George Lopez Wants to Murder President Trump


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple podcasts. And podcast one today on a Charlie Kirk show we talked about about how a celebrity George Lopez who thinks. He's a celebrity but has very little talent has said he wanted to murder. The president added states. We break down the Iran issue in a very digestible. easy to understand and way and we talk about a concern. I have about the upcoming conflict in the Middle East. That not enough people are talking about before we get into this. Make sure you are subscribe to the Charlie Kirk showy the big episode episode. Dan Crenshaw coming up email. Your questions freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. That's freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot com because we have an ask me anything episode coming up later in the week and make sure your subscribe at the Charlie Berkshire take out your phone. Get your friend. Take out the phone type. And Charlie Kirk Show your podcast provider press subscribe. Give us five stars and leave us. A review buckle up got a great show in store everybody this is Charlie Kirk hosted the Charlie Kirk. Show your home of conservative Libertarian. Rational thinking here we go charlie. What you've done is incredible here? Maybe Charlie Kirk on the college campus. I want you to know. We are lucky to have charlie. Charlie kirks running the White House spoke. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point. USA He will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Hey everybody happy new year. Welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show. We have some great episodes that we were able to post over the Christmas season. I hope you guys had a a wonderful couple days. Might have been a good couple days or not so good couple days depending pending if you had liberal relatives that had any idea. They knew what they were talking about. You know it's kind of interesting. We thought that the big news of two thousand twenty the big. I word if you will. It'd be about impeachment impeachment so we had some very nice conversations exclusive conversations with Rudy. Giuliani with Matthew Whitaker. We have someone coming up with Ken. Starr we have Ted Cruz. We we also have Dan Crenshaw Congressman Dan. Sean I talked about impeachment. And we also don't see eye to eye on something that has to do with the actual other i-word that is now driving dictating the new cycle all here in two thousand twenty and that is Iran boy. This happened quick. Isn't it I mean it happened with Iran and Iraq seemingly overnight but for those of us who have been following the news of the Middle East knew that Iraq was kind of bubbling up over the last couple of months. It wasn't really I wouldn't say newsworthy. But it was something that was being kept on our radar more and more protests more and more disruptions and basically the long and short of it is that there was some and I hate this I hate to use this word protests there was some basically attacks against the US embassy plus just start right there. The the media Assez protest outside the US embassy this was a coordinated attack it was coordinated by Salomone. May he rest in peace Torpedo through the head causing death American throne and so he was coordinating the attacks on this embassy and it kind of started a chain of events where president trump actually really protected our embassy on their like unlike President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Benghazi and he tweeted out. It was the Anti Benghazi is actually what he called it. So basically these were Iranian rainiest surrogates that attacked the US embassy which is an act of war by the way that is an act of war to attack sovereign soil that is a diplomatic mission as a US embassy that is considered sittard an act of war the US embassy is a division of the State Department and it is under jurisdiction matter State Department but also the Department of fence sometimes lend security forces in Lens and Marines or Air Force whatever might be to protect our US soil abroad so for example if you go and walk through New York or you walk through DC you'll see tons and tons of embassies for all sorts of different countries that's technically they're soil it's technically their jurisdiction there laws that's why you can actually seek refuge in a certain embassy in country at a certain time so if you want to be hyper technical and hyper legal about it when these Iraqi individuals some of which were iranian-funded and Rainier trained by Sulejmani who's now dead were attacking that. US Embassy missing Iraq that should be legally viewed exactly the same as them attacking Idaho. It's exactly the same. That is not a logical jump. That is not an exaggeration. Our our embassies must be defended because why they're staffed with US personnel and US citizens there US funded the US chartered their US run and so when Iraqi Iranian insurgency of terrorist go after our embassy it is inactive war and an active was met with force where in talk with the implications of it. And I'm going to talk about some Mike concerns so my concerns kind of things are headed in the Middle East right now. I think president trump is handling this very very well. He's handling at wonderfully but my concern is with some of the career generals else that love nothing but endless war in the Middle East. And we're GONNA talk about some of those concerns. But I I WANNA talk to you about credible credible is an online marketplace. That gets you prequalified. 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If you follow my the writings and you follow my upcoming book Maga- doctrine which I would love to have you all preorder right now. Maga- doctrine I am. I am very much the position especially in the Middle East of a restrained foreign policy. I think president trump best. Summarize it by saying you get sand and death in the Middle East I think we have spent trillions of dollars too much in that region we've lost thousands of lives displaced millions of people. We we did a very direct episode about the Afghan war previously. We talk about how that has been one of the biggest mistakes in American history the length and the lack of direction of that war and the Iraq war was GONNA go down as one of the worst foreign policy decisions in American history. We also have an upcoming discussion with congressman. Dan Crenshaw where we disagree on this topic. It's a lively topics of you. Guys want to make sure you catch shut episode type. In the Charlie Kirk show press subscribe Dan Crenshaw and I go back and forth because a little tense at times. We have mutual respect for each other. He's an American hero and we have a lot of we. I think we have a really good discussion on your knees. The discussion that needs to have with that being said though Iran is an evil regime. And I'm coming at this from a restrain foreign policy perspective on the war hawk. I'm not someone who wants to invade every single country. That looks looks at America incorrectly but it was the correct move for the President United States to defend our embassy to begin regime change wars and be against foreign occupation. Does not mean you have have to be weak does not mean you have to be weak and it seems like the left has allowed their hatred of Donald trump that translates into complete adoration and love affair with the Iranian regime. So so. But here's one of my concerns. The president trump. I mean this is not the concern but I'll get you to concern like once. Just once. President trump then goes and is offered an option to kill Qassam salomone. This guy is evil evil. This guy was responsible for hundreds of American deaths during the Iraq war. Should we have been in Iraq. No because that was one of the arguments I've heard Cable News on one of the fake news channels. Oh well we should never ever been Iraq in the first place okay so unbelievably horrible argument. So it's like saying okay. We shouldn't be there but since we shouldn't be there. It's okay that Americans die like okay. No that's it's a bad argument. Did I want the Iraq war to happen. No do I think it shouldn't have happened. I think it should have happened. was cheering for Americans to win. Of course I was was I sat on Americans died. Of course I was so this maniac. This murderer by the name of Qassam salomone. He was responsible directly for hundreds of Americans being killed. So the United States is given a variety variety of options We have crippling sanctions on Iran. And they basically he was presented by his military advisers they said Hey look this guy is causing trouble all across the Middle East. He allowed the genocide to happen in Syria and actually helped supplement the genocide to happen in Syria the series of a war he's helping Hezbollah. He's helping many terrorist cells. So if you if you want to describe Iran Iran is basically like the ATM of terror in the Middle East. If you WANNA get terror financing quick we talk about all sorts of different advertisers here on the dark show how to refinance your student loan debt. Well if you want to refinance your terrorist terraced debt. You go to Toronto okay. If you WANNA get like approved quickly you know if you WANNA get a tear funding approval. Bill approved in twenty seconds. Or less you ought to Toronto you submit and without without even looking at the specifics. They'll send you money. Who stopped that free flow of money? President trump stop that flow of money. President trump completely destroyed the Iran deal which crippled Iran's ability ready to refinance people's tear rates. And be able to have this free flow of money to destroy American assets attack Israel and attack our allies in the region. Arana's no good now. What did Obama Ahmadou is? He sent a billion dollars in cash to run overnight not good and had over five hundred billion dollars in sanctions relief so president trump basically said okay if you are going to attack the the. US Embassy which the Iranians did and Iranians are getting more and more restless because they're under these crippling sanctions. They're under these key there under the correct and it's the JCP. Oh the joint comprehensive enhance a plan of action is what it is but basically president trump said you know what this Sulejmani Guy is evil. He's an enemy of the United States. He directly attacked in the United States. I've been presented ended with an option to take this guy out. I did and you did the right thing. President trump did the right thing. Now People say oh well. There was an act of war attacking embassies an act of war. Okay this is in retaliation Asian. You attack an embassy. You'RE GONNA get retaliated upon now. Some of the devil's advocate say. Well he was not the one behind it. Of course he wasn't the one knocking that stinking door down. He was the one planning planning it. He was the architect. It's like saying well O'Sullivan Laden didn't fly the planes into nine eleven. nope he was the architect the tariff under and the advocate behind Al Qaeda. So this guy. I was responsible for more deaths than more terrorists could ever imagine of killing of Americans and Westerners and in the great irony at all he actually died on the very same road and that many Americans died right outside Baghdad's airport where there are many ideas. So how's that for the swift sort of irony amongst your evil throat salomone. The world is a better place because you are dead. And I'm saying this again coming from a non hawkish realistic restrained pro American foreign policy position now. Many of the people people in Washington. DC are clamoring and pretty happy that it seems that America took this firm stance against Iran. I support that where I'm not supporting is this whole repositioning of American troops to the region. This worries me. I don't understand why we need to have thousands and thousands of more troops go to the region. You know why that is. I don't like it because we actually might I use them. We don't need to be there. Those troops should be repositioning outside of China. Those troops should be repositioning outside of our greatest enemy. which is China China is? They're just loving. They're just they are just loving. The fact that America is getting further and further invested in the region and by the way we just sent four thousand troops to the Middle East. I would rather send four thousand troops to Tijuana out of their four thousand troops against the terrace of the cartels and they should be designated as a terror organization and some people talked about that they might be tear designated designated very soon in Mexico killing cartel members and freeing women from bondage from the sex slavery that they have in Mexico then go fighting for Sandon even death four thousand miles away in the middle of nowhere in the Middle East. By the way. Why did I like the attack on salomone from logistical standpoint? Why do I support it from from what I understand? No civilians were killed in that attack. We can fact check that. But I haven't heard about that. And no American troops were killed in that attack if we have to fight the skirmish against Iran and I hesitate to call it a war because look you should really go to Congress to declare war and we really abuse that power a lot over the last thirty forty years but this skirmish against Iran. I'd rather fight this skirmish against Iran from forty thirty thousand feet in the air with people in Utah and people in Louisiana monitoring drones and going home to eat dinner with their families every night. That's how I WANNA fight against Iran Iran not with ground troops that'll ptsd that essentially ground troops are a precursor to regime change. No reason to play that game against Iran zero reason whatsoever so so I am afraid that we are lumbering towards a conflict with Iran. One that we can't afford one that will further destabilize the region shouldn't we learn the lesson from Iraq. Oh my goodness that we should not get involved in prolonged conflicts in the Middle East. I get our troops out of that region except for minimal security forces to protect our embassies in certain hot spots there. The the fact that we're increasing the troop count in the Middle East very much concerns me by the way the Iraqi parliament voted to get. US troops out of Iraq. Great debt the heck out of that country tree. They hate US weedy. Stabilized it every day we are in Iraq is a dollar wasted and alive put in jeopardy debt out of Iraq and if that means closing our embassy Z.. Until they can actually form some sort of federative government then so be it. Iraq has become a proxy state of Iran. You know what frustrates me. The most you know who used to keep Iran and check you know who we used to fight the Iran Iraq War Sadam Hussein. Bad Guy Hated. America never attacked America. Okay Evil of course should he have been taken taking out the way we did it. Of course not. That was one of the biggest mistakes in American history. We lost five thousand. Six thousand American lives directly tens of thousands through veteran suicide in the weeks ensuing spent trillions of dollars displaced an entire region and eventually led to the rise of Isis bad foreign policy. So there was a report that we were getting out of Iraq doc. I applauded that at turning point. USA We did a toast. Where most people will you know? Toast Champagne toast tea. But the Defense Secretary Mark Asper said this refuting it. He said we are repositioning forces throughout the region number one. He said beyond that with regard to the letter which I've read once. I can't tell you the veracity of that letter and I could tell you what I've read. That letter is inconsistent where we are right now. Basically disputing the fact that America might actually be getting out of Iraq which I find to be very disappointing. Get Out of Afghanistan. Get Out of Iraq Iraq. Get Out of the region. Bring these troops home and these endless wars and guess what. If Iran starts acting up again do the drone thing again hit him from the sky. It works great okay so in the midst of all this ties into what just fired me up the most in the last couple of days. So this guy who's a total hack George Lopez He. He's very very low. Not talented at all. I tried to watch his show. Once it was not funny wasn't entertaining wasn't well written it all ties in with this Iranian story. And he wants to murder. The president added states. George Lopez has threatened to kill our president the Iranians issued an eighty million dollar bounty on president trump. This is serious stuff. Oaks eighty million dollars and the media. Doesn't I mean it's just like unbelievable. They're offering cash by the way. Where did they get that money from? Maybe they got the money to try to kill trump. You know where they got money from President Obama so President Obama sends them cash. They probably put a little aside. Just Nice little t-bills aside treasury bills and they're like oh we might need this one day. Now they get eighty million dollars to offer a bounty on president trump. These are evil. MANIACS MANIACS folks it's out of control so this instagram account Chicano Worldstar by the way I have to say our team at turning point. USA and my twitter account. That was one of the first people to cover the fact that George Lopez wants to commit murder against the United States. And it's been going everywhere in the media is not covering it. It could just imagine if a conservative dare to to do this. This guy's a third rate comedian. He's not funny He's an angry person. He's a leftist therefore he's angry he said. Basically this Chicano Worldstar. I said nothing. They didn't say anything that controversial he said Iranian authorities have put a bounty on American president. Donald Trump's head during the televised funeral of General Kacem Sulejmani after he was assassinated last week. 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I can't even remember what show he did. We had to look it up and he said that he would kill the president United States for half of that for forty million dollars. I just want you to imagine. If a conservative celebrity or conservative author would have said that they would kill President Obama for a certain amount of money. So Oh right here right now. By the way guys we have a great episode coming up on the Charlie Kirk show with Dan Crenshaw and I disagreeing on the Afghan war gets a little tense right right at times a lot of fun. You guys are. Knock on a miss this some people call it a debate. It's GONNA be terrific. So I responded by the way to George Lopez by saying this George Lopez just said he would kill the United States for forty million dollars. Why are Hollywood leftists obsessed with killing the president United States? Why hasn't secret service approach? This got the tweet got picked up all over the place from people dot Com to NBC and the blaze. So here's actually connects the news cycle altogether. You have Iran who hates America. They issued issue the bounty and then this fourth rate comedian. Total hack comes and offers to kill the United States for forty million dollars so not only. Is he trying to kill the president. He's trying to save Tehran money. Like what kind of person would try to save. Money is a SICKO. But by the way he's also been charged before George Lopez previously used a water bottle to simulate urinating on trump's Hollywood walk of fame star noted that the president's kids could be considered anchor babies mocked trump's reported fifty thousand dollar golf off simulator and he was charged after a serious physical altercation with a trump supporter at hooters. If he eats at hooters he's got a real problem. Okay not not exactly where winners go. Okay this guy is really fallen from grace. He's he's going on the path of a lot of these fourth rate comedians. Where they just become very very angry? Sorry this is Democrat privileged through and through. Why is it that Roger Stone Lieutenant General? Michael Flynn I want you to imagine. Just imagine a world. What if Roger Stone's said he would kill Nancy? See PLO. So do you think Roger Stone would've been arrested. What if Michael Flynn and they say? Oh well George Lopez as a comedian in order to be a comedian. You must be funny. So that dismisses him completely from that that category secondly they sell he was just joking about it. This is what they always do. It's what Kathy Griffin said with. This bloody had look how funny I am. Snoop dogg tried to kill the whereas the United States Johnny Depp where he said he wanted to assassinate the President Madonna where she said she wanted to blow up the White House Robert Deniro when he said he wanted to punch press the United States. Hollywood Hollywood totally and completely sucks so here is George Lopez keeps on saying it's a joke. He tried to say it was a Mexican joke because he said he would kill. The United States are only forty million dollars. I don't think it's funny. I is it racist. I don't even know what he's saying. He's trying to pull the minority card here which is disgusting. Honestly my tweet about it has been re tweeted. Forty Five Thousand Times which is is a pretty good tweet for us George Lopez some of the people dot Com George Lopez draws conservative anger. For joke wait a second conservative angle. Ridiculous headline is this. He wants to murder trump. He wants trump dead. And there's some things you don't joke about okay so first of all you have on the other foot if both sides of the political aisle can't make that joke it's not that funny I mean. Should he have the freedom to say it. No because he's inciting death that's actually the literally the one thing about freedom of speech we say you can't do is saying you're going to kill somebody like like. That's it if you actually say where I try to light on freedom of speech murder would be okay murder or harm against a human being. So he's he keeps on saying it's a joke okay. It's a joke not funny. At all Hollywood by the way is glamorizing murder you got Griffin. You got debt you got Madonna. You got strikes in Deniro. Wants a a fight. Lopez says he wants to kill the prison United States for forty million dollars. Take the stuff very seriously because these sorts of jokes. These sorts of messages actually do have real life consequences. They do result and trump supporters getting beaten in the streets. This is a very serious issue and the people by the way someone who's mentally not there might look at that and they say oh. Wow George Lopez endorsing idea. There has to be some sort of guard rails here and by the way you might love trump might hate trump. There's nothing funny about saying. You are going to assassinate the office holder of the greatest most freest most benevolent generous country. Ever to exist in the history of the world. That's not funny. That's something that should be repudiated by all people and yet the media is totally silent on this. The media doesn't exist they act like it's not happening and they are completely and totally ignoring the only way they're covering conservatives pounds like yeah this is only conservative issue like. Oh Yeah. It's our little issue that the president might get murdered by George Lopez like minor details. George Lopez wants to assassinate the president for forty million dollars. And if you guys don't believe the veracity of the story for whatever reason to type and George Lopez assassinate you'll see it and you'll see exactly what he said and he said it publicly and it's very very scary and very very wrong is one more point about. I want to make this about one of the very interesting articles from our friends at the Babylon which is kind of like the conservative Union. They do a great job job but I the NFL playoffs are here. I'm going to the forty niners game this weekend. Jimmy Garoppolo everybody playing against the Vikings. Jimmy Garoppolo is a Chicago boy. They're going to win. I think they're seven point favorites huge game. H U G. Actually we see we actually say why. Uga around here huge rid some great NFL action. This last weekend I was glad to see the saints lose lose loved drew brees. He's a godly. Great Man Sean. Payton not a fan so I love kirk cousins. He's a great Christian great guy they were big underdogs love to see that happen New England patriots. I was really upset to see this. I love Tom Brady. I think he's trying to I think he has like a NFL equivalent of a midlife crisis. Right now he's like. I have only one six super bowls. It's been and three hundred and thirty days since I've won a super bowl. I have a supermodel wife. I must get bro like you've you're one of the athletes of all time. Going to new franchise might actually show. Do you have lost your edge out. Stay exactly where you are at the New England patriots. Go vacation into Hiti for like two months and come back for your thirty ninth season or whatever it is right. It was like the season. He's been playing literally he's been playing since I was six years old. I want you to think about that. It's unbelievable it's like a geriatric crisis for Tom. Brady Love Tom. Brady thank you. Tom Brady from entering entering. Jimmy Garoppolo the way you have by this brought to you this insight and sports analysis that you'll find nowhere else by our friends from bed online but online dot. Ag Don't forget that pomp Promo Code Code podcast one bet online dot. Ag Greg is we Lsu Clemson boy we got some very very pro LSU people around the circles here so They're very very passionate. They posted about it a lot and actually love Joe Borough. He's one of the greatest athletes. You WanNa talk about the Tom Brady. The guy is a stud. I absolutely loved Joe Borough the way he plays. He's one one of the smoothest college football players I have ever seen and I watch a lot of college football. He's phenomenal. I love the way he handles himself. He doesn't over celebrate going up against Data Dabo Sweeney. He over celebrates he's a little bit of hype man but they've won twenty five twenty six in a row I like Lsu to win by ten. You heard it here second because if you were listening to sports network you heard it there I but I'll tell you I think he's GonNa win the National Championship coach. Who gives the best interviews go tigers? What he always says and I love that guy. He should have been the coach of USA absolutely phenomenal. So it's last college football game. I got nothing else to talk about college football for the next nine months. You're GonNa have to hear me talk about Major Major League Baseball and March madness coming up. Who else do we have this weekend? Vikings niners Texans. Jj Watt Got Shawn Watson number. Four right he's number four. I think okay. He's number four. I got I think the chiefs are GonNa win that game. It's probably at Arrowhead right at Arrowhead. and WHO's the other. AFC team Ravens Ravens. Titans that will not end well for for the titans. I think Ravens are GonNa go very very bold against them and then I like Got Vikings niners and seahawks packers at Lambeau. I would not want to play at Lambeau. How in January again? This is brought by our friends but online DOT AG NBA Young. Not GonNA mention that. Because if you're watching regular season NBA in January when football's on you should listen more to Charlie Kirk shirt. Let's put it that way. 'cause there's something there there's some sort of competition here. Who Do I think's GonNa win running someone in the question go niners everybody? Niners are going to be the Vikings Likings Ravensdale beat the titans. The packers will beat the seahawks. Basically whoever's favor is GonNa win okay and if you want to know who's favorite go to bed online at ag but online at Ag Promo Code. podcast just one okay. Really quick to end the show. There is this hilarious story from twitchy this Babylon article which is hilarious. The best form of satire is when you can't tell if some it's true or not it's right on that line and this one was so good. The Babylon total thumbs up homerun gland Grand Slam gold medal. They said this when the battle Babylon on be Democrats called for flags flown at half-mast the grieved at this Salami. That was so good. It's so good because it's been shared more times five hundred thousand times on facebook number seventy thousand times on twitter because people thought it was real and that shows how crazy the Democrats have become the this right here the media so mad about this like. That's not funny. That's not. Yeah this is actually funny okay. George Lopez wants murder not funny. This is funny okay. This is legitimately hilarious because it's so close to the truth. If you watch the media you watch how they've reacted and the New Yorker called Sulejmani. WHO's a maniac? A flamboyant former construction worker and bodybuilder was snowy white hair a dapper beard and arching salt and pepper eyebrows. Now I don't know the the New Yorker does a lot of parody. I don't know if this was no. They actually do New Yorkers. They think they're funny. It's like upper east side humor or something the cartoons. I don't think they're cartoons. Are that funny honey. There's like a whole network of people that Love The New Yorker cartoons not a fan anyway This is how you know how far the Democrat Party has gone how far they have fallen that they actually. You actually think that there is some truth behind the satire and it's really interesting to see how the media continues to cover for Iran. There's even analyst who's now saying it's duping people into some part of disinformation campaign. Not called humor. Okay if you want people to stop being tricked by this take back. The Democrat Party from the Marxists okay. The Bolsheviks are running the Democrat part of the anti-american globalist. That's why people are believing the story. There's always going to be satire. Okay you want to go to the onion. Is that a Russian disinformation campaign to know the reason people are believing. This is because the Democrats actually are advocating for policies. That are adjacent of this. So people think it's real if the Democrats actually had a sane policy when it came to the stuff people wouldn't be sharing it and they wouldn't think it it was funny satire is best and most widely shared when it is closest to the truth when the truth gets out of the mainstream all of a sudden the satire becomes reality and the reality becomes satire. Just you don't believe me. Just Look Nancy Pelosi by the way one end our show here today with the hero here of the week Ricky Gervais citing this guy's hilarious. He's the last comedian Radian. I hope nothing happens to him. I mean that because I hope he doesn't lose any shows because he went absolute Sulejmani Baghdadi. Hollywood apple rolled into the game with the morning. Show a superb drama. Yeah a superb drama about the importance importants of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China. So you say you woke but the companies you work for. I mean unbelievable oppal Amazon Disney if isis started a streaming service. You can we region so if you do with an award tonight. Don't uses the platform to make a political speech right. You're in no position to lecture the public about anything you know nothing about real world most of you spend less time in school than Grantham bug south. Come up except thank you agent. Let's do the I. I A war so anyway Ricky Javale's hosted the Golden Globes. If you haven't seen it yet it's been all over instagram and twitter. It's been pretty amazing. Well guys we have some great episodes coming up later in the week. We have an ask me anything so right now email us freedom kirk dot com. Email us your questions. Make sure leading reviews on the PODCAST APP. We are doing doing better in the charts but we need to do even better so please. Don't take your friends phone. Go take your parents. Get them. Subscribe to the Charlie Kirk. Show make your source of news your source of insight and this time when impeachment and Iran and all. This stuff is heating up at once. We are going to be giving you insight and analysis that no one else is giving you make sure you are subscribed and if you want to get involved with the nation's largest and most was powerful student organization fighting for conservative values on campuses across the country go to Teepee USA DOT COM that's Teepee USA DOT com. You can go to our event chip in some money. Start a chapter. You guys have to get involved. TPS DOT COM TURNING-POINT USA which is fighting for freedom and liberty on high school and college campuses across the Country Started High School Chapter College Chapter. You name it an email us freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. Thanks so much everybody. Until next time this was fun got a big episode. Dan Crenshaw coming up. So buckle up Thanks so much. The there are things that should not be copycat killers they exist. Those who are compelled to turn bloody fiction into a real life. Four story inspired by the joker. They do it because the ax gave them power and control the license to kill life imitates art art and unfortunately so does death reels and podcast one who brought she murder made me famous comes the next great true crime podcast copycat killers join host Dr J. Buzz von Ornstein. Her as he analyzes true crimes based on Hollywood hits new episodes every Tuesday on apple podcasts. And podcast one.

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