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The Merriam websters word of the day. Four February eleventh. Today's word is obloquy spelled. O B L O.. Q Y Obloquy is a noun. That means a strongly condemnatory utterance abusive language. It can also mean the condition of one that is discredited bad repute. Here's the word used in a sentence from the forward by Benjamin every during literary critic Riddick Harold Bloom's extremely prolific career. His audience was split between adulation and Obloquy english-speakers can choose from several synonyms names to name a tongue. Lashing abuse is a good general term. That usually stresses the anger of the speaker and the harshness of the language as in scathing verbal abuse by peration often specifies fluent sustained abuse as in a torrent of two peration invective implies vehemence comparable to fight to peration but may suggest greater verbal and rhetorical skill it may also apply specially to a public denunciation as in blistering political invective obloquy which comes from the late. Latin ob meaning against plus Lo Kwai meaning to speak suggests defamation. Consequent shame and disgrace a typical example of its use is subjected to Obloquy and derision with your word of the day I'm Peter Sokolski visit Merriam Webster Dot com today for definitions wordplay and trending word Cups

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