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To learn is Ron Don from my eyes law about it. Ooh, somebody. A body fun. Somebody. Alexa play hits from Queen. Okay. With Amazon music of voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today, cooling state media concepts, social media podcast time to hashtag everything. We talk about all the foreign crazy stories on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to tumbler, probably even friendster join us as we explore the quirky side of social meets the Golden State media concept, social media podcast. It's simple. The one that we. Two, two. Welcome to the GSM social media news podcast brought to you by GMC podcast network. Me and Heidi are here today is your hosts. What does I. Maybe maybe I do don't. I like that attitude. Sorry, not sorry. That kind of day there you go. Today we're going to talk about our first topic actually is prince Henry and Megan Markle how they announced the arrival of their new baby. When I've seen, I've been seeing a lot of this on social media on my social media just everywhere, but instead of just like talking about like, oh, they're having a baby that having a baby, I was kinda reading on it, and there's interesting things that I found that as far as the sovereignty line in the UK and how like they're named and titled and things like that. So just to start off with Megan Markle and pretend ry are the Duke in duchess of six Sussex Sussex. Yeah, got it that way. Yeah, that word probably saying it totally wrong. But anyway, she's due next spring and this came five months after their wedding. Like this announcement came up five months, so they wasted no time which good for them high five. I I didn't know she was three years older than him. That's pretty cool. Yeah. I didn't know she was thirty seven either. I was surprised. That's definitely older. Yeah. 'cause I mean, hence not wasting any time. Right, exactly. Get it done, get it done. Yeah, I didn't know. Okay, so he's thirty four prince, Henry Prince. Harry denies the call him Henry earlier. It's not here whatever prince, Harry's thirty four, Meghan is thirty seven. I totally thought they were like in their late twenties. I don't know why. Yeah, I always assume that yet, but I guess that makes sense because he's is he the younger? Yes. Okay. Yeah, Prince William is his older brother. Okay. So yeah, but this child would be seventh in line to British throne, so not not too far off, but still kind of down the line. I'm watching a series of my daughter and my sister called Victoria. Oh, yeah. I've heard of that. Yeah, it's pretty cool in how she was like super far down the line, and then she ended up being Queen which is just crazy. How far down the line was she? I think it was like in the teens or something, but there was a large gap between like the cousin who has ordered the person who was there and then hers probably like. Fifteen twenty years almost because he was all old and then she was the new baby. So they had right. Wait for her to it was it's a crazy start. It's cute weird because she marries her cousin. But yeah, I mean, the Royal family. Yeah. Yeah. What can you do? But seventh in line behind. Prince, Charles, he's the prince of wills. Who's next in line in there who's prince Harry's dad, the data, Prince, Harry and Prince, William, and then Prince William would be next in line. And he's the Duke of Cambridge, and then prince William's son, like his kids would come next before any of prints, Harry's kits. Okay. Yeah. So they go, they followed the first dyke the first son line. Okay. So, yeah, all of prince William's kids would be even before Prince Harry, which is like prints, sweater Williams, kids names, prince, George Princess Charlotte, in prince, their new one, Prince Louis Louis. So then if they had another kid than still come before. Okay. Oh, wow. Okay. So I was like, well, Prince, Harry, that's kinda sucks for you. Gonna go. Goes Prince, Harry, and then his kid, and then his, it'd be like the oldest of his kid and then after that. Okay, yeah. But then even then, I think if like once the current Queen is gone and Prince, Charles from the prince of wells becomes king, then Prince William becomes the prince of wells, and then everything moves up. But then prince William's son, I think would be deduced of Cambridge, and then it's his wine that would go next. I prince yet. So how print not gonna become no? No, which you know the the line thing there with the sovereignty level. You know how it goes. Wherever goes is a little bit complicated, but would you would you want to like be a Royal? I wouldn't want to? No, no. I mean, it's not like you actually rule. You're kind of like a figurehead right exa-. I wouldn't want to know. I wouldn't want to be the face of it. People trend SAS, Nate you, right. So I'll be like, no, I, I'll do stuff in the background and like maybe like governor something like that. But I wouldn't want to be like the ruler of because I guess at the end of the day, they might have the last say, if it's like voted upon or something like that. Back then they did really think that's how it works now. No, I think it's more ceremonial there. Prime minister and then, yeah, like the role of family is more like a ceremonial thing. You like night people? Yeah. And like because like Prince, William and Prince, Harry do a lot of charity work. So I feel like it's a lot of that and like bringing attention to certain causes and things like that, which I would rather do than, yeah, the Queen and having like night people. All these other ceremonial do race, which is crazy because the Queen now is the longest reigning Queen from what I hear. So yes, crazy. She's been in in the throne for a long time. We kind of cool though. I mean, she's she's kind of old. Oh, so when she was like, became Queen. What is her name again? Elizabeth. Okay. So then when Queen Elizabeth became Queen, I guess she's just been doing the same thing for so lots of years of your time. Yeah. So this is a interesting thing how they like titled their kid. According to a two cre- in nineteen seventeen King. George, the fifth kinda made a decree that said, any great grandchildren of the current sovereign would not be called prince or Princess. So they were just like the names unless it's the what is the saying less? It's the eldest male descendant of the direct male line. Then you'll be prince, prince, whatever. So the great grandchildren. So like so, like right now it's Queen Elizabeth, right? And then the next is prints. What's his name? Prince, Charles, and then Prince, William and then prince William's oldest son, prince, George. Yeah. So their second son, Louis, he wouldn't be get to call the get the title prints. So technically, if we're saying Princess Charlotte, we shouldn't be saying that she should just be Charlotte. That's the thing. So Queen Elizabeth in. Two thousand two revised that decrease in. So that way, all of prince William's kids will get the title prince or Princess. So yeah, that'd be the same for Prince Harry than to no, not right now. It's not. It's just for the direct first male line. Oh, sorry, Harry. Yeah. Which I thought that was crazy because prince Harry's kids will be called Earl or lady of whatever. Oh, yeah. Okay. Well, that's still some title. Yes, not prince prince. Exactly. Exactly. So now it's just interesting to me, and then just a small thing, I thought it was kind of annoying that people on Twitter were using the hashtag POC, which is prince or Princess of color. Yeah. 'cause I'm here. I just think that excuse me, excuse me. I just think that there's plenty of princes or princesses of color in other nations. Right? Yeah. Just like the UK. There's plenty around the world. So why I get that. You know, they're saying because this is the first as far as the Royal family in London or like in the UK, but still that's kind of not really cool to say to me. Right. And that's also not correct? Yes, exactly. Yeah, there are other, right. So I was like, there's pointy of there kings queens princes princesses some they call them like emperors or whatever in their country soldiers saw like that's kind of annoying. I don't really see in that. Yeah. Yeah, but I kinda thought that was cool that prince our Queen Elizabeth's change at for prince William's. I hope she does it for prince Henry because if I was a cousin and I'd be like, why do you get to be called? Like I'm your cousin. We should, you know, be all called better, whatever. But I don't know. That's just the Royal family and how roles go. I mean, congratulations to Prince Harry and yeah, he Negga Megan yet. She doesn't get to be. She didn't get the title Princess. Does she know? Is she a duchess? Yeah. Okay. She got, yes, she's duchess and he even though he still Prince Harry, he still Duke of Sussex. She's duchess of Sussex oh, but he still holds the title prints. So so then Prince William his wife. She's a duchess also their Dutch Duke and duchess of Cambridge. Yeah. Okay. So I don't know, and I think they just moves up the line. Like I said, like when. The dad Prince Charles becomes king. After Elizabeth's gone, then Prince William will be prince of wells. And then it just kind of moves up like that. I've also heard rumors that Prince William would not take the throne. I have heard that that he would. He would like after his dad. No, so Prince William after his earn? No. Sorry, Prince, Charles after his mother, Queen Elizabeth down that he that Prince Charles would not take the throne. He doesn't want to give it to William. Really. I've heard. I've heard that rumor. I have to look that up. Yeah, I wonder because he's also older too because he is older, too. Yeah. Yeah. So I've heard that he wouldn't take it which I don't know because then Prince William probably still wouldn't be the longest ruling because Elizabeth became Queen when she was young. She was, but I think that maybe because Charles older and like has a second wife and all of that, he wouldn't want it. He would just like, 'cause I don't think he would have it for that long anyway, wouldn't maybe less than ten years and then it would go to William anyway. Yeah, I've heard that. That's crazy. Yeah. I mean way to save some time. The ultimate gift for your son. Right. I also wonder. So why is why Cambridge and Sussex? I don't know. That's I don't even know. Yeah. Do they like living Cambridge? Yeah, I'm still lost on that. I just know what their titles are. So I'm just like, okay Colt. But I thought that was interesting as far as you know, the titles and what the names have to be. Our can't be or things like that. So I mean, they're all doing good though. Hopefully they have a nice healthy baby aggressive him and especially with her being thirty seven. That's kind of like high risk because that's little bit later in life, but I'm sure they have the funds to make Shia. She'll be okay. Also probably won't have as many kids, right? Yeah. In even if they do, there's other ways like surrogates or anything like that, man. I don't know if the Royal family would like that. I know it probably wouldn't be okay. It'd be like, no, you're has got to have at least two. Oh gosh, on that. We're going to go out and take a break, and we'll be right back with some more social media news earning executive MBA at Georgetown isn't the path of least resistance, but it does come with the greatest reward benefit from our strong alumni network, renowned faculty DC location and global residencies get started at shoes, Georgetown dot com. Slash EM BA earning executive MBA at Georgetown isn't the path of least resistance, but it does come with the greatest reward benefit from our strong alumni network, renowned faculty DC location and global residencies get started at Jews, Georgetown dot com. Slash EM BA. Always on the go, but the day just be one without your Hollywood. Vince flip Golden State media concepts that are ten podcast. Take care of that. All inclusive look of pop culture. Welcome back to the GMC social media news podcast. We're going to go ahead and move on to our next topic, which is about a lady who leaves a two year old on the wrong doorstep. No, I watched this video is like twenty three seconds, and I was so upset because the lady did what she did. So what happened was a woman in Texas was dropping off this child for her friend. Her friend was in the hospital and a friend is the mother? Yeah. The friend is a mom of the child, the son, the boy, I guess anyway, she brings the boy up to the doorstep and this the house that she leaves him at has like those cameras and security camera on the front door. And so she's like holding the baby by his arm. He's a two year old. Like to me, I'm just gonna keep calling a baby because that's what I. But she's holding the baby up by like his left arm. And she kinda ges puts him on the doorstep drops. His bags rings the doorbell, a bunch of times, not so bunch of times and runs off. She isn't wait for anybody to open the door to make sure the baby's, okay. She just leaves jumps in her car and drives off. It was ridiculous. I was like, who does that? And a prank is this isn't real right. The family whose house it was. They answer the door that they see the baby and he's a standing there like his poor little face win. The lady took off running. He liked turned around into like, I don't know what's going on. So sad. I was like, oh, thank you was home. Exactly. Exactly. So they called nine one one and they're like somebody just dropped this kid off on our doorstep. We don't know what's going on. So the police came into the little boy custody into child protective custody and. They put the story on the news like the, I don't know if it was that night or maybe it was the next day, but the dad of the child recognize that that was his son. And so he called and he was like, that's my son. I don't know what happened will. The story is behind it is he was making arrangements with the mom to for the baby, be dropped off the moms in the hospital. Baby dropped off at his case house. Yeah, which he lives right next door. Yeah. And the baby was supposed to be till the mom makes a range mounts for her friend to drop the baby off around three in the afternoon. That's when she was supposed to bring them. This video was more like around six, seven at night. It was dark outside, and so he the dad says, you know, I was texting are trying to collar. She's in a hospital, so it's kinda hard for her to like answer the phone, but she was texting me back and saying, no, he should. He should be there like around three. And since he didn't show up she, he tried to. Colored Messager didn't hear anything. So him and his either girlfriend or wife now like went out, they were like, okay, well, we're gonna run out really quick like in the evening. So they weren't home. The next door neighbors were and he's over here freaking out like, no, that's my kid. He's trying to get custody of his kid, they 'cause he's still with child protective services. They will give them to the baby, but he they, the Chowk checks services are trying to have the father have custody because it like had he was like trying to get his son, but the woman they have not got her. But once they do, they said they're going to charge her with felony child endangerment Yar child abandonment. That's yeah, it was ridiculous. I was like, who just leaves a baby and runs off? Do people think that the woman left the baby there? Because she found out that the father wasn't home. I don't do the way she dropped the baby. The off in like rang the doorbell avenge times is like she had somewhere else to be, and she was just like out of her way in inconvenienced. That's the Phil I got when I watched it. I was like, then why tell your friend that you would do that your first of all you are already late? The dad was waiting, and then then I was like, did dad? Why wouldn't he just be like all come, pick them up or something like that? Yeah. Is that too also? I wonder. I mean, they don't have the woman in custody so they can't ask her. Yeah, but like why was there like that delay in time? Like that's like multiple hours? Yeah, many hours lay. Right. And then if you just like like Wrangler doorbell dash, like, yeah, I guess that's true. You can't say she probably was trying to like leave him with the neighbor which also is way less safe. Yeah. I don't know why you would just go to the neighbor. Well, they were saying that she didn't know which house was hit. So she just thought it was that house and left him. She didn't know what house with is. Yeah. I'll be like, why don't you verify give me the house number something like that. The mom not, oh, I don't know if that was my quote, unquote friend. No, we would not be friends anymore. Usually my baby on somebody's foot jor sip yet. No doubt is crazy. Yeah. Over right. And even when she like drove off, she didn't drive in front of the house to like double-check or just wait. She went the complete opposite direction from where the light front door was. So she kinda like ran around and then drove the other way I was like, what is what is going on? Who would do that? Who would do that to a aby. Right? Even if it's like not your friends baby. Yeah, it's like a child, right? I would. You just write it there who your old yet. So sad. You just give it its bags. I know. Good luck kid. Right? And it's like you said that he's, I mean, they're lucky that somebody was home till I answer the door and you know, take care of the situation. Right? I'll even if he did, you know, end up in child custody, but still it's like you don't leave. Anybody's kid any light just randomly, right. I don't even leave. Like if I'm like bringing a gift, my friend that don't even leave it. Steal it, you know? Exactly. It was just horrible. I was like, this is the worst thing that somebody could do to kick like. I have saw it just like touches me. I'm just like, oh, these. So I don't know. It's poor trial. Yeah. Yeah. And I hope like I don't know what kind of person the mom is or why she said she was in the hospital or anything like that. But as seems like the dad is genuinely trying to be a dad and be there for his kid, like if he's waiting and then he doesn't hear anything. So he's like, okay, then you know, I got things to do to, but still is like, you don't like you just your baby. Didn't get dropped off on night. You know what I mean? Unless you have like one of those crazy baby moms who just all like, I'm keeping them, you know, forget you doesn't respond, you know. 'cause I know some of those or if there's like anger between the two of them exact text messages. Right, right. Yeah. And that's kinda. Yeah, that's kind of like what it seemed to like. The lady who dropped him off, even though it was an Incan she made seem like it was an inconvenience to her, like even if I can imagine if it was the dad's house and she just wasn't because she's supposed supposedly friends with the mom. She didn't want to be around the girlfriend or new wife or whatever. So she's just like, here's your kid and runs off. You know what I mean? But that's so much hurt, right? Yeah, I guess I could see that, but yeah, that's not like a good excuse. Yeah, no, no, it was ridiculous. I couldn't believe that. I even saw that at all. I was like, oh gosh, this poor baby. This poor family, like the dead is probably freaking out, but I don't know. I don't know why you would wait the next day to figure out where your kid is. Right. I'm surprised that if he found out on the news, he didn't try and track down the kid before. Right, that's exactly. So it's like the whole night and evening. You know that you don't have your baby and he's supposed to be there and you're just waiting like. You don't looking for, you don't call anybody. You don't double check with anybody or show up at somebody's house and be like, hey, where's yet? And especially if the wife's the mom is in the hospital is like, I'll go to one of your parents are brothers, sisters houses and just lead the baby. I'll pick them up. It doesn't matter. You know what I mean? Right. And also if the moms in the hospital, I feel like you have to swim. The baby's not with her. Exactly. Exactly. So I don't know. That was just a crazy crazy thing that I read. I don't really like seeing so like that because this is heartbreaking to me because I would swear. I would hurt people. That was like it as a lot of people would be hurt right now, just in my mind. Verson. Why would you do that? Would at least be some angry text messages? Oh, yeah. All cats. Angry emojis, right? Thank reface frowny fell. I don't know. But the baby's phase definitely. I felt so bad that just kind of when you see his face like after she runs away because he kinda just like gets dropped their then as the lady runs away, he kinda like watches are turns around and watches her. And then like. Kind of turns back towards the door. Like what now? Like, what do I do? So, yeah, I was like, oh my gosh, I'll take you. I'll make it work. I swear. But that was just sat. I hope they catch this lady because I feel like whatever charges they put on her. She deserves that. She definitely do not have to act in that manner with somebody else's kid. I mean, if you wanna do that to your own kid, you know, give it to a church or something if you don't read it, but still you don't. You don't get to just do that and get away with it. Right. That's just horrible. So we're going to take another quick break and on our next topic, it will be more on a positive note. Earning executive MBA at Georgetown isn't the path of least resistance, but it does come with the greatest reward benefit from our strong alumni network, renowned faculty DC location and global residencies get started at Jews, Georgetown dot com. Slash e. m. b. a. hey, DC right now at vision works all prescription. I wear every frame. Every brand is fifty percent off. Yup. A nifty fifty percent. Thanks to our friends and family event. What's even better? It applies to both glasses and sunglasses. That's right. At the vision works friends and family event. You can save fifty percent on all prescription eyewear. Why? Because we like you DC a lot vision works where here to help you. Some restrictions apply see store for details. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts, Nell, listen, close, and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching the Golden State media concepts. Podcast network is here nothing less than podcast lists with endless hours of podcast, covered from news, sports, music, fashion, looking entertainment, fantasy football, and so much more. So stop blurted around and go straight out to the Golden State media concepts. Podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast is whatever it may be visit. WWW dot m. c. podcast dot com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and download us on soundcloud and Google play. Welcome back to the GMC social media news podcasts we are going to move on to our next topic. That's a little bit more positive. The mega millions jackpot is when I was looking at this guest today, it was at one billion dollars today. It's at one point six billion which moves it to the number one largest drawing in history o four. The the first largest was one point, five billion, and it was a Powerball, but because this has, hey, at one point, six billion it. It's the number one now. So if you win, my name is Ari on. I will be here Fred. I'll make cookies. Learn how to cook for do no, no, no. Good luck. Yeah, anybody who chooses to go out and play. I wish you guys all the best. I'll go get sick it later. I know I should go get a ticket. Yeah, can't win if you don't play Heidi man. Okay. So yeah, we gotta go get our tickets hasn't I do the drawings on Saturday? What is it? Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't know. I've never the scratchers drawings. Okay, maybe. So then today's Saturday, I know the Powerball gets played Wednesdays and Saturday. Okay. I don't know which one mega millions gets done so we might still have a few more days. Yeah, just go get one. What is what's the day today today? Today's a twenty. Okay. So then men, we only have a few more days to play, but we gotta get him. So when this airs on Monday, we'll let you know if we one yard next talking, maybe we won't. Maybe we won't be here. All right. I quit. We're not to vacation exactly back in a year or two things to do doing the podcast from the Caribbean. Now, there you go. We can even fire equipment just take it with us island. Have them make them for you because now they just make men made islands. So that. But anyway it is. It is up there guys. So if you're gonna play, please stay about it. I did look up. A little. So an attorney wanted to just give out some advice if you did win, if you were the person who won or people who split it, however, many ways, you know he was. He was saying there's a few things you should probably do when you win. He says, stay quiet. Don't tell your friends and family immediately after because then they just are, you know, hitting you up on, oh, I got this. I got that. You know, let's do this and you want to make sure that you have your mind clear when you make certain decisions about what you're gonna do with this money if you win so sense. Yeah, so he was like there. I guess they give the winner a few weeks before they have to actually announce who they are, which is crazy because I know in some states that they let you stay on Humous. So I don't think California's one of those states, I'm not sure actually. So then that means when you. When you win like you find out that you won, you then have a few weeks before you have to tell the lottery or the lottery has a few weeks before they release your name? Well, I think you have to claim your prize in a certain amount of time. But before you, you know, say who you are, they give you a certain amount of time after you claim it also. Okay. So he says, take a few weeks, take the few weeks. They give you before you come forward and tell the world who you are just so people are randomly, you know, finding you on social media Email, you calling you in trying to get a handout doing that before you've had some time to clear. Exactly exactly. And also asking you for money. You don't even technically have yet, so you might have the ticket, but you don't have the money and you don't wanna go making promises to people that you know, you might possibly have to break later. Just take a moment. Take a few weeks, kinda get the jitters out, clear your mind. However you choose to do that, but make sure that you st-. Stay clear headed during the process also said, as soon as you buy ticket to sign it, sign your name on it. Because if you lose it and somebody finds it, it's theirs. But if you sign it, then you have already claimed that ticket sign it put a tracker on it. Sully on your person. Yeah, but he said that with any kind of ticket like it doesn't matter if it's like a one point, six billion dollar mega millions of power bulges whenever you get a ticket, just signed the bottom of the back of it, whatever because some people paying cash so they can't track it back to who paid some people pay with credit cards. They can still do that. But I don't think that it has the numbers on it when you pay with your debit or credit cards. So even if they could track it back to you still whoever finds it that's their exactly exactly unless you sign it. So whenever you go out and buy ticket, right, your name sinus. So if something should happen to it, it's already claimed so fence. Yeah. Go ahead and do that. If you do have the option in your state to stay anonymous, I would recommend doing that. Be the anonymous claimer. Don't go putting your name out on blast and saying, oh, I'm the person who won because apparently you can, I guess, with winning the lottery. You have a higher chance of debt than getting struck by lightning or something. You have a higher chance of. Yeah. Oh yeah. And I don't know. They call it the like winning the lottery cursor something like that you die within a few years or you end up going broke, like someone like kills you money. So if you're able to stay anonymous, please do that. Do that. Don't tell people. So yeah, I would. I would definitely stay on. I definitely would feel like that would be an invitation for every scammer to call me. Oh yeah. Like every robocall would be calling me tax fraud or I'd be like wrong person also if I want, I would definitely get an attorney for it. Yeah, for sure. With all the. Yeah. And yet at vice, let them know paying your taxes, pay taxes on it. If you do get the lump sum, they make you, they take out the taxes. I anyway, so make sure you don't. You know, techs. Can you get it any way? That's not a lump sum like, can you get it? You can't installments? Yeah, there's there's two options, the yearly installments. So they just give you an amount like yearly or I don't know if it's yearly or monthly, but I know they give you an amount like for sure one once a year, you know, or you can just get the lump sum wishy attorney guy did say that if you are faced with that option, he would recommend doing the lump sum and just investing in yourself instead of taking that chance of having the lottery pay you each year just because you never know what could happen. You know what I mean? You could. I mean, knock on wood. Hopefully this doesn't happen. But if you die the next year and then you just where the where does that all that. Exactly. So if you do get the lump sum, at least you can put in a will, give it to kids grandkid trust exactly something like that. So that's what he said there too, which makes sense to me because I would do that. I would take the lump sum. Payments. I gotta wait on somebody else to give me. Not something I wanna do at all. So that makes. Yeah, I think after like hearing these these tips, I would take a lump sum because you can always like invest that or like put it in savings, you know? Yeah. Yeah. I don't want to have to wait on the man for that. I've already won. It's mine. You can go. Whoever plays the lottery. Good luck. Good luck to me. 'cause I'm gonna go play it later. If you can't play in your state? Sorry. Yeah, I'm really sorry if you can't play this huge amount of money, right? But on that we're gonna end the show today, and thank you for listening. Please join us next time on the next social media news podcast. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts, social media podcast, part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at WWW dot c podcast dot com. Download our podcast on itunes, Stitcher sound clock. 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