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The listeners get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash the view subscribe now to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon soon and while you're at it rate us and Labor Review Season Twenty three is off and running live on the view debate night. Rich candidates will come out swinging at tonight's democratic debate. WHO's fighting to stay in the game and do promises? They're doing something. No Oh candidates ever done before out in left field candidate. Marianne Williamson didn't make the cut tonight but find out how she who is caught on a hot mike throwing shade at her own party and superstar. Jennifer Lopez hits the table to talk about her fabulous lists fiftieth birthday blowout getting married to a rod and the Oscar Buzz around her new movie Hustler's here come hot toppings with whoopie be huntsmen enjoy Sunny Halston and Meghan McCain now. Let's get things started. The cracks are facing offers in Houston tonight in a debate that you can see right here at eight. PM on ABC eight PM Eastern sorry many are expecting faceoff between the front runners Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren. What do you think is going to go down tonight. Nose Day Thursday Thursday. It's getting a little boring to me. I would like to see Elizabeth. Warren put Bernie Ernie and headlock. I really want something like that. Go and what's his name. Yang is that he he He's got a surprise. What is what does the surprise last time he wore. No Tie was the first president tie up tonight by might be a little more aggressive and what he's going to wear a gold chain on twitter last night. I said I support that is the reason for what's Joe Joe. I appreciate his sense of levity and all but I do hope he has a moment tonight because I think there are a lot of Andrew Yang and fans out there and this is what I love about. Democracy is you've got so many different people on a stage in the same political party. Bernie Sanders when worn are really fighting for the same voters and their neck the neck in the polls so I would rather see I agree with you. I'd rather see them. Go at it. Yeah then against show. I think people are wondering if Biden can continue to be the Dolton in the room and say this is not about all of us and hitting on Obama which is what they did last time who by the way Obama's liked by like ninety seven percent of Democrats and he's running and he's not right right and and so it's fight and can be that you don't in the room and say it's not about all of us fighting. It's about getting certain person out of office right. That's what at our focuses if he can do that productively. I think that'll be a win for Biden. We'll see a lot of people also talking about sort of a Biden Elizabeth Warren matchup and I know there have been some some polls that have said that a lot of people think that a woman can take on trump best because he doesn't really know how to do that. Well and we've seen that versus Nancy Pelosi out of all the all the he's such a sexist gene salt steady in Sultan but he hasn't really been able to gain much traction against Pelosi type. I think Elizabeth Warren may the the person to take on trump the best. I'd like to see how Elizabeth Warren does versus sort of Biden and perhaps Bernie what I thought was interesting is the the Biden said you know it takes more to win than having a plan I like that. She has a plan as she has a law. But how will you implemented these lands. Maybe because I understand that we're fighting for the soul of America and I love that about Joe Biden's message but I want to hear more about policy from him as well right so yeah I think you also have to. There's always a genetic. Wa of huge candidates that ended up taking the forefront that it's an intangible factor Kamla. We haven't even brought up yet. Just an interesting thought that came in with the first two days debates ago was supposed to be surging really has a she doesn't come out in one way or another even even like lately memorable tonight. It's over. We're not talking about booker. We're not talking about Beta. We're talking about Yang Biden Warren and Bernie Arne. Those are the candidates. Were all talking about this morning. I think those are the four to watch. Can I say something about with. I love very much and I think she would make a really good president but I I don't believe I mean maybe I'm in the minority with liberals on this. I don't believe that this country will vote for her. Because of two things number one she believes in Medicare medicare for all without private insurance and I've said before Americans don't like to take anything away from we like having that and she's put that out this. She needs to take that out and say okay well. You can have it if you want as an option give Americans the choice and number two. They must counter acts trump's lie that democrats MC rats want open borders. Democrats want legal immigration. They want people to come in legally the way we've done for the since this country began starting with the Dutch okay and I think that those things need to be clear otherwise Elizabeth is not going to capture the heart of the heartland will always the approach that is always the question. Though is how far left you run in a primary trying to win over the base of your own versus how broad you can become an general and she. I would agree. There are things that a lot of people are saying especially in that. CNN climate change debate that I mean I just the being in Republican operative circles. The ads are writing themselves and I understand. You're trying to win against trump. No like trump's ads are writing themselves but when I when I watched some of these things holding your hands up saying I believe all illegal immigrants excuse me undocumented demented immigrants should have health care and we don't care about that their ads that will hit the base of America. That will be quite even if there was a reason for that I understand I get hit for saying and you have to think about a general election. I understand that a primary voter who's you know. Avar progressive won't like that but at a certain point you're going to be running for all of America not just disallowed. If you look at some of the polls I don't really I don't even know what I'm saying because I don't really believe in the polls anymore but if you look at some of the polls senator McConnell Harrah's is actually the person of color caller polling high as among Democratic voters at seven percent polling higher than Cory Booker polling higher than Andrew Yang and I can put person of color but I also think that you cannot discount the African American female voter when it comes to the Democratic primary because his exit because we do make candidates and we make primary candidates is extremely well with yes definitely. I think that's true but I I do not think that you can discount. Everybody should just stop trying to discount and figure out what's going on. You know when you know you know you also. I can't if you don't mind me saying you also like Andrew Yang. You've heard me say I want him to be praised for me. I always feel it's important to listen and that's how you know because I would not have paid attention but what he said resonated with me and here's my wish I. I wish the party would say you know what here are five great ideas from five different candidates. This is how we think we can help America couin again. That's what I want. I don't WanNa hear you coming down on this one. He's too old too white cheese too big too fat. I WANNA get Janney. I want you to tell me how you're going to return me to have a little money in my pocket for working nine thousand hours a day. I want you to tell me how you're going to have my family move. Even if it's just this way how you going to help me move forward because all this other stuff is a lot talk to me. It's like I don't hear it. What do you want to do for me. As an American back there is a lot of Echo Chamber Americans want. I think so too so I gotta go. We'll be back with more hot. Topic later. Cancel L. Culture War Dixie chicks are back on the radio in Taylor Swift's new single but some country music fans still geared forgive how they trashed. President Bush back back in two thousand and three okay America so wait is over the view. That's how I in every hot topic happening now and this September voice their view the one and only Jim per deciliter. John Wells are Meredith Vieira. She'll see hammer. They cast a Downton Abbey. When Johnny Bobby Flay Roblo the world's best-selling selling authors plus the most important political TV show in America is serving red hot political views with Mark Kelly. He's running for John. McCain the Senate seeds. You don't WanNa miss this season of the year. All new on eighties feel still ahead. The one and only Jingo is giving you the low down on the epic year. She's having remember back in two thousand three hundred stars. The dixie chicks became early victims of canceled culture when country music stations job them for trashing President George George W Bush on stage now back on country radio and Taylor Swift's new songs soon. You'll get better and a lot of people for some reason who probably weren't even alive down are not happy about it. Do they need to get past this. Even George Bush has gotten past these pictures of cats. I don't even care anymore said far worse things though about trump and are still outperforming. This was an indifferent time in our history the and I think we look back in the past I for one. I'm not a fan of artists giddings overly political because I just want to listen to their music. Not everyone agrees with me on the same they are more than welcome to share their views and let the free market do what it will tend to totally cancel that me. You're not allowed to sing anymore. I was listening to spotify and Taylor Swift. They're singing one of her songs with with her now. I think that's part of their comeback. I think are great but you know it's it's interesting because for for those that don't remember it was. I think two thousand and three wasn't and it was during during the war and and the lead singer said just so you know we're on the good side with. Y'All we do not want this war. This violence and we're ashamed. The president of the United States is from Texas axis bats that she in overseas when she was in England and I think it was about the Iraq war right before the war started yeah and that was as if they could swirl I if I ever leave the country you will never hear me criticize any America's perfect and nothing bad ever happen. That's just how I was raised of. Course how I get it. We're in London don't have to do it like this is just how. I I was raised in what I believe. I love the Dixie chicks though and I think it's time to move on because that was over ten years ago if not longer and they performed this version one of daddy's lessons with beyond say the words I believe that is incredible and there beautiful artists and I think art is political. I don't agree with what they did but I think they've more more than toned at this point and we would go on how you hold them. How can you continue to hold them to a level that the guy who was supposed to be what does does not hold himself so die hard guy but even if she heard Natalie means you know even if she apologized you know ten years is a very long time and things change and she can still be angry. The beauty of America the beauty always was you had the right to do that. You had had the right now you know unless we're changing all the policies to make it so you can't criticize the same thing but that's a different concert. That's not contract. I was raised up in so you know somebody to change for me because it'll come out of my mouth and be like well. I used to be able to have the freedom of and I think we're going to look back ten years from now like we are in this moment and we haven't done everything right. Maybe we were to see. Maybe we were this camp. This isn't isn't even PC. This is this. Is You hold. If you hold people to a standard you have to call everybody to that standard and if you're not going to hold him to that standard then you need to lighten up on what you meant the Dixie chicks about stuff. That's come out in mouth. Overseas is is just like a referral. Yes thank you Sanjay Google the Helsinki meeting and you'll see what she's you know so he's one of the great country music artist of a generation and I love their music is still do look good now. Well The Times Change Army grow up. We'll be right back doc tomorrow. Jim Kardashian West hits the ball. She's dish on this season's keeping up with the Kardashians drama aw whether she and Tommy are ready to leave Hollywood behind and her terrifying health scare while the back apparently today as National School Picture Day people are sharing their old photos from back in the day on social media you you all have shots you. WanNa share air. Let's see that's a good wire. Do they hear hear. It's a horrible anyway. I wanted to put it there because you know I haven't been many years now. Since I went to high school obviously Washington Irving High School back in the day and I haven't heard from people well. I would like to know you know. What are you doing. All you girls school so going to put the picture on instagram. Let me know what you're doing and use your maiden name. I'm sure it's changed many times about whose neck sues big John. I have my second great picture from Saint Anselm in the Bronx. Oh look at school. The school nurse shoes in the NAS edge. They can look up your dress absolutely early. I don't actually know what great I think has Middle School that they have of mine. Do I like good one joy. I look like like a Mormon girl from Utah and this picture little house raring his Momma but anti yes I probably do on my shoulder. My mom would put gigantic bows in my hair even in middle school. I'm so I was so mad at her and now I look at my own daughter and she has huge bose. She passed it down to me. It's okay huge. Special Torture took me as a child. Well see everybody laughs because I was a nerd but I did well and went to school now. Man It selects everyone's like you're a nerd as a kid. The cows a smart kid and what a what a terrible twist and I was listening nerd sorry. Did you want her to those blow up. Was this guy waiter I was. I was a humorous odd child. The reason my pooches not here's because the last time we put out something it it went in places where it shouldn't shouldn't have been took a long time to get it. God back so you know we we put these pictures out for the humor of and the love of sharing and a day and when people people take them and do other stuff with them and make it look awful it just sort of takes your stomach away so that's why mine is not mine's not but what. I can't tell tell us what about relationships. Somebody said no relationship born from an effect now can ever work. Oh no no relationship eligible from in a fact reporting to if if that were true no one in France would stay married so no I. I don't agree with that. I know people who've had affairs and then got married and stayed Maryland but names but still but you know what what comes around goes around. I say if you'RE GONNA make that decision. Don't be surprised if they then leave you for somebody. Maybe you you can make so. Many people stay married that have affairs. Sometimes you lose them how you catch them exactly sometimes listen. Sometimes you're in the wrong relationship someone else it's comes along and that's the person who fall in love with and that's the way life goes it used to be. The people died at forty now that they don't want to get there not dying at forty so they get a divorce instead is this dying are having an affair. That's the people people used to die at forty years old. I'm going to die or have an affair now. The people lived to be ninety inches ninety six the she's walking down the aisle with a tyrod she could be walking away with an Oscar and Jennifer Lopez is walking onto the view next. Get cash back for shopping. You're already going to do racket in is a free member based loyalty program that lets you earn cashback on shopping at over twenty five eight hundred stores like macy's best buy. Nike and more shop online and earn a percentage of every purchase you make up to forty percent cashback every every three months members are paid by a papal or another method sign up today at rackets in Dot Com. That's our A. K. U. T. E. N. Dot Com better help offers licensed professional counselors specialized in a wide array of issues like depression anxiety and grief connect with your professional counselor slur and safe private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help. Dot Com slash view view fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a counselor your love you have to. Lopez working hit the road for him. It's my party fiftieth birthday tour sure she has a lot to celebrate a whole bunch of data for La ads the wind yeah they always have to mention the Lopez woman. Allow woah always always always thrilled to see. Oh Yeah Yeah see you got you know. I want you every day so the last time I saw you I saw you at your concert concert right and had dancing with your mom so much that my feet hurt for days afterwards and I WANNA say welcome to fifty and thank you for making taking a look so good. Thank you thank you got engaged to a ride and now that you're done with your tour. Where are you working on another production like a wet. You know we're talking about it. We're planning slowly the we have no definite plans yet but will it. Will you know I know everybody. That's the question talk to ask but we don't have anything to give you right her. He was dancing throughout the entire concert yes he he loved the show all the were. You love your show. The kids were there. We all went on tour all summer. It was really nice. It was a good thing you know. A lot of people were like. Why are you putting it out there a your age and why would you ask yeah about it forever and ever anymore. I tried that again. She did people started saying in any way. You know you might as well just sick because somebody else's going bust you so you might say yeah. I noticed something when we were on tour is that it did something I didn't. I did it because I thought it'd be a fun way to celebrate eight such a big birthday but it wound up doing something else if it put it out there for everybody that site. This is nothing to be ashamed of like women. Don't get written off at a certain time where you don't keep getting better like those things are happening just a choice you decide like. I want to get better every day well you. You don't want to write your cell phone right you know and if you're going to hide the fact that you listen a lot of people didn't get to fifty right ladder he will do. They make it so celebrate gripe for them. I've tried it interesting that when you first movie Selena you twenty five years old I was and now this is twenty five years later right in my head. I'm like dude. You would think in the last twenty twenty five years. What's the one thing that you really learn what the best the most important that I learned learned it's probably been the a journey of like becoming whole on my own right. I always thought that I was GonNa find happiness and love out another person was going to give that to me and and then I realized that that's not how is it all like you actually get to be happy by yourself. You know if you can just appreciate yourself and no you're worse than your value that you know you're you can be a happy person. You know he's always thinking about somebody else or like. Did he call or you know. Did this person think I was good. Isn't that audition or any of those things like it was like I'm happy. I have a great life. I'm a I'm a good person. I live in a good way and you know what I agree friends and and I can call somebody and go anywhere and do you know what I mean like those simple. I'm healthy. You know I had two children. Those things are really the most important things you also so. One of your idols is also a woman who's incredible at any age which is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Yeah the and I understand you asked her to really important questions in the first one was what can we do to stop being so divided obviously sleep. We would all like to know what she said. I mean she you know. Alex said I went to see her. I I saw her documentary that the weekend. Alex got engaged. We just we're like staying in bed watching. TV and we watched her document. I don't know if you guys have seen it but it's really good and it talks about her life and her journey and all the things she's done for for this country and all the laws that she's been involved in passing for women for minorities for she's been a real advocate and she also had this amazing marriage. She was married to this tax attorney Marty. I'm like out here. Promoting her really really had an impact on me and Alex when I was on tour we we went to Washington and I was like we should meet her. Alex was like we should definitely try to meet her and he's so about that and so he arranged that and we went over there and she was lovely. We're supposed to stay with her fifteen minutes. We wound up being there like an hour and everybody was like this is a big deal. She must like you so we were there and I was like didn't WanNa stay too long because she's older and I didn't want to you know get away with all the things she had to do and and I just you know we watched documentary and you had this amazing marriage. Aleksandar going to get married soon. What would be your one of advice. Come on give it to me. I and I've been working on this for a minute. You know I could use some help so I am humbled. Tell me and she was like you know. I think it helps you goes my mother-in-law long. Long on my wedding day said to me sometimes it helps to be a little deaf so I was like okay. She was like you know an unkind word. Nobody's perfect. Everybody has bad days. They always don't mean what they you know. Things like that. Just helps to let things roll off yeah. I think her superpower is being calm. Calm is a super power. She doesn't let people in all of this stuff kind of make her go crazy and that's that's. I think a real get a real kind of trick to to marriage as well as you get older. I would say a little blind would parody the block with the why well I I was. I don't know I don't think there needs to be an blindness but you talk about bridging the divide and that's what I love about music when you're able to is you help. Bridge divided politics just traveled the world for your fiftieth birthday one of the places you went with Moscow. Yes I was just there. Your presence is is everywhere in Russia's not one of our show. Is there Moscow. Tell them all I just went to the to the you know just a few markets and the routed needed out and it wasn't like Oh. Let's go. Let's go. Let's not it wasn't like that. It was just like going to see your yeah and I didn't really really sometimes. I don't realize that because I'm here in the state of New York and La in the world seems small but it's big and there's so many people out there and they've been following you for years. They just they've never seen you and they you go. I just want you to come here and they just want to dance and sing and celebrate and have a great night and why they won't forget about Putin. blocks over there are they want to hurt show is such. I wish we had such a good time. You were there you understand. We had the best time in my shows. That's what it's about. It's about people about love the support. It's about bringing it already together. It's about being your best self. That's what I try to put out there and it sounds like I love you. I love you for me here with me and let's have a great time. Let's say that's not new. That's what you show always been always be huge. Buyers eleven year old twins were on tour with you and there was a moment this this summer when your daughter actually performed on stage for the first time we actually. I E yeah aw boy beautiful voice she. There's a beautiful boys and we would. I would tell her just make her because I know she can sing so good and I was like I want you to try to beat me like every time I sing it to you saying better back back to the N. Hold the note longer. I'm going to try to do it longer than you and she would. Hold it in your lungs. She's amazing and we had the most amazing time. I talked to one of the things that made it so special yeah well. You know what when we come back. We're going talk about your movie hustling. Yeah Yeah. That's exactly how here because they know what the WHO season feel in Wall Street guys. You see what we did to this country. They stole some everybody working. People lost everything and at one of these do spags went to jail not one. Is that fair. I would think about when they come into the club. That's stolen money that was paying for their firefighters. Retirement Fund a little bit cursing hustlers. Let's talk about your new movie. Which you star in You Produce Deuce. It's based on a true story. Oscar Buzz Oscar the backstage you know our community has had Rita Moreno and you've really thank you. What does it mean to you in these reviews that you're getting I know trust me. I it's been a long time. I've gotten good notices throughout my career and I've been very lucky to have a long career but something like this super special I mean we'll be knows you know when you when they when they say you did good the people that actually that you work with in the industry and like judging it like you judge it when you're watching yeah. You know it's it feels really nice. It feels really nice so you know I don't know he's going to happen but just being in that conversation is really flattering and overwhelming to you know I just I wanNA talk about it. Why would you describe the movie. the movie is it's a it's a great. It's a fun unlike roller coaster ride a movie because it's not one thing drama. It's based on a true story. This actually happens. I've been here in New York. It's probably happened throughout the country in certain strip clubs and it's about you know these two shippers who form this friendship and then they they have like she has like a I played the ringleader and she comes she's very entrepreneurial and it takes place in two thousand six seven eight right around the crash so you get before the crash where everything was great and everybody was spending money and making money and then after that what happens when people get desperate and the things and the choices that they make take the Wall Street guys and and these women but it's from the women's point of view and it's directed by a woman and it's produced by our women it was edited by a woman and so we get like a real people people don't want to just go always label things like distributor movie. It's it's not that it's really about life and how when women make choice them and make choices and they're both stealing and they're made the same choices how women are treated and how men are treated and it makes you look at life. It makes you think and it's not judgmental. It's not saying they're right or they're right. It's like you decide yeah yeah so it's it's very cool. It's very provocative political commentary. Yes I watched the entire thing and I was just expecting Hustler's right. It's actually very interesting social commentary on our times right and that I think is for me when I watched it. I thought it was just kind of political timely right now with everything that's going women what's going on in the country. You know it's it's like one of my favorite. I won't tell you I won't tell you you have to you have to see it is a really okay great movie. I'm really proud of this. There's a pretty special cameo in it too. I'm not going to share the name but give a hint a lot of many no. There's a lot yeah. He's a guy and he comes into the club. Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh that's great for okay to watch it one of the best moments for me though is when you first get onscreen because light it up and when I said you make make fifty look good. I I gotTa get to the gym like my goodness performer and you're in that zone it and I don't. I'm saying this because people don't realize how much work is oh yeah and going into the gym now or learning doane but don't hurt yourself. Don't don't beat yourself because you don't look like Jennifer. Lopez lookout look like the best you can be right now the last time you were here. We played the J. Lo Down game so let's put sixty seconds on the clock speed round of questions. Are you ready to me the question yeah okay ready all the time. Okay your favorite J. Lo Song Jonathan the movie Lena Jaylo in a movie about your life. The courses are good. I don't know I don't know your door. Do you guys think your daughter Yeah Yeah. That would be yeah. My daughter Okay Best Kisser. When it comes to male co stars God you can skip skip. Okay thank fashion role model fashion role model. I was like I always see myself as like a Jackie. o style that classic style but also like a little bit like Bronx see yes Bronx Jackie Jio right. I like it. Partially you want to collaborate with on what anything anything skipped awesome all right because the world is yours all right well. I guess that Oh i I just got the joke the J. Lo Down Jake out our Komo open tomorrow in theaters everywhere. You have got to both this film. We'll be right back. I want to know the real inspiration behind. J.LO's about new movie hustlers you gotTA. Start thinking like Wall Wall Street guys get ready for the true story that stranger and wilder than fiction sex strippers drugs and rich guys like if you saw a black American Express you had a high roller twenty twenty exposing the Real Life Hustler's tomorrow night at ten eastern nine central on ABC A B C is the latest in the ordinary people change the world children's this book series and members of our audience. y'All getting a copy to all have a great day. Everybody take a little time onto the Democrats. Let's debate. Ten candidates won critical night the A._B._C. debate tomorrow night at eight eastern and special pre debate coverage at seven eastern. Just ask Alexa to play the debate.

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