Democrats Want Impeachment. President Trump Wants NOTHING!


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Rational thinking here we go. What you've done is incredible here? Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. We are lucky to have Charlie Charlie. Charlie cuts running the White House. I want to thank jollies at incredible guy. His spirit his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point. USA He will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and and we are going to fight for freedom campuses across the country. That's why we are here art. Everybody I watched the Democrat debate. So you didn't have to. I hope you enjoyed your night with your loved ones. Maybe you're watching something netflix or Hulu. But hopefully you're not watching the democratic debate and if you're in a bad mood you probably Democrat debate. I just have to say first of all. I was just kind of uneventful and full kind of going into this. Let's just the state of the rates Pete. Buddha judge is now considered the front runner in Iowa and New Hampshire. We predicted the rise of Buddha. Judge on this show early and often p. boot edge. I have to say when I make sure I say it correctly. It's very. Let's just say on dynamic there. It's a lack of dynamic group of candidates. It's not a lot of energy and a lot of charisma. I guess what we're kind of having a pre show meeting we said well. Would you want to say that Joe Biden has been durable. Not Really. It's that the other candidates are just so unappealing that he's just kind of there. There is some pretty interesting points that were being made. I want to dive into some of them but nationally. Only Joe Biden continues to lead. But let me tell you. Joe Biden's biggest concern is. Let me just walk through how this works. Primaries and caucuses it's not national go state by state and after one st falls old people can really solidify themselves as a front runner and currently Joe Biden is doing horribly in Iowa. He's doing poorly in New Hampshire. So he's in first place in Nevada but his whole strategy adage is to lose basically Iowa New Hampshire and then start winning what he considers to be serious states like Nevada and South Carolina. I just WanNa say that's a very risky political article strategy just to say that I'm going to forfeit all the new cycle all the momentum and all the energy let me tell you why we'll begin in Iowa. A lot of the debates will be happened again in Iowa Iowa New Hampshire getting closer to the caucus and the primary all the attention the big endorsements from a papers like the Des Moines Register will happen and vines going to be treated like a nominee. The whole is of the nation are in Iowa. But what's the old expression that we use here on the Charlie Kirk Show Iowa picks corn New Hampshire picks presidents. So not nothing against Iowa. We loved the Great State of Iowa but there is evidence to show that I was not always the best indicator who will be the President United States. However here's a fast fact trivia question who won Iowa in two thousand eight in the Democrat primary jeopardy music queued brock? Obama did Barack Obama was a long shot candidate and it from Illinois and guess who he was running against he was running against Hillary Clinton in two thousand eight which really kind of positioned him as eventually a very competitive challenger nominee. So I want to begin with some sound though from Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren. I disagree with a lot but I actually agreed with this and I think this is a winning message for Elizabeth Warren. I think if she stays disciplined and if she stays away from the socialism angle which is hard. Because that's who she really is and she actually got into it a couple of minutes later but this is a winning message for Warren and she pivoted away from the impeachment hearings to a broader deeper point but I think resonates with a lot of people in a lot of listeners to our show so she was asked a question about impeachment and general something around that but she pivoted it towards something completely different. Let's play sound and I'm taking a pledge anyone who wants to give me a big donation. Don't ask to be ambassador because I'm not going to have that happen. I asked everyone who's running for president to join me in that and not a single person has so far. I hope what we saw today. During the testimony any means lots of people will sign on and say we are not going to give away the ambassador posts to the highest bidder. So what Elizabeth. Warren was basically saying that. Hey why are multi millionaires and billionaires able to basically by ambassadorships so later in the show we're going to dive into ambassador Sunland. WHO's the ambassador of the European Union and kind of his whole testimony? But let's give some background and some biography to embassador sunlen ambassador Sunland close friends. The president trump no. is He someone with foreign policy experience experience. Now as he's someone who understands the region well no who is ambassador some a longtime republican donor who didn't like Donald Trump who stopped his supported. Donald trump post president trump going after the Kahn family when he spoke at the Democrat national convention who then rectified his wrong. I guess you could say by giving a million dollars to the inaugural committee to support President Trump. Basically in some ways people would say buying influence which got him the position to the European Union. I agree with Elizabeth Warren. For donors should not be given positions just because of how much money they give to inaugural committees. That's not right. That's not the way business should happen. This is why people don't trust Washington. NBC That's why the real division our country is not right versus left it's not conservative versus liberal. It's the people versus the ruling class. Senator Elizabeth Warren is correct. Point this out that is the real division in our country so Elizabeth Warren is not totally incorrect. There in fact this is a winning message for have to say if she just stayed disciplined on corruption corruption in government and a very populist appeal and main street main street midwest values. I'm telling you right now. The Democrats playbook to win and they're not. I can do this because there are so foolish if they ran on moderate social issues if they didn't run roughshod over religious values kind of a p Buddha just doing but he reveals his colors when it comes to abortion but if Elizabeth Warren was hey I want strong borders if I want commonsense immigration policy. If I'm GonNa Kinda let the religious community she can do as they see fit but if she was very focused on anti-corruption pro populists pro-trade policies and Kinda competed with trump on those issues. That would be a winning winning message for the Democrats. However they're doing the exact opposite they're trying to have open border? Socialism with radical left wing. Social Agenda. And this is indicated by the two recent Democrats winning in Too Deep Red States Kentucky and Louisiana John Bel Edwards being one of them they ran on moderate socially conservative irving. Now Mind you John. Bel Edwards actually signed in abortion ban many months ago which as a Democrat is like no go zone so if Elizabeth Warren it came out and was like hey. I've a moderate abortion position. I think there should be limitations on abortion and eight week ban which by the way it's heresy and the Democrat party like you can't. Let's say that the abortion lobby is no go. You can't do that. She her message of act pain for play access to government it resonates with a lot of people. But you know what else just doesn't make sense is when you try to argue that the government is bought and paid for by the wealthy and well-connected and then the same sentence say that government should run our healthcare. So basically you're like yeah the wealthy in the well-connected run our healthcare it contradicts itself inherently and so she was right on the diagnosis of the problem. Correct that millionaire should not be able to buy influence in government Vermont but incorrect in her broader message and she's so on social issues radically leftist that people in mainstream America and Midwest America want nothing to do with it. I believe that abortion rights are human rights. I believe that they are also economic rights and protecting the right of a woman to be able to make decisions about on her own. Body is fundamentally what we do and what we stand for as a Democratic Party and so then she shifts to kind of the. You didn't build that speech two point. Oh and exchange with cory booker and I don't know is Cory Booker. GOING WHOA capitalists. Let's play the clip of Cory Booker going back with Senator Elizabeth Warren to well Texan. We invest an entire generations. Respond sure you know again. I agree with the need to do all of those things. We're all united in wanting to see universal preschool school and I'll fight for that. We're all united in wanting to fund Hughes. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for two parents that went to HEC US but the tax the way we're putting forward right right now. The Wealth Tax. I'm sorry it's cumbersome would try by the nation's it's hard to evaluate we can get the same amount of revenue through just taxation but again we as Democrats have gotta start talking not just about how tax a stage but how we grow wealth in this country monsters disadvantaged communities that are not seeing it so I guess the big divergence urgency the Democrat party is someone who wants to take absolutely all your stuff and someone wants to just take most of your stuff which is cory booker. Which I guess is big dividing line cory booker? Actually I think has another winning message. If the Democrats talked Cory Booker did for like twenty seconds. He was running a general election race. Senator born running a primary race big difference Cory Booker. It was basically saying we need to talk about creating wealth. I have not heard of Democrats. Say That in a long time yes. Thank you about talking about growing the Pie. I believe in the dignity of our inner cities. I I believe in the dignity of our rural communities and Senator Elizabeth Warren is so focused on the wealth tax. Basically we built this together and by the way this is one of the biggest lies of the left. One of the biggest lies of the left is the idea that somehow workers and employees did not get paid for their Labor along the way that somehow people that own businesses exploited them along the way. She's like oh well we built this together. Sure perfectly respect that argument. That's why they were paid along the way that's why they signed up and actually contributed attributed their work to a broader workable. But you know what the employees didn't do. The employees didn't take the massive risk that the business owner did along the way the employees didn't sign on the dotted line to go into debt. Got To start the business. The employees didn't work as many as saying employees work necessarily all the extra hours but it's the business owner that assumes the liability and the risk and with that will potentially reap the reward which is statistically unlikely. Most businesses do not succeed in America. Most businesses do not get to that fresh all the millionaire billionaire and she she comes from the zero sum game fixed pie fallacy that is inherent in the flawed viewed economics written by Karl Marx which is just because someone gets rich. Someone Gets Poor Cory Booker actually challenged on this and I woke cory. Booker capitalist probably dug himself a hole and will not be successful so tom style also said something rather rational now by the way. I just had to say Tom. Steiner is the sugar daddy of the radical left Andrew. Thanks that up for him. But do you notice that Senator Bernie Sanders goes after millionaires and billionaires and he says billionaire shouldn't exist and he never actually just turns Tom Steiner. I think you shouldn't exist. GonNa be gone like he never does that again. If it was a Republican or Conservative unabashed with it. They'd have no problem with billionaires as long as the billionaires spend their money on restricting individual liberty freedom or destroying America. They love those types of billionaires. Hey you're a billionaire wants to contribute your money you destroy our country. You're great George. Your great from our Zuckerberg all these guys on the radical left your great. However with tire he had a great idea and I wish there was actually a conversation around this? Tom Steyer is so ridiculously charismatic. And by the way it doesn't resonate with people that you can buy your way into a debate stage. This doesn't the guy is so unappealing it's just I say unabashedly because his organization that he's touted next gen absolutely hates the work that we do a turning point. USA and good they're a bunch of radical Marxists that are just constantly pushing ideas that our way out of the mainstream of our country but Tom Steyer actually has a really good idea and he just worst job possibly every articulating. Here's where you win the debates. If you're on the edge and YOU WANNA make make it what he should have said you want to make sure said `I stand for term limits you know why because Bernie Sanders has been in politics. Longer than I've been alive I stanford term limits. You know why Carr's Senator Kamala Harris has been nothing but politics I stanford term limits. You know why because just go. Boom boom boom boom boom down. He says `I stand for term limits because Nancy Pelosi has been in in Congress or forty four years. We need fresh new exciting voices. Look at the stage like a geriatric concluding myself like that would have been the mic drop. Guess what he should give zero. Xi's literally early. A billionaire like he's so being politically correct and he's trying to be friends with people and it's he should be the guy that should be nuking dudes nonstop like your loser loser. Your Fraud Your Marxist your socialist. I made money. I've money I'll go on my defy pretending I care about climate change after this debate and fly back to my home in Malibu pretending the oceans oceans are gonNA overflow and go and eat Vegan even though I hate it whatever liberals do in their spare time. The milk made from almonds or something crazy like that. I don't know. But but he's the one that should be going scorched earth on these guys and he missed it like term limits is a great idea for our country. term limits are so overdue and for Tom Sawyer advocate for it. I'll sign his pledge leads for term limits. Somebody were to sign. That's why I support term limits because I believe government is inherently corrupt. You don't so you believe. In term limits for some sort of Nice Nice woke soundbite because the American people support them because they know government is corrupt yet at every turn you support government confiscating guns limiting our energy production limiting our freedoms Adams and liberties and growing ridiculous extents. So Joe Biden. Who is the sluggish front runner? This guy is just waiting to get taken out. I mean this guy. Joe Biden is just begging for another candidate. He's points. Can you take me out if you notice. I have more people supporting me in the black community that announced from me because they know me they know who I am three former chairs the the black caucus the only black African American woman that ever been elected to the United States Senate. A whole range of people now are the by the way I was just watching the Joe Biden thing and I was just waiting for him to answer the question with you know my son was plenty qualified to be on the board a Barista of Dang. I was just waiting for one of the candidates. You WanNa talk about savage. Tom Steiner moment. He's like I. I just WanNa take a moment Tom. Steiner could have been like the most woke based leftist billionaire and he would live in like legends. Read it but of course. He's like those things if Tom Steiner wanted onto the be like super grassroots. He's GonNa just set everybody. I just WanNa take a moment and congratulate Joe Biden on becoming grandfather. Today that erupted. -rupt it for those. That didn't hear the news. Hunter Biden is involved in a lawsuit in Arkansas. This is verified. This is not fake news. It's totally true. And he does have an illegitimate child as proven by DNA. Test after saying it wasn't as kid and by the way Hunter Biden has the money to pay for it. We know that eighty three thousand dollars a month from Barista you can afford his child support anyway. So Joe Biden was kind of a mess in this debate. First of all before the debate even began he sent his post-debate fundraising three hours early. which is such a boomer thing to do? This is like again you probably have. When young he probably has like young people running it but he wrote his post to send out his post-debate fundraising plea? Did I make you proud tonight. But Joe Biden basically. He's just trying to get through these debates for him. This is not interesting or fun I just have to say how unimpressed an politically about these democrats. There's so many windows and opportunities for them to go after each other and distance didn't see each other I don't know I don't know if they have some sort of secret handshake onto the table that they're not going to attack each other. I mean the only kind of conflict that actually happened was tolsey versus Kamala Harris Tolsey. Gabbard Robert implicated the entire Democrat Party for their role in America's endless wars something. I totally agree with. Let's play tape of Tulsi. Gabbard Harris is doing his is unfortunately continuing traffic in lies and smears and innuendoes because she cannot challenge the substance of the argument humint that I'm making the leadership and the change that I'm seeking to bring in our foreign policy. which only makes me guess that she will? As president continue this the status quo continue the Bush Clinton trump foreign policy of regime change wars. which is is deeply destructive? This is personal to me because I served in Iraq I left my seat in the state legislature in Hawaii volunteer to deploy to Iraq Rice served in a medical unit. Were every single day. I saw the terribly high human cost of war. I take very seriously the responsibility that the president has to serve as commander in chief to lead our armed forces and to make sure always. No I'm not going to put party interests. I I will put the men. Congress woman so tolsey basically compliments trump's soren policy just so we understand trump who's ending the Afghan war and is critical of the Iraq war and pulling troops out of Syria but then Senator Harris has never found a battle that she's going to lose that she doesn't want to engage in decides decides to go after Tulsi Gabbard because obviously Senator Harris is slipping so far in the polls she see some form of relevancy by attacking someone who's even lower than her in the polls by saying no no. I actually love foreign endless wars and Tulsi Gabbard didn't have the best response. Tulsi Gabbard should have said and she just said you know I served my country and I saw the horrors as of war. I saw the suffering the famine the orphans that creates and to you Senator Harris while you're locking up kids unfairly in California. I was fighting fighting our wars overseas and on that I saw what war does and I won't meet with anyone at any time to end the war. And yes that means Steve Bannon and yes that means Republicans. Shame shame on you. That's what you should have said. That would've been a mic DRP. Tulsi Gabbard moment instead it was this convoluted answer. So that's what she should have said. Do I think Senator Harris was locking people up on fairly no. But that's a talking point of the Democrat base that would have been very effective for Tulsi. Gabbard she's used that accusation before so this episode is brought to you by our friends over at Wolf and shepherd look at this amazing product. Look how comfortable this is wolf and shepherd makes the world's most comfortable dress you for people who just WanNa get stuff done okay. We love working at turning point. 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No results no energy very disappointing. Donald trump literally raised just three point one million dollars in twenty four hours during this impeachment. Nonsense the RNC sitting on probably over one hundred million dollars in the latest report. The campaign is flush with cash. The Democrat Committee. They literally have to go to Mexico and they do fundraisers in Mexico. They went to Mexico and they did. They did a fundraiser with people that obviously want to see the Democrats be get more power. Our this was really interesting. Molly hunting way tweeted Buddha. Judge says he would not continue. Trump's hard stance against China's unfair trade practices using tariffs unclarified. Unclear if he just backed down or if he had some other plans for taking them up look I just I kind of stay away from these kinds of arguments. But I'm going to do it anyway. Do you really want Buddha. Judge to negotiate was usually Ping. I mean that that guy would they would be. They'll be laughing in Beijing. Judge Watch walked in front and I mean the guy is. He can't even run south. Ben How is he going to run an international trade deal and look people to judge. The guy does not have front runner status. You look at it and you say that guy's not going to be a front runner. Know what he's surging and all the polls is that what Mr Producer decided. He serve surging New Hampshire. He surging an Iowa. I don't think that's GONNA stick. I really don't I could be wrong. But Soviet Dave Rubin tweeted. There's nothing remotely interesting curiouser inspiring here. What are you guys GonNa be watching on Netflix? These days Atta Boy Dave Rubin so basically this debate about nothing there are some really interesting intellectual back and forth that will get into to a later time on the Charlie Kirk show that just kinda shows the intellectual and Ideological Direction Senator Amy which had like the most cringe moments. I could possibly imagine where she was like. I raised money from all my ex boyfriends and then senator eighty club which is like if you don't think a woman can beat Donald Trump. Just look. Nancy Pelosi does every single day. Not exactly sure. Oh she is. That interpretation of what's going on. And secondly she said well let's just look at all the female presidents that we've had. I can't stand this argument. Okay just that. Entire argument frustrates me beyond possible whole belief fertilizer for reasons. First of all Hillary Clinton had more than reasonable chance to become the United States and she lost miserably. So don't give me that. People are held to a higher Standard Hillary Clinton raise more money than Donald Donald trump she was treated better by the media. The Donald Trump it was the most winnable election of our lifetime. It was a waltz victory type election and Donald Trump became president United States. Here's the bottom line of this debate. I hope you didn't watch it. You're probably happy happier. Because of the Democrat Party is in disarray they are in shambles. They have no direction. No Clear Front runner. This is why someone rises and falls all the time it goes. Warren Goes Buddha judge. It goes to Biden. There's no clear message they. I'm just waiting for them to actually go based politics. It seems as if they're all just week. POLITICIANS UNREFINED ONE LINERS and no core message that they could bring to the American people. In fact it was P- Buddha judge we've and said yeah the Dow's doing really well but what does that actually mean. They're admitting the success. Most of the trump administration. They can't even go deeper or give credit for it. Joe Biden is still just slugging along you still I in the national polls Joe Biden is the safety position of all the Democrat voters. They are waiting for somebody else to get back into this race. I am more convinced after this debate than anything else that we're GONNA see a shakeup folks. We might see someone enter this race. I don't think this field complete. It just looks so boring. It's so uninteresting we have Bloomberg we have the vault Patrick as president. Trump says. We'll see what happens but I remain unconvinced that this Democrat field has anyone that can be donald trump and guess what we'll talk about this a little later in the show but president trump is beating almost all the Democrat. Front runners had heddon Wisconsin. And we'll dive dive into that in just one second all right. I know you guys worry about burglary and you should because people worry about burglary more than anything else more than murder more than terrorism. And there's something you gotTa do about it. If you care about your property you care about your loved ones right now you got to do something and get simply safe and guess what what we're partnering with them on a special offer because we talked to them and we got this amazing offer just for you for Black Friday. It's an amazing exclusive. 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Make a friend by a dog do anything but this watch reruns of college football ball from one thousand nine hundred forty S. Please don't watch this not because I am worried that you actually might be convinced by Adam shifts monologues by the way that'd be a great show for like like a soap opera. It's the shift monologues. This guy wanted to be a Hollywood star. Congratulations you have by the way that the ratings for these impeachment hearings are way down best described this in in a previous episode of the Charlie Kirk Show of the deep state murder on the Orient Express. He's got all these random people and they all dress differently and they look like random cast of characters. You got the guy in the full military gary outfit. You've got the guy with the Bowtie. The woman Maria Vich looks directly out of central casting like she could be a double agent. Spy I'm not trying to castigate any sort of against her character anything. I'm just saying it could be anywhere. The ratings are so down. So let's just recap Tuesday to witnesses testified. In the morning one Jennifer Williams aid she the offered totally meaningless testimony and it was largely forgettable. That's all I'm going to say about that. So thank you Adam Schiff for wasting time on that but Vin men was a total disaster. He testified the fight for hours on national. TV that one. He never met the president. He's never ever met the president so I've met the president more than just so we understand what this guy was testifying finance number two. He said that he has no way of knowing what the president was thinking on Ukraine and number three. He admitted that his testimony was based on nothing more than his own personal opinions and feelings and when it was revealed that he broke the chain of command and went outside of his superiors to reveal his feelings about the July twenty fifth Ukraine call. He went to National Security Council. John Eisenberg National National Security Council. While you're John Isenburg Isenburg told them not to share his concerns anybody else V- inman then immediately went to his twin brother and NFC lawyer again. You can't make this stuff up. He's got twin Moyer's during the full military uniform you got the whole thing. He also went to George. Can't who testified last week and then you've got an anonymous agent. He went to none of a CIA agent. Likely the one we did not name on the Charlie Kirk show episodes Schmidt Morella we do not name the whistleblower sense we don't name the whistle blower. Please go listen to our show. The SCHNITT show Morella show show and by the way we do not name him. That's why it's called the Sh- merrick relish. Oh then Adam Schiff stepped in and did something incredible role tape if I could interject here. We don't WanNA use these proceedings. It's our time and Gerald. We need to protect the whistle blower. If we stop I WANNA make sure that there's no effort to out the whistle blower through sleaze proceedings if the witness as a good faith belief that this may reveal the identity of the whistle blower. That is not the purpose that we are here for and I want to advise The witness accordingly. So shift is still protecting the whistle blower and gate keeping any witness who may feel pressure to reveal their identity hard stop. Why is the intelligence committee over overseeing an impeachment investigation because Jerry Nadler can't run an investigation to save his life? Okay nor can Adam Schiff but it still Adam Schiff. I guess is a little bit better at running a circus and Jerry Nadler. But here's the thing. The Washington Post step in today's debunked claim that the whistleblower has a statutory rights anonymity. Hey a broken clock is right twice a day thank you. Washington Post Shift said the following. I'm concerned about a bad faith. Effort to out a whistle blower who has a statutory right to remain anonymous. The washing post responded. I don't have to read this. But they basically quickly debunked it. They said they said the case. Three Pinocchio and it's totally on true shifts defense of the whistle or raises an important question the White House but it this way quote Vigne made it clear that he gave information president. Trump's phone call with President Zilenski to an unnamed individual shift shutdown questioning about the unnamed individual to quote protect the whistle blower. But neither one knows who the whistle blower is interesting. Well Vin men was truly supposed to be Adam shifts star witness but guess what he crumbled under pressure. This this guy is not Brett. Farve Peyton Manning Tom Brady okay. This guy is not Tom Brady. This guy's not peyton manning. This guy's the Colin Kaepernick of congressional testimony. Okay this guy is a totally weak person who wants nothing but attention and wants to play victim. This guy's the Colin Kaepernick of congressional testimony. Not Not a crunch time player okay. It totally crumbled under pressure. He did serve valiantly in the United States military I am no way demeaning or diminishing his military service but I can make an independent observation analysis about about the fact. That guy is weak under pressure and he was totally misguided he. We reported earlier this week on the Charlie Kirk show that women would testify that they were missing portions and the read out of the trump Ukraine. Call then men wrote this about the summary of the call in his deposition quote. President trump underscored the unwavering support of the United States for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders and expressed his commitment to work together with president-elect Celeski in the Ukrainian people to implement reforms that strengthened democracy increase prosperity and root Out Corruption but guess what that fell apart during testimony on Tuesday gunmen clarified. During his testimony at the president did not bring up. The topic rooting out corruption during the phone call but included in summary of the call anyway altogether. Everyone agreed that Lieutenant Colonel Alex vitamins Tuesday morning testimony was a total disaster that evening National Security Council official Tim Morrison and Ambassador Volker the US special representative for Ukraine negotiations both testified this went on forever. This was is like a bad golf game on a Saturday afternoon. 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Everyone's favorite styles are on sale today. So don't wait. Korean for fifty percents off all jeans sweaters and outerwear the old navy and old Navy Dot Com and soon valid eleven twenty to eleven twenty six excludes in store clearance gift of the week. So guys this dragged on forever Adam Schiff that is best to try to shroud their testimony in legalese in confusion even going late into the night for pass when anyone would be watching but but they both testified the same thing number one there was no quid. Pro Quo number two. There was no bribery number. Three there was no extortion. In fact representative Radcliffe from Texas has has had probably had one of the best exchanges on Tuesday surrounding the word bribery. Let's listen to that exchange. No witness has used the word bribery to describe. I president trump's conduct none of them all of the deposition transcripts. These are just the ten that have been released six weeks of witness interviews in this impeachment inquiry hundreds of hours of testimony. Thousands of questions asked thousands of answers given the number of times that witnesses have been asked any question about whether whether or not president trump's conduct constituted bribery before ambassador was asked by my colleague Congressman Stewart. Last Thursday is zero. The number of times witnesses have used the word bribery or bribe to describe president. Trump's conduct in the last six weeks of this inquiry is zero in fact in these thirty five hundred pages of sworn deposition testimony just these ten transcripts released thus far the word bribery appears in these thirty five hundred pages exactly one time and ironically it appears not in a description of president. Trump's alleged conduct appears in the description of Vice President Biden's alleged conduct and as you heard in that clip. The only reference to bribery was to Joe Biden and his son hunter. By by the way there's a lot of breaking news about BEREA SMA and also hunter Biden today all all. I have to say as all the news around Hunter Biden. He can definitely afford child. Support so on. Wednesday with Democrats are calling the real bombshell for this time after Taylor Tent Ivanovich Ivanov investment. All ended up being duds so ambassador to the European Union. Gordon Son testified before Adam shifts impeachment committee. Let's just say Sunland was a mess. Okay okay he was a total mess. So let me tell you what happened here. Silent testified behind closed doors that something very specific for ten hours that there was no quid pro quo and then he became any kind of augmented his testimony in a very bizarre way. So let's be perfectly clear. There is no pressure no bribery no extortion and no oh quid pro quo but an effort to cover his dairy air to use a French word because he's ambassador to the U.. I'm sure he spends plenty of time. In the failed country of France in Paris. Oh he produced an addendum to his hours and testimony. which read like this from the New York Times number one? Mr Sunlen said. He believed that withholding aid package of three hundred ninety one million dollars in security assistance that had been approved by Congress quote. Ill advised although he did not know when or why or by whom the aid was suspended number two. I presume that the aide had been linked to the proposed anti-corruption anti-corruption statement. Mr Sunland set. This is the crux of the issue. Listen to the language he presumed he did not know when or by whom the aid was suspended so all day headlines around on the Internet read Sunlen ties trump to quid pro quo for eight etc etc.. which again if you just read the headline you think trump was in a lot of trouble fake news so one of the greatest greatest take downs of CNN live on CNN was representative? Mike Turner from Ohio. Who just destroyed the media's narrative comparing the CNN Chiron asking the witness if it's actually what what he meant when he said roll tape but after you testified German shift run out and give a press conference and said he gets to impeach the President States because of your testimony? And if you pull up CNN in today right now. They're banner says silent ties. Trump to withholding aid is that your testimony today missed a Master silent that you have evidence and the Donald Trump tied the investigation. Because I don't think you're saying that I've said repeatedly congressman I was presuming. I also said that president trump so no not just the president. Giuliani didn't tell you mulvaney didn't tell you nobody pump peyot didn't tell you nobody else on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying aid to these investigations. Is that correct. I think I already testified. Answer the question. Is it trek. no-one on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying this aid to the investigations. Because if your answer's Yes than the chairman's wrong and the headline on CNN is wrong no one on this planet told you that president trump was tying aid to investigations. Yes or no. Yes so you really have no testimony today that ties president trump to a scheme to withhold aid from Ukraine in exchange for these investigations. Other than my own presumption which is nothing. I mean that's what I noticed it. So you know what hearsay evidence is ambassador here says when I testify what someone else told me what made up testimony is this made up testimonies. When I presume it I mean you're just assuming all of these things and then you're giving them the evidence that they're running out of doing press conferences and CNN's the headline is saying that you're saying the president should be impeached because he tied aid to investigations? And you don't know that correct. I never said the President United States should be impeached beached. Nope but you did. You have left people with the confusing impression that you were giving testimony that you did. Not You cannot impeach a president based on hearsay you. You can't impeach a president based on presumptions by the way I want to also play Jim Jordan takedown who just says wait a second. When did this alleged meeting happened and silane laughs? Because does none of the accusations actually played itself out play. Jim Jordan ambassador. When did it happen? When did what happened the announcement? When did presents Lindsey announced that the investigation is going to happen on page fourteen? You said this was there a quid pro quo. Today's your opening statement as I testified previously with with regard to acquire requested White House. Call White House meeting. The answer is yes that they needed to be public statement from presents. Alinsky when the chairman ask you about the security assistance dollars dollars you said there needed to be a public announcement from Dolinsky. So I'm asking you a simple question. When did that happen? Never did never did they got the call July twenty if if they got the meaning not in the White House but in New York on September twenty fifth. They got the money on September eleventh when the meeting happened in never did. You don't know who's was in the meeting which meeting referring to meet. That never happened. who was in it you know how people do the House Alinsky announced it? Did He tweet it to do a press statement. Did he do a press conference that happened. I mean you got all three of them wrong. They get the call they get the meeting. They get the money. It's not two plus two. It's over three. I've never seen anything like this. So let's just take a step back and kind of summarize. All this ambassador Sunland was trying to save is dairy air because he had incomplete testimony previously. But let's be very very specific. President trump had his lawyer Rudy. Giuliani trying to look out for his best interests during the Muller investigation while a million ton of bricks are being thrown thrown at president trump rudy. Giuliani was trying to root out. Who actually might have been behind this from its original intent? None of that actually gets discussed. But here's the thing. The aid was released leased to Ukraine. The meeting actually never happened in the Oval Office. The press release never actually happened. That was being put in question and most importantly and most no specifically exoneration happened today. Yes that's right. President trump was exonerated. Ambassador Sunlen testified the three most important words that the media will not cover. I want nothing. I want nothing play tape of the United States today addressing the media media. I'm going to go very quickly. Just a quick comment on what's going on in terms of testimony with Ambassador Sunland at I just notice notice one thing and I would say that means at all over. What do you want from you phrase? He asks flee screaming. Why do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and series business ambassador. soldering speaking to me just happened to television. What do you want from Ukraine? I gave very well these different ideas and theories. What are you what are you want? It was a very short and abrupt conversation that he had with the Bay said He. He was not in a good mood. I'm always a good mood. I don't know what that is. He's just said now he's talking. About what my response. So he's going what do you want. What do you WanNa hear all these years? What are you what right and now? Here's my response that he gave just K- ready. You have two cameras rolling. I want nothing. That's what I want from you great. That's what I said. I want nothing. You said it twice so he goes. He asked me the question. Why do you keep hearing all these things? What do you want he finally gets me? I don't know him very well. I have not spoken to him. That this is not a man I know well seems like a nice guy though but I don't know well. It was with other candidates actually supported other candidates not saving late but he's not respond now now. If you weren't fake news you've covered properly. I say your best response. I want nothing I want. Nothing I want no quid pro quo. Hells Dolinsky president. Ulysses thing so his by answer I want nothing. I want. Want nothing I want no quid. Pro Quo sells delicious to do. The right thing he says is the final word from the president of the United States. I want nothing. Thank you have a good time. That was the president saying what ambassador. Senator sunlen testified this should invalidate the entire impeachment hearing. Could you imagine if Richard Nixon if there were tapes of Richard Nixon saying. Don't cover it up. Stop covering it up. I want nothing. I want you to do nothing. I want you to do. Nothing could you imagine. If that sworn testimony existed or those tapes existed assisted. Richard Nixon would not have resigned the fact that president trump has ambassador Sunland who also had some not so good things to say about him saying that president trump was not in the best mood saying I want nothing. I should have a shirt that says I want nothing that should invalidate the entire impeachment testimony kill shot and if testimony mic drop homerun. Walk off homer game winning field goal and the game. Close the business. Whatever sort of INNUENDO YOU WANNA use? It's over New Year's Eve. I don't care whatever it's done. Phoenix finished over and the song. The impeachment should be done. I want nothing now. If sunlen testified that president trump said. I'm really upset with you. I told you I wanted this. I I told you I wanted that. Click president trump. I want nothing this is such a sham and it's a disgrace to our country but let me tell you why this is is happening but just hold on one second all right. We got a huge week. Sports ahead everybody and of course we're GONNA talk about football of course the NBA has some key matchups. You've got Boston at Clippers. Houston Denver San Antonio Philadelphia again. I'm a fan of basketball but I don't think November basketball is exactly as entertaining as this college football brought by our great friends at online dot. Ag So if you guys disagree with anything. I'm going to say do something about it. Be a person of action and go to bed online dot. Ag Use was that Promo Code podcast one so first and foremost and most importantly in college football because college football is a greater sport than NFL just as there is no argument. This is a rational thought. Brought to you on the Charlie Kirk Show Irrefutable Truth Organ Arizona State. I might go to that game. I'm not gonNA tell you if I will or not because there might be some not some good people that come up and try to find me but or going to Arizona. State the ducks of organ are going to win and they might be in the College Football Playoff Texas at Baylor. Baylor could have been in the college playoff. I like Texas to win this game. Texas has been the biggest disappointment of the season are member of the Charlie Kirk show is smiling and she's saying Gig him with that massive ring because that's all the people at 'em they wear these ridiculous rings but Howdy what they say at U. Penn State at Ohio state huge game like a massive game. Think College game days. They're probably Lee. Corso will probably pick the the BUCKEYES. I think Penn State is going to lose but the line. Last time I saw the line I bet online dot. Ag It's like an eighteen and a half point line or something ridiculous. I liked the line on that but I do like Ohio state to win. UCLA AT USC who cares nonsense garbage game SMU at Navy. Same thing so we got a lot of cultural matchups got a lot of energy around it then. I I like organ with Aaron Estate but I think it's going to be close. I think this game's going to be a lot closer than people. Think just in Herbert quarterback of Oregon's been playing pretty good but he's going to be tested. Arizona State is going to be up for this game. mm-hmm Edwards thinks the coach Arizona State. He's GonNa get his team up. This could be a program changing win here. If you know something organ football we do horribly when you go go on the road in Arizona. It's just dreams are crushed. Remember when Dennis Sticks in two thousand nine goes on the road tears. ACL On the road. Thursday night when they're number two in the country it destroys troy's the whole season. It's going to be going to be a game to watch anyway. NFL Matchup Carolina at New Orleans. I like New Orleans cowboys at the Patriots. Boy I never have seen somebody be so. Oh angry after a win. Tom Brady did not play well. He was just mad after that win against that. Seventeen ten win against Philadelphia but I do like the Patriots. Green Bay San Francisco. Jimmy Garoppolo is getting getting all this negative press despite only having one loss. Jimmy is great. Jimmy G. Green Bay's in first place in the NFC north. I think they have to losses. They're doing quite well. I like San Francisco to win seahawks at the Eagles. I like the seahawks Ravens at the rams. I like the Ravens Ravens. My dark horse to win the Super Bowl. If you disagree do something about it go to bed online dot. Ag Promo Code podcast. One again it's about online at ag for your fifty percents bonus. Use that Promo Code. podcast one go ducks. This is why this is happening. A New Marquette Law Wisconsin poll poll shows that trump now leads top Democrats in twenty twenty match ups. WHOA trump again spied up three trumpets sanders up three trump against warren up five trump against Buddha? The judge up nine poor little judge. He's going to have a little time time. Welcome to the big leagues. It's not you're not in southbound anymore. Mayor beat you're not in southend offender more last month trump trailed by by six sanders by Warren by one and Buddha judged by two. These are all Wisconsin matchups by the way and guess what the road to the White House could arguably go through Wisconsin because if trump loses Michigan Pennsylvania wins Wisconsin Ohio North Carolina Florida Arizona. He's president of the United States for a second term four more years years. This is why they're pursuing impeachment. This is why Bloomberg is going to spend his fortune to try to mix up the race a little bit to go after President Trump. They are freaking out there. Doing everything they possibly can and strategy stabilize and destroy this president from within and guess what this impeachment inquiry is backfiring. They thought this would be their big moment. Less people are tuning in a thirty five percent percent. Drop from viewership of Jim thome testimony. It's down tremendously in fact. I think it's actually helping president trump. Because I think people are tuning in. They're saying yeah. I don't like president trump but they got nothing. But what else would they might be lying about. I think it's backfiring in real time and boomerang well guys. This is a great show. We had instant analysis the MARQUESA circus. The Democrat debate will be backward picking up part that even more but don't stay focused on the impeachment stuff. Enjoy your life go for a walk run. Get a dog fall in love. Don't watch that stuff please. It is bad for the soul. I watch it so you don't have to. I'm going to tell you what you missed what you didn't miss. But the bottom line of all this they got nothing because trump said I want want nothing. That basically sums up the two days of testimony. Thank you guys so much for listening. Please support our sponsors and if you want to get involved turning point. USA GO TO TEEPEE USA DOT COM. Come come to one of our events dot com slash. SAS come to our student action summit. Where we Laura Ingraham? Ben Shapiro Sean. Hannity Sarah Huckabee Sanders Candice Owens Dan Crenshaw and so many others and yes. I will be there as well. Good a Teepee USA dot com slash SAS college. Student started chapter. If you're in high school started chapter her if you're a young professional and you're looking for something to support before the end of the year. Five Bucks Ten Bucks Fifty Bucks whatever you can afford Teepee USA dot com slash. Donate your apparent debt. Engaged get involved sign up for e mail list attorney point where the nation's largest conservative organization fighting for Freedom Liberty the American constitution and the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world. It's teepee Teepee USA dot com turning points as changing the game. I'm college and high school campuses every single day so next time this is Charlie Kirk posted the trolley kirk show. Thanks for listening. Stay Day free. God bless America.

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