The Kist & Solak Show #17: Eagles O vs Titans D Preview, McLeod's Status


Michael kissed Benjamin so lag. It's the Kistin Solex show presented by SP nation and leading nation. You are flying high on the kissed, and so lack show. This is episode seventeen brought to you by the fine folks at Espy nation and league. Greenish I am your host. Michael kissed follow me on Twitter at Michael kissed NFL ks as always joined by the best Doug on co host in the game Mr. eight year streak without a bad day, Benjamin, so lack follow him on Twitter at Benjamin. So like that's SOL AK ban how you doing brother sad, Mike. Every day to be alive, but I'm sad, Matt till the people while your side because I'm sad to feel you because we recorded a podcast yesterday and there was something that we recorded that like became news relevant and it was something else and it was a good like we did a good job on that. I love when that happens. And then like two hours later, Derek gun of NBC sports had the report that on the clouds torn MC l. n. would likely be out for the rest of the season. Accordingly, we'll high and we were just singing the praises of Rodney McLeod guy who like, you know, before the season, you know, you're looking at a places to save money in you said, MacLeod you know, is a big contract, nine point, five million, hey, coming up next year. Like maybe that's a spot of course, Philadelphia, their money elsewhere McLeod stay on the roster at least for this year. But then with the way he's been playing with what he's able to do for the defense seems to really take a step forward in his game for a season because shores heartbreaking. So we hope that's the case Peterson end. The eagles officially have commented on whether or not McLeod is out for the season. They just know that he's not playing this week, but the way man. Rodney socks sucks that his his MC l. obviously has some issues going on there needed surgery on it and it, like you said, it hasn't been confirmed these out for the season. The the best thing I'm seeing out there is is twelve weeks from a cloud. So that's best case scenario. Hopefully that is the case, but it's not looking. It's not looking to great. And I said the report about him was pretty ominous when it came out that they needed one more test, there were rumors that it might just be a contusion pro football doc, Dr Chow said that it looked like it was just a from the sounds of it. It was just contusion turns out it's a lot worse than that. Yeah, I and that means we could see more of Corey Graham. That means that de'andre hall from northern Iowa, the safe that we that we traded for from the Chicago Browns seventh round conditional, pick revise foced, go, read my post on him, did a full report on him. It's on. On the, it's on the time line and put it out there. But yeah, he he only had six special teams snaps last week. He may be looking at a bigger workload. I think he's capable of it. I thought he played well in the preseason. His issue has always been getting straight in the offseason or off the field is where he's had a lot of his issues in the bears, just finally gave up on that gave up on the player or the person before they did the player. The field product is fine. Ben. I mean, where we go from here, do we do? We play more nickel because of that because we're playing a lot of three safety sets odyssey. Now if you know we bring up trae Sullivan, it's not going to be the same impact that we had before. How do we hide Corey Graham? What does that change for you? As far as what the defense needs to look like from from a deployment and schematic standpoint, the biggest increase in snaps probably does go to Sidney Jones and not to say that said he's been taking a low number of snaps because he has them, but simply at this point now when you are in your base, which is nichole, you're not. We're going to be looking at three safety sets nearly as frequently. You're going to be almost very heavily in three corner nickel sets the more traditional nickel if you will, does that mean that you have to play exclusively single high because you wanna be keeping a amalgam Jenkins down in the box? No, it doesn't, but that's very likely what you're just gonna see predominantly, the main thing that this does is it just limits your your versatility. Right. And that was what we talked about is what I wrote about what we talked about when we said wise McLeod off to such a hot start this season. It was simply that because MacLeod was being moved from that deep centerfield position more. So this season than we saw in previous seasons, Philadelphia had the freedom to do more things with the defensive back five or the back seven, whatever you wanna say in terms of coverage shells. And in those variations in those changes, they've creating bay turnover worthy opportunities right now, you know, we were highlighting a lot of the near interceptions in actual interceptions do not come from the eagles cover three shell. Rather they came from when. In Philadelphia shifted out of it, do you have as much freedom to shift out of it? You don't have because Corey, Graham is not a guy that I think you can really trust anywhere up. But if you're gonna trust him somewhere out, think he's a guy. You can necessarily trust so much in like man coverage on tight ends the way that you know McLeod and Jenkins you felt comfortable leaving those guys man coverage. If you had to, how much do you like Corey Graham as deep center fielder Mike, I just flashed back to that Kareem hunt touchdown against Kansas City to last year record grams of one of the most offensive angles I've ever seen coming downhill. Right? And everything bad about Jordan. I was like, what about the do behind Jordan Hicks to remember that now? Yeah, grandma's not a player in whom I have a lot of trust. So with de'andre hall, a guy who's got great size and length, whatever. If he can become a more reliable underneath defender, man, defender on big tight ends or whatever. Cool. But you're really banking on a long shot. You know what I mean? And so you're likely going to see them is still. Ills Darby in the outside Jones on the inside Jenkins and Graham being the base nickel, Graham will stay pretty consistently in deep middle or deep halves, and Malcolm Jiang's will be the the only safe. They wanna bring down at the box. They do bring ram box allot, but if you're bringing grand on, if you're bringing three safeties onto the field, it's trae Sullivan. Graham and Jiang has there's no way you're playing Sullivan deep over Fram because Sullivan is is stronger, safety type. That's just the way his Bill is. That's where his his talent lies. Now you will hear. I'm sure you've got the questions. I've got questions, Jalen hill safety reps, receiver safety wraps these player. This was haven't cross trained safety. They have not taken any practice reps they are in. So that's one that's some serious on the job training right there. If they were to do that, they haven't even flirted with it yet. So like wall Jalen mills n. Russell Douglas are playing deep thirds when they're in cover three, we're talking about drastically different run, fill responsibilities, massive changes in terms of what happens. With pre snap motion. Right? So even if after the snap, oh, like, you know, deal deferred. What's the difference? Yellow before the snap fitting within the scheme of the defense and not giving up for yardage via miscommunication. It's just it's very difficult. I on possible. Ask the player to just do that. I do not anticipate seeing Jalen mills or of us taking any safety style snaps, even though those are two players that eagle fans were. They have their teeth in the idea of one of them playing safety in the future. And you know, Jalen mills will the safety news freshman at LSU, but just because he did it six, seven years ago doesn't mean he can start doing it. Now. That's the situation. It's a lot easier on mad into switch guys to safety than it isn't real life, especially in the middle of the season. So I doubt we'll see anything like that. I would see the next question is, are we looking to trade for safety? I know there's a piece on bleeding, green nation dot com. Right now. Not exactly sure who authored it, but it was twelve safeties that the eagles could look at bringing in. So go check out that piece that was g many rain. So, yeah, go check out that piece by the highly. Elevated Beal g. making forever Ben, we might as well get to the rest of the injury report for the eagles. This is the whole show. We've kind of gotten off track as this. This breaking news with MacLeod the hold the the rest of the show. After this injury report here is going to be a preview of the Philadelphia Eagles offense against the Tennessee titans defense. Yesterday we flipped it. We did the Tennessee titans offense against the Philadelphia Eagles defence. So today with flip it around and will look at some of the individual matchups overall feeling about the titans defense, what they'll try to do to us before we get to that. Obviously, house cleaning needs to be done for the Philadelphia Eagles did not practice Al sham. Jeffrey do not panic. It was for an illness according to the team parents. He still clear for context. Good to go running back. Darren, sproles with the hamstring is still out JJ. He's back to full participation. And he revealed some interesting news that will get to here in a second. But also in that running back room, running back, Corey climent, dealing with quad, he was. Limited and then wide receiver, Jordan Mathews takes one week to land on the injury report here in Philadelphia with a hamstring back to jolly. He said that he has a fracture in his back and his ability to play apparently is going to be very dependent on his paint tolerance. And if I had to guess it a transverse process fracture which is something that Derek Carr, the quarterback from the Oakland Raiders play throughout the season with, but you know, very two different positions when it comes to taking on contact as a running back, you're getting it literally every carry as a quarterback, maybe not so much bad news about a giant man. I, that's that's definitely I think at the very least it limits his snap count, puts him on a pitch count just to kinda keep him nice and healthy and and feeling good. What do you think about this injury report so far then? Well, I I want Darren, sproles back. This is like, you know, a Jonah pitch count. Yeah is okay. Giant gone was on pitch count when he first came who you want to call it, that in the sense that that we. Survivor the Gye sharing time. The thing is you need a healthy, stable backs, right? Bright. I don't see Wendell small world regardless inva- giant is a pain tolerance thing. Will we have to ask ourselves how valuable or games in week five, six, seven, eight. When hopefully the are gonna be playing eighteen nineteen twenty and twenty one. You know what I mean? You obviously don't want to run that player into the ground. Of course, if this is a long-term season issue for giant, he already has knee concerns. This changes the way you view him as a long term contract player as well. So there's a lot going on with how you manage a giants reps, which is tricky because you want to run the ball against this defense against the way the titans deploy their their scheme. You'd love to run the ball quite well against these guys. So I anticipate seeing some giant. You know what I mean? Like I don't think that they'd be treating him as such. It were too big of an issue at this point other, not that bereft of talent just yet, but either way a jibing on a pitch count isn't nearly the. A big concern for me until you take Darren sproles out of the equation. That's where it becomes a problem. Absolutely agree with that. Okay. So titans injury report a go through the did not participate. I offense of lineman. Dennis Kelly. You can argue that he's never participated in a game of football. He was out with an illness running back as a second day in a row for him to shots. Denny Dennis Kelly. I don't think he's, I don't think he deserves that, but I feel good about it running back David Llewellyn still dealing with the groin quarterback. Blaine gabbert has a concussion in full participation. This is interesting. Marcus mariota returns to full participation with that elbow injury that we've talked about. Also Jack conklin with the knee, which is definite upgrade for them at right tackle. 'cause Pamphili was out there on the right side and I don't know if you saw Ben, he was bad, but he was also guard trying to play tackle and wasn't really a great spot for him. Also, full participation. Comelec Correa with his back, Ryan suck up was a full participant Dorie Jackson with his concussion Kendrick Lewis with. Foot, and I think that does it for them. Anything stand up for you there? If I think from what it looks like it sounds like Mario's elbow in fingers are are starting to feel fine, which could definitely impact the way that the the eagles play the game on Sunday or game plan against him on Sunday, stood out for me is J's the titans of Kamli Korea the trip for about telly. Miss that two things happen to me. Why was like ways everything that happened? A number one is the titans faded for Kamli Korea and to Jack del Rio coast. The Oakland Raiders. I totally forgot. That was the thing. I guess it's just being by the fact that Jon Gruden is now coaching the raiders, but Jack del Rio was like a kind of successful at some point coach raiders in the way those the two things that blown online today, but yet, no, Mario, being back Jack conklin being back Dory, Jackson, being back Bom, you know, the kind of guys that were question marks for them coming into the week. Look, they're all playing at least the big impact guys. Obviously, there's no Delaney Walker. But yeah, the titans. Should be at relatively full strength. As far as that offense goes than having a door is also big deal, and then they have restored Matthews was the news today. That was the other thing. That's what I said. We were talking on with a report. The podcast I was like, I've heard that Ricciardi gone. And then after recorded I swear, I swear to goodness. Rappaport was like, yo retard Matthews's gone. I was like, Ian, how you source me next time. But no, you're fine. Yes. So that was interesting. I was listening to my friends in Tennessee radio today. Go back and forth about that in its Becky was losing snaps anyway. He had one target early in the game against the Jaguars. He dropped the ball on third in one, he had a three arteries after that. He was playing special teams. He was losing snaps to guys like what's his name? Darryl Jennings from mistaken, no respect. If I screw up your first first name there, Mr. Jennings in Tehran Taylor Tozzi sort Rowen snaps there. So he was on his way out. He had issues with previous offense coordinator, Terry rediscovered in, obviously it's not working with the new staff there for. Matthew. So he's out not not a very big impact whatsoever, but still news of for that section there. Okay. Then let's preview this matchup with the Tennessee titans defense against the Philadelphia Eagles offense. Just just first impressions out of the gate of the Tennessee defense as as you watched them. I know one of the things that that I really liked an in, even though they they didn't get any pressure on on Tanna hill in week one, they harassed to Shawn Watson in Houston week two. And then they were up and down a little bit against accidental week three. But overall, you look at some of the blitz packages that they bring to the table with solid cover men behind them. I think that they could have at eagles have strong struggled with stunts and they run a lot of games with what they like to do. They'll give you a different looks before the snap. They'll send people from different directions and try to get themselves in advantage. And then when you throw in herald Landry, they're who they had on a bit of a pitch guy. He's more like a sub package guy. For them as a pass rusher, but he's dangerous on third downs. I like what they do in the stunt games in the us federal with before this thing that stood out to me the most is us having to be sound in our protection. Make sure that we're communicating pre snap what's going on in what we need to do, who we need to pick up and making sure that those are sound. What did you see Ben from this defense? That's only allowing sixteen point seven points per game, dean, pees events coordinator. Yeah, was it was the ravens divas coordinator, retired and then came back the titans defense coordinator. Very interesting situation with obviously might rail. There's defense, mine, head, coach, I love zone, blitzing defenses. They are like like a guilty pleasure of mine. I know they're not good for me. I know they're not really good for the league anion end. You shouldn't miss difficult to be very successful now until eighteen with the zone, but to defense. But I still just can't quit him. I love him blitzing defenses. So what happens Tennessee's got. We talked interchangeable safeties Tennessee's got two different safeties that they trust to play much everywhere, and that's can't even car with a pig above the street from New Orleans who's playing quite well for them, which doll shocking we'd car was good, and then they got the young Cam Byard, young, middle, Tennessee State Kevin VR Kevin, third year player is the bureau barred that was barred. He's got, why do you say the why it. Okay. So be a RD barred. So be YARD is not like a silent east Jewish in man. You're, I think you're really like you're putting a lot of like a button into it. You're saying beyond initial Byard. So Kevin county. I'm I'm really questioning myself now I'm gonna hear it. Oddly the rest of the podcast, but Kevin Tennessee State safety thirty year as great young player who big fan of him and when he plays, they're interchangeable. So what you can do with those two guys and then also the corners, Dory, Jackson's, stellar athlete, Malcolm, a great cover meta. As you can flip, they give you covered to look at. It goes cover three and they give you cover three into becomes quarters. Gave you cover one. It becomes cover zero and they move those safeties no secondary men pretty much everywhere and Nichols, the new base. Logan. Ryan is a great nickel. So throw in the fact that now you've got not great front, four obviously herald Landry would for him to earn more snaps, rusher, Ryan ragged clothes, always like a disruptive guys on China, shop guy, but he's not. I'm not sure how much you can rely on him. Derek Morgan on us snapped at basis. They got DRO, Casey draw cases the for command control, Casey, but either way he's a bad effort. Yeah, for sure. You've got that front for. It's not necessarily talent ridden, and then you lost every Williams in free agency. So right now you're, you're Rockin. Wesley Woodyard was playing pretty well. Jay on Brown, marshawn Evans, their first round, pick some nice developmental pieces, positive guys. You've got some veteran guys in Bennie. Logan was he would your Derrick Morgan Bryner I got DRO Casey's or feature fees, whatever your zone blessing with those guys, Mike, five of them on the line almost every given time overloads like crazy favorite part of the zone, like nine tech and every else's. Like either opposite three Tekere further away. What are you doing insane? Go respect. Nothing is sacred and you have five or six guys up on the line. Got linebackers hopping out of gaps, pop out gaps, and you don't really know which way to slide protection of where the pressure's gonna be coming from, and people drop zone blitz. Defense is very, very fun. What's the? What's the weakness there happen? You attack them? Well, number one, I said, kind of in twenty eight teams own blitz defensively are harder to pull off because if you can execute it good. Spread style attack. A lot of priests motion a lot of quick screens. Lot of jet style sweeps and swing passes like a lot of ad behind the line, but was green ticky tacky stuff. You can execute that. Well on eagles Cam, they've evidence that over wtrw since tenure than you a lot of problem for Joan defenses because you're basically asking three hundred pound defensive linemen to get into the boundary in cover running backs, anti-death ends, and that's very difficult. So Philly should be able to attack it. But this is always has the potential to be disruptive as potential Jimmy turnovers because of the amount of rotation that happens in the back. So it's an exciting defenses, fun to watch. Just from pure schematic standpoint, thankfully will handle it, but I appreciate it. Regardless. Do you think that as far as the offensive line goes, you look across the board, I think with you as far as not necessarily worrying about the individual matchups I'm more worried about the stunt games in picking up some the blitzes that they have, but Derek Morgan, Brian Iraq. Poed don't necessarily concern me against lane Johnson and Jason Peters inside. What I'm trying to do if I'm the Tennessee titans is find a way to get drill Casey on Stephen was new ski and see if he can muscle him around a little bit and run stunts to that side because they got beat up by stunts a little bit last week against the against the colts. And I felt that there was a lot of defensive holding happening there too. That was causing that was going on. The players talked about after the game, they're like, yeah, this house all the time. The only reason you'll survive that fourth down play was because lane Johnson got held a little bit like maybe this much and lane through his arm back and caked up into the air through a hissy fit was held the penalty, which it's, that's what you gotta do it. I don't hate it felt like a wide receiver defensive player getting held than than you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm not worried about the individual individual matchups just, you know, for v five getting pressure even if we have to pick up one of those one of those rushing linebackers. However, I will say if it's one of the smaller guys like Darren sproles Corey Clement, and they have to pick up Sean Evans, I remember what Rashawn Evans did two running backs tried to pick him up in blitz pickups in college, and it was nasty. So overawed you're more concerned. I think the same same as I am just the blitz packages and making sure the is communicated beforehand not getting caught out by stunt. Sa's definitely more important than are more worrisome than the individual matchups. Yeah. And when it comes to running backs in pass protection in general, right? You love to get the matchup with them because most time you're Russia's can blow him over. But the best Russia's you get is when you force a running back to make a choice because a running back isn't a guy who has the mental schema for being installed within a group unit off line union terms pass protection, right? So he doesn't have kind of a stall mindset. So what what I think you loved you as his own defense number one. And number two, what Rabl NPR able to do quite successfully is get that halfback to step up into an air gap to to deal with a linebacker closing from depths to deal with one of those green dog style not agreed. Agassi's me like eagle double mug, sort of a situation when knowledge you get him to step up into that. When you run stunts with that attached, then you're now forcing that running back to become part of the office of line shifting rights. Multiple times. I noted a lot against the Jaguars. They would send a linebackers Blitzer, but he would be the crasher in a stunt writing the penman he'd be the penman. And so what you're doing is that running back as king the linebacker. That's what he does, right? That's his job that linebacker comes crashing on the gap. The running back goes to take him. All of a sudden on the defensive tackle the be gap, comes looping over the guard goes to shift, right? I'll take the panel. You take the Looper running back on how to do that. Wine trail, right? They have no idea. They never did not entrain this until you get you buy yourself a free rusher in that regard. And so- exposing running backs and pass protection is even more than a physical matchup and absolutely Corey command. A good has walking running back. No running back has built the handle cross dogs, including Durell fricken Casey who is the most flexible defensive lineman in the league at three hundred and five pounds. And it's just, you know, they're not built for that, Corey lament. Nobody's I did see, I know exactly what rep you're talking about with the against Jacksonville, actually have it up on the on the time line, put the vict- up. It was Wesley wintered coming in as the smasher and he takes out the running back in the guard with them, and then it was Derek Morgan coming into to hit Blake Bortles who ended up misfiring, which she was misfiring for a lot of that game and his receivers, anything, and they were just bad offense. They were so bad. Just a real quick moment here for the Jaguars offense. Rest in peace because. That performance after the New England game was so bad. Did you did you see their wide receivers in a first half ended UC Bortles in the second half. It was like, how is this offense ever gonna score again, lesson. Leonard Fornet thirty five carries every game. This is not a fantasy related tweet sentence sentence is not a fancy related sentence talking in tweets. Now feed Leonard, feed the beast, moving onto some of the secondary matchups that we are going to see Jordan Mathews. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry, it just I mean. Maksim adventure time nonsense his a, he's an average wide receiver dealing with a hamstring injury already. You don't really know how much is gonna play a hope. Alshon comes back. If he does, then he's probably gonna see, I think it's a lot of Dorie Jackson in that situation playing him outside against the door. If it's Matthews against adore, Jackson Matthews, doing jackal day Nelson galore in the slot against Logan, Ryan. I like that matchup other than that, Kamar Aken a really put it onto Kamar Aken Jordan Mathews against either Malcolm Butler or Dorie Jackson, you might as well just shut down the outside passing game unless you're moving tight end out there and you can open up that way like they did against the Indianapolis Colts. And I feel the way that they deploy their coverages is very similar to what the what we saw from the colts, but it's more of a cover three shell than it is a cover to shell. They like to play some soft zones like everything in front. They like to come and swarm and tackle as is a lot of what I saw and they've got the coverage guys to do it there little bit more dynamic with talent in their defensive backfield. Field. They can do a little bit more than the colts did, but the philosophy to same in the Jaguars tried to attack vertically, it wasn't happening that could move the ball same situation with the colts. You've got to be able to, you know, pick them apart, move the ball. Downfield might maybe take a shot every now and then, but they're not going to be readily available for you. They're not very risky defenseless or coming on those blitzes. You need to get those big plays when those blitz happen by picking them up. Because other than that, you're really not gonna get those chances. What did you see from this Tennessee titans secondary, but I have a point of umbrage to take with you. The eagles should not move a single tight end to the outside entire game. I pigeon never report once under no, Kate. Here's the only reason why I would do it. I'm not moving that out there to go face a Dorie Jackson because I feel like it's a better match up. I would rather the door Jackson by playing Jordan Mathews if they move a tight end out there and they get a linebacker out there with them. Now we're talking a little bit, but Mike, I still do like the titans better in the slot. This all if you want. To open up outside passing game. You're gonna have to do something because it's not happening with those guys period. No, I'm saying I don't think they're. They're like they're not gonna play enough man coverage. I think to get linebackers consistently mashed up on tight ends in one on one situations outside. I grew break because you would be bananas to be like, all right. We've got a door, Jackson, Malcolm Butler facing Jordan. Mathews Nelson Aguilar Kamar Aitken we should probably you know what I mean? Like like men on that. Like these guys like to one on one end leave Wesley Woodyard and Jaylen Brown Rashawn Evans on governors right leg. Plus, if you have plus linebacker tight end match as you play hack? Yes, lockdown situation guys, here we go you, you know what? I'm thinking. I'm thinking because I'll give the titans linebacker some credits because this is not third linebackers your Franklin out there that we're just going to pick on or Anthony Walker or something like that. Here's a little bit better than that. But at the same time I am not manning them up with those two. That's not my game plan. They're definitely going to get a car involved in an unbeaten involved with with covering those guys right when it's man coverage. In my opinion, obviously, Dory Malcolm on the outside. You get low Ryan on a slot. It's eleven situation. You Kenny Vaccaro when your man guys Jaylen Brown the fifth rounder UCLA a linebacker who they've they're nickel Sal of linebacker. That's who I would you get even then I think hurts on Brown is busy. Push alerts are thank God her on Vaccaro slash Logan. Ryan is a push to God her. The thing is talking about the zone blitzing ideas because of the nature of the drops you get on zone blitzes in the underneath areas, you immediately scheme yourself out of coverage, and the goal is to keep the quarterback confused long enough that you can spill and get your front seven guys into their covers quickly enough. I think about, you know, you watch the eagles eagles have four down linemen and then they have their, you know, three linebackers two linebackers in a nickel, and they got their their their two corners. Gonna be off. They're gonna have one safety down the box once. In the middle of the field this the shell looks like cover three before this now, right aid, it's irregular, not. You know a majority of the time, but still compared to NFL defense relatively. It's irregular for the titans to be in their posts, snap cover shell before the snap, because round much movement. They d- right, like I've seen reps, Mike, were they moved from cover to to cover to? They just switched who went wear, which like, okay, fine like, that's, that's. That's the thing that other teams do. I don't think it makes a lot of sense vote ever. So as a result, when you have those front guys spilling back, you bet defensive ends dropping into flat zones and you've got diva the tackles dropping in the hawk zone, which is a thing that they've done in those immediate moments. After the snap, your receivers have been very alert to if they are uncovered in space. Get your head. Turn ball is coming your way right? A you. Gotta hate Greenberg with. That's why said like sweeps and screens. And then the end, the jet motion oriented offense is very valuable because when you incorporate present motion against the zone blitz, right number one, the zone Blitzer are going to have to. Adjust into which gap they come through because they do have to adjust strength the formation because of the threat of the run. Right. Kate just stay where they previously aligned before the motion. And so when you force them to change what gap they come through your likely making longer paths for the droppers. Right? Because you're moving guys around from where was on the truck board, the chalkboard the drop, the most advantageous way they can writes, priest motion is great. When you work those the, the flat in behind scrimmage into the boundary will you're basically looking at there is some of those linebackers gonna be coming. They're gonna be closing those areas. They're not gonna be able to buzz to them very quickly because they didn't align five yards off the ball in the usual spots. They were upper scrimmage, so you get those little swing passes going. And then to the point with tight ends, you have all those linebackers running around. You have them coming to the tight ends coming to the seems disadvantageous angles, and you have safety spilling into an out of various seems as they rotate coverages. You have to be heading, be careful because you don't wanna throw into a rotation. You're asking for. Six ball's gonna fall right in somebody's breadbasket. But when you can throw behind a rotation to the area they spill out of talk about, you know, their blitzing from the the offense is right with that means the defense. The offense is left. Those defenders are gonna be flying to the right. You have further left. You gotta throw away those defenders. Vacating hit those spots behind defenders yet bequeathing every snap. You gotta know what you're looking at. Why Blake did bad. You gotta you gotta be very, very aware of the situation. Carson's good at that. Doug is very good at generating. Those quick throws. I have good faith in the offense. We prepare quick question before we get to some of the predictions. We kinda scan. No, that we kinda skipped past the running game. How do you feel this running game matches up agai Tennessee. Titans defense might. I'm very glad you ask them tell you why the Tennessee titans on from numbers that you usually you do it me so get ready scared. The exciting will while you're pulling them up all say that the Tennessee titans ranked second in red zone defense. They're kicking butt in that area. So even if we do with the ball, twenty twenty against them, once we. Get to the red zone. We gotta buckle up. We got, we got play real good. Yup, real good down there. That's my my hashtag analysist. Wow. It's very. All right, Tennessee breaks twenty fifth in the league defensively, in terms of explosive, runs allowed this because you have guys, you have all your your gaps accounted for when you're zone blitzing, but you have guys coming from crazy angles, right? It's gonna make it a little bit tougher to traffic to win because it's not just the four guys who expect coming straight downfield wherever I see that as much. But Mike, the crack toss from lambing, yes, in a big way in a very big way because you can run that into a blitz and into the opposite side of the blitz and both will be equally successful again, getting the ball very quickly into the boundary this what we're talking about and then pure outside zone, which obviously a giant availabilities helpful there, but they ran outside gem was small would end they ran which all Adams God knows why successfully against girls so you, you hit outside zone and again, ball quickly into the boundary. Anything about inside out inside and outside zone off of linemen are not coming to play. Players, they're coming to landmarks. Rights doesn't really matter what Tom foolery the defensive front seven getting up to off. It's going to the same spot. They've got to be able to think into a just on the fly as guys stunned they twist. But that's one of the best characteristics eagles off into flying said they're fantastic dealing with that. We've been playing together for so long. So I think that ripping off big chunk place in the running game. Mike, there were, I think, off my head of five runs for the eagles against the colts over ten plus yards which is not regularly that is very, very strong, very impressive. I expect to see a similar performance against Tennessee, and I think it's gonna matter in a big way to this is the tendencies decent unexposed plays against the past. You're gonna give up some big ones, but I think against the run, they're going to be notably week because the nature of the defense you gotta take advantage agree with you there. So I think that we are a plus in the run game ended his very nice unlike with what the titans have to have an offensive line with the athletic profiles to be able to do these fun zone, blocking things that we need to do to. Operate our game plan. Van, let's get to predictions right now. The line has moved to four and a half. The eagles are the favourite and the under his starting to move the over under starting to move down a little bit. It's at forty one right now. What he have titans have scored above twenty. I'll see them correct. Don't know what it was last year by. Don't think that though, scoring twenty very frequently either. So do not have a good yield trust in this offense ju- hang up the points. We talked about this on the last episode, right? Yeah, definitely Philadelphia's offense, obviously, you know a giant question Mark al-shar question Mark. So in general, this is a game I would be staying away from bedding because the eagles offense could come out with like two of their primary weapons or zero of their primary. What like you know, there's a lot of variants for their, you shouldn't despite the eagles to win the line movement. Does make sense when it started with three. I thought it was going to go a little high Philadelphia and it has. I would still take a Philly against. Spread if I had to make the peck and then the over on better with Philly on the road, it's a little bit more shaky, but I probably still lean over in that way. I know I said over last week against the colts, I didn't check the weather report, so that's what led to that. But anyway, I will take Philly would take points on a game sort of twenty seven to seventeen Philadelphia on thinking twenty four, ten, Philadelphia. I don't trust the titans to score in the red zone, very much. They may get down there two or three times and come away with one score that's about the rate at which they're hitting it now. 'cause they're, they're very, very bad in the red zone as be covered in the last episode. I think the eagles are, I think the eagles are able to punch through this. This red zone defense that the titans have. They aren't just gonna have a whole lot of opportunity. So it is going to be somewhat low scoring. They're going to again antitrust the that they have the right game plan against this defense like they did against the colts and they get some better execution overall, not just from, you know, taking the penalties and everything like that. But also with Carson Wentz being a little bit cleaner. And I am looking at the weather report for Tennessee right now, and it's looking like eighty five and sunny, whether should reflect the game. So, yeah, I'll take twenty four to ten, which means I'm taking the under for the the third or four straight game with the eagles in its. To be great. I wish someone would be great and hit the over. I was the eagles would put up forty points like they were accustomed to last year and we could just move on from talking about how the eagles offense is struggling despite the fact that they have seventeen weapons out right now it feels like, so I'm taking the eagles in this one, twenty four to ten, low scoring affair pretty pretty boring game. Just like a lot of the titans offensive drives have been, and she's going to kind of drag the game down for me. Of course. I know a lot of titans fans follow me. I am. Sorry. I've been so harsh on your team. I am frustrated in motion because I want this team to be good on the mariota. Mario, excuse me on the Mario fan, and I wish they would get their crop together on offense and start running it in a more efficient manner and show some balls when it comes to their fourth down decision making. That's what I would like to see. So sued me if I've been harsh on your team, you know, I love you guys. Thank you for for following here on a Philadelphia eve. Eagles podcast. I appreciate that continue to give me crap online on Twitter and I will respond and Ben, would you say goodbye to Argenta listeners? I mean, sorry, also Tennessee lets you don't have to apologize for anything. It's on me. I'm putting this on me. Don't make it about you and this is my meat. Bad. Like, hey, sorry, I beg screw you guys. Kiss Solex apologize to Ron Davenport or something. I dunno shutout Theron let me Theron shout out to the beat reporter who will remain nameless. I apologize to you because you just published a piece about one of the corners, playing safety, and I rolled my eyes in a big way on seriously doing this. Like what does the Kistin. God wouldn't do. And dude I interest in that. I'm sorry, I, I'm derailing. Your whole send off. I'll do like the like odor like Michael kissed. And so I. Kistin. So actually open aerodyne. That's that's how I hear the intro. That's how it goes in my head. Oh yeah. Who called it? Baby making music. Do those dude on Twitter last night, a love that comment. Apparently, a, we get him in the mood with that opening intro with the with the music. So what we call it, it's not. It's not a podcast, it's a mood. It's a mood cast. It's a mood cast, or my vote is it's pood- it's upon and mood. It's pood-. I think that sounds really professional on grey Alana tell my mother that I'm I'm recording new tonight. I feel like she really enjoy that. Maybe we need to make that a Twitter poll and people can vote on what it should be less end us on Twitter with polls is a bad history. Usually to task fans, banner. I like it because they're compliments or so genuine. Awesome. And we love them. And then we just come out with unique. Who hasn't seen it before it goes like, no, he like a love you guys even both gray for like Jews. Eleven. You gotta put the listeners through through Gogi man. They gotta know they gotta be hard and they gotta be wore ready for the bad times. This is his show. You're listening to the Javer think like somebody listens to our by gas. Well, those were really good. Football takes out tra- like these guys are there's no way and that was true. So well, put together for the first thirty five minutes. And then what is happening here who these people that's. That's what's that's hopefully going on. I believe it will put put it all out there. The person is not can't talk experts. All right, kissing. So I show you. Radio, we will be out of good times, much of a veteran. So like on Twitter at Benjamin so lack. That's like, he's my guest on Twitter Abacus NFL k. I s. t. rate review answers, cry, BGN, radio on itunes, and all your podcast listening apps of five star ratings interviews only please, and thank you. Of course, we all right around four fifty about fifty left that we need to get in order to hit that five hundred benchmark for ratings, which would be super duper throwing. We'd do hope that you as joy and we always do be feedback. And then sometimes we read out loud and we think it's funny. So funny stuff return handle as well. You'll have the official titans eagles full preview show that's John Stolnis and of lead not bleeding, green, Brandon league out in may he remain and so makes you listen to that when that comes out on Saturday game against the titans and the immediate reaction will of course becoming from BGN radio as well. We do appreciate your listening. Thanks for stopping by. We all we got. We all we need. Fly eagles fly from really starting to lean into those. You said that music makes me like really grew right.

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