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That's really very fantastically doing doing some like midday this midday stream so i'm kind of kind of winging it not really not really going crazy with us taking a lot of time in this one so we're gonna do a short kind of ten twenty minutes on basically some elon musk news <hes> <hes> some nasa news atlanta in the so. Thank you for being <hes> for being passionate about the show. Come on man man. Come on the show go right yeah exactly so this is the deal right. You love mosk tweeted. You did the other day. He tweeted nuke mars came. That's what we're gonna be talking about. We're talking about a little bit of on on must stuff. They give you those hearts so before i get really started on this. I just want to say like i'm trying out this new camera system trying out some new new stuff so if it is a little bit lucky if it's a little bit weird. Just let me know let me know because i am in the process of getting some stuff together other with the show so thank you all for hanging out in making this all possible without you guys. I wouldn't be doing this. I'd still be doing it but i wouldn't be doing it to the extent that i do it. I upload probably once or twice a day on youtube. I do one or two quick podcasts on any podcast platform. Get your podcast from and i do this. Show so without you guys. It'd be nothing. I wouldn't be doing as much so thank you so. Let's go back to nuke luke mars. Let's go back to mars. Let's take a look elon. Musk said the other day. Check this out so so elon musk said nuke mars exclamation point right right there then he goes on to say t shirt soon when it's hot day forth from our star trust me. It'll be hot not saying it solves everything mind. Do you put a step in the right direction and then question from nevada. If we were to nuke the polls mars like you suggest. How long would it take it to turn into an earth like planet. Yulon says aspirational decades so basically what he on musk wants to do it. He's been wanting to do this since like twenty fifteen right so he's been wanting to nuke mars since two thousand fifteen. It's one of those things where it's a weird situation right and you can't really build the nuke in send it from the earth to mars right now you just can't they're not going to allow it. We can barely get funding for the things that we need to get done right space. So there are some things that you don. Musk would have to do in order to get this done one. He'd have to be able to make nuclear weapons off planet right and we're going to have to have regulations for that right so we're gonna need regulations for building these kinds of weapons off planet because it's a weapon literally weapon. It's gonna changed the face of another planet so these regulations while there. It's going to be weird because it's not on earth you know there are regulatory bodies about laws that happen off our planet already so those those things have to come into play before elon musk can get his way and nuke mars basically what he's going to be doing. Nuking the polls avars right now. Mars ars for us doesn't really do much. We can't live there. We can barely work there. We haven't even sent a person there so if you nuke the polls basically it releases carbon dioxide oxygen h also hydrogen into to the atmosphere of mars which if all goes well in you need a lot of nuclear bombs. I'm not exactly sure how many nuclear bombs you're going to need to do this <unk> but it's going to be a lot like thousands of nuclear bombs to destroy the polls amar's right and according to elon musk. He says it's going to take decades at the best sorry less than a century. That's what he wants. Less than a century says aspirational decades meaning less than a century but this would be pretty intense. Yeah we're going to bomb a whole planet right which you that okay thing to do right. Can you bomb a whole planet. You know you're gonna bomb. The poles goals of mars dude elon musk. You're crazy in the good way. Please please do this. I want the people to be living on mars. I think it'd be really cool but is it okay to do that. Are we allowed to do that are we. We allowed to explore in exploring other planets for our own good right. That's weird. I think it's a weird situation. I feel like has the best intentions though so he wants to send something to mars spats that's his whole thing with spacex wanted to send something living tomorrow's right he want to set up a plant to mars and watch it grow or watch it die either one <hes> but basically with his idea of spacex was hey. I want to send a plant to mars that like that's why that's his inspiration so if he can do that with starship that's going to be a thing like starship is going to be thing in. It's going to be happening in the next breath next starship. The prototypes are there. They're going to be launching them. Hopefully by the end of this year. I mean it's august so september october november december four months starship wants to give it get orbital. That's crazy atlantic. Oh you can't trust him. Yeah tell me why i think i think he has all the best intentions but he has such a broader understanding of a lot of things than i do and most people do in the also has a big outlook for things right like my outlook is oh. How am i gonna make enough money to keep my podcast going. You know in like like who am. I gonna talk to keep my business going etc. You know that's. I think that's what i'm worried about. Most people like most normal people think about how am i going to keep money coming in how we gonna pay the rent humming. How am i going to get enough food to eat musk's thinking well. They have this rocket company now and they have these gigantic rockets and all these gigantic rockets will eventually be able to send things to mars so let's send nukes right. That's what he wants to do. He wants to sell nukes by you. Can't literally can't make a nuclear bomb on the earth right. You can't like unless you're a state. You know unless you're a country. You can't do that so elon. Musk himself in space x cannot make a a nuclear weapon to send to mars. He's gonna need hundreds of them to maybe thousands to do this so the only only way to do it is to work on asteroid mining. That's another thing that possible in the near future. You know the next couple decades asteroid mining to get the materials that you need to make those things that are going to terrify mars. It's crazy. Though this thing about how effing crazy that is if you just think about that terra forming a planet we we can barely take care of ourselves on earth we can barely we fight all the time. We're still silly. Apes running around with guns. You know we can't get it together here. I understand where he's coming from but there's a lot of things that need to be done here in order to make sure that humanity survives here. This is our planet like this where we live. This is what we were born into to take care of it so the fact that like he's is thinking about making another planet habitable is pretty cool like that's a cool idea but i think we have a long way to go. The happens right. I think there's a lot of stuff that needs to be done. <hes> we need to actually know how to live on the world's say the moon and mars ars in habitats in little houses that we build there but nuking the looking taking the polls of those planets. He wants you to basically be able to have a respirator and that's it. You don't need a spacesuit to walk around on mars after all this is done but there's going to be nuclear fallout for wet centuries probably with that many nukes like yeah. What's the what's the overall catastrophe here. He's currently experimenting something that will eventually end up in an environmental catastrophe. It's the most dangerous experiment going coming in history. What's this experiment atlantic. I'd like to know about that now. If so the there's going to be there has to be laws were human beings. We always have to have a set of laws that we go go by right. There's gotta be a set of rules that are set up in. It's like it doesn't matter where you're living right. You're still a human being and you still have to follow the rules but say if say if i have a rocket company per se okay baraki company and and i can just go like hey i need to launch myself. Tomorrow's you get the okay from government bodies to launch launch yourself to mars you fly to mars. Am i take a little while okay half a year. Whatever now now do you own mars. Who's going to tell you that you don't own mars. It was gonna come up there and kick you off. Nobody so you basically own mars at that point. You don't actually own it own it because he can't really own a planet but who's gonna tell you now what's going to happen. Nothing's going to happen is long as you can. Make it sustainable for yourself so i think that's the crux of the situation. What if what if this were to happen what if you lend musk were to spend his one dollars on making mars habitable and making life multi planetary like he's wanted to do for for a very long time. I've had podcast about it. I've had youtube videos about it. There's a lot of evidence that it could be possible. We could live on mars all right. I'm going to take a quick break and when i get back we're going to have some more space news. I host my podcast on anchor f._m. Anchors the easiest way to make podcast an anchor gives you all the tools that you need in one place for free which you can use from your phone own or from your computer now these creation tools allow you to record edit. Your podcasts sounds amazing in they'll distribute the podcast for you so it can be be heard anywhere. Spotify apple podcasts google podcasts in many more in you can easily make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership so download the ankara up or go to acre dot f._m. To get started science facts it's engineering. There are some things that have been happening lately with engineering and building habitats three d. printing them that are very important to the next phase of us going to mars into the moon of course and to the moon going back to that nasa has been building their artemis programme up right in huntsville alabama. Just got the go-ahead to to host the. Let's see here we go on spill. Alabama is going to be working on propulsion and for the next moon missions the arguments missions so it's a it's a weird thing because elon musk wants to do his own mission in the next couple of years two to four years ish mass who wants to be back to the moon at five and if they're going to be competing nasa said okay. It's cool. You guys can do that and we'll help you if you have the right stuff but is it going to be one of those situations where you know once. A company gets a little bit of power. You know what happens at that point now what happens when alon and spacex have enough power to go to another planet is is it like another world. I should say because the mood is a planet but it's another world. They get to go off world in live and work on the moon before a government body. Does is that like the wild west you know. Is it dislike you stake your claim and that's your thing thing can musk and spacex just kinda live. You know send people to live on the moon. Send people live on mars. I'm sure they can the can they will get. You know they'll have the funding. They'll have the money once they get startling up and running one hundred percent. They're gonna have have billions of dollars. That's going to bring them in billions of dollars every year and it's global internet by the way if you don't know what this is. It's a satellite global the internet it's going to be providing internet to people on the outskirts. Basically the city's anything like that. There's too much interference and the outskirts rural area very rural areas. We'll be able to get the internet right and then starlink you. Sign up for it. Whatever it's like a monthly fee. It's sorta like comcast or whatever you know the same thing verizon or whatever same thing you pay your fifty fifty bucks a month hundred bucks a month or whatever it is to have your have your internet hooked up and then there goes a billion dollars i for lend musk's spacex so they can fund starship at that point. They had to have a different business model because nasa pays for rocket launches but it's extremely cheap for spacex to launch a rocket the latest let's see here. Let's let's take a look real quick. I'm going to make sure that i don't put your this because the small sat rideshare program check this thing out. This is cool. I me- switched us over for you guys. This is really cool so the small shan't run small small sat hide share program. You send cubesats. You send small satellites small experiments into space right two point two five million in dollars per launch. Their closest competitor is about five million dollars. They've undercut them a lot. They're half the price. They're less than half the price of their closest competitor. That's a way for them to make some money right so they have these falcon rockets rockets and they can just load them up with a bunch of small sense and falcon nine is very reliable. This right here is very reliable. Pricing fifteen inch port two point two five million twenty four inch port four point five million so even in the l. twelve area four point five million is still cheaper than their closest closest competitor fifteen inch port and the l. twelve to l. six range three-million that's still cheaper in twenty four inch port. L. told al six six only only a million dollars more so i'm saying only million dollars because that's like that's chump change to the space industry chump chump change to the space industry so they're going to be making a bunch of money from this right because two point two five million to launch a small. Let's see how much it costs to launch. How much does it. I don't have a g me here so i can't heaven heaven. Pull it up for me cost to launch the falcon nine. I'm just doing this kind of off the cuff so speak says that it cost sixty two million dollars every time it's falcon nine has launched while the most powerful falcon heavy cost ninety million per launch. Now starship is supposed to cost less than sixty two million less than sixty million so less than their falcon nine rocket. I wanna make sure i get the numbers right the bef are it's going to cost five billion to make this thing. Apparently there's some information out there some documentation out there of how much it's going to cost but it should cost less than a falcon nine launch and it's going to be bigger than masses. S._o._s. seles rocket so here's the business insider article so you can kind of see the kind of see the sizes here zoom zoom in okay. That's cool go zoom in a little but so if you can see that where we go with their five foot nine that's about my size. I five eight star hopper sixty feet tall starship mark one hundred eighty feet tall. They're working on the starship mark one right now. That's the stuff that they're working on and they're going to actually launch a star today. The untethered final test of the star hopper is today at some point. We're not sure when they're going to be launching it but when they do i'll make sure to have it on this feed in starship three hundred and eighty seven feet saturn five rocket three hundred sixty three. That's the rocket that took us to the moon took human beings to the moon s._o._s. block one b six or three three hundred sixty four feet that is the next rocket that nasa will be sending to the moon so yes alas is hampered by red tape. I'm a huge fan of nasa huge huge fan of nasa what they have gone for them or some of the smartest people ever write. Some of the smartest engineers scientists etc what they don't have going for them. Is they have to work within. The confines of politics spaceships like yes l. s. They're huge. They take billions of dollars to complete and they're not just built by nasa right. They're built by built by a bunch of different companies every part the built by usually not every part but a lot of the parts are built by different organizations different parts of nassau and spacex basics they can build starship and they can do whatever they want to with starship they can build at their pace as long as they have the money and the people that do it. They're just going to build that freaking thing then and they're gonna launch it whenever they can. Thank you for all those hearts by the way also. If you don't follow the show make sure to follow the show because i do this a lot and i have <hes> <hes>. I've been working on getting to the gold tier. Let me check this out. Real quick gold tier is i don't even know what this is. I know how much but i'm a silver right now on periscope so a gold tier gold here. I need to get two thousand total viewers per broadcast. It's gonna take a little while but we made it to. Silver really quick so i'm pretty stoked that we got this far and it's all because you guys so that's that's fat with those things but let me go back to this rocket real quick right three three hundred eighty seven feet. It's huge huge huge huge would that way big big big rocket right so saturn five cent human beings to the moon biggest rocket ever right three hundred and sixty three feet s._o._s. block one b three hundred sixty four feet one foot taller. They couldn't go back to three hundred within sixty three feet. The head to build at one foot taller spacex is rocket three hundred eighty huge now the the difference between the saturn five in the saturn five wasn't built to send things into the solar system. S._o._s. is built a send things to the mood tomorrow's as far away as we can get them right right starship same thing starship is supposed to be able to send things to mars. Somethings to the moon sent people. It's going to be person rated. Human rated so starship is going to be able to send human beings human beings to mars. Let me get this real quick for you. Let's see what multi planetary your life so. This is the thing let me let me go back to real quick making life interplanetary or multi planetary so this is space xs mission private lunar mission. They're sending <hes>. I don't know how to say you sacco massawa there we go. I think ah sorry if i put your name dude. They're sending him around the moon. This is his visit path. He's going from the earth swing eh flinging around the moon and coming back and landing in starship or with the starship right so zoom in a little bit on that there we go so he's going to be launching zhang a human being a whole bunch of human beings actually from the earth to orbit around the moon. They're going to go around the mood. They're gonna come back and land where they started. How crazy is that dude. They can build that on their own because they don't have those constraints. They don't have those political constraints that nasa does could come up that he crazy idea you want if you're a rocket company with a bunch of money in a guy that has these broad visions of the future chat right so here's what's gonna happen to lodge a booster separation park orbit insertion trans trans lunar injection begin lunar fly by paralegal on earth rise and lunar fly by entry interface. That's number nine. That's right over here and then reverse thrusters number ten so basically you turn around so you're flying flying in those first right you turn around reverse thrusters land on earth earth in the rocket. You left with and not only do you land back on earth. You get this perspective that only a few people have ever had michael. Collins was the first one michael collins who i don't know how but michael collins follow me on instagram the other day and i freaked out michael collins astronaut the nasa astronaut follow me on instagram. I i don't know why i'm just at the space news pod the number one after that if you want to follow but he's he was the furthest away. He's the loneliest person ever at that point. Now these people right this mission the private lunar mission saku mozelle. He has a bunch of friends that he wants to bring with them. Bring artists lists and he wants to bring people that will inspire generations after this mission so so instead of bringing a bunch of military guys or a bunch of astronauts. He's going to bring a bunch of artists sponsored musicians philosophers people who really think about doing a moon mission with it's a whole different thing but considering that nasa nasa wouldn't do this. They would never like why would they do that. That would be silly for nasa why would they why would they send artists around the moon when they could send scientists right right since scientists in send astronauts and engineers sent people that will do a mission yeah well you can do a mission all you want but at the end of the day you had to get that approved by congress he had to get that approved by the governmental body that you're structured through right so nasa is the government uh agency of course so they have all the constraints of a government agency agency have all the people. Let me see if i can get the center for you guys if all the people that are telling them no all the time like no. We don't have the money for that. No we're not going to launch a artist around the moon. No you're stupid. Why would you send the bass player for megadeath around the moon. You know like they would be like okay. No you're not gonna do that but if the bass player for megadeath was like hey dude. I want to buy a ticket in starship to go around the moon with you. Guys spacex would be like sir. Why not yeah you're cool all right. You got some money okay well. We can fund this mission. Here's how you have to train to do that can't because of course they're going to be trained right. They're going to be trained. They're not going to be just silly people flying around in a spaceship. They're we're going to be trained to do important things right. They're going to be trained to actually go round the moon and have maybe mission. Maybe there's going to be mission. Maybe it's not just going to be artists flying around the flapping around the moon you know maybe people are going to be doing some something scientific or maybe they're just gonna be inspired making inspire millions of other people by doing this all right. I'm gonna take a quick break and when i get back we're going to have some more space news now. The other thing is check this out so this is the rocket the starship so this thing right here. This is the far right so so that's that's a big falcon rocket that starship the big spaceship looking thing a starship launches starship into orbit those back down to earth in lands when it lands every few goals and launches another starship so it can literally do this within twenty four hours so while star ships in orbit refueling fuelling for its trip to mars another bunch of passengers can be waiting on earth getting ready to go to mars and they launched into orbit a day later and then the first bunch of people that were on the first starship hang out in orbit and they wait for the second bunch of people in the next starship when they all get together. You learn musk actually said at this. He said that it's like battle. Star galactica when you have if you've never seen that show by the way go watch the show. It's amazing amazing. It's amazing. It's one of the best t._v. Shows ever produced <hes> but not just because it science fiction. I do like science fiction but it's a human story in the human stories absolutely riveting so you can binge watch it for like three days so anyway. He said it's going to be like battle tactica. We're there's going to be a fleet of spaceships waiting in orbit and then when they say go all these spaceships turn towards mars ars and launch themselves toward the red planet. How crazy is that so that starship. That's where the people will be all these windows. That's where people will be. That's the plan elon musk wants to send people to mars wants to send people around moon. That's cool. That's what's if this actually happens right so so i'm i'm a firm believer in things that will happen. I'm a firm believer that if you say you're gonna do something and you have the means to to do it and if you're lucky lund musk and you have the money to do it and you have the people in your organization that will say dude we are going to follow your to the ends of the earth and then we're going to jump off the earth that go to mars because it sounds crazy but awesome. That's that's one of those kind of good things. If you have your own giant rocket company so multi planetary so this is the starship starship and superheavy let me switch over to this again starship and super heavier here the f. r. play this for you. I'm not sure if he has audio. Let's find out the k. forward payload section over one thousand pressurized volume three to the third so that's basically like that's where the people live. That's where it's going to be pressurized. People live there people going to hang out there on their trip to mars and if they're going to be flying to mars and they have propelled so the other plane is starship will be able to refuel orbit so starship we'll we'll be able to go to earth orbit and while they wait for the other star ships will be able to attached to a tanker re-fuel starship so they can launch to mars or to the moon or wherever their destination is and that's gonna be amazing. Because how many times have you thought well how like how long's it take it to mars right five hundred days between three and five hundred days. What if we could get their half the time time because we can launch ourselves faster well. It really depends on where mars is. You know if it's close enough to us if the orbits sir right then yes yes. That's the thing but the whole situation russian starship is pretty interesting because it's going to be reusable as well so these will also be able to come back down to earth inland. They'll be refurbished like an airplane because think about how how stupid regular rockets are how stupid irregular rockets right now you frigging launch a rocket to the moon right launch a rocket to the moon and you like most of it burns up in the atmosphere and you lose it forever. You lost the moon rocket. Dude the rut you don't or it goes into the ocean right. It gets like smushed into the ocean and never gets recovered. There's a bunch of space junk in the ocean or just orbits get stuck in oregon. You know there's some of that stuff too so that makes it dangerous for everything else. In orbit satellites etc etc can make a bunch of junkin destroy a bunch of other people's stuff so the fact that this rocket right here this rocket which is human capable. That's all reusable this first piece it pops off right it launches. This and they're both reasonable. They can both land and be reused within twenty four hours and this ship right here this starship this will be launching as a test starship by the end of this year within two two years. Elon musk wants to send it to the moon in two years. We'll have a private company sending a gigantic rocket to the moon. That's crazy. It's absolutely insane so yeah. That's the that's the starship this seven raptor engines a._f._c. cargo actuated after finn's landing pads on each one of those okay so this insane like could you imagine going to the airport picking up a flight right new york vegas all right. Let's go have some fun of sco gambling but you know at the end of your trip. When you land in vegas they destroy destroy the airplanes. They built another one. Oh silly is that. That doesn't make any sense. That's what rockets lake right now. In elon musk's spacex basically said now. We're going to make a different. We're we're gonna make better because there's no reason why why we can't reuse these things so they land m vertically of course we've seen them all the falcon nine rockets we've seen them all and that's the that's the future my france elon musk and spacex going to the moon and mars within the next two to four years. Now nasa asa says yeah probably not their engineers are like not so much alon. We're not really gonna worry not going to believe in you until you purpose otherwise so elon musk basically said okay. We're gonna prove you otherwise. We're gonna prove you prove to you that we can do this without you. We're going to do it mainly because he has a vision in. This vision is going to be fulfilled. No matter what no matter what says no matter what anybody says to do is rich. The dude is super powerful. He can do basically whatever he wants. Wherever you want to go like people are like oh. It's elon musk. It's amazing. He's an amazing data. Check this out to. Here's another thing for you to check out. This is on musk's rockets here. Okay so falcon. One really tiny be afar has larger payload capacity than a saturn five while being fully reusable saturn five is the moon rocket the bef jeff our mind you this thing on the far right bigger than the saturn five totally reusable now this right so this big rocket on the rain. That's going to be sending sending human beings to the moon and mars token heavy huge rocket delta. Four heavy is a huge rocket. Even the falcon nine right now is a huge rocket that can send a bunch of stuff into orbit within saturn five. They sent dudes to the moon in that rocket so do two full reusability be provides lowest marginal cost per launch despite vastly higher capacity than existing vehicles watch where this one goes on the far right goes all the way to the left. It's cheaper overall to fly far than a falcon one rocket the tiny tiny tiny falcon one spacex almost went out of business at one point until until until nasa basically said like okay you get these launch contracts. It was like a couple of months away from going out of business. Nasa said hey we believe in you. We're going to give these contracts. Has vision is from hedge mushroom. It's possible man you never know it's possible so so starship uses satellites space station missions interplanetary transport so this will be able to dock with space station too by the way so this isn't you know we have the crew dragon right now which is spacex is true capsule which they we'll hopefully be launching with people by the end of this year november. Fifteenth is the tentative date. I plan on going to florida for the launch plan on promoting this channel as much as i can get some help to get to florida because it's expensive man like those kind of things are super expensive so if you wanna see a launch from the perspective of somebody who is <hes> you know like yourselves interested in this kind of stuff just stay tuned and and you know help out if he can but just just watching and listening as you know help enough so this thing can do everything on satellites space station missions interplanetary transport missions to mars okay so this is a long presentation here. I can't really go into it. It's like an hour long but basically yuan eventually wants to colonize mars. Let's go back to this video starts off with the landing landing pad starship lands eventually they build out metropolis the red planet so it'll be buildings you can live in starship is right here where the land of the first time they build landing pads roads etc so there's going to be habitats right you build some habitats either on the surface of mars or you bring them with you. Bill that you bring the supplies in your starship russian with some people because starship can hold stuff too not just for people to be able to hold cargo. It can hold things that you can build your frigging multi planetary society with so all of this of this right here eventually could be brought to mars via the starship rockets and also when they get enough people up there and they have enough resources available to them. They will be able to build this stuff on mars itself on mars on the red planet. They'll be able to build these structures something like like this right something like this where they can build these structures pictures near where they land. That's pretty insane. Thank you for those hearts. Then it will become this one rocket launch rocket landing they build out build out and bill down bill or they get the raw materials to send rockets back to earth. That's very interesting now. The raw materials for rockets hydrogen hydrogen is rocket fuel and if they get equipped starship with hydrogen edgerton boosters they can get hydrogen from the water rice. That's on the poles of mars. They can extract h. two o. Oh water from these from these big deposits of water ice and they're going to have to bring machinery to it so that's why the moon admissions are kind of important to figure how the heck to do that stuff before they launched these things to mars. They just launch a rocket to mars and be like well. We're going to get there and and then we're gonna try to find a way back. They could bring enough rocket fuel to bring them back not exactly sure what star ships capabilities are at this point as far as relaunching when it gets there but they can't use hydrogen seven out of the <hes> out of the water ice. That's on mars. That's what they plan on doing. On the moon with the artists missions which will be happening at at five years they wanna do the first woman in the next man back to the surface of the moon and five years in what they're going to doing these missions is they're gonna do exploration of course gonna do science but they're also gonna start setting up habitats on the moon like why haven't we done that again. We were there in the sixties sixties right there in the sixties and seventies. Why haven't we built even a little hut little hut. You know papa tent up there but we didn't. We didn't do any of that stuff so we. We just kind of left it. You know there was no reason for us. Go back to the moon because we weren't a war anymore. We're in this cold war with russia so the fact that we want to do it now just for the sake of doing it this political reasons of course you know there's also like hey. Let's have the biggest stick you know. We have the high ground and now we have a base on the moon a lunar base so there's you know as far as military strategies. It's important to have the high ground so that's how you sell it to congress and you say hey. We're gonna need a moon base because well what if what if if russia or china gets a moon base. I scare people right like that's a scare tactic. I've mentioned this a couple times on my podcast and one guy actually unsubscribe because i mentioned it which is kinda funny. Trump wants to build a space force for some reason he does yeah well. It's not really building space for us right. It's it's expanding expanding the one that we already have because the space force that we have now. It's not quite the space for us. It's the air force and you know. It's the military agree with that capability already. The space forces basically saying well. We have the stuff already. Let this is making its own branch so it's like the air force so the air force used to be the army air force and once the airforce got too big or we realized that oh we need to actually work on this more than with the army needs to be its own thing then we made it just the air force so it can get its own funding to the government and it can do do its own. Missions doesn't have to go through army stuff so that's kind of what the space forces to. It's like while we do. These things already right. We do most of these things as i ready to do. Surveillance we do <hes> anti-terrorism etcetera through stuff space so the space for seems like like the next logical step rate you make it its own thing you give it. Its own funding and you know then. Do we have a weren't space. I don't know that's gonna be crazy. What happens when what happens if we get into a battle though that's the thing what happens if world war three breaks out and god forbid something like that happens. How do we protect ourselves every country. He has some sort of g._p._s. right and they have telecommunications. They have satellite communications. If we were just gonna like you know destroy the said lights for their communication in systems. They have no way to communicate because everything's so technologically advanced. They can't just call somebody anymore because their cell phone service has is gone. It's chaos and their military wouldn't be able to communicate so that's what the space force kind of for. There's a treaty you kind of floating around there. That says you know we're not gonna do space war battle star galactica kinda yeah kinda counterbalanced galactica border not fighting silence at this point. We're just fighting each other still like stupid monkeys. You know like we're does dumb dumb idiots. It like to fight so instead of going like hey we have all the resources we could ever need to advance humanity to the next level. But what are we doing. My we fighting chain. Thanks for the comment about the hat. Dude skateboarding is amazing by the way chocolate skateboards been around forever longtime skater long longtime skater and headphones. Yeah these things are huge right. It gets them different headphones to be honest with you. I i like them but they're pretty frigging huge. He's for gaming and audio editing so they seem to be working so it's going to keep them on but i appreciate it now my friends. I have been at this for so long today how long i've been doing this for. I don't even know they have a countdown timer on this thing so i gotta go get some lunch frigging starving so that is going to be the end of this show for today my friends but i want to say thank you to everybody who has been checking out the show. Make sure to follow the show to like. Do me a favor foul the show tell your friends about it. We were almost one hundred dollars four more followers to get to one hundred ninety six so make sure to follow button and get us up to one hundred one hundred followers. I don't know why we need it but it'd be pretty cool. Cheers from england cheers from new york man cheers from new york back back to you but we're almost there almost one hundred. We need four more people to sit on this do it. You can also check me out on patriot patriot dot com slash space news podcast. You can check out space news. 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