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ITT Sound Off: Counter-Narratives


The. What's up? Welcome to in the on Monday ain't Horsa and I am not in New York City. And I am not in New York City or Boston or on the east coast. Where are you? Are you? Well, first of all these IT sound off our regular Friday edition talking politics from a POC perspective as usual, so. Yeah, I'm in Mexico City, again, I'm in the city of my birth. Yo. Nice. And I am in Los Angeles in downtown LA. Yeah. Because it's kind of important what you're doing in downtown LA. Can you just tell everybody what you're doing downtown LA 'cause I'm super proud of you who your lap. Yeah. We, you know, Latino rebels radio the thing that we created I created like five years ago internet alternative, podcasting gut nominated for an iheart best multicultural podcast, and we're going to heart radio theater tonight to an awards event on the red carpet and dot com. You'll media tour. Fudo media is with me. So I am so excited. Oh my God. Please take pictures on the red carpet. You silly people in Hollywood. Oh, my. The congratulations Julio were super super proud of you. And you better look at in those photos, and I hope you win. All right. So we're off to the races. It's been a pretty intense week. This week William Barr had his Senate confirmation hearings to replace Jeff Sessions as any general. Hard to believe that we're going to say this. But is it possible that William bar could be even worse than Jeff Sessions while specifically on issues of immigration, which I'm not sure how you get worse than Jeff Sessions. But you know, people are not talking about the fact that William bar had a direct hand in the implementation of immigration policy when he served with H W Bush, George H W Bush, he oversaw some of the first parts of that border wall. He oversaw an approved expanding border patrol and his whole notion of prevention through deterrence, and the other thing about Barr Maria that people are probably overlooking former CIA analysts he was a White House during the Reagan administration. He served as a g for H W Bush from ninety one to ninety three. There was the story from the intercept, and I'm just gonna read it before the creation of the department of homeland security, the attorney general directly oversaw. Aw, immigration naturalization services, which is basically the former parent agency or both the border patrol and interior enforcement, which eventually would become ice, and I'm still quoting from the intercept. And so we have an unusually clear idea of how bar could affect immigration policy on the border in the interior and the courts, and lest we forget he played a major role in a story that maybe seems very far away from now. But he was you know, basically leading the denial of Haitians to get a Silom. There was this whole thing that was happening in the nine hundred ninety s around Haitians seeking asylum in this whole sentiment that they were like, you know, tainted people because they had aids all of this misinformation narrative he was also involved with their detention in Guantanamo. So what do you think Julio, obviously, there's a lot to talk about. But. Just instantly reminded of the who it's like, you know, meet the new boss same as the old boss. I just can't believe that they're rolling out the Republican party is with Trump like they're bringing like sort of you know, what I mean like an old school Republican to run this. It's nineteen. There wasn't any internet. It was a different time. And like just the fact that he's coming back just shows to me how nobody nobody wants to work in the Trump administration for obvious reasons right now like for obvious reasons, given the Russia probe it's just weird. Because like the thing is with the Russia probe. You know? Did you read the BuzzFeed article that everyone's talking about from last night and this morning? Oh my God. Julio all my God. I was on the plane or I can't remember if I was on the plane or it was when I got off the plane, but I was just like a skin. Nope way. This said, I mean, how much more you know, what I posted on my Twitter. I was like. Morning. I was like I see an emperor. And I don't see any clothes, and I keep on hearing this phrase. Yeah. If it's quacks like a duck it walks like a dog, swims like a duck in it. You know, it's a duck. I mean, Trump was was telling Cohen to lie to congress just flat out lie be a criminal and lighted congress and thanks to Senator Amy klobuchar. We also now have William bar on the record saying this in your memo, you wrote on page one that a president persuading a person to commit perjury would be obstruction. Is that right? Yes. Okay. Or any well any person who persuades another? Okay. You also said that a president or any person convincing a witness to change testimony would be obstruction. Is that right? Okay. I can just ask me a question. Just ask any question because I'm going to do my best William bar for you. So basically, he's not very immigrant friendly. Is he? Pause. Pause pause. No. Anyway. And obviously the hearing was lost news. But muddy. That was just I don't know William bar come on go back to the nineties. I'm sorry. Well, it is very possible that he's going to be confirmed. I find it very interesting to see how many members of congress who now have known and seen these articles that, you know, this president was telling people to go in lie to congress. And yet they've got this nominee who's been approved by Trump, and he sounds like he's got some real problems. Like, it's basically. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. And he's like, so it's a challenge. All right. Let's move on to our second topic. Hulu, I gotta tell you on this. Second topic. I'm really. Here's how I feel. I feel like I've been covering this story for the entirety of my career. Yup. That I am very privileged Mexican immigrant. Now. American citizen that I have ridiculous amounts of privilege, and I understand that. And yet when I see these new pieces of reporting, which we we thought was true. Yeah. Where we actually here now that they this administration had this plan of separating and not returning children on purpose, literally using Central American babies and children as pawns. I mean, I feel traumatized and I'm like, I'm not I'm privileged. I'm okay. I'm my kids are okay. And yet every time I read this stuff. I just get really shaken that's how long feeling as these new revelations are coming out, you let me just read one sentence from this this latest health and human services inspector general's office report, the total number of children separated from a parent or guardian by immigration. Authorities is unknown. Stop. I think about that money like that is a government, and you know, an independent auditing government agency who cannot put a specific number. So these numbers of a thousand or two thousand or fifteen thousand or whatever we've been hearing, it could be more when the government says stuff like that, you know, the situation you kind of tend to think that the situation is worse than what it actually is. And that to me is you know, when Jeff Sessions said zero tolerance policy when he was attorney general last year like this has been going on media. And I actually think that it was going on before the media woke up, and there was a ready systems in place because of the Obama administration and the Bush administration. So there was an easy transition into this. So the fact that now we're we're hearing about this. And we're supposed to be shocked and outraged when we it's like, wow. And it's just heartbreaking muddy it's heartbreaking. Right. And you. And you know, this has been very challenging because because as we've been saying on this show, and I've been reporting for a long time as you as well this started with Democrat Bill Clinton. Yeah. It intensified under George W Bush. Yeah. Actually, let's take it back now because you know, now, we're talking about George H W Bush and his hands and William bars. Let's just say it's the whole entire perception that immigrants are a problem for this country. And that's a narrative that ultra conservative and white supremacists. Have been trying to push exactly. So this goes back a long way. But you're exactly right. Sadly, the kind of machinery of this deportation industrial complex was really created by George W post nine eleven and it went crazy on Obama. And I have been thinking a lot about Obama and Michelle as to what are they thinking and feeling as they are reading the same reports. And at what point? Are they going to come out and say, we're sorry? I can't believe I just did that I know I'm going to get all kinds of shit for that. Because this is not about Obama. Said what we have been saying. And waving our flag is that if you continue to deny basic due process to people because they're immigrants everything is off the table. Children can just be sent willy nilly transported here, and their parents accused charge held like there's no basic due process. So I'm really quite sick about this. And the fact that they knew I just keep the other thing that keeps coming into mind Julio, they knew this notion one that they knew that they were trying to do this. And I thinking about. What was going on? When enslaved Africans were brought here. And when there was an a very deliberate attempt to destroy the African American family to destroy it. And that's how I feel like this is a concerted effort to destroy target our families who are simply looking for asylum. So I'm feeling pretty sick about the whole situation. I don't know what else to tell you Maria use echoed a lot of my feelings. I do really believe that because the infrastructure was Philly functional and in place that this was going on the moment. President Trump was sworn into office. And we're gonna know a lot more my sense is that there's going to be more digging. And we're gonna hear a lot more stories now. But man that report in its government speak just says a lot about the tragedy that we're we're going through this. Well, also, Julia, let's just remember you, and I we were saying things like this candidate is using hate speech. Yeah. And everybody was like come come on relax, calm down. He's just saying that they're rapists murderers, calm down. And we're like this is very dangerous. And you know, what the result? This is what it looks like exactly. Okay. So let's wrap up this IT sound off with our final topic today, which is kind of connected to topic to the importance of thoughtful immigration coverage. So muddy. It's been a rough week. It's been it's been a rough week Julio on Monday morning. It started on Monday morning. The New York Times daily podcast. They had this episode. They release called dispatches from the border part one and the first scene at the beginning of that podcast was a completely manufactured border-crossing by producer any Brown and reporter Assam amid okay, we are officially on the Mexico side of the border up getting a little bit swept out. It was deeper. We thought it I in our walking around in Mexico to technically was this an illegal order crossing. Yeah. I think I think so I mean, I don't know. I didn't. So yeah, I see my crossed illegally and mighty. We both reacted. So you and I had to sound off on Monday morning all about this daily podcast. So the first thing we did we got into the studio, and we started talking. So let's take a listen. By doing this. They are playing into the notion that the border is this place where there is a crisis. That is uncontrolled we know that people are coming in overstaying their visas, the proper story that the New York Times should have done really should be to find the people who have come by getting off of a plane, this notion that people are like swimming across. I mean does the New York Times not realize that the number of illegal crossings at the US Mexico border is the lowest that it has been in like decades. Why are you doing this N? Plus, then this whole thing like, oh my God. We're going to go into just knocked my water glass down. I'm sort of. And you find out fired up water to spill studio. It's okay. You know, what I felt is that the whole thing that they wanted to talk about the human drama is exactly what they missed. They missed. The fact that this is dramatic that for them this like, oh, I'm getting I'm kind of being taken by the current. No that is the human drama and people do drown. But then you know, you hear the footsteps. Oh my God. And then you hear the whispers, right? I see a van over there. Mexico. Could it be central casting that van is right here? And it's filtered drug dealers got its van that has plush seats who you'll make more eat. I started really I had to prevent myself from throwing up at that moment. But what did the guy say the guy came out of the van when he says something like, yeah, he's a Russo. Because obviously the guy just crossed illegally into Mexico. So the normal question that anybody who's kind of standing there was going to say, so dude, how'd you just do that? Like, you know, it wasn't like. Hey, Tony was saying. Anyway, the whole thing was just so yellow journalism and just not helpful, and it's very disappointing. But the thing is the Mexico Korrespondent when they actually swim into Mexico. It was like, oh, I guess this is an illegal border crossing there laughing about it gar. Spending resources on this at some level. They're trying to be like, hey, we're humans, and we wanna put ourselves into the situation to understand how the humanity of it all, but there was so much an element of knotted all taking it seriously because when people have to make that choice to jump into that river, it's not a game. It's because they have no other option. It's out of fear and desperation, right? It's just not the journalism that we need right now. And you know, we love the New York Times. And we love the daily, you know. Hello, Michael, Simon Johnson and Michael Barbaro. But no do better. You know, there's been a lot of anger about this and legitimately. So because journalists who have been covering this story are asking questions so on you know, people getting pissed off. But the question is why would you do this? Why wasn't there anyone in the room saying this is completely silly? Right. And so on Tuesday of this week, the national association of Hispanic journalists the NHA condemned the daily episode in a statement. So part of what happened was that? There was a lot of follow up. Right. And journalists were asking questions, and so why would you record manufactured overly dramatic? And at some point. They were even laughing. It felt like there was a kind of lightheartedness about this let you know rebels tweeted out to Michael Barbaro. Why would you record this? And his response was quote, why wouldn't we reported? And we asked our producer, Nicole to get in contact with the New York Times for a response to the NHA and to comment on why they manufactured this border crossing into Mexico. Right, right. So it's not even a border crossing into the United States. They're manufacturing a border crossing into Mexico and bacteria, dude, New York Times did not respond to our request for comment. Well, first of all props to our producer, Nicole for like making that call because I think it's really important to knowledge the fact that we like you like Nicole myself NHA Latino rebels we've reached out to our contacts. It'd be like, hey is anyone to talk about this? This is not good. And here's the thing. Money a- when Latino rebels tweeted this out on Monday morning, if you go through the feed there's a lot of journalists who are like this was wrong. This was not good like you cross into Mexico, and then you swim back to the United States as if it's some frigging theme park ride. I'm sorry. Like, it didn't work, and I really hope the New York Times takes very seriously and just doesn't ignore like, the angry Latino journalist. Sorry. I just had to say that. Okay. Right there with you. But then, you know, who you got really excited about this thing, you got really really excited, and you pointed out that there is constant responses constant challenge to this narrative, and in that sense, even you dear listener who are listening to us. You're playing a part in challenging this narrative when you go and you talk to your friends ears. Hey, you guys I listen to this on in the fake or on let USA on you know, rebels, and we gotta change the narrative, but who you were so excited about some other people who are challenging this narrative. Yeah. It was. It was a really good to see sort of challenge in the narrative, given the context of the dailies like fail, and I'm a huge fan of the killers one of my favorite bands ever at Las Vegas. You know, it's one of the bands that my kids, and I just absolutely love. So they're very special to me. And this week talking about countering the narrative they release a song called the land of the free and the video direct. By Spike, Lee. We people then the rest of. Be. It's harvest time. Well, and during while that songs happening, you see actual footage from the US Mexico border showing like all these migrants just footage from migrants from all over the world in a lot of ways. Just literally changing this whole notion of like, rapists, and criminals and Kudo suspiciously. It's so emotional the song also covers racism and gun control. And to be honest with you given this week what I texted you. And when I told our producers want Nicole's like this song, this video just shook me and just gave me hope. We're not going to give up. Hope. That's why we do what we do. I'm marina Holson. And I'm Eric Lorella. And this has been your IT sound offer. Friday guys have a great great weekend. But listen, we have some news some really exciting because it's twenty nine hundred and you know, how we roll on in the big we do a lot of live shows because we're all about creating community and that experience meeting our fans, and our listener. So before we go while we're talking about the border wanna let you know that in the thick is going to be headed to the real GRANDE valley in Texas along the US Mexico border for a series of lies shows on February twenty-second. I am so excited. We're it's our first live show of two thousand nineteen and what we want to do with this show. We want your voices to be part of this show. So this what you need to you need to call our imitate Kotlina at five oh, five two two six eight nine seven three. And if you're from the border, we wanna hear what's one thing that people don't understand about the region. And if you're not from the borderlands, what's one question you have for the people who live there. So dear listener, call us. Tell your friends and family to call us are in the thick hotline again is five oh five to six eight nine seven three. And no, we are not based in New Mexico, but it is a New Mexico area code. It's five five two two six eight nine seventy we really love hearing from you while you're at it a little bit of homework. Go to apple podcasts to rate and review because this really helps also you cannot listen to in the thick on Pandora and on Spotify and wherever you get your podcast whoop. Also, follow us on Twitter on Instagram. It into thick show like us on Facebook and the person right next to you right now to listen to in the thick we're so thankful to our producers Garnham into coal Rothwell. Our audio engineers are Steffi LeBow Juliaca Russo R internet's leeann stop the music that you heard his courtesy of nestled kept NZC k records. I am off to go walk around gun and to go see the light show at not what gun tonight. That's what I'm doing in Mexico City, and then I'll be giving a pin lecturing semi next week with sundresses middle's happy Martin Luther King day to everyone. We love you. Thank you so much for listening. I knows may most show. Like, my my Mexico City crews not with you. So I'm a little bit. This all you're gonna go. Find good tacos. Okay. And to lay just in Washington county and.

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