Chiefs@Titans Pregame Show: Mahomes Is Back!!


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That's Harrys Dot com code. Five thousand enjoy enjoy in sports updates to local kingdom read where we talk all things. Kansas City chiefs arrowhead empty. Join Chris Richard on Iheartradio L.. podcasts leaving podcasts defies regard player at them past box and all third party applications checks out facebook platform such as kiss of an aero healthy. And if you can't find this. Their research kingdom radio can't issues and you will find us. Welcome to the Kingdom. How are we doing chiefs kingdom? Welcome to kingdom radio. I am your host Richard Smith along with my co host and senior. NFL analyst Chris Chavez and look we are on the eve of Canc- chiefs versa Tennessee titans in Tennessee. And Look. We got a lot to look forward to special Patrick mahomes being cleared and coming back on the field. Look this rocket ship is about to take off again and and we're headed in the right direction and before we get into show our do some promotional things. Check our website Casey Kingdom radio DOT COM. Also tomorrow biggest live podcast ever for kingdom radio. Were really excited about this. Miss Nicole is making an appearance to due to entertain US and GonNa be doing her single. Are you ready and we up now at halftime also also kingdom radio is going to be doing a pre game show. There'll be a dare Thomas raffle ten dollar entry with a ten dollar pizza shop gift certificate going along along with that get up there and have some fun starts eleven. AM is going to be a big party up there. A pizza shop plasticity get involved. Come up there and do something different and have some. I'm fun with the Kingdom Radio crew and watch the Kansas City chiefs. Take it to the Tennessee. Titans Chris. Let's hop right into this. I'm sorry I had to go through all that stuff. But there's some big things is going on kingdom radio and and what do you think of having missed. Nicole out there are live fantastic is gonNA bring another level of energy and I really. Gene shows their partake. They were going to get you up here. Get you up to here to Kansas City as soon as possible and with that being said Kansas City. Get up there and have some fun. This event we were looking for to for about two months. We could not bring more to the table for this entertaining game and for Patrick Mahomes to come back and and lead the chiefs to a victory and so with that being said. Let's talk about the chiefs a little bit. Let's talk about this game Obviously Patrick mahomes coming back. You know. There's a lot of skepticism behind that with him being the future of Kansas City. You know obviously like we said last I recruits that. We want to we want the chiefs to win a super bowl worse than we want to beat the titans or like you said last week the packer so Chris Tell me how how you feel about Andy. Reed's decision in the coaching staff to bring and the medical staff. Excuse me to bring Patrick. Mahomes back against the Tennessee. Titans I would feel much better about this. Eric Fisher were were back As of Thursday and Friday Air Fisher have been limited a participant in practice but He's currently listed as out for some for tomorrow's game and with Cam Irving back there at left tackle. Well Still I. I'm still concerned about my homeless. But I also know that the Medical Staff Andy. Reid would not put him out there. without him having a practice at full speed all week and a him showing no ill ill effects of the practice axel. I feel confident for tomorrow. As do I especially the mahomes wearing the knee. Brace like he is. You know I still l.. Look for him to be Patrick. Mahomes I don't think the Andy Reid is just gonNA throw them in the You Know Shotgun position the whole game and not put him under center. You know when you your favorite a knee or an ankle you know you don't like that five stepper three step drop because that puts a lot of pressure on that nagging injury. But but I think he's he's all right. I think we're moving right along in the right direction. Can we beat Tennessee without him absolutely. I really think that we can and I think that's the biggest question. Mark you know with fans and analysis around the NFL wondering as to why. We're bringing Patrick mahomes back so early because you know the window of recovery for this injuries. Three to six weeks and Kansas City chiefs brought him back. You know as soon as possible assumes MS that window was available you know the chiefs are pulling Patrick. Mahomes right-back in you know to lead troops but look. I mean that's really a compliment to you. Know Andy Reid in the confidence you know. He has an our skill set players. You know to take the load off of Patrick Mahomes so Chris. Let's talk about that a little bit. Let's talk who who's going to have the impact in this game on the offense against against a defensive Tennessee team that I mean where would you rate. Tennessee's defense I want. I want to ask you that really. If if they were one hundred percent healthy I would read them. Probably middle of the pack. If they've got some really good players I complementary players to complete their defense. there are secondary is suspiciously. Good I don't get talked about enough. They just got picked on a little bit But you've got this kid Logan Ryan who has three and a half sacks on the year he also has a toll pass defense as the quarterback and He's also their leading pass. Defense talk a secondary player but trimmed also have three and a half sacks tells you that he's a well rounded player Good willing to step up and and the Ryan to blitz and do whatever the deacons needs from their second tour there safeties Kevin fired and the car can caro I think it was fired. WHO's a couple years removed from Pena? Pull Pro Bowl player. These guys are decent. They're they're still transitioning. They're trying to get their identity but they won't necessarily posed too big of a threat given the injuries that they're looking at because because they've got Two of their Starters Drill Casey End Jalen Brown out for this game and then on the. We'll get the offense. The CY Tampa two players are unlikely to play on the opposite side as well and which does an high favor the can see. She's I've seen any injury on the Tennessee. Titans at this point as a huge loss for them against a high powered roster the chiefs have and look you know the you said Logan Ryan has three sacks correct okay three and a half sacks I will say this he better be careful tomorrow coming after mahomes and leaving anybody an inkling an inch open and give them space. I think that the titans are really going to play the Kansas City chiefs differently on defense than they obviously played everybody else on their schedule. This is a different offense and we realize this but we're spoiled here and she's kingdom and also you know you had mentioned Eric Fisher injury. Look I don't see Jeffrey Simmons being a guy who can make a big enough impact of the defensive end for the titans but I don't see him being a big big enough to make an impact you know against how who's I'm sorry. It was filling in for him against A camera irving. I'm sorry I feel Cam Irving can handle that scenario. Compared to past weeks we've gone up against some great teams. Mm some great defenses and I think this might be the week that are running game can pick up especially after that a huge run that the Williams had last week we can. I think we can exploit this defensive line. I think if the defensive secondary tries to many stunts against Patrick Mahomes ultimately is going to buy them in the tail. They're going to have to play a safe game against the chiefs. which in the long run is also going to burn them as well? I just don't think you know all around. In any way that the Tennessee titans defense can hang with Kansas City and on that note Looking at their stats You'll only have two players who really jump off the page when it comes mm sack numbers. Logan Ryan has already mentioned and a linebacker. Hell Landry the third who has six news. There's eating sector. Everybody audio has one or two. These guys don't really get after the quarterback and ideally. This is probably the the best game to bring bring Patrick Mahomes back because even with Cam Irving who left tackle. He's extremely less likely to see pressure against against these guys. Then he would have last week against Minnesota Who I believe in getting a five five or six sacks against against Moore or next week against the chargers who although there will lose it like crazy I can still get after the quarterback right? So let me let me ask you this. Let's go back to my original question here. Who Do you think is is going to step up within our offense because was it seems to be a different player every week last week was probably the best collective chiefs win that I've seen in years? Who's going to be the man to step up here within our specialty players? Obviously obviously Patrick Mahomes against Tennessee defense. But who's GonNa be the man for the Canc- chiefs tomorrow her against Cheetah. But I think that the and we know that he's GonNa Gate he's GonNa get his tomorrow. I think the most pivotal player for the for the team is going to be Damian Williams. He needs to set the tone in the run game and make the Tennessee. Titans truly focus focus on a balanced defense and not just playing the past. If we can force also honor the run that opens things up our pass game yes The play action and even little dumped passes out of the backfield are into rounds. I mean it really opens up a lot for Kansas City to establish published that run game and more so than even realized because of how intricate. An- Andy Reid led offense truly is you're never gonna see the same thing. Think twice and if you do is because we've been burnt you the first time and we're probably going to burn you the second time too. But that's I feel like Andy Region. Have that confidence offense. And he has built and established within this organization to be able to go out and do whatever he wants to on any given Sunday against against any team especially the Tennessee. Titans so given this defense here. How many points do you think we can put up against just a lackluster defense and really a team? WHO has not found their identity yet? This season Aussie with mahomes. Coming back back and everybody else usually being healthy I could see as going for thirty five plus against these guys I could to you know this could potentially career day for mahomes and it seems like every game is a career game from a homes even an off game you know. He's throwing for two hundred seventy five. You know yards and two or three touchdowns last two or three times at least a touchdown but either way an off day from a homes is a great day for any other quarterback in the league. And Yeah I'm I'm with you. I mean this could climb up into the forties. If you know if Tennessee it really doesn't show up to play but I also think if we get up into those numbers we sit mahomes and bring more in and let him you know. Continue what he's doing this season I'm more should sit the whole game tomorrow to be perfectly honest with you. Got We get big enough for you. Definitely sit patrick. And let Matt Morris Hud step in and You know regardless of what we see from Patrick. Mahomes you know third mid third quarter fourth-quarter sit him him and let me finish the game. There's no reason to jeopardize him any further just because we he her we want to put put up these godly numbers to get him back into the MVP race which a lot of people are saying that He still in the race Blah Blah at this point I don't care about the MVP. I'm pretty sure he doesn't either. We all have our eyes on the Super Bowl doubts matters. We need him to be healthy and ordered to have have the best chance together But as we saw we have a lot of confidence with Matt Moore at at quarterback if that situation arises again and you know given his name gets called obviously he's GonNa come out and produce an I'm more interested you know and the chargers game. Obviously it'd be a AFC west showdown especially with how. Well the raiders. Have Kinda pull things together here in the season isn't there. They have some momentum and it's not that they're going to challenge the chiefs. I don't really think they are. I think this is kind of you know like me. And you have stated previously. We were just looking forward to the chiefs and the playoffs. That's when our season starts so I think that the offensive side of the ball and this game is more important than the defensive side of the ball granted they had great production. The last three weeks I just I don't think a Ryan Tannehill lead Ed. Titans I mean look as Ryan Tannehill Delaney Walker and Derrick Henry. That's really the only players on the field. The I'll even bat an eye. And Obviously Derrick Henry is a beast and that's the number one the number one player on Tennessee that we really really need the shutdown and we need to make it a priority just like we did Daven Cook Week we hold dare kindergarten to Daven Cook numbers. We're going to run run away with this game. And so I look for Chris Jones to get after them all day long Look our defenses. Getting healthy again and I see us not letting up. We're GONNA keep on the throttle just like we should and I see us get into Tannehill all day and this might be huge defensive game to solely because of the turnover over aspect Ryan. Tannehill is not very good under pressure and I really think that the chiefs are going to exploit that all day long. But Chris Gimme your take on. They are defensive. Scenario here you know against basically Derrick Henry. Well Dirk Henry is definitely a a different sort of back. Then we faced all season. He's going to be the biggest back we ever face And he's got some tremendous speed and we've we've done a really good job of tackling Running backs as of late and this can be another helmet of gang. Tackle this dude and make sure that he gets down But to go back to the passing game which were. I think that it's GonNa be a sneaky. Elementary their offense Ryan Tanna L. Has Completing nearly seventy two percent of his pass attempts and and although he is injury Timmy turnover prone he throwing four interceptions and one less game. Then Marcus. Mariota he's thrown one less touchdown So he's he's keeping the titans in Games and again Durkan Kinda finishing them Mav but to go back to another name that you dropped Laney Walker. He's GonNa be out for this game against so they're going to be as this. Is there a wide receiver. Corey Davis and so they're GONNA be relying on their a leading a wide receivers Adam Humphreys in AJ Brown Brown. Who Don't have as many yards will ejei brown is their youth needing yard? Excuse me He's averaging sixteen point five yards a catch but Corey Davises by their biggest game-breaker and then Delaney Walker is Mr reliable who they normally go to and so they're missing some of their biggest targets but the guys who were catching the ball the most atom unfreeze the three to catch lease the team They're so can be there on the field. Yes I you know I guess I just I have no confidence in in the titans. I still look at them as a one one-dimensional team even though Tan Hills you know completing over seventy percent of his passes has he seen pressure. We're going to put on him tomorrow and I guess the the biggest question is I do not see spags leading up on he knows sin and the dogs here and you know I look at this offense. Good Line Been Jones Center. That's really the only one who stands out to me. I just. I'm not straight across the board. I'm not seeing it and as long as as long as we. We don't let dare Kinley get to the third level. I think we'll be okay all the way around. This could be a you extremely lopsided game in Tennessee. Well I think I. I think you're not giving the titans tackles enough credit Taylor Luanne and Jack Conklin. They're pretty decent One of them have got POPs for PD's he's and he didn't start the season but use the whole pro- Couple years back. But I'm going back to the pressure Note that you made so in six games marcus. Mariota have been sacked twenty five times but in five games. Ten Cheryl was only sacked thirteen. And so I I think he handles the pressure better than Marcus Mariota Day. And so you'll probably find those check downs. Those quick hits on the blitzes blitzes goes. He's more experienced he. He can read the defenses better now. Will he be able to do that against us. I doubt it I mean you you going up against flacco who has been in the League for ten plus years. We made him look rookie years. Aaron Rodgers were running all night and so. I think that we're going to be able to get pressure. It's just GonNa be a matter of. Can we get to him. And even then. I don't think the Tanna hell's that good of a mobile quarterback quarterback that he's GonNa be able to like you said complete. Seventy two percent of his throws against us. Our secondary is too good for that and his letter. We need to keep riding. The this defensive wave that we've been on for the last three weeks now and continue that momentum if they performed Kahar Defense has performed the way that they have have. We've got this game on lock. I completely agree. I think that I hope that the mentality going into tomorrow's the game is just because Patrick mahomes comes back does not mean anything changes on defense. Because I'll tell you what if we get both of them going at the same time it is going to be very very scary for the remainder remaining teams on our schedule including New England and and we are absolutely a team that can sweep the rest of the season and the playoffs and win a super bowl. I mean there's a lot of predictions out there right now saying that. That's exactly what's it's going to happen because we formed and we formed into a team because of our leader got hurt you know what's crazy. Is Him getting hurt. was almost the best asset on our defense for the season. And I know that's a weird way to look at it but hey at made them step up up and we just have to keep rolling. Keep this rocket ship going and let the balk at the ball. Keep Rolling and it's no different front against the titans. The chargers anybody else that we face as we're rolling right now and this is the best. The chiefs have looked in all season. So like you said Tannehill. He might be able to do a little bit against us. But you also mentioned how we kept Aaron Aaron Rodgers and check. You know what we did to Joe Flacco we really. We really did a good job against the Ravens. I mean so so. We've we've played some tough quarterbacks. We played some really tough teams. This is a game. I mean Chris I understand everything you're saying about the titans but let's not be too critical. We're finally on the back end of our schedule and I don't think that it's that deep with the Tennessee. Titans don't get me wrong. I don't think that I don't think they're getting pose that big of a problem. I just don't want anybody to overlook them there. We'll get there GONNA it'd be competitive and they're gonNA give us Their best and I'm just pointing out. Where and how they can potentially do that? I think I think ultimately like I said we've got stop Derrick Henry. I mean that's really where it's at scratch Tannehill. We'll dare candidate is the beast on that team and we gotTa Stop Him. And I feel like we'll do it like I said as long as you don't let him at third level. I really really think that we can bring home a w here and so Chris with that being said we've touched base on offense and defense. Do you think are special. Teams is going to get involved involved here in and make things happen. Because I will say that McCall Hartman has has had flashes of brilliance. And then you know l.. Had some you know some other place that really question if we should keep hitting back there as a return man and then we switched up. The tyree killed this past game. What's your thoughts on our our special teams because look we haven't been as productive as in years past and that's something I've noticed? I think you touched base on that a few weeks ago. Maybe scene further back than that. But what's up with our special teams. What do you think you well? We like you said for a while. Now we're kind of spoiled because we have a lot of really really talented guys who can also flashes and contribution contribute in in in special teams and Armand with his speed. I mean he's always a threat to take it to the house. He hasn't yet But he's broken. Some some big plays in very impactful momentum swinging plates but then you also has some muffs allows housing muffed some fumbles that also sway the momentum for the other team and I think that while while will his ability to take into. The House is great and wonderful. I think that the threat of giving the ball back to the opposing team is too great. I think we need to make a switch back there just for week or two and let let Harbin figure out how to hold hold onto the ball and then put it back there again and I think that this week against Tennessee would be the week to do it just because I don't think their secondary Harry is going to be asking their secondary there Special teams is going to be able to Really harm us in any way she perform. I think it whoever we have back there is going to have a shot to potentially return when this weekend and I wanna say I'm with you on certain didn't Hardman Bod really are not really sitting him but not letting him handled the special teams really like seeing what he brings the table and real realistically mystically. This would be great week for our special teams to get it together a little bit and take one back to the house. I'd like to see that spark bark out of our special teams like we've had you know for at least a decade now and not that. It's hindering us. Obviously you know. Look at look look at but you know on the other side. I mean he's really really been a huge impact Dustin Colquitt obviously I just I want to see our special team. MM Step Up. Nobody really talks about that. That's Kinda back in scenario for the chiefs and if they can get it going to holy holy cow. I mean you think about the canc- chiefs firing on all cylinders special teams offense and defense at is dangerous dangerous so I feel like on the We we haven't been following all shingle All year long and if we can get there this can be fantastic. It's GonNa be a show that's for sure it's going to be a show so you don't on the other side of the ball special teams. I mean you know maybe Ryan suck up my grab. Grab a couple of field goals. Whatever he's doing but other than that? I don't see special teams on Tennessee. Titans really harming US anyway like you said so. So let's move onto the keys to the game here. I want to hear all around. What is your top three keys to achieve victory the three tomorrow For our for defense to keep the momentum upkeep riding that wave. We're GONNA be getting Frank Clark back Presumably he's been a limited participant and practice all week. He's questionable I don't think that he's GonNa see a lot of time. I think that he's going to see time And then just keep that rotation going And shut down the run. Show her gets tannahill pressure ham and then on the offensive side. Run the ball not not to take the ball out of mahomes his hands but to create the balance on offense that we saw worked so well under Matt Moore Yes yes complements to those keys the victory because every single one of those critical and I would say Yona add to that a little bit. Controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball is going to be a huge asset especially with a running back like like derrick air cannery like get to Derrick Henry Attack Ryan. Tannehill get to him for some turnovers. Put the ball back in the offense his hands and like you said run the ball control the clock and utilize the playmakers and get the ball out and mahomes hand. This is probably the first time since mahomes is taken the field for the chiefs saying get the ball out of his hands but we need to. We need to preserve our talent. Bring him back as early as we are. We don't want to put them in harm's way but the same time the faster you get the ball out on the homes hands. The easier is for the defense to stop are short passing game and that's something that we've seen earlier the season so I look for Andy. Reid has some tricks up asleep and really utilized different packages in place especially against a Tennessee. Defense defense the has so many holes. There's a lot of inexperienced there that I see in my mind and I think that our coaching staff can can really take advantage and win. Net chess game against the Tennessee. Titans coaching staff. So that's really my keys to victory Chris. Do you have anything to add to that on everything so let me ask you this. Let's go into predictions for tomorrow. And I'm going to start off with my prediction and this. This is something you know Chris me. And you're always like you know I'm not really big prediction person solely because when I was a kid to be perfectly honest with you every time I predicted the chiefs to win. Seemed like it'd bite me in the butt. Every time I bet on the chiefs of Bites me in the butt but with Patrick Mahomes led team. If you bet against the chiefs and my mind you're crazy man so tomorrow's game. Gosh I'm going to go out there. I'M GONNA say forty forty forty two forty five to thirteen forty five to thirteen. Kansas City. Takes it to Tennessee and we have a great defensive the game. Look we're going to score defensive touchdown tomorrow as well. I'm going to call that right now a defensive touchdown but that's my final. Answer Chris where you out with it. All Park seem ensures I was going to go thirty eight thirteen there. We go and it seems like man you. We have basically the in the same predictions we can and week out. We'd been off on a couple. Love Him and you know the curve on a couple of them has been wide but hey look. We weren't good scenario here. I feel like that that we are going to comfortably win this game confidently move into San Diego win that game and then we're GonNa go into the bye week and it's going to open up a whole chapter for the Canc- chiefs that didn't know existed. Because as I am well aware of and Chris I I know you are as well. I'm sure kingdom is Andy. Reid is almost flawless. After a bye week. So let's get these is two games are about giving Andy Reid some preparation. Let's move into this later half and let's get in the playoffs Kansas City so with that being said Hey look chiefs Tennessee tomorrow noon. Get up there to Platte city pizza shop. Checkout Miss Nicole live. Checkout Kingdom. Radio's live live show doors open at eleven. Am Get up there. Also check out the Casey Kingdom Radio website. Casey Kingdom radio DOT COM also check gal all of our merchandise. Gosh was it kingdom radio two thousand nine thousand nine hundred item order dot com And so with that being said that is our podcast tonight. Chris you got anything you want to add coach go chiefs go. Chiefs was taken to these titans. Chris thank you for being with me tonight as always as our senior. NFL analyst and Co host could not be happier talk. She's football with you Chris. Likewise it's always a pleasure. Alright Alright Kansas City. You have a wonderful night. I'm going to get this podcast out there. It is eight Oh four PM. And I'd love for yellow. See this sir. pre-game show the evening or early tomorrow before this chiefs game kicks off so have a wonderful night Kansas city get up early really get that read on and getting tailgate going going and let's go chiefs. Let's go Kansas City passionate. Mahomes do your thing. We brought back showtime at the right lifetime. Make sure we get it done. Kansas City have a great night. Thank you turning leaky debris go to podcast for everything can't city. She the UH the starlight lounge presents an evening the progressive box that's Ugo tickling the Ivories. He just saved by bundling home and auto progressive going to finally by a ring for that Gal of yours. You send him my condolences oof this. There's Third Adler thank you. Because of

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