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Pennsylvania's Amish Country


Today descendants of European settlers still live and work much as their forebears did hear Lancaster counties Pennsylvania Dutch community the though that nickname is a little misleading their ancestors were Dutch. There were Swiss and German or Deutsche which persecuted for their faith. At home the Amish began coming to Pennsylvania in the seventeen twenty s in search of religious freedom. They settled into a rustic way of life here. Guided by a strict set of traditions known as the ordinance or order it laid out the principles of their religion and dictated take every aspect of their austere lifestyle. Many of their descendants still carefully. Follow the Ordinance But during an adolescent period called rooms bring a young amish are allowed to break guidelines an experience. The modern world decide for themselves whether they want to make a final commitment to their faith. Those who do will spend their lives lives raising their families in solid but plain houses with few modern conveniences and doing their housework and laundry by hand and tilling their fields. Just as the first I almost did without tractors or motorized harvesters while tending some of the most productive farmland in the US land that continues to allow this community to thrive today. There are over thirty thousand Amish Lancaster. County alone but two hundred years of inbreeding have caused a wide range of genetic irregularities in their community that's why gene hunters flocked to this corner of Pennsylvania to study Amish DNA and help find cures for children and others who've been affected even with their expanding numbers. It's getting getting harder for the Amish. To keep the modern world at Bain as more and more people feel new subdivisions that were once farms. Some some wonder. If the Amish way of life will be able to survive

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