REShow: Aaron Rodgers. Hour 1 (08-30-19)


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Once again go to bet the aside dot com and use promo code d. r. one to one and get this limited time hundred percent. Send bonus cash offer now. It's only a game until you bet it at g._s._i. That's right. We got one of the best in the business in aaron rodgers calling in at the end of this first our three hour john going into labor day weekend after which we will have the first full season <hes> <hes> first full weekend of the new college football season in the books with the n._f._l. Season six days from now <hes> even closer and that's six six days from now is aaron rodgers packers against the chicago bears who needs to sign carli lloyd right. Now i mean she had a much better night than pineyro once again. I mean the the awful place kicking the chicago. Bears right now is beyond dreadful and it's one of those things to just preseason blah blah but but that's like not having a closer when you don't have a closer in baseball in the end the and the the leads get blown all over the place. It starts leads. It's like the runny nose it starts the drip the post nasal drip and suddenly you've got a sore throat and the whole damn body gets sick. I you know whatever whatever you can't take anything out of preseason finale. Everybody played their final preseason game last night. While i guess there's one thing you can take out of a pre the season finale last night from new england which pissed chris brockman off even though i thought it would delight him but we'll get to that later on in the program put a pin in that that's called a tease <hes> but that's the issue is you can't tell anything from the preseason this time around you really cannot i mean stars who normally would have played a half of football at the very least aggregate haven't even play any football. None of it did aaron rodgers. Take a single pre season snap. He did not zero zero crazy crazy so this is a perfect example. I have no idea what green bay is gonna. Look like one of you ever said that going into a season i now now. I have no earthly idea what green bay is gonna look like. I don't know what the charges are. Gonna look like you could assume but there's no melvin gordon odor when james those are two very crucial players phillips thirty seven i mean it's really guesswork work right now so when i get an email from n._f._l. Network and the game morning crew and our production staff saying a next tuesday. We got our season preview show. These are the things we want to know from and i gotta give him everything. My super bowl pick m._v._p. One team that made the playoffs last year that will be out and all eight division winners. Wow so i'm. I'm going to use the show to do my work for next tuesday because we're your friends. It's taylor's. I six birthday today. Oh happy birthday. Yes my ex kidding. Turning sixty day yeah and my parents are in town my mother-in-law aw in town. There's a party coming on saturday. Sunday is my last day to sleep in. Monday is just going to be a day eighty. Just literally tap out some do my work right now all right. I like it. I'm gonna give you my eight division winners in my m._v._p. Right now well. I mean a._f._c. is easy so you can just go on. We'll start with that and do you wanna give us a little bit of little sam spence slow sort of n._f._l. Films finest. I i'm fired up. How could you not be did you watch college games. Last night. I mean there really wasn't much much to write home about their either but still it was great to see actual foot by being actually play any we'll get to that later here. We go <hes> in the a._f._c. east. You're correct. It is simple a you have to figure tom brady at age forty two right doing all of his core work on the sidelines last night. He did a core work on the sidelines during the game last like this kind of doing my core work for next tuesday's n._f._l. Game day morning season preview kickoff show right now during while there's actually action going going on <hes> bella check brady ataman the defense. You know here's one thing i will tell you about the patriots that i think you can tell right now. Even though no not many people talking about it sony michelle is going to have a dynamite season if he can stay healthy dynamite and i can't wait to see what he looks like this year and i think they have a true bona fide star running back in new england and we never talk about a star star running back in new england for many reasons because there's three other running backs at normally out. I think they're going to rely on sony michelle healthy in a way that we really don't see too often and maybe not since corey dillon right since back in the day so <hes> i i will go. I will go the patriots in the a._f._c. north. Yes you've got the browns. Everybody's thinking brown's bronzes browns at and i do like i can't wait to see what the browns are going to do. You need to see what freddie kitchens looks like managing a game. He might be terrific at it. He might be ready to roll. He might be a savant. He might be the roy hobbs of of knowing when to call timeout when a challenge stuff or how to handle stuff in the locker room and how his quarterback wakes up dangerous everyday until it happens. I can't give them the division and i know that the steelers are are going to be better than most believe. That's so i will go with the ravens who repeating all right the baltimore ravens will repeat as division winners in the a._f._c. north because y lamar jackson is going to have a breakout season. I can't wait to see him play all sixteen. They haven't unwrapped him at all the preseason we're all assuming you just going to be the guy who's just going to struggle to read coverages and maybe push the ball downfield and they're just gonna rely at nineteen million times rushing it and they will run it a lot and they've got mark ingram. They're now hollywood brown. I can't wait to see him with with <hes> lamar jackson and let's not forget earl thomas to sit out there in baltimore the ravens fans. You are gonna love yeah. I think he will anchor that defense. I can't wait to see what the ravens looked like a._f._c. South i am taking the indianapolis colts. I've been talking myself into it all week weeklong. They have the best roster top to bottom. They do their line offensive line best in the n._f._l. I'll say i think the best in the n._f._l. That big hugh is a monster. He will steal your soul. Marlin mac is ready to go. They do have some quality polity weapons t y hilton paris campbell if he can stay healthy coming off of the trademark ohio state university and devin funchess and the tight ends doyle and ibran defensively darius leonard and those kids <hes> that they they keep drafting their chris ballard and frank reich will have percents ready to go and so i take the colts to win the a._f._c. south. I'd like to see west a._f._c. West the chiefs or man's bredon spreading. We're taking reads man spread masterpiece for putting our left leg down in all right like down and saying this is our territory you come and take it. They have in my mind the best quarterback that's currently playing in the n._f._l. Right now at such a high high-level and put a pin in that for a second in terms of patrick mahomes defensively tyronn. Matthew's been added frank clark over de ford is an upgrade folks. Tell you that and we will see how they can possibly coordinate this defense a little bit better for any read and the chiefs are ready to go offensive line. It's top five as well chiefs repeat in the a._f._c. west. It's moved to the national football conference zeke's in kabul and he's freaking me out because i'm look at del tufo sat in it is not appealing okay. Jerry jones is san you know i think he's going to miss games. There's ton of posturing. I'm sure there's negotiating shading going on behind the scenes and even when he comes back. I don't know how ready he's going to be an all of this stuff is. I can't sit here and take the dallas dallas cowboys to repeat as division winners. I just cannot some going to take the philadelphia eagles. I'm gonna take whence coming back supremely talented all over the spot all over the lot. I think they've improved their running game. This kid mile sanders the backup to <hes> saquon at penn state. They're running a ball and pennsylvania. I think he's got some upside. We have yet to determine how good it's going to be and <hes> defensively. They've got one best in the business and fletcher cox coming back from injury. I like the eagles coaching staff the whole thing i take the eagles to win the national football conference eastern division now then the n._f._c. north. I can't wait to talk to erin i. I don't know what he's going to be able to reveal right okay because i if i'm him. I'm i'm revealing nothing zero because what the a hell of we've seen about the matt leflore coordinated offense. How different is it going to be from the mike mccarthy. Offensives had packers fans screaming at the television screen for half a half a decade now so i don't know defensively. I don't know so i've got go with what i do. Know and what i do know are the minnesota vikings have a great offense. They've got some great receivers. I did bitsy dalvin cook run away from the arizona defense a couple of weeks did their defense has tons of guys returning. I know what their defense is going to be and offensively with kirk cousins. I can't believe i'm putting myself in this viking ship right now but the to name it keeps on coming up to me from all scouts outs and people who are in the know in the n._f._l. That gary kubiak being the new. Let me get his title correct here. He is the offensive it's of us. Here's the offensive advisor. Assistant head coach laughs offensive adviser and i think he's going to with the boots and all the stuff that they ron cousins is going to run it well enough with the defense that the bears have have lost vic fangio and i know aw that chuck pagano is very talented defensive coaches to ask anybody from these ravens days. I just don't know if the bears with trubisky you're as good as the vikings but i reserve the packers. I will take the vikings have to do it right now vikings and in the n._f._c. south it's it's the saints i can't i mean the saints were a a heart wrenching mind-blowing hail hail. Mary double dip pass away for making the n._f._c. championship game two years ago at last year. We all know why they didn't make the super bowl or at least i. We know that there are still some time left in that game there there there is talented. Is anybody quarterback running back wide receiver. Maybe the best real and again defensively they've got playmakers and i love sean payton and i love joe breeze and i'm taking the win the south and then in the n._f._c. west there. You're defending n._f._c. champions. I don't know how the rams don't win it. I mean key to see what seattle looks like. I don't believe arizona and san francisco san francisco. Go has right now. If i had to put a marker on the sleeper team in the n._f._c. that will put it together and perhaps make a run for the playoffs. I'll take them <hes> <hes> just because it's time see jimmy. G. looks like and defensively they do have some talented players and veteran players and it's time for carl's shanahan and put it together but not to win the division any in seattle i just i i they're not as talented as the rams the talented he can make the make the the playoffs that can make a run but the rams win. This division rams win. This division and those are my eight division winners when we come back. I'll give you my m._v._p. And then we'll chat to the two time m._v._p. Of the green bay packers tony dungy <hes> hall of fame head coach. He's on this program in our number two. I'd love to know what you think think eight four four two zero four rich. Which one do you think i'm spot on about. I'm willing to hear from you if you say no. I gotta take this one. I gotta take that division. I gotta take this one etc and then next tuesday. I will prepare with the team. That's in that wasn't last year and and a team that was in last year. That's going to be out this your and my super bowl pick for next tuesday but i hope they were watching it n._f._l. Network i will forward them. It was just sending this video. We could yeah we could. We could clip it tag. Him could do it. <hes> do you question over there. Do what are you have over there i do so we're talking in an rogers today green bay packers and if see north which quarterback in the n._f._c. in the n._f._c. north under the most pressure this year okay kirk cousins aaron rodgers matthew stafford mitch trubisky. I've got the answer on that front to. I'll give you my two cents on that and then we'll we'll have aaron rogers. He's calling calling in in about twenty some odd minutes time. That's <hes> that's our rolling. In the first couple of hours aaron rodgers future hall of famer first ballot hall of famer tony dungy pro-football football amer- <hes> head coach who's here on the show to promote a movie whoa yeah promote a movie and then pendulum is coming by. I've been of penn and teller fan for ever since give me great to me. I don't know if he's gonna do magic if he does. I'll do my best to describe it for the radio. Show i would love to have or to dress be fantastic and that's the way that will roll into our labor day weekend eight four four two zero. Four rich is the number to dial. I just gave you my division. Winners patriots ravens colts chiefs eagles vikings although i can't wait to see what the packers looked like before truly buy into the vikings saints rams so i switched up a little bit from last year to this year <hes>. What do you think again eight four four two zero four rich when i come back. I'll give you my m._v._p. Pick for the two thousand nineteen national football league season. That's how we are rolling with. Aaron rodgers lurking rundown in the first hour on the rich eisen show leading into who labor day weekend this summer. There's only one trusted place that lets you get in on all your favorite sports betting action that online dot a._g. Sign up today for a free account out at bet online dot a._g. 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It's only a game until you bet it at-bat decide to be balled. The left half bounces it outside. It's the numbers of the twenty twenty five forty forty five fifty. He's on his way the lane still raining a._c._c. player of the year travis itchy again <hes> which is travis. Stephen chan is stephen in french. I'm just giving you all sorts of statistics here that you didn't think you'd get twelve carries carries two hundred five rushing yards three rushing touchdowns trevor lawrence of touchdown and two interceptions <hes> man that really held clemson and back last night eleventh consecutive win for clemson with twenty points or more last team to come with an touchdown clemson brockman syracuse orange back on september twenty nine th of two thousand eighteen should beat them while you get your shot a couple of weeks only and now now with the texas a._&_m. Is next up and then you got syracuse. I mean those are the those i mean clemson's putting it on the line would say the best they can. The first couple of weeks the season tough opener sixteenth consecutive week one win for clemson fifty two fourteen is the final am destroyed texas state utah b._y._u. A little weather issue but <hes> utah took care of business you see china brandon wimbush. Everybody sixty two nothing thing over florida am in cincinnati since chip kelly to a three and eleven record since <hes> picking you can over u._c._l._a. When it happened to him <hes> man twenty four fourteen to win. <hes> was the final score their college football back baby. That was a fun broadcast. Listen to i. I didn't hear it. How was it was. It was great. It was really fun. Okay good path and the gang got some big ten teams putting on a line tonight till michigan state hosting hosting tulsa and then wisconsin at south florida raymond james stadium and i imagine everyone's going to beat it on down the line and get out of there because of the hurricane. That's coming and we're hope everybody that's listening listening in south florida. Take preparations. Don't look outside now and see how it sunny in think. We're all good. These things you know people grow up in florida. I understand say you know how many times they bug out. Nothing happened right. Well bug out because this could be the time. Something really does happen here. Okay <hes> and tony dungy going to be calling in from central florida. <hes> shortly here on the program our number two aaron rodgers shortly and then penn jillette in our number three on the show <hes> capital one brings us the quick update of our poll question reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts but no fees or minimums in one of the nation's best savings rates capital one. What's in your wallet woody over there chris which quarterback is under the most most pressure in the n._f._c. north this year kirk cousins rogers matt stafford mitch trubisky kirk cousins cousins leads the way early on fifty percent ver good kirk cousins has a lot of pressure on him. I say it's mitchell trubisky bro. What if he takes a step back back. What if the bears don't make the playoffs because he has issues that <hes> we have <hes> we didn't see last year. I think that's the kirk cousins has another guaranteed year of about nineteen billion dollars left but in trubisky is gonna get his deal from chicago too but what what if chicago's in the same spot with your biscuits dallas's with deck right now but you're bisky was a top pick so they have him for a fifth year in dallas with deck well. There's a little bit of pressure on him. Saw him sane aaron rodgers coming up shortly here on the rich eisen show <hes> before we get to the phone lines once again. Let me just throw out there. Who i think my most valuable player of two thousand nine hundred got to choose quarterback yeah gotta choose a quarterback your brain running like what running back might be saquon but the giants have to win like twelve thirteen games and he's got a rush for two thousand yards for him to think if he gets two thousand yards. He's the m._v._p. Even if the giants kgo eight them running things i was so i don't know about that. There's always going to be a quarterback of a thirteen twelve win team. Certainly if that teams like the saints and that's the one award drew brees hasn't gotten okay a lifetime achievement awards. I hear that wide receiver could wide receiver get that award. I don't see you'd have to have a randy. Moss type year twenty five touchdown right so we're going to have to boil it down quarterbacks and who's got the chance to throw for forty touchdowns and we've got a chance to throw for five thousand yards. 'cause it's gotta be statistic and who's going to be on a team that can actually win twelve twelve thirteen games to garner that sort of respect and attention win win all right so there's wentz. I don't know how so many people are on this wednesday rain rain right now d._j. Was one of them. Daniel jeremiah who i respect greatly <hes> you've got brees is another one obviously is possible that golf could pull it together in. Suddenly everybody feels that way about him. Thanks <hes> our a._d. At age forty two that'd be something he did a forty four hundred dollars last year but it has been ten years since we've seen any repeat most valuable player and that would be tony dungy's quarterback. Peyton manning did it in two two thousand eight two thousand nine. That's the last time you've seen a repeat. Most valuable player and i think that streak ends this year. This kid is so damn special and he's got the the weapons and he's got the line to protect them and he's got the coach and the scheme to just get it done and the defense to get some of the winds. That's yes that's patrick mahomes. I think he does it again. Wow last year was no fluke no fluke. He's just that at special and i think the chiefs with mahomes and this season. They have a great shot to make the super bowl. I'm gonna make my super bowl. Pick on tuesday but patrick mahomes is going to be a repeat most valuable player for two thousand nineteen the day the music down well don mike and that's production value on his production value eight four four two zero four rich number two dollar. If you have an issue with any of this stuff let's go to jim in the great state of ohio. What's up jim jim go. I up here on the program you there. Jim read facts like a call. Thanks for making it. What's on your on hey. I wanted to get my opinion on a._f._c. North full disclosure longtime lifelong browns fans <hes> understandably antabuse cautiously optimistic but i feel like <hes> really the only spot with your pick with the ravens only spot they may be more talented or more secure than than cleveland is the head coach obviously our balls a proven entity <hes> on unknown with freddie but i think just yes weapon wise and i know the browns have a lot of moving parts but like i said i'm excited to see it. I think that they are the most dial two team. I thin and the ravens have a first place schedule which is tougher than obviously what the browns are going to have to face to. Thanks for the call. Jim sound like phone was doing sorts of crazy. Things right there. Jim a very cogent even headed analysis. That's on paper. I just need to see it. That's all. I need to see it and right. Now i feel the ravens are lying in wait because everybody thinks lamar jackson can't throw the ball down the field or the ravens won't throw it down the field him or don't think he has the ability to throw it down the field so they're just gonna keep it. Keep him from throwing the ball down the field through scheme that does a lot of dipsy doo stuff and running that might not work on any given sunday and if they fall down by ten fourteen points or screwed. Maybe i'm gonna stick with my point and obviously it could be wrong in the browns can just put a magical season together. <hes> let's go to train oklahoma right in the heartland of our great nation. What's up trey. Hey what's going on rich. Thanks for taking my call paul. What's going on well. <hes> i actually agree with every one of your pig and australia. Look at eagle are you. Are you read my mind as i'm listening to it on the radio is this is kinda freaky. I'll take it i will. I have a question for you. Yes so i'm wondering if we're seeing with the dallas cowboys right now now how many times if if the cowboys go on and win and zeke sits out. Let's say four or five weeks and then comes back and then they women. Are we going to start seeing load management. The hiller heavy players know i know a great by the way great use of load management. No dallas can't afford thanks call trait in and i. I'm thrilled that we're lockstep here. Dallas can't afford to wait for five weeks. Zeke on what planet i did see on e._s._p._n. That they had the the easiest schedule in the first three weeks of any team in the n._f._l. Based on what happened last year yeah new york washington miami okay fine by the way then what happened last year olds up next next four weeks at new orleans home for green bay at the jets the evening thinks he can go to and one he can go to and like you can't you can't get fits magicked in week three because that's what the that's that's the way the dolphins are going right now. As we heard crazy you can't go fits magicked zeke to week four week. Five midnights going to have to strike strike bhai week one week two unless tony pollard though that the heavens opened up to deliver to the joneses the leverage bridge that they require and by the way one last thing here the amount of money zeke wants is half of what you're going to have to play deck half so if you just talk about pie if you wanna talk about pi it's half of the slice. You're gonna have to serve up to dak. There is less understood. Doing i get fat and we'll hear the latest from jerry jones in your news update chris brockman but i want to take a break 'cause because aaron rodgers is about to join us here on this program <hes> and <hes> we will take your calls as well at eight four four zero four rich number dial the phone lines. They say our lit. There is less there is less pie understand jerry but in terms of the pie half the slice you're going to serve up to dak is all that zeke wants to eat and every time i do that. It looks like i'm cranking. Something and i have to stop making that motion. Yes the place when we come back aaron rodgers when the all time greats of the green bay packers right here on the rich eisen show hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of view great listeners for supporting. This podcast certainly couldn't do this. Show without either of you and i wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing thing and of course supporting now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds of a._b._c. news headlines right after this podcast n._f._l. 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I'd bet the sl we bet on all the games from start to finish. Did we mentioned they got the n._f._l. Every play every minute until the end also. I just just remembered new members. Get one hundred percent bonus match using promo code d._r. One oh one that's double your money to start winning today. Once again go to bet the aside dot com and use promo promo code d r one a one and get this limited time hundred percent bonus cash offer now. It's only a game until you bet it at bet. D sl hi welcome back to the rich eisen. Show pro football hall of fame head coach. Tony dungy will be on our our show coming up in our number two who are we did have our fantasy football draft yesterday the <hes> i we defending our championship in the allison chains fantasy football ball celebrity league. <hes> touch of the vir- meal was the name of our team last year 'cause anytime we get choked up. We have a touch of meal this year. We changed our team named to mand dan spread centerpiece in honor of andy reid staking out his spot in the middle of that coaches photo at this year's owners meeting and <hes> we we had we drafted well. We'll give you our our roster later on as well as the first general managing kerfuffle by the way that could be our team name next year between you and i broke mun disagreement but turn to the phone line and find one of my favorites <hes> he is entering his fifteenth season wow in the national football league the <hes> former super bowl m._v._p. Once super bowl m._v._p. M._v._p. Always one also a league m._v._p. He is none other than aaron rodgers. How are you aaron. Hey buddy thanks back finally all come anytime anytime aaron. <hes> very rarely do i start the interview this way but doc. How's the mustache going right now. Where are we right now on this front. It's no what yes shave it off last night. Aaron rodgers 'cause we were going to suggest since you've done you've done the sam elliott and then you've done the <hes> the whole happy gilmore thing. We were going to suggest you go through the wilford brindley i._m._d._b. Page with that thing. He could've died it and really worked. It's talking about diabetes. It's the right thing to do correct yes. That's what we could've done. It's for next time. I'll keep that in mind what what happened. What why just what happened just getting in the way too much. You know too much in the mustache. You know it's time to move on new. Look clear the decks and time for the season pretty much is what you're saying a lot of guys yeah a lotta guys actually <hes> give me some crap about it. I mean i get the compliments to crap but <hes> then move on well. If there's anything anything to smoke out sam i'm elliott for me is would i give the blue checkmark do. Did you ever hear from him. Did you get any call after the canadian tuxedo from him now still waiting on that but <music>. I'm hold out hope for sure one day one day aaraj earlier on the rich eisen show okay erin. I have no idea what what your offense is. Gonna look like. Can you give me any hint any idea what's going on at all natural. It's out there. You'd see it see it in <hes> you know our first opportunity okay. It's been good. You know brexit good well. We got a lot of stuff in <hes> you know but this this kind of way of <hes> many teams. I think most in general played their their guys. <hes> you know maybe a little bit in the third and that's about it and that's kind of the way things might the entire preseason so <hes> you know i think i t minus myself played about fifteen snap shish right <hes> but <hes> you know we've got a lot of practice time i and it'd be it's not like the game well i would contend that <hes> you know the practice reps against a defensive actually run and their stuff is is is more <hes> it's better preparation than <hes> you know <hes> preseason game whether or not really running their stuff <hes> you know simple stuff most diamond preseason two or three coverages two or three fronts and <hes> i feel good about the preparation we got him this okay so to packer fans that have been howling at the gates for innovation. Will they get it or were. They off to begin with aaron. I think they're they're probably off to to begin with <hes> you know we had <hes> an offense that was one of the top two or three copycat offense for years in the league and that's kinda the way it goes you know when the team gets hot on offense. <hes> people start you know trying to copy their place fitted in their own schemes and you saw that with our offense for a long time. You've seen that knowing for a long time you know when chip kelly got in the league. You saw a lot of teams trying to do what they were doing there and <hes> you know what's going on with andy and and i'm in kansas city city <hes> and then obviously this offense with <hes> the couch ran has been running and sean mcvay and and matt here you know it's it's kind of a one of the newer trends league <hes> but you know we've been on the forefront of of those trends and this is just a different <hes> different type of offense. You know more <hes> you know cut splits and <hes> you know actions. <hes> you know diana directly with the runs runs and <hes> you know a lot of the line of scrimmage and <hes> a lot of <hes> adjustments whether they're out adjustments or run passengers or runaround adjustments or pass pass adjustments that <hes> you know i think challenging mentally but <hes> you know definitely this offense put stresses on <hes> on defensive fits. It's and disciplined and that's why you've seen you know cows don in san fran. You know we saw firsthand last year. Abc's shawna's has done teams or way out in the last year and <hes> this offense. Is you know kind of the the offense right now. Aaron rodgers here on the rich eisen hasn't shown if he sounds more clearer than it has in the last couple of weeks. It's because there's no mustache in front of his mouth anymore right here on the rich eisen show see i just reset your identity ready by talking about you without you being in the first person right there. I think you probably picked up on the right there. I did thank you got a lot of fun. Comments this morning morning workout man. You look a lot younger. I might have to do that. This is my last move this beard and mustache that i've got going on here and you know i'm i'm towards the end and <hes> if you will. I'm out of options. I'm out. I'm out. You know. I'm pretty much out of options in a few minutes left with you here. <hes> what did you i. I know you've mentioned about locking how it was. The reaction of the fan base <hes> in indianapolis was a little disgusting. The words that you used <hes> can you put into words is somebody who clearly battles injuries as much as you do we saw last year in particular what does go through the mental aspect of this that you might have related to with andrew luck erin well. I think it's the <hes> the groundhog day affected that it has on your mind when <hes> you're so focused is <hes> rehab and a lot of the rehab is <hes> you know repetitive and if you don't see see any types of jumps during in recovery you know say it's in a week or two weeks or you know for a major injury a month. <hes> you know definitely messes with your mind a lot and then i think it's natural to start thinking about your post career health and whether it's with concussions nhs or surgeries you know whatever extremity and maybe that comes into play on your ability to live functioning in <hes> physical life <hes> after football <hes> and i think watching some guys go through a couple of years of <hes> <hes> you know a year year and a half kinda like injured during nelson went through basically <hes> you know you see all construction to <hes> another <hes> leg injury and it was about a year and a half <hes> for ham of rehab just to get back on the field for the following season and it messes with your head for sure and it <hes> you know stop the rehab and i think it's only natural to the man. Is this my best quality of life or do. I still have the passion or you know. Is it time to <hes> to do some else and then get happy again and that's why i applaud him. For making that decision. I think it's actually the selfless decision instead of hanging around and making he figures <hes> he's choosing listen to <hes> to to improve his life and try something else. Do you have an game envision. Scenario already played played out your head for you. Yeah when super bowl when i'm forty five and often to simpson is did you do. Do you envision yourself playing deep into your forty. If you can see i mean i. I am vision plan as long as <hes>. My body feels good and i have you know the love for the game but <hes> that i do <hes> right now you know that <hes> still feel as me and still passionate and i still love the daily grind ended the practice in the preparation <hes> and if i can give everything to team in that manner than my body because good i'm wrong and i'm already hearing the what what i don't want to hear to be honest with you aaron. Aaron rodgers here on the rich eisen show is that <hes> is that luxa deep thinker. He's an over thinker. You know he's a smart guy and that's smart guys when when they realized that they are playing this game <hes> that might be a red flag to draft more smart guy so i ask a cow bear. Is that a is that a fair assessment. I don't think it is but i just want to know from somebody who does play the game and obviously deal with injuries and has a a brain <hes> that that do you think that's that's a fair view. You know i think it's probably <hes> ridiculous view by folks who don't have any creativity or any other interests outside of the thing right in front of them twenty four seven and i think the beauty in this game is meeting. You know teammates who have interests outside of football. <hes> you know guys who are either skilled <hes> businesswise you know we had <hes> teammate ricky jean francois who's got a number of you know chain <hes> restaurants that he's <hes> you know he started became a franchise owner and and she's got kind of the second career pro plan already set up you guys who are incredible musicians or <hes> you know really <hes> you know interested in <hes> you know travel rabble or charitable work or whatnot you know i think having interest is what allows you to <hes> to have that balance off the field which i think makes your on the field or at the stadium or in the facility work that much more important ability to compartmentalize is the author field stuff and love that and have a passion for that but realized that has its place but when i'm at work when i'm on the field that's my sole focus and i think you can't have enough off of those type of guys who are well rounded people <hes> and have you know creativity and curiosity about more than just ball because i think that those guys get burnt out and those guys are not as relatable and when you're talking about leaders eh fine guys who can be relatable in the locker room and i think people who only can never talk about football. We're gonna have a hard time leading to every person or the multiple people in the locker locker room because guys have interest in you have to find ways to relate to him in the locker room to get them to buy into what you're trying to do in the last couple minutes. I have with you aaron rodgers. There's another endeavor. I haven't spoken to you since then the game of thrones <hes> appearance by you so many people think they thought they saw you. Can you give some clarity where you were in this. <hes> this cameo that you had in the finale of game of thrones of the final season yeah i was in the tunnel <hes> with <hes> aria s she after she left the hound and try to make our way out of the city <hes> you know it's one of those things where it's not exactly like the focused on me for five or six seconds. It's kind of a quick <hes> glimpse okay but it was fun to do in belfast <hes> you know i think i've made my comments knowing about how yes wasn't a huge fan of brand being you know the game of thrones winner right but <hes> but now i love i love my experience in belfast and i love the show and and <hes> hopefully there'll be some sort of spin off. That will captivate us for the next year so you did. Did you get incinerated did did did did that's what happened to your character or we don't know okay. That was a main. Did you see that person running. I did tell me about 'bout. I'm being part of darren rebel running on twitter right now erin. That's an outrage. I can't have it anymore. I think you're forms gotten better. I appreciate that i appreciate that hey hey erin are always enjoy our chats. You take care of yourself and look for my call during the season. I'll keep reaching out to get rich. You got it. That's aaron rodgers at aaron rogers twelve on twitter. Did you notice our crack. Los angeles broadcasting centre crew updated his photograph on the lower third graphic traffic to remove his mustache. Well done kudos no mustang next level so he did not get incinerated. He was in the tunnel with aria. Now we gotta go lack back and find it because i did not hear that where he was right. People thought he was a soldier. People thought he was that guy who got one of the archers torched within two seconds right good to know and wait till next thursday doesn't want to hear that it was not innovative invasive in in green bay. Just copycat it but you hear that it's one of the mcvay offense type things could be fun. All right here comes aaron jones jones in the role of maybe girly devante adam. Let's see what he oh gosh. Let's see what he looks like. Aaron rodgers an offense like this next thursday night. Tony dungee will be in chicago part of the n._b._c. crew. When we come back our fantasy update your news <hes> actual take your phone calls as well when we come back. Stay on hold. Hi this is jillian with court junkie a true crime podcast that covers court cases and criminal trials using audio clips and interviews. I'm excited to announce that i have formed a partnership with the law and crime network and that court junkie will now be releasing episodes every week some episodes include the case of a man who admitted to dismembering his father's body but who swears at trial that he didn't kill him and the case of a woman who has charged with murder after she pushed her husband causing him to fall out of a high bryce building court junkie is available on apple podcasts and podcast one dot com.

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