Demi Lovato & Mike, Justin Bieber, Tyler & Gigi (+ Kaplan Twins Interview)


<music> what's up everyone. It's chicks in the office with Rian friend. We are giving you that Friday energy on a Monday friend. How the heck are you the last time we talked to our audience. We were blacked out. You were drunk as skunks city. Were so drunk. We don't even remember record. I truly do not recall anything. Wi- too afraid to listen same and being told people are listening to this podcast and I just you're being also very often listening like I'm saying like people who don't normally listen have listened to this one and I am embarrassed. Listen I would be embarrassed is but I am not embarrassed because I saw so many of you diaz and messages and tweet to us that you really rely superfoods that you really loved the the <hes> the drunk episode Noah was super drunk and apparently no it was signing star shadow to Noah who did not but he still alive. Oh Yeah we did a a lot of people asked us. If we were able to get food we passed the fuck out as soon as the microphones. I don't even I don't even I don't remember everything the Paul in the podcast. I don't know how I know how you recorded. That's what my mom said. My mom was like the fact that this podcast gas actually came out like on Thursday morning when it was supposed to be heard on believable work doing a recap video that will come out next week in the camera footage in the cars. It's like doc shaking the whole I just WanNa. Give an apply across not specifically how fun and he is the camera footage how fucked up until we you guys look and like I'm so close to you. Close ups on your face. That's amazing. I I WANNA say no but I I kinda love the fact okay. We recorded this podcast. We didn't listen to it. We have no idea what we said too afraid to let me honestly. I would just like to publicly apologize to Dante. Oh Oh yeah sorry Sweden talk about this. Talmud you to tone of same friend called me out on national radio. Yeah I did and it was like. Did you throw open the car and did you did no other up in the cars moment where I was going to tell you and I'm like they don't need to know sorry to Ed Ed Wisconsin mad and cleaned it up well. I'm not shocked that ED was up. Dr Ed is mad was mad noted which is great my my bracelet so just fell off my it was like Oh man. It was like being released. I've never taken mine off as long as I keep our Jonas brothers. VIP Concert Bracelets are awesome and they say return of the Joan I on them and their gold and they're like it's a looks like the Star Wars logo well. The thing is it's a clip on. Someone's going to clip it right back on. Just the clap broke. Oh I thought it didn't just on clip well anyways. We wanted Noah throughout art twice but twice he threw up a Brianca but we'll skip past that all I remember from the podcast is talking about how much I love Priyanka. Yeah Priyankha's just read. Are we love her. Yeah Girl Pre <hes> we WANNA talk about parts of the night that we didn't tell you or at least we think we didn't tell you yeah. Neither of US listened to the PODCAST. Noah did <hes> and he said we left some stuff out clearly like actually back to the whole time. I just uploaded it. I'm like my God thinking Uh i. I don't think you wanted to hear himself. I'm going to go back and write well. I think we left parts out and talk about them number one because like we said we were so blacked out. We don't remember recording. We don't ending the podcast. We don't remember falling asleep none of that. We don't remember any Adele. We have to like sober. Takasu the recap right because I don't think I don't know because I don't think we covered everything but we won't go through everything again because you you guys are on top of it drunk. You guys obviously got the gist young thing we left out which I thought was fucking hilarious that we <hes> first of all nick and Joe Joe both said they saw us in in the crowd at the concerts which I don't know if I said on the podcast but throwing it out there and the second thing is when they said that I said to Joe. Oh yeah we we recorded Jay Z. Bopping his head to your three thousand and he said <hes> I knew it had to be too yeah and I just couldn't believe that that's really what he said. I knew on L. silly goose. I knew it could have been one you to. Joe said they'd Kevin Loves US and unfortunately Kevin was not there it. It was just so and Trent who obviously you guys know because of the Bachelor recaps Trent had met Priyanka last year when we interviewed her and they talked about Iowa because Yup Priyanka went to high school the same high school is trump for one year and they talked about it and Priyanka remembered and said to us. Oh I remember that Guy I met your office from Iowa. Please tell him I said Hi and then she she start telling nick about Trent which was just unbelievable. We we were just hanging out and it was truly one of the best nights of our lives it really really was yeah and the next day was truly one of the worst days of my life. I I think like I had superhuman strength in the moment. I'm just I was just chatting it up like we were best mates. Just all of us just besties testes and I'm drinking Tequila like I've never drank kill before. I don't normally drink Tequila. Don't really like to kill. I love to kill it so I was happy about the boy. Did I love Nick Jonas's Tequila that tasted so good and then you know what I did not kind to not tell the story drunk because because I was sitting at my desk on Thursday and I had a flashback of this moment and was like Oh my God and what is wrong with me so we took the shot with them to kill was great. I didn't even need to chase or Tequila Lime. I was done it was fantastic and we're all in a little circle casual and I looked at neck and I just went. I don't want to blow smoke. Smoke up your ass but this is so good. I couldn't believe you said that Nick Jonas like you were like a mom like I don't WanNa blow smoke up your ass sweetheart but is talk about nick. Jonas asked Tunic Jonas what's like like like me referring to blowing smoke up his out. I want to smoke up your ass Jonas and then Nick Jonas said no please do and entire my entire podcast career has been as been means blowing smoke up there talk about how much I love them. I'm sure they love their the Jonas brothers. He loves having SMOKED BLOWN UP THEIR ASS percent but I don't know why that that was the phrase that came to my mind. I could have just told him that. Did Kilo was great. Oh you dead you like I never drink to kill a neck but this is a messy. I really didn't shut up it was it was it was just honestly also on really Jank Bla- just blabbing my ass off. I'm showing I'm showing Joe the picture of me with the Knicks Stud Muffins sign. I'm telling him on his shows. I've been to I mean I could I because people I ask off awkward silence. I always had something the necessity there was never awkward silence and we truly did just have a great time with them like we really want us in yeah. I think we brought a good energy. Yeah we did. I mean there. We were in roomful twenty people and they were talking to us the whole time to say but <hes> when we were leaving which we saw obviously. I'm sure we talked about this. We saw Joe Jonas He. DJ At a little bit during McGraw aw <hes> saying and after we went back in that room and we chatted with them a little bit more drank a little bit more took some more shots and then you left and said shots everybody I got to. Everybody and we all did shots again. We took at least three shots Nick Yohan Priyanka. That's when no through on the side which I don't WanNa keep mentioning just in case they listen the best and then they're like Oh. They can't hang cause producer just throws on next to us <hes> but Nick Jonas made it a point to hug August goodbye and that's what's most important to me because we hugged Nick Jonas Yeah I honestly I'm still trying to take it all win because I don't remember you. Don't remember I remember. I didn't want to overstep my boundaries like go in for the hug. You know you're the Jonas brothers so I went to go shake his hand again and then he went in for the hug and I just blacked out like in for that one moment even him no kidding you definitely did. I was there. I saw you do remember Doug back and hugging Bianca Guy Yeah. That's what I was like. I said Oh my God later pre by so much fun. Yeah it was so unreal. It's also surreal also shout out to the people that we met at all. The great girls and I don't think we really focused on this strong on this at all. Everybody was we show great. Everyone was so great so welcoming it was so much fun being up on the on the platform above were everyone was standing and endorse like young to US dancing with us from afar showing US signs. It was shown to the mater all the Miley Cyrus yeah got. It made my eyes hours t shirts the smoking. I can't even remember the whole phrase but you know what I'm talking about. I know what you're talking about. These two girls were just dancing with me. From Afar the entire night southern girl held up and I love you on her snapchat thing that signs it was it was honestly unbelievable made us feel really good so thank you guys thank you to Penn State. Thank you to Champs. Thank you to Dante because you truly one of the best nights of our lives to working pot-smoking foul mouthed hillbilly. That's those girls wrote on their shirts shirts. It was awesome. It was awesome fantastic. What a great night and boy guys. We got into that car. We recorded. We teleported basically to Manhattan. It felt like we got out of the car. At six fifteen. The Sun was rising. We didn't even realize no through because we just left him. I like take I call it via. An Uber Foam is ED. I called Rian Uber Call. My Salva left and we left like no so long to get out of the car because he was cleaning up is up. I guess we just we just left him and then I proceeded to throw up the entire day like I until an hour ago. It's currently Friday at two eleven pm. Yeah pretend this was an hour ago. I haven't eaten since Wednesday at one pm like right right. All I did on Thursday was puke and Puke and Puke in office bathroom. I came to work and all I did was sit in the bathroom for three hours and throw up. That's it's all I did. I had some amazing guests. Come in there and just like hang out with me a little bit <hes> shadow to my Ginger Ale that was still bubbly in the toilet after I threw it up which I don't WanNa make anybody buddy sick right now but honestly unbelievable. I couldn't even see I. I couldn't even focus on the fact that I was throwing up because I was so taken aback by the science of the bubbles. I was the second time <hes> guys don't throw up. It was very much want everyone to know how hungover Champs Penn State and the Jonas brothers made me but it was all worth it yeah I my <hes> and my grandma was listening to our hungover show. She was like it was tough to listen to. I was trying to make dinner like Oh sorry about that me. Ma That's tough but I did see some saying yeah some people's favorite radio today which is wild because I couldn't even breathe nope whatever Fiat a visual of it it was it was tough but but now we had a great time not keep talking. I threw up once I felt okay. I'm just exhausted. We didn't sleep sleep really so that's I feel like biting us in the ass little bit but other than that's fantastic amazing time all the way to do it again. Can we do the video next week. Yes yes video will be out tomorrow. Yes video on Youtube. <hes> check it out this week. Tuesday is yes Tuesday because this comes out tomorrow and to wrap it up talking about the Jonas brothers. We hope that we just got them on. The podcast have <hes> hopefully something been in the works. Now we've talked to them about it and hopefully you will be seeing them on the podcasts sometime within the next few months. We're crossing our fingers so oh I just I just WANNA mention very quickly. <hes> I don't want to don't don't need to focus on it but just like to say that we were not nominated for. People Short sward this year and that's okay. That's okay. That's all that's all. I want to say so you wanted to bring that we were nominated and saying it was okay. No I just like I feel like we had to at least say we were nominated well. I want to say that you know it is okay but it's also bullshit but I I won't I won't get into it. I just want to say that <hes> and listen all the podcast renominated are fantastic podcasts yet deserved to be nominated but I'm Dax Shepard Marc Maron like right they is they were nominated nominated last year didn't make it to the finals right because they because they don't care because they didn't promote it and yet they were so nominated this year like Hello People's choice awards we a a finalist and everybody and I'm not just saying this like it's actually just facts everybody that night on twitter was talking about us at the People's choice awards we we have a big engagement with stories and tricks in the office fans on twitter so you know it's just their loss but we're rooting for Kaitlyn Bristowe so <hes> vote for Caitlin yeah there's they don't give them free promotion. Well I mean I mean first of all. We love and there are a lot of good podcasts like but you know like the lady game. They were nominated so we were joking with them about it because we were with them last year. Becca Tanya were nominated again. I kind of think they're just. They're GONNA win again. Their fans are gray and and I I followed Tanya on on instagram and boy like she is actually she not actually I mean she is. She's very inspirational I I. I really enjoy going through Graham Story. She's all about that. Modern woman like some of that. Both of them are great off podcasts like I said all the podcasts that were nominated are great and they're all last last. Halen wasn't nominated last year when many people believe she should have been right so I'm happy that she was nominated this year and I'm happy for all the people that were nominated just saying everybody knows it's bullshit that we didn't get home needed fair very fair point all right. Fran withing wraps up this part. Yes get into texts okay. Hey about my dumb ass is going to own forever. My God came hot starts start okay. My dumb ass is going to be alone forever so I was texting my boyfriend of not even one month tonight just usual type of stuff. I just got home and realized I had the house myself for the the weekend because my parents were leaving for Colorado. My mom texts me boarding her plane all the while. I'm saying good night to my boyfriend so picture that she checks her boyfriend and her mom at the same time it a terrible occurrence. I responded to his tech saying good night with the I love you. I meant to send to my mom as she boarded her flight. It is yeah. I'm already not freaking out enough that I texted my very new boyfriend of not even one month that I love him. He had to respond back with. I love you to own. It gets worse now. I don't know what the fuck to do because he keeps saying it over and over again like when we end our phone calls and shit he he says I love you. I'm totally stuck because it's too late now to be like sorry remember the other day. I didn't mean that for you so now my heartless asked has to respond with sorry sorry. I fell asleep are hang up before he says it kill me. That's terrible situation because now she's in love you you of the sky. She is in a loving relationship. She's got to go with it. I just got to say that hope that maybe eventually love her for her side. The level got there. This relationship isn't GonNa last because obviously I'm not saying you love somebody within the first month of dating on because it's just like rushing stages. Both of them probably freaked out but if you can't fake the I love you. You're probably not making it far in this relationship and now she's saying she can't even fake it. At this point yeah I would like. I Yeah I would think like maybe a her boyfriend just responded because she was like. Oh my God like she said it. What am I supposed to do what I like. I feel like he was probably panicked like I can't not not say back then. He said it back then for him to keep saying it now. I'm like Oh my God what's going on now. Does he really love her and he was waiting for of. I don't know but this is a disaster. It's not a disaster. This brings it back to the whole conversation of like who's posts say I love you I because obviously the girl wants the guy to say I love you. I I but then the guy he I feel like he's always thinking about when he when he should say I love you right. Isn't that so weird thinking back to the first time I don't WanNa. Get sentimental like the first time your boyfriend said I love you to you. What a wild turn of events like Oh shit yeah. We love each other yeah yeah not this girl though no no and also to to do that over text message not career here saying I love you. I over text message gone. Mike said that to me for the first time ever over text message. I'd be like we're bringing up with you. You cannot say I love you for the first time to somebody over. Was this red sign. This guy saw like oh shoot. Maybe that was like I don't know it's it's so tough. She didn't respond fast enough like she needed to immediately. Follow up the I love you with like I'm so sorry I mentioned that to my mom mm but she didn't. She didn't get that guy sub so the I love you too came out and then I'm cringing. I'm just thinking about all the time I am now that his past of this guy saying he loves invaders love each other now or did you guys are in love yeah. You guys are in love congrats to you congrats on your loving relationship Champa all right. It's time to get into the topics. We have a ton of great topics for today's show. We have an update on Tyler gee-gee once again every week. We have an update I love it. They keep on coming. Although this kind of sad <hes> we also have an update on Mike from the Bachelor and Demi Levato Justin Bieber has been posting a ton on instagram. I am very sentimental post Haley and a really deep post about his life. Miley and CAITLYN celebrated Caitlyn's thirty first birthday together and Miley has brand new music video radio. We have an update on Ariana Grande as current relationship status and we have a great interview with the Kaplan twins who are future don ex on the beach the season with great. You've gotTA L. Listen to it so let's get into it starting off with Tyler. GD. She see ah a you. Brush your teeth every day multiple couple times a day. I hope you even floss sometimes but did you know there's another level of oral care with ARC. You can remove stains that lie beneath the surface of your smile. MILE ARC is a new way to achieve professional level teeth whitening at home for just thirty minutes a day each treatment includes dentist approve Enamel Safe Whitening Strips adhere to your upper and lower teeth along with arc blue light technology. I absolutely love ARC. It's so easy and simple to use. 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SMILE DOT COM Promo Code Chicks gee-gee Adidas. His grandmother passed away very sad. We always saying is every post. Bella gee-gee have shared with their grandmother. I feel like and at least a for as long as I can remember she has been second even in Jesus instagram captions. You talked about how she's battled cancer and is such a fighter writer and everything so. I'm it seems like she had a great wonderful life and I hope like anytime you have a death death like that you hope that you you can kind of celebrate the person which I hope they did but they had this funeral in the Netherlands and she brought tyler with her. Tyler Tyler state was her funeral date yes. which is we talked about this funeral plus one? It's a little weird to talk about because it's a funeral funeral. You want to be respectful obviously sleep because it's a sad occasion but tyler see was there and it's a funeral so if you put two and two together you're not going to someone's funeral unless you're dating the price. You're not in the Netherlands not bringing somebody. That's not your boyfriend to the Netherlands for your grandma general like Tyler. One hundred percent send has to be her boyfriend. You don't bring somebody. That's just like some guy I'm seeing to your grandma's funeral and it's not a casual affair and you could just bring a casual date your grandma's a funeral now and then of course Anwar was with Dulip <hes> did I pronounce that correctly and I know I always say do Aletha but I don't know what's Lipa whatever it is. She's the queen she's gorgeous dating. Anwar and they are also pretty hot and heavy. Those deeds really jump right in deeds. Love related just dive right in headfirst. I yeah they really do and early on do are moving in together. They've been together for like two months. Listen I WANNA talk about Tyler gee-gee. Which of course we all know the situation with them yeah. I don't really trust on more. I don't know why we I don't know on a deep enough to say. I don't trust on worried but I don't trust him yeah yeah because he's only twenty years old. He's a child xactly no but yeah it's Jus- he was dating. I don't remember what her name is but I I follow on instagram. It's very hard because I'm about to say hot blonde and that's not exactly very it's either. Nicola pelts our Nikola Nikola Nikola. Yes it just when you add instead of an e and Nicole throws me off <hes> but I know Nicola and that's what I said yes and I've actually been following her for a while because she was in Bates Motel which I like Bates Motel but she's an actress at the transformers movies right not sure but I just remember watch the only thing I've ever watched her in in his bates motel but she was dating Anwar Hadeed for a while and then all of a sudden Anwar Hadeed was making our Kendall Jenner Jenner but he was supposedly still dating her so I think that something happened where he like might have cheated on her with Kendall Jenner. I'm not really sure those are just the puzzle pieces is up getting together and I don't really trust deed but once again like you said he's twenty was transformers the one with Mark Wahlberg oink shout to you for being right on that one yeah they just yep. They Lee God show hot. They're like the hottest couple that something feels very wrong saying like these two looked really hot this funeral but they did really hot this funeral they did. I oh I think anytime you get tyler in fitted suit. Man's man's GonNa look spectacular. That man looks spectacular in a suit no suit whatever whatever he's wearing speaking of. Did you see the picture he posted on instagram yesterday. Yeah I always look do you look to see if GDP. Did you like inspectors. Oh Yeah everytime g post. I looked to say yeah and he likes them too so he always likes Jeez. Jesus doesn't always like his but I feel like that's fine yeah. We gotTA keep it subtle okay does he like CFO anybody else in the family Bella Hadid. I know besides Bella Gazelle follows him now so I they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Let's face it. We're all Bush here. Does he follow allo Yolanda who was Alana's Instagram Wanda Dot Hadeed. I think that's a total gas. I have no idea that's correct. Oh Wow you are right you on deed. Let me say you guys thought. Mike's comment was a joke no. I don't think my Thomas Joe. I comment was a joke okay. No I think it's like a joke joking serious like like a little bit of both well. We should say the comment because now nobody knows what we're talking about but they all you for reminding us now those great view <hes> so mike commented on Tyler's picture and I'm GonNa pull up the comment now. I wish I had it ready but he said something along the lines of <hes> uh-huh you better keep your shirt does Lanka so I think that may be a double date with Demi Levato and Mike and Tyler. I learned G G could be a possibility I mean obviously he's joking around a little bit giving the people what they want online tease us he said so. If we do this double date your shirt stays on no negotiation so funny. Comment is talking about the shirt situation but I I don't. I don't think confirms if anything it tyler dating it's every time I see things. I'm like Oh my God tyler and Choosey but then like a couple this is bordering. What's going to keep happening. People are going to refer to them as a couple because they are a couple. They are a couple indeed but speaking of Mike. Thank you for bringing that up. This baby on the bed is bad. Is this cat in the now dog. The Demi levato posted a picture on instagram yesterday and obviously social media <music> has become a place where people just like post extremely faked pictures of themselves always editing pictures right. Nothing is really real anymore on social media <hes> and buddy everybody's he's like instagram. I re- reality that's a huge thing now people posting the double pictures me while they look exactly the same it is what it is <hes> but Demi levato posted a a picture in a bikini on instagram and she wrote a whole long message and she said this is my biggest. She read the whole thing or should we just summit it up now. You can read it because I actually think what she said was really great. Yes okay. This is my biggest fear a photo of me in a bikini on edited and guess what it's cellulite. I'm just literally literally so tired of being ashamed of my body editing it yes the other bikini picks were edited and I hate that I did that but it's the truth so that others think on their idea. <hes> of what beautiful is but it's just not me. This is what I got. I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am rather than trying to meet someone else's standards to here's mine unashamed unafraid proud to own a body that has fought through so much and we'll continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day. It's such a great feeling to be back in TV. TV slash film while not stressing myself with a strenuous workout scheduled before fourteen hour days or depriving myself from a real birthday cake rather than opting for watermelon and whip cream with candles because I was terrified of real cake and was miserable on some crazy diet shit anyway. Here's me raw real an I love me and and you should love you to now back to the studio. I'm working on an anthem love that and also just so everyone's clear I'm not stoked on my appearance but I am appreciative of love it and sometimes that's the best I can do. I hope to inspire someone to appreciate their body today to Hashtag National Satellite Day Hashtag Nash Hashtag Sell. Oh you lit. Yes love that so obviously this is a great message yeah which I really appreciated before I want before we talk about the celebrities commenting in like like Mike on Commenting. I want to bring back to Jones Bush for a second. Jonas photo bombed our picture. My arm in that picture looks humongous longest like people couldn't stop. I did not even notice so I didn't really notice until people just kept like deeming me and commenting to me and tweet me that at my arm Likud which is being pushed up against the table. It's your it's sitting on top of a table so but people were commenting to me and I it almost looks like it was edited to make it look bigger landed right. It looks like my arm is jacked. People kept right. It was like the Joe Jonas in this picture but the only we think people can focus on my arm looks like a little bit bigger than usual whatever it is and I was a little upset about it but then Demi levato posted this instagram within five minutes of me seeing that picture and obviously Demi Levato has been going through way more than I ever have but even little things like that you really appreciate appreciate when somebody like a big star like Demi Levato is telling you right. Just love yourself does listen to what people say. Nice because instagram is so entirely flooded with edited bodies faces like nothing on Instagram is real anymore. The nobody really post an unedited photo editing your body like there's always a filter of some sort yeah just filter pimple. You WANNA blurb out. It's everybody is always doing something so for her. Just post as yourself is great great yeah and I don't i. There's nothing I love more than hearing Demi. LEVATO is coming out with an anthem by that's what's been missing from my life. Demi Levato anthem. I just feel like we've gone new Taylor Swift. We've got new miley Cyrus. The Jonas brothers a give me new Demi Lovato need some diamond absolutely love also WanNa mention that she a very big of her. I think he's just been crushing it first but it everybody has always said that. Demi Taylor swift don't like each other. There's some quote feud whatever that probably just gets amplified in the media but Demi Post on our story. She was like women supporting other women just like Taylor's music is awesome. <hes> just wanted to say like congrats her like great great stuff like Taylor reposted. This was like love this. Thank you so much love to see that yeah. It's just amazing. I love that too because I love I. I wouldn't say I absolutely love Taylor Swift but I haven't done anything but let's say until lover. I immediately listen to nothing but love her for like two weeks now so Sam and I I love Demi Levato. I've always in a huge fan of Demi Levato so I love that. She posted this because I feel like it probably did make a lot of people feel good about themselves. If they were feeling down in that moment and then all of a sudden you know just something you need to read that day. She did that for people which I love and besides all of that all of these celebrities were supporting her longevity but the one that really stuck out to us was Mike from the bachelor who we all felt bad about who is being sent home from paradise didn't make it with Annabi disguise doing just fine yeah so like you said so many celebrity. I mean Sarah Hyland Graham Haley Bieber Scooter Braun debby. Ryan hurt like Rhonda Rowzee Z. Just like all huge huge stars just like really encouraging her and having all these nice messages and then you know Mike like POPs in there and he says look at me like that again with one of those smirking faces and then writes love yourself with the praises roof. EMOJI and Demi Lovato come back with Kissy face and a tongue out and my God. My heart was beaming. I would like to say that there were a lot of comments from people a lot of comments on this photo and she did not reply to all of them mm-hmm but she replied to Mike's Listen if we're gonNA live in a world where all the bachelor guys just start dating these real deal celebrities. I love it the best of both worlds. It's both of our worlds collide and it's great because that's what we've been saying like. That's what these strong female. Celebrities liberties need like these guys are great and they're awesome but they're more regular guys and they're they're. They're there to support. Their women. They're going to support like tyler is going to support Zhijie. If if you wanted to go on a date with Mike nobody would hype up more than Mike would so. It's like you you eliminate. Hopefully I mean look at you never know but you're eliminating a lot of I would think famous men who probably have giant Egos. Who are you know can't like maybe put themselves to the side for a little bit right to focus on the person that they're dating but well. This is what it goes back to. When we talked about <hes> Tyler and g g where G do dating Zane Zane is also huge store and just southwest so much going on yeah whereas tyler you know we're not saying he has nothing going on but right key as a lot less going on the <hes> so he can be there to support her. You can travel with her. It could be your height man and the same thing with me and Mike if Demi were today Mike Mike could be dummies. Heitmann yeah they will just have an amazing and I'm just I. I hope they at least go out on a date. You know just just something they have already seen. This is the thing we thought it didn't happen tyler. Gt but they're commenting back and forth. I don't know oh I don't know where my lips. Where's Mike Live when you have no idea I don't have my bachelor notebook with mural side of his hometown right. It's like right in my first few pages. Well my in California Bio. I don't think it is but maybe he lives there. Now you never know what is Mike the Bachelorette here. He is not Texas. Oh well that's not really going to work. Demi loves Texas though she's is she from Texas. We're up in Texas hearn Selena Gomez Right. I think she spent some years in Texas. Damn maybe it is meant to be with them. Maybe she'll just move to taxes exits with Mike from the Bachelorette. That would be a dream scenario although I don't think that's going to happen I mean you know. She's not gonNA just say Texas and disappear no but I do really hope they at least go on a date. Let's let's hope they go on a double date right at least one alone date but a double date as as well really seal the deal here. I'm just imagining what that would look like and my head. Are you picturing it yeah picturing them laugh and having a gray and I'm I'm drinking beers but are g maps yeah dinner what kind of Apps you think they like Mozzarella sticks or or they too classy for that. No I don't think so. I don't think anybody's above Mozzarella sticks. Oh did you hear them debating this in the office. No I just heard a little bit harder for two seconds Atkins and then I had to like put my headphones back in what I just heard big avs say that he calls Mozzarella Mozzarella six. I was like what planet are I. I was like Oh my God. I immediately put my headphones back in well. They were like Mozzarella sticks well. I'm not GonNa like totally shut down around that because it's like Moussa so you're trying to be like Italian. I could say pill. That's not the Italian way to say no. It's not it's not. It's not even spelt that way you know. What's you know what's crazier. You know how people are always like you know. It's it's not it's not Kalomo. That's that's not right and you know people are like Oh. It's not it's not Calamari. It's MoD Italians. Don't even say Gol Ahmad no like what's let's go. Ahmad what the hell that is. They say like column like they say when the leave out the I it's like American Italians who've changed words and they're like resigned like actually the Italian when you're going applebee's. You're saying Mozzarella's yes. Let's be real like you're a Mozzarella. Di a six like it's applebee's relax. I could see if you're going like really Italian restaurant but even then like if you have a waiter that's like actually Italian. You look like a jackass. Whenever I go talion restaurants with Hank. He laughed so hard because like obviously they know how to pronounce yeah like Oh. I turn it on to me too. I really really do and he just laughed every time he's like where did that. Come from like the ours in Brusett when you're just really laying it on yeah. I did that at the pizza place and we went for Brett's farewell dinner. Oh you did do that. We really let frantic over the ordering a dead and Oh what the wine and everything gets a whole list house like how their brand. We're like Whoa we were yeah. We were all praising you. You're like damn sometimes. Sometimes those years of Italian classes really pay off you took Italian. Oh Yeah Ice College not all of high school just a year of high school because I only had it available my senior high school <hes> and then in college. The only thing I had available was a Spanish or Latin yeah I mean I take Latin to one middle school. That's that sucks. I took Spanish from fifth grade to my senior year of high high school. Yeah Spanish not great like from fifth grade to how how old are you in fifth grade ten. Whatever that is yeah to you seventeen eighteen whatever I'm making up yours now Nepalese seven years of my life. I took Spanish so I think if I really had to use it I could but Iran it's hard yeah. It is hard but also kind of fun. You know my best grades were in Spanish. I got good grades and it's the best grades that I got in high school. We're in my Spanish class of you. Thank you thank I feel like maybe the baby eh you. They don't you just hate warm alcohol. Don't we all well so does dylan the founder of roommate that's why he made it roommates mission to shake up the beverage industry for the better roommates. Stylish insulated drink wear is designed to help. Keep your favorite beverages ice cold all day long. Whatever you're tasting beer wine or spirits is brew mixture. Every sip is the perfect temperature. I mean I can agree with this. One hundred percent I ordered the wind slater and the to wind tumblers that come in a package and they are terrific. They keep my drink nice and cold old all day long. You know you go a little bit with forgetting to drink your drink. 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We gotta talk about Justin Bieber because he has been very emotional on instagram lately a few days ago. He posted a very very long post. I don't think we should read it all 'cause. It's honestly that while it's really long. I'll just just read some legs summit sentence yes <hes> and he he just to sum. It up talked a lot about <hes> his life. Obviously he was very very famous unfortunate unfortunately at a very young age which can be hard on anybody. I mean he said it. In the Post. We see how a lot of child stars end up right <hes> so for some of the highlights so he started off by saying. It's hard to get out of bed in the morning with the right attitude. When you are overwhelmed with your life your past job responsibilities emotions. Your family finances your relationships relationships when it feels like there's trouble after trouble after trouble he's start for seeing the day through lenses of dread and anticipate another bad day a cycle of feeling disappointment after disappointment disappointment so he talks about these these feelings he says. Have you noticed the statistics. Oh boy have you noticed the statistics of child stars and the outcome. I'm of their life. There's an insane pressure. Responsibility put on a child whose brain emotions frontal lobes aren't developed yet. No rationality defiant rebellious things all of us. I have to go through it talks about how much pressure had that he didn't grow up in a stable home. His parents were eighteen and separated with no money and still very young and rebellious on their own is said that his talent as talent got better and he became more successful. It just all happened so fast and his world flipped on its head. He said I went from a a thirteen year old boy from a small town to being praised left and right by the world with millions saying how much they love me and how great I was. He didn't have any humility. No rationality was making horrible decisions. He said by the time I was eighteen with no skills in the real world with millions of dollars and access to whatever I wanted. That's very scary concept for anyone. By twenty I made every decision you could have thought of and went from one of the most loved and adored people in the world to the most ridiculed judge and hated person in the world's being on stage age lot of dopamine day. That's why they he says a lot of performers get hooked on drugs because the adrenaline and the rush of being on stage they seek that elsewhere. He said he started doing pretty heavy drugs in nineteen and abused all of his relationships he became resentful. Disrespectful to women and angry descend in from all the people he loved and then he kind of wrapped up I just saying it's taken him years to bounce back from all these terrible decisions fix broken in relationships and Change Relationship Habits. He said Luckily God bless me with extraordinary people who love me for me. Now I am navigating the best season of my life marriage which is an amazing in crazy new responsibility. You learn patients trust commitment kindness humility and all the things it looks. It looks to be a good man all this to say even when the odds odds are against you. Keep fighting cheeses loves you be kind today be bolt today and love people today not by. Your Sanders Pa- by God's perfect unfailing love yes so this was <hes> a deep post by Justin but it all made a lot of sense. It's all stuff that I feel like. We all have speculated that he's dealt with right. If you're like a rational human being you could pretty much understand what it's like to be him and obviously everyone's like Oh. You're Justin Bieber you have it's so great which he does obviously it's so great but at the same time oh there's so many things that that come along with being asked hounded as he is and famous as he is at such a young age and he's right like when did he learn any responsibility whatsoever obviously we we all grow up and our parents teach us things to act what to do. He was so famous at fifteen years old about that. You see on high school fifteen years still trying to figure life. I felt I mean everybody's still is but like he was fifteen years old yet. Everybody doing everything for him like he probably didn't even go to the bathroom without somebody somebody they're holding his hand right and like you said. I don't think he means to put on his parents or anything but like people forget that his parents were so oh young they were separated. He was raised by a single mom. She was eighteen like when Justin was fifteen. She was thirty three like she. You know what I'm saying like. She's still so young. It's it's hard to navigate for her what she's supposed to do how she's supposed to teach him. She gets this kid who has mill all of a sudden. Your child has millions of dollars. I the whole thing just shows how crazy it all is and like you said the statistics for child stars and how many of them actually find success later in life is is it not good. No it's not I mean we've seen it before. You know people. Go Yeah like we've seen a lot with the Disney stars. They go through a bad pass drugs. Yeah obviously I mean we've seen Loadin. Dan You know like these hit shows when they were younger and now you're like what happened and all like Demi Lovato also another example she went through a lot and she came out on on the other side of it so it's good to see that he's like show so much growth and himself by aware of the situation. You know what I mean like. Oh I was a Douche bag because I had so much money right and nobody tell me what to do. If I had millions and millions of dollars nobody yelled at me. Nobody told me what to do. I could do whatever the fuck I wanted on it. I would also be an asshole. Anybody would be an asshole in those situations. Of course some people can make it through but which he is now yes. It's nice that he can acknowledge that this is what happened right and he's still working on it and he's still going to get better which is great to see. Green Isaak. Doc Haley's helped a lot. I think he's a lot shots. My Girl Hailey Baldwin obviously Lieber Haley Zebra but I want to bring back Healy Baldwin because I was such a big fan of her before four yeah he's married to Justin Bieber and I'm just glad to you know be a fan of somebody's help Justin Bieber and his life which by the way she he posted a picture of Hailey it on his instagram. He wrote no makeup like why is she obviously stunning which is a side note before we talk about the comments right. She's beautiful and then you see people comment like she's not even that pretty. She looks like everybody else all this stuff. I personally it's ruthless. I personally think she's beautiful so it makes me feel better about like when people say mean stuff about me is beautiful and I'm like how could they be saying bad stuff about Haley. She's beautiful but he they say stuff about every every so sad but ah speaking of which he posted this picture of her and somebody commented. You don't need to do this if you really love each other live and enjoy it without trying to presume to appear here or for someone else to see that you're in love. Justin replied instead honoring your wife. Publicly is actually such an amazing respectful to do. It's not only reassuring to her. It's also way of giving people something to look forward to. I'm not forcing it down anyone's throat. Do you follow me. Should I not make songs about loving my wife or being in love or is that shoving down down my love for her down your throat too. This is my life on follow me. If you don't like what I post a great point. I hate when people do this. I hate when people do this. Get Mad add a celebrity couples. They're just jealous that they're married so people are like we don't want to see that the people who do WanNa see we wanna see it. <hes> millions of people. WanNa I see it. There's just the assholes we're like Oh. We don't care yes you do. That's why you're commenting that you don't have anything in the first place and they there is a funny busy. Phillips helps comment from last week to like. She posted a picture in somebody commented. Oh my own F G. I'm so tired of that upside down smile of yours and she just wrote back. Check that I have fantastic news for you. You can unfold me a never got it again with a bunch of like clapping emojis like it's so it's so oh simple like stop is crazy when I don't like something I just don't mind it or I'll it. I don't follow things that make me like angry. You know I don't it so when you when I sit down and really think of like trolls and people who do this. I'm just like what what's wrong with your life. You know what I'm saying like. What what are you sit down and usually like. You know what I'm just going to tell this person how ugly her smile is right now. Like what's wrong with you doing that. I I've never understood that just like going out. I I understand that because we do this when we're talking about Bachelor in paradise remember you're talking about like the drama itself right personally attacked. People's looks not here for that and but this is different. They're saying just in general than being a couple and Justin's like well. If I were to make music we'd you guys hate that no because everybody wants him to make music so it's a great point by him yeah and and keep poster by your white he always in adjusting because we love it like there's no reason for him to not post about Haley unclearly. It seems like they're in a great place and that makes me very happy. Yeah you know what we were worried about them a year ago. Look how far they've come France Yeah Shoutout Justin and Haley. They're doing great. Will they. Go the distance who knows who knows but you know what he said better at seventy so we're just going to believe them right aw Piss Yeah Uh. Are you guys sick of using the same same old bidding websites that you don't know if you can trust. You don't know if they're being honest. You don't know if the products are real what you're getting well. You don't have to worry about that anymore. Because deal he'll dash is a fair and honest bidding site. You can either bid on. 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GM US asking us what we think think about Caitlin on the hills basic like being so adamant about wine have babies and wanting to get pregnant and how Brody Rhody like doesn't really seem ready for that and how like now she's just dating Miley when obviously Miley is doesn't WanNa have kids either. She's talked about that before too. She's not ready for kids and they're like sort of seen people be like. Don't you think it's kind of weird that like Kale and she really wanted to have babies now. She's dating. Miley doesn't WANNA babies but like you you go through something like a door unquote divorce. I mean they were never married it but like you know they were. I don't know but basically separating from somebody thought you were going to be with for the rest of your life is a very traumatic experience so for her and Miley to be comfortable with each other regardless of like past things that they wanted or issues I mean they probably brushed off to the side right now. Like like main focus is just to be happy and I also think it's just about her finding herself in like like you know she was with brody for a while and now she's with Miley figuring out how she feels and you know what they're gonna like. You said they're they're just gonNA be happy together. Put the kids thing to the side yeah thirty one only thirty one. She wanted to have kids by thirty though she did. You talk about it a lot on the hill so <hes> but that's clearly really not happening now so she's probably just putting a pastor. Miley Cyrus also released a new music video for slide away. It's she looked unbelievable. The song is is really good and it just makes me feel sad for Liam Hemsworth but I think that what's that for miles like watching that video was so gorgeous painful that like I wanted to just take the blanket and sit on the floor and like the corner of the room like I don't like it was just so sad. The whole thing was so sad. Oh yeah well. It's just like floating in the pool with all the alcohol. She looks gorgeous. He's just like I don't know just the way. The video was produced because she was singing but she I don't know how to describe it like she looked like she was moving slower than the music. I guess she just to look look very sad. She looked beautiful but she looks at it. Well it is sad obviously leads ending a big chapter life but damned. Do you think that Liam Hemsworth I really had a big drug and alcohol problem because signs I'm picking up on from the music video the song and the and the artwork itself or maybe just like purse Hollywood Johnny Yeah I was GonNa say I think I think it's more of a symbol of what how much touch their relationship was surrounded by drugs and alcohol regardless of like them individually which you know who knows but obviously drugs alcohol are very prevalent in their in their lives both with words yeah. I said prominent you said yes so I mean the same thing. Yes yeah. You're you're. We both are correct yeah. We're both we're both correct OMORI. No I know I'm just impressed. Oh yes EH. We're just showing off yeah. We're super smart yeah so yes. They basically like I said. I just think it was more. I think it's more symbolism symbolism for just how much their relationship of the past you know. Ten X years have has been surrounded by drugs now call right like I think she's trying to slide away from that ran you now. She's trying to slide away yeah exactly actually ocean back to the ocean and with Caitlin Oakland. It's such a strong it is. It's sad but this song so much but it makes me so sad. Every time I listen to it sucks yeah but I have to immediately glisten the lover as soon as I listen I listen to slide away and then I'm like actor. Tillerson yeah because you have to remember that you're in a happy relationship and that's just so sad right well. It is what it is. I'm happy for them. I'm happy happy for Kaitlyn and Miley and Keith pictures coming because I think they look cute beautiful black and white photos of them from Caroline's birthday by the way people keep tagging me and damning me the picture of Caitlyn and Miley where they're like walking the free Paparazzi shot and everyone's like Oh my God. I thought this was due with Miley and I WANNA thank you. I just want to say thank you for that because it would be really cool if it was me and Miley but it's not me it's Kaelin Carter. Why are you laughing so hard. It just cracks me up I would love to like. I don't think we'll ever see the day I'm research research screen shotting them so you believe me because I feel like you don't even Bush leave you every time just click. It cracks me up because we talk about about it every time. It's always a different celebrity but it's it's. That's why it's funny because it's always different celebrities. People people are always telling calling me. I look like somebody. It's not my fault that people. DM mean tag me in these things and they're like you look like the celebrity and I'm like. I don't see it because you've told me at least twenty different celebrities now but a you know what Caitlin Carter I'll accept that yeah I take that as a compliment her and Miley together fantastic the in an update on her relationship status yeah. We all thought she was kind of dating Mike Foster people have really been speculating that aren't Agron Day and Mike you were dating Frankie Gone Day <unk>. Her brother did an interview on red carpet and said that they had one on like a double date. It was like our Mikey Frankie and his boyfriend they played. I'd like board games hung out says great but used the term double date which made everyone thinks that he confirmed that Arina Mikey were dating <hes> so so everybody went wild with that Freddie Gray Confirms Arianna is dating Mikey Foster. She is not I guess she who knows but Frankie tweeted and and deleted that she is single he was like I my sister's single regardless. I would never like comment on my sister's life like that like that's her personal life but <hes> but she is single he wanted everybody to know. Do you think that Frank Ronn daily got some big trouble by the Guerande family when he speaks about Arianna Sagaaf Frankie yeah probably just is so hard like I just can't imagine and we talked about this with the Kardashians a little bit on the group chat when we were talking about Kim leaking her own surrogacy news because she was drunk like when you have a famous sibling that is so famous like Arianna grounded around as so famous you just sometimes things are going to slip <hes> me. Maybe you can tell something to the wrong person or are you use a word that you didn't mean to US news and people freak out like they could just ask Frankie. Hey how's Arianna. She's good and he could be like Oh. You know what she's okay and headlines would be like Frankie says our grand is okay. What does like is something wrong. Yeah No. I'm saying he's never know you. GotTa keep your family members in check. You know it'd be like the worst give we became. This is just music as-as an example. It's not going to happen if we became like famous like Paparazzi cared about about us or something. My brother would forget far the first person to have done. I would be done he would spill frankie of my secret brother. My brother early take your brother is literally. Frankie like my brother has such a big mouth. He's Oh no Frankie's Ryan your coattails before my brother had a girlfriend he would tell people like like girls but oh do you like checks in the office acute. Tell me and then something about them. Frankie's someone about Frankie's rankings when I go home. He can't filming me like you're like. TMZ relax over there like stop. My brother would be by far. We talked about this last week and at home my I sister was saying if we were like the Kardashians we he would be like rob like we leave him out because you're gonNA tell everybody everything yeah yeah lovey Frankie. Yeah I mean I love my brother to death yeah. I mean he's still your brother. Obviously the same thing with Frankie Granddad. They're probably like Oh man again. Frankie just big mouth. Yes Swedish people yeah base fine. He clarified. They're you're not dating Arianna. Arianna is single very much singles what you said so love to hear that very much sure. She won't be single for long though Ariana Gandhi. They love a good for a while yeah well. That's when I saw this. I was like speak sense. It's about time she gets. Another boyfriend looked at my clock and said let's boyfriend time for Brian. 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Yeah you're our Scott disick nick but we want to talk about twin life because we are so intrigued by twins lately. <hes> we watch a lot of bachelor bachelor shows every single one. Do you watch Ah yes sometimes but I know that there were twins on on that one right yeah yeah four yeah. We got stuck on this like last week week because one of the twins is in paradise and the other has dating somebody so she's not there. She's she has a boyfriend and so they're separate and she's there by herself and everybody. Everybody was like Oh my breaking out here alone but the boy that she likes on Paradise looks exactly like the boy that her twin sister that that injured money. Do you think that's on purpose like. Do you guys like the same guys you have different tastes. <hes> I think different tastes. I'm GonNa let Allie speak otherwise. I travel again yeah. No I think we do have different tastes guys. We're not like super but we're not like competitive. No not all guys who are more like like take charge super super. Go getter workers like that Guy Buds. You would like maybe like you know like <hes> physically alleys always liked guys to to light is there. I'm more like tall dark handsome yeah so it's not the same exact thing yeah not the same thing. Do you guys think thank you have any like twins superpowers because I feel like twins can communicate speaking. We definitely die. You can communicate without speaking like we get other looks like and we always was check each other. If I give are looking no she's like okay. I'm not going to help people in the house like in the acts on the Beach House. They always said that we would constantly check. Each other like hey like does it. How's the speeding's you look on me. Are you wearing the say like what should I wear this. Do I look good in that. I brush my hair. Like what should I do and I don't even notice it but we just do it all the time. This makes sense as as you like always have somebody to help you make decisions have to make the decisions. You're having with yourself but it just out out loud to someone else answered yeah. Do you ever feel like you guys can just read each other's minds about even looking at each other. I think we sometimes say the same. The thing is sometimes you'll say something. I'm like Oh my God. I was just going to say that that's what I meant because we definitely talk at the same time talk over each other yeah we do that too. Do you have like one weirdest twin experience <hes> and it was like have you ever tried to. Have you ever tried to to pretend to be the other twin. Oh yeah more like when we were kids. Yeah I mean and then in college. She wanted me to take her final for her. I would I would have done it if you had the same professor as me. I just didn't want to honestly would have done better than I did a D. or something. Thank you got an A. I probably probably shouldn't and you guys both went to Nyu. Yes you brought up college. Did you guys go with Dylan and Cole. SPROUSE obviously also twins yeah yeah they. They were there the same time as that's right yeah they were with <hes>. I don't know what like program they were in but one of them was in an art class that was immediately immediately after my art class so always see him you know popping winter coal and actually a movie with <hes> Dylan Yeah Yeah Okay okay. It's not out yet. It's called Tiger Tiger okay but yes so look out for that like you said we wanted. I wanted to say oh. Have you tricked a boy pretending like same testing a boy to like see if he knows which ones were always like on the phone on the phone. I think we sound Kinda that same yeah at the beginning the beginning it's easier to fuck with people right lake. I mean as you get to know us we're like. I don't think I don't think look the same yeah. Wow how you guys do sounded like all right. I'M GONNA close. I'm GonNa close my eyes and then it's going to be very tough. This is a podcast gets one. It's time to take a guess okay. One of you talk my ears. I don't know saying things words. I could feel it. He's not gonNA closer once for yes. Yes doesn't work <hes> but you guys obviously went to. NYU And you were both artisan yeah. How long have you have. You always wanted to be artists <hes> well. We always loved art. My mom would always like pause out of school. She called Mama Mondays on Mondays and not every Monday but it was it was that sounds amazing. It's an amazing thing every single we get the best mom ever. She's probably listening to this social love you mom they don't <hes> but you know we were always like interested in like art and like viewing art and then after school we would always take art classes. We were not into sports or any of that stuff <hes> and then when we went to school we both knew we wanted to major in art but I don't think it was until after we graduated that we were like he's career artists. Yeah 'cause we were working at museums and galleries and we just didn't love it. We're like we don't want to be like why am I doing research on another artist artist when someone should be doing that for me. It's great weight. Is You guys realize that like that. You could actually do it like as a as a career really. We just like we just love doing it. I think we were both just like not having fine on the and of it and we were just like okay like once we graduated druid were like we just WanNa continue making art because that kind of stopped and we were like. Let's just give it a year see what happens so our first studio was actually like in like ex way friend's house like dating these guys live together right and they had this well of course. They had this like storage closet in their garage. It was literally like half the size as of this room. There were no windows it was in a garage car fumes and paint Liam's and like it was so bad but we just started painting every every single day. That's all we did we start posting and then we started to notice like okay like they have something. We have something here. We love doing this. We can definitely make something best us. That's awesome and I know this is what we do all the time. I can't see her <hes> and you guys obviously. He grew a following on social media from posting your artwork. Where can everybody check out your heart our art we can see it a lot on either we summed up. We both like a mix sonner instagram but our website the Kaplan join dot com yeah <hes> our instagram the Kaplan twins yeah we also do march with our art on on it because not everyone can afford the art so right you. WanNa make it very accessible. Exactly love that and your art is very relatable. Yeah you guys come up with like these sayings now. I spilled my campaign. Shama easies right. How do you guys come up with that. So a lot of 'em on social media things that are friends caption on post. Somerset bummer static was like literally from my friends instagram caption and so we take things like that stuff that we see on twitter. It's just all social means that our friends say and I think that's whites heights relatable because it's the images that were so used to sing and these phrases and sayings that were so used to hearing and I don't even know right and it's cool to us on it. I really liked the the <hes> the peach emoji with the you're doing amazing sweetie like that's cute 'cause i. I just feel like every young girl would love to have that up in their apartment. It's like cool. It's it's fun yeah. We did we sent to Kris Jenner really respond no we should just try and like DM behind follow up with her. Just just ask her won't do it because I'm blocked but you guys come on twitter. I'm like I was like thirteen guys. Jenner yeah wow yeah it's kind of like Khan stories. I wear it proudly but also I'm embarrassed at the same time plays Akayev. He's because now I can't see your stuff. You guys grew following on social media and you ended up on on the beach yeah famous. I yes on Netflix Yeah Yeah. It was just wild. We ended up <hes> we found something with complex and <hes> all of a sudden like people were damning coming up and they were like love you on Netflix and we're like we're on Netflix literally had no idea oh my God you're people sliding into our defense and I'm like I responded to someone. I'm I'm like what am I on instant fame okay so I look it up. I'm like okay. I'm Netflix Yeah so you guys paid for that well. We did it through calm. I just didn't know that was working right and that flicks and there's one of those things you sign where you're like. This can go anywhere because you know idea but I eh right but it opens doors yet. It absolutely did that. was that was a great opportunity. So how did you guys then get involved with ex on the beach. <hes> excellent cussing reached out to US <HES> and we're like why not yeah it's fine the Malibu with strangers I five weeks no cellphones and no music and no television really excited in the beginning and then we get there. Were like Oh my God. What did we sign up. Literally so is is part of it just like silence or you're talking to people in the house because you can't listen to Music Watch TV. You can't go on your phones. What can you can talk about the show in talking about other people's relationships you can cause drama. It's about <hes> you can't talk about like TV or anything that's happening in current time obviously filmed it you know in. April and it's airing now so it's like game of thrones can't talk about game of thrones and so that's why like when you're in that environment you really just get so like like sucked into it and so caught up in there yeah because it's all you know your life yeah right and so. Did you watch like any of these other MTV. I'm TV shows like did you when you saw the rest of the cast like. Did you know some of them. Were did you not. I mean obviously days when we first like because they they all have cars and then real mindful didn't see anything so then we like take off the blind bolts and we see entire the rest of the housemates in cast and the only person I recognized was aubrey because and like the like the little girl inside we also living for like a month. I'm like yeah claiming inside. How is she because obviously you know. She's a big talked about character on this season. There's a lot of drama. would she like actually in real life because obviously we only see what's cut into yeah. I mean in real life. She's a sweetheart. She does have some. You know just dramatic moments do <hes> but you know. She is a very smart girl. She's very intuitive live <hes>. She gave a lot of advice to people on the house. <hes> we still talk to her work close with a lot of people in the house so that's great who do you who do you guys who'd you bond with the most close bond with <hes> besides each other yes besides each other and we're really close with Shannon and yeah I mean area on on the lot of the house is on the West Coast so like we we still see like other Shannon Arianna Cam <hes> Alexis Aubrey ever a car. Everyone and we all do screenings together so we're all we're all very close. Are there any other TV shows that you have your eyes on to get on <hes> Tom be fine right. I'd watch that challenge the challenge <hes> I if I do the challenge she Ashley Way with. Maybe we rate for that one. We can't separate can't be able to survive. I'm very competitive. I actually think I would win. That's a great attitude to have. I mean I would I would have to file my nails down. get down and dirty crazy stuff that they do on it but they always wanted to bloodline season and now if it'd be sick if they did that again and then you guys were paired up as a team. Oh okay I would do it so MTV. If you're listening yeah do balls lines again. Please and have them on yeah so and you guys are so ex on the beach. I would say as far as drama goes. You guys have stayed pretty low key. was that hard to do who I think that a little bit our personalities. I need don't like confrontation. I don't like starting show. I'm never gonNA I'm watching. I'm like where is Allie. I think we're just not very you know. We're not gonNA start in with stuff like one. Maurice started in with us for are literally no fucking reason. She said she's like I'm jealous of them like on television yeah it back she goes. I'm jealous and so we're just like I'm not a fan of bullying lee-ing. I'm not a fan of any of that <hes> and so I'm not gonNa like pick on someone for like doing some tiny little like nothing. Whatever excellent significant yeah just 'cause something like I get it. It's TV but that's not my personality. I'm here for another reason yeah and you bring something to the table doesn't have to be like like being in that harbor. They're also not everybody needs to not be. That's not us but definitely like if someone comes at me. I'm going to defend mice. Yeah yeah go ahead. I'm sorry I know we're not. I can't go go. Oh okay. How was it tough. Billy cry like that because it was hard to watch me felt really bad for billy yeah like I really did like that just like the way that my heart reacts and I'm also like watching it back. I'm like this is just that is so not how everything went down on like not at all and I mean I think you set too high. That's a billy like hey billy. You know. I really like you but I know Oh. My ex is going to get here at some point and so I kind of need to see what's happening with that and he said to me. You know I'm on. I'm on the same page like I need to see which other their acts of mine is coming so <hes> you know. We're on the same page here. Good Company is like what we call each other and at no point. was there like a conversation station where he has feelings for you. I don't know how I feel about Max Riding. It wasn't until Max arrives that he was then like Oh. I don't like this and never did he. Come to me and I'd say I don't like this. He said he told everyone just trying to bring Max down right and he also said like Oh. I don't care that Max is here like you said that to. Aubrey but then he talked and confessional and say it is a front you know and like none of that was expressed to me and I'm just like a very big communicator. I talk like that's what that's what I wanNA know right well. It's interesting. It's going to be interesting to see how it plays out yeah but never reunion coming up also so. I'm sure it'd be saying everything I just said see. That's my speech that I have prepared rates. Abloy awesome you never know what's going to happen in those reunion reunions or my favorite Ashley on on on MTV. Oh my God they get rowdy. I'm and besides ex on the beach. You guys were on Scotus six new show flip it like when young right that's the name of it hasn't premiered yet but can you guys give us a little sneak peek of what you did <hes> yeah so we actually will. We got a little sneak the peak of it and it's it's really fun episode so Scott <hes> is redoing his daughter's bedroom melody melody and <hes> he <music> commissions us to make a painting of her for her so for the draw very fine dot com store studios USA fun stuff not not going to give all that way how <hes> he's a very funny guy them. We're like Scott. You're a you're a millennial yeah and he's like am I yeah you are now. It's the definitely fits age range yeah and so you got to be penelope did we. What did you meet Penelope now. Canal up shoots. I know get home so is off like a phone facetime with benign person. She's so cute yeah. That's why I that's what I would freak out about. Okay became real life. Scott before ramose longtime <music>. I'm not right okay well. That's very very cool. And how did your work turnout for Penelope. I mean I loved it. Loved it so yeah yeah. It was exciting cool super guys no one. That episode is airing on the fifteenth. Yeah okay at nine piano yeah all right so not this. What's Today's show not not the <hes> not say six but however this will be coming on Monday so it'll be it'll it'll be that we'll be all right. Thank you so much for joining US alley and Lexi. Can you tell everyone where they could follow you. Follow us on instagram where the Kaplan twins with underscores and they're super knowing what the underscoring Kaplan underscore twins also. We just started a youtube channel. Ullman Kaplan twins snapchat the the cavs twins across everything except for instagram underscores <laughter> right so go follow the Kaplan twins and watch them on ex on the beach and the Sunday flip it like a sick amazing. Thank you guys all right that wraps up today's episode. We hope you have a fantastic week. We hope you got that Friday energy on a Monday just a reminder. All of our brand new merch is on sale now. It's live. It's available. It's Hoodie season so make sure you get those tied. sweatshirts those cropped hoodies and let us know other merge that you want to see have a great week. I'm such a I'm so Burma. There must be be hand to make some travel been to say on a carry me caring area. Were caring conifer auto cannon. Can I can understand fast foolish English spend no you come on over and wake me savvy. Robert McAfee need that's for sure. Just Kinda. Crazy happened <music>. I k. every <music> around.

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