The fact and fiction of Prince Philip


Retro pod is sponsored by Tito's handmade vodka drink responsibly. Hey History Lovers Mike Rosenfeld with retro pod a show about the past asked rediscovered the British royal wedding puts all eyes on the Windsor Family Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prince William and Duchess Kate Elizabeth the second but perhaps no royal is fun to watch as the Queen's husband Prince Philip Hip Duke of Edinburgh Philip is famous for flouting convention with his decidedly unreal behavior and tendency to say whatever's whatever's on his mind in fact. If you've watched the popular Netflix show the crown you've seen Prince Philip portrayed as an impolite lout a womanizer a wigner and even a potential Nazi sympathizer. We wanted to dig into the stories about Prince Philip to find out the truth. Truth behind the reputation. The prince was born into royalty in Greece but grew up throughout Europe before settling in the U._k.. is now ninety six years old. He and the Queen met back when they were children and later fell in love through letters and afternoon visits before they married Bill Sheila was a rising star in the British Royal Navy which leads us to one rumor about Prince Philip we can confirm. He wasn't overly enthusiastic drastic to be the husband of Queen when Philip and Elizabeth married in one thousand nine hundred forty seven neither of them expected she would be crowned anytime soon and her father King George was in his early fifties but the king died five years into their marriage and Elizabeth became queen at the Early League Age of Twenty Five Philip was forced to quit his naval career and become a full-time Duke wasn't happy about it decades later. He told interviewer that he'd rather have stayed in the navy. He later The rumors that Philip was a womanizer are less certain by many accounts. There was real tension in the marriage over the years. He's been linked to many anyone including two dancers but neither he nor the women he's been connected with have ever confirmed any affairs and the rumors that he has Nazi ties well. His sisters were married to German nobleman who were members of the Nazi party in the German army what his sister. Cecile died in nineteen one thousand nine hundred thirty seven Plane Crash Philip then sixteen years old was photographed marching in a funeral procession with men wearing Nazi uniforms another of Philip Sisters with said to have grabbed lunch with Hitler one time Phillip told a European history scholar that there was jealousy see about the success of Jews in his family but according to the book royals in the Reich he always said he never heard anyone in his family expressed. US Antisemitic views regardless his sisters were not invited to his wedding so some of Philip's reputation is open. Doubt but there is no doubt that the stories about his continuous sometimes impolite nature or true he has said some colorful colorful things over the years he said this to a British student who was visiting China quote. If you stay here much longer you will go home with sleepy. Lydia is to a thirteen year old boy who dreamed of becoming an astronaut quote. You could do with losing a little bit of weight go to a nursing home resident in a wheelchair quote. Do people trip over you and those are just the lines that have been reported in the press. Yes Mike Rosen Wall. Thanks for listening for more forgotten stories from history visit Washington Post. Dot Com Slash Retro Papa Retro Pot is sponsored by Tito's handmade vodka and W P brand studio dodge. Joe Was the original Tito's distillery dog over twenty Kony two years ago her unwavering support inspired the vodka for dog people program learn more about other retro dogs at Washington Post. Dot Com slash Tito's.

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