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Here the extraordinary secrets of how to thrive in a disrupted world the old rules of management are not ready correct anymore so what works making a wise pivot pivot to the future will I am and Omar Bosh subscribe wherever you get your podcasts president trump ends his effort put a citizenship question on the census we are pursuing a new option to ensure a complete and timely count of the non citizen population well pet his decision in context. The president doesn't effectively conceded that they had in fact ran out of time the attorney general said the same thing the Dow closes above twenty seven thousand for the first time helped by a rally in healthcare stocks. This is what's news from the Wall Street Journal on Kim Gittleson Nelson flaps get started now before we get into our main story of the morning just what happened with President Trump's efforts to put a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census. Here's what you missed the U._S.. State Department condemned Iran over its alleged harassment of a British oil tanker here is State Department spokeswoman Morgan autologous we commend the actions of the Royal Navy and ensuring freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce through this critically important waterway we will continue to work closely with the United Kingdom and her allies to ensure that Iran's regimes the Iranian regime's malign activities do not further disrupt international law maritime security or Global Commerce yesterday. Hey the British Ministry of Defence said three Iranian ships had attempted to intercept a B._p.. Oil Tanker in the Persian Gulf Iran has denied the allegations and after a broadcast from Belgian News Organization alleged that Alphabet used contractors. is to monitor Google's voice assistant Google confirmed that it does US real people to listen to some recordings of conversations in a blog post Google said language experts listen two point two percent of quote audio snippets taken from the Google Assistant to better better understand different languages accents and dialects we report the disclosure adds to privacy concerns associated with voice assistant technology and that of course is the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. The Dow Jones Index ended above twenty seven thousand for the first time while it's mostly a symbolic milestone the rally came after the trump administration abandoned its proposed plan to reign A. AND DRUG REBATES THAT PA- shares companies like United Health Higher now our main story this morning president trump abandoned his efforts to include citizenship question on the twenty twenty cents US yesterday at a press conference in the White House's Rose Garden. He sought to position his new executive order as a better strategy. We will leave no stone unturned and the Census Bureau projected that using previously available records it could determine citizenship for ninety percent of our population or more with today's executive order which eliminates longstanding obstacles to data sharing airing. We're aiming to count everyone. Ultimately this will allow us to have an even more complete count of citizens than through asking the single question alone it will be. We think far more. Accurate the announcement capped two weeks of whip sawing about what to do in the wake of a Supreme Court decision which ruled against including the question to find out what happens next Charlie Turner has been speaking to our reporter Brent Kendall in Washington brunt president president trump announced. He was dropping his effort to get a citizenship question included on the twenty twenty cents. What did he say he would do? Instead while he announced he was going to sign an executive order that would basically command that different front agencies around the federal government provide records that they request that could have some bearing on getting an accurate count of the full population but citizens non-citizens and illegal aliens who were in the United States. The president said he would leave no stone unturned to get this information. It's not clear exactly how this will work. It also appears at least at first glance that what he's proposing is not terribly different than what the Census Bureau ahead proposed to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross when they told him there were ways to get this data without including a citizenship question on the census which they didn't want to do because they were concerned it would decrease response rates. It's for the ten year survey which is crucial for counting the population and setting political districts in determining all sorts of government funding the census is used to distribute how seats among states and draw political district lines so trump's executive order wouldn't have the same effect. What no I mean the political apportionment of House seats I mean it is based on the census data so what the president is talking about doing isn't going to plant that however one thing both the president and Attorney General William Bar mentioned? Ended the Rose Garden. Press conference was the fact that some states would like to set political boundaries based not on their total populations but on their citizen populations. It's not entirely clear that states can district this way and and even if they can whether they'd be able to use this data at the White House is talking about collecting as part of that effort <hes> Attorney General Bar said this would be something that the Justice Department would study going forward and this is a major defeat for the trump administration. I mean it is the the Commerce Department and Secretary Wilbur Ross had started this effort last year and put a lot of time and resources and political capital into this quite frankly <hes> and it looked for a while at the Supreme Court like maybe they would carry the day but in the the end again it was a five four decision and they didn't and that left them with few options I mean and this is a you know it's a pretty big defeat. Democratic states and counties and cities and civil rights and immigrant groups had all sued and at the end of the day you know they they have a pretty substantial victory here and Brent this is not over speaker. Nancy Pelosi is holding a House vote next week on holding William Bar and Wilbur Ross the commerce secretary and contempt for ignoring a subpoena seeking information about the citizenship question in isn't that right that is right and while the fight over what questions are going to be on the census or over the political fights are going to continue as you said we have this vote scheduled for for next week Republicans meanwhile well see this as a political issue for them. The president has been fundraising off of it for his reelection campaign and I'm sure each side is going to go after the other on this issue. I mean the president today in his remarks sort of painted Democrats. Is this left-wing. Left wing group that you didn't want people to know how many people were in this country illegally and obviously the Democrats see it differently and say both the president of the Republicans were pursuing this as a way to effectively transfer political power to their side because if if less people responded to the census particularly in immigrant heavy areas that support Democrats than the G._O._P.. Standard to benefit so you know there. There's some bad blood on both sides here. You can find our full coverage of the question and it's fallout up on W._S._J.. Dot Com here the extraordinary secrets of how to thrive in a disrupted world old rules of management and operating correct anymore so what works making a wise pivot pivot to the future with will I am and Omar Abba subscribe wherever you get your podcasts on to markets will move away from those records on Wall Street and instead focus on Amazon now the company's biggest annual all sales event prime day starts next week it comes as the company is spending heavily on efforts like same day delivery our columnist. Dan Gallagher said that's led some investors to wonder about what kind of Tech Investment Amazon now represents dance investors aren't terribly worried Amazon overall <hes> because the stock price has come up a lot though it hasn't it hasn't grown at bunch since the second report I think since the last report there is sort of a question of <hes> okay are we is Amazon Amazon going to be a slower growing company. That's more profitable or is it going to get back to you know a faster growing company that might be less profitable. You tend not to see both in Tech. <hes> Amazon's investors for years have been kinda primed for you know prising growth. Over over prophets <hes> you know so I I think we get to a point where we see sustainably Amazon at a slower growth rate at a more profitable at an Maguy more prophets. That's a new picture for investors get used to not necessarily when they won't like AAC but it is different from the Amazon kind of come to expect over the last several years and now the Scud. Here's what's look forward to later today. Officials in Louisiana are telling some residents to evacuate and others to prepare for Tropical Storm Berry forecasters upgraded the weather system brewing in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday after it was sustaining winds of up to forty miles per hour they they say it could strengthen even further to become a hurricane before making landfall as soon as later today and here's a question for you how early do cultural differences start researchers at the University of California San Diego in Stanford tried to answer this question by looking at Chinese American toddlers. They found that while the two groups started out thinking about the world in the same ways by the age of three they started showing differences based on their cultures. We've got a fascinating right up of their research search up on our website if you're curious to find out more finally a crazy idea for you. What if we did away with time zones? That's something that two professors at Johns Hopkins are arguing for they want us all to abandon timezones and switched to coordinated cordinated universal time. If that were to happen no matter where you were in the world or where the sun was in the sky the clock would show the same time that might seem crazy but they argue that already airline pilots the International Space Station and global stock and Commodity Trades Use U._T.. See that's the acronym for those in the know. What do you think would you get on board tweet ESA W._S._J.? PODCASTS or email us at what's news all one word at That's what's news from the.

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