Bobo & Fred the Elephant Boy Thank President Trump The Howard Stern Show


The stern show we said Abobo Bubba you better call president trump and thank him and he did is what he said President Trump. I just WanNa thank you for doing what what you promised that you said you were going to do. <hes> during the campaign you lift up just about everything you wanted to do. <hes> exception to the common core <hes> but <hes> you do have a full plate and you met with Kim Jong Sung and I can't think of any U._S.. President ever meeting a <hes> foreign dictator and the North Korean area. You know <hes> can't think of North Korean area. I can't think of one like that before near the first one have done that so congratulated on that bubble congruency Congrat- e Gretchen for the elephant boy voted for trump and he actually did he call and good luck president trump interpreting this thanking fish the trump for making America great hugh you took connection.

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