Phinsider Daily: Miami Dolphins head to Tampa Bay, Jadeveon Clowney Rumors, and a look at depth chart #2


Hello everyone and welcome to a special edition of finsider daily right here on the finsider part of the e._s._p._n. Nation network today's episode we turn our attention to the tampa bay buccaneers used as the miami dolphins head in order to compete joint practices with the n._f._c. south contender that we turn our attention to the j._v. and clowney news or the miami dolphins interested in trading for the pro bowl <music> out side linebacker or is it all just smoke emirs. Lastly we look at through stock is up and down at the second preseason. Depth chart was released earlier today all of this so more more on today's episode of finsider daily and hello everyone and welcome back to a special episode of finsider cider daily. I'm your host. Josh outs you can follow me on twitter at at house h. o. u. T. z. and we know yesterday afternoon the miami dolphins travel north to tampa tampa bay right ahead of their joint practices that will take place on tuesday and wednesday with the buccaneers. We know that a lot of people believe that they could be a real contender contender in the n._f._c. south and all that is going to be as explosive as any now that bruce arians unretired and is now the head coach of the buccaneers <hes> the miami dolphins. We know are reportedly rebuilding. We know they have a very good young nucleus. In place lots of good pieces lots of bad you know they got got a sort through some of these these different players and find out what they have and when you're going against a team that has some pretty good town offensively i mean they have sought offense of lon on o._j. Howard arguably one of the top tight ends in draft in recent memory know didn't quite have that impact as a rookie but should definitely ascend this season camera. Bray is also very good tight end so they're too tight ends at the miami. Dolphins need to figure out a way to stop here in camp. I know they struggled in the past but having a guy like to roam baker may be a healthy raikov mcmillan. We do not know the severity of his injury. Kiko alonzo is out in a walking boot so it's going to be interesting getting to see how the miami dolphins game plan to stop. Those explosive tight ends and we do know that if anybody knows how to shut it down it is a guy that practiced against some of the best tight ends and in recent memory in the n._f._l. So it's gonna be really interesting to see how far the miami dolphins have come since a season ago how much the scheme fits is this system and how these guys can go out. There and you know try to shut down o._j. Howard who again is a top five tied in my opinion. I think he's going to have an explosive twenty nineteenth season. You gotta look the running back position. We know the painting barber we know. Ronald jones didn't quite do what everyone expected less season but again those are two guys they should have success running the football but again miami's defense looked pretty swiss cheese esque in that first preseason game we know matt ashok drove the falcons down the field ninety yards on their first offensive drive so how far they've come from that one game in to see how they again match up against it's a team like the buccaneers quarterback jameis winston <unk> kind of been up and down throughout his career. We know he kind of took took the back seat to ryan fitzpatrick trich last year so many expected to take another leap this year with quarterback whisper bruce arians air but it'll be again very very interesting to see how they match up. How jameis winston does against dolphins secondary that has some very good pieces have some uncertainty on the outside. Don't know a fair practice right away. Don't know if a lot of these guys will go out there. You know if you're if you're hampered by injury in the dolphins are trying to do what's best for the team. They might not take take put some of those guys out there that have been suffering some injuries early on get them healthy for the regular season but you do want to see the dog. Come out and you want to see the fight within. We know tampa also has some very good wide receivers. Mike evans matching up against our debt should be a thing of beauty. Hopefully there are lots and lots of beat writers tweeting about that match up because that is one to definitely keep an eye out on chris godwin one of my favorite wide receivers. I'm a huge fantasy football. Guy chris godwin is going to to frigging. He's gonna send into orbit this year. If you're drafting your fantasy football leagues go after kris guy when he's going to do this season in that offense is going to be a thing thing of beauty. He should be matched up mink. If it's patrick so i'm salivating at that opportunity maybe lines open the boundary and you see some eric rowe versus chris cowan but nonetheless to see how the secondary matches up against some of those offenses playmakers to see how his defense matches up against some of those offenses playmate and we now you gotta turn our attention to the dolphins offense. We know how the quarterback position is starting to shape out when josh rosen should see some first team reps especially again going against the team that they can sit here engaged. You know how far along he has become. We know ryan. Fitzpatrick has familiarity with the tampa bay buccaneers. I'm sure he's going to want to go out there and prove to his former team that he is the guy you know that he is a starting quarterback in the n._f._l. We know he had some very very good games there. In tampa bay we also had some very ryan fitzpatrick games there lots of dr jekyll mister hod odd but you hope to see josh rosen earned some first team reps. You hope to see him. Go out there with that first team offensive line who has struggled not as bad as that second team but the dolphins offensive. It's of line is moving chess piece do not know what is going to happen musical chairs in and out again josh rosen give him some time with the first team. Let him go against that tampa. I first team defense. La presse williams get some reps. We know the depth charge came out today will talk about a little bit later but preston one is still six wide receiver on the depth chart fi no means do. I think that's it's where he's gonna end up when the regular season began by no means do. I think that this indicates that he could be on his way out my in. He has a lock to make the fifty three mayor ross. No one can argue you that he didn't at first game just unbelievable for an undrafted free agent be interesting to see how he matches up vernon hargreaves. I believe brent grimes the guy i burnt toast migos husband still there in tampa. I don't know what he can do anymore. At this point in his career but he will be there he will be one of those pieces overall overall though a guy like noah spence going one on one with laremy tunsil. It's going to be very intriguing again to see how all these guys matchup terrier offensive line. We know there's lots of uncertainty there. We don't quite know who's gonna play right. Tackle does not appear to jordan mills that does not miami's best interest his attorney earn style do not see him having <hes> do not see him being started on this team but again stranger things have happened intrigued see the way these receivers matchup against that secondary very the linebackers house might just sticky gonna respond you know when he has guys in his face when he has another team trying to go out there and bully around can they can get physical ken kennedy go out there and be that dog and go out there and make plays use his physical physicality assizes speed <hes>. It's yet to be determined and you saw a little bit neck game versus. The atlanta falcons u. Lined up as a wide receiver. Let's see how interesting and what different things this. This coaching staff can do with him. Let's see if he can make plays against. What's the team who again isn't mine. Dolphins isn't going out there and trying to make sure that he remains healthy <unk>. I mean these guys are gonna go out there and this is going to be a war. I'm sure there's going to be plenty. Plenty of fighting plenty of chippiness and that's what you want that is why you're doing these joint practices it's to bring out that competitive fire of the competitive nature and it's going to be again and i keep using word interesting but it is going to be very very intriguing to see the way these dolphins match up because yes first preseason game you can kind of take a little bit away from that but as you progress aggressive preseason obviously we three is going to be the one that matters most but this game against tampa bay when you sit there and practice with them throughout the week. You not only get to see the way these players match. What's up with other professionals. You see how this develops throughout the week heading into that preseason week two game that is friday against tampa bay buccaneers so now that we touched a little bit about what to expect again. There's gonna be lots of great follows out there. I personally will not be there. Tomorrow is my wife's due date tomorrow when we're expecting our second daughter but i it's really not up to us. The baby doesn't know what data so she could come any day now but i am not at tampa practice. I will not be down there however i will give shout kevin nago for hooking up. Thank you so much but i will be the new england game week two and if anybody nobody follows me on twitter the miami dolphins have given me the opportunity. Kevin naga was giving me the opportunity to go and be in the press box for the dolphins patriots to game the throwback game so your boy got his tickets. He will be flying in saturday evening. You'll be in the press box will be in the locker room speaking with the players a dream come true and i'm so grateful and thankful for this opportunity <hes> so i won't be down there in tampa for the joint practices but will be down there in a few weeks to watch the miami dolphins defeat. The new england patriots to watch brian flores defeats. His former team sounds great. Let's turn our attention now to the dating clowney news as we know the twenty six year-old premier pass rusher was franchise tag did not happy when houston texans did so texans front office as a complete cluster cluster f i guess is the word i would look to say. They don't really have anybody in charge but rumors were circling all day law. Miami dolphins may have had interest in the pass rusher a a perfect fit schematically. I do believe that the miami dolphins were in the hunt for trey flowers. They offered big money by many reports of the dolphins are willing willing to pay a twenty five year old. You know he's not even as explosive as a pass. Rusher cloudy is in my opinion but you had a guy here. The dolphins proved that they had interest interest in trey flowers. You know and i much as you want to say. Tanking does not appear the dolphins are doing so ben albright dropped a little nugget that the dolphins were interested in dating clowning whether or not they still are has to be determined but when you think about the miami dolphins could do if they got a guy dating cloudy to think about what type of asset he could be in that front right now. You got trolls harassing at paintcare. Those are the top pass rushers on the roster. We know they invest in christian wilkins devan god show and vincent taylor taylor very good <hes> front as well so what they really are lacking is an explosive pass rusher and that's exactly dating cloudy. Is we know he was drafted super. Hi leave as the first overall pick by the houston texans <hes> many years ago he doesn't fourteen and he's a guy who has twenty nine sacks throughout his career just turned twenty six in february <hes> we know he's been riddled by injury throughout his career. He's only missed four games. I believe over the last few seasons so this is a guy who he he gets it. He gets that term injury prone but he really had as of late has been rather healthy and i mean you know you're gonna get a huge contract. You know that he could be a fridge next year but as someone pointed out on twitter who's to say the houston texans don't go out there and franchise tag him again next year and try to train them once once again after it was a very good season i mean that's definitely not a crazy to think again. He's twenty six years old three time pro bowler we know pro bowls don't really mean much much but he's a guy that russia's the passers will is anyone highly highly coveted coming out of college. The no brainer surefire first round pick first overall pick. Apparently it's nicknames doodoo. I just saw that. I'm a pro football reference for whatever reason says doodoo behind his name. I hope that's not shaving clown his nickname but i mean if if it is i will rock dating clown injures araca dude jersey if i'm lost because i think what he could do to this defense i think he can do in that front want and what most importantly bryant floors could do the chesapeake today cloudy can move all over the defense. He can drop back in coverage if he has to. He can rush the passer it already. He automatically be the best pass rusher on the roster wouldn't be close and if the dolphins could income to a long term deal. I jokingly said that this treasure chest of all these draft picks to to draft picks from the second seventh round next year. The dolphins traded back and they picked up another second round pick from the saints that many might forget but the dolphins use a second rounder to get josh rosen what if they use the other second rounder to get your dating clinton. Would that not be one of the greatest trades in dolphins history. I mean honestly you just landed. Josh rosen a twenty two year old quarterback making three years six point five million dollars. I'm going to continue to say and then you'd go out there and get dave cloudy. Yes you'd have to pay him but we know the dolphins had a ton of draft space or cap space next year again. We know he'd be a perfect fit. Schematically bryant floors it gives me goose bumps to think of what he can do with a guy david clowney cloudy. You hear tom brady. He wants to play. He's forty five years old if davey and cloudy lands a miami. I'm sorry tom brady. There's not a chance in hell you survive the thirty forty five. I do not wish ill will on anyone butcher avocado ice cream looking but will not make forty five if to davey and cloudy is a miami dolphin you could put that to the bank talked about you. David clowney and we talked about what to expect heading into that week of training camp heading into tomorrow's key practice against tampa bay buccaneers. I'm not sure the time of that. I will tweet it out later. In the day. When i do find out we gotta turn our attention to the dolphins. Depth chart note was released earlier today. Not a lot you know nothing too who crazy stands out the biggest thing again and we touched on top of the hour was the fact that the standout wide receiver arguably the best wide receiver in net first preseason game. You know he was sick on the depth chart you look here. You got tunsil left. Tackle left guard dealer. Kill words center you. He got jessie davis at right guard. You've jordan mills. The turn stout right tackle nickel lear terms might have that three way tie again. Obviously just sticky is a guy that they're probably going to put out there most. He's going to try to have the most impact. Hopefully you can do more than his twenty two catches for two hundred two yards as he did last year ryan. If it's patrick is still the first team quarterback josh rosen should get some reps as we talked about yet trent irwin moving up the list. He's right behind kenny stills. He's he's actually ahead of allan hearns on this depth chart so take that for what you will our wilson got isaiah ford right behind him again is ahead of bryce bowler so there are two guys bryce bowler allan hearns. Those are two guys that some people think could be battling for a roster spot. I do believe isiah ford's in that battle. Trent irwin's obviously battle. There's lots of different honestly. The dolphins have a ton of receivers and i talked about this before someone asked moore kelly as what was the dolphins biggest strength as far as steps concern. I said receiving corps. He completely shut that down. We're now starting to see the dolphins. Receiving core is very good. They have a plethora of receivers that could if cut land elsewhere. I mean hell half of these guys would be the best best receiver in buffalo right. Now i mean buffalo. Buffalo's receiving core is awful. You look at this list. I if one of these guys two of these guys are cut they're going to they're going to land with eighteen. They're going to land on their feet. They will probably have an impact twenty nine hundred fourteen one way or the other. We turn our focus to the defense machine eight orchard moving up that list. We know he had a sack got. Some pressure is very nice to seize right behind charles hairs christian wilkins divine god chose the is kind of the two guys up front the no brainer guinness is just one. Oh a bri- floor said could be twelve different depth charts so don't put too much stock into this racal. Mcmillan and kiko alonzo are still starting linebackers. I think a quick look decent. You know van kinkel look pretty good. There's different pieces air but overall. I think that what it comes down to those linebackers. That's going to be the starters kiko alonzo ray calm macmillan drone baker if they can stay healthy. Gotta talk about your own bake real quick again. Look like the best defensive player in in that preseason game against the land looks like again easily the best linebacker on the roster. He's a guy that is on the verge of greatness and he's just like mega fitzpatrick who did struggle duggal fitzpatrick struggle in that game. It looks like he is currently slated behind bobby mckay at free safety. We know who that nickel quarter cornell armstrong he. He made some plays in that game against atlanta. He moved up. He's right behind <hes> eric rowe. I expect that that could be competition. Continues to grow i mean i don't don't think air grow has that position lockdown by any means and cornell armstrong might be that guy that they were just hoping could make an impact exuding howard solidifies number one corner. We'll follow hello the team's number one wide receiver throughout the game the way a true shutdown cornerback does but overall. I mean not too much not too much newsworthy stuff fear. I mean you got drake. <unk> lodge will be interested in those reps were divvied up. You still won't and ahead of a layered and gaskin and pharaoh cox's full back on the roster. You just go down the list and it just looks like kind of what you'd expect but some battles. You're hoping to see this weekend's tampa bay. We'll go by real quick. You hope hope to see that the jesse david jordan milton kind of play out. Hopefully shat calhoun can be the starting right guard and maybe jesse davis can move to right tackle that would probably be in the dolphins best interest. You hope that drake continues show. He's the more explosive running back. I do think he is the better of the two. I think they're the perfect complement one another but kenyan drake should be seeing the bulk of those touches like you seeking the most explosive tight end on the roster. Yes nickel. Leary has a repertoire with josh rosen until josh rosen azan with those ones. I don't know that nickel lear is going wanna get crazy targets other than that. I mean it's pretty straightforward. You got the number. Two cornerback spot air grow cornell armstrong. Maybe someone else will emerge but what what you're seeing is what you get. The dolphins depth chart looks pretty good right now. I hope to see lots of good. Come from some of these guys you know didn't quite impress in that first preseason game. You'd like to see a match up well against tampa bay buccaneers so again bruce arians all fence a lotta people expect them to just go out there and be this running gun team this team that can just put up points that we'll see if the dolphins defense under garlic brian flora's who completely shut down the los angeles rams last year in super bowl. Yes it was not just him. Bill belichick had something nothing to do with that but you can't sit here and say that that was not bri floors game plan when a guy like bill belichick straight up said you know that was floors. They called those place but overall. I mean it is what it is. We got the upcoming week in tampa. It's going to be a good barometer of what this team is moving forward. It's going to be interesting. David clowney news plays out somehow somehow. The dolphins didn't make a trade. I think this i think this defense is going to be extremely good regardless. I do think it might be stronger on the roster even though did not seem that way <hes> <hes> in that first preseason game but if you guys today clouds complete game changer changes everything for the for the outlook two thousand nineteen as crazy as that might be the sound but then you have all all those assets you still picks tons of cap space next year trade for today's clowney. I think it would be on the dolphins best interest. Don't trade form some next year in free agency game again. We talked about the depth chart not too much see there. It will all play out as the week progresses. It will all play out his precinct progresses. We're officially one month away a little less than one month away from the start of the n._f._l. Season the start of the dolphins regular season will be week one against the baltimore ravens. Thank you for listening everyone again again. This is josh hamilton. This was a special soda finsider daily. If i don't talk to you soon it's probably going to be because i have a daughter. I'm not gonna name her today beyond that. That was a joke <hes>. My wife laughed at it so i thought it was good to put out there but my daughter's name will not be today's jonah. I will keep everyone updated. Thank you for listening seen this episode of finsider daily right here on the finsider part of the e._s._p._n. Nation network. I'm your host josh outs. I'll talk to you next time. That was set a radio. Have you heard of the dot com and the s._p. Should never miami dolphin fake the ball like no one in the we're on the ground. We're always in control any your eye. I don't <music> doc any as the greatest wealthy from all in the ground and when you say you're talking to take buying a remember all bud uh-huh i look aw high automatically editor in chief of eater and i'm daniel janine producer here at meter and we are here to tell you about our brand podcasts yours digest every week on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories in the world of food with the inside side scoop from the biggest names in the industry expert insights from the newsroom. It's a really fun time so i would say subscribe to either suggests for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app.

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