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Dude your nose is bleeding yeah. I think it might still be believing what happened. I thought I had good seats to the game that was stuck in the four hundred that was three days ago. They were super high up up. I felt like I was summoning. Everest look next time. Just go to vivid seats. Tickets are one hundred percent authentic and you can even see where your seat is before you buy. It can't believe I'm going to say this. Your genius well well. You welcome I kind of am. We're on the ten minutes. Maybe we should get that. Kleenex out of your nose joining joining us now man coming off a career high hundred twenty one yard receiving performance last Thursday night. It's the Carolina Panthers Getting Ready for Sunday's big game aim against the New York giants. We Bring Indie. Tampa Bay buccaneers wide receiver Chris Cowan Chris. Thanks for taking the time today yeah no problem. Thank you Chris. What is clicked for you in this your third. NFL season honestly I I. It's it's kind of tough to say but I think the biggest thing would just be a I'm just just getting more comfortable more comfortable playing at this level more comfortable with with what I'm seeing from defenses and and and taking a coaching getting in and kind of translating it to the game field what what does it take to get more comfortable like that. I really just takes a lot of reps. there's a lot of repetitions in practice both in the offseason program and in training camp and then throughout the week of practice just just really all this all over petitions or the film all the time. She's been watching film and Kinda. Just just put together either. I know it's only two weeks look. It's a long season. You've got fourteen more regular season games. But what were you expecting coming into this year. Were you expecting expecting to have the kind of production that you've had the first two weeks of the season. Chris honestly I like every time I go there. You know I have high expectations for myself I. I think everybody should you and if you're not going out there expecting the best things for myself. I think you're in the wrong business. Go out there and and I approach every day with the with the intent tend to get to get better to get a little bit better so that my game Tom. COM's alike where I stand. I feel comfortable with with my preparation. What kind of chemistry of you built up with your other opposite wide receiver. Mike Evans as the buccaneers top two receivers. It's really good I think we do a lot of a lot of chemistry together. I think the biggest thing is you know since I've gotten in here. You know makes me such a great influence on such a great role model. You know someone can look up to I've see everybody the the success that he's had but he's a great dude you know on and off the field. You know any questions that I've ever had he's right there kind of help guide me and you know show Midori. What's one thing you've learned from him. Chris just really just just so you know that competitive edge and then using your size. I'm obviously makes a really big guy in you. Not I think I'm I'm. I'm not as big as might but I like to think of myself as a physical guy so just using. Si's to our advantage he's not with you for taking targets and touchdowns the first week of the season. You Know Man Mike. He's a he's a self do man only thing he does win it and you dig it to win last week against Carolina. What about about working with James in the final season of his contract. What have you seen from him in terms of growth tennis stuff man. I mean the first thing that jumps off the you know jumps off at you about James his you know his charisma. You can obviously he's a he's a natural born leader. He's go out there and he's going to give us. All you know. That's one thing you know about. Him is when loser draw. You know that you're going to get James off his heart. You know and I think the one thing that he's done really good. This year. Is Kinda. Just like leading us. You know just staying in the moment now. We're about the previous play now on the next play but the player would double right now Chris. The buccaneers haven't made the playoffs since two thousand seven where you wear that yeah. I I think I think what would it mean to you to get back to the postseason or to reach the postseason for the first time career. I think it'd be also also you know obviously we all played his game to win and if we're GONNA return to my goal you know when the suit but we have to you know reach the playoffs I so I I think that'd a big step for this franchise and and for us you know as a team before you became the eighty fourth overall pick in the third round of the two thousand seventeen. NFL Draft Chris you were at Penn the state where you had one hundred and fifty three catches for over twenty four hundred yards and eighteen touchdowns. You also played there with Saquon Barkley who the buccaneers face on Sunday. What what did you learn from Saquon. Where did you see about his game. That told you that he would be kind of store that he is at this level. I mean honestly everybody else sees the you know his physical gifts. You know he's very athletic. you know there. There's there's not much that he can't do on the a football field but I think the the thing that we noticed that Penn state was you know his competitive edge and his and his work ethic was second to none. You know he's going to go out there. He wants to be the best you you know he wants to be the best and anything he's playing connect four or is on the football field and firm now definitely gift study ads and that and that mentality you knew that there was some special. What'd what did you remember most about playing with him. Is there one memory one story one incident that you could say symbolizes the kind of Guy Player that saquon Barkley is. I don't know if it was you know necessarily like one one instance that you know that I really remember. I think I the first time that we really like recognize that he was going to be something. Special was I think his freshman year we're playing in Buffalo NY. That was the first one jumped over somebody really man this kid's got it and then you know and then you see leadership stuff off the field and you're like he. He really has all the tools Chris so you telling me that you've never jumped over somebody during game man. I don't know if I would dare to do that. That's pretty bold. They had could you what if you needed to do it. Chris Oh I think I could I believe in myself I believe in my ability see I wanna see on Sunday. When you play the I want to see jump over somebody. There and I want you to think of this caste. We do jump over somebody. I guess if we could get that done. I'll make many requests podcast for guys but that's not putting out therefore you to jump over somebody volt over somebody on Sunday I would. I would definitely keep that now. I don't know if you've heard the news about the other vaulting that's gone on. New York but Dangle Jones's voltage over Eli manning on the giants quarterback depth truck. What is it like when word of that change. It's your building and a week where you're preparing to face the giants Leinster. You hear that news today. this is the first. I'm hearing about it but I mean if if I know our defense you know like the way they approach the game amy I think I don't know if it necessarily changes much. You know I think either way like those are two very capable quarterback that you have to. You know that you have to be prepared for so. I doubt they're going to change that preparation. I think they're going to have that same attack mentality regardless who back there so you didn't know the news that Daniel Jones you know I ah the first I'm hearing about it. Well okay well. When we get off this podcast. You can go tell the defense and you bring up your defense and your team's defense last year was not very good it but this year it's been very good you practice against them every day. What has been the biggest difference in defense from last year this year. I think I think their their mentality not you know is is is awesome this year. I think like I said they they have that attack mentality and you can tell that they're all on a safe. You know I think has done a really good job of of getting these guys is unified and getting these guys on the same page and understanding what we're trying to attack offenses. Um and all the guys really bought in. I think I think the testament to like I said Dakota balls but also you know to the to the leadership Gaza defense. GonNa keeping everybody together and pulling the same direction Chris there are like fourteen games left to Europe to tour start so so far. What do you have in mind for the remainder of the season for what you can do. I feel like I have so much room to grow I recognized that I've I've done some good things so far but I feel like I'm like I'm on the scratching the surface and I'm I'm excited about about the potential for growth but I also understand that that you know that's not gonna come without hard work. You know so. I'm a pure pushing this the same well I've always have and you just take a one day at a time and just try to keep improving to learn from my mistakes so that the game day I'm John. You know trying to have a lot of fun and try to you know play play worry-free well Chris. I appreciate taking the time today good luck against the giants on Sunday good luck look for the remainder of the season and good luck bolting over some giants helpless giants defensive back on Sunday. I appreciate your meal.

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