Episode 24: Live From Uno's with Rob Zarko of Ship Bottom Brewery and Jersey Beer Guys & A Girl Podcast!!


Uh. Welcome. Show your about to listen to part of the hopped up network, growing family of beer podcast in the US and Canada find this show and others like it hopped up network dot com. The spot for informative and entertaining craft beer podcasts. Welcome. You are listening to the south jersey beer scene podcast. Brought tally here. Confused point. What else. This jersey beer guys. Also south jersey. Becky. Patriot nobody should be. John Henderson told her patriots twenty two year olds, folks. Vols. I feel like that has to families. Talent. Johns against that. Five years. Together. Vic work on his radio voice. Worked on the line and dick saucer the Playgirl centerfold this Mike. But he's been up to new wishing I have all I need right up here. Mugger attacks and Margaret Thatcher. So are you hear all that background noise. Pizzeria. Uno means one in Spanish. It's true. So we're in maple Shane. We are drinking delicious. Craft beer by ship bought Abreu gonna have rob on in the few minutes, rob from Berlin. We got a little tap takeover going on the comedown brought a couple of years. We had some great foods and what do you want. Oh, here we go. Shaq Shaq. H. a. c. k. SHA q. Whichever shack that is righty that. It's kinda cold doing this out in the road. I mean, we don't get out that you guys get out alive guys. Amy, Amy, Amy gets around a lot. I don't really get out. They have. Speed with us. I yes, I've been there when they've been ocean county. I've y. Why? Why do you with us? Why am I with you? Count data county for me. This is actually nice because all families are here cetera. Yeah, it's, we've done it. So it's really nice. It's nice that we're here. So we're sitting here talking, so. Injury. And I, of course, jersey, John. The bomb drop. The hammer dropped. We can half ago and then they picked the hammer back up. Again, they did say, did little little kooky here for those. You aren't in jersey. Yeah. So what happened was the ABC comedown whole set new roles pressure rolling clamp down on the breweries, and there was such an uproar, I think not not just a berries. Rod, let's make it clear. They clamp down breweries and many local businesses. Damage from this. Yep, exactly. So they they after what was it? Twenty thousand signatures, twenty thousand. Plus I think it we're close. We're say, Lear liquid almost thirty over thirty thousand thirty thousand signatures on a petition to change your mind and many, many phone calls to local legislators and from what I'm hearing, pissed off governor. Yeah, we can't have pot of here. If you're drinking. Doesn't make sense to give them again at beer. I think one of the things that that really really is weird is that we're a state where alcohol rules are not legislated just rulings by one guy, and that's a weird situation. Also, we're one of the few businesses in the state of New Jersey where local zoning doesn't supersede or doesn't make the rules of how you can be open when you could be opening what you can do, like every other business in the world. I mean, if you want to open up a restaurant, the local zoning, if they say you can have music can have music has nothing to do with a license purchase. The only license that I know of and I could be wrong. I've been wrong twice before. Dislike since carries, and it's not a yearly license. This carries stipulations which were clearly put in there to appease the restaurant owners and big beer distributors at cetera. In any way, says it wasn't as ridiculous because there'd be no other reason to have it right. So they, they clamp down. It wasn't pretty. Everything's peachy now for right now, so job, what do you think. What do you think is going to happen now? So anytime. Politicians go, go round politician to get something done, and then their constituents call them now they're going to have to be involved, right? It's such, it's not. I think it's a polarizing subject a little bit few hundred restaurant. I think we all agree that some things need to change. We're not. We do think something's changing now. Politicians are involved. So my feeling is that's going to be legislated. So what they said the special ruling was suspended was that they were going to reinvestigate with the same people they did before, which I have. I can name four people. We've talked to twenty boroughs, they had no idea. These guys never been in their bar. So I think it's going to be legislated. We had a bipartisan group up politicians. I went to the governor and the Republican head and the democratic head of the state government, both issued statements and support of this suspension, but doesn't mean that there aren't rules just means they've rolled back to the other oils which were the problem that there's so many grey areas, and there's rains that people certain people follow them to the t. of what they think they are in other people trying to push it. And that's the way businesses. So we do. We do need something. But I mean, I think that the thing I always go back to menus, what does that Amy. That just boggles my mind like, why couldn't have many. Just like a stab, just a real. I mean, but we were chance you got chips. And the other thing is for the fifty two private parties. You gotta have a list of Chinese. You've gotta hold on for three years. It's just a lot of, I think they're saying, well, we gave you this, this and this one nice concession at twelve outside vents. But I mean, I think it's just over over overstepping your bounds overregulation somewhere in the middle. They shall, but what to see what's gonna happen. It's not going to change in a week. No. And they need to look at what is going on. You know, I was reading your thing. Like the first couple. That's good. I'm gonna put somewhere to says, Amy, Oregon, reading this, and see if she gets like somewhere halfway down. I know they're going to do like an economic study. It's not just the birdies it's like you said, it's a food trucks. The guys that come out and they play the guitar, whatever, you know, that kind of make into. The mama poppy. What can I can I? She goes question what Applebee's is going to be pissed off that ship. Bottom brewery has a yoga class at ten o'clock on a Sunday morning, right, right. Painting your picture thing or whatever. I mean, it's it's a little ridiculous. Really. The bottom line thing comes to thirty thousand signatures speed, very, very, very loudly. And I think the phone calls to the to the local legislators, the lot of the brewers banded together and what to their free holders and went to there. You know, I think it was a lot of ground swell support and social media, social media. I mean, people were losing their damn minds. I'd actually go when incorrectly people were commenting on our page screaming about, and I was like, well, that's not really what happened. You know, kind of try and keep people. I thought they were going to tortures storm. The castle. John, you have a pretty good pulse on all of you been talking about this for a while that things are going to come down and change when the ruling first came out, like they think that no one was gonna notice and no one was going to do anything about it. So a little history, this is I think it may. They came out with a set of rules that were kind of working on some of the rules that were in there included distribution limits. They were talking about saying, can only distribute this much out of your room. There was a Maryland model that people are losing their mind about where they're put limited, how audio taproom, and then they can giant Guinness plant in the middle Bolton, Raymond. There was a Klausner that Parcells you weren't gonna be at a bar allowed to sit down. There was a lot of that in there. So I think they would. Seriously, you couldn't have forceful right because they're not the initial problem that was that they were trying to fix his that there were people operating us and they said it sports bars. You know, having the TV. Barstool makes you a sports bar, right? So they were not going to have to have a minimum, how many beers you could have, like in Massachusetts, you can go and have one beer one, sixteen ounce, four. You know, in certain, you know, most of the place up there they were trying to. It was almost like we're going to do all this unless you act. We asked and I think the Burs Gill. You know, I've heard this is the bird skills like we're going to let them go through with a what we can get to never gonna fight him afterwards, which to me, it just doesn't. I'm not a politician. Just sounds backwards to me. That's a politician tubers guild. So I'd say. Says to rob, you know, one watch always knows what time it is a guy with two, never quite sure. So the bigger breweries got together and I think they had an equal share stake on the at the table as the sixty. Other breweries, our in the little look. They need to come together to everybody needs to come together, figure out what's best common cause. But what I can tell you is that most towns in the state love birds. I can think of the two notable exceptions. And one is my hometown, which you know came courthouse. They have a problem. One of our local breweries of two of them actually are just getting pounded. You know, that's one of them in collingswood with doubles creek. I know that there's some issues there. With the way that they do things, but I can't think of another town that has not. You know, overwhelmingly, all of their towns loved them. They loved their town. It's the meeting we talked about. We were just last way you know, I did get at ten questions with with the Nick and burnt. They said one of the things that surprise them is how much the town of point pleasant beach and brace them and really accepted them and and really worked to try to improve what the brewery. I also think, and I know you guys go guys get out a lot more than I do. Guys get guys see a lot of the same people when you go out yard and say, hey, you know, it's a communal thing. It's like a big club, but everybody's included even if you don't drink, could go to go there. You're drawing chalk tire. My wife actually out here tonight. She doesn't care for beer that much out with me and hang out, and you know, and if you're not. Talk to just triggers not spirit drinkers, and and I think that look at a handle on it. It's going to be some growing pains. I worry about breweries that thinking it's going to be okay to do a lot of things and just go crazy and they're going to go back and hit them with the other regulations. But you know everybody's smart about it's going to be legislated, no, no legislator at this point, be known as the guy. Four local business. I mean, it's crazy. I mean, look at the back with all the base stand for, you know, I mean, that's up there. We have from ship on them tonight. He does charity event all the time too. It's not. I mean, they all do. I mean everybody I drove by slack tide last week and I was going to stop in, but the entire road was filled with cars with cars. And I mean, there's probably two hundred cars there because they were doing something for teacher appreciation. The teachers got there. I mean really cool stuff and and almost to a does every every week or so. They always, they always appreciate the team. I'm the little community. So we've seen a lot of that. And I mean, how's he Barnes doing that? Because you know, very just have to have the beer truck backup dump. The beer into their kegs can do everything at work. Chuck back up, just fill our cakes and that's what's shiny things Keebler elves. Yeah, you wake up and stare. You don't have to worry about. So I think what we want to stay stay vigilant and don't forget about it. You know, you think it's back. It's not. I've read the thing to sharpen interaction now come back out, but I do think there's a little bit of light at the on. I also think that the good went out there aren't going to have to be some restrictions on some stuff, their stuff as an industry. We're going to have to pay attention to what they do and stick to like, Robin, we good of it. We don't like going to a brewery and have a music. I hate it, but some people do like Zach. Exact. But I mean, I think that there's going to be things are going to be able to even bring in the karaoke. And the question guys, quiz, quiz, scene. Fan of the quiz o. burry. The answers to crowds that come in. John zero. You got you. Gotta watch you watch John. Keeping score already. Leeann vicar Artie don't know what to do their selves because you made show notes. Press rob, very, very. No, I knew you notice the other ones. Read no more you too. I mine's upside down the -pedia Britannica. It's funny though when he gives them outing never gives me watch. Tom renewal here with us tonight to Tom actually has been enjoying. He'll wait longer than us because because he was in Arizona, when this all happen, Tom. Can't hear. He's he's Brown. John, I don't think anyone's enjoyed anything hype. Well, yeah, I know Vick when you were younger, was everything. Yes, it was actually was. Tom, can you hear he's got a thumbs up. The connection to the splitter. All right. Tom, you could talk go game, they go, Tom, you, you were out in Arizona and you saw kind of started and. He's he's of Charlotte. You know what's better. So we're talking about the whole ruling situation. You saw burgeoning industry when you lived in Arizona and and this going on. Burs conserve food. The only thing that they from the pawn was going outside. Fenced in area would still have cornhole shoes in some spots, but they would have a fenced area where you have inside. You couldn't take over the robbery. That's that's part of. That's almost relentless anyplace you know, you can't really walk around. The parking lot is such some places do have an outside area. Yeah. So Tom's been doing it for a long time. He still trying to get his ears working. Now we've talked to a lot of people. We did a glass, borough beer Festus weekend. Okay. And it was like a giant hep rally for beer. Huge because the hammer you say, came down last week and then y'all go there, you know. And just everybody was kind of shocking. His uproar and kind of fight Wallis came out. Oh, you're ball. Three. I did years ago. Remember. Dog after. Free part. All right. Wasn't Wally into the Pixar. Laws came. I'll write that down to bring Tom by real quick because one of the things that makes me really, really mad is that they can only sell what they make, Tom put out an article this week. He spent two days slack tide burry and let me tell you what I never ever want to work in a brewery. He started talking about how hot it was. I mean to start sweating really, but it really is hard work hard work. They give. It's a lot of clean. Gets a lot out with the cleaning party. Eighty five percents is clear. I mean, these guys are really, really working hard to make a buck with their, you know, their brewing Clinton, probably cost damn near a million dollars places. You sit at home. Our for the boil there you are either transferred stuff in the bright tag. The bright tag taking stuff from the Tang. I mean. There's always something were cleaning cakes. Do you notice? I send Tom? Did you all the stuff that was a hell of a recon mission. Wanna do I sit home? Like I'm way to busy twenty. It was funny when you said they can only sell what they make really going to sell what you made, Tom. The one batch they did make. No one runs out of. Tom's got a metal guys. What do you got? Rob. Sure. They are. They're breasts. But these burgers take pride in what they do. I mean, the crafty do the beers that they do as a job, and these guys every one of them in all, like, it's not a job I come in, I joy. Two. With all that work with all that clean. It's tedious cleaning. Having you gotta you know, clean it, oh half, it's no Hafez cleaning your house. Eight. What's that. Sweat equity, emptied four one k. accounts today. And that was the other thing too. It's going to be tough. Thanks Tom for stopping by. Bringing up the the effort here in the crowd. No problem. No problem. Thanks. Thank you. So you know what, Tom does favor since rob over when chance? Sure. We'll talk to do that. Now we're going to break. We're gonna. We're gonna do that while you need to break ready beer up this. Yes. We're famous enough, we have beer honors which I already had a delivery. Let me tell you something. The more key outside jersey beer guys. Jersey jersey. Now, you know, I have. I do have to make a comment Amy's really amazing. Looking microphone. We wanna. Special. She's got the screen in front of like Riano. Thing. Save that for me. That doesn't work. We didn't want to. It doesn't matter. I guess our listen to these podcasting. Maybe so. All right. We got rob Zarka with us from ship bottom out, right, Cassini guys. I see my wife. Trust me. Travel back and forth. It's like that. So you brought in brought into beers beers you bring here? Who knows? We brought the shack IP, which is our flagship guy very drinkable that six percent and then born lager Marzan so perfect. For this time of season at six point, three percent, the fest, fearing. Not going there again. Where's your notebook forgotten. Doing a lot of good. Your beers everywhere right now. I mean, we were talking earlier before the show. I got people sending me pictures like, look and see ship bottom in Pennsylvania. Ice that you're making me smile and it was kind of cool because they weren't a shop rate in Pennsylvania, and they sent me a picture to our to our website like ship destroying in. Of course, they are rob dropped from his way. So tell us about where you're available. So right now, we're available to say New Jersey mostly around Burlington county, ocean county, mama's county land county booking to hire a couple of sales reps currently. So interviewing a bunch of people for that, expand our footprint in jersey. So we cover the whole state, Pennsylvania. We're in the five counties rounding, Philadelphia county, Philadelphia county bucks Downey Montgomery County telco and Chester county, and we're actually outfits. Berg too. Yeah. Okay. Whole middle of the state? Yeah, miss the whole thing. Like. Pittsburgh's a big beer town now really are growing leaps and bounds out there a couple of really leg kind of hip Goto breweries out there dancing. Yep. Everybody wants to trade beers with. I saw you out at a botanical garden or something going allow. So we're license that we have a license in New Jersey, and we started out started out in Pennsylvania, so I still keep the license for NATO brewery, which is one barrel system. Okay. So we'll touch test batches. Their excuse me. With that license that allows us to opened satellite locations. So one of the locations we're at is lingala words. So we just opened that two weeks ago. So we have a beer garden out there. It's inside of a burn down Barnes eighteen ninety. Two looks like Stonehenge and we're right in the middle of that. You'd be there through Christmas, yes, yes, we will never been Lind Bill orchards. It's like DisneyWorld pay rights and Christmas lights. Born mazes quit Warren maze. They quit Warren maze. It's amazing. It was really cool to see that you're out there. I saw a lot of modest up on social media. People are like shit bobbins here. Bobbins here. They didn't talk like that. Again. My show's voice. What the Mickey Mouse. So we pour a lot of beers there last week report six drafts and we from cans to. Here's. Your imprint is becoming pretty big and. Your cannot which we talked about on our podcast, can't art. It's really, really cool captures ship. Botany captures you know, Long Beach island, and it's something that would be look at. We instantly know what your thank you. What am I build good win? He owns design group, gotta, wallingford. They do all the stuff remain. That's topnotch unbelievable with those guys. Then if Richard we're here richer running a little late. He said something last week that a beer cans relate. The new album cover. Yeah. And you know, people are really trying to put a lot of information on there and trying to make it look good artsy. So when Vic walk by and saw that village, people them cover it made him when a by because he saw this people. That was the first album I bought when I was little. Explicit album was seventy eight by Ella Fitzgerald. Very close. I thought it was wondering where you wind. Mark. Edison phonograph. He had one of those self playing workers in this house. Sweet hawks they go. So that was one of the things like I think that today, how many breweries are out there and fighting shelf space. Definitely got to be one of your marketing concept so that people can see it, thick it out and get it off the show. Yeah, and that's what we try to do. So when we actually made the brand we looked at the can design team actually put it on the shelf. They went to local bottle shop, put it on the shelf, and we look for placement outlook logo looks like a stop sign. So comes out, I level you see that tracks the eye and then basically get drawn to the and then they kick ass artwork on there that you know the pump with me, but it's a diver diver down, and it basically has a pumpkin head like an evil Jacqueline back your shirt. Yes. Oh, that is cool. That is cool. The website check that definitely go to the store. Swag, Eddie. So do you have any more. Well, you have pumpkin out now, so. These brew for season? Yes. So you know, arguing with my head brewer, Jake at times because in the summer he didn't wanna do the free peers that we're in an audience at a of summers. Good, good fruity bears? Yeah, we did. We did the pie series, which I was amazed at how well when Jake was challenged rose to the occasion, but we did he's collar ale, key lime pie sour and had been Anna cream. Polly. Key lime at the Madame all confessed. We're gone. So that. Did you can that extra? We're gonna care that because it was so successful come there like every weekend we did a pie series in the pie series, basically was called half big and it was headstone. On a front. So it was a goalie for the. The dude was banana cream pie, and then snoop Dogg was the feline by sour. Very cool. Live sour and then went over there. Go gone and I'm very proud to say I was talking about this. I brewed my first fear on our system. I never root on her system so I came out with a beer. It's a double hazy us Ella and galaxy hawks talk to my, I wanted to the eight percent, and I told them to add malt because it wasn't sure I constructed a recipe, but I'm sure the efficiency the house. So he added smart mall. It was really efficient. So it's ten point, one percent. We call it the, oh, jeez. If you look at the social media, it's me with the ban Dan dark glasses, big chain and goal teeth. Either original gangster or. A ten point one. So we call that in in this circle, Amy killer. Yeah, three hour eighty. Time, five hour. That. Glad to hear that because that's one thing the brewers honors miss growing. So you know, rob actually paint from with that. And yeah, I talked to Jake about, he's going on me. I'm going to try to. Once a month once a month, I'm going to do something different for the OJ serious. So come out with a different beer every month. Doesn't that kind of bring it back and feel it makes me feel part of it instead of paying bills with all that fricken issues out there. That sucks. Pretty David, pretty unique brew house and one of the things about it's on the second floor, right? There's not many white gun. You guys had some challenges when you were building the bird, but it really makes sense to me. Now after we've been there, you know the way that it's laid out, I couldn't envision it in my head until we got there. But a second floor bird is short. It's a big white to to chew. I guess, when you're first starting to do that, a lot of engineering with it. Well, actually to, I don't know if I would have got insurance being on a barrier island. They were the insurance company didn't know we were on the second floor. And at first they denied us, I talked to today and I'm like, no, we're on a second floor, eight feet up or nine feet up, and he's okay. Sure. What the hell of the view? Yeah. Yeah, we have nice baby. Yeah. Yeah. Second floor, like down the shore. Second, see everything we wanna do. We wanna do rooftop bar, but we got to see how much money goes into that on top a roof. You could see today and the. Nice spot. Very nice spot. Well, any place down there, but you have a lot of places a lot of shopping down there. Now busy for the island? Yeah. And now a lot of places close down, but we're going to be open for third year. Third winner will be open year round, mostly weekends right now. We're only clues Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but towards November, it'll be Thursday through Sunday. Okay. We'll come out with some unique releases. So I know you're asking that earlier. I did the OJ series and then we just didn't noise her style, which is on tap double overhead, which is fantastic. Explain style. Took a hundred pounds of yours that were harvested by Barney guit wister collective rate by Arna get lakes. Yup. All local. They were dumped in with the shells into the brew. Kettle. Boil those up. You get a little Brian in there. So you get a little salt taste shellfish that's actually. Exactly. Yards has. What is it most beer and Afridis. True. Especially. Stirs Witcher's in the next. Doesn't matter. You got the Jews. The jews. Down. Juice juice might be a t. shirt, you know. So we. Chowder fest, which was last weekend's. Thirtieth anniversary and I heard freakin yeah, it's crazy get thirteen thousand people and it's right in front of our building. So you've never been to chowder. Attention, everything, rob, rob on the second floor, the entire field in front of them. That's. Childer is all the vendors just mad chaos. It's an amazing weekend. It's pretty cold. Tonight's competition for the local restaurants may take pride on n. winning. I know that it's like probably county eventuate forever, you know, and you guys do that special beer for that. Did you guys do one of the challenges. One of the challenges. Well, what we did that from hop sauce, hop sauces and this spring, I think that's the first week in June where it's hot sauce and beer. And when I talked to the owner decided to produce a beer with, you know, the elements from his sauce into knife. Tooth, rob severe this cookie, skip on a check. Yes. I talked to him. I got really excited. I had too many beers. A basically had a table. Eleven. I got up after walked out, realize it thought somebody else picked up the tab called it in. Call it in. When I leave here. Regular here. Saturday. The other releases we have double overhead. We're gonna cannon week, that's at ten point, two percent. That's one we come out with every year and sixteen ounces one. I'm really excited about my favorite beer brew is Mexican style. Oh, that's my favorite. Okay. And that's that's coming out that's coming out day data dead. So that will be out on the first Mexican. What makes Mexican Mexican chocolates? Mixed. Not call fees heifers cinnamon vanilla beam, and we have Mexican. History. Haven't built the wall. In spanish. Freaking cool label, and that is a great beer. I still have one from last year. You'll have one. I was letting it sit to see how many pepper spell out a little bit a little bit. I still like it, but it's not as it's when it it is one of my top five favourite years, seasonal beers that came out, it's everybody talks about the big one with the k. making their way stand in line for all that this one is better. And I'm not saying route sitting here said podcast. Yeah. Accent on my radio show. That's favorite style water that beer inches like, when can I get more of this they've ever I, yeah, it's really great job of actually gonna. We're gonna can't off from one hundred twenty cases and then we're gonna have another batch for draft, and then we're doing another batch of for we're gonna lay down in to kill a barrel that will come out in a spring. We'll probably release that on Demayo. Oh shit. Yeah. So how many beers did you like? So how many skews or how many different styles of your bird share guys. Guys do a lot. Yeah, small batch, not like you have twenty seven beers on tap. We, we have ten on at the at the brewery second, and then we have a hand pump. So we have your engine that we do stuff. That's interesting, but we probably did about thirty different beers. You know, coming through the series Maxine salads. I think today we can eighteen to twenty different brands. And what I'm really excited about now is the series that we're doing. Okay. So I really like that my, it's my favorite over. As I know they're cranes, but I find that drying out that I TA you're basically making a feast recipe, the mall, so us on her mall and get nothing for the mall. So you're letting shine in this and then adding Emily's in there to dry that out as your degrees Plato, it's just it just makes hops Scotland. It's an incredible gear. We're gonna start handing that really. I didn't know what he was saying. I'm gonna have to go to my English. With. Every. Every word he said, blackout, I just saw look like Vic, got arouse the little. Start talking like that. Who does the talking sexy toast, talk talking sexy, you're talk. Tell me about Emily. Let's kind of a hit beer right now. A lot of people from San Fran and it's something different now. Many people doing it now. I think there will be, I think it's going to catch a lot of fire. Well, everybody's got to pay those bills. They keep making big giant hazy farmer so that the kids can read them four point, five on them tapped and go onto the next one. It's away from the. I mean, it's just a guess. Did you see how many were entered a great American now, two hundred ninety. Two hundred ninety five more that that was just enters thousand wants. People entering people didn't enter because they're like. A lot of juries don't go two hundred ninety five. This year. Hey, see what was forty? Five. But they were all different ideas. You know you had, you know. Hazy had. As or rated. Read it. All the cool kids drink. Maybe you just have to Mars and Mars. It's that time of year. Thank you. Hold on, but you have come around a lot of the. Little stupid fees. Senate smell bikes. Fox fox. But I'm not gonna go. Everybody has. I just. Some different ones that you enjoy. Totally different. I I like the session of IT as right now. I think that I could drink three or four of them and not worry about, you know. Fizzy drink three or not. The more, you know. We had the stupid paddle boat, which is really good a lot. So it's got the mouth he'll and that's four point, seven. But we decided to actually to roll in grew at five percent session. We're trying to get that down to five percent, and then Mars is with mosaic, and we hope to hell adequate Sicher joy. Brewery owner, you got to have fears like that because so a lot of people are coming to your bury your touristy, yet your hair. They're coming in there to those double over eggs and then they're going outside. And you know you wanna make sure that they're all of your. Tips. But I mean, that's the danger of being brewery owner here is that that's what people want. But if I brought my way to the emergency room because. For many reasons. Have any session -able or slower. Volley alcohol by pills. ABC fears. ABC. Four we needed. Maybe we'll put out a list of AP approves successful. Where you're in on them. Restaurants around you. People have to go eat. Menu. On you're gonna talk about that. Menu. I think would be the death. I think one of the things that it's kind of cool. It's that in. Cool license. So you can do a lot of things Pennsylvania that you can't do jersey, and it's just the way that exactly. So that's why we're expanding tap room's and Pennsylvania. We can't do that jersey. Yeah. So, I mean, you're one of the fortunate ones that can do that and which is cool. Have you been in jersey since we opened in August two thousand six. But then the Pennsylvania Berea opened in fall two thousand twelve. But that was only one Meryl. So we were down to half cakes, but you guys are growing exponentially year in jersey, trying trying really doing a good job. You know how you know what makes that happen guys. You make decent. Yes, yes. People combined again, and I mean, I think you brought to my favorites here tonight on a per on purpose. Really good beer. About, you know, like the shack is. Yeah, we try to keep. I know we talked about this earlier. We try to keep our price points to cheap guys, buy low and sell high. Guys really want to do something like beer traders out there. You go get some ship bottom beer and get like twice as much value for money back because he so reasonable money on the table. I'm fine with that. John. I know it's a lot. Everybody smile. That makes. We had this discussion before him. I wouldn't pick up a four pack of jersey beer because I try to the counter and they said that'll be twenty two dollars. Please what somebody else's stuff run up before me. This year and I walked by your peer, you know, and see like everybody shelves. You've got to be half an idiot. For that price? Do you come back and get it again? I really will. We kiss everybody's comes on the show pretty much, but I mean, we don't bring people show. We don't like. So do you know what I mean? Like we do every year, we say. They weren't. Her bring that we enjoy Chow. On this on this diplomatic ownership. Just have matters. That's a matter not tell. We try to be conscious on space or race on space for shelf space because a Pennsylvania really depended Philadelphia. It's hard to get space. We look at that. Look at the price points there. We try to carry them over to jersey. A lot of people saying Philadelphia's number one, your town in the country right now. It's one of the few places where you get some of the big names that you can't get anywhere else at river. Tax on soda. That's true. It's all about. Looking at me like that. I just never thought about that way. Yup. NBA rate there. Rob. There's push. I didn't want to ask you. Barrel we did wouldn't jetty, which is our Borrego bottom style. Stat, bourbon barrels. Sold out. Often or during the winter, and we have more space you've been place. We don't have a ton of space. Because you don't have as many people. So there you know stuff there. Interesting. I wanna see. In the winter. Barrels. Place, but it's interesting with the walls now with the storage spaces in Pennsylvania, I have to find out if you could actually. Make appear would've been Merrill's and transported. And. Storage facilities? I think car. We'll come back. Sure. Lines. Probably. I mean, things are a little bit more progressive around us and some certain spots. I think that the the barrel aging stuff is kinda is kind of taken over a lot of people do that program, and I'm looking at these big gigantic barrels came up today. They bought a barrel that look like like a prop for King Kong, move. Was it a photo or is it clicking six hundred Saudi? I dunno, it was huge. I just saw the picture of, would you say it was? I could've been. I mean, that sounds like something that's. Big Joe's very, very ship. It's cool. Nowadays, you get. Barrels all the other day, reverb barrels, age, hot sauce. We're talking about doing double check, doing double string in. Egg. Jag is the site of the guy. Six hundred leader not shot. Gera- they're doing for the wing. So we used hot sauce tonight. So we double strength and double outcome on that. Never been to the check. Hold on you guys like case, and it'll be I around that. Oh, yeah. Okay kids. Yeah. Or thirty twenty nine. Sorry, the check is one of those things where like man versus food was there. All these people go there. So for their wings? Yes. There they give you. Tell me is big. Four from the south of us. The long lines. There's a sauce on there that you could probably stick your finger in. Now you could. Vic stop there. They'll be awesome. They're afraid to me. So we also a whole arm. Took it to the egg checks. Yes. So they were. I don't know if they still are used to go down there. They were open till two, three in the morning. You walk out of the far the Marlon the catch forget which ones right here there Marlon Marlon okay. So we walk out of the Marlin and somehow we'd end up with thirty pack and all human. The're sit down lots of beer. Drake won't you wing? Yeah, that's where you ended your night down there. It's the best Paulson. I haven't seen three o'clock in the morning, thirty years to go to bathroom. That's about it. I wake up at three. He passed out somewhere. So one other thing is kind of funny. We do novel. You've you're in the winter. Maple syrup style vacant eater, and you've been doing it for years. And I don't know if I took this story before we went for the approval. I decided the bottle. We had a little picture, Kevin, bacon. Terminator red is okay and TB shout down or like you cannot use of an actor. Miss celebrity and said, for example, do not use Kevin big on your label. So why did you reach out to Kevin bacon? Actually, that's what I was going to get to. So today I took artwork that we did where we have him as actually Arnold where Arnold body half the Terminator the silver part, and then Kevin bacon on the other half. And I sat that to his publicize Billy guy, asking Philly guy down here. Some interesting. See he gets back. Mike clock like he'd. Goblet did that. They don't like us. We don't Jason Kelsey. He was like, we're gonna shut you down. We're gonna do this until somebody got the Jason Kelsey through the Facebook fan page of JC. Yeah, and they were able to do that to be a good partnership. That's yeah. Do it as bacon eater, Kevin's big, instill. News better because he looks bad. Ash. Awesome. Yeah. Save six cents. Bantu brothers, right? They play around here log, don't. They are not a lot, but. I know they played in Lucien city able to place the breweries. So much to say about that, but I just got keep it. The deep state to maybe right time. This comes up that is cool. Oh, that is cool. That's awesome. Exactly as described. That's very, very cool. Listen up Kevin. Listen, uh, Kevin. Picture him on the side. Terminator. This episode early, he's he's obviously elicited applause. Plus tax sin. Now. Get around, get around. It's nice. Got a lot of stuff going on over there ship out of berry deal with two states with this craziness that's going on in New Jersey right now. What took us two and a half years, get her manufacturer license. Finally got that in August after show. I think it was August twenty four. So jersey, and he's also hosting the ocean county brewers association meeting in November. Very okay. I'm running the gardening for the beach haven fall fast than two weeks, two weeks, busy man, family. Now I doubt that's what I say when I got on here and I really don't. I feel bad. I tell my wife all the time. Come here tonight. Look it. She's paying attention. So she looks. I think so. I can't believe at traffic up here county, and we have to wait to eight light while while it's a big deal. So people, yes, yes, civilizations. Yeah, yeah. Hey, hey, I have one grocery store and a WalMart. County sound like LP now get ghost. It's awesome. Awesome until I have to find a pair of pants and I'm not a spelt guy, so Amazon's. I don't go anywhere. I shop. Hand BNB is right across the street story. It is nothing fits on how this shape like Humpty Dumpty with the chicken legs booth. It's really a problem. Vigil. Mike, watching him full off is what I'm doing. Just go like this. I take my clothes in my closet are striking. I'm pretty. I'm pretty sure. All right. I've said it publicly shamed myself. Yeah, you're not drinking it all. So. Long drive way. Am I gonna attack. Hour and a half drive. So I'm trying to be cool by rob. We want to thank you for coming on. Bring your beer down. See more of it up here on here. Having. Nice crowd news here now. So that's great. Hookup. Thank you. So we're going to break and we'll be back with another round. Warning. Back a little bit. Thanks. Phil. Hey, guys, the Tropicana whiskey and beer festivals happening on ten thirteen two thousand eighteen from two to eight PM in the grand exhibition center and south tower at the Tropicana resort in Atlantic City. There's a great festival there sixty beers and thirty whiskies with live entertainment by the good man. Fisk band tickets are really reasonable. Thirty dollars an advanced or thirty five at the door checkout south jersey Biercee no Facebook next week for your chance to win a pair of tickets to this awesome festival happening in Atlantic ten thirteen two thousand eighteen from two to eight PM sixty beers and thirty whiskies sounds like a fun time to me. Check it out here. Welcome this show your about to listen to part of the hopped up networks, growing family of craft beer podcast in the US and Canada. Find this show and others like it up network dot com. This about four thousand four hundred and entertaining craft beer podcasts. We're back again. Everybody's still here. Go home curfew few while you know older can't drive in the door. Pajamas. I imagine him, but one of them like pats the sleepy heads. Caroline. Kill. A little over the back. You into. The Sleepytime there. Bicket does have the nicest Barner should county. Beautiful. Time doing it to go. He's here. Tweet gain to people. We game Tom, you. So yes, we have John, we got our good buddy. Dan Hoover from acco brewing company. See what happens. You mentioned his name earlier shows. We'll shows up to speed. I told him he's gonna, come all. I got soccer tonight, and then all of a sudden we have this big monsoon outside did a reindeer. And then loaded, behold, because every time you go and his podcasts at rains. Rain and as wife like, I'm gonna shoot down. You know, Muno may shave real quick and see what's going on. So both of your podcasts are also listen to them all the time, Dr in delivering beer and put the smiley face. It sleep. We're doing something right, actually join us driving all this way. John had wanted to talk about what are you? What are your beers? So first of all, dad and I were, we were at the glass for Tom, and I think all of a sudden very delicious. All your beers are good. One of my favorite beers come out and south jersey this year, mister Mikko vans. Pants pants. Pam, Tom, why we were, we found the big cups on we were over at acco corner and beer for quite some time. The next thing you know, my wife driving home. It never happens. I always, I, I really, you know, we do the podcast. I rarely ever drank giant at the festivals. I usually don't, but that Mr. mcnuggets and there was a lot of good here. That's. Which is really, really good. That's Herm room with that. And I wouldn't Baltimore and one of the guys that's out here that came to watch it. We know Craig. He's like Mr. Moco pants, green. Frequenter brewery of. Tesla, but about the beer's. That was one of them while they, we dropped three years this week. They're all big boys. I listened somebody other podcasts and I'm like, oh, jeez, I ever going to block. We go bigger. We go home. Twenty five minutes. Anytime you're going to spend some money onto beer, four packs, whether you're fifteen sixteen eighteen twenty two dollars. You know, I I don't know. We feel it's right that we should put the alcohol too. Don't get me wrong. I like session IPA's. They're nice, but I'm not gonna spend sixteen dollars for four point, eight percent, right? Rather get an eight and a half percent. And that's what we did. Now you the juice worth the squeeze. About missing Mikko pants and Mr. Muto pants is you know to New England style? I, it's juice, so we're got its name was it's our first beer that we actually put OT. OT what starts to beer? Yes, clouds up a beer, but it also salt and now that everybody is starting to like these software as where there's more flavor on the back end with with the hops. That's what we created mister Mikko pants and turned out pretty well. We, we missed the canning the first time because the labels that we got the label in place now. So last date we can't at all. We do like seven barrel batches, so we can sixty sixty five cases and they're all out distribution. Right now, I might have five cases. And and it's not boozy. About a little bit time. What. Punch of flavor, and then it goes away. You ready for the next. Thank you set them. So. Every festival I find one or two years in that one. We didn't expect anything less. No, but I was it was really, really done well, I mean, you guys have really growing and I know it's third appearance on the podcasts. And I mean from where he got his first words where we are now man. I mean, it's just it's not you make did. I mean, just you guys are really tuning in, and you mentioned on your podcast are on such podcast how you're just in the recipes as you go along and the bureau is just getting, you know, you know, so much and I see all over social media like people are looking for it. I see all your deliveries and I see people are, hey, we have this come get it, you know, and you go over to the brewery. I live like a mile away and I was actually there last Saturday, probably four or five o'clock was Hillary Brin or. Other Hillary, whatever. So I saw had the Mikko pants also. I had a can't remember exactly what it was, but the Yup. And I think I had about four or five of them. I was really digging them. They were tell us a little about them. Yup. Yup. Who is a. Goes a series, so Yup. Yuzu and papaya. And we were thinking about redoing again and canning it, but we're kind of pass the goes this season. So we're gonna wait till next. That was spring. I really like that. I think me and my brother in law Pat and probably drank eight or nine guys probably kicked it because I, I went on Sunday after. Yup. Was taking. Turn Vittori free. Dan. What we came for you like going there lock because very around the corner from your gate, grab for cans. They have an ice pool or their goal box. Can't cigarette back home thinking that blueberries. Oh, yeah. I had that like it was like a revolving door in the refrigerator. As soon as I, I was running out, I either in front of the brewery or go to canals on the way home grab some more. You know what it is. We just, we just want to compete with everybody, not compete, but like we want to be relevant in the craft beer scene. I mean, we're, we're in a little town of acco. It's not. It's not the destination destinations to go to, but you know, once you get are flashy is if we make good enough fear, you're probably going to come to the tasting. There are trails forming your on the route. Definitely. So. So it's it's nice to have. You know, one down the street three in Hamilton to moyens town. So if you can make that growing, that's fantastic. You know, for the most part, most people like to have us as the last one because we're, we're hoping the latest. So plus we have pizza place next door. So they kind of make dinner time kind of thing. So you can have met news against. Ended Chinese place. If you crazy, you wanna go to Dunkin. That's right there. Don't get. Two thousand nineteen January January. Ready, get ready. I don't think you have to get ready. Everybody's been calling. It just don't get it for the last ten years. But now it's official. Maybe I just want to say that I was Seoul was Facebook, Instagram. Facebook tonight, Dan was out making a delivery any had Ellen flou-. Wow. I saw that post Dan, what's Ellen donuts? I don't know what donuts are. Tom DO. Oh, no. Yeah. Okay. To that again or river riverside, riverside riverside. Shelter while I was making a delivery to eagle cans. I know right there in cross fame. I mean, I got, I got the aftermath donuts because it was like three o'clock, but you know any any doughnut from there is good choice. What did you told her to mix them up? And she gave me a bigger dozen plus. Even better like sixteen hundred hundred judge is gonna be like what the hell we today for donating those I can get the riverside from my office. Yeah, feel myself getting fatter while you were. Louis they make. They make really, really good. Phenomenal. I mean, it's. It's it's, we get, we'll get the doesn't and then we cut him force so we could just try because everyone's different flavor. So. Thing now. I heard it here. First, Kirk Leveque us sales sales manager, flying fish. He doesn't beer and Donut does just about every day on Instagram Donut, drinks beer, and talks about how they they married together. Kirk donate thing. Look at a guy, you know, call in if you know what the answer. CBC and we're at a bar menu crazy. You're doing, you're doing these videos on Instagram with beers and donuts. As I'm watching every. It's working Kurdish curfew. Listen, I do your policy. I got a little salty on the podcast on Saturday. Shrapnel were you drinking? It was Moco pants. In system with just didn't. Yeah, I was just sitting on the street by myself and called into the radio show that I do is we at the festival, the berry thing was a hot topic and Kirk who is one of the greatest guys around, you know, is a sales rep for spying pitch, and I was saying things that were not directed at flying fish, not. I mean just in general, I feel bad about it because you know he's a great guy and he wasn't, you know, it was nothing that was intended to have to have him to flecked. It has no reason to even think that for a moment it was sticking generality. So Kirk, I know you listen in record, please. My apology. It was. I'm gonna blame it on the Mikko pants. I mean, I really appreciate you guys with all the pockets. I knew you were talking about over carry. All this whole week. I must of this every. So it's, it's, it's really neat to note to know what's going on in the industry. What's going on in jersey, what's going outside jersey. You know what you want to emulate what you don't wanna do you do want to do? And I really, I always second guess myself, but I see nothing but great things happened in New Jersey. You know whether the laws are in place changed whatever it is. I think that the people are going to speak and long as we make good beer. It's going, it's going to turn out. It'll show it's a community. I know like remember where we note anybody was gonna come talk to us like we're like, okay, we got over shit setup going out, drinking. And the next day everybody remembered. Very. You get around, they remember lots of stuff. Nobody remembers Monica Lewinsky to eighty four. But my point is we got there. We set up over stuff and we're like, okay, we gonna talk to us and it was kind of cool because I, I remember the summers found, you're like, oh my God, it's Amy next thing. You know, Amy celebrity and told us like one hundred times. Tom reloaded in there, and we're looking at all these people and you're like, shit, you know, what are we going to do for three three sessions guys like you and you know, that helped us be able to do what we have anti time with them. We do appreciate. What's going on around trying to line people up for him. Our segments. That's funny. The whole time you drink a lot. Here. I like there. Yes, we have the jersey. We have the new. Local theme and everything, but there's still other guys out there like I haven't had Great Lakes Nassir ought to in. Great. Read Al. I'm trying to create a red l.. Rayle stem in one of our new abuse is not really read l. it's it's in similar fashion, but not to a novel. And I'm thinking, NAS, raw, two or. Good night from from Oskar blues. They're red out. They sit. Clear racing, read big boys too. And. Just don't around Sarah Nevada. Some of those beers. He'll in the crap. You're game for six, seven years now I haven't had those beers four years. Let's revisit them. And that's why I always help. You know whether you're young, medium or old, go back and try them. We call young medium, Rebecca. A real real. How. What he's here doesn't even. Listen to this. That's why we do because he listens to this all this guys listen to them. I mean, runs on a post the president of the beer every year. But so what are you guys got coming up over it accurate? What's going on? What's what's cooking? Well, let's see here. Whenever this gets put online. That a lot of that depends on richer. This might be Monday or Tuesday. Richard, which does a great job. We're, we're Thursday on the fours right now. So tomorrow to fifth canning first coffee, porter. Okay. Quarter with with harvest coffee Atta. Medford. They're coming in around seven. Okay. Which is kind of a nice day and. Chicken pizza. Marlton actually wanted that for their big facet. They're having to the vendor second. Yeah, November second. And I wasn't even thinking that we're actually going to have a, we have a, you were talking about the glue barrielle what we we're, we're gonna call this. She gave me series. So we're making a cranberry Al as we speak. Well, it's going to be a Monday. We're gonna make cranberry Al, so it's gonna be called. She gave a cranberries. Are you gonna make one with crafts. Crafts. We've mentioned. I think flying dog already did that one, but that's that's that's going on right now. The canning tomorrow with the. With the coffee porter cranberry house being made next week for that chicken pizza, beer, fast, and. Doing reaping sauce us doing the brood idea. I don't know if we're going to do that or not. We might do smaller stale Arca told us tonight is doing yeah, it's a, it's a hit or miss one we we have talked about. This has been brought back to us from a lot of liquor stores dead. It went fast was was Crillon so we might bring critter. We might bring it back. That maybe might might be might be redesigned, but the the actual beer itself, it could be called a rival or now. We were gonna do with ripple effect. I don't think it's necessary. I wouldn't put onto that fair to just going out that door is going to be taken people with them. So cool. You got a lot of stuff going on. We'll see over there at a moral. We're putting something together for that. I haven't told rob. Yup. I'm good. Is going to have it in the parking lot, or I don't know. Yeah. I mean, Alvin does such a really, really good job promoting here in general, especially south south jersey. Tom's probably because he used to be in his backyard. And then he came up here to open up this one here, but tickies pizza in general to a really, really good job and Alvin fake reason for that album's one of the reasons the local beer on tap here. I think they put glass down on tap, chickpeas, peaks. That was one of the first ones and it just. Of. Abbas. One of those guys puts me to shame when it comes to interesting veers across the nab pretty good there, but I see how that one to get that next week when I when I check in the air just to check into have I did it. And if I see that none of my friends about it, that means you have an ad. That I got one. So my three hundred check ins and out almost six thousand. Different drinks, six thousand beers, booze different beers. Checked in over fourteen thousand and that's all just this year guys. It's Necas Amy's face rookie numbers. Checking toes for that. Beer festival, really? Why are you taking pictures. Check them in the next day. That's how I remember when a drink. Onto that. Every time you go from. By check in Magog ons. You bought a notebook to keep notes and he forgot it the second week. Yeah, fifty percents. So point. Got his notebook so I can remember. And then he'd only. Notebooks, remember the Nope, that's what you need to. Out trying to it's. Until six. Good. Now. Story, right. What kinds of start same here. All right. So. Usually she's right next to me and I'm, you'd are composed and I just attacker. I can't reach out over there streaking my stuff. So. I was saying this podcast we're wanted to actually be in the part of the brewing. Still working on that. House. Resume with her. Jealous of you. You do that. I wanna do that. Take me. Maybe somebody's got to be going out of business. Truly, will. I bet you that we could get you any somewhere. Five pounds type you to be able to twenty push ups and drink beer. Five. I bet you Tori would let you come in there and do what toast pergram then. Vets. Tell you what we could drive to national guard. When we're done here, sign you ACA brewing right here, and I bet you. Dan. Right now that you know, Where'd you go. He sails. All right, Dan, I wanna thank you for stopping it again has always always good seeing you. And for sitting in, we missed your wife. She had to go, really, you'll be here and we were talking too much and we missed her. So Karen, we missed you. Good to see. Everybody come out tonight was asked. One big family. John, what do you got coming up with. Pherson. Yeah, right now we're kind of kind of all in on this New Jersey here talk, but we do have a couple of things because a nice thing that we did last wave. Some ten questions come up. Clark's got some stuff come up some stuff that we have to get buried with all this crazy news that's gone on because these guys really work hard on what they write and you know, Tom, we've been sitting Tom's article since July because we were kind of waiting for things for slack tide released their cans, and all of a sudden, this new sets in our websites all kiss. Yeah. I mean, it's been crazy and my phone's ringing off the hook, but so we're going to try and get a little normalcy now settled bad things comes richer, two minutes left guys. We're gonna try. So we're going be taping next week. We do have guests, and I just have to confirm it sets on the teeth and then we got something hanging on up there with maybe some tickies and stuff coming up, but we're going to try to or three podcasts a month, keep rob tally busy else to do. Yeah. I wanna start taking Saturdays at two o'clock. A problem. It's going to be here. No. Football. And we're going to start making plans facing fast sides coming up. What you think. John. Yeah. He's got a town man. I'll tell you what so AC beer fest announcing the band's get a pretty good idea. One of them's going to be. They released the dates for that. Yeah, the dates are out. It's going to be twenty and twenty nine to March. Doesn't excuse the blackout again a weekend long. It's one week later this year. So he's going to hop trot. You know, he's going to have all kinds of new ship on an air because he's never to settle on that on just being the same. Podcast bigger get, so we'll be doing that so that, yeah, and one thing I do want to say is we were talking about this thing. If you guys are still interested in these laws, donor website, read about a get educated, joined the petition. And I think what's more important than a petition is call your local Slater's. This needs to be legislated. It was very unfair. There's some good points on both sides and we need to have a fixed. So these guys know how operate their business without having a ruling coming out every six weeks. I mean, you know, Dan was probably pretty lucky they didn't have he had throughout some magazines this pretty much what had to happen, I guess. But I mean a lot of these breweries, they had to change the hallway that they function. You know, all these food trucks were getting cancelled and you know, what are they going to do? They already put out. So anything that was not brewery related is already books. These guys are sitting on a truck in their backyard with nothing. So I've talked to. Chips and he matched up credit cards. Second mortgages, the stream, and even now that they said they roll the rules rule back. They're still telling these trucks, hey, we're not quite sure whether we want you to come, you know. So we need something. We need clarity guys, and I think the only way it's going to be done this legislatively said, get out their vote and voice. We heard, keep supporting the birds keep by and local drinking, local drink, something jersey guy. And I think it's really, really important as it's definitely is, what do you guys got? Actually we're kind of quiet for the month Amy's going away. Where are you going. My other brother, yeah, off brothers, downsides North Carolina's that she's, she's. She'll be good sister. She'll be drinking moonshine. How that goes. She's her eyes just lit up one hour. Drink all night. I see. Time this or night. Yeah, consciousness. You question to she remember things differently than the way they. Sure. I could pick my Cheinal night again. Again. Was that drinking. I wasn't fed. I didn't eat six. We don't have much coming up. I didn't eat. It's I wasn't said. Seeding. We might be falling down down our interview with Dr. Matt. Oh, cool. Yeah, great. We're looking maybe I can never get his last name right former. It's far Berman. So that's that'll be probably a November. Got a pretty quiet Kober. Nothing else going on. Vic wanted me to tell you that he is for anybody listening that they are doing. November's meeting is at chip. The middle of the month, they're doing the semifinals further, their beer judging. And at the end of the month is the final static or spurring you're going to be judge John? Yeah, I'm going to be a judge. Try drag, Tom, actually judging their vent this coming week at breakers bar and where. That's a semi final semis breakers. It is on the ninth. It's next week, check out the website there breakers, really cool, barred, local beer. Okay. Good food rate there where town smoking judging there. We had to change things got affected by the burry laws, kind of change it, what's going to be at backward flag when the rules changed. The people breakers were kind enough to let their should county home burgers come in there and do their gig. Some of the of people are. Restaurant since Burs. Yeah. Right here. Really. They're not being put out of business even though there's a bird literally in the parking lot. We don't. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for fourteen hours. You know, Chris, God, you got to calm down there without creek, ROY. Just being silly, but. Chip. The in gonna hit us, hit us up on baseball, Instagram, Twitter, hop, it up network episodes of any good craft beer podcasts. That's it. That's it. Thank you.

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