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Taste. This is Helena vogues booking director back for the second month of our new monthly model series today. I'm absolutely thrilled to have our August covergirl and arguably the biggest model of the moment. GED calling into our studio today. Gee-gee thank you so much for taking the time to appear on our podcast. Thank you. Nice holiday. I think I'm so glad I love tawny and Anna's podcast throughout the issue. So I'm excited talk about it. Well, excellent two years ago on a hot August day in New York City, we created the iconic November nineteen Eighty-eight vogue cover of model. Mikhail burqa, wearing a pair of jeans crawl could your jacket with you for vogue dot com. What was that experience? Like, and did you ever imagine? At that moment that you would be on the cover yourself two years later got we're Anna's I cover and it's a cover that. I have always loved obviously, she was one of the first others put jeans on vogue cover, and that image was just so like, free spirited and. And I think has a lot of what American vogue is still so magical for today. So I was so excited to recreate that picture, and I was really kind of honored that you guys toes me to do it too. Yeah. I just loved it. But I obviously was hopeful. I'd get my one day. I definitely didn't think it would be three years ago two years ago in August when we photographed it in New York City. Yeah. So I didn't think it would only be two years. I'm so grateful and honored. And it's brought me to tears many times this week. We'll how sweet that's nice to hear the actual cover sue with decathlete Ashton Eaton who's actually after the Olympics this summer and Rio was near your hometown. And it was photographed and Santa Barbara near Ashton's training ground. What did it feel like to shoot close to home did that make things more special for you? And did it influence the shoot in any way? What was really interesting because we actually shot infanta, Barbara because of ashen knots were him and his wife are. Training together for the Olympics. They're training at a college, and Barbara so DASA your shooting there. No one like Mario. And tony. I don't think Anna new either that it was my hometown when they chose it. The obviously that was very special moment or made that was very to real. And so I brought my mom asking her we shot that day. I went and saw the horses the old barn that used to ride at when I was a kid. So it was it was a good weekend. Nice. So we actually hear you're you are a very avid horse rider. How old were you? When you started to ride and do still have the opportunity to do. So with all of your busy work schedule. I can remember maybe before I could even walk. I was on a horse with my mom, very very competitive, my whole life. I didn't dolphin 'til I moved to New York for work and can't really do a here because I don't have the time to go upstate New Yorker outside of the city to ride all the time. Because obviously, it's a big responsibility to the animal, and it's very you become a teammate with that horse. So. Off to put in the time. Unfortunately can't give right now. But whenever I go home, I try and do it as much as I can cause. It's it's something that makes me very happy lovely, well, hopefully, you find more time to ride and speaking of teammates, we hear that you are star on your high school's volleyball team. What were your aspirations when you were in high school? Did you ever imagine yourself someone who may go on to be a professional athlete, I loved volleyball? I started sixth grade and always played for school. And then like you said through high school. Yeah, I played I played club balls. Well, that was six years and qualified for the junior Olympics. It was something that was very intense and really really built my work ethic. And my passion to be great at what I do. I think that that really translates to when I go to work now is I just want to give my best every day and even mental aspects like being a perfectionist on the court would. Get to my head a lot. And the things that my coaches taught me to get through those things and able to work through the harder times to get better is what I use today all the time. And so I I really admire my coaches and still think of them as as life teachers even years later, so amazing athletic sound like they really shaped your life. Do you have a personal motto props on the came from athletics that you bring into work with you today are into your work ethic? I'm not sure one that came from athletics. And my mom always just taught me to respect everyone onset be someone that people like to work with. I always actually do have a motto. Now that I think about it. I always say be kind work hard and make a friend. And I think that if I can be sure about one thing that I think has brought me to this place in my career. I know that I have been I I've always worked my hardest to be someone that people like to be on with these someone that people wanna push for the next day when they go in to me. Eating or or something of that sort. And I think that that leads to more opportunity than people realize it does I love that be kind work hard make a friend. I think I might have to borrow that from you since that one came from your mom, your mom Yalumba was a model growing up or you surrounded by others in the fashion industry. Did you think about modeling? What was that? Like now, I grew up in Santa Barbara on the ranch wick, my mom, and my siblings, and all I knew and till I went to when I went to high school, I moved to Malibu from Santa Barbara. And that was really the first time that I started Hollywood because of my stuff done, very, very rare and an especially in pill that point I ever shown really any out at all my mom, soft modeling one Bella was born my sister. And I think I went to set when I was really young. But after she quit we had a camera in our face all time. She always took photos is very very. Passionate photographer or family. So that was amazing always really comfortable in front of the camera. I love working with cantor. They loved making images and kind of what and me to modeling the pictures, and the photographers that, you know, wild me as a kid, and I always was so intrigued by the models place in photo what the model could bring to a photo. And I always wanted to learn from that. So I think what's been amazing about the last couple of years has just been finding the people in industry that really not only photographers and stylists. They could be a manicurist I met a year and a half ago. Now, one of my best friends, and she's still comes his many shoot me as possible. But you find the people that inspire you and that make your gaze better onset, and that you want to work hard for and that's when you start making sure that you're proud of. So hopefully that one day leads to me making images that people remember amazing. I do love. That you made friends at the manicure staying, very Schutte. Our personal motto you've taken part in some incredible photo shoots bar page. As one of them. You are shadow-boxing with your friendly Aldridge. Another you want on romantic shoot Naples within. And you also took a high tech trip to Silicon Valley with KENDALL Jenner and Carly Kloss. What is it Ben like to work with someone who of your close friends in front of the camera? I think what Anna's amazing at is putting people in situations onset that will bring out natural storylines and therefore make incredible photos because when you put people with their friends, and he put people with their boyfriend when you put people in environments that they come alive in the not shows who the pictures, and I think that and always plans that incredibly even if two people don't know each other. She always seems to find a way to kind of match make almost and I think that that's something that be very loudly in American vote. Speaking of your friends, you came to modeling. At a time where models were a little bit more non than they had been in the past. And now, you're part of this incredible new generation of models along with Carly and KENDALL and Kara. Do you feel that the way the world has changed and access to social media has made it more possible for you to be famous and be known and to have a recognizable name and to have so many fans more. I think that the reason why and Nolan Kara Harley comes like Charlie's angels into. And I I never an obviously a lot of other girls within industry are able to have this moment right now is because the industry needed a change to be able to welcome in another generation that people are talking about right now, obviously, Cindy and Claudia and they owe me, and no one can do it better than them in the time that they were in and we needed another wave like social media to bring back almost a different addition of it. And I think it's amazing. It's it's a way that people get to know us other than a face on the page. We are given. Now, the opportunities to read our wings into so many other different industries because we get to because people get to know us. They start to understand different levels of our personalities and our talents and all those things. And then obviously with the fans they really get to know who we are. So it's not only about being your favorite looking person. But you can love the same food or have the same interests as your favor model, and that's cool. I think too I think you're doing an incredible job with social media. And I do think all of your young fans are well-deserved very positive role model aside from social media changing what it means to be a model today a lot of models use social media to perpetuate an image in the fashion industry, you at some juncture briefly used social media as a form to speak out against online, bullies who criticized you for. Being what they perceived to be a curve your body type than they were used to seeing on the runway. What made you decide to come out and speak out rather than just ignorant these comments, and what did it feel like have so much wonderful overwhelming support from your friends who regrouped and re tweeted your message and all agreed with you. Yeah. I mean, first of all like, it just bring brought here is again, when you when you brought up the people that got up for me that we that, you know, supported me. And what also really touched me that week was my friend that came to me that hadn't done. So before everyone from my friends that are considered size models to Victoria secret. Angels who are often shown on of hate for being too skinny which neither are too much or too much that their bodies. And that's something that I've been very aware of my whole life. And I'm not sure why. But I never didn't. Like my body. I would vary us let it, and I was proud of why my body the way was the way it was obviously even in a year since I posted that my body's become different because as time goes on. I pray like a crazy person when I was training for the junior lympics. You lose muscle mass in your body is always changing. But I think you you accept your body do everything you can to be healthy. And do what makes you feel good and feel happy? And that's just how I've always looked at it. But the reason I chose to share that week was that was just a hard week for me because obviously everyone is dissected by the pressures that come from being on social media. And you know, we're all human on ever say that it doesn't affect me so sometimes harder than others, and you know, parasol Jamaica after a month of fashion weeks, you're already overwhelmed, and I always try and. Right to get things off my chest. And that was kind of a journal entry that I just thought would help people, and you know, let people know that they can be up and defend themselves if and when they're happy with themselves, and even if they are then you still can defend yourself if someone's being judgmental, and that's why we're giving social media's to have a voice ah ball mon- casting a couple of days after that post in Paris, a young like, I think she's sixteen or seventeen year old Dutch model came up to me, and and kind of shared a story about how how she'd been sent home through being too skinny by her agency. And that she never felt she had that she would be allowed to ever speak out about it online. And she said that my post gave her the bravery to post something about it. And maybe share it with other people. Not sure what she did. But just hearing that was really nice and. So that was kind of my thing was just that. I knew people would gut it even if it was just a couple people. But I hope that somehow helps someone amazing well now you're going to bring tears to my eyes. I really applaud your body positivity. And it's amazing that you heard from both models who are quote, unquote, plus size and also wants to have been criticized for being too thin. It seems that something that everyone deals with and really quickly. All you know, all the picture and one personal say, I'm too fat and three comments down someone calling the interactive. So it happens to everyone. We all go through it. And no one below that for sure right? Well, I'm I'm happy to hear that you had so much support. We all your decision to come out and speak about that. And I'm happy to hear it affected. So many other people positively and also really good to hear that you do feel that let x release shaped your body and kind of helped you have a positive body image of even as it's changed. So I have a completely non sequitur question for you. Your name. G is apparently actually Indyk name and few people know that you're given name is Delano. How did you get your name and your nickname funny Helena, because they're actually girl in my class named Elena and my name was Delina. So I think the teacher was getting really, you know, getting a little bit difficult because we would always think she was calling the other one. Now, they look back on it. I don't know why that was problem. But anyways, my teacher asked like what my mom what she called me around the house, and my mom always called me G G. So she told my teacher, my t-shirt calling me that and then it just clicked I think down juicy right? Name vary memorable. G thank you so much for for talking with us today. I know you're scouting, congratulations. Once again on your cover, and we hope to speak. All season Bank. You I. The vote podcast is for Duchesne of Vos magazine recorded here at one World Trade Center and produced by Nagai Mohammadi, and he'll Couric sound engineering by David Lauren's and hosted by me.

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