Moment of the Day (8/7/19)


<music> sometimes arresting different things can cross our sleeping minds in this in this case. We present you boomer esiason last night. I had a weird we're dreaming. He was in my dream really what was he doing. He was actually laying on my bed talking to me. No no no no no no yeah well. I don't know why i felt like i had a conversation with arron rogers last night. Hello talk with aaron aaron rodgers. Yes we're talking about mike mccarthy and brett farve and and you know what a pain in the ass is everything guys naked or not the uniform so weirdest thing. You're having weird bedroom fantasy. I it was ridiculous about aaron. Rodgers man and it was not a bad dream. A dream to dream fantasy is like hey osler. Oh yeah it's crazy. Go moment of the day. Someone did a photo shop aaron rodgers and boomer and a bed tweet it out. I recommend you take a look at that.

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