The Barrett Brief- President Trump Fading Out Ridiculous Social Distancing


President Trump said the existing corona virus social distancing guidelines that are set to expire at the end of April on Thursday today will not be extended further as more governors begin to lift restrictions and reopen economies The administration said the existing social distancing recommendations are being incorporated by governors into future plans. They're fading out according to President Trump. Because now the governors are doing it during a White House meeting with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards the first trump condemned governor for taking steps to. I'm cert. Yeah commended commended. I'm sorry reading. commended governors for taking steps to reopen economies. The original tweet guidelines were extended to third thirty more days. Call for America's work from home. We all know because we've all gone through it and it's nonsense and it's garbage and then put people out of work and it was. It was terrible. It was absolutely terrible So that is what we are finally seeing. Is this re the lifting at least at the federal level the restrictions? It's about time about fifteen days too late because how many people are out of work now. Twenty six people are Fulton's thirty million people unemployed. Is that the new that the number of thirty million people unemployed if it's twenty six million or thirty million and still pretty bad. Gdp is contracted four point. Three percent. Ford lost five billion. This quarter six billion this quarter. They'RE GONNA lose five billion next quarter because we over shot or we went to extreme with these social distancing guidelines. Because everybody was afraid of this disease of the sniffles all right. Let's take a listen to our audio clip here from NBC. With the White House social distancing guideline set to expire tomorrow. President trump says he is not planning to extend them. We'll be fading out because now the governors are doing it but doing enough testing continues to be a hurdle to reopening a new Harvard study shows. The country needs five million tests a day to reopen safely on Tuesday. President Trump told me the administration would meet that benchmark. Are you saying you're confident? You can surpass five million tests per day. Is that what we're going to be diverse soon. But his own top official overseeing testing strategy told Time magazine in an interview released late last night there is absolutely no way on earth on this planet or any other planet that we can do twenty million tests a day or even five million tests today today. The president tried to walk back his comments from yesterday. I didn't say I've been didn't say it but somebody came out with a report saying five million Harvard report but we are going to be there at a certain point. We'll be there currently just over. Two hundred thousand tests were performed today but the administration rolled out a plan this week to boost those numbers. Meantime the President's son-in-law and top advisor Jared Kushner had this to say the government federal government rose to the challenge and this is a great success story And I think that that's really you know what needs to be told those comments coming against the backdrop of a death toll now at more than sixty thousand. Kristen Welker. Nbc News the White House and BBC News. Sixty thousand people accept out of that sixty thousand people twenty three thousand come from New York and out of sixty thousand people which is folks sixty thousand people. Dying is terrible. I don't want to see people die. three hundred thirty million people nationwide is that really statistical. Is that something to shut down and destroyed entire economy for especially as we see a rise in studies that have. Antibodies were meaning large Sections of the population have lower section of the population. Have ANTIBODIES ALREADY CLOSE? Angeles Boston New York any of these places that get tested by the way I talked about it yesterday. I'm not I've already been. I've said on this program. I'm not getting tested even if I think I have. I'm not getting tested. Nope I'll just sit. I'll just I'll grab some pedialyte and some saltine crackers and I will just tough it out. Why am I saying that because I'm sixty five and besides being a little I'm GonNa Tell You? I'm starting to look a little bit more like thor from Infinity War Not Not Infinity War from Endgame Than Infinity War which I never really did glazing war but definitely physique is is careening towards Thor from endgame. But besides that I don't have any other pre existing conditions that would make me susceptible to having a a nasty case of Corona Corona virus. And so one meal we have one million sixty seven thousand one million sixty seven thousand nine hundred sixty four cases as of right now sixty two thousand six hundred forty seven thousand people recovered right. They never talk about the amount of people who recover. They just highlight the debts. Will we have sixty thousand deaths? Scary scary is that sixty thousand deaths in one city. No I'm sorry in a state in the city in a in a region no that's across the entire country but of course it's subversive because the whole idea is to keep you scared now. I know some people say Well you only share things that reinforce your your biased and you should listen to the science and Blah Blah Blah. I know why the science got us into this nonsense in the first place. The science got us into this problem in the first place. Because you overdid it. You scared everybody to the point where people are seriously putting on the most ridiculous things. We are divided as a community here in the United States between people who support the idea of well. If you're not wearing a mask I can deny you service. Which on a base level. I'm okay with because if it's your private store you can. You can deny service to wherever you want but the Corona Karen's who have been absolutely they have been they've been absolutely they were targeted and the target was acquired and it was successfully reached. They went after the soccer moms. The soccer moms have lost their minds. And that's who is keeping us in this state also. I'm pretty sure If you've seen it on my twitter feed at bear brief one of one of my top reach a one of my top. Researchers in the chat room He he He keeps bringing up the ridiculous tests that I shared on my twitter feed bear brief V. A. R. E. D. B. R. I f. where they take. It's gotta be like an seven inch. Swab a little q tip in like a seven inch stick and they do the joker from the dark night where they shove that bad boy and some guy senses Sinuses because they're looking for sputum. That's the thing they're shoving it down your set your sinus cavity looking for sputum. There's no way you're shoving that thing I'm GonNa turn an cage from the rock. You gotta get that thing away from me right. I am not sticking in my face. Are you nuts. That is not happening. Just I would rather have the corona virus. I'd rather I'd rather be throwing up for three days then. Have you shoved some Yup? That's me that's pretty much me. No one in the chat room. Good job With the hammer and everything not the not the Not The beautiful flowing locks. Because I don't have any hair my head but right I got everything. Got Everything else. Going on Yes sputum is a nasty word. But that's that's what we're looking so it's good to see that as we're talking about in this segment of the program here in the Babri from the crusade channel. The last live radio station. Standing all this senator on what the fact that president trump is finally letting the the restrictions and guidelines or whatever. You WanNa call it expire because governor. Abbott is doing something. The governor of Georgia's doing something Governor Tennessee Governor Florida. They're allowing these to expand of course here in Texas. I'm watching local news and people are still some people are like. We're getting back to work and some people are going well. I don't know I'm a little scared. I want the people keep telling me or keep telling me like I'm having a conversation of people keep telling news reporters or putting on facebook or whatever that they're waiting until it's it's safe now we don't. I mean we try. We try to to lace some logic around my snarky comments. When is it ever going to be safe for anything? Oh congratulations. He didn't die of Corona virus. He got hit by a car. But at least I feel better knowing in my life that my brother or my you know. Little pappy didn't die of corona virus. He got smoked by a bus. But thank goodness. He didn't die of Corona virus. I feel better knowing that he didn't have to die of that. Horrible horrible disease. You guys in the Chavan crack me up. He was running from Corona virus. Got Hit by a car but at least at least we can all take a moment to thank goodness thank goodness he didn't die of corona right. That is the worst punishment dying of the corona. Whatever home my gosh? What happened a little johnny? Well Little Johnny choked on a Pretzel. Okay that's okay. He what are you talking about? He died in excruciating that he choked out he couldn't breathe. Yes but do you know? He didn't die of Corona virus. Oh you're right thank goodness I forgot. Didn't matter that he was he he. He was struggling for breath at the last moments of his life. At least he didn't die the SNIFFLES.

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