How the Royal Family are cutting ties with Prince Andrew


welcome back to the airport guys. Seven days is come around is black Friday as we were caught there so I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and now busy picking up bargains online. I'm joined by I. Ice voyles producer. Lizzie Robinson this week. Going to be helping me navigate. What has been quite chaotic busy week week? It has been of course as we record this. The Sussex is far away. They are on their on their break right up until Christmas Christmas and send that they celebrated Thanksgiving privately with a close family which is lovely and amazing to think. This year was the celebration Asian of their two years then outside engagement I know I saw post Harry and Meghan shed new photo from an an outtake from one of their wedding photos taken by Lexie. Leave a Mirsky on their instagram account this week and it just reminded me how long is being since that day. The I remember driving at a very fast but legal fees from Oxford because I was out of London at the time and we got the confirmation that they're engaged in about ten o'clock in that and then they had that you take cool a couple of hours later in the sunken garden at Kensington Palace. Bitterly Italy cold But Yeah Lot's happened since then it is. The cold is definitely one of the things that we have to contend with as royal correspondent wants people think that it is such a glamorous job that you all with the royals wherever they go swimming in and out of palaces and great great venues search in the way that they do but unfortunately that's not the right. We've normally been made at least an hour ahead of them. Exactly what uh-huh standing around standing out in the cold is my. I'm just getting over a cold and sending out in the cold is my absolute worst thing about covering royals. Because there's so much Eh. Throughout the winter I'm forever freezing. I find it so difficult to file copy from my phone when my hands seizing up in the bits of frost that that we have. We're always have here. It's pretty cold now. Not being dramatic. I was talking with someone else Earlier this week about okay so how we stay warm throughout all these cold roll engagements and I have. I don't think you've heard of this before when I mentioned it to you earlier but sometimes I bring a piece of cardboard and our stand on that and it was actually one of the other world correspondents. That told me about this trick. I I can't wait feet Peter I it's it's just a small piece of cardboard and it's only if you'll somewhere for a long period of time you just keep it in your backpack but it stops the cold from traveling up from the sidewalk through your of your shoes grounded Know exactly you are stuck too often are the how warm is mega. I I remember reading a story about how making gifts hand woman's to that we used to give an woman's to the gods at Kensington Palace. One of her friends visit her home when she was living in. Nottingham Cottage kept a box of them in the corner of a hallway and a friend was like what. What are those folks? It was literally a box. Like eighty. Eighty hand warmers immigrants. Gives them to the gods like whenever I walk past I just hand them out because they last disposables they last for a certain time. Yeah Yeah So. She knows she knows how it works. She knows we're called. We've got a lot lot worse to come. I think yes but it has been a busy week coming up on the show. We're going to talk about president trump pretending to the palace when the queen hosts reception for NATO leaders that has been announced record full schedule from Paquin Palace Prince William is heading off to Amman and Kuwait's for four day visits. That begins this weekend. That's his first time in both countries. So we're going to be breaking down what he's GonNa be out and we're going to be deep diving into the effect that Prince Andrew's departure from his public. Gt's have had on the monarchy okay because the dust has far from settled. Let's being a lot of a lot of fallout this week from charities and initiatives that he's involved in and that we can but before then Cambridge's have been quite busy this week Not all of it. Public Engagements Kensington Palace. Confirmed confirmed yesterday that the Duchess of Cambridge has spent the past two days this week at a hospital in E. K. at Kingston Hospital which is an NHS hospital slope Learning more about that work as early years. Intervention project is basically taking a look at how now our experiences between birth and sort of I five years affects us later on in life and his little part of a bigger project that she's he's been working on for I WANNA say a couple of years. Now yeah she workaround earliest development and supporting children and their parents wants. She's she's worked on this in recent years and she's spoken about how this is her real commitment that she has you know with Geraldo Walk. She's she's very committed to this. And she speaking about wanting to make a difference on a generational timescale And so we've seen a lot of work from at this year and I think next year is going to be really big for her in this area So yes. She went to the maternity unit just to a couple of days at to learn more episode of private visit background work which they do quite a lot of they do. I think a lot of people don't realize that before we see a A member of the Royal Family announced as a patron of an organizational before they launch project usually have been months of meetings behind closed doors. Private visits you know. Whenever when Megan launched her for patronage is at the start this year we found out with each one when and they're announced she had been several times without anyone knowing and this is the same with With cates visit to the hospital this week but I think this for her. It's been real longtime coming this project from the conversations I've had with aides Kensington Palace. It is really going to be the big focus from early next year rights up until the summer. We'll see a lot of work announced around that I'm really looking forward to it because we've heard so much about it and now it's time to see the goods and prince. William was very busy this week to visit all part of his heads up initiative which is really focusing on the subject of mental health amongst men particularly men in their thirties and above in the football or soccer community and so he visited West Bromwich Albion which is football club soccer club here in the UK where he spoke with a lot of the players abouts tossed toxic masculinity and the pressures of social media the even older men face as well particularly older men in the public. I had a conversation in with one of the players there about the criticism they received on social media asking it to the both of them and You know they spoke about sort of that pressure pressure that they feel to sort of react very match away when actually sometimes this stuff hurts and it's okay to talk about. Yeah I think well we were talking about cates commitment around earliest development. William has really put a lot of time this year into a mental health and particularly men's mental health and this heads heads up campaign is a partnership that's been created between the Football Association and his Mental Health Project heads together and it's trying to use football as a way of getting men to talk about their mental health and open up and he spent a lot of time this year. Visiting different projects and different clubs meeting different people and getting them to try and talk about at mental health. It's great to see that. Continue because I think sometimes is very easy to launch campaign. And that's that move onto the next thing but I think that this has been really consistent and I think we'll see him continued like this throughout the football apple season is clearly happening an impact. Because when you look at the comments and social media when Football club post videos radio when the FA Williams was president of the Football Association. Bull Fan Fan so I think it is a natural fit and what he's doing really seems to be resonating with the fans the players and people around the UK. I think even outside of the sort of like older male community These are words that kind of resonate with everyone and I think it shows the kind of impact that working royals can have when they decide to really highlight an issue And fakes bring it to people's attention especially one that I think that they personally connect with UAE So important for them. I think it's why when we look at the kind of gamut a philanthropic interests that all of the younger role member family members. Have they will have much. It's less patronage. is they work on less projects than we see. You know. We'll talk about Prince Andrew later in the show but he had one hundred thirty the number one. How can you have any kind of impact when you know? There's barely enough days in the years to focus on more time. We've seen with the younger ones. They've they've got less. They've also really tried to focus on different areas that they can rather than no concentrating on the same thing that they can have an impact across a range of issues definitely but outside of the work that Williams too. He is a future monarch and so we see him Also picking up investitures along the way not but something that the queen release to do most of the time and now it's very much Charles and William the carrying out the majority of those I want to give a big congratulations to Communication Secretary Buckingham Palace. Marnie Gaffney if you have followed the voyles for any amount of time. You'll know Mani as one of the key. Members of the Communications is team at Buckingham Palace and she was presented a Royal Victorian order which is basically a knighthood that honors. Your work for your service for the Royal Family. She's been a longtime member of the communications team now. Working for the Sussex is she was a big part in their tour of taught southern Africa. Yes she is a queen of tolls. Definitely congratulations on your listening. And then William of course is off to you. Create an Amman yet. He's on Sunday. He arrives in in Kuwait on Sunday. And then he's there until Wednesday the fourth of December visiting visiting and Beth Kuwait an-and. It's his first official. visit both countries the trips at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office I think we're seeing William do a lot more of these kind of visits where it's just him. He's Aaron a very statesmanlike capacity and you know the focus of his his trip highlighting. The security concerns that the country but also the sort of UK relationships that have particularly when it comes not business. The I think it's interesting that he's he's going back to the Middle East after his very successful tool The last year his his towards definitely I think a positioning him more in a statesmanlike positions. They think definitely. I think what's always difficult with trips like this is is. How do you tell the story of the trip in an impactful way because I remember once at a different news organization is Asian? That I worked on. I remember trying to pay the trip of William going away somewhere by himself. A my edison turned around and he said well it's just just a man in a suit in another country you know. How can we tell that story? And I think that we've really seen a concerted effort from Kensington Palace to make sure sure that visually these trips are exciting. That the stuff that he's doing is more than just visiting other state leaders and the other old men shall we say say sort of getting of cities and buildings so you know I work in television television and you need. You're right. You need to vote to tell a story and pictures as well as words and so forth it needs to be visually interesting. So for example on this trip he's going to visit. Is it the Kuwaiti desert. And he'll be which will be it in a traditional QA T- Qwerty tent so that sounds like it's going to look visually interesting exactly. And there's a real focus on sort of highlighting. The beautiful landscapes keeps the diverse communities of each country in the ammonia mountains Yeah you're right. They say that that he's going to visit beautiful landscapes divaesque communities and of course not only is he doing following an itinerary that set for him. I think we see some things in that that also reflection election of what he's interested in say he'll be talking with With Lee does about Kuwait in the mountains plans to conserve environments and natural habitats. Let's say again that kind of ties with Hayes in personal conservation interests and of course back in the UK. It is not quiet because the queen is going to be hastings perception for NATO leaders Buckingham Palace on the third of December to mark seventy years of the alliance's leaders coming in from across the World Elt at full NATO. Yes the U. K.. One of NATO's tall founding members London was the home of his first headquarters. Such a natural fit will of course see Donald trump the president of the United States visiting as well so it will be very interesting. I feel so quite punchy that he attacked the alliance recently describing it I think in a recent treaters obsolete and disproportionately eh too expensive an unfair for the US so that might make quite an interesting couple of days. But I think one of the interesting things is the the reception that the Queen will host that you said on the third she will obviously be there and senior members of the family at joining her. But there's is one very notable Passan's absent there is no Prince Andrew and I think this'll be the first of many instances. This is where his presence would normally be expected in his the son of the current reigning monarch he was involved in the state visit very prominent. Sadly the people joining the Queen The reception Charles and Camilla Dutch Cambridge Prince said Princess Anne and so his siblings will be going but now he's announced he's stepping back from public. Gt's of course he can't attend. And of course there will be other absences but prince. William we know is on his forte fits and there's no way he can be in two places that's Cambridge. We'll we'll be attending exactly and the Sussex is our on official leave at the moment so there are no expectations for them to either think. It's quite normal. We've seen member of the royal family on absence. Ah on their own personal leave in the past and we know they're away so that they know exactly it's a longtime trip there on. I think we're really going to see them away until Christmas. As far as I'm a Whi- which good for them I remember having a compensation with With one of their rates and I was like I know they're gonNa what I know. They end up kissing waiting and they said night actually really quite welcome the break they need it yes. I'm I'm probably being away and back home for Meghan the US exactly and we're going to take a little break of our own but when we come back we'll be diving into the Prince Andrew Saga and to see how it affects exit other members of the Royal Family. And how the weeks ahead looking as well. Well it's been just over a week. Since Prince Andrew announced that he'd be taking a step back from his public and royal duties But as I mentioned earlier the test has far from settled lizzy. I don't even know where to start. Ought to be honest. I thought last week. Kind of be wrapping up their reaction to this and sort of we would move on and the subject would really kind become a thing of the past but as the days go by. We now have a new documentary coming from the BBC on show Panorama. One of Epstein's accuses accuses. Virginia Roberts has given a very in depth interview covering a lot of the allegations against Prince Andrew and and will no doubt give the story. More fuel your lab on Monday at nine o'clock we've seen a very short short clips so far But the Panorama was G to only half half and hour on Monday evening and we found it yesterday. That's been extended ended now to an hour so we know it contains an interview with the others and for for you know for background this into your actually took took place before Prince Andrew's news nights into infamous interview now that I think clips of that still at every day. It's in the papers here. Every day has dominated the front pages so this took place three weeks for that interview of course now as a result of that interview interview I believe that the show has gone back to miserable to speak to her once more hence why we're now looking at longer show but I think that this will not be not only be a chance for her to tell her story but perhaps also to address some of the accusations is it made against her in the past week now. We can talk about that for a long time but I think that the bigger picture here is that that this isn't something that just affects. The York's or Prince Andrew. This is something that has had a huge knock-on effects on the royal family. We've seen polls in various news organizations relations in the past week suggesting that this has had an effect on the reputation of the monarchy in this country has changed the way certain people people feel about supporting the royal family. Of course royal family is tax payer funded here in the UK or part tax payer funded and you you know. That doesn't look like it will change too as as you know as we stepped in here. I think you're receiving emails from different. Organizations Andrew's been affiliated with. Yes saying I'm Prince. Andrew is patron or involved in a a huge number of charities. I think around more than a two hundred and Every every day this week or most days this week we've heard from various charities saying that Following his announcement is going to be stepping back from public. Gt's that he has Either resigned with a decision be made that he'll step down as patron of charities charities and as we came and hit record this we heard from another one cool The go foundation which is a charity that helps young people joined the benefits of golf and they announced that he would he would be stepping down as They said that the board of Trustees of the foundations taking the decision to end his association with G. Q. is patron of the charity. And that's just one of this that we was going to say. I have probably read that sentence in a sort of fifty or so emails in the past tweak. Some of the some of these charities that he inherited the patronage from other members of his family. I won heckled the outward bound charity and he became paycheck early this year taking on the role from his father. The federate held the role since nineteen nineteen fifty three. So it's been it's been in the family for very long time but resigned from that and that's just one of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra the English National Ballet. La Action on hearing he stepped down as the Chancellor of university Some of these charges of set. They've met with him personally to discuss it other. Say they've that with these team. That and I think the big lost here for a lot of these charities is that we spoken on previous episodes of the podcast about the impacts it has having a royal patron whilst it may be one visit every other year dot one visit is enough to have if a snowball effect when it comes to donations and just increased exposure traffic on the website. Whatever it is and I think it's such a shame that there are Two hundred plus organizations that now have lost that ability to be as visible as they once were. And you know we're at a time. When McQueen is reducing the number of patronage is so this also puts pressure on other members of the family to take on or potentially take on more? Because I would imagine that a lot of these organizations the English National Ballet for example on green speed without a patron for long. But it's then figuring out. He picks that up because saying is is a lot of work you know what goes on behind the scenes the visits and as we were saying I leave them not wanting to be have too many patches and spread themselves tooth and But this has also been a time where I think we've seen Other the members of the Royal Family. Step up at a time where it's very much needed. And we've seen reports in the last week about Prince Charles's hand in the a decision For Andrew to step back from public. GC's oversee it is the queen's final. Say on something like this but as the feature crank as the future king himself he of course very much has a saying though. I think you know we knew that following the interview that being ongoing discussions between senior members of the family. So that's looking at the top tier of the family trying to stabilize this and come together have a lot to do so. This would have included the Duke of Cambridge's well and his private secretary Simon case I would imagine that all of the senior private secretaries would have very much been involved in this effort as you say the Queen is still gonNA come down to her but it it is showing them all coming coming together and working together to to do what's best for the future of the monarchy in some ways I would imagine that what's happening right now. Does somewhat more aligned with the vision that Prince Charles Hat for the feature the Royal Family Anyway. It was widely reported in two thousand twelve that he was very much in favor of a slimmed-down Royal Family Really with just focus on I guess the sort of top five or six commanders of the royal family in terms of hierarchy Because they're off course many members of the royal family you know we don't always talk about the Wessex says we don't always talk about the Gloucester's but every single one of them are working members of the royal family. The princess royal is one of the hardest. Just working emphasis isn't the unspoken champ for them. You know you're talking about those polls and some of them have supported in the wake of this slim down fashion. How do you think the days ahead looking because we were you know? We're on the cusp of this interview. New interview coming out. The story is is not going to go away. This is going to have an impact on his daughters. Who are part time working royals? It's I this is really going to dominate the headlines. Some time yeah. It doesn't feel like this is going anywhere You know from the charities charities that you're saying every day announcements of changes of patronage. And then you know. He's his own personal initiatives his picture palace we've seen Sponsors pull out over the last few weeks announcement that Sneh that he'll he'll still be involved in pitch can have to operate as a private initiative and separate the palace but I think that still remains to be seen whether he can make that. What privacy and whether you know with all these big sponsors pulling out with whether that still can operate over Pitch Pitch at palace initiative was great You know supported young people young entrepreneurs who were looking for and investments funding for fantastic business ideas and it was a really great initiative but whereas you say without those sponsors. There's really no point in running. I mean we've seen you know the founding one of the founding partners kpmg then not not renewing that contract we've had from Standard Chartered Barclays in the last week of pulled their support in light of the current situation which leaves very a few names that are still sponsoring so they're not going to have to find more people to and this is. This is something that Andrew wanted to continue doing. I think in fact when on last week's episode I refer to a trip that he was planning to take you to Bahrain for the pitch at Palace initiative and that was awesome that he wanted to continue despite everything that happened to him. It was private works at didn't come under the category of public royal cheese. And so he. He wanted to continue doing that. I ended up removing that from the podcast because as we were going through the it was announced that he would no longer be going thing. It was also announced. Amanda Thirst Private Secretary Head resigned from her position or some reports alleged that she was forced to resign. But I think suddenly we're now seeing everything fall apart for him but I think the the interesting thing is about the royal family. Is this with business as usual particularly for the Queen within minutes of that statement coming out last week from the Duke of York she was out in engagement. She's been an engagement this week week. Looking very cheery and engaged as she always does. She's the obsolete professional and Williams been at engagement. cates me back at work. They they're L. carrying on business as usual and getting on with it and they've written out storm sightless in the past and it seems like they're going to attempt to exactly the same thing here will the British Royal Family is very much backbone of our country. We need our Queen Bee STOIC. We don't want to see. I think while things may be clearly falling falling apart for Prince Andrew. We don't want to see that happen affects on the rest of the royal family because if it does the results of that could be devastating for for years to come and I think one of the things that was picked up widely this week with Prince Charles arrived back in the UK from his brought New Zealand. which was now? He's out there because I know I love this story. He was outlet doing you highlighting Great Causes Climate Emmett change for one which is of particular concern for him and that all got slightly overshadowed by the Prince Andrew News night interview but he flew back and went. Straight to Sandringham Eh. She's why his father. Jean van Bro Lifts Maistre visit there was described as an emergency summit to sit down with Andrew and then it transpired. It was actually a meeting about organic farming with something completely separate to all of this which does again highlight just how much work does continue for the roles. You know nobody stops for a minute. The Queen as we spoke about earlier will be hosting this NATO reception Paquin Palace. The people who I feel you really feel for the sake of your daughters because I think that these two young women who work very hard the a half full-time jobs and on top of that. They also work as part time working royals say they have their own patronage. is they do. They're in charity work. They're very much involved in their own. Initiatives and princess usually was out on the night that Prince Andrew Statement came out at a fundraiser for an elephant organization. But I think it's great to see them kind of out and about still actually very randomly with sats a few tables away from Princess Beatrice actress and Eduardo at a restaurant in London this week and she looks she looked well. I think it's great to see them putting on. I guess a brave face and not letting someone else's problems overshadow their own lives. She's going through a really great time at the moment she has has a wedding coming up. There's still so much to celebrate within that family. Unfortunately that doesn't include their father both because at she'd Prince Bitch Samper inches of both being photographed out and about in in London or arriving at Royal Lodge which is where Prince Andrew Lives. One thing we do know about about the York's is that they're incredibly supportive of each other and even though Surf Axon Prince Andrew have been together for many years. They've they've always shown a united family front so I suspect probably behind closed doors that massively supporting him while he's going through this and each -solutely would not even him behind closed doors. We've Seen Sarah Ferguson post twice on instagram around. The time of Andries Newsnight interview that she was very proud of him. Every step the way which is great you know I think she was very much criticized for that. But let's listen. You don't know how that situation would be see for you as a mother of two daughters with still living with the man that is kind of at the center of this controversy invest and I think that it's very easy for us to judge from the outside but of course it's very different within within the kind of family confines. This'll said they were still so much going on in the world of the royals at had a really lovely outsing this week after the diner. Awards inaugural celebration. They they have had hideouts venue in Greenwich in southeast London. Visit Southeast London. I should do that across the river from it. A- and it's night that celebrates twenty young leaders from different parts of the world and the humanitarian work they're engaged with and it was possibly the Morrison Sparring and fat and I've been to in the united as well as I do. We go to a lot. The kids were as young as eleven years old. Starting up their organizations I sat with really impressive woman. Mooner her son She was at my table and from a young age she really pushed for the conversations about. FGM Female Female Genital Mutilation in the U K outside of countries that we usually associated with the Because of course even over here it is a widespread red issue. I think twenty thousand women. A year are at risk in this country of and she started an initiative that started the conversation about FGM in schools amongst girls in the UK particular issues Based in Bristol she started an organization that now focuses on that they also speak about domestic violence other women's issues and these kids that I mean. I almost feel like I'm patronizing by calling them kids. Because I was a kid and I was doing things. These kids have dedicated their lives to helping others and I think the diner awards as princess sets up in her name. She was very much a champion of young people. Much like William William and Harry are now dynasty at that young people with the future that they are our future voices and this night honored twenty of them. Charles Spencer Sir. Her brother was there. Spoke very warmly about China in the work that she had done a really nice conversation with him. Just about sort of how well L. Harry and Meghan doing intensive championing young people because I think more than any other member of the royal family. They have really focused on youth. So if you do want to know ah any more about that and I encourage if you want a few failed good stories feel Thanksgiving weekend wherever you all in the world. Do you look up diner award. Just give it a search. The first thing that comes up really amazing stories Lizzie has been such a joy to have you. I hope the next time you're here. We can talk about something a little bit more positive. Well maybe something more festive exactly. The royal calendar for the weeks ahead looks pretty a choir. And that's quite normal. I think we don't often see royals particularly busy in the month of November. Busy Week next week of course the Cambridge but But yeah other than that. Things are quieting down. She says Spike soon. It should never say that and that just about wraps us up for this week. Join US next week for more fun and Frolics on the Royal Beats I fully things will be a little bit more upbeats next time but I cannot guarantee that Sir thank you again for your lovely comments and reviews. I was checking them out to nine hundred the other day and it's great to see how much some of you guys are enjoying this show Siddiqui them coming five stars only or appreciated If you want to reach out to the show you can just use the Hashtag at the airport and send it to me on twitter At Scooby S. C. O. B. I. E.. I'm always trolling through to see what you guys are saying to hear your comments and suggestions and your questions. Chen's have burning questions we will in the future be diving into those on an episode of the show. Big thanks to Mike. Dembosky Lasky and Anthony Alley in New York for bringing this all together is the only way that this show can work at so big props you guys. Everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. And until the next episode. See next time

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