return. Obviously, there's a ton of juice for that game. I could very easily see the eagles looking past this Tennessee team and falling into. To the trap game mentality. Now, I will say this to last year they did not have a single trap game that they fell victim to. They only lost twice how many games could possibly have have. Had you know the the second game of the season. It's too early in the season for a trap game, and then the Seattle game, which I don't think was a trap game at all. Casino was legitimately good Russell Wilson played out of his mind. The eagles didn't take that game lately. They just got out played in that game in a in a place where almost nobody wins. So the eagles did have opportunities for trap games last year when when they had the bears at home, they could have fallen into a trap and they didn't. You know, matter of fact, in the games where they, they had potential trap games, they blew teams out. So that was that's been a big hallmark of this team over the last year or so, is that they haven't done that. They haven't fallen into trap games, which are a very real thing in the NFL. John, I'm gonna go the complete other way on it. I'm gonna ring the Valerie early on. All right. Asked year for those listening to the radio last year in different times. I, you might remember me railing against the idea of top games. I just felt like, and I don't think you're doing this year gone. I just felt like too often, people would say that almost every week, especially early on the season up playing the chargers trap game up their hosts in the cardinals at home trap game like it, just everything kept becoming trap game, and it was like no yields are just good. There is no trap game. Now I get what you're saying about than the terms of the I get where you're coming from with it. So I can see the conditions kinda shaping up and of, but I just don't think maybe the Vikings aren't good. We just, we saw them obviously, and they, you know, whatever they were competitive, certainly against the Rams, but they should be one in three right now because the only reason as we know they beat the Packers because they benefited from that dumb role cousins interception the should have counted. The game should end it. Packer should've won that game. They're wanting three with one win coming over a niner's team that obviously they lost geez, they're not gonna look good, but even with him, they weren't a juggernaut by any means. I don't think they are good as people were making them out to be heading into the season. So. And then the giants I don't. I don't think the giants are good just because they beat the Texans. So I just don't think those teams are even that good, and it's even kind of looking ahead to that too much. And the other thing about this, I think talking to Jimmy Morris, our good friend from music city miracle, which is the titans version of leading your nation. He thinks this could be elect down game for the titans because they're in a spark where they just had these two. Wins that people didn't expect them to get in their last two games, especially more so with over the Jaguars they're. So I think you could be a letdown for them. They're coming back home and the way they've won. Two is kind of like gimmicky. Almost an in mariota as you've talked about, not only not developing into that guy, but he kinda even can't right now. 'cause he's dealing with this pinched nerve in throwing elbow. He can't even feel two of his fingers of Hanley like, that's not a good thing. And yeah, that sounds bad to me and it's getting quarterback. It's bad is getting better apparently, but I don't think he's one hundred percent still. So I just I think there's just not enough for Tennessee here to for it to be that hunted trap situation. I think the buccaneers of anything was probably more of one. They're just hot there. It's early in the season for one I know, but I just feel like I feel much better about this game than I do. The bucks game is a little bit nervous about the team just because they played so well, you're on the road. I just I don't have that same worry of this titan sqi. Yeah, I don't know how worried I am. I just, you know, the the circumstances has all the criteria of a trap game, you know, and I have seen teams fall into that. I'm a believer in the trap game, so yeah, we, we will come at this from different sites. I do. I do believe there are some games and fell teams look past, whether they consciously do it or not. And it's generally, you know, when you just have trouble getting up for an inferior opponent, I do think it is a thing in the NFL because the NFL maybe more than any other sport is driven by emotion, you know? And so I think that definitely plays a part here, but I do agree with you also and I didn't make the point in the peace necessarily that the eagles were going to fall victim to the trap games. A matter of fact, I went out of my way to show how this team has been immune to the trap game so far, at least in the last year and a half that Doug Peterson and Carson Wentz have been at the helm of this team. And I really feel if you're a Super Bowl contender. You probably should be impervious to games to to falling victim to trap games. You don't see it happen to the patriots all that often. If at all, I mean, maybe once in a while, but for the most part, when the patriots lose a game, it's just a laws. It's a loss because it's a loss. It doesn't have anything to do with necessarily looking past an opponent. And I think that's maybe that's where the eagles are to right now. The eagles are good enough and they're well coached enough so that they don't fall victim to trap game. So I get, I think this has the hallmarks of a trap game, but I don't necessarily believe the eagles will fall victim to that for the reasons you mentioned this is a good football team. So let's talk about the injury report here and the guy we gotta talk about, obviously I is is Rodney McLeod who is out with a torn MC l. he had surgery this week. He's not out for the season yet. The team has not declared him out for the year, but it looks like it's going to be an extended absence McLeod had started thirty three of thirty five games at safety alongside Malcolm Jenkins since coming to the eagles in two thousand sixteen. So this is obviously a really. A big loss Beal. Gee, I know. I know you wrote about some potential replacement options both in house. Players who might be on the waiver wire. And of course there's a big name who has been mentioned in trade rumors mainly with the Cowboys. But now you wonder if maybe the eagles come calling about Earl Thomas, what do you think about the possibility of Earl Thomas or anybody else taking the place of MacLeod here? Because it looks like he's going to be out for quite a bit of time. Earl talents wherever I heard that name before. Yeah, I'll get to him in a bit. Obviously we'll start with MacLeod here. It's weird because a lot of people are like, whoa, if it's just an MTO. Why is there gun sings out for the season? Because usually MC l. is kind of like a four week to eight week kind of in that range deal. But the thing about that, I think from my understanding and look not medical expert, so don't quote me on this, but I my understanding from following along with the league over the years is that with an MCSE l. usually the guy doesn't get an operation. He kinda just has to let it heal kinda heels a little bit on its own, I think, and they usually kinda sit out for a little bit and then they're able to kinda play through that pain at a certain point. I don't. That's not what's happening here. McLeod got surgery. Doug Peterson confirmed that I feel like maybe a little more serious than the typical MCI l. so we'll see. We still don't know. I think just because MacLeod hasn't been put on injured reserve yet. Doesn't mean that won't happen at. Some point, and if it is neither way, he's definitely going to miss this game and seems like a good amount of more of time. We'll see how much into significant loss like Rodney is having a very good season. I feel like a very underrated season really here to start the year. He's been these been good. Just the ability he provides just to be that guy on the back end and have that range in coverage and versatility can move down the box to like, that's that's a hurts to lose that we saw last year when he was missing time early on the season, he was dealing with a hamstring issued, miss the giants game legals were down to Chris Maragos on the back end and it just wasn't good. It was. It was bad for the defense, so losing him hurts. You're gonna have to maybe that limits how you can use Malcolm Jenkins, you're gonna have to play Corey Graham more. So it's not ideal, but you know, the still have some options here. I'm really interested to see how I'm like there's so much. There's so many options here that I almost. It's hard for me to predict what's going to happen beside don't generally don't know what the are going to do like they could. They could play Corey, Graham lot more and then maybe try to get Deandra hall work in in core grams old role because they traded for him. You know, week one during final cuts. So maybe they liked that, but maybe he's only been with the team now for a couple of weeks and he was suspended for the first week. Maybe there's some dynamic there where he doesn't really know the defense enough yet to kinda take on a major role. Maybe the eagles feel like of auntie Matic's or result Douglas. They wanna get those guys on the field more. So they're playing more different nickel and dime Luke's where they're trying to get those guys on the field instead. So there's a lot of options they have here. I feel like if McLeod is gonna miss a certain amount of time the they have to add some interviews going on. I are. They obviously have to add some kind of safety to the roster. I don't think trae Sullivan should be that guy. I like trae Sullivan's potential by don't think he really kinda moves the needle at all. I'm the, I think you should just I think that you'll so that way too. He's on the practice squad because they like his potential. They liked him if they need him in a very dire emergency. But if we're talking any kind of long-term answer for the rest of the season, I don't see him as the guy Earl Thomas now, here's, here's the gist, India. Yeah, I don't think it's crazy. Like I'm usually the guy who kinda downplays these things the Levy on bell rumors which we heard earlier this week, which I think is kind of silly. I think there's a, I think there's maybe a five percent chance. Like I think there's that much credence to it, but getting that Earl Thomas. I mean, like just because the impact this that he would make by acquiring him would be huge. He would make this defense so much better. And if McLeod is going to have this is absence is going to be this big loss for this defense, and it's very noticeable and you're a Super Bowl. You know, you have your eagles new, Super Bowl aspirations like you need to capitalize on this window now. So there there could be some an to be. Aggressive there. I'm not saying you treat you know your entire Jeff or get too crazy there, but I think you have to to be aggressive and I think it's, what do you give it's? Yes, that's the question I think right now. First of all, Seattle has to be willing to deal. And I don't think they are right away exactly today because they're still in it. They just beat the Cowboys which was great to see their season isn't dead yet. So I don't think they're just looking, you know, you know, they're not sellers just yet. And the thing with Earl Thomas in them is that it doesn't make sense for them to take anything less than a third. Obviously, because he going to be a free agent after this year, they can just let them walk in. They're going to get a third round common Satory pick. So it would have to be higher than that. Apparently they've turned down a second round pick from the Cowboys. So it offer has to start at a second. Maybe you're adding more onto that. The eagles have two seconds, which I think is interesting. And now another dynamic to this is I had floated kind of giving up two seconds because I think that's what it might take that ideal. No, but part of the thing you have to think about here is if you're training for all Thomas and you aren't committing to him apps. After this year, which is probably couldn't because of their financial situation than you're getting. Third, you're the one all of a sudden getting that third round calms Dettori pick after the season. So you're kinda getting something backs. I, it's a rental. Yes, you're getting something back for it. So do I think it's likely to happen? No, I think it's something like how he should make that call though. Absolutely. He should check in see what the price is because he would not. It's not like you're just getting. You're not spending a high price to get a guy who makes a minor difference. Like Earl time make a major difference. You would make the secondary even better than it was with Rodney McLeod. So I definitely worth checking in on. I don't think it'll happen. I think what the eagles will do maybe is signed someone out there. I really love the indirect Dems idea though. I just found out he signed at the bucks shortly after writing the peace. So that's not ideal. They apparently had shown some interest in him. I think they have to add someone if the cloud goes on, I r but I don't think it's going to be anyone to exciting now. I agree with you. I'd love to see Earl Thomas, obviously, but you know, and he would fit in under the salary cap this year, ten point, four million dollars eagles of cap cap hit of around Kappa position of around eleven million right now. So you could do that and yeah, if you give away those two second rounders. That's great. But you know, at some point, you know, getting rid of the of the draft picks. It does come back to bite you, but when you're talking about a guy like Earl Thomas, I mean my goodness. You're right. You just make that secondary. So so dynamic and yeah, you would get something back for him. Would you say that safety now is if the eagles were going to make a trade is safety more portent a trainee need than running back or wide receiver. Now, at this point thing, so I think just even looking, you know, look, we disol- them you buy with when the smaller Corey Clement in Josh Adams, combining for one hundred forty two yards. Yeah. Yeah, I think defensive tackle another thing. We still have to keep an eye on. That's, you know, I, I don't feel feel great about the actions outside of Fletcher Cox, but we'll see about the safety thing, man. I think in our heads right now, we're kind of just like a little workout, but we'll see, man, we'll see how it goes without having Rodney back there. It's not about some of the other injuries real quick. Darren, sproles still dealing with that hamstring issue. He is out for the game as well. Doug Peterson seem to indicate though that he felt like sproles might be back next week for Minnesota. Hopefully, yeah, he hasn't practice yet still, so hopefully still up in the air. Hopefully he he was doing a little bit of seemed like he was warming up the team a little bit, which still didn't again did not practice it all, but that seems like better than just not doing anything at all and three players questionable running back Corey, Clement with quadricep linebacker of Nate, Gary with a groin and alshon Jeffery made it back to practice was clear. For full-contact and was inputted practice a full participant one day, and then apparently got the flu. He's been out of action for a couple of days. What, what? What are your thoughts on Jeffrey? Do you feel like he'll probably play? I feel like it. It kinda signed deal that he comes back any. Obviously, he's a full participant and all of a sudden these missing practice not to shoulder, but due to an illness and it just I think you'll be okay. Overall, I don't think he really needs this practice time a ton, the play, but it'd be nice to have it for sure. I love Doug Peterson answer. If you saw this John, I love Doug answer about this illness that you'll have going around the team. It's just this kind of really underscores how ridiculous like covering sports is sometimes like we're someone and it's a fair question. The guy was asking, what do you do? One of the reporters asking, what do you do when you have enormous going around the team and Doug to start saying that I quote, just making sure that we're washing hands and maybe covering your mouth if you cough sneeze. That's just so great as psych like elementary. Kindergarten. What I tell my. When they're go play somebody else's house. Listen, you've been don't put your hands and other kids faces leave the little babies alone. You know, I love Ellie this job. It's just so great, but yes on overall will be okay. I just, I think he's, I think he's gonna be fine and an f. great. And I think to something that's interesting, and I think just point was made by Dr David challenge Witter Sonal steal it, but it good point that I'll shuns coming back like a leg injury here. He's been able to condition in run, so I don't think we need to him to have this serious. You know, rosters gonna look hundred percent, then you should be fine. So in getting him back to having a guy who was your number one target on offense. Last year, I know he wasn't the most efficient target always. But I mean, this is a guy capable of making big plays. Michael kiss says, a great breakdown on booting dot com. If you forgot about that, he certainly better than Matthews, although some will have you believe. Otherwise, I'll leave that there. Does getting him back is really big again, just the fact that the eagles have been playing without what the three of their top four receivers. That's just an issue in you. Having Kamari can and you're having joined Matthews and you're even Josh Perkins being used at wide receiver at sometimes like you're, it's that dire. Just getting all Sean. You don't even have to over think it and be like, you know what hits his specific impact. It's as simple as you don't want those guys. I just talked about playing and you do all Sean playing because he's really good, so great to have. Yeah, he's a number one receiver. You absolutely want that guy on the outside to complement everything else. He got going, and you know, I think it's good for him to get a game under his belt before that Vikings game too. Because, like you said, he is conditioning probably will be okay, but yes, played in a while and he hasn't played with Carson in a game in quite a while. So might take a little bit of time for those to to kind of get the connection going a little bit into a little bit of Rus between those two guys and kind of good to get that. Get that going. In this week against Tennessee before the Vikings come to town next Sunday. See, maybe I'm falling into the trap to GM looking pass Tennessee already year myself. But no, I think you know, one of the things that that kissed in Seoul like mentioned on on their all twenty two breakdown of the eagles win over the colts was talking about some of the formations that the eagles were using in that game and how much having alshon Jeffery back could make the offense even more unguardable because you you have the way they're using Erz Goddard on the same side of the field and overloading one side of the field and having alone wide receiver on the other side, getting some single coverage there. You know, if you've got if it's Nelson Aguilar out there Nelson's really good, but al-shabaab Jeffrey is just a more natural outside receiver you're that much more dynamic. You know, you've got to worry about focusing on Sean Jeffrey over on that side of the field while you're trying to figure out what to do with earth's and Godart and Galarza on that side of the field along with those three with those two. Guys, you're, you're talking about all kinds of problems for defensive coordinators with alshon Jeffery as one of your outside receivers, and how about this agai who can actually have all shuns a typical deep threat in terms, you know, he's not desha Jackson there or even Mike Wallace doesn't have that, but he can make plays down the field. We've seen it the Super Bowl and just the guy who like maybe just, you know, Carson isn't looking super sharp or oftens isn't, you know they can't get anything going scheme wise have out dislike, hey, Carson just fricken throw it up to all Sean in hope. He makes the play like, that's what you can do it, that guy. That's you can't defend against that. I mean, you can't always just rely on that being offense, but sometimes you just need a big play like that and eagles haven't had a guy who can do that really for them. So to get that back is really good as well. Running back, Jay Ajayi looks good to go. Hopefully he'll be able to actually make it through a full game. My I've just concerned is one of those guys that's in and out of the lineup all year, a fractured back and like. That is not ideal. No are. Well, let's look at the titans a little bit here and look at some of the match ups, and we touched on mariota a little bit earlier, but there is concern as to whether or not he actually, you know, grip and throw a football which is important for a quarterback to do right. You know, I kind of feel like, you know, the eagles don't really need to be as worried about especially Marietta going, mariota going downfield. And we know that this is this is a titans team that loves to run the football. They run the football more than anybody else in the league fifty, four percent of the time right now they've been running the football and so with with Marcus mariota, he's clearly more dangerous as a runner than he is as a passer right now, how are the eagles going to house the defense going to approach mariota when he's in there? Because he definitely presents some unique challenges as as as dangerous runner back their own some ways almost shouldn't be too different from last week. Right? I mean similar situations in that and you're lucky anthro anymore as evidenced by the colts having to bring in Jacoby percent to throw a frigging helm areas the end of the game. And I think looks average something like what? Like three point, three yards per tempt against the eagles defense was terrible, not good and obvious. Mariota not one hundred percent. He's not gonna test Ziegler seem vertically, so I don't think you have to worry about that a ton, obviously. But even, you know, look, he's going to be more dynamic runner than Andrew. Lucky, but luck is in the slouch in luck, had a thirty three yard run. So at some the, you know, he's a mobile guy as well, and he's pretty athletic. So that's something they will certainly have to monitor. That's definitely the thing I am most worried about pro, probably like with this offense, it is mariota's mobility. The I don't think they've been like the worst team ever to defend against mobile horseback here in the past the gym Schwarzer I will say, but they haven't been awesome at like the, they've leaked some yards to those guys. I mean, cousins. I remember even has yards against them Cam Newton, obviously when the eagles played the Panthers back last year in two thousand seventeen. So that's something that's definitely going to be a challenge for them. Sure. The plan for that, hopefully, though count for that. I think when you look at this eagles defense in and how they can know, they obviously lineup wide and they can really get to the quarterback, they can also leave some some big. Lanes that order back to take off, and we've seen mariota take it to the house like he can. He can take it all the way he might not be able to feel fingers, but he can definitely run you can still. So that's definitely the thing that concerns me a lot about this titans team, not not much else. I think this is almost the most ideal match up. You could really ask for in some ways just because I feel like if you're running against the eagles, it's just a waste like you can't run in them. They they had the best run defense in the NFL last year they're on, they're, they're doing great against the run again this year. If you're running against that, like back when the the buccaneers game, whenever the bucks ran against the eagles, it's like a gift because. Has this as they're having to the air. It's like, what are you doing when you're running? It's just a free play for the eagles. So if the the titans keep running the ball at the rate, they are again, like I just I don't see them beating the eagles that way. Yeah, the eagles are so fast laterally zone, run zone, run game that Tennessee likes to run, kind of plays into their hands eagles. Have you know Nigel bradtha Jay and Jordan except been really good against the run. Derek Barnett is an outstanding defensive end against the run has been so far this year, the date. Obviously, you have the guys in the middle, like Fletcher Cox or just kind of bottling things up it. It absolutely feeds into into that. If you don't have to worry as much, the eagles are going to stay in cover three, but you're gonna be able to bring the safety up into the box a little bit more. You're gonna be able, you know, I mean, obviously without the cloud, it's Malcolm Jenkins duties. I don't know if they're gonna change at all. If they're going to let him just kind of do what he always does. But Malcolm Jenkins. Get involved in the run game as well because they don't really have Tennessee doesn't really have a whole lot of guys. We're gonna run past Jalen mills or run past Ronald Darby. They don't. They don't have that kind of athletes Zamani outside do that. Even if they did Mariana, can't throw it to him. So that's right. Exactly. Exactly. And I think that. When you're looking at the eagles offense, they've got an interesting task ahead of them with Tennessee with with how Rabl likes to try and keep trying. Keep the offense confused. He'll he'll do a lot of things a lot of confusing his his schemes and stuff on quarterbacks doesn't. Yeah, I think in going back to so flipping over to the offense here Carson obviously coming back now in his second start, I would expect him to look a little bit less rusty than he did against the colts. Although I don't know, maybe they're still an adjustment period here. Obviously it was a long lay-off for him and he's he's working back into things here, but I just, I feel good again. I good about where what I what I saw from Carson last week. So I think he's gonna come back sharper than he was again. He's going to work on those mistakes that were made because look, he made some really bad mistakes last week. Some really simple things like Doug even criticized him for staring down Erz. There was the play where it was third in. Two and kissed was talking about this, and I had seen on the rewatch as well where Kamari can literally there at the sticks on third to the whole play, not even just like at first than it goes away, not like the whole plays standing there. What are you doing? Carson take. I know you wanna take the deep shop. It's in to do to get the first down. So you wanna see those things cleaned up. Obviously, look at this titans defensing obviously way too much now as bothering me. Titans defense, and they. Blake Bortles played well against the patriots in week two. So it wasn't just like he's been terrible though. It still Blake Bortles, so I'm not trying to give them too much credit here, but they clamp down on him last week. So they're definitely respect that titans defense. They're not. They're not talentless for sure. Thank you. Look at Durrell Casey in the middle there. I think if I had to pick a single player to add to this eagles roster from that team, it was do that post have doing this Masirah, but looking at a player to steal a, he's he's really good on the inside. He has been for a while now. So there's there's and we saw this eagles offense of line leak pressure last week where the give up five sags. And I think some of that wasn't just because of the line also because Carson owning onto the ball and it was those stunts that, obviously there it is again those the stunts that lane Johnson had gotten holding penalty on in that crucial for down late in the game. So I'm sure variables in took up some things. Here and then dean pees who has a very funny name for this. General forget for an NFL coordinator. He's a longtime successful, good defensive coordinator. So I definitely think this titans defense is respectable of not expecting the offense to just offense to just towards them by any means, but I just don't think they're they're juggernaut by any means still either. I think you know they're gonna. They're gonna find ways to have success. I think the offensive line is still pretty good overall, and they're going to be able to to give Carson times. They're going to be able to open some holes in the running game hopefully day Gye dealing with that fractured back which is again, this crazy to me and he's got an protect broken back row knack and Doug's like, yes, I'm big deal. He's a tough guy. I mean, that's kinda effect him in some way though, in terms of maybe just how many carries he can get, like you said to be in and out, hopefully not. So I think it could be another all this is the say. It could be kind of another not pretty weak for the offense, but I. Still feel like they're going to be able to score enough to win this thing. Yeah. I guess what it's going to come down to is how sharp is wins mentally in this game because he's going to have to be able to recognize when you know which are coming hot, because a lot of times Tennessee will bring a bunch of guys to the line back to guys off, bring into linebackers on a blitz. It's really hard to diagnose what's coming at you and it's really hard sometimes to diagnose until right before you snapped the ball, what kind of scheme they're going to be in, whether they're going to be, you know, with a with a single high safety, and if it turns into cover three or whatever, and you know, the eagles can combat that with with the RPO's by freezing some of these guys. You know, if you're a defense and you're moving, just as the ball is being snapped. You're kind of, you know, committing yourself to a certain direction. And if you're the eagles and you can see it coming, you can play that to your advantage. But it also it also is going to be incumbent on Carson Wentz this week to recognize and to see everything before the snap. And that's what Tennessee tries. Do they try to make it really hard for you to see what's coming pre snap such an underrated thing about Carson to like you talk about the difference in, you know, maybe the statue can measure between him and they falls like, no, no disrespect to Nick foles car. He doesn't have. It's not the same. Nick foles isn't getting in the at least minder standing into run, looks in audible at the line all the time. That's part of why the wanted Carson Wentz so much. Why they've value in so much is because of his pre snap ability. And I think we saw that against the colts. I mean, it's hard to measure exactly how much success is due of the running game success. Again with window Smallwood, Corey climate and Josh Adams, they had one hundred forty two yards, and that's really good, and obviously went thrust resent to as well. So I definitely think having him back just underrated in that regard of how much you can just help the team, even if he's not gonna, be totally. Sharp, or was this, you know the during the play, not forget pre snaps, freeze, but during the fees and being rusty, they're still pretty sharp and the pre snap. So always a good thing to have. I want to mention one thing about special teams before we move onto another cool thing, Chris long is doing and and then we'll get to our NFC east picks and give our eagles prediction here coming up in just a few minutes. But you know, we don't talk about the special teams a lot, but really the special teams with Darren sproles being out the return game has has really suffered and the eagles have had a lot of long fields over these last couple of weeks here l. g. and that has fed into some of the the low offense of numbers. The eagles have had when they score, they've had to go on some really long time consuming time consuming. Multiple play drives, and that's fine if they end in touchdowns and your defenses preventing the other team from scoring quickly, but it would be good to see the eagles figure out something in the return game. Game. So maybe you get a starting field position at the thirty five or at the forty or the forty five, something like that where you're not backed up at your fifteen backed up at your ten. And of course that's also incumbent on the return team not to commit penalties on the returns, which also back you up, but is it still going to be? Are they going to feature Corey? Clement back there on kickoff, returns and punt returns do? Do we have any idea how they're planning on doing anything different in the return game and special teams, assuming Corey place? I think you will even though he's listening questionable, he that quote issue last week as well and turned out there kind of just being cautious with him. I think that's what they could be doing here. I think special teams as actual Lutely worth bringing up here John because the titans ranked fourth overall special teams Devia way and he'll check in at twenty nine. So big gap there. It's early in the season. So Devi a little early. You know, to have that number. I mean that could easily change as we go here, but, but you look into it. And the titans are averaging ten point three yards in punt returns. And they returned kickoff for tons down a week one. So they have some kind of explosiveness in in some things going well for them and go to the eagles. They're averaging four point two yards apart return and nineteen yards project return, which is bad, very bad. So it's not even average. It's bad. So I don't think we are going to see much of a difference though had kinda it said, when us asked about Horry returning punts as he kinda just joked around news like, hey, have you ever tried to return a punt in the rain? And I get that it's hard, but still like the eagles were very lucky. Corey did not muff in all Ye buff them, but didn't lose control of those punts last week. So hopefully it looks like the friendly gonna get nice weather game. Like I was looking at the forecast and it's not gonna be raining or thunder, storming or excessively hot. So that's good. But the fact of us aren't getting anything from the special teams unit doesn't mean you know there. Doomed for sure, but it's just kind of a bummer because that's something they've been able to count on impasse years. It's something that would be great to have right now with offense, kind of out of sorts in that looking. Awesome. And the defense looking good overall, but not always playing well on the road. So it'd be nice to have that bonus. And that's another one of those reasons why I think it's silly to say that are better off with Darren sproles. 'cause even if you don't believe in him as an offensive player anymore, he still pretty good, punt returner. So to not have anything there is disappointing ends disappointing to that. Shelton Gibson cannot get on the field in that even for that role. I mean, obviously he only played one offense of snap let week, which is not a very good sign for him. But even on special teams, you know, we'd seen him have some nice kickoff returns the preseason, and then we want a really bad returning into the falcons in seems like you'll just don't really trust him on there anymore. So that's another one of those little things to look at this week getting to the titans right now. Go. Going into this one have that special teams edge, and it's actually one of the reasons I listed on a three reasons why they could lose this game on the post scenes did over at music city miracle. So we will see about that one. Yeah, it's just one of those areas. You don't talk about a lot, but does come into play a couple of games per season. You know, they could. Some special teams can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Let's before we get into our pick some. Let's just mention real quick. How cool Chris long is now. I mean, we all know what he did last year donating his entire salary to charitable causes and to after the the Charlottesville disaster last year. And this year he's doing something similar again through his found as foundation and with United way. He's investing one fourth of his salary this year to launch a drive to increase early literacy among young children. Man, this guy is not only a pretty good football player. What a great guy to have on the team be Eljay and you know, this doesn't have anything to do with the titans game. This week or anything like that. But I just I just kind of wanted to mention it because I mean, Chris long is has been nothing but amazingly great in all both on the field and off the field since he came to Philadelphia last year, I want to read you John on listeners a good comment here. It's just a very succinct comment. I saw in the article for bleeding greenish dot com about Kris longs efforts. And this is from stopper nineteen all caps. This guy does it all talks the talk on off the field and walks the walk on off the field. I complete leader and I, I don't think you can say better than that. That is. That is Chris long is is a great player. He's a great leader, disagree, dude, and to have guys like on this team. I think it's easy to under appreciated that because you know it's just you can take it for granted very easily because it doesn't matter in the sense of, you know, it's not helping the eagles necessarily get closer to a win or loss alway. You know what I mean? When I'm saying they're like, oh, we donated this. Now we're gonna win. Obviously worked that way. You can have the best group of guys, maybe you're no one sixteen, but for the us to be good and have those guys. It's great also wanted to give shutout Malcolm Jenkins who will be receiving the key, the the, the the, the city key to the to the the key of the city. I'm having a hard time saying the key of the city to Camden for his efforts as well off the field. So it's always cool to see the eagles be very active in that in to be recognized for the good work. They're putting in yellow in the NFL, the locker rooms important. And when your top leaders are selfless guys and not me, I guys and trying to build other people up that that filters to the other players in one of the one of the big reasons why that team did what they did last year. So I don't. I don't think this stuff has no effect on what happens on the field because it has to do with their overall leadership and all that too. So that's just awesome. Awesome. So. From Chris long. All right. Let's give NFC east picture real quick Beal g Washington is on the by this early by. I was wish wish that could happen. They look very, very good last week. So we've, we've got Detroit at Dallas, Dallas favored by three points at home against the Detroit Lions. I'll let you tackle this game. I, I don't see a record here, so I'm going to choose my record is better than yours now, just because it's not here. I think we both went. I think we both went one into last performed very well, so we didn't want any. We didn't take the Washington lose for short, which is a bummer they won, but also very, very them. I wrote an oppo giants. We picked the giant till the tax Texan to those were the two unfortunate game to this week, looking Detroit at Dallas align somehow beat the patriots, which is interesting, and the Cowboys predictably lost to the Seahawks, which is really funny to me because Cowboys fans were getting all excited after beating the giants. Dallas was back there hopping all back on the bandwagon and all of a sudden they lose in Seattle and the season is over. Again. We have those fan pulse results at Espy nation that you know they put together and I posted about that and beleaguered nation and Cowboys fans have the least confidence in the NFL any team except for the Zona cardinals who are at five percent in the Cowboys are at six percent confidence. And then there was a poll of two about how is Dak Prescott gonna be the Cowboys started next year and only sixty percent of Cowboys fan said, yes, that's that's a good chunk. Forty percent who said, no. So I love it. I love the dysfunction down in Dallas. I want them to not lose too much of course because I want them to keep deck around. Then Jerry Jones had a quote that he still loves Dak. So I'm glad about that. And he's still very delusional and I hope he keeps stacking Jason Garrett. Now those guys around forever because they'll be mired in mediocrity, but man. So getting to the pick itself here. Oh, I just I don't think Dallas Goodman. I don't like Dak. Do I really trust the lions here? I don't know. I feel like it's a little too maybe simple to dispel again, lions one last week. They're on the upswing Dallas on the down swing. I like taking Dallas and I like jinxing them. That's my mindset. I always say this, I take the Cowboys. And then if I'm wrong, you know, so be they lost if I'm right, at least I gotta pick, right? So I will take the Cowboys ear at home, minus three. See, I'm going with you. I think Alice, I'm gonna take Dallas at home as well. You know Detroit, it's you don't wanna base a franchise based on every other year, the franchises the franchises had. And by that I mean that it short lines have been bad for very, very long time. That doesn't mean they're going to be bad this year, but I just have a hard time. I mean, that was a big win. The lions got last week against the patriots. I don't huge win. I don't know that they can follow that. Up with a win in Dallas, even though this is not your brother's or your father's or your grandfather's Cowboys. This is a weakened Dallas Cowboys team. I do think that team like the lions and Matthew Stafford who is up and down. Sometimes you get a good Matthew staffer game. A lot of times you don't get a good Matthew staffer game. I just, I don't know that I believe in the lions yet and I don't believe in the don't believe in the Cowboys either. But I think the Cowboys play a little bit better at home. And so I'm gonna take the Cowboys in this one as well. And I hope to jinx them too, but I'm not sold on Detroit yet away playing in Dallas feels like a game, the lions historically lose. So let's move onto the other NFC east game New Orleans is at the New York Giants. The saints, three point favorites on the road at New York. I think with this one be LG New Orleans defense has been shockingly porous, they were so good at the end of last year, even though they started off the year a little bit raggedy, but they have not. Been able to stop anybody so far this season, the offense has been unbelievable drew Brees has been phenomenal. You drafted drew Brees on your fantasy team. You are loving life right now I, by the way drafted, Jared Goff in Carson Wentz and have benched Jared Goff each of the last two weeks for for Carson Wentz to that tells you exactly how intelligent I am, but you've got, you've got drew Brees reason this New Orleans offense that is just humming right along, but they can't stop anybody either. And you've got the giants coming off a win against the Texans in which he li- manning and that offense looked competent, their offensive line, protected, ally manning in that game. And you know, I don't. I can't take the giants to win this game. I just can't do it. I'm going to pick New Orleans because I don't think that the offense of line of the giants is going to hold up again the way they did last week against the Texans. I think I think the saints defense comes to play in this one a little bit even though it's on the road. So I'll take New Orleans minus three over the giants in this one. What say you? Texans are good, so I'm not going to get all worked up about the giants beating them. Houston is the only other team besides the giants that had only one offense of wine started returning from last year. And that's been an issue for them to on Watson is not off to odds start after, you know, obviously impressing last year. So I just think I'm not. I'm not going to be all the giants are back now. I don't like this giants team still. I think they're going to lose. I think the saints are just much better than them easy pick for me. All right. So we're both in agreement this week on on these two games. We have Dallas and New Orleans and real quick before we get into our eagles prediction. We only have a few minutes left here, but let's just talk about the LA Minnesota game here on Thursday night, man, Kirk cousins, Jared Goff went after each other again, defenses nowhere to be found in this game. But Jared, Goff is unbelievable. I mean, are we looking at with him and with him in wins, it just feels like Marino Montana back in back in the day, you know, we were talking about comparing Wentz and Dak Prescott for for for a lot of the start of last year anyway. And for two thousand sixteen that felt like it was going to be the big rivalry. But now, man, it looks like it's going to be Goff and Wentz because golf is for real. They got a ton of talent on that team, and he is really good at putting the football where it needs to be put, and I was I was feeling Kirk cousins got the ball back at the end of the game Beal. I was feeling I was. I couldn't wait to talk to you. 'cause I thought man. Ties the game. I'm going to be able to say he performed well against a really good opponent. He put up a ton of point, and then he goes out, get sacked twice on the final drive in the game ends on a strip sack when he clearly had to step up in the pocket and get out of the way. So I I can't win with Gerke cousins. I submit, you know, I think I think he's got a ton of talent, but he just doesn't how to win football games man. But what do you think about, what did you think about that game? What do you think about the Rams and the Vikings right now? I've so many takes. I need the John Lennon a lot of different directions. So bear with me, I, I can't. First of all, Kirk Romo. Kirk cousins is Tony Romo that the player he is. I swear it's the same player and romo's better to be fair. But like that is the same mold of the player. He is. He's he post good numbers. Obviously he is a worthwhile starter in the NFL, but he chokes and I think the choke things obviously, so lazy and sports. It often gets overused. It's cliche, what does it mean. All the time, but it's so true with him. There's just you c. n. even it's not even just the end of game. It's like the gaff the end of the first half in that Rams management thing doing time Notre like or get to this Sardis gonna spike the ball, spike the ball, what are you doing so? And we've seen that from him time and time. Again, he just has those mental lapses, and I just obviously he's talented. He is making some great throws out there, but he doesn't come. He just does not come up big and it's it's the Romo thing. It's always well, he didn't lose the game for them, or, you know, it's not his fault. The defense gave up so many points like that is Romo right there. That's what everyone said about Tony Romo all the time. Her cousins to me is Tony Romo. It is ridiculous is contract that is eighty four million fully guaranteed like that is just it's insane to me. I just know and look again the Vikings to be really should really be one in. Three right now. So that's my take their Goff. He's good man. He's he's a good quarterback, is he? Elite is, am I scared of him? No, I'm still not scared of Jared Goff and it's just I, I don't think the Rams are the Vikings were really getting to him that much the EMI sacked him once the Rams offensive line is good now, so it's not like a can fault that. But I, I look at how the eagles got Jared Goff last year and made him look very vulnerable at times. And that makes me feel not so scared of that because I think they can get to him better than the Vikings can. Obviously Minnesota missing Everson Griffen. So they're, they're not at one hundred percent when it comes to their pass rush. I think Jared Goff and the Rams are very good. They're they're very for real. They're very much a threat to the eagles, but I'm not like all the can't beat them. No, I'm so like they'll beat them last year. I'm not going to dislike the surrender to the ram, so they're really good. They're big concern. Obviously, it would. I've loved for Minnesota. Win that game and to give the Rams lost their, but didn't happen. Unfortunately, other take had was what is on McVay doing punting on fourth and inches -ly. Right? Seriously. This guy isn't reinventing the NFL, but he's like a big coward in the big spot like that. Come on. You can't get an inch. I know I know where the field possession was. I know it's risky by the game's over if you get that first down and the way cousins was moving the ball to that point. He's Li could've tied that game up. So that is total cowardly stuff there from Sean McVay who I think is a very is a good coach, but I also think he gets a little too much hype and I think he doesn't get criticism when he deserves it as well. So those are all my takes. They are all very correct. Thank you for listening love. The takes love the takes. I agree with you on that move. Not to go on fourth down. Have you not love you? Have you coaches? Have you people not learned anything from what? Doug Peterson? The eagles did last year for crying out loud. He gave you a roadmap. Follow it for crying out loud. I said for crying out loud, like twice in three seconds. That's when on fired up. All right, eagles titans. Preview here. Beal g I'll go first and I'll let you get the last word here. I think again to me this, this has the hallmarks of a trap game and you don't like that, but I'm just, I'm gonna. That's my hill. I'm going to die on it, but I don't think the eagles fall into the trap this week. I think that they if Al Sean plays, I think the offense is humming just fine with Al Sean back in gybed if they can stay healthy and stay in the game, which is admittedly an if especially with giant and his broken back playing running back in the NFL and Corey Clement being in there would be very helpful. If the eagles are healthy. I think they roll over the titans. I think this is a twenty eight to ten win because I don't see the. I don't see the titans offense doing anything against us eagles defence the only way I could see it as again, if the special team set up a couple of of short field touchdowns or short field points, touchdown field goal combinations for Tennessee. I really do see wins plant Wentz playing a lot better in the middle of the game. He was very good during the scripted portion of the game, and then towards the very end on that last drive, the middle was a little bit muddy. I think he's better with Al Sean out there, and I think he's better in the middle part of this game with a game already under his belt. So I'm gonna, say eagles, Twenty-eight titans. Ten are like it. I looked one of the things wanted to relight years. Kissing Solex said is the titans are not very good in the red zone offense really. And guess what the are really good at doing and in the red zone defensively is stopping the other team from scoring touchdown. So I think the defense is going to have a solid road performance ear. It's not gonna be the usual chaos at usually is and making everyone though their hands up in the air like they didn't leak to the bucks. I just don't think this titan seem that explosive. So I, I do feel good about eagles going into this one. I have a good amount of confidence. I might tweet out eagles gonna get that w. in the early AM hours of the morning. Again, the eagles are undefeated when I do that. So we'll see. I gotta have the feel. I like the feel so I have the field this week jinx it, but I feel good. And I think you're gonna take eagles here twenty four to thirteen. I think again, defense going to be solid in offense will find a way to put up points year with all Sean back in with Wentz looking a little less rusty as you said, I just I feel good, man. I feel good about this game. I don't have any bad vibes about it. I feel like I'm going to be listening to this podcast after they lose now and I'll be like, what was I saying? But no, I don't really feel like I feel like they're going to win, and I feel like it's almost a low to straightforward. It's kinda just a boring game because the titans are an AFC opponent does not allow to juice in that regard. But all that matters is getting to three and one and boy are using a great spot if they get their three and one with Vikings team that is could be, you could end their season basically with a win over them back to home. And in a very big game, I just. I liked the spot that yields are in right now at and they've taken advantage of these opportunities over the last year and a half or so. And so we will see if they're able to do that in Tennessee, taking on the titans Sunday at one o'clock, eagles titans eagles again can move to three and one on the season with a win over Marcus mariota and the Tennessee titans. And again, folks if you haven't done. So please make sure that you subscribe to the bleeding green Asian podcast feed. Check us all out at bleeding, green nation dot com for Brandon league Elton, follow him on Twitter by the way at Brandon gown for Bill. I'm John Stolnis. Thanks everybody for tuning into BGN radio episode. Number twelve, powered by SP nation and bleeding green nation dot com. Mix.

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