Disgusting Attacks on President Trump After a Tragedy (Ep 1146)


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino in June. Oh gentle welcome. Back was a busy holiday Christmas week. They're happy happy new year or happy approaching New Year to you all happy New Year to Mike. Good friend producer. Joe My wife Paula. Welcome to the Dan. Bongino show producer. Joe How are you today. I'm doing well Daniel and happy new year to you as well and Paul and all the listeners. Here's everybody up I'm going up one more day. Thank you yes. Thank you from Joe and I we appreciate it. We had a great. I mean a shockingly good well listenership listenership and download and viewership last week of the show on Youtube during Christmas week. So thank you very much. I would just talking about that in. I've got a lot to address today. There's a lot that went on some tragedies this weekend we had this church shooting in Texas. A hero stepped up and shot the The killer dead immediately that we had the incident in the home of the rabbi in New York that was immediately politicized by a single deranged leftist. We got that. We have another article by Joey. Spy Gate media co-conspirator again trying to tell you a story not this story we're going to cover all of that. We've got a really loaded show for a Monday during the Christmas season. So let's get right to it. Today's show brought to you by our buddies at simplisafe folks as many of you know if you've been longtime listeners to our show how we add one of our homes burglarized while we were home. It was a really awful experience. If you've been through it sadly many of you have it's the kind of thing you never ever again. Sadly ever forget on average a burglary happens once every twenty three seconds in the United States proximity to million burglaries are reported a year in the. US what's crazy. Is that only one. In five homes have home security. 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This attack in this church in Texas near Fort Worth Earth and ladies and gentlemen astonishingly within six seconds and I only say that not because I'm astonished but because the media and liberal intelligentsia fake intelligence out there will tell you that more guns equals more crime and bringing being guns into a church or a school environments going to create a danger not understanding that the dangers burden. By the bad guy who's going to bring a gun anyway. Fairly obvious to the intelligent people watch. It's my show obviously not fairly obvious to the dopey liberals who watch and the media people who just want to take away your right to defend yourself. So here's a picture. Courtesy of twitter. I've found with a little diagram. This is a picture now. I know some of you on my audio podcasts. Forgive me I rarely do this. But it's important if you can check out the picture go to YouTube dot com slash Bongino. If you can't. It's a photo laid out of the church. It was being livestream on Youtube. Keep that from this service was being live streamed on Youtube video of this. This murder we watched a murder happened guy walks in with a trenchcoat pulls out a shotgun at point blank. Range kills kills an innocent victim now in the photo. You'll see him which I'll describe to you. There is a church I guess an usher or volunteer security a service man in the in the Church by Jack Wilson these hero pulls out his firearm. He's obviously trained apparently had some affiliation with a gun range in the past and law enforcement and what looks like about a. What would you say Joe? You'll see it on the screen up about. I don't know twenty five thousand maybe thirty feet twenty thirty feet. Yeah I'm guessing because the scales obviously roughly given this picture taken from each engages. The gunman engages him. This patriot and manages is to hit and kill this gunman thankfully before he engages in more of a mass homicide and takes them out right there. We have it labeled on the screen. But that's what I'm describing having for those you on the audio podcast again. I don't like to do that often. Forgive me it'll always be an audio podcast. I but this picture is important. If you have the time please check it out YouTube dot com slash alleged Dan Bongino. You can see the photo of what this guy is. Patriot Jack Wilson did to engage lunatic. This murderer with the firearm firearm folks. I think it was a head shot at about thirty feet. twenty-five thirty feet for those of you who are trained with firearms have trained aimed farms for those union law enforcement. I spent over fifteen years of my life and law enforcement mice but my whole life around firearms. That is an exceedingly difficult shot. Yeah Man but there are a couple bulla lessons we can take from this. Before we get to the just the dread four politicizing again of this event by dopey silly politicians who just can't it seemed to remove their heads from their rectums and talk and common sense. I said on Fox and friends this morning the video today Bongino Dot Com the notes that accompany the podcast. You you want our show notes emailed to you daily Bongino Dot com slash newsletter. I have linked to my appearance on Fox and friends this morning where I told you this and I'll say it again on my show because it matters anyone one telling you that the answer to bad guys with guns. It's not a good guy with a firearm. To defend against those bad guys is literally putting your life in danger. This maniac entered this church with the clear intent to engage in an act of murder right there and would have murdered probably many more people if not for the actions of the hero. Jack Wilson. Who took this guy out indisputable? The faculty decided to be politicized is really discussing but a couple of takeaways here number one training matters clearly. Mr Wilson had trained with that fire. You can see if I didn't put the video on for a number reasons phone. I you know I do my best to keep the show. Oh family friendly and there is actual video. You're free to look it up if you have the stomach for it. I encourage you to do so because there are lessons. That are probably more profound than the video. And the just the photo we put up which is a little more family friendly. I mean your kids can look at it. There's nothing in there. There's no blood or Gore but if you can see in the video wpro that he's trained instantly gets his firearm out. Hands to the eye level engages immediately Lee takes out the target right on target. Does I mean he just did what he had to do. He was clearly trained in accessing using that farm. Also that shot again again is not an easy shot. It's not an easy shot to make for those of you who have shot at twenty five or thirty yards a head shot at that range. We trained to shoot center. Mass is nobody in law enforcement. Trains with for head shot outside of. I shouldn't say that I don't like categorical. If there's obviously a suicide bomber or something like that or wearing in body armor than at that case yes you wouldn't gauge where you can head up. I mean if the body armor is is is defeating your round. Then yes you would. Those rare circumstances circumstances you generally speaking training law enforcement to fire at center mass center mass waste to shoulders. Why because it's the biggest target and contrary to what liberals will tell you about law enforcement police officers and federal agents do not shoot to kill that is a liberal stupid talking point of which there are many police officers? Shoot to stop to stop what's happening and the best way to to stop what's happening is to hit your target. The easiest way this again I know liberals seventy tough time with the ration rationale and the reasoning here the best way to stop stop. A murderous use of force using thug from killing people is to hit him or her and the easiest way to do that is to aim for the biggest Area the center mass. Yes Sir again. Forgive me for the same people listening to my show. Who are like I get this? Why are we going to because liberals listen to and don't seem to get any of this captured Takara? They don't shoot to go. You're just a moron. That's so training raining matters. I think we can take that away. Secondly as I pointed out many times on the show is a former security professional myself one of the things most dangerous about search when it comes to an active shooter scenario and ongoing attack is ladies and gentlemen if you look at the picture and again if you choose to watch the video that's up to you so you'll notice something. The Guy Walks in the back of the church. And thank you for that up again and almost nobody notices now. This pictures taken after goes off. You could see people holding their ears and starting to turn their attention but if you watch the video notice he walks in and about four or five seconds happens before before anybody notices anything. Why is that? What makes churches a little different than anywhere else? If an end sadly targets for lunatics. It takes like this man ladies and gentlemen wears everybody's attention right upfront in a church right. Yes a synagogue. A mosque whatever. Ever House of worship you may go to every the pulpit at the altar is not in the back. It's in the front. People are engaged in prayer deliberation deep. Thought that's what you go to church. Forty we do engage your spiritual self with the Lord Almighty. You're focused up front with a deep almost and some people are almost in like I mean a semi altered state. They're so deep in prayer. I don't mean that as if I mean that as a compliment implement their veep and prayer not paying attention. It's not their fault. Right ones goes to church. Ticket is going to be a shooting but having said that the other takeaway takeaway training matters is you got to have people in the back of the church with their eyes on the door. I've said this over and over if you operate a house of worship your priest a rabbi and imam whatever it may be whatever religion you practice it is your responsibility to get trained people to keep their eyes on the back of that door because nobody else. This is doing that I do it. I go to church armed. I keep my eyes in the back door. But that's what I did for a living. It's a heightened antenna all of us former law enforcement guys have and a lot of concealed carry holders but most people want you. Watch the video and you'll see yes. She came down visit you last I went to a church down there and they had they had a cop in the back and She was armed. I actually had one. And they SORTA superior random paid or something like that. Yeah it was cold. Yeah some of volunteer. I think some of them may get paid at the morning. County sheriff they they have a police officer there to a sheriff deputy. Excuse me and yeah I mean it matters matters made me feel and Yeah made a lot of people makes people feel better my church to six seconds six. I'm sorry six seconds. This was over six seconds. Thanks is to this Patriot now. Sadly of course these things are always politicize by showing you how they I'm not kidding. These people on the left are actively putting you in danger. Folks I am not kidding by recommending things like Joan arm yourselves in a church. We don't need more guns in schools and armed teachers. As as if you're you know I say this often and I mean it what I I'm trying to get in your had Had So it's obvious now that these murders in these homicide or maniacs whether it's a school God Forbid Church. Whatever it may be that there's these locations if you don't have a firearm? I'm unsure as a liberal. What rationally in your head other option you think is better? I I'm stumbling over my words here. Not because I because I'm trying to get in your head as to what else you think is going to work. This guy. kyw had shotgun underneath other trenchcoat. You're suggesting to me with a straight face that you'd rather that church have been protected by people with if you flicked a paper cut. You're GONNA throw rocks. I don't understand like what you think is a better option. You realize to rational people how dumb you selling. We don't WanNA bring more gun. No no we want to bring what you want to throw Darts Adam. I don't understand what you thought was going to happen. What parallel universe you live in now case? You're making this up now. This this is to be fair. This is a video of Joe by this was not taken. Yesterday's has taken a few months ago. But this is video of Joe Biden leading Democrat candidate for president attacking the Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott. I suggesting that it may be a good idea for people to defend themselves in a church urge using firearms. God forbid this is to happen. Listen to this video where by telling you is putting you in danger with recommendations like this tells you how you're irrational and Greg Abbott. Republican governor of Texas is irrational. If you're even thinking about carrying a firearm in Church listen to this. It is irrational with all due. Respect the governor of Texas a rational. What they're doing very day you see a match shooting? I guess numbers now. I was on a plane tune. F ours make up to five killed and we're talking about loosely access to have guns be able to take him in places of worship store just absolutely originally totally irrational again in the interest of honoring the victims. I am containing commentary from losing my marbles here on on the Shell because folks we can disagree with Democrats and Democrats could disagree with us. That's the beauty of constitutional republic. But I'm telling how long you on this issue with full candor and a pure soul and a pure heart if you follow that advice you are literally literally putting yourself in danger if you have the means in the ability and the willingness that's import some people don't WanNa care and that's a fine that's the trust your choice. That's that's okay but understand that we live in it's a very safe country there's no need to be hyperbolic or overestimate the threat. The chances ads you being caught in this or exceedingly slim but suggesting people that it is irrational to want to defend themselves against people like this who do exist and these incidents sadly do happen is the absolute height of imbecilities irrational to defend yourself against being killed by a murderer in a church who has a weapon that you can't counteract except if you have one yourself or someone else around you train ladies gentlemen do not take this man's advice. This is the same guy. Remember Joe Go. Get the shotgun shotgun. Firearm to rounds double. Joe Can't do math. Double Barrel two barrels barrels. Fire off two rounds one to meaning you have exactly zero zero sign. Oh my gosh. I can't liberals liberal media matters. We may zero signed desk you. That's it you can't do that over again. She'll be doing over here. Let's edit that out. I'm I'm kidding idiots. Joe You don't have to because you're not on. Joe Only does the audio so you don't have to wear your crazy lunatics six now thankfully people are fighting back against this anti-gun Lunacy yes in a parallel story but relevant given the news this weekend. Joe I know sensitive to you. Joe's in Maryland which Maryland Virginia's one media market down off. You all know that but just like New York New Jersey there's crossover media markets there. Same thing happens in Maryland where the news is watched in both states. So I saw the story at the Washington Examiner by Paul Dr. You'll be up in the show notes again. Check it out not at our at our website. They accompany show. Virginia's our chat about enough of this. Paul Bernard has the story Virginia Gun. Sanctuary leaders urged resistance to gun laws compared to American revolution. Listen folks long and short of it is the liberal black face wearing or Klu Klux Klan Cap. We don't know. which are we haven't figured that out yet governor of Virginia Ralph Northam? He hasn't admitted to which one he was wearing in that dreadful photo ralph. Northam has committed with the Liberals in Virginia who have now taken over what was once a conservative state if not conservative Democrat state have now taken over and are claiming that they were going to basically and one of them wants to win Use The national guard to enact draconian firearm laws. which will take away your right to protect yourself? Oh Virginians have had enough of it. This piece by Bavard covers it pretty good. How the attorney? General is basically said that the counties in Virginia. I'm sorry I didn't get. That should be more clear counties in Virginia. What do we do I think? It's like eighty five counties in Virginia have now said No. We're not going to do that. We're not confiscating weapons from our citizens we're not violating the second amendment of the Constitution. The bill of rights. Well we are going to do is we are going to declare our county sanctuaries for the Constitution. Good for you now. There was a map hat tip to this gentleman on twitter. Who put it up a map of the counties this this is at what is that? VCE deals underscore or fill van cleef and the latest sanctuary worry map with Falke or county and Charles City County. The green are these sanctuary counties. That'd be looking at this map. Most Virginia is in fact green. There there are isolated counties of black that are now not. It's now up to eighty seven counties ten cities and seventeen towns. That have said No. We're not going to enact these anti-constitutional usual anti second amendment. Throwing the bill of rights in the garbage can draconian gun laws. No thanks have a nice day and I wrote down a little note because I got to get a lot to get through and I really spent spent a Lotta time on this. I'm sorry given my background. I feel it's important. Give you some solutions on this kind of stuff. You gotTa keep rising backdoor and the church but I took a note regarding guarded Sanctuary Second Amendment counties and the Democrats threats that the attorney general herring is said they have no legal effect these sanctuary things. It's a serious this question. I'm not messing around. Take some kind of a Unnecessarily aggressive approach. I'm just asking an honest question to the Democrats in Virginia. What are you GONNA DO A? I'm not kidding. I said last last week. I gave the bane analogy from that Batman movie where he confronts that Business Guy in the business guy comes in yellen at Bain and he says I wish I had Dana Lash. She does a better bane voice. Do you feel like you're in charge you. You really feel like you're in charge you case you hadn't heard Joe. They may have missed this. But that whole consent to the govern- thing kind of matters a little bit you've got. I don't know how many people live in Virginia based on their congressional delegation. I don't know eight maybe nine ten million I could be wrong. Could be off at whole consent to the government thing kind of matters and the governed the people have said No. You don't really have our consent. We have this thing called the constitution and here is my because it's family friendly double barrel middle finger with no middle fingers because there may be kids watching the show right now. So what are you gonNA do. What are you gonNA get kidding? I'm not challenging you to a fight is in a school yard you on that Joe. Let's go outside to get you know I'm not. I'm asking an artist. What what are you GonNa do and the answer is you're going to do a thing because you don't have the consent of the governed and all of those green counties you just saw eighty seven basically the whole state again for audio is Green Sanctuary counties firearms saying they'll thanks eboni day remember the whole consent of the governed for the people by the people thing? You may have forgotten about that. You think it's all about you. I get it when you live. Live in that elitist. DC CORRIDOR BUBBLE IN VIRGINIA MARYLAND and Washington. DC You're sitting in Virginia State House somewhere. That's a little bit outside the bubble. But you know what you're doing. You're used to listen into northern Virginia and all the liberals that have occupied northern Virginia new. Really think you've got the consent of the government. You're going to the National Guard hard. Get to go to Georgia. Yeah okay sure. Yeah all right what men do nothing. You will do nothing because there's nothing you can do. All right moving on. I got a lot to get through. Today's all Joe. Yeah you know how might listen. I there was a lot of stuff going on this week on spy gate. And mm excuse me this weekend not a whole bunch but I saw this one story and many of you who are regular listeners. Know How much I have. This love hate relationship with the media on this love hate because I love the independent journalists out there and the people who work for like the daily caller Chuck Ross and others Jeff Carlson again great at the epoch times. Who Have you just nailed the story? Sarah Carter Solomon. The list goes on and on Hannity of course over at Fox who've nailed spy gate thing but the love hate part the part I really have disdain for are the media people on the inside who despite the fact that the hall spy gate thing is falling apart on them in lifetime yes there were spies. Yes they were spying. The report approve it all this summer. They're still clinging to the collusion. Okay what are the worst out there who has become a frequent target of my ire. Not Because 'cause I dislike are personally don't know we're never met her. I don't care. She's probably very nice. Doesn't matter to me at all. Is Natasha Bertrand for political. Who who is always on the wrong side of this no matter what I don't know if she's just easily pliable when it comes to like moving her and a narrative what if direction and at the deep state you know what I'm saying? They feel like they can. They can get her to do what you want. I don't know why she keeps publishing ridiculous stories that political despite again again being one of these people on the inside of the media was a known gas lighter you know with the collusion hoax and there were those. She's always on the wrong side so she wrote this piece in politico uh-huh and I just wanted to briefly cover this because remember this Bertran Devlin Barrett David Ignatius whenever you see stories from them about spy game. Remember the the axiomatic golden rule of the Dan Bongino show. They're not trying to tell you thus thus story they're trying to tell you Story not the facts. They're not trying to give you the fact they're trying to tell you and you always have to a parcel with the story is so I saw this gym this weekend. From the TASHA Bertram that political intel pro puts as Gina Hospital. She's the CIA director director in a bind subtitle. The review led by. US Attorney. John Durham is making life uncomfortable for America's cautious spy chief. Now listen to me. What's really going on with this story but again what story is she trying to? Joseph Lee on behalf the deep staters who are getting very worried. Now that the I g report is out shows. There was spying contrary to liberal narrative and a lot of it by the way on the trump campaign and now that the dorm investigation is that its tail and that is likely to come out in the spring of Twenty twenty which is looking into the whole spy gate thing and is now a criminal probe so she goes. I'M GONNA put a screen shot up from this in a bit. But before I get a bit about Ms Suba before I get to that the whole three or four initial paragraph without reading. Do the whole thing. I don't want to spend too much time on this. Is this well. You know this attorney this excuse me a US attorney. Durham working on behalf of the Attorney General and it's turned us into a criminal probe Joe Wright he's looking into this stuff and you know the CIA we were which is doing their job here at all commodity. You know we really going to start questioning because Joe if we do national security might be at risk because the CIA Diana folks right here we go. They might be hesitant in the future Joe to do their job so this really bad for the country. I'm reading this like okay. What again and went for the children? She's trying to tell you it's not the actual story the story narrative she wants out there is that if durum keeps looking into this show we could damage national security because their intelligence people will be afraid of doing their job in other words. Show Joe what you better back off in other words. What else the media? We're watching you. Where watching you Durham? And if if you go after the people who got everything wrong we're GONNA make personal attacks on US suggesting is you that are damaging national security. You're scaring scared me every time me every time. Well no dorms probably like laughing at that like really sure anything. I don't call the Guy I bull Durham. for which trump interview. We did on with the with the president. He called a bulldozer to nickname. Trust me when I tell you this guy is not going to be we solve from the Jerky boys. He does not care. He is going to be frightened. One bit by Bertrand is doing her best to send a warning flare up in the air car that we are going to attack you personally accuse you of damaging national security if you continue to investigate. That's her sole purpose for this story. Now if you're a rational person which again excludes most of the Liberals who listened to the show but who knows maybe we'll crack through their adamant the you you know vibration eum coded skulls one day and actually get in there with the facts that matter. You should be asking yourself. We now know that John Brennan had a role in the propagation of the dossier steal information. We know we know we briefed Harry. Reid on bottom line is John. Brennan knew about the fake charges in the dossier aasiya right. So you're telling me the lace the nation's lead spy master John Brennan who was running the CIA was intimately involved in decision making with the White House which we know happened. Remember the texts. The White House is running this talking about the spy gate operation. It's clear it's what they were talking about. You're telling me that the intelligence infrastructure was making decisions in conjunction with the White House based on totally false discredited information in without one ounce of veracity to it spying and circumvention of laws on American citizens happened and the Tasha Bertrand's turns narrative is time out. Stop folks don't you dare look at that you'll endanger national security Joe. What do you pick a bigger threat to national security? Our intelligence elegance by chiefs making very severe deeply impactful decisions based on totally false Intel. They swore by or looking looking into why people made these dreadfully awful decisions. I think it's option one. Yeah I think that's a little more dangerous. Call me crazy. I took another note here because I didn't want you to remember my newness. Newness interview with Congressman on my Channel here which I strongly encourage you to listen to it's going to. I may be must listen to ever over by the by the time the next week is done YouTube dot com slash Bongino. If you WANNA check it out. What did Congressman Nunez say on on our interview during the end the interview? He was crystal clear that there was no official intelligence. Used to open up this case against Donald Trump. What what folks? Why isn't a Tasha Bertram Alleged Journalist Media Co conspirator here? Why is she not even remotely interested in asking? Those is questions. Way Way way the Tasha very simple. If you write a piece on this I will promoted for you. I promise. Try doing journalism just for once. Are you not even remotely curious. Why an investigation we now know was bedrock than the dossier? The report is clear the dossier asa was the principal. Focus of the warrant to spy on trump that we know with no serious person disputes. John Brennan knew about now was used to spy on a presidential campaign and they president president by the way afterwards their their operational continued into the into the team and the team surrounding trump into the trump presidency residency and it was all started with no official intelligence and yet you're defending the people at the upper echelons in the album. This piece none. What are those things even remotely concerned you as a journalist now if that was spying Barack Obama you'd be concerned because you're a hack of course you're a liberal hack? You don't really do in journalism and I don't expect you to honestly ask those questions because you're not a real journalist your fate. You've always been a fake. It's just a fraud. I'm sorry and it's not personal. It's just a professional evaluation. Your atrocious dreadful work. I don't know how politico I don't even know how you work. It's past editors editors not ask those questions. Devin nunes is said. Clearly no official intelligence was used to start this and you're not concerned about that at all you concerned about protecting the people who initiated the investigation in the Intel community. Good call here from the Peacedale. Here's another warning sign here again. She's not even remotely curious about Masud quote from Mr Piece that Thatcher Bertrand Gina Hospitals Plight though may depend on how deeply Durham investigates an uncorroborated theory pushed by trump allies. That a key player in the Russia probe robe Russia linked professor named Joseph. Masud was actually a Western intelligence assets. Scented this credit the trump campaign and that the CIA under Brennan was somehow involved notice Otis. Again how merchant changes the narrative. It's a total one. Eighty folks the entire bedrock of the Bertrand Democrat crat. Liberal Media Complex Russian collusion hoax. Show was what that this Maltese. Professor Josef Mifsud she references that quote was a Russian agent who met with George Popadopoulos from the trump campaign. That is their case right now. Rather than being curious as to why that was said that he was Russian agent despite no evidence. That's actually true. Miss that was the Russian collusion hoax. Bertrand now is flipped the SCRIP to saying. Well you're all all crazy on the trump team because we're reasonably sure that MS sued wasn't an FBI source and may not have worked directly for the CIA. Wait what you're not even remotely curious how you got the story wrong that this guy was not a Russian agent therefore your whole story was a hoax and the fact that Sudas known ties to Western none of that concerns you of course not because you're not interested in real journalism please tell me what the takeaway you got it. There folks audience not much enjoyed. Your your whole story is this as and tried to give him information to the trump campaign. Masud tried to get information. Popadopoulos That story's totally Reform Party now. It is yes. They have not even reconciled the fact that they promoted that hoax forever now their stories while we were right because we're not sure mid- sued was was directly working for the CIA. Okay unbelievable unbelievable. Don't even acknowledge knowledge. You were a total hoax or the whole time. Just walk by like nothing happened. They're worried about mercer. Believe me that's why that's out there to all right moving the on again off lots of get through today loaded. Shell twitchy actually picked. I love twitchy if you ever see. TWITCHY DOT COM. It's a great website. They highlight some of the best conservative tweets out there generally they poke fun at Dopey Liberal Media People which always makes me happy. They picked up one of my tweet this weekend. which was about Chuck Todd? I've got some video of chuck. Todd as you know. Maybe we should do a show on this. Listen it may be a little obnoxious of his show. But I'm seriously thinking Joe. We should do this. We frequently equally site the dumbest people in media and scale Philip up from the Washington. Post is number eight. Brian stelter is always number one. Chuck Todd Dole is rapidly closing in on the gold medal of stupid in the Dopey Media Olympics. He is chuck. Todd has had a solid grasp on the number two silver medal in the dopey takes an immediate. Yeah for a long time but I gotTa Tell You stelter keeps game like the dopey game but todd audio upping it just not enough so chuck out again this weekend of from NBC again. The second dumbest guy. I sent this out a tweet. That's why I mentioned twitchy. They picked it up. Here is Chuck Todd on video. Who waits until the Christmas season? The holiest times of the year for Christians the Hanukkah season for our Jewish brothers and sisters he weighs for the holiest time of the year. The second dumbest guy in media the silver medal where Chuck Todd to put out this jam on his show. Listen to this. This is chuck todd attacking people of Faith. Basically saying you believe in a bunch of miss because as you don't believe what Chuck Todd believes. I don't even know what he believes is. I'm not even sure. Chuck Todd as a Bright Guy Anymore. This is him waiting for the Christmas Hanukkah season to attack you. That you're crazy. 'cause you don't believe what he believes. Check this out. I want to read you. Guys a letter to the editor that we found in Lexington Herald leader. It was a fascinating attempt to try to explain. Why some people support president trump? Here's what he says. Why do people support trump? It's because people have been trained from childhood to believe in Fairy Tales. This set their minds up to accept things that make them feel good the more fairy tales and lies. He tells the better they feel. Show me a person who believes in Noah's Ark and I will show you a trump voter it at this gets at something dean that my executive producer like say. Hey voters want to be lied to. Sometimes they don't they don't always love being told hard truths chuck. You're right I mean. Why else would anybody watcher show? Yes Joe you've got Motley. You deserve a monthly for that. Come on I got that would give us at least a bottling. You've got me crying eyeballs gotTA price. He's right but joe we've both clearly. He's right for the wrong reason sometimes people that's exactly. Why Chuck Todd Hasn't listened? People Watch that show. It's not the greatest viewership ever not read this heat shock. You are. Thank you producer Joe for that. Brilliant moment of people watched Chuck Todd because they like to be like now. He's got the argument all wrong. What kind of I mean? Serious Jellison Josiah Amana manifield whereabouts centers. Joe And I buy all of this week at it but we I am very spiritual I don't need to aww back. Say That because I don't speak with forked tongue you my faith matters to me. I'm a very imperfect person but my fate matters and I practice it. You know the people go to my church. No they see us. There are every week. We rarely miss. I always try to get my kids there. It matters to me for you to wait for the Christmas Hanukkah season to do was segment like that suggesting that trump voters are stupid because they believe in religious quote fairy tales too and they wanna be lied to ladies and gentleman that is one of the most repulsive disgusting segments. I've ever seen but honestly folks it's you probably watched it and heard it on the show here and and you're so used to the stupid sweating from the pores of this imbecile chuck. Todd every week that candidly. You're probably not even as impacted by it as you should have been uh-huh you understand what he just said You're voting for trump because your religious neanderthal dope who believes in religious fairytales. And therefore do you like to be lied to and therefore you vote for trump. Because he's like that's what he said. That's exactly what he meant. And as Joe Jez. Beautifully pointed out. This is from this hack lying buffoon. This joker fraud who has told you for years Complete total lies spy gate was a hoax. Collusion was real. He got the two biggest stories. The two biggest stories of our time time absolutely backwards name in bright. He's telling you you're an idiot because you're a person of faith. Remember this. This has been an evergreen topic of the show since Joe when I were doing it in my basement severna park five years ago liberals like Chuck Todd Media Activists Right his sole purpose in life right now now is to institute big government central. Planning big government central planning requires what getting certain things out of the way it works for you to put your faith in government and allow them to make subjective. Give decisions you have to wipe away everything objective in your life in other words if you believe in God given big r the rights the right to defend yourself the right to speak freely a right granted by God which I believe. Joe Believes Paula believes and I'd venture to say the overwhelming whelming majority my audience beliefs. You you believe that and understand that because I know it to be True Ladies and gentlemen governments only role is to ensure or that it doesn't grant it. That's not what Chuck Todd believes it. He's a statist. He believes that right is given by government. Just like the Virginia attorney he general and the black face wearing governor Virginia. Believe you're right to defend yourself as quaint up by them when the rest of the states say. Nah No thanks. What are you gonNA do nothing? Nothing you're GONNA do nothing because Virginia's Oh that right is granted by God to defend themselves to speak freely to practice religion not by government. We don't require your imprimature. We're not looking for it. Ladies and gentlemen on the left listening to my show get this through your thick skulls when it comes to our constitutional big our God given rights. We are not asking. I don't know why you think we're asking. We are not asking for your permission. We don't care what you say. We're ignoring you. We will practice religion with or without your sanction sanction. We will protect ourselves with or without your sanction. We are not asking. Get it through your cinderblock. Skulls this is not Sudan. It's not North Korea. We are free free. American citizens with an entrepreneurial patriotic blood that people who have come here have always sought freedom that freedom gene is in their gene code. Everyone who's coming here on that. From my mother-in-law we are not asking Chuck Chuck doesn't get that check doesn't get that. He thinks rights are granted by government therefore he attacks religion because religion has to go the way of the woolly. Mammoth damage is status like silver medal. Where Chuck Todd is to get his way so diminish and make them look like fools? They believe in fairytales. Noah's Ark Fairytales tapu fairy tales. Jesus wine from water loaves at the wedding. None of that really happened to short chuck. I can tell tell you we're really didn't happen. Your collusion hoax. You've been promoting. That really didn't happen. That was definitely a fairytale. Touche was your finest hour by the way no that was great common. You're absolutely right. Some guys mad. It'd be by the way this weekend because I call you producer Joe. He sent me an email. He thinks it's demeaning Joe's always been produced not the producer of the show. Yeah that's what he always call that bit wasn't it's not it's actual title. Joseph Professional. He produces show where he yeah he got mad at me a guy this weekend. He was genuinely upset and I was like I know when Josip said he has never been a producer Joe Man. Hey I'm just a note about this weekend I will have my interview. I have the interview show starts again this week Rudy. Giuliani is coming on this week. Former mayor of New York City personal attorney present trump super excited. We'll be recording Friday night. What is usual? Get it out Saturday morning. Please check that out and also please take out Bongino report your New Conservative alternative to the drudge report Bongino report DOT COM. Please please make it your homepage folks. We've really appreciate traffic spin through the roof. It is where we put the conservative news. Meaning the real news. We don't link to any liberal garbage especially anything by chuck. Chuck Todd as I said to a reporter unless it's to make fun of them which we have to do I met a couple. More stories are going to support again just disgusting politicians politicizing every single moment including moments of human tragedy where American citizens are lost in attack. There was a horrible attack in New York a machete wielding lunatic walks into a rabbi's home. Hits a guy head with a machete me. This is the kind of thing in horror horror movies that happened sadly in the real world. Obviously it was an anti Semitic attack. Obviously I again I don't Eh. I don't understand people having a difficult time with this. Now Governor Andrew Cuomo tried to Parse it make it about other things about our diversity knows and by the way hat tip to Pete Hegseth from Fox and friends for calling out Cuomo on this repeatedly this weekend ladies jumps not about diversity. There was an anti Semitic attack Jack directed at our Jewish brothers sisters. That's it period. Full Stop when people attack people who are black. It's racist if it's clearly a racist attack it's right and it should be called out people attacking emigrant because of immigrant status. That is clearly. A scene of phobic motivated attack with people attacked Jewish Jewish. It's an anti Semitic attack you don't have to make other big things and diminish the gravity of the moment. What are the other bigger things they wanted to make about? Well Cuomo and the Hapless Disgusting Mayor New York Failed Lunatic Communist jerk. Bill de Blasio how to make this attack because they have to politicize everything about trump of course despite the fact that Donald Trump is mark Levin noted is probably our first Jewish president. He was joking of of course but Donald Trump who move the embassy to Israel has vocally spoken out about day Oh Christian freedom of religion in the practising of that religion both here and overseas fought against the BCS movement. And I'M GONNA show you a couple of tweets in a few minutes of the Washington Post getting so wrong but who has been actively fighting antisemitism since his first day sworn in office Donald Trump listen to this lunatic failed. Mayor failed human when being I might add. Build the BLASIO on with Ed Henry of Fox friend of mine and IT Henry kind of pins down the Blasios. Unbelievably blames this anti the Semitic attack on president trump. Listen to this Sicko. An atmosphere of hate has been developing in this country over the last few years. A lot of it is emanating from Washington and it's having effect act on all the way so you're saying you're blaming the president by from Washington. I'm saying but we have to be clear. We need a different tone starting in Washington. Okay so we had by the way with Democrats and Republicans both in the White House that encourages country to actually find some unity and some common ground had that for the last lady these are the sickest people seen scene they are. They're so disgusting. This is human filth. I'm sorry it is. This is human filth. I don't know any other way to say it. You add innocent. People attacked packed with frequent Michetti. A machete think about what that looked like what that must have felt like these. Put yourself there for a moment however disturbing it may be and this lunatic jerk wad mayor is blaming. President Trump folks. The Democrats are sick. This is a sick party. I mean I don't I don't mean to pathological sick. Do you have any. Hi Dea the moral vacuum you have to live in in a moment of tragedy like this to attack president who has been vocally speaking out about about this worldwide trend of growing anti Semitism. Do you have you understand how deranged lunatic. You have to be just to show you. How Low and disgusting? The Democrats will go on this front. I want the way hat tip representative Paul Gosar. Who put this out? I got this from his twitter. I want to show you two tweets from the Washington Post just fourteen days separate separate fourteen days apart. Put Up tweet one from the Washington Post show you how crazy. The Democrats have become total lunatics. Here's the tweet number one. This is this is from December fifteen twenty one thousand nine hundred Washington Post quote perspective. This is a real tweet. WHY President President Trump's executive order to fight antisemitism is dangerous for Jews? That's a real tweet. President trump at an executive order put out meant to fight anti Semitism on college campuses and elsewhere there. The Washington Post is attacking attacking him for fourteen days. Later they put up this little gem look at these lunatics quote Washington Washington Post Twelve Twenty nine twenty nine thousand nine some Democrats urge trump to more strongly condemn. Eighty Semitism in wake of muncie attack. Jews Jeez Louise Home. My Gosh this is ladies and gentlemen. We are living in like Bizarro. Superman land. Democrats vote for these people. I'm not kidding you know. I always try to stay away from offending rank and file Democrats in the country. But I'm using that perspective fast because I'm asking you the question. How do you vote for these morons? Listen I get I get. Nobody gets it better than me. Republicans have generally not been the answer. Answer to your problems. They're spending us into an abyss too. I get it but I am telling you with certainty. I have never been more certain of anything in my life. Republicans may not. I have all the answers to your problems but the cause of your problems is certainly Democrats. President trump put an executive order brought to combat. Antisemitism is growing widen rampant on college campuses Democrats condemn informant and then fourteen days later the Washington Post put out a tweet wondering why the president is doing more to fight the Anti Semitism. He was fighting. With the executive order they condemn while the Crazy Democrats would not even condemn via member that proclamation and Congress Chris they voted down the Anti Semitic that fighting anti Semitism. They wouldn't they. Wouldn't Ford remember that. The Johann Omar Rashid into Lebron. Do they wouldn't vote. Offer that folks. I can't take it. I cannot take the stupid anymore. I'm sorry but again rank and file Democrats the crap out to do you not see this. Do you not see what is going on that. Your party is this littered with morons morons again on the moron thread tears Joe Biden and the Wall Street great piece in The Wall Street Journal. It never ends Joe Joe Biden so remember they just impeach the president the House of Representatives led by Kooky Shift Pelosi and that Dope Oprah Jerry. Nadler there's a story in the Wall Street Journal today by the editorial board. Excuse me Biden. Subpoena Standard Joe Biden says calling him. The testified impeachment. Trial would be illegal. Wait wait time out Teo Baby Tayo so let me get straight. What are the articles of impeachment? The Lunatic Democrats just voted on Joe. What are the articles wasn't obstruction charge? They're throwing out there saying that. President trump is obstructing obstructing their impeachment. Because he's ignoring subpoenas. There screen is a screen shot from there right. The whole you're so you're clear here. The Democrats are trying to impeach trump. Because he's claiming executive privilege Ed ed ignoring subpoenas but their lead candidate for president. Joe Biden basically said GonNa comply with a subpoena. Either it's illegal regal. Now here's him trying to see why a cover his career. He says Joe Joe Biden when because he got called out for being a hypocrite. He tried to explain away by saying well. What are you guys GonNa Cover? He's talking to the press here. You guys are going to cover for three weeks. Anything I said. Trump's GonNa get away with it you guys. Hi Sir. Buying into it all the time not a joke. That's what it's all about. It's all about what he does. All the time is entire career. Take the focus off. This guy violated the constitution. He said in in the driveway of his house. He acknowledged for help. Talk about blagden choice. He's on videotape videotape. Asking for how not even ask you demanding that a prosecutor be fired by a foreign country. He's the point man in by firing a prosecutor looking into the company whose son works for. Oh My Gosh Ladies and gentlemen you ever you ever stepped on a rake Joe. Joe Biden has stepped on more rakes. Remember the Tom. and Jerry episodes one rake and they turn out of your step on the other. This guy cannot get out of his own way. Democrats make the case now with a straight face. You can't because I'm serious. You really losing your minds. If you vote for these morons with a straight eight face please make the case to me. That the President United States who legitimately has executive privilege legitimately. Now you can litigate in court court. What he has executive privilege over fair enough fair enough but no one? Even the most ardent leftist would claim that the President United States ace does not have executive privilege over anything ever. That's just ridiculous. It's not true doesn't have. We have three separate branches of government Obama and every President before Democrat Democrat. Republican have claimed executive privilege over something. We can litigating court what you believe. The perimeter of that power is fine. I understand on that but suggesting that the President United States president trump should be impeached because he invoked executive privilege before getting a court decision on what the limits of that are while simultaneously claiming that Joe Biden. Who's doing the same thing ignoring subpoenas says? He's going to north. WHO has no privilege privilege at all at this point? None he is a citizen. He is a citizen. That is that he is not the vice president anymore. So please tell me with a straight face. I'll wait. We have jeopardy thing to do. I will wait for you to answer to me how that makes sense in your dopey liberals You want to double jeopardy triple double. I watched it a long time. A double triple double the Quintela the tri factor TRIFECTA. Act Anyone. Anybody please explain again Outta makes of course you can't because you're a liberal. You never make sense and again whereas on this show we will give you facts. Created executive privilege has limits president. Can't you know rob somebody in the White House and beat him up. And then claim I have executive privilege over everything I can't ever be looked at for and that's not the way any of this works. I acknowledge your limits to it. That should be litigated in the third third branch of government our courts. There's nothing wrong with that. The Democrats didn't WANNA litigated. They decided to trump through impeachment impeachment. But then suggesting ridiculously ridiculously that Joe Biden does the same thing ignored subpoenas with no executive privilege all that. That's a okay again. You just look like a Moron and I'm sorry to have to break. The news used Mirror Mirror on the wall. What I look like today? I'm more on Sir. I'm sorry it's like the Reverse Mirror on the wall probably wondering why you're calling them a fish. I didn't get that Moray Eel. What Moray Eel? Yeah I didn't get that neither okay. Moron Moret Mistaken K.. Somebody gets thousand. Don't cut that al because emails and sometimes when I get busted kidding. Joe's often makes references. I like the Dennis Miller producers. You ever listen to Dennis Miller radio show. He'd make you. Dennis Miller is one of the smartest guys make a lot of them. Flew right over everybody's head to miss them one. Okay we're after all. Oh Oh oh does the end of the show is important. I'm going to start a candidates to watch watching this cycle. Ladies and gentlemen because it's important twenty twenty elections around a corner yes and one of the things that always gets in our way here in these elections is people forget there are down ballot elections yes reelecting president trump is important obviously but folks down ballot elections. US Senate Congress State Legislative Seats City Council seats. They're all important. All of a drop off people vote for the president and they walk out. No No oh good down ballot Republican at the answers to all your problems but Democrats definitely. There's no reason to vote Democrat ever. I'm sorry but I do want to kind of start to give some shoutouts to what I think I don't formally endorse. It doesn't matter anyway. I just think these are generally good people. Some of them I know personally. Some of my don't necessarily I certainly know personally but I know professionally so I know what they're about but the first candidate the cycle I want you to take a look at the guy. Many of you are familiar with. I'll put up. His is twitter feed and listen. Full disclosure here. I know the guy very well. It's a good man Dr Ronnie Jackson this twitter feed. I A applauded him a little bit on twitter this weekend. At Ronnie Jackson for the number fourteen for Texas Ronnie is running in the thirteenth Congressional district of Texas. This is a Republican. Many of you saying Ronnie Jackson. Where do I know him from? Of course he was president. Trump's personal physician nominated to be. Va Secretary and was maliciously sleep disgustingly disturbingly attack by leftist lunatics including a senator from a midwest state who didn't have the guts to do the right thing and attack attack relentlessly and now Ronnie will likely get the last laugh year by running for Congress as a Republican and a strong conservative. I know Ronnie personally again again disclosure. There I worked with him when he was the White House. Position for Barack Obama and I was a secret service agent. Ronnie is a good man and I encourage you to give them a look. He put that up again because he's got I. Twitter is again at Ronnie Jackson number. Four T X previous for Texas and his website is Ronnie Jackson Four Texas Thirteen and Ronnie Jackson for Texas Thirteen Dot Com. Please check him out. Good man we'll be doing a lot more. It's not just this one. We Got Sean Parnell and others coming up a check them out Ronnie Jackson all right folks thanks again for tuning in. That was an interesting show today. I will wait for your thousands of emails about jobs reference. I don't all sorry so what I apologize. She didn't get it either so we don't tell me don't tell me I wanna get the emails Joe. Don't tell me don't tell me after the show because I actually enjoy the sub it does and I'm always honest when I get it. I tell all right thanks again for tuning in. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel YouTube dot com slash bongino YouTube dot com slash clash Bongino. I really appreciate it though. Subscribers trying to get the four hundred thousand. We'll be there soon. It's all free YouTube dot com slash. Bongino I will see you all tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino on Gino show. You can also get dance podcasts on Itunes soundcloud and followed in on twitter. Twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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