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It's Wednesday may sixth. President trump is faced defining moments before. But this one has thousands of lives on the line. We start here on his first big trip in weeks. President trump sits down for an exclusive interview with David Muir. Do you believe that's the reality? We're facing that. That lives will be lost to reopen the country. It's possible there will be some. We'll talk to David about these new death toll forecasts and whether the president is willing to change his game. Plan if you've got the talk of war was overblown who what do you call food rationing? They couldn't sell hamburgers because they didn't have them. The new realities of meat shortages from your supermarket fast food joints and a bunch of people just tried to kidnap a president and some of the people detained for it or American. This gives the Maduro regime fuel to this argument that the president is trying to overthrow his government the bizarre story at Venezuela and. Who's behind it from ABC News? This start here. I'm Brad Milkey. Ooh It's been really difficult to predict exactly how deadly covert nineteen will be part of the reason is is a new virus. The other part is behavior. It is tough to model. How THREE HUNDRED MILLION AMERICANS WILL ACT IN ANY GIVEN SCENARIO? Make no mistake. Our behavior does shape this pandemic. When you use numbers like a million a million and a half two million. That almost certainly is off the chart. Now it's not impossible but very very unlikely remember. Originally the White House said with nothing standing in its way this virus could kill upwards of two million Americans but if we took big drastic action we could get that number closer. Like one hundred thousand. That was one fork in the road and America took the road of mass closures. Macarthur in California trails and beaches closed law enforcement taking to the sky to enforce restrictions. Schools in non essential businesses will stay closed. Suddenly researchers seemed a lot more optimistic. A highly cited model from the University of Washington was now saying the death toll actually could end up being closer to sixty thousand. Some people said look the death tolls were overblown from the start within days. President trump was publicly using that number. Now we're going toward fifty. I'm hearing for sixty thousand. People will since then every American spaced more forks in the road. Governors mayors Sherbet really all of us. Do we go out. Do we stay in. Do we avoid getting our haircuts will yesterday though same. Researchers from the University of Washington came out and said things look different now again based on the virus and yes they said based on our behavior the death toll could be well over a hundred thousand again just by August thinking about what that means that means another sixty thousand Americans from what we'd already seen could be dead by the end of the summer which puts all of us at yet another fork in the road. This one is very much life or death. Everybody so I'm leaving for Arizona and yesterday kristen trump decided to make his first trip the Washington DC area since he told Americans to stay indoors and on that trip he gave an exclusive interview to the anchor and managing editor a World News. Tonight David Muir. David called me up from the car on his way to the Phoenix airport. David thanks for being with us. Man I thought you asked just a central question that so many of US wanted to know this. Rising death rate as more and more states decided to open back business even as the model say that will lead to more death did. The president seemed to accept that premise. That idea and does he take responsibility for the district could follow well. You know it's interesting Brad. I think that is the central part of this debate. That we're seeing in our country right now. You know. Every every couple of days we see a new chapter in this pandemic and right now. It really is the debate over how and Wendy Reopen and and when you do decide to reopen the speed at which you open Determines the human toll. I want to ask you about what Dr she said. Last night about the reopening of the country. He said it's the balance of something. That's a very difficult choice. How many deaths? And how much suffering are you willing to accept to get back where you want to be? Do you see it that way. Do you believe that's the reality? We're facing that. That lives will be lost to reopen the country. It's possible there will be some because you won't be locked into an apartment or or house or whatever it is but at the same time we're going to practice social distancing. We'RE GOING TO BE WASHING. Hands. We're going to be doing a lot of the things that we've learned to do over the last period of time. The president acknowledged that there will be a toll. You know the virus will pass. They'll be more death but the virus will pass there will be lives lost As we reopened the country I always felt sixty. Sixty five seventy as as horrible as that is I mean. You're talking about filling up Yankee stadium with death. But what was most striking to me is. He's aware of the debate in this country. And he's determined to travel Send A MESSAGE. That at least part of this country are ready to reopen but he still acknowledged that that very difficult sort of moral question And he didn't he certainly didn't hide away from it. He said it is possible will is lives will. And so what does he think of the states? That are moving faster than he's recommendations because there's a lot of those states out there at this point well you know that's the interesting thing to the these were guidelines put in place by the task force and I mean. We reported that I think at least eighteen states of the more than thirty. That are slowly reopening are still seeing cases rise. I mean one of the central tenets of the guidelines issued by the president himself. Were these the very basic metrics of seeing fourteen days of declines in some of those key measurements? You have people that are not going to stand for this and I understand that very well and we are going to put out little members and little fires and maybe some big fires but we still have to go back to work so the president is not holding. The governor's to those guidelines that that has become very clear so right now for the American worker whose nervous about going back if they WANNA get tested to see if they've been exposed to the virus they can have access to both problem and hate you. You ask them about testing. You asked him about his own actions earlier in the year you asked him about the unemployment the real first of all those were just kind of what we are choices based on then. What are your choices based on now? Do you feel like you got an answer. Well I thought I got Some candor from the president. There's you know I've I've interviewed him several times now and I thought on the unemployment rate which you bring up. That's a prime example. Here have been forecasts. Fifteen sixteen seventeen percent one of your advisers projected unemployment rate of nineteen percent. That's nearly one in five Americans without a job. How bad is this going to get well? That is what it is a very interesting. Even the Democrats aren't blaming me for that. He is not one to go along with a measurement or a metric that that is that dire for the president to acknowledge that he said that that is the situation now. He quickly turned the conversation to what will the next quarter what we'll see next year and that clearly is part of his reelection argument. I think a lot of people share that hope Mr President but the reality for so many families that we've reported on is they can't afford to wait for the next quarter. They're just trying to get through next week or the next dinner they put on the table. Well we've done a lot for that We've done our small businesses you know or P P P A paycheck if you WANNA call it that whether or not people were feeling that pain can even wait until the next quarter You know that's what I pointed out if if they still have everything that they've got right now and I think exactly this question you ask them about the empathy and what he's feeling about. That pain was kind of revealing itself because empathy is actually been a big part of its discussion with the president and his team. I thought hearing the president use words like I love you. That's a tone that you don't typically hear from President Trump. We've lost more people now than we lost the Vietnam War. What do you WanNa stay to those families tonight? I WanNa say I love you. Want to say that we're doing everything we can. The death toll now is more than seventy thousand in this country and it's staggering. I always say you know. Every night I try to find another way to word it on the news because I don't want to become numbers I mean and to hear him say that and to the people that have lost someone. There is nobody. I don't sleep at nights thinking about it. There's nobody that's taken it harder than me but at the same time I have to get this enemy defeated and that's what we're doing. David. That's what we're doing. I don't know whether that's you know strategies. We headed to a reelection campaign. It felt very candid to me. And I think that we've all been trained by those daily briefings and the combat at the White House That both sides engage in. I think that sort of trained us all to to not what we heard from him tonight. And that's why that landed to just fascinating interview in now. David Muir getting out of Arizona is small group David Small Small travel footprint here very small. We have masks on and obviously on the way here and they check your temperature. The president's team would shake your hand. I'd love to shake you next time. Thank you thank you thank you and then we sat down eleven feet from the president. Which one thing about the president is he? He's eager to shake your hand eager to interact. It's not typical for him to settle up fee from you. Either David Muir s stay safe. Thank you so much for the time. Thanks Brad Ticker start here for supposed to be returning back to normal. Why can't you Burger at? Wendy's quick message coming your way just in case you like movies. Red Box has top entertainment when you need it. Most streaming instantly under smart TV or your favorite device with red box on demand in stream of family movie in the Living Room Romantic comedy in the bedroom or the ultimate action flick in your home theater with the newest hit movies along with thousands of your favorite classics. You will always find something to watch for any mood or occasion connection. Is Everything now more than ever let red box bringing together visit red box dot com for all the ways to watch whether it's the president or these governors these mayors in some ways you're seeing their fears that Americans will lose patience? It is not completely unfounded? Fear people get frustrated was stuff. That should work doesn't work well. We warned you that one of those fundamental parts of American life the stuff you get at the grocery market could change. The White House raced to make sure there wouldn't be mass shortages not an executive order declaring slaughterhouses critical infrastructure to keep people fed during the pandemic. But as of this morning there are shortages. Your experience at the grocery store is changing. And now that's affecting even the most American of places your local Burger joint. Abc's chief national correspondent not gotten back with us. Matt I feel like you are chief. Shortages correspond now. What has changed in the last few days and one who specializes in meat? What's changed since we last spoke? I think is that we're basically seeing almost unprecedented collapse in the American meat. Production beef and pork down thirty five percent at this point down. Twenty five percent just last week your over your pork down. Twenty two percent just this week. Brad and we are starting to see major restaurant. Chains like Wendy's at least overnight saying they were out of beef products. That couldn't sell hamburgers because they didn't have them there for lunch to grab the kids and stuff some frosties and everything they're like we don't have any beef today. One of the reasons for this is apparently Wendy sells fresh burgers and its supply. Apparently ran out in some states in some states. They have plenty of food and other states There are thirty percent of the stores that are reporting that they don't have any beef. These kinds of rolling shortages are what we should expect in the next few months given what is happening to the meat packing plants in slaughterhouses across the country. They are calling for a two week. Closure of this plan to properly disinfect the facility and to prevent any corona virus outbreak from spreading amongst workers. It can't get workers in and even when they can they have to change production lines slow production lines down in to ensure that they are abiding by Osha and CDC guidelines to help protect workers. And I I don't get that because the plants were shut down when all these workers were getting infected. We'll then they were told. The plants can't shut down there this essential business. The White House got involved. Like why would there be shortages now? Shannon? Everyone just be at work? They should be at work but they're sick. I was breathing a lot. I guess other people were breathing to and at that point my My face masks was getting wet all the time so I had to pull it off and just stay without. What's more some of the biggest outbreaks in the country are happening at me. Plants and it's been described as stationary cruise ships. There side by side all the way down the line. Thousands of them under one refrigerated roof. Which is why we've seen so many of these meat. Plants shut down so the president could order them to be opened but they simply don't have the Labor so that's why we're seeing not only plummeting production but also a spike in prices. Costco is now setting limits. On how much meet their customers can buy. Kroger doing this to wholesale prices for beef and pork up sixty percent of beef. Prices are at record since they've been studying like the past thirty years or so but so at the end of the day Matt like I'm just is someone going to die because I can't wait to cook a hamburger like how how is it. You're sounds like you're saying people are getting sick in these areas. Is this a question of like need or is it? A question of want health advocates might say that people might be saved by eating fewer hamburgers but Americans don't like that. We are used to consuming more meat per capita than any other people on the planet in history ever but analysts are saying if prices go up and we can expect that to happen literally like within days now and supply goes down. You can't get the stuff that you want in the market. Then people's habits might start to change. They might opt for something. That's not the ground chuck which is probably going to be the the item that you see the highest price hike in it for real met like I want to be clear. These are the actual cuts that we won't see that's yeah if you WANNA go for a really expensive Sirloin. It probably won't be that much more expensive than it normally is expensive but ground. Chuck Burger Meat. That is the stuff that is hard to get your hands on right now so people might opt for chicken or a different cut of meat. Or maybe something else entirely. Maybe tofu maybe vegetables. We are really at this pivot point in the way that Americans not only shop for food but also consume it and like we said so many industries stuff that might take five or ten or fifteen years normally to unfold folding weeks right now. Thank you so much thanks Brad. Every nation is grappling with this corona virus pandemic but broader conflicts are continuing in that in this environment. You can imagine certain governments trying to see what they could get away with medicine. Are you professor non needle in Venezuela the regime of Nicholas? Maduro is saying that's America. America did that they tried to overthrow our government in what sounds like an absolutely bizarre operation. But what actually happened here. Let's bring ABC's Connor Finnegan. He covers the State Department along with. Abc's Elizabeth mcglaughlin who covers the Pentagon? Connor you've been working your sources on this for the last several days. What are the Venezuelan saying happened here? Hey Brad this is sort of like a twenty first century Bay of Pigs. It has mercenaries international implications and of course a connection to president trump in the early morning hours on Sunday a group of three hundred or so Venezuelan military defectors essentially tried to storm the coast of Venezuela at a main port just north of the capital Caracas. The operation apparently intended to capture the country's socialist President Nicolas Madura he has staved off a US back opposition for over a year now and he maintains control of the military. The world must continue to support the Venezuelan efforts to restore democracy and put an end to Medeiros tyranny. So this group of outside military defectors with trying to take the country by force and they were intercepted at sea. At least eight of them were killed but a second wave came on Monday another ship and on that ship to US citizens were among those captured identified as Luke Denman and Aaron Berry both former U Special Forces soldiers. Maduro was on state TV Monday night waving those two Americans passports around Dang. The government of the United States of America is fully and completely involved in this raid. The Donald Trump one source. I spoke to on Tuesday. Described the entire thing as a spectacular failure but there are questions now about who is responsible for all of it. I WANNA go Elizabeth McLaughlin for this because Elizabeth when you hear like this it does sound like like a Modern Day Bay of Pigs right when we were trying to overthrow Fidel Castro but that had the explicit backing of the. Us government does this. Is this true well right now the? Us government all levels including president. Trump are saying that the US government has had nothing to do with what's transpired in Venezuela over the last several days nothing to do with our government but I just got information on that. The United States government had nothing to do with what's happened in Venezuela in the last few days and but we are hearing from an American who may be very involved in May of orchestrated the entire thing. Something hundred hours a daring raid was launched from the border of Columbia deep into the heart of Caracas. His name is Jordan Gujar. Oh He's a former green beret. Living in Florida. He gave an interview to the associated. Press earlier this week and said he organized the whole thing from Columbia and he knew those two Americans Luke Luton Eireann Berry because they were also former U s special forces soldiers who had served with Iraq and Afghanistan and his aim of course to arrest Madero is connor was saying and liberate Venezuela joining us in the gallery is the true and legitimate president of Venezuela one Guido American government. Saying it's on involved. The allegations against these American citizens are just that so far allegations but like you said connor the US has been involved politically in trying to overthrow. Madero like they've explicitly back this challenger to Metro one. Guido is this the work of Guido? Then read one. Guido came out on Tuesday and publicly denounced. The operation rejected any ties that there appeared to be between his opposition and grow his operation. You know there an initial connection. Some of his top. Aides had made contact with grew last year but he says he had no part in this operation and even went further. He blamed Madero for this. He said that Medeiros Military Madeira was going to that. Madero was trying to kidnap himself. He that's right. He said Medeiros military had infiltrated the operation and was now using it to create a sense of impending threat to Medeiros regime. Well we'll so the sounds so cloak and dagger. There's like bizarre characters involved. How much does this actually affect the? Us Is this just stuff that happens in authoritarian regime like Venezuela or implications for Americans. Here will I think we need to I so you know what involvement any US actors had in all of this and then you know what did the US government. No didn't do anything to try to stop this from happening. The main objective was to kill the Venezuelan president a terrorist attack in the middle of a pandemic at the very least. This gives the Madero regime fuel to this argument that the president is trying to overthrow his government and Brad of course they would not be unreasonable for the average person in South America to assume the US government was intervening in their domestic politics given recent history But something to remember really that at a time when the international community is working to rally around Guido improved that Venezuelan people that they can have a brighter future These types of rogue activities in violent ones. That can't be much help. And the risk. I think bread is that this kind of botched operation could be a sign of what's to come that the opposition against Maduro is splintering. Which would ultimately help. Keep him in power just like a bunker story playing out but with very real implications and now people in custody including Americans Connor Flannigan Lisbeth McLaughlin. Thanks so much eighth fan. Thanks Bro One last thing. What's the most extreme place you could shoot a movie but floors? I one hundred thirty one hundred thirty. Tom Cruise is famous for shooting. Not all of his own stunts but more than his agents would like crews will be given up you monster recover after breaking his ankle and hurting his half on the set. He was jumping from platform onto a roof when he got hurt but his next movie could be shot in space. I don't mean set in space your plenty of movies set in space shot in space. Nasa confirmed yesterday the plans underway to shoot a film on board. The International Space Station turns out. Some filmmakers have already been on board to think but crews would be the first actor to actually do a feature film up there others as Houston Say again please. Houston we have a problem. Just imagine we've been trying to simulate what it's like in space since nineteen two. French guys stomped around him. His big moon set where it was. Snowing I duNno. It was weird. The point is what if you could lose all the cables. Cgi and start shooting. Space Movies in space is new. Atmosphere does out to Tucson. Need you black out of me. I blew real fighter. Jets for the upcoming top gun reboot. Those are fast. There are reports. He could board a rocket from Elon. Musk's space x venture those go even faster on a normal day. The ISS is traveling about five miles. A second that's a whole new level of danger zone. All I know is never let a full film through to a movie shoot in your house. Without signing some rock solid agreements. The is astronauts better. Get ready for lots of Bego crumbs and stuff marks on their walls. Anyway start here tomorrow. Just hit subscribe the exclusive interview between David Muir and the president on ABC dot com if the ABC News App the Brad Milkey ABC tomorrow. The country is locked down. Battling Corona virus. How the curve gloves in my pocket. Which I'm not sure how effective they'll be going aware. Anyway we WANNA help and give you the latest information. I'm Aaron Katersky host of Covert Nineteen. What you need to know a podcast from ABC News? But we're going to need to do is widespread testing to see who's susceptible who's infected and. Who's recovered each weekday? We call on doctors from around the country and our own medical experts to respond directly to. What's on your mind about this virus? Kovic nineteen what you need to know a new series weekday afternoons on your favorite podcast APP.

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