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What's guys. It's Kelly and welcome to the Ringer podcast network. I want to tell you guys about a brand new podcast coming to our luminary sleet called sonic boom for more than four decades the Seattle Supersonics were among the NBA's most iconic franchises but in two thousand and eight pack their bags or Oklahoma hosted by the ringers Jordan Jordan Ritter Con Sonic Boom tells the story of basketball and politics wealth and power and reveals new truths about the NBA's greatest heist. You can find the eight episode documentary every podcast exclusively on luminaries starting October third. What's up guys welcome to another episode of ti-time. This is a weekly pop culture podcast on podcast network. I Must Kelly I'm Pete Hollow today. You're breaking down off the Paris Fashion Week Drama Nice karate checking in with a robust relationship new segment and then we are crowdsourcing some pop culture Paolo Lean ideas at that time it ready every time I hear about. We have to change topics now. Bill that all right as always category is to time checks in with. We're going international people. It was Paris fashion week this just about as legit as like passport it to Paris that Mary Kay now Z. Movie high have no business talking about these things but there was a lot of drama I up Justin Timberlake was attacked to to quote unquote going to the Louis Vuitton Spring Twenty Twenty show with Jessica Biel. This is like a theme for like all these big fashion weeks and like people take themselves very seriously jason. These quote unquote parade stirs just like Fuck. Shit up all I'm really sorry for that language mom she says a problem with that but they just mess everything up and they like really kind of attack these celebrities so he was walking in he's guarded by like five or six thirty and then on top of that barriers obviously where the general public can't be like millen around with Justin Timberlake his name is vitale to Duke and he grabbed on Justin timberlake's legs. Justin Timberlake was a good sport and I love him or just Kabila on she also also is pretty calm and cool about it but this is really not right. He's also done this tons of time before he did it to Kim Kardashian three times Bradley Cooper Leonardo career. That's his thing is going for the legs. That's terrifying find. This is my take as well with our next our next one as well yeah there was a catwalk crusher at the Chanel show during Paris fashion week as well and it's like the I can see either side of this because they do take themselves very serious but this woman also professional prankster. Her name is Marie penalty or I guess comic name. Is Marie some Phil. That's pretty good school. She basically does this thing where she he has crashed catwalk multiple times where she jumps on stage and starts pretending like she's a model and she wears something similar to that and like. Sushi jumped on stage at Chanel well and it tells she did this interview with New York Post and she basically first of all. She just like lies to get in all these places. She was like I'm used to lying. It's like like part of my work kind of on Paris Seine Week. I guess he was denied entry three times before she talked her way in was like how do you do that. I truly don't know how does that Kinda scary. I'm like anyone can get was closed up. She was frosty just effort on stage in in between the models credits. The models ignored her kept waiting. Mama's great ignoring things but the she eventually was confronted by who love really like literally like got up walkover like intercepted her stood in front of her and like kind of like corralled her off the stage yeah like a sheepdog like which was like not letting her walk forward people were like. Oh this is so oh funny like Digi looks so stupid but like all early credit for standing up in like walking over and confronts him and second of all like scary to me yeah like excuse me these days when like any time there's like some sort of like disruption in a public setting or like just like this just the as you can't play around twenty nine hundred people like somebody's constantly being murdered. If someone went for my legs my first reaction would never be like ha ha prankster. Thank God I'm dying. I I like people try to do that like celebrities time people like that and just like this thing to like just disrupting like public stuff like this just yanks me out these days and she he was kind of annoying when she was interviews. I this is taken seriously. I Imagine Jack. This is all messed up. This is an art commentary on Baba seriously looking a cigarette. Ask Russia. Russia impressions are getting worse. It's more of them that team. Gt on this yeah. I mean and I feel like no other model could do it 'cause she. Kind of has all star race so trump also Belen Zhijie. They were at Paris fashion week obviously but here's the thing they Miss Helium Helium Justin second wedding because of it. Is that weird. I that's weird but you would skip your friend's wedding to do Paris fashion week. Fascinating question question loved us in the unanswerable question and also this is good to talk about because these people are in every single fashion week that exists like literally on New York. They got fashion week all the time everywhere. They've done it for years right. This also feels like a really fun event like I would totally skip out chanel. They walked Gillian. Go to South Carolina. They weren't even like the bride the bride or like the closer or anything right. I agree yeah. I think this is really weird. I think maybe they're not as good friends as we thought maybe maybe all young celebs in that group are not actually friends and we just group them into one yeah because it seems like if they were actually friends they would've skipped it right yeah yeah. It would probably be like you skip one show one or two shows so they got those private plan. Just why that Baby Donna South Carolina for the twenty-five Kylie did I saw that night instagram story. I just like her little slippers going back on the private jet for six hours. Is this shady by Haley scheduling during ooh. I don't need any more model friends here. Listen Haley's not notorious like extremely high fashion. Model more like a is kind of a she like kind of like. I don't want the he needs here. I don't want so like always a fashion week so like when. When can you schedule it. I don't know last thing that happened at Paris fashion week. This is also went viral violence social media doing lo lot crossover content between the Kellyanne glories. There was a male German model namely owned Dame and he was walking in the Musone Margalla. Ah Show appear seismic and he made headlines because his catwalk in particular was very notable. You guys should click into this link and then look it up yourselves. he walked extremely aggressively kind of slacked kind of like he was like an angry teenager and of course twitter had a field day like twelve year old me walking down the halls and middle school with my headphones in the misunderstood main character that really is what it reminded me of his nose a choice and I know that we're all talking about this high fashion that I can barely pronounced this clothing company so I get that. It's not really for me but look it up. This guy is like the big tall leather boots and he looks looks extremely angry. Walking down the catwalk okay next category. Is this week in Social Media Amelia yes so I guess everyone has a wildlife meam team and I. We need more tile back. I explained the feral hogs mean way back when I got really into the fish to me. Fish fish is to we finally found a Wildlife Museum Familia to explain to us so thank you for us so there's there's a game that you can play on Mac and a few other game consoles and it's called the goose game and it literally consists of like this Tutti rendering of goose that you you play the goose and you just go around in Hong at people and disrupt their day that is literally the game and Christie loves it. There are few other celebrities who are like. I love are playing this game. It's been everywhere anymore. Yeah really goose game but here's the thing I was looking it up. It cost fifteen dollars to play. I was it's like he yeah and all you do is just go. Hong Kong people so many people have been playing at fifteen dollars since game and I just say talking about the fish tube is free people he balshaw which is better that's weird and here's the thing and I'm going to out him so my apologies to most Bergman but uh-huh and he said that he was really fun and he played it for like he beat in like three hours because like literally all use Hong people and disrupt their day how you level up so you just honk up more people I think so yeah I love it. I can't tell Jim in a real candy crush five fifty nine for a salad today so I don't know why wo fifteen dollars for reduce game we are not better than the goose okay next one all right he gives Alia is in the news again for once so she this weekend again turned her social media. She turned twitter into a senior Rita Stan account so basically she was like streams in your enough for clear skin and she was like organizing a streaming party on twitter for like scenario by Simon as income like now and I was like why is this happening. Why is this happening turns out Lizzie. Oh truth hurts is approaching the billboard hot one hundred record for the longest running wrapped number one by a female artist one song in their way iggy Azalea Fancy Charlie Charlie extracts how she's been sub tweeting like Eliza because let us been campaigning for her song to break the record. Yeah it is like trying to get Senorita. Ah Stay above truth hurts that truth hurts doesn't break fancies record so Sheila Bair bit but also like. It's not like she's like Oh. It's funny. She's hiding behind it but you know keep that rockaway. She's like ice is just a joke. All IGGY AZALEA hasn't twenty nine thousand nine hundred so really huge by Liz. Eliza posted the chart basically showing that like truth hurts was moving up the billboard chart and she goes like can we do a ball and she goes. PS fancy is a Bob and my homey Charlie Alexis a genius on it stream Charlie's album now and to capture a so obviously I was like excuse you first of all fancy is about it's a good song but yeah so it was really all in on Cincinnati like she's really deal. He'll love. I love this coroner for really really do. She's self-aware. Now Yeah Yeah next one is also female pop star. Kelly Clarkson has a talk show the first of all. I think this has been under reported because I think it's Great Kelly. Clarkson is a gem and we don't serve her was just Lilan crickets on that love Kelly Clark's like her but she's talked now called Kelly Clarkson show and she opens every every show. It bleeds daily. It's a daily show and she has a different cover ever that she comes out with every time she literally sings a different. Song walking out into the audience. Every single day can only work first of all everyone's like like well ellen just like dances away out the male talk show hosts like sit at a desk but Kelly Clarkson is out here learning a different cover critics crushing it every day so there's a reporter for vox named Alex Santos. Wow he changed his name to a Halloween name so I cannot confirm that is his name policies to Alex at had box but he's been tweeting out every cover from every day and they're all so good. She did Carrie underwood cover the other day. It's just fabulous. It's just like Kelly Clarkson's. it covers mailbox. She honestly living the dream. It was like coming out. Every I'm singing a new cover talks to celebrity and then she just leaves sweetness it over Wendy Williams talk show of other last social media and also pop star news is Post Malone is on tour and he was in Saint Paul Minnesota performing gene and a fan of female fan very very close to the stage flash. Jim like female fans can do and his reaction was so priceless. It's as if he had never even seen like any human body ever before. It's so pure it's so happy and like shock like you chose me not to flash me anyways hilarious it is it's like he's never seen. It's like your post Malone y anyway there's little viral on twitter as they do because like this reaction elicited such a strong response it's like now people are putting over like words over post. Malone and then words on the back of women's like preventable diseases is post. Malone and unvaccinated children is the woman in like mocks offs are Post Malone. The lamp is the women really great stuff. You guys just pure enjoy all around. I love to explain memes on. How did they do using teaming the next one okay next category is tee times biggest relationship news ever go ahead okay so Evan Peters and Halsey they are reportedly dating APP after being spotted at six flags together. I love this and I was listening to who weekly and they were saying that like people who are on the roller coaster with them at six flags but you know you can buy those pictures on the roller coaster they bought the picture of Evan An and Halsey like holding hands or something and then they sold it to the daily sodium smart. That's actually amazing genius genius. I was doing that the next time at Disneyland or something. Oh my God some top level you know how they had like. One minutes recognized that they were there together. Recognize that people didn't know how about them going to buy this. Here's what we're going to do with it like not tweet about it. You know deep cut. This is what should I saw Milan Ashton at zero. Oh you gave way that tweet. Did that was a mistake but anyway this comes after a Halsey took to twitter in two thousand thirteen to petition Evan Peters today her at work congratulations. I love this this also we're talking about these people and look at this happy ending. Haley Baldwin now Bieber you should tweet about Justin Bieber all the time and it was mostly like Selena related being like they're the definition of flows like loved them so much she just like constantly Thursday after Justin Bieber and luckily they ended up. Everyone knows they call. It ain't going to happen more and more because people are so like thirsty on main on twitter. It's also like Mike from the bachelor. Franchise Demi Levato divided by yours truly included just like Clinton like crazy about their celebrity. Crushes celebrities do it to just like do it. Timothy Chaumet's coming for you soon. `Kay I believe Ennio. I'm speaking in the next one. We mentioned the BIEBER wedding. Jam Session went in depth into this but I just want to talk about the grills Justin Justin Bieber had made for his wedding so he wore a grill. They're very limited. Pictures that have been shared the wedding so far but a lot of have been in this photo booth and one the Justin shared is is like a close up of his mouth with Haley's finger like pulling down his lip to show the grill on his bottom teeth so he had this these girls made for him. have an for Haley Haley has not yet warners. I kind of hope she never does but whatever so there's this man called the gold teeth. God who makes these girls for Justin. He's made aide like four girls for him. The latest is five carat lavender diamond source from Israel and he basically was like I didn't know he was. GonNa wear it to his wedding. I thought it was just like one of the many grills I've made him and then he like posted it on his instagram and he made diamond fangs for Haley. Why so I looked it up and it looks like beyond say also has worn these in the past. I don't have a picture but you can look it up and she. It's like your bottom canines like they're like you've got a girl on that and then it's like a retainer or that kind of holds it in the so it. Kinda reminds you like the permanent retainer that I had in broke in high school where it goes behind your teeth little hooks in the front. It's like that but diamonds Spicer Sahelian. Maybe skip that yeah. I feel like she's done that in the past though also just be like whereas girls a lot so really does wearing wanting your wedding like I know but the wedding actually I know that jam session. It looks very classy. They've done in other ways yeah pretty tasteful honestly other than the grill agreed next relationship news our girl Kylie and Travis Scott have split for the time being everybody's reporting on it. We were dubious up first because they have been kind of off and on and also who knows what news outlets outlets are doing but did it got this exclusive scoop so they're over for the time being she attended the Bieber wedding alone but it looks like she had a great time anyway a- like people are going to much to talk about it just as they fell out of love. They've been trying to make it worked against. Kylie really wants to settle down. Have another baby be like family and Travis Scott. I can't give that to her exactly anyway. People are talking about how she visited ex-boyfriend Tiga in the studio at two. Am People went nights obviously this this is a classic thing when you break up try to dangle southern get X. whatever boyfriend fiance mad but she's commented on it and says Travis and Aaron ingred terms and our main focus right now a stormy our friendship and our daughter is priority and the Internet makes everything a hundred times more dramatic than what it really was. There was no two. Am Date with Tiga. You see me drop two of my friends off at a studio. He happened to be at so obviously she can't get back with Tiga Travis Scott so much better is he. I don't know anything about these men. Wow care care about zoo and my question is like is that ally like why why would kylie dropping off friends. Yes she was walking in. Yeah yeah things to do than to just ride around. La and drop off to 'em also said it before. I'll say it again. I can't believe that celebrities are just out and about a two in the morning doing things as I go into a studio and should be asleep at that time. I think it happens at that hour. Exactly exactly you go to bed earlier. Okay next. I don't start takeaway. Oh Boy the I believe one of the worst relationships I think teatime could and yet perfect relationships talk about yeah. No Cincinnati Bell is dating dating Alexis Ren. you know who knows who is you know. We've really soured on 'em. Liyang Alexis Ren is the female knows it's now in that. She is an instagram model. I wouldn't think it's safe to say and she has her. Appeal is similar to know as just flipped. I think we're like you're attracted actor Turbie. You don't WanNa be you know like manner like I know I could do better but like I'm GonNa Follow her anyway. which I think is kind of where we're at with no she has she has a sick bod she says has she does and she was a sports illustrated model and she was on dancing with the stars instagram? I mean the only time I should say extremely really popular on its yeah. This is like a fever dream Yeah. It's it really does make too much sense. Yeah both almost certainly just like real dumb dumbs but Alexis shared she also writes poetry by the way where tourism her instagram but she shared screen taught of their text messages and Noah texted her and said you know what makes me think of you and she said what with no with no punctuation and he said everyone and everything all the time. You're you're this gentle layer over my reality. So that's happening makes a Lotta Sense. We hit a lot but honestly like they should probably just stay together. Yeah this one last one so ben Affleck. Maybe dating a mystery blonde. That's what the Daily Mail called her but it turns out. Oh it's not a mystery blonde. It's Laureen Powell jobs the widow of Steve Jobs and it seems like they're out and about in Los Angeles grabbing some food kind of seems like it's like a business deal. Are we going to get like a Ben Affleck like APP. Maybe I don't know it's back on this mic on mmediately yeah. Apparently they've worked on charities together in the past have known each other long time but people were like dating which just what happens like when any male celebrity goes with any yeah. What do you think into it not into it. Yeah I mean if this means that an Ben Affleck audio book is going to appear free on my phone okay next category. This is not worth the tea we have shockingly a third follow up to fog load out making some bad decisions style wise. I Duly Buzz Burnley coming back with the new album lately you know I love a female pop star. I love do Alita. I will say that right now. I want to know her routine but uh-huh Shinya suburban anwr deed she does and also maybe he'll break up with her because she died the top off of her hair. Look an orange peroxide blonde with the bottom half is still black. Okay really tough. It looks really bad you such a beautiful woman with rich chocolate brown hair. Just keep that anyone she's got to shore Bob Differ from like all the other day broke. Don't fix it totally but I know and also she is cute. Cheetah hounded and Anwar Hadid. It's just time for that carry. I'm sorry yeah anyway back to black. Also there was a threat this week. I was GONNA say this person's name and I didn't realize what it was from a twitter account called Rana's nipples and they made a threat about Millie Kunas is wardrobe. She said I can't stop thinking about Mealy Kunas being a beautiful millionaire who will not give up dressing like a small town teen. WanNa fifty dollars gift cards for Ross and she it literally linked four pictures personally long thread of all these trips Amelia Curtis walking around in like graphic tees that say like full of the past like pink brand sweatpants like sequined heart's on these t shirts Jim in juice. There's one that's Jim. Yes is there. Is there really the worst things you walk by and like marshals yes. Am To my and there's a picture of an aloe plant there bet my life savings at choose to live life love carbon guest bathroom right. We're like wine o'clock kitchen. It's really bad Mila Kunis. What are you doing get a personal stylist Palese. My God okay really funny. Extra uh-huh take a look at that. I'm okay Aaron Paul who he is back with El Camino. I love your introduction. Here's had starts Liz Liz Kelly teatime fame every time Kelly anyway so air. Paul you guys know him as Jesse Pink so it was revealed. He revealed recently that he has been struggling to land movies after breaking bad which I'm sorry yeah have your starring in like an erotic thriller color with Emily. Yes yes you are struggling like. I'm sorry your TV after dude. Your TV actor TV TV act I cough medicine is really on it today but anyway he said that he has had a couple of missed opportunities guessing a quote. Monster Monster Monster hit unquote that is still too painful to name and my question I have question what marvel movie was this man. Do you think mark do you think that includes like like maybe like Godzilla. I looked like a monster and I think get monster means more like FRY big. I'm thinking it was definitely a marvel movie. What if he was like up for Chris Pratt's spots star Lord. I I actually fleet doing enough. Yeah I saw some comments and they were like Oh. It had to been start. Yeah I mean this is the disease that comes with being an iconic character long-running TV show I think about Ross you know the game of thrones people are gonNA yeah exactly. This is weird that this was newsy because Matt Damon was just profiled the G. Q. and had a similar sentiment and this was more annoying because Matt Damon is worth millions dollars more so I wanna hear less about his miss opportunities but he apparently turned down the role of Jake Sully Avatar and a paycheck of at least two hundred and fifty million dollars for the sake of his Bourne film series. He's James Cameron offered him the part and then offered him ten percent of the film's profits. I had wild camera. What are you doing just throwing greenway money like that. No ideal this role like that went to Sam Worthington has now done nothing. Yes apparently living on his avatar payment exactly as I would do to shed she said I've left more money on the table than any actor actually which is like a noise resource. Give you yeah he basically said for the director during all my friends on the Bourne ultimatum I couldn't do it. It would cost a problem with that series. I'm so sorry I and it was annoying because Matt Damon is worth one hundred and seventy million dollars however then I start or to feel bad because this is like double his net worth and like I'm not feeling bad for David. That is a real amount of money you think he like goes goes around and like brings us up to his remember. The one time I could have been an Avatar. I never WANNA hereabouts. Loves loves passing up enormous. Here's hey checks because they already have enormous feel bad all right next one extremely not worth the tea is Meghan trainor just always but in this case she she was paid to do an original excusing original an official cover of the friends theme song for the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of friends. It's just the friends theme. Song Sung by Meghan can trainer and like made slightly more annoying which the friends theme song is already pretty annoying. It's not one of the better theme songs I would say area psychotic but like not good. It sounds like if it was a Disney show or it's just really bad. It's Meghan trainor seeing in France theme song. You played ten seconds. I thought it was like a Rebecca Black Song for it was not made better. No I'm not also. I'm not sure the decision again. Meghan trainor off just thinking that you can't get someone else friend who is in that room that decided that yeah maybe get like a ninety star or something. I don't know people friends better than that. For the twenty th anniversary name come on brother Happily Jennifer Aniston missing it. They were like Damn Kelly Clarkson as talk show trainer okay. I'm really excited about this last one and not worth the Amelia the floor so noted pseudo intellectual the Angelo guard he he would like more more love lease. He wants more love in his life. He doesn't you know what he's talking about. Honestly really doesn't was okay so this people magazine thing saying answer. L. Wants more love despite having a girlfriend quote. It doesn't need to be sexual so he's talking about how he just loves love and he loves his friends and I it doesn't need to be sexual. It could be done sexually with my girlfriend. I think we've been pretty clear that I want to feel free to fall in love with people that option should be open but sexually it can be closed off and he's talking about how he loves his friends male friends and he wants to be in love and just find more love and it's like this is called having friends. You dumb ass okay. I'm sorry this quote I'm I'm in love with a bunch of my male friends so I'm not interested in having sex with so why can't I put the desire to have sex with women aside and let myself have love with women. I love sailing Woodley and we never had anything sexual actual and that was great so he's like. I only want to have sex with my girlfriend but I wanna be with other people. This is where it 'cause. It's an opposite problem of most male celebs their spouses or serious girlfriends. WanNa what sex with everyone but I love you is the opposite of the guy from Silicon Valley. We were talking about how depressed thing you okay. I don't know if this I was Violeta. WHO's a beautiful ballerina by the way I would. I think I have enough love for you right love me. He was just trying to sound like like smart and look at. I'm you know I'm not a gender but I'm fluids sexual really he's having friends totally outlined. It's called having friends. You don't okay. I'm GonNa cut this censor myself good next category yeah. Let's do it okay and we're finishing off the tee. Times was unanswerable. Question of the week is constantly perplexing. Kate all right. This is a quick a quick segment here but we always wonder about this celebrity. Beauty routines are just utter bullshit. Why do they keep lying to us and expecting us to believe it two things this week first of all they're on the cut there then re with US chanels brow artist just official BROWER NECE for Chanel. It's named Gina Garcia and and she basically first of all. She's brow artist wears. These glasses that are so big you literally can't see her browsing any picture for so. I'm like okay. Maybe show off the goods then I'll I believe that you know what you're talking about but she talks about how you should talk to your eyebrows and you need like give your eyebrows affirmations and when you look in the mirror you have to tell them that you love them over and over again and it will help your eyebrows look better key someone that once had extremely thin eyebrows going through somehow. I'm how grown them into normal looking did you hear is not Maybe I'll start and they'll continue to get bigger and more beautiful. I will try it and report back but also this is. Bullshit and people need to stop lying. Just tell us that you you have all these different devices to make people eyebrows look great also Tracy Ellis Ross. We love WHO's great she. She said my youthful glow is from lots of water and sex. She was on instagram. She dropped five commandments for staying young. She said one giggle as much as possible. Okay UH to get your sleep. Okay fine like insure three drinks so much water. Okay four have as much sex as possible. Sorry mom but it's true brings out the best in your skin and then she goes consensual connected yummy good and safe sex not just any sex. Thank you tracy and you know Diana. Ross is probably like yes. She literally was like like this is why I look so good is water and sex. You guys stop allying. I WANNA know every product that you put on your face trails. Ross in your face I need. A doctor came more than anything. I don't need a product. I need a doctor. Reverend Dacian referral Tracy also okay sleep and water is not going to help me helping US run none. Okay my question of this week you guys. It's officially October third. It'll be October. Ford is when Y'all are listening. It's Halloween season. I think it's a very polarizing holiday. Some some women and men are like Oh my God so knowing some people get really into it. I'm kind of in the middle but I request you. We're just going to crowd source some Halloween ideas. Yes and I'm asking asking what do you guys think are going to be the biggest and most popular like pop culture grabs for Halloween. This year thinking that euphoria cast was going to be a big one. That's low effort. Loa recognizable and you got to everyone loves that cruise lit up really do. Ku called fleabag and hop pres hoppy because a certain kind of crowd outright. We're focusing on only twenty nineteen as pick something relevant because remember last year. It was like everyone was going to be a star is born. Yes because it's like you got to do the right recognizable recognizeable but low effort because like you only want to put so much work into this kind of thing you know I was talking to my friend like a couple of months ago actually and she was saying that she really wants to go as has Leonardo di Caprio in West Hollywood just like a blender of Margaritas robe some really good Hogan costume actually. Maybe I'll do that because you think you can probably in order to Caprio. Maybe I started now. Also I think visco girls are still hold fairly aware of either okay. Also I saw adventures and gave fat Thorpe Costume so put a pin in that and then Amelia Elliott this one's free okay okay really popular this year. I believe it will be the quote sexy college admissions scandal costumes. Here's a description of this costume oops. You can't always trust us. Mother instincts turns out fame and intelligence. Don't go hand in hand. The seventy dollar outfits description Patriot joking the choppers quote bribe your way into the admissions office and score the quote ultimate scholarly achievement seventy dollars when I could just put on a card again and like no this is being like an inmate. Here's a picture it's in orange skintight. Jumpsuit looks like Fashion Noga and that's pretty good though do like the crime hat. Crime Glory lost a lot of really good ideas all all care like an. SAT PREP book with money in it right. We want your guys. Assad continue to tweet US throughout the perfect amount of time to be thinking about it. Yes you have time to like like you. Don't WanNA buy like costume. Costumes Blake's enough time to be like crowd sourcing. You're thinking about it and then the next couple of weeks start like putting it together. We're just trying to help the listeners corners and ourselves. We're just all contributing ideas here I just I I think the Leonardo di Caprio Brad Pitt once upon a time in I would is a great couple of dust. You have to look into that. That's a really fantastic okay on that note. Tweet US and continue listening to US please even though we talk about wildlife memes and other nonsensical things. There's been another episode of ti-time. Thank you our producer Kelli.

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