AZ Rep. Debbie Lesko discusses how President Trump is outperforming Joe Biden on every front and the first rallies for President Trump having health concerns in Oklahoma and Arizona.


All eyes are on Tulsa Oklahoma today in the mayor there just a declared a state of emergency. Democrats are playing games with whatever they do. They're not going to be able to stop president. Trump for getting out a with the people is going to be here in the valley next week, but in the center of the Conservatives. Circus we have representative Debbie Lesko at a representative. You pinned the piece of for the Arizona daily, independent about President trump comparing him to sleep, he Joe Biden before we get into the rally. How does sleepy Joel measure up to President Trump? Well. Thanks for having me on. He doesn't measure up at Oh. My goodness I can't even believe. The Democrats picked him as their candidate. The Guy can't even put a couple sentences together both of the time and here you have this record of president trump who had before a corona virus hit had booming economy in an area Zona. We added two hundred forty four thousand job people. Wages went up their take home. Pay Went Up. I mean everybody was doing well. There was prosperity everywhere, and then of course Kobe hit, and I am totally convinced that president trump is the only candidate that can make America great again again. He did say that representative. Let's go. He said you know we made a great ads. You just pointed out. Everything was booming, and then the Kovic shut everything down. I, think when we're talking about the money that's being spent. It has a lot of folks kinda worried, but we also see that the economy is coming back at. There's anybody that's going to be able to shepherd us through this. I agree with you. It is a President Donald Trump now. What do you make of the Democrats? Call to shut down everything again. Well. I think they're afraid. That president trump is going to win, and they know that their candidate is weak and just wants a hideout in his basement. Doing Video you know, he hardly goes out at all hardly talks and they think that is the best place for him to be. Of course they want to shut down president trump and any conservatives that want to speak out it's it it really hypocritical that they say nothing except praise about all the protests, thousands of people out on the streets in the last few weeks, but then all of a sudden president trump wants thousands of people. People out supporting him and they're like. Oh, no, you can't do that. That's dangerous. What didn't they say that? About all the protesters? The praise them for cost for exercising their first amendment, their constitutional rights, and you're absolutely right, even as we speak A. we have officials out in Tulsa Oklahoma who are talking about a state of emergency? They're talking about the amount of people that are now starting to pour in. They're worried about the The spreading of Corona virus a representative. Let's go you planning on going to with the president to be this weekend. Could you tell us about that trip? Yeah excited I'm the you know it's such an honor to be selected by president. Trump is a t and his team to be there for his first big rally after corona various, and you know I, don't know why he keeps picking me I guess he likes me I. Have to question that a representative, let's go. Everybody likes you. Here you need to look at my comments on facebook and twitter. There's the mean people out there and tell you what, but anyway Yeah, no I'm going tonight. I'm flying out tonight I have actually an interview lined up with Good Morning America first thing tomorrow morning I have to get bright and early and Oklahoma, and then I'll be probably doing media throughout the date tomorrow going to the rally tomorrow night, flying back to. To Washington DC tomorrow night, and then I'm trying to hitch a ride with President trump on air force one to go to Arizona Tuesday morning. 'CAUSE WE'RE GONNA go to you border, and then up to the students return rally. So this is exciting stuff going on this exciting in effect that you are there for the opening. The first two rallies at the president's going to be involved in after the at the pandemic I gotTa tell you. It is it is an honor, but you should be the things you've done the way you represented era zona throughout the president trump's term here especially during the whole impeachment thing this I think your voice adds to that enthusiasm that a lot of people see a when they're looking at president trump especially when he's in his groove representative Lesko. Yeah Yeah. Yeah well. You're right, and we have to be enthusiastic. Because I talked to people in their kind of some people are down in the dumps, because of all this rioting and looting and the Democrats, embracement of lawlessness and Seattle and calling for You know things in this Democrat Bill. They're pushing things and the Democrat bill that will totally undermine the police being able to keep our community safe I mean there's total seems like I. Don't know disdain for police from Democrats. Democrats of late it's just insanity. I support law enforcement now. Do we need to have officers that do bad things held accountable? Of course we do just like we'd have to have anybody accountable if they do bad things, but you can't undermine. The police is ability the vast majority of them which are good hardworking people trying to protect us doing great things every day we have to support them, not the fund them this mantle them or disband like the Democrat on it is.

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