Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, Steelers, & QB rankings


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The Los Angeles where on iheartradio NFL Salon the legend Stud Muffin Al Michaels the ageless Al Michaels in one hour from now. You're listening on radio the voice itself great voice to the American Sports of my lifetime joy tanner joining me as well got a green bay packer kind live green thing going on too little eagle. It's actually actually you know what Bill Eagles. It's closer to the eagles. I like it a lot and you've got your nineteen beanstalk fifty eight glamorous Hollywood hairstyle I think you can do. I've never I've never ever met a person who has every day a different look. Look it's the sheen she's she's an amazing hair sal. She has both our hair everyday and job. Yeah mine's Gray and floppy. There's not much to do here. It's great to have a part part of the show so tomorrow night. It is one of it'll be really the best game. This weekend is actually on Fox tomorrow night. Yes it's Carson. wentz Aaron Rodgers their kind of similar guys little bit baggage. We don't know they always get along with teammates. We think they're great but should win little more but I think it's very fascinating with Aaron Rodgers. I don't think this is a huge game for Aaron Rodgers. you know they're undefeated. Defeated Aaron could lose its Okay Carson Wentz a very big game but I for for about eight to ten years Aaron Rodgers and I judged this a lot got me to a television genset when I wake up on Sunday morning who gets me to a TV set and Aaron Rodgers and Tom. Brady and I said this before Tom's better Erin was more fun onto Watson Tom. Brady but I turn on my TV now. Patrick mahomes is more dynamic than Aaron Rodgers. Baker Mayfield is more controversial controversial Lamar Jackson more fascinating. Tom Brady wins more and Dak Prescott is more debated Aaron Rodgers in transitioning the packers now don't need him to play great to win. They don't rely on him offensively as much they run the football. The management met has pushed back a little bit on his condescending occasional arrogance. Even Aaron Rodgers said something a day ago. He knows he's transitioning additioning. It's time for us to do our part on offense moving forward. We place them stretch of really good football teams and at some point you know we can't expect our defense to shut everybody down. They haven't but at some point the offense is going to have to wake up and when is the last time Aaron Aaron Rodgers said you know the defense is Great. Were not getting it done. It's a new Green Bay Packer Organization you saw saw this at the end with Brett. Farve and I'm not saying errands retiring a couple years but I'm not the only person to see this. He was the voice and face of state farm for eight years. Patrick Mahomes now joins him on the commercial. The Cleveland browns controversial Baker Mayfield not Freddie kitchens have been onto national. TV Games were in the transition -sition period Lamar's more fascinating Patrick's more dynamic bakers more controversial Dax more debated and Tom wins more and statistically statistically drew brees is better. That's not a knock but this past weekend. When I got up on Sunday morning I wanted to watch Lamar Jackson Patrick mahomes homes I did and then I turned on Tyler Murray and Kyle Allen and I couldn't turn the game off for ninety minutes and then Sunday night Baker Mayfield got to television. It's not that Aaron. Rodgers isn't great but what I'm loyal to always say this. You know people I'M GONNA lose weight. How come by February my gym is still empty. Everybody goes in January for a new year's resolution by February gyms empty. It's the same seven of us. Working out is is that I am loyal to what I consume and what I'm consuming now tomorrow. Night is the first time in over a year. Maybe two years that the game I can't wait to watch in the quarterback. I can't wait to watch is Aaron Rodgers and I think everybody now realizes some of these previous problems are certainly on Mike McCarthy Carthy but a Sam Monson said yesterday at pro football dot com dot com and they just look at data folks some of its on Aaron. I think their defense is dramatically improve. The offense not that much has changed. Roger is still remain the same kind of guy he's still tending towards the conservative assertive end of the spectrum. He's not putting the ball in harm's way that much and that offense is not transformed him the way a lot of people thought it might. I think Aaron Rodgers is a bigger root cause of the issues there then people have thought over the past few seasons still love Aaron but tomorrow night will be the first time in a couple of years when that's that's. I WANNA watch Aaron Rodgers more than any quarterback this weekend by the way second Russell Wilson Sunday against the next Russell Wilson Chieter Murray to me is fascinating waiting. We've got a big change coming in the NFL. quarterbacks are a little smaller. They run a little more. It's very fascinating so I wanNA talk about Dak Prescott and I've always said this about Dak I didn't I I am initially. I did not officially by into him until they gave him Amari Cooper last year and he went seven and one down the stretch and played very well L. in big spots in the fourth where I was like. I think I'm pretty good at this quarterback thing. you know generally. I've missed on a couple but most of the time you know the guys I didn't like even when they were winning convince young Tim Tebow. I was like I don't buy it I think I mostly been right on this stuff but I didn't buy back until at the end of last year. He went seven one with Amari. Amari Cooper who is a real grownup is a real man He's not a child. It's not it's not some of the Dez Bryant nonsense. You're dealing with any one of them and I'm like okay. It's not about Zeke. This is DAX team and you give deck legitimate outside perimeter players who work as hard as Dak and you can win games but I'm looking at some stats with Daqing at interesting so dax average his first three years in the league his average season. He threw for thirty six hundred yards twenty two. TV's eight picks. That's very marcus Mariota. That's not that's not what you want this season. He's on pace to throw for forty nine hundred yards forty eight touchdowns and ten interceptions and what does it. I tell you that he doesn't have a contract. It tells you that Jerry and Steven Jones. They didn't know this was possible and let me defend them. I can certainly make a legitimate argument that Jerry Stephen Jones have done a better job drafting talent over the last five years. There's than any organization football. They're all lines great. They're D- lines good. They've got a corner. They got Zeke. They got they found back in the fourth round. I mean they got stars everywhere. They have the best young linebackers in the NFL two of them so it's not like Jerry and Steven don't know talent they've been exceptional at moving off players drafting acting players acquiring free agents and giving up the right picks but if data known that was this that a paid him a a year ago 'cause they paid Jalen Smith early and they paid Zeke two years early and they paid demarcus Lawrence early and and they're gonNA pay Vander early aimed paid or quarterback early because they didn't think was possible and that's the real thing listen Philadelphia. Here's the thing with not GMS team. See All the practice footage they see the interactions they see the twenty two film. Philadelphia even with Carson Wentz hurt and losing signed signed him early because they're watching the film Jerry and Steven have watched every Dak practice every piece of twenty two film and they wake up this morning and those were thirty five million dollars a year stats and they didn't WanNa pay more than twenty eight in it tells you Dak is a surprise now by the way. What does this tell you about back. I think it and I think I'm pretty good at this quarterback thing. I think it tells you about deck. Baltimore did not pay Joe Flacco and they got burned. Why because Baltimore watched Joe Flack and Joe FLACCO had a winning playoff record. Joe FLACCO wasn't a bum. Joe FLACCO was winning divisions. Joe FLACCO had a winning playoff alf record. He had a winning row plan record and Baltimore. One of the smartest organizations also like Dallas drafts the hell out of this league and then give Joe FLACCO money why because they watched all the practices and they watched all the film and they're like we think it's the roster sixty five seventy percent thirty percent flacco and they got burned and eventually they were paying him too much a moved off him and so what Jerry is telling you without telling Ya as they think he's a little more flacco then he is Carson Wentz and it's very hard to doubt the The Dallas cowboys when it comes to young talent. They're great at it Mideast. They've had the best offensive line in the League for six years. They have the best young linebackers they have. They have new England doesn't have this money. Star players Kansas City doesn't have this many star players so that doesn't mean Dax not really talented but it's telling you they rolled the dice on this and in the same reason Baltimore stalled and got burned is the same reason Dallas did. Is that when you watch the film and You watch the practice. You know it doesn't blow you away. It doesn't and quarterback is hard and I've always told you. My favorite part of sack is the podium that's really my my favorite part of that is that he's great. At the podium. He sounds like a leader he had to deal with the nonsense with Dez and replacing Tony Romo and the anthem controversy see and the Zeke judicial issues me had a lot of noise and handle like a good. CEO would good grownup would and I mean this is why I love love. This is while of Russell Wilson he had to deal with Richard Sherman and these defensive players dropping story at the other network I used to work ad add and they got banged in the press and nobody will and then he had to deal with that super bowl interception and all the fallout and Russell Wilson was like you know the man upstairs is on controls this I'm good and and so it just interesting with that is as smart as Jerry and Steven have been they. They didn't think this was possible or they would have paid him because they're going to get burned financially. They're probably GONNA pay a quarterback who I like love money. Really I mean I you want to pay the quarterback. She'll love Mahomes Love Money Russell Wilson love money. Most guys nestle pay like money. I like you a lot and I'm GonNa pay you like money but they're going to pay him love money. Kirk cousins got love money. They liked him. Matt Ryan Got Love Money. They liked him Russell Wilson. I can pay love money you to Brady. I could pay love money to Mahomes Andrew Luck. I can pay love money. I've said with that guy. I like the like money but it but it's story telling you they just didn't they didn't see it. They saw vander. Ash eight-man High School Football Boise state they saw star Dak draft into the fourth round and they still didn't buy them when he was winning much like Baltimore flacco coming up next there was an NFL team that made a move last night and people are freaking out and it's from Joyce hometown and it is very easy this morning to bang on that team but I get what the steelers are doing and I'm going to defend them on this and it's actually very very smart. The steelers trade away another draft traffic and they're getting crushed by everybody. It's really smart and I'll tell you why coming up be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio One and the iheartradio APP hi. It's the heard want to hear something. Amazing discover matches all the cash back you earn at the end into your first year automatically dollar for dollar with no limit on how much you can earn. 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Nobody wants to build a restaurant and allows location. Nobody wants to have a piece of land with no views so when you make an acquisition of any type location location location the same thing yesterday the Pittsburgh steelers gave away another draft pick they gave up a fifth round draft pick for a tight end currently in the league named Nick Vanette not a great player but he's good player. He's productive right and everybody's like wow still giving away a few ajar by the way you do realize what you get in the fifth round. Nick Vernet at least this Nick Vernet has has been in the League won't be a with and can produce so they gave up what you would get in the draft with experience but Pittsburgh why acquiring this looked at the land and the location and let's start with the AFC Pittsburgh Xoan three. You're bailing on him there six and three teams in the NFL five are in the AFC last year. The Houston Texans went Owen three in one a division and in India went one in five and got to the playoffs or do they have in common they play in the AFC the AFC Owen three. He is not a death sentence. March Larry talked about this yesterday on our show so this is the first thing the steelers acquiring a player looked at the AFC AFC. They're six teams that go in the playoffs in the AFC. You know her number. Seven is right now. mathematically the Oakland Raiders. They're one and two th there's there are ten teams right now that are one or are one and two or less either one or two or three ten teams so that means is that everybody is theoretically still in it okay so they look around location location location. AFC's a mess outside of New England Kansas City and then they look at their division all right. Let's look at that Lan. Let's look at that location. Will Cincinnati can never beat Pittsburgh and there week Cleveland Right. Now is a hot mess with Freddie. Kitchens battle lines dealers do good pass rush and Baltimore Pittsburgh says will help laminate days. He's we might as well figured out now. We Plamen eight days so let's get the guy in house. Let's get let's get the guy in house we need so they look at the AFC and they're like you can go on three year. They look at their division teams. They've mostly beaten the last seven years and then finally they look at their schedule. Oh my God it's the strangest thing you've ever seen in the next seven weeks. They have five home games a- by and then they play in the smallest stadium in the League Charger Stadium which will be seventy percent steeler fans of course they make the move their division still winnable and I as much as I like Lamar with this is not a deck where we see the numbers. I STARTED HALF A SEASON CINCINNATI CLEVELAND'S A hot mess they look at the AFC and say well. Texans started Owen three and one day division Philip India Indianapolis started sorted one invite and then we'll go to schedule their next folks listen to their next seven weeks Cincinnati Home Baltimore at home at the chargers might as well. It'll be a home game by Miami at Home India home with a backup quarterback and the rams at home of course you give up a fifth round pick for a tight tight end who is exactly what you get with a fifth round pick and he is at least in the NFL half the fifth round picks aren't three years is in and he's productive enough for them to make the move totally defend the steelers. I'm not going to say it's going to work. I'm not saying this piece of land is going to be worth a billion dollars. I'm not saying that it may not work but when you acquire something I get the reasoning behind the acquisition division Asian conference schedule. I do the exact same thing joy with the news on the new. This is the Headline News Patriots traveled to Buffalo. Take on the bills on Sunday buffalo fans call themselves bills Mafia about those mafia yeah. We're getting a pretty rowdy bill. Belichick is no stranger to the bills passionate fans and he said he's prepared for their intensity intensity. He said it's a very intense hence crowd they're vocal totally into it and have great passion for the game. Some stadiums don't have quite the intensity buffalo dies. They have no other agenda there there to watch the game it gets very loud and by the way now it's still good weather but sometimes it's loud windy and cold and that makes it even louder yeah. I haven't been to Buffalo. I I my mother and my aunt have gone there to see Jason. Play this way back in the day. The two of them are pretty rowdy themselves. What did they say they have some stories. He's probably write a book about Fan Interactions. She would always wear Jason's Jersey giants like game length Jason Jersey that went down like her knees the back of it said mom on it so she may have been asking for a little bit especially going to buffalo but they do have great fans their their defense ranks first in fewest yards allowed per drive third and touchdown percentage for drive and I in percentage of three and outs force. Their defense is playing amazing. May and right now new England's gotTa left tackle issue full-back issue a wide receiver issue and no tight end so it's GonNa be by the Way Vegas sees this game as very close. This is not gonNA be. I'll make a bet now. New England does not get in the thirties and I'm not sure they get more than the mid twenties. This is a very interesting. It's really really this is this is one of these games biggest game by the way in Buffalo in over fifteen years. It's going to be crazy fun. As though biotech said that intense case keenum had a rough night's turn the ball over five times and the Redskins lost bears. It got so bad Monday night that fans wanted dwayne doing Haskins to take over a quarterback but head coach Jake Gruden isn't ready to turn to the rookie just yet about law is not over and everybody wants to so say over and over go ahead and play Haskins but we feel competent we turn US thing around. You know so you know. I'm out here practice everyday every day. We're out here practice everyday evaluating. Everybody we feel like Dwayne gives us the best chance to win an coming game. We'll definitely put Dwayne feel like it's cold when he gets up it could be cold that right now. Alexa case keenum. We're having this week by the way I don't know what their schedule is but I I tried to do with the giants. Did I'd find a team without a lot of Pro Bowl on defense and put them men. That's what the giants do. They just figured out. Oh we don't want him to play against Dallas on the road. Let's get him Tampa kind of a different situation for the giants in Washington because a lot of people feel like this is very important year for Jason as far as keeping his job so he's going to try and win as many games as possible and not necessarily surly future and build the franchise for the next step. He claims he doesn't feel like coaching for his job but Archie coaching for your job in Washington every year seriously the opposite of the steelers like you coaching job every year I mean I don't think I mean other than New England's New England and and the steelers alerts are are pretty unique in their coaching their head coaching situations like it's never really feel like even even if the dealers horrible season this year and can't turn it around. No one feels Mike. Tomlin isn't dangerous job. Ben Is going to be back next year. There's there's different circumstances in this situation. I don't think we're GONNA see Wayne houses this year. No matter how bad it gets because it's just GONNA keep trying. I it's funny. I think I think I think Jay's a pretty good coach. I have nothing to back that on because the winds aren't there but there's a lot about Jay Gruden. I like look at how many good coordinators he's developed as a lot of guys that come out of that Hole Jay Gruden tree and you're like little off Shanahan's in Sean mcvay in that thing. I don't think it's really fair fair to evaluate a lot of coaches face simply off of wins as silly as that sounds. There's a lot of factors that go into it. If you look at the big picture every season has a story every franchise is has an owner like there are a lot of factors that go into whether you can coach to your full potential. He cares been fired twice. Andy Reid been fired. Bella checks and fired. I mean in this league is this is the game Razi owner bad brakes. Don't get the right quarterback. Finally speaking of all of that the browns have not look good so far this season head head coach. Freddie Kitchens may already be on the hot seat bleacher reports. Mike Freeman spoke with two and CBS coaches who think kitchens will be well end up being a scapegoat if the Browns can't turn turn things around they think the media and the browns themselves overestimated how good the team would be this year. One of the coaches said it's not all ready salt but if this blows up he will get all of the blame well. You can't blame Baker got you. He is when Lebron left Baker's the city. We can't fire players like those specific. That's general like yeah. Of course you can cut guys. If you're not gonNA Baker funny new owner you know it's so funny now all the Brownie fans who thought we were all haters if you go to their sites lights and their twitter accounts they're all saying all of us did in the summer which is talent here but it's GonNa take a long time develop. They're saying now what we all told. Did you was going to happen and not just me every guy respect in this business every woman I respect was all like nine and seven with a bunch of wins late feels kind of reasonable and the weak. AFC If they were in the NFC browns on a playoff team in the NFC if around the NFC at six and ten or seven and nine th whatever but in the AFC division with Cincinnati Cincinnati those dots two wins and I think yeah I mean you can split with everybody else but this is not a this is not a top when I didn't put him in my initial heard hierarchy eight people that I was crazy. I'm like how in God's name can you put this team top ten if you have the NFC. I thought they had the potential this year for a wild card. That's battling for it. Look don't my only issue with Freddie situation because we don't know what Freddie Kitchens is is that we probably won't find out what Freddie kitchens because it feels like Freddie kitchens was hired so that he could be controlled by the front office and anytime that is and I'm not saying that's the case because I don't have any information on that but anytime that is the the case it never works because you have to put people in position. You are the best that that position and then empower them to be successful. You have to delegate. That's the way that it works even for an office credit control everything. They're not down there on the field. They're not the ones interacting with players doesn't work. It's an ego trip. It fails every single time I'm not saying that's the situation but a Freddie kitchens not getting his do doesn't able to have his time to develop then that the world thinks Freddie Kitchens is going to be here for his entire entire contract nobody in the world not even Mrs Kitchen there's no evidence of Mrs Catchers and it's the very important next week's. AFC AFC North because all the AFC north teams play this weekend rounds at Ravens Bengals sealers and the next two weeks for the Ravens are sealers and then they played the bengals angles so we could figure things out for the rest of the season next couple of weeks well. That's the news and thanks for stopping by. Dr Heard lie says I wake up on a Sunday morning. Patrick Mahomes is the most dynamic Lamar's the most fascinating dax the most debated Tom Brady's the legend Baker's. Here's the most controversial keiler is this weekend facing Russell Wilson so Russell's facing the next Russell. I haven't woken up in two years on a Sunday and thought I gotTa Watch Jaren Rodgers. Now tomorrow feels like the first time where it's like okay. That's the best game on the docket via the cower global satellite network iniquity my buddies joining us nick. I feel like we're errands. In a transition period injuries losses arrogance that on Sunday. He's not who wake up to see. It's Patrick and I'm not banging on Aaron but I do feel like they run more. It's more defense. He's no longer the golden boy that Faye is that fair well that part's fair but no quarterback at any point in. NFL history would be the golden boy if they were up against this version Patrick Mahomes who just happens to be playing the position at the highest level. It's ever been played by any person. It's not hyperbole. It's not recency. Buys is obvious to the stats and to your eyes but I think this is more about Rogers unless about Mahomes so set aside. Maybe the most talented quarterback ever mahomes to talk about. Maybe the second most astounded quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The numbers are on your side here. Colin this year while the packers three no they're averaging two hundred seventy yards of offense nineteen points in their thirtieth and League in third down conversions may be I am holding onto a loss time but I am still holding onto hope and believe that Aaron Rodgers is not out of his crime that Aaron Rodgers Mr preseason game useless playing because his back tightened up then and was supposed to play in the next one but the field in Canada was shoddy that he's a little rusty. There's a new offense. There's there's still getting these young wide receivers into the flow of do things the reason I picked the packers go to the super bowl was because I loved their defense and I believe Rogers at some point this year. We'll get back to being Aaron Rodgers offers but much like I heard you say Jay Gruden. I can't prove it. I just believe it. I can't prove in the last three years that Aaron Rodgers. There's is still one of the best quarterbacks in football. I just truly believe it and I think we'll see it. Starting Thursday night New England seemed unbeatable unbeatable but might as well gloat. You pick buffalo to make the playoffs. I have a number seven in my yes I think in the history of the NFL if you have a great staff they do if we have a really good defense they do if upgraded your weakness. Oh line you become. You're fighting for a playoff spot. I think they can beat New England this weekend so go ahead and glow. What did you see that most of us did not while I saw an easy path to three and oh which with a young team with a very very raw quarterback getting the season started off right is critically important. I saw with the whole world sees right now. which is nine wins going to get you in the playoffs in this? AFC AFC I saw chargers and steelers teams that I didn't think would win their division and I didn't think would-be wildcard teams. So who are you going to put their and now oh you do have a really intriguing match up with the Patriots. The bills can't win the division obviously but can they beat the Patriots at home. Maybe the PATS have been great this year. No doubt they've also played literally the worst scheduled imaginable outside of the Dallas Cowboys in in the League thus far so there's a reason that Bill Bella Jack didn't WanNa cut Antonio Brown even after those witness. This intimidation texts came out. There's a reason they let him practice that Friday and then for some reason or another waited to cut them until Friday afternoon. It's because he knows knows offensive line. I are center. I are left tackle fullback on. I our first round pick wide receiver on I R Eshelman. Now's got a chest I injury. Josh Gordon's banged up. They thought they needed Antonio Brown. The deep into spectacular in New England the offense not what it was last last year and so yeah I I wouldn't be shocked if this is the bills up twenty two seventeen going into the fourth quarter and we see Brady can pull it out now now whether or not you know I've I've. I've always said cameras Westbrook. I can't deny his iconic stature his talent. I pay to watch him play. He's had one great season where he got his team to the finals but I don't think he elevates players around him so instead of arguing. I don't like Cam as much as you do. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa pose this that it is getting easier here for the new owner of Carolina to move off Cam Newton Kyle Allen's good Cam's not winning injuries or not you could bail on him after the season and it wouldn't wouldn't cost you a ton. It wouldn't be a ridiculous cap hit they've got a bunch of young receivers and backs. Kyle Allen's young and the new owner doesn't give a rip about an MVP season when he was in cold or The steelers could you could I at least argue that Kyle Allen over the next six games and look at it he faces a lot of average secondary's Kandar he goes five and one you can at least in Carolina Bring Back Cam end of the year tougher schedule struggles. It's getting easier easier nick to move off cam in the next year. Oh of course it's getting easier and we have to see if cam gets healthy but you threw in there at the end Yada Yada that I'm not ready to Alan Kyle going five and one Kyle and who the Carolina Panthers had so much faith in after having him in the building last year after he starts week seventeen they go out and draft will greer in the fourth earth round of this year's draft. I I've never seen a quarterback especially not a blue chip prospect. Kyla Nina blue-chip prospects enticed will get so much run over one really good game against one really bad defense in Arizona. Let me see go five one I now Carolina might want to move off of Cam. Am and if he doesn't get healthy then I will understand that to a degree but we do not live in a world with enough. Quality quarterbacks were Cam. Newton is not it clearly win healthy and upper have at the very least starting quarterback in this league and Kyle in might be the third best quarterback on the panthers roster. Maybe they discovered something in the sixth round a couple of years ago and it's just now he's just now blossoming into the player that once was the number one high school football player around the country but I think nationally and certainly regionally in the Carolinas Kyle in love is actually Cam mm-hmm Newton hate being disguised as Kyle and love because I don't know if people really love this guy or they're just ready and wanting someone different than cam does. Does it bother you before you go. I'm looking at the PF rankings this morning. They ranked all the quarterbacks and it must it must irk you to realize it's almost Tom. Tom Brady is number one in Patrick mahomes six. Does that make you angry yeah. I liked the folks that pf I know some of those guys. I think it's a great story. Some blokes from Ireland start a company. It's now a multi conglomerate. I think it's great but I don't have a lot of rules in life but here's one of them. If I have a fancy algorithm a nice cool formula and I im- put all my data and it spits out to me that there have been five quarterbacks better than Patrick Mahomes you the fro- out the algorithm along the same lines of your former employer once upon a time created a new way to grade quarterbacks and it was going to revolutionize things and the the algorithm they had said the third greatest quarterback game of all time was Charlie batch game ryobi one one hundred sixty yards passing. That's when you know there's a fly in the Su- People Patrick mahomes having played the jags in the Ravens and being first and rating I in yards first in touchdowns. I in everything is the sixth best quarterback. Your rating system stinks nick right first things first. You have yourself good Wednesday chap. It's good seeing you buddy to talk not later yeah. He makes a very compelling point. I did think of neck when I saw this morning I saw I don't think he would freak out about Brady being first but Dak being seconds. Yeah that's funny that made me laugh okay so pro football focus came out. They ranked all the quarterbacks and by the way they do this. John I mean they great everything interceptions or not always the quarterbacks fault tough throws easy. Don't give you credit for every completion. It is incredibly thorough and and I can't talk with Nick just did L. Michael top of the hour but I will tell you what I took out of the grading system and it wasn't the top guy or the bottom guy. It was two guys in the middle. That's next be sure. Catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific. According to studies only about ten percent of break ins are planned beforehand a forehand the rest spur of the moment burglaries. What's crazy. Is only one in five home has home security. One in five simply safe is a great choice protects every door in window in room. Twenty four seven monitoring around the clock fifteen bucks a month. That's it the one thing that makes simply safe standout. Is there video verification technology yeah so with other home. Security Systems get triggered and a lot of the time police assume a false alarm and that call goes to the bottom of the list but not with simplisafe. They use their video verification nation technology. They're able to visually confirm the break into happening. It's real allowing police to get to the scene three point five times faster than other their home security companies so make it easy visit simplisafe dot com slash hurt also free shipping also a sixty day risk free trial nothing to lose here simply we save dot com slash hurt so they know our show set you simplisafe dot com slash her welcome back this Saturday by the way. USC is at Washington will be one of my marky three picks discover card key matchup go further than ever discover it miles card spend spend spend the with medically match your first years miles match it thirty five thousand doesn't become seventy thousand discover dot com slash travel new card members only so pf did come out with it's all over the debate shows in America today and all of the talk shows. PF PRO football dot com pro football focus dot com they they break every quarterback and again. They do this on big big time. Throw percentage and turnover worthy plays an adjusted completion rate. This is film stuff. This is still a great every offensive lineman every quarterback and it's not every interceptions the quarterbacks fault. They play calling matters where you throw it. How hard hard throw is how good the defense I mean they really great everything. So the first thing is pat myself on the back. They have all the guys I like near the top and the guys that I defend into Shawn Watson Russell Wilson Carson Wentz Dak Prescott Derek Carr are all the top seven so the guys I like and the guys I don't like are all at the very very bottom. Andy adult and Jameis Winston trubisky kirk cousins so yeah there. I feel pretty good about it right like the guys I'm not into. Some of those guys are winning games. They have at the bottom of the guys. I like into Fan Derek Carr. I don't understand why the raiders are talking about bailing on Derek Carr. He's good. I don't get why you don't get the Shawn Watson people he's good but what really jumped out to me. Is that right in the middle of the pack. Baker Mayfield is still ahead Lamar Jackson and that goes counter intuitive what you would think right ones winning one's losing wants one doesn't throw any interceptions wants a turnover machine and there's been this whole thing you know. How can anybody doubt Lamar Jackson then. How can anybody in one of the reasons I like. PF because it's not about agendas it's not about nonsense about data and I'm I'm a data guy. I'm not into you know. Media falling in love and media has agendas ended in media wants this guy and may good God the media just couldn't get over Russell Westbrook. The data was right in front of you and then one day he loses the playoff series in the entire countries like all right collins a jerk but he's right on that one just watch the data get out of the emotion business. Stop Rooting for people players and cities and so what they're telling in you is also Josh Allen is twenty-first so what they're telling you that Josh Allen and Lamar five and one in the numbers are great but like this is not bakers fault and that's what I said yesterday listened of course Lamar and Josh deserve some credit for what they're doing and Baker deserves some criticism for what he's not doing but this is a Freddie kitchen issue. This is a John Dorsey issue. I A- banged on Baker Mayfield more than any sports ward's talk show host in America people get mad at me for this but when I watch Cleveland there are limitations to Baker Mayfield is a five and eleven and a half four eight forty. Guy Is not that great if an athlete lead. I think he's a pocket thrower but he's small so he runs out side a lot and he's not very fast iron a four seven nine forty in high school. I'm not joking. He runs a four eight four with better nutrition and better strength training than I had thirty five years ago. He's not that great of an athlete He. I don't think he's as good an athlete. Is Johnny Mandel I don't. I don't think he's as good an athlete. Tim Tebow and I never thought Tiba was a great athlete. I thought he was a great kid a great leader so not back. I don't think he's not nearly as good as Trubisky as an athlete. He's not Andrew Lock. We know he's not camera. Big Ben and just on the good of an athlete. I think he's a small average four eight forty guy so I've been banging on Baker for years ears but what. PF is telling you LEM orange. Josh are getting a ton of help here and bakers get none. That's what they're telling. You and Peter King addressed this yesterday and Freddie kitchens if I could give Freddie kitchens one piece of advice if he wants to call all the plays then he needs to give the authority of things like clock management and some other things he needs to think about giving that away and I'm fine with him holding onto offensive play calling he's good at it. He was terrible on Sunday because I think he's thinking about too. Many things a year ago he was the running backs coach and and now he's got the biggest job of them all and he's got the weight of great expectations on his shoulders so it's Kinda. PF F. is telling you our system and you know the guys that looked like they're in PF and I don't agree. They don't like darnold nearly as much as they like. Baker and I like Darnell over Baker because I think he's bigger stronger more athletic and I think he's frankly he's more of a grown up. It's why I like. I said this two weeks ago and everybody I got so much crap on this. I said DAX better than Baker. Everybody's like how can you say that will DAX bigger. He's more athletic stronger. Way Can credibly coach. Baker isn't but I can tell you this. Dak is coach -able and I think is going to have to overcome constant ownership front office mayhem to succeed so I said a week ago. I said DAX better than Baker Mayfield. I feel it is remarkable to me on Baker and I'm not blaming him for all this stuff and you know been tough on him like Tim. Tebow is not an NFL quarterback. I said it you hated hated me. I was right a vince young was not really a guide build around. I think bakers better than Vince young and better than Tibo and better Mandel but the problem with Baker Baker is you have to be so good to overcome the nonsense with Cleveland that I'm not sure back could win in Cleveland. I'm not sure I seriously I think Josh Allen Lamar Jackson. It could be man overboard. I think bigger got all sorts of accuracy talent but this is this is why I didn't didn't put them in the top ten in why I've said about Baker if Baker and Sam Darnold are equally talented. Sam'll be better because you think the jets sure dysfunctional by Cleveland standards. The jets are highly functional. They really are they've made the playoffs they made the AFC championship with Mark Sanchez. I mean the jets had herm Edwards. One Playoff Games Rex Ryan one playoff games so this this this. PF is telling you it's it's not all Baker Acre here. It's not an I believe they're right on that and from a guy who's been very critical. Al Michaels around the corner Joel Klatt Jordan Palmer a Shawn Porter Quarter in studio. WBZ welterweight champion good show today. We are stacked today on our show blazing five couple days Marquee Marquee three tomorrow. Don't go anywhere live in. La I our flying by Al Michaels NBC's voice next to her. One more heard heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like according to studies only about ten percent of break ins are planned beforehand the rest spur of the moment burglaries. What's crazy. Is only one in five home has home security. One in five simply safe is a great choice protects every door and window an room twenty. Four seven pro-monarchy around the clock fifteen bucks a month. That's it the one thing that makes simply safe's out. Is there video verification technology so with with other home security systems they get triggered and a lot of time police assume to false alarm and that call goes to the bottom of the list but not with simplisafe they use their video verification Technology Collagen. They're able to visually confirm the break INS happening. It's real allowing police to get to the scene three point five times faster than other home security companies so we'll make it easy visit simplisafe dot com slash hurt also free shipping also a sixty day risk-free trial nothing to lose here simply safe dot com slash hurt so they know our show set you simplisafe dot com slash hurt. Oh here we go hour two. This is is going to be really good. Al Michaels Job Joel Klatt. It'd be crazy our live in Los Angeles. This is the heard wherever you may be in however however you may be listening. We're on iheartradio. We are on Fox sports radio and we are on F S One. We've got great news yesterday. The show can't tell you which is gonNA. Tease joy Taylor it's good for her to it's good for all of us here. So things are rolling. thank you the audience who watches. It's been an amazing four years. This is my fourth year and is this your fourth year too but your second second show it's my third and a half year at Fox yeah very exciting for all of us Al Michaels and a couple of minutes. I grew up so just to give you a hint. I I grew up. I wanted to be a baseball announcer. That's why I want to be you know as a kid listening to baseball games. Vin scully's the first baseball announcer I had heard hurt because my team in Seattle. We didn't have the mariners when I was a little kid in nineteen seventy two when I started watching sports. I was seven years old six years old. We didn't have a baseball team so I always used to go into in my backyard and listen on the radio dial. Sit on the roof of my house and try to find you know on the coastal Washington Alabama Vince Gully was diverse great baseball announcer. I heard and I remember hearing a kid. Al Al Michaels in nineteen seventy six nine hundred seventy seven he was doing San Francisco giant stuff you know and I was like who's this guy and so he's always been one of my broadcasting idols right and miracle on ice and all that stuff so by the way tomorrow on Fox Joe Bach also amazing and Troy Aikman Thursday night football. It's going to be the packers and Philadelphia and it's interesting because I like Carson Wentz a lot but there are times when I can't win the argument with you right like you. Do you have the numbers on your side. Nick right in with our talking about this and I can't win the argument so so Carson wentz is foreign seven in games decided by seven points or less and doc is very good in those games and Carson Wentz is not so I mean he's four and seven but there has to be context stuff and I'll give you a great example twice this year. He's had winning touchdowns drop Nelson Aguilar two weeks ago against Atlanta so this is a win carson makes the throw and Nelson Aguilar former the USC kid good player. He drops this ball and so that would have been win. Okay so Carson direct throw by the way I mean okay and then against Detroit this weekend. He's got a rookie from Stanford who I really like and this could be this could be the winning touchdown anthro to and and Napa was dropped so in my opinion to great throws four and seven should be six and five live in close games but this is the way the NFL is now. I I do think the criticisms of Carson Wentz are fair but I do think he's had to overcome a lot so he gets hurt. The backup comes in wins Super Bowl and gets a statue so that divides the locker room. I mean players are loyal to WHO's winning players. Were loyal to Tim. Tebow because people was winning thing I mean they were going to practice and he was the fourth best quarterback on Denver and they're like yeah about on Sunday. God intervenes and we win. We liked depot so you know so players like pitfalls in other front office film and didn't like him so he had to overcome that he gets hurt. He's unbelievable. He's MVP season gets hurt. Falls comes in when Zuberbuhler put a statue out front. Every day goes into the stadium. I gotta look at Nick Foles. That'd be like me watch the watch young broadcasters statue in front of every time how come in here Jason McIntyre's statue. I wouldn't be a great love him but you know and then the second thing that happens the guys in Rehab. He had hurt like Andrew. Lucky always banged up psychologically. That's a lot to deal with and then number three this year. What is a what. Is it young quarterback need. He needs a healthy offensive line and people that catch Philadelphia's offensive left tackle. Situation is a mess and they have nobody that can catch and all the receivers are hurt. So you win the argument. I can't win the argument against you. I think is pretty good but you have all the AMMO on your side but look at those to drop passes. I'm looking at some bad breaks he's had. I'm looking at the left tackle situation Philly. I'm looking at the wide receivers who had seven drops last week I got to who I showed you that should have been caught four and seven in those games decided by seven or last would be six and five but you win the argument and I said this for years and years and years about Shaq and Kobe that when the Lakers had to make a choice they chose Kobe over shack. I knew for two years I would have to eat a dirt sandwich and you would win the argument because Miami had all sorts of good players and they had to wait in his prime and I was like okay and I knew Kobe was the right choice. Kobe was in better shape. Kobe love practice. Didn't Kobe's GONNA give you eighty game shack was going to give you sixty. Kobe Kobe was not he was totally obsessed and focused and shack. was you know a little bit of distracted with the movie career and I also thought shacks body was deteriorating. Syria rating and Kobe. I thought was really coming into his prime was going to have like seven eight prime years but koby when Jack Left had nothing yet nothing burger on the roster and he almost left much Chicago so new for two years. I was going to lose the CO argument but I knew it was the right thing and with Carson Wentz you win the argument now. I think he's great but you know. Receivers can't catch to dropped winning in touchdowns left tackles a mass he had the he had a divided locker room and he got into the League is Nick foles and he's been her all the time and so you know it's it's I've i. I've said this before now that Andrew Luck retired I think it's I think it's made a lot of players in the league. Look around and I and I've said this before I if Carson Wentz had another really really really a injury and cross your fingers. It never happens because Philadelphia's paid them. A lot should pay him a lot and he's fantastic. Dick but you know Carson Wentz may wake up in the morning and say I got one hundred million in the bank. I like hunting and fishing North Dakota boy. I'm tired rehabbing. So you know again you may win. Argument Umana demand winning the whole argument then and it's like he was never as good as I thought but I watch him the only guy in the league the only quarterback in the league I look at when I see Patrick Mahomes the only when I look at it and see the same thing is carson. wentz size arm can throw it from different angles. I think he's more I think he's I think he's actually physically better than Aaron. Rodgers Aaron six to Carson's six five. I think Carson is right. Now at this point is if they ran a forty yard dash in a cone drill carson would beat Aaron Rodgers so that's how much I like liked him by the way Carson Wentz this week. He didn't WanNA blame the receivers Carson wentz he's. He didn't want to blame the receivers as part of the game. You know guys are android passes. We're GONNA put the ball on the ground and I'm GonNA throw picks and we're going to misread things happen. Guys make mistakes and again. It's frustrating. No one wants to make mistakes but there's nothing you can really do about it and just keep building those guys all right. Let's bring him on he's a multi time national sportscaster of the year winner the Voice of NBC Sports Al Michaels who thank God lives two decades accolades due on Monday night football now Sunday night football as my wife always says if you're as good as how the last five ten years of your career I won't leave you. That's what she says Al Oh. How are you fantastic. How are you. I'm doing great by the way in one thousand nine hundred seventy four you were. You were the next great young announcer you do or do in. Cincinnati reds baseball -ASEBALL. You're probably twelve how you got that then you left it to double your money go to San Francisco. Marty Brennaman took over for you in he's retiring. I tripled the money to go to San Francisco so he did the reds at seventy-one pull that might closer out. I will yeah I tripled salary to go to San Francisco Cisco so I left one of the Great Baseball Teams in History Rose Rose Bench Morgan. Peres sparky Anderson Ken Griffey senior coming makeup as as a kid. I lived in Graylan Washington. That was my favorite team. They were fantastic. They had like hall of famers everywhere. I'm there three years went to the world series the reason seventy to the playoffs in seventy three upset by the mets and the Pete Rose Bud Harrelson Yeah Fracas and then so I leave and and I leave Mardi with this great team and I go to this more on franchise they were horrible at they were terrible and then Marty's during the world series and seventy five seventy six so I was there three Mardi Mardi their fifteen times as long as I was and you know God bless him. The guy did a tremendous job through the years. You know as well as anybody. There's a connection between the audience and and the announcer you take Vin scully in Los Angeles up at the top sixty seven years so you have to every generation Vinnie the father the son the grandfather the the grandson Marty pretty much the same thing in Cincinnati yeah he's been. They had some great teams. They had some bad teams over forty six year period but Jack Buck and Marty Brennaman and Ernie Harwell have been the summer voices for fifty years. They were Fifty Years Jack Buck Joe's Dad Ernie in Detroit was a legend and there you go so I gotta ask you ally have been Sunday night was just terrific and I've been marginally critical of Baker Mayfield but I I can't. I can't blame for all the issues but when you went to Cleveland and Al Michaels and Chris Collins were don't do Cleveland much. Give me the environment. Give me the moment your takeaway AAC away now. The game's over tell the audience that Cleveland doesn't host Sunday night football games only every eleven years we were the last time we were there was two thousand in eighteen Pittsburgh. Cleveland game hadn't been back since I mean over that period of time how many Patriot Games we done like thirty so the town. It was crazy because first of all the expectations you in Cleveland were were so high so gigantically high and then you start out and of course they laid an egg on opening day in the fourth quarter against Tennessee came back the undermanned jets. Serbis pretty stoked but I will say this. I mean their defense. Defense did a fantastic job of the Christian icons worth and I were talking about the fact we had never ever done. A game with the entire secondary was inactive. They were all heard yeah. Every one of them you look at the flip card the top four guys inactive that night and they're calling up guys from the practice squad and getting guys from from the raiders and who could got an interception the other night so they did. I think St Wilson a really good job the defensive coordinator keeping the rams as close as he did. I like Mayfield field a lot. We met him. We didn't know what to expect. What did you get. I liked him a lot. Really Sharp clear-eyed focused. I think he's a guy he's got a great great future but he just he sees a lot of things he's he's really really bright and fun too and he has a good sense of humor. We you know we we laugh with these guys and it was great and we're able to to get them going same thing with Freddie Kitchens. We know the great thing about doing. The game like that is we. We know the Patriots. We know the cowboys. We know the packers inside out all the guys we had. We didn't know any of these people so we knew Beckham because we've had Brian Beckham for a number of years in New York but it was fun to be with him and I'll tell you what we had myles Garrett in the meeting boy. He's a piece a player. I know but it's it's amazing to me. Colin is this guy leading the league in penalties people would think at all you know come on putting his body on top of semi in New York and you know semi as gone for the season comes in very reflective very quiet very intelligent not at all. We expect it so it's great fun to do teams that we haven't done it a long time. Now you do oh now. This week is fantastic. The Saints Defense is real Teddy Bridgewater various thirteen in six in his last nineteen starts in his cowboys so when you sit down I I tend to think you sit down with quarterback and you're sitting down with Dak and Jerry sneaks into the room and just wants to talk to you is your relationship with Jerry because you've done so many cowboy games and you know I mean Jerry's a businessman and you've always had the crunchies. Jerry's you know those guys and you've been around. You both been doing this league forever. I it's funny. This is the older Jerry these are the twilight year jared has he changed from fifteen years ago not a lot and he's one of my favorite people and I have just the utmost admiration because here's a guy who had a vision and I met him thirty years ago. I met him and owners meeting in one thousand nine. Hundred Ninety just bought the team. He's taking all all this heat in Dallas because fired. Tom Lee s I remember that brought in Jimmy Johnson and I went up and introduce myself at the palm desert certain Palm Springs Marriott and I said Hey by the way I should you know I've been going to Dallas for a few years now on Monday night and all they do is write about up. It's time for lane ago. It's time hey send them off into the sunset. You did it and you're getting all this so so and then Ge- with Jerry will use. We've known them. He had we had to dinner at his house. A couple of times he had the model of the stadium that he wanted wanted to build and Oh yeah back in the in the nineties and he wanted to build it in downtown. Dallas couldn't get that done obviously gets it done at Arlington and to me I mean the stadium is now ten. Years old was opened in two thousand nine Colin. It's as beautiful as it wasn't opening day. I think it's the model of the stadium. That's GONNA come up here. In Los Angeles will probably be the all time that Stan Kroenke is building but the thing with Jerry only Dutch things I clan. There's no practice facility first-class. The Star is off the charts everything he does the maintenance in stadiums phenomenal. You know you go to a stadium as ten or fifteen fifteen years old and all of a sudden you know you get a dumpster smell in the bowels of the stadium. This thing is like pristine. It's beautiful and I have tremendous respect for him. The the one thing about Jerry Jerry takes a lot of heat. Obviously he's out there. He's bigger than life but he boy he. He's resolute he he he what he stands for he he means it. He doesn't put on airs. I mean that's that's all jerry. Jones and I'm a fan of not. I want an owner like that. He lives and dies with wins and of course he had tremendous success early on. He wants to throw balls in four years now. It's been a long drought in regard to that but boy. I've never seen an owner liver dime more than Jerry does with his team. You and Chris do a tremendous job. You've done a lot of Patriot games last year there was I wouldn't call it conflict but Tom for the first time was with documentary voicing some concerns. I wish it it could be a little more fun. Bella check I wouldn't I've heard behind the scenes. He's a riot but you sit down with ballot. Check and Brady. Are you surprised with with Bela checks curtness and Tom sort of optimism that it is worth nineteen years. Well not not really early only because they're both really smart. They're both driven. They're different. People obviously go back with bill to the when I started Monday night football the defensive coordinator for the New York giants so probably been one hundred meetings with them. Wow Oh yeah really really well. You go back. All the years did the giants and we did then we even had some browns games when he was there and we give you he gives it depends on the on the day but he gives us what we need. You know the one thing about bill it. She'll be straightforward with you asking the right questions. He'll give you the right an answer. He also loves history. Yes we got him going. We did the opening game against Pittsburgh a couple of Sundays ago. We got him going on the the replacement players in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven yeah he was on parcels staff and how much porsche hated that and bill said Belichick shut. He's out there. He's he's going to Long Island and try to find guys in playing on on the street or in parks and he's bringing them in and we told the story on the defensive coordinator and it's a situation where the opposing team it's a Monday night game actually against San Francisco in the meadowlands and and he's yelling out to a Defensive Andrews all tensed up and everything third in two thousand nine whatever it is and he goes hey hey loosen up loosen up and the guy looks over a bill like what do you mean in Bill Chico's Lucien up. The Guy Starts doing jumping jacks or the snap so you get bill going own on stuff like that. It's it's it's a lot of fun. It's great. You know. Here's the thing people say. Does he give you the game. We don't need the game plan Chris Collins Worth Earth God could coach the game his homework. Is You could coach the game. He knows we don't need to coach to tell us we can figure it out and they they were just as well and Chris just as well he he sees everything is fantastic. We wanted a while. A coach will tell us you know I'm going to throw the bomb on the first play of the Game Shannon. Mike Shanahan was great. Chan said the opening place is going to be he would tell you sixty L. Y. You know he's good elway so he's open place going to be sixty yards down the field to mark Jackson Jack Snooky not he would say the the opening play right after that you can you can figure it out you've done as I told the audience before you came on. I heard you I as a young kid. A young broadcaster do niner games. I was in Westport grail in Washington on the roof of my house with am radio. The mariners weren't really much of a team yet so and they were on a Seattle station. Am I didn't get it so I heard you on a San Francisco. Stack can be are the TOA was it who is it during those years it was it was Kf oh okay seventy dollars so I heard a young Al Michaels. You're very similar. Your Voice is more It's deeper now obviously and there's obviously the miracle on ice which we've discussed we have that's that's probably the greatest in American sports history. It is let me play at one time. I like to play the respect for because I know where I was by the way I was in a bowling alley. The game was not live. No I was in a bowling alley. My mom worked at a bowling alley. She ran the kitchen. The Bowling Alley and somebody came out of the Bar said we beat the Russians and I remember they had green carpet astroturf. It was not a high end bar was not the Weston and so I remember going home and my mom let me stay up so it's the greatest read it. They've made movies about it documentaries by the way the Russian documentary is unbelievable. Here's the call I get goosebumps. Every time I watch it here we go got. It is the greatest call and even to this day the greatest moment so take that out. Is there another big event. That doesn't get it doesn't get the publicity that you felt that it had it really will go down for you. As the second moment that you really remember. She got to be in. C- Count last four super bowls we've done on. NBC Have All gone down to the last thirty seconds. That's that's because the Patriot journal three minutes three of them but the one before that was Arizona Pittsburgh best. Love that game incredible love that game I mean what are they doing here. They fall behind they come from behind Larry. Fitzgerald Caches Pass Arizona has the lead two and a half minutes to go and then rothlisburger leads them down the field real and San Antonio homes makes phenomenal catch to win the game and that game also featured James Harrison going one hundred yards at the end of the hat. She had two of the most iconic please in history and there of course is the the Holmes catch and by the way you had the steeler brand in fact I think joe you on the show. I said this this. The Best Super Bowl. That's never been talked about is a great super bowl. It was at the time but now it's almost been eclipsed and we had the Malcolm Butler game Seattle against the England. We had Philadelphia against New England so we've done used to boxing by the way the another words to a B or c would be. I did in one thousand nine hundred eighty five Hagler hearns. Oh which which the ring magazine ranked the first round is the greatest boxing round of the of the twentieth century did it for ABC see not for ABC but it live on closed-circuit with Al Bernstein worked with outbursts great. How's that for doing for you are one off so I did the did that fight and that was breathtaking sitting there at ringside and these guys just and it was a very high fight normally numbly they don't live up to expectations and guys come out and they parry and all that stuff and then the two guys just met in the center of the ring and just wheeled away at each show yes the to maybe the two at that point best pound for pound fighters in the country. I have no idea how either guy survive the first round the second round was. It's pretty good tuned into the third round hag newest cut so he's got this visa doctors looking at our between the second and third. It could have been a technical draw. I mean he knew you knock her out. It was eight minutes of exhilaration sports illustrated on the cover. I think the headline was eight minutes of fury so it's amazing the the great thing. SCUOLA folks you can do this you. Can you get incredible youtube. It's common. The great thing that sports is the world series is this is like a ten to fourteen day feast. The Super Bowl is three and a half hours the NBA finals are two weeks hagler. hearns orange was eight minutes about that think about that. I mean I I love doing. I've got a chance to the world series the NBA Finals and ah a book shop. You Hope it's seven chapter book. It could be a shortage for but Hagler hearns. Were I remember walking away. I had to catch my breath. Just watching doing this or now with my first job out of college was Vegas and I've told people this for years for anybody in their twenties the two things in sports you missed and I've told you this says Al Michaels doing baseball and when boxing was as big as the NFL when wouldn't not I'm not saying it was broadly popular but I can remember George Foreman Muhammad Hamad Ali fought. I am watching a kid show in Seattle. JP Patches and they break in to tell you that all these beat foreman in Zaire it was a children's children show and so that's how that's how big boxing Mohammed Ali Al Michaels tenth season together Sunday night football. You know it's a pleasure I love coming in and by the way took twelve minutes to get here so you're always welcome. It's Great Al Michaels Sunday. You've got cowboys Saints Cowboy Saints New Orlands has good oysters. That's a that's. That's that's fun. We'll we'll sample those cajun or creole. What do you prefer Krill. Okay Yeah Yeah I think either a great for you but back and forth yet great seeing all right Joe with the news. Oh no I take a break my break. I went so long back in a second the her be be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio One and the IHEARTRADIO APP according to studies only only about ten percent of break ins are planned beforehand the rest spur of the moment burglaries. What's crazy. Is Only one five home has home security. One in five simply safe is a great choice protect every door and window and room twenty four seven pro monitoring around the clock fifteen bucks a month. That's it the one thing that makes simplisafe standout. Is there video verification technology so with other home security systems they get triggered and a lot of the time police assume false alarm and that call goes to the bottom of the list but that was simply safe. They use their video verification technology. They're able to visually confirm the break INS happening. It's real allowing police to get to the scene three point eight five times faster than other home security companies so we'll make it easy visit simplisafe dot com slash hurt also free shipping also a sixty day risk risk free trial nothing to lose here simplisafe dot com slash hurt so they know our show set you simplisafe dot com slash hurt tomorrow tomorrow. Thursday night football is back on Fox Carson Wentz and the eagles take on Aaron Rodgers and the packers a huge. NFC showdown it all starts at seven thirty eastern four thirty Pacific on Fox NFL network and streaming on prime video. Is there anything better than those than those big late. Fox Games or Thursday games like it Lambeau. It's like it's like USC football at its best in Miami. Football is like college but it feels a little like pro Green Bay's the only nfl that feels a little like college college. It's like seventy. Five percent fell twenty five percent. Badger football so those I think those games look so good Green Bay Games so good on television. Here's joy thanks down Michael's Michaels. That was so much fun for me. Nick also Joe clack coming up with the news. You turn on the news. This is the headline news well. Let's stick with Green Bay. The packers are undefeated heading into their matchup with the Eagles tomorrow night on Fox and they've largely relied on their defense so far which was new for them and even with all that early success Aaron Rogers says it's time for the offense to take it up a notch. It's time for us to do our part on offense moving forward placing stretch of really really good football teams and at some point you know we can't expect our defense shut down they haven't but at some point of the offense you can have to wake up and servants. Dan Green Bay and even listening to him talk. It's it's so interesting from Aaron Rodgers because it's almost like he got so excited that they had a defense events that mentally I don't have to do this anymore and then now has to go back up again I mean I think we all kind of feel like there's nothing things who really fear with Aaron. Rodgers may often they Kansas City needs mahomes to be great to win if he wasn't last week win right Green Bay's built now Erin can have an often he complete sixty one percent of those can have picked they can still win right but he can't have an off first quarter of the season so then that's what Aaron Rodgers saying we relied on and even so far which was obviously nice to having Green Bay because they haven't had it for a couple years a-rod Kasim scored thirty. Five points never have a chance at winning. That's not the case anymore but you you do after kicking into another gear especially because the next couple games they have obviously the eagles tomorrow night at the cowboys against the Lions Raiders and at the chiefs and not the chargers so you're GonNa need quite a bit of offense and a couple of those games so the steelers season seems loss already with an three starts in season ending injury to Ben Rothlisberger but defensive end. Cam Hayward isn't isn't giving up. He said that starting on Monday against the bengals the steelers have to be perfect. Houston has befallen narrow now are arm Aaron out the window. We have to be perfect everything we do especially practice out keep guys accountable accountable guys keep keep his bow to growing three foot onto the by the way one and three in the AFC a game out of the wild card. I mean that sounds ridiculous in the NFC. Oh and three is a decimals. I think Pittsburgh if they win. I feel like they play Monday night football right if they win. Tuesday today I come out and I'm like then by the way joy until all those home games for a month and a half but it's the ravens in their the division now there are serious and in the AFC there are a lot of teams could go on a run because it is the AFC said I just. I don't have a lot hoping seeler this year. I know that everyone is one more week. I mean one more week against the bengals giving one more week. I'm GONNA need three more weeks is to see if it's possibility because they have the bengals next then the ravens and then the chargers so that's I mean obviously the dolphins colts after that but those next three games games are pretty much going to determine what the rest of the season is. GonNa look like especially for the AFC north all playing each other within the next few weeks so really important finally. Lamelo ball is playing in Australia's NBL while preparing the twenty twenty NBA draft and he's making such a good impression betty even join the conversation for the first overall pick one MEA executive told ESPN SPNFZ KEEPS US up. I don't see any way he isn't in the conversation for the number one overall pick. He's completely changed my perception of the type of prospects. He is all the background info I gathered here from his coaches and teammates teammates paint a very different story what I thought about him off the court as well just when you thought you're getting rid of Lavar ball you know undefeated never lost but he's got that crazy crazy shot like Lonzo. He makes it though the thing about Lamelo ball and I I told you about this a little while ago 'cause everyone's Kinda sleeping on him and then obviously everyone gave Lavar very hard time about sending him to Lithuania and he's not playing in college and now the competition down. There might not be at the same level that it is in college he he is dominating. He's he's moving up the ranks with the draft prospects. He's top rated point guard at this point and he's GonNa continue to get better. He works on his body. He's very concerned about all aspects of his game not just offensively. He wants to be a good defender. He I do think he's going to be the number one overall pick because I think once we get to the draft wants were passed the NC Double A. Tournament's and everyone starts doing their interviews and we start learning more about these guys. Lamelo is very different than Lonzo. He's got his whole whole swag. He's been in the game as far as being public for longer than Lonzo was and he's a talker so it's it's going to be very interesting. What happens obviously depend on who has a number one overall overall pick and whether they need a point guard or not well on bail on Lonzo either Lonzo Ball. No I mean I I I'm. I'm still in online's. I've never build a month at all but this is something interesting to watch and I'm glad that people are coming around so funny story. I actually think it's hysterical. I really I heard this story. I told yesterday and this is a right. Everybody thinks where so done with Labar Labar nope makes me laugh all right joy with news well. That's the news and thanks for stopping by uh we got. We got so much on this shoal Joel Klatt. There's a couple of massive at college games this weekend. Notre Dame look great against Georgia Jim Harbaugh's in big trouble if US loses at Washington Klay Helton's all but don may be already anyway Joel Klatt around the corner be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific. I used to think that all diet and weight loss plans for the same well not anymore because I found num. NEUM is a new and totally different approach to losing weight and getting healthy that uses psychology and small voles to help change your habits so it's easy to lose the weight and keep it off for good neum combines the power of technology with real human support offering as little or as much help as you want along the way and since new ms an APP. It's always with you and easy to use which makes it super easy to stay on track and reach your goals plus. It's really simple to get started. Just go online answer a few questions questions and they'll create a personalized program just for you knew helped me lose my old way of thinking about food and dieting. So what are you have to lose visit neum boom dot com slash IHEART and show. 'EM DOT com slash. IHEART and start your fourteen day trial today like they say change your habits change. Your mind unchanged for good with new. I welcome back this week. Texas Tech and Oklahoma Saturday big noon kickoff. Here's the voice of College football at our network Joel all clad. I've been pretty rough on you last couple of weeks but I've been right so that's fine you can ticket. I mean whatever you want this fine. No friendly fire here. You're part of the company for the the time being and my point is I should probably be nicer to you. Is that it so you know what you let's go to your top ten. Let's do it. You have. The guts of the best team you've seen and so far is. Ohio State Go. LSU But the Buckeyes have a pass rusher by the way it looks better than both as maybe a yeah. They do actually chase young as his name. If you haven't haven't haven't seen chase young he's phenomenal. I know the bosses are phenomenal players but for the third time in what four or five years how states going to have the number number one defensive player drafted the NFL draft his name's chase young. He's dominant player. I didn't have the guts to actually separate house State Alabama and Clemson. That's my fault. I should have Ohio state. I think is the best team in the country. They've proven it on the field. They have been dominant in the one area that I think people had questions about. was there suspect. Beck defense from a year ago their defense this year has been unbelievable and Justin fields their quarterback transferred from Georgia. He has transformed their offense so that JK Dobbins are running back is now more of a threat. He's averaging seven yards per carry which was more in line with what he did. As a Freshman Ohio state has been absolutely dominant. They'd been the best thing I've seen so far by the way I liked the fact you didn't dip into. You've been very very tough on Notre Dame but you are good this week. I have to constantly instantly in a yeah you do. I'm sure I'm sure by the way I came out of the game with Notre Dame more impressed I did too. I think it's first of all I'll start by saying this environment. At Georgia was incredible great. I mean that light show rival like a youtube on insane right and and yet it here's this road team who is still had a chance to win inside the fifty yard line down only six after twelve penalties and two turnovers in the southern the humidity at night in the biggest crowd in Georgia history. I kind of came out of that game and I thought Notre Dame's for yeah and they're one area where I said it to you. Last week. There rush defense defense was concerned about it was good. It was really good in fact Georgia only ran the ball for a little over one hundred and fifty yards and that's the lowest that they've run for at home and quite some time so I'm with you. I actually came out of this very impressed with notre dame the hard part without a championship game for them. I'm not seeing the avenue for a playoff. No no no we're not. I don't think it exists this year. Well you would need Oklahoma to lose because Washington's out so the PAC ten looking half so you're gonNA need champions at in the SEC and big twelve often have two losses listen then you can have an argument to the SEC teams Auburn Georgia and Lsu. They're all GONNA lose late now. The question is will the voters is when Lsu and Auburn lose. I- Auburn shocked me. All things going to lose twice because they're gonNA loose. Alabama and they're not good enough offensively to Georgia's in the LSU's knee Alabama's correct so I think you're going to have now. Alabama will survive clemes. I if I had to guess today I would go hi o state when I got to be careful. Wisconsin looks good Yep. I think it would be the northern team. Let's get to Harbaugh who we have defended at the end. Yeah we have and I don't WanNa hear about coordinator. The bottom line is I heard a story story this week that he hired the coordinator and never met him face to face. The offense is a mess that is true. It's a mess this is on Jim. It is okay so let's let's impact all of that and I want to start with. You and I get a lot like Oh. You go through the Harbaugh guys well. The subject of Jim Harbaugh is very partisan very partisan in that if you're in the anti harbaugh crowd or the Harbaugh is overrated crowd then no one's allowed to give him any credit or else you just scream and shout and kick and scream when you say he's a very good football coach and he's proven that over a long period of time that is true so however in the last five games something has happened and he he went chasing something that has failed. Yes us to this point. I don't know if it's going to change this. Change of offense of philosophy has failed Izzo Fun watchable. It is the one area where you would always say at least harbaugh teams in general or what would you say todd scrimmage. They're not they're not. They got pushed around the defensive of line. The offensive line was awful. I mean they were running into each other. They couldn't pick up very easy and basic stunts from Wisconsin. Wisconsin's defense is very good. I don't WanNa taking away from Lasagna twenty-eight. Nothing but Miss Michigan was atrocious and have been ever since that game at Ohio state and I just wondered I wondered wondered to myself and the Anti harbaugh crowd is going to hate this but I wonder aloud with you all if the spot had been correct in two thousand and sixteen against so how state and and if they get the pond off against Michigan State. Do you think he goes through this kind of mid coaching crisis. This last zero changes as offensive philosophy no I I will say in those in those big ten jobs. Michigan has to be the highest state. Ohio state has has to be Michigan and if you don't it shifts it drastically I won't use the overused word narrative but the John Cooper was a great coach. He couldn't beat Michigan couldn't and that John Cooper now is a quote losing coach at Ohio State. He averaged ten and a half year. That's correct so it doesn't matter that harbaugh has kind of pulled Michigan up by that are bootstraps from the seven years between Lloyd Carr and himself. It doesn't matter that he's averaged three more wins it it really Tan in a better big ten big ten and it doesn't matter this. This has been a failure of philosophical change. Now that doesn't mean that it can continue to be a failure. They might turned around. I'm not sure doesn't doesn't look like it's so far because every game that I've watched. I've watched all of them on film. I've done two of them in the booze. Their offense is dreadful and it starts with their offensive line. I know their quarterback play is not been gracious bad but gyms offensive line has been atrocious okay so this week you're doing the Oklahoma game in Lincoln. Riley is what chip Kelly was about nine years ago which offensive guru in the copying and left and right by the way bakers not as good since he left him not making definitive opinions cuyler. Murray's not as slick daughter or now. We've seen this look just anyway. The point is I watch Oklahoma and I look at Jalen hurts and I don't buy Jalen hurts bye and Lincoln Riley so tell me this. What is he doing now. I knew when chip Kelly was doing it. Chip was just speeding the game every thirteen seconds with Lincoln Riley without boring during the you-know-what schematically your back what is going what is he doing. Everybody's like I can't stop that okay he. There's two things happening is he. He is very good at getting. NFL style of matchups case so he changes his personnel group and his formation in and creates movement and motions in order to gain an advantage personnel wise. He does that as well as anybody to get a fast running back in a slime that's right or his fastest wide receiver on on a safety or a tight end on small corner so on and so forth. That's what the great offensive guys do. He creates matchups that are very advantageous for Oklahoma and then I think the most underrated part of this is that there are a lot of guys that can be great offensive coaches on Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday Thursday night forming these game plants. He's he's a special play caller when his timing and his ability to build on the offense see I think great play callers that what they do is they take their offense and they build a narrative for the defense to look at and while the defense doesn't even understand it. They're subconsciously communicating things to the defense with those looks folks those formations the movement and what happens is they have plays and plays and plays off of the same looks and action and so if you're a linebacker now you're you're sitting there and you've seen the guard and tackle poll four different times out of four different formations but every time that they pull men they run that counter scheme and here comes that counter and it's a dangerous run scheme and you gotta go up and stop it. We'll all the sudden garden tackle poll now now. It's a fifth time you've seen it and you run right up into the line of scrimmage and and then Calcaterra the tight end just kind of POPs right by he's wide open behind the linebacker's same. Yes it looks the same it simple for the offense. It's repetitive for the offense and yet for the defense. It's maddening to try to decipher and recognize it so he does a great job with formations personnel creating matchups and then off of that he does a a marvelous job. He's the best in the country at building his offensive system during the game as a play caller and he does that as well as anybody okay. Now you know there are seven big brands in college football. We've talked Michigan Ohio State Alabama Oklahoma Texas Notre Dame in USC. Just nothing against the rest of them. Those are the big brands those move the T now Georgia's great but they don't move at TV number like an Alabama. US loses in Seattle this weekend. They're looking for a new football coach. Coach probably even with last week's win and that was all well and good you know have the third string guy fink come in and beat Utah and so on and so forth you should be use on calcium bottom bottom line. Do you think they can beat washing. No I don't I think Washington is really good. Jacob Easson The quarterback gone underrated twenty four twenty eight at Byu in a win last week. I think Washington Ashington is underrated in large part because everyone wrote them off after they lost to cal cal's a pretty good football team defeated. Justin Wilcox has one of the best secondaries in the country and so I think USC goes up there and I think they'd get beat pretty handily washing whoa now now. You ought to what the number is. I think it's fourteen. Oh that can't be the number. I don't know if it's a believe it's fourteen goulet looked at up. You're you're a degenerate anyway. I think it's got to be closer to nine. What what gets waxed. Do It's ten and a half holy. Moly to me they. They know it should be higher. Okay according to Fox bet to ten and a half well. USC is looking for new coach Saturday night right Joel Klatt. We gotta get out here. It was almost upset been perfect. Why are you running away from out of time you like Western Kentucky to beat a Panera Bread Outta here. We gotta go to hurt Washington State at Utah One more I heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like Jordan Palmer played in the NFL for four years drafted in the six round out a you tap. I've gone to a couple of symbols there he does the elite eleven camps. He's he's been to. Everyone and you have worked with when they were just tixx. Patrick mahomes Daniel Jones Josh Allen Deshaun Watson Sam Darnold Kyle Alan. We saw so let's start with I was just saying this about Dak Prescott. The cowboys have done a great job to spot talent vander rash first round demarcus Lawrence. They built the best offensive line if they knew that was going to be this good that a paid him two years ago right so they got him about twenty six million not like thirty five he doesn't blow me away in many instances Jordan but there is something about just lack of a smarter word it as somebody who seem all these quarterbacks you you look at film for days the good the bad what is DAX it. What is his. What do you see with Jack. We'll I think I've seen I've kind almost changed. My opinion or my opinions evolved on Dak really in the last month or so. Oh and I know you've said this that playing quarterback for the cowboys is different than a lot of other jobs in sports or playing quarterback for any other team really would have seen from. Dak is the last three years. I think the best thing I'd say about is poised. He was as a rookie yeah right because he was third on that depth chart ironically behind Kellen Moore yeah right and so how well he played as a rookie and how poised voiced he was and even fast forward another year so that was kind of the best thing. I'd say about him because I thought he did everything pretty good but this last year of the Z. Cold Out of the anticipation and the you know them not coming to a deal for for doc and the way that last season ended and because how he has compartmentalized everything everything and then now is playing the best football of his career I shit my opinion is evolved. I I do think he's great for him to bet on himself and I think the cowboys looking at this Yup. There's a theory that they could have paid him back and save money back then or there's also Jerry Jones who's one of the greatest marketing minds in sports sitting here going I wa- string strings on another couple of weeks and he plays at this level. Nobody's GonNa Disagree with what we pay him and that's going to be part of the narrative yeah okay so Baker Mayfield. I think he's very very accurate. I've been very critical of Baker but I my eyes tell me this is not all Baker now. He does spring out of the pocket a little too much. I don't think he's the athlete people portray around four eight forty. I think he's he's Nimble enough but when I watched Cleveland now and I'd be the first jump on Baker. I don't see all of Baker's issues. What are you seeing from the offense what they're running. Does it fit his skillset. Yeah I definitely do not think that this all falls on Baker. I think he is above average. I think he's mobile right. You're the faster mobile. He can move around and he can create time space. Which is what I always talk about great time and space. There's two ways to win and to move the ball through the air and you have to beat man coverage and you have to be zone coverage and when you're beating man coverage you do it with a mismatch you do it with leverage into it with you know crossing round pick plays. They're going to see a lot of men covers. Look at their roster got Odell Beckham Junior. They got juice landry. They got David and Jo that you're going to see a lot of man coverage almost as all the way you beat zone. Coverage is throwing two spots with touch in anticipation and part of it is the quarterback about trusting that you're going to get there and part of it is the receiver consistently getting the exact same spot okay. That's what's interesting to me. What you see. It's not happening. The second one's not happening. They're not seeing a lot of coverage so unsown. Baker had to pick one versus Tennessee and he got smashed. He threw three picks and all this stuff but I saw something that Osho used to I do when I played in Cincinnati and it happens where it's supposed to be an eighteen yard dig right Dick and because the receiver so used to kill in the DB or beating the guy covering covering him which in zone coverage you don't need to do that get to the spot. He doesn't extra move and the timings off and Baker throws it to a spot and the receivers not ready the the pick goes on Baker's dot com but the reality is is you. If you can't trust the guys are going to be in the same spot every single time then you gotta wait to see it. You're six foot whatever he has six months to the offensive line as you pointed out is the weakness now you're GonNa do what you have to do to survive and for him in college that was moving to his is right so the result is Baker getting out of there to his right but the genesis of the problem is just not being on the same page and how you beat zone coverage which is receivers gets executor exactly you're landmark on time quarterback throughout their trust that they're going to be no. BJ's doing his own thing sometimes at the top of the routes if he feels it can beat somebody so that that's why that's all my eyes are telling me this is not Alan Baker okay so an interesting player is regardless of if the panthers are GonNa move off camera not. I'm a recruiting junkie. I saw Kyle Allen footage. He was an Arizona kid sermon high. It was as good a high school quarterback had ever seen then he has a weird college thing gets buried in depth chart am and then he reemerges in Carolina Carolina. my is telling me he's good enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I'M NOT GONNA take too much from week one but you've had him in lead eleven's is he a franchise level quarterback yeah yeah and I felt this way for a long time because if so much about how your success that happens early in your NFL career is your entry point into the thank you yeah you. You get drafted high. You get a longer leash. The lover drafted and if you're kyle who was not even invited to the combine let alone drafted you short leash right so much of that is the reason that he had such a tough entry point into the NFL is what happened in college. He's a top recruit. He chooses Texas over. Everybody plays really well. His is true freshman year. Inter cuyler Murray who from a lot of people who I think no high school football think tyler is the greatest high school football player in the state of Texas history three. That's a relevant thing for me. This awesome names on the edge young as high amazing names on that list and Kyle's dad went Dana today. So cuyler comes in one another. What ends up happening. is they kind of plan to quarterbacks. There's not really any communication education around it and they both play bad and Kyle transfers and the next couple of days later cuyler transfers. Yeah cow goes to Houston and Tom Herman. I'm going to be here transfer. Sit Out. We're going to build this thing. This is going to be awesome and after he sits out Tom Herman takes the Texas job which he should good yeah. You got you so again. The route Kyle Allen just like had to it like he had to parents bail on him the Kevin. Someone's like I love you not that much much and the Houston coaches. I love you and I'm taking so this. This is what happened. This is the route were a talented kit. This happens to people broadcasting. It happens to people in your business through the cracks and so oh. I think there's something there now. Let's talk about Kinda Murray so he's fascinating player. He he's kind of a he looks. There's a lot of Russell Wilson here. I looked to throw and I'm like comes off the hand quick. He's accurate tight spiral. He does look small to me. I'll say that that's a little warning flag that at five nine and a half hard to see over six six. Oh lineman what do you make so far of Kinda. Murray was at the game on Sunday the Panthers Cardinals Games so it was really interesting and fun and I'm actually going back this weekend. Carson's getting inducted elected into the cardinals ring great so Kylie that was really fun to watch to be honest is the first time where I'm sitting there going. This is like super entertain. That's what I told joy. I couldn't get off the game. I sat down for an hour. I couldn't get off it. I want to see what they're gonNA do next. Yes and I also played for the bears. When chip hip was Kelly was rolling in Philly and we had a Sunday night game and got the brakes beaten off of us and I was GonNa Lance Briggs Defense going. They're only running five plays but I went on it was just catching people off guard so much and I do see elements of that with what cliff and cuyler doing an Arizona the problem is I still think you have to be able able to turn around. Hand the ball to your running back and run inside zone a handful of times a game for a lot of reasons yes and just get four yards and so if everything is has has a potential of a big play or negatively and that's what I see with Ice Lert it. That's what I see. I see the way they're doing it with and let's shift into Lamar Jackson would Lamar Mar.. I don't see much roller coaster. They're not putting him in situations to turn it over to have a great old line. They block the heck out of it. They run the Football Lamar I. I don't see this wild unevenness cuyler. I sense we're going to have months where he's unbelievable and weeks. He's awful. I think Lamar Jackson is working. I do think a lot of this is what the offensive line in the running. What do you see what Lamar does anything concern you. What do you really like or think anytime. A quarterback runs is a lot. I'm concerned about the injury injuries but one of the things I've seen from Lamar's. He doesn't take a necessary hits at all you remember. Rg Three Lord trying to get an extra yard and getting absolutely smoked on the sideline. I'm watching Lamar not really get hit. Get the yards get down. Get Out of bounds so Russell's and other guy who takes it does a great job of protecting himself yes so the injuries are less concerned about it that way but when I am concerned about is is so much of the success is coming from run pass options. RPO's does or at least just we call this play and there's a bunch of answers built into this play. I still think to win championships. You have to be able to pre snap snap. Get into different place yes now. This is the second year for Lamar every young quarterback. It takes a while to be able to put that on their shoulders olders and so right now. I think it's working. I think it's going to work. I think they're going to continue to have a really explosive. You're a season on offense but at some point you're you're three or four. The big picture here can go there where you're actually having multiple options before and multiple options afterwards because right now. He's proven that he can take a huge step step. He looks a lot better as a thrower and he looks way more in control of the offenses last year which is natural to second year. You've done a lead eleven since nineteen ninety nine Jordan Palmer Palmer quarterback coach and mentor. You had Patrick Mahomes. Are you even surprised by what you're seeing yeah. I'd spent time with him when he was in college in unclear. If was the guy who reached out and said I got this thing this guy. This freak is funny. I talked to cliff before the game in this last weekend and we were talking about pat and and the part that doesn't surprise when you take that type of player and you put them with Gallagher. Andy Reid Lord so Andy Reid has less than zero you go whatever that is in terms of trying to change him and I don't like the wind up. His feeder jacked up. I'm going to get him to do this and they're just letting him play away. Yes some some no looker some some stuff. Yeah gotta get better at that. If we change our feet this way you'll get more consistent on these type throws and Patas sociable is yes absolutely great kid rock star human but with it's just that combination of him and Andy and Andy just knows how to get the most out of his guys by not trying to a change that he's also a great play designer with that being said of course surprised this dude is completely taking over the NFL awesome. It'd be this. I said yesterday he's gotTa Steph Curry Component where Steph curry ten years ago. If I told you win championships just shooting threes there'll be no more centers and Steph curry started that with mahomes. You're like maybe you don't have to be great on defense. It's maybe you can score thirty four game. I contend Jordan that Bill Belichick has suffocated seven straight quarterbacks. Patrick scored twenty four and a quarter on him and that's why they went and got a b bills like listen. I that wasn't a bad weather in Kansas City like I think Patrick is that I think it Steph curry you can he can score twenty seven quarter and you're like yeah that's what he does. During the second quarter so far in two of his second quarters he has four four hundred seventy yards six touchdowns and fifty one points in the last two second quarters and it just that's just that is a game for the quarterbacks in the League. Finally Daniel Jones I watched him in college and I'm like he can. He's a little Alex Smith. He can move I. I didn't see that he looked better as a pro. Is it because he's got better. It's not better coaching right because you know we. We've talked about that right. How can a guy look better as a pro. Josh Allen Right a year ago ago. How do you look better as a pros looks better today than a year ago against ACC defense. It's that's that's what my so. What am I what's my mistake. What am I missing one of the things that Duke is a he ran for his life as much as any college quarterback that I've evaluated. It was just he's in a tough spot. Kid is tough as nails. He's a great athlete and he also had a lot of drops which does more than just not complete the ball. It does something to you if you're here when we did everything right and we still had a drop and we're now we're punting over and over and over again psychological component to that so he had a lot of adversity at Duke and I've said this before about about Daniel before last weekend and everyone jump on the bandwagon the last five years he's been really well developed its well-documented cliff coach a lot of guys at Duke and other places to the manning brothers all that but also has a private quarterback coach David Morris who used to backup UPI lie. He runs a quarterback coaching business. Friend of mine does a great job working with young guys. He's had him since like since he was a kid. So I'd say the last five years Daniel Jones during during the season and offseason has been well developed. I would make the argument that some of these quarterbacks in their fifth year bridgewater Bortles Derek Carr. They're in their fifth year of being really well developed look at the programs they came from different than Danielson so the only real discrepancy here is experience and now he's going to get a bunch of experience and I I would say for a rookie not being able to play with saquon Barkley and rely on that for a few weeks. It's GONNA be harder to win but it's going to be more valuable experience. I'm I bought saw a while ago. I think Jones is GonNa be a star. Wow wow well. I was laid on deck. I'll be late on this one my lesson and pivot quickly now. I mean I I listen. I watched him do punch and I'm like I don't listen. I watched Dak at Mississippi state again. A battle line and I'm like the key component here though is and and my brother is a perfect example who always says the way you went about your boss play for great on her. No candidates this group the New York giants care with their own line or their secondary secondary or their drafts two years ago. It was good or not. They have an ownership group. WHO's won two super bowls in the last whatever it is years they know how to do it? They're gonNA make good decisions. They're going to more often the not make a good decision and not you can't say that about every franchise by the way. Is this for your can't by the way that's some. You made a comment Amethi last time about hats so I was like I got to bring you. That's McKee some had yeah. This is generally don't looking at and let's be honest about this with my silver hair Megan. If I walked into a room right now joe new era knows how to do it it is I mean that's not necessarily how I'd wear it but Palmer. It's great to have fun down down there and congrats to your brother. The last dude joy with news heard on the news. This is the headline news organization that knows a thing about winning Super Bowls Patriots ownership group is that the buffalo bills on Sunday buffalo fans call themselves bills Mafia about both Mafia yes I do. They jump on tables. They jump on tables. They shotgun viewers shock onto beer before. Oh Yeah I want to call. Yes sure I've done that before the Red Cup thing in the ping pong ball's shooting beer. I mean like when you liked throughout. They grab the beer off the counter and fight the beer. No I have like not a warring now. I've never done that. Cut Your mouth special technique. When I was a kid they had in college at they. Call him a beer ball the beer bong yeah. I mean there's no reason for that anyway. They do all that but they also really care about their team and bill ballot. Check is is no stranger to the bills. Passionate fans prepared for their intensity. He said it's a very intense crowd. They're vocal totally into it and have a great passion for the game. Some some stadiums don't have quite the intensity buffalo dies. They have no other agenda there to watch the game. It gets very loud. This is this is a this is an extreme in compliment from Phil. Jackson usually says nothing about anything but I think he also is kind of recognizing. This is a really big game and also he's seen Buffalo's those defense on tape real pass they are I and you start allowed her drive third in touchdown percentage for drive and I and percentage of three and outs force they also the fifth ranks rush rush offense. Yes they rebuilt line. They added multiple free agent linemen. They draft one in the second round so I mean they really went out joy in the off season and they said we have to get get better in this unit and they just went and drafted it. It's almost like what the packers did with linebacking corps get better faster linebackers and they just went attacked it so case keenum at a rough night turning the ball over five times. The redskins lost to the bears got so bad Monday night that fans were calling for Dwayne Hoskins but head coach Jay Gruden isn't ready to go to the rookie not lost. It's not not old granddaughter. Buddy wants to say over and over. Go ahead and play Athens but we feel competent. We can turn this thing around. You know so you know. I'm out here practice every day. We're out here. PRAC- everyday evaluating everybody. We feel like doing the best chance the win in a game. We'll definitely put Duane in there if you like it when he gets L. Pecan Colt right now. We feel like it's case keenum and we're going to order them this week. Boise voice he big sign that he's saying the season's over put Dwayne Haskins and either I I told you I think it's GonNa work. I just think he needs time but you know again. He falls into the baker category. He's going to have to be better than average because of that ownership yeah he's GonNa have to overcome a lot of dysfunction violate speaking of that dysfunction the browns have not great so farthest season and Freddie kitchens already in the hot seat bleacher reports might Freeman spoke with two. NFC assistant coaches who think he will end up being the scapegoat if Brown's can't turn things around one of the coaches. It's not all Freddie salt but if this blows up he will get all of the blame. There's no. There's absolutely no doubt that this is what's frustrating frustrating about it because none of us know what to expect what to make Birdie kitchens because we haven't seen Freddie kitchen. That's right. I don't think anyone's rooting against kitchens. It's just that we don't know what he is dot got said it seems like that higher being in a situation where you let. Hugh Jackson go the offensive coordinator go and you have a young quarterback and Baker Mayfield and you bring in all these high profile talented pieces. You Might WanNa bring in a coach that is of that level well. I mean Michael Parsons doing something right now. not the thing that Freddie kitchen shouldn't have gotten the job but it kind of felt like it was it was Baker's decision and then he doesn't really have the power to overrule some Dorsey and the organization this offense. I've got landry joke who I had chubb a battleline and Odell Beckham would be a challenge for Andy Reid. This would be hard for the veteran coach exactly which is unfortunate phrases position whitten season around who knows what's GonNa Happen. Obviously still very early. McCarthy would have been a good hire. Mike McCarthy would have been the perfect hire by the way because he's dealt with a quarterback with opinions right and Freddie might end up being good higher but are are. They going to give him that opportunity at the bouncier. It doesn't turn out with expectations thought it would. John Dorsey is career. Now is tied to this if they go into the tank door. She's not taking the hit here join with news well. That's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie. I don't know if you suggested that before. McCarthy would have been perfect you dealt what was some of the nonsense. Aaron but you deal with like media stuff like with Baker you gotta be dealing with the media because Bakers GonNa talk and he's going to draw attention. He's GonNa do national commercials so WBZ welterweight champion Porter. He's got to fight at the staple center in three days. Champ versus champ is coming up and join us for that be sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays Jason Noon eastern nine. Am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio One and the IHEARTRADIO APP in just three days. It's champ. Versus Champ is errol. The Truth Spence junior takes on showtime Shawn Porter and a world championship unification bout at Staples Center plus champion. Anthony Durell defends his title against David Ben Evita's Saturday at nine eastern six Pacific live on pay per view or order on the Fox sports. Only three times in fifteen years has there there've been a you know welterweight unification bout so this is a big deal sean porter who is from Akron Ohio and Akron very well. Oh yes from Akron Ohio by the way guys do not use your girlfriend or your wife Shampoo. Get Your own dove. Men Plus Care has created a range designed to give your the carrot needs stay strong and more resilient available at a walmart so good stuff today. We're going to have sean on just a couple minutes. he's also. Fox Sports boxing analyst it'll be at the staple center so what's interesting about this is Sean Porter his father first of all he's from Akron and he's not that far from Lebron James Age so as he was a young guy growing up his dad has been a longtime trainer Lebron James. The the legend of Lebron James Fifteen years ago as being born in Akron Ohio. Isn't that amazing that right now. Cleveland's got one of the best. UFC fighters. They have Sean Porter. They have Lebron James. Isn't that isn't it. It's amazing like right right. Let's bring him on Shawn Porter. WBZ Welterweight Champ Sean come on in over here. He's a huge Cleveland Brown fan which is means. He's all bummed out from Sunday. Tonight was tough. Sunday night was tougher you. The browns lost that body go go go go was was on Sunday night so you're from Akron and when you're getting into boxing and growing up. Did you know about Lebron James Maxey from Northeast Ohio. I'm from Cleveland so I'm born and raised in Cleveland. I know everything says Akron but it's actually from Cleveland. I didn't catch onto Lebron slot think I was about a junior high school at that point. I was living in Akron area so I I didn't catch onto who Hula Brown was until I think I was about junior high school and then you started hearing about him. Oh it was. It was amazing like what people say about him. They say he was the next he they say way back then he was going to be who he is now and I'm I'm. I'm just glad that he lived up to it all yeah. He's been a good dude. He's been a good deal on and off the court and You Oh you definitely from another from a Athle- I admire him to the fullest not just because he's from Akron but because of who he is on offer the core so this is a unification bout about you and errol spence. He is the favourite. You're going in as an underdog now most of your fights. You've been favourite will will you be does an underdog. Make you more aggressive or more cautious if it's corrected. I'm usually the favorite to win fights. I think usually the underdog and you fought everything. That's that's three times yeah well. I mean for me for for for betting at least I don't think desktop from me until maybe my twenty fifth or twenty six fights so you know you don't you don't get to be your you know you going out into the game you don't you know you can't be bet on all right so you. Do you feel like you should be an underdog in this fight and look at it you know to me I. I don't think there is in this fight there really there's no underdog in his fight we both this evening evenly matched fight. I think that you know there's some things that he's done and sport and has made some noise in the way that you know some of the things I've done have been overlooked but to me. This is a this is a even fight Sean. We all know that styles make fights when pack yell fought Thurman. It became came very apparent house. Frenetic style gave Thurman a lot of trouble. You styles make fight Muhammad. Ali Gave George Foreman. The style worked to all of a lifetime. Not Sean talk about the styles between your you and errol. I'm Ma very aggressive fighter. I think everyone that's the question in everyone's mind can aerospace handle migration and you know. I think my team we've developed a way to use music aggression in an intelligent way and and also I think in in my very last fight definitely my last two fights you. I showed that I can box he. He used the ring and so I think that with this here's just a combination of using both at the right times so for me. This fight is not about one specific Pacific style. That's GonNa work against spend blessing is that I'm a fighter that that has multiple styles and it's just about which style I use at which point in the fight say take care of it. Have you ever had a fight. Sean where mid fight like Thurman had to changes game plan about third round got knocked down in the first yeah if you had fight. You're comfortable comfortable saying this isn't working moving to this year. There's you with boxing. You have to be able to do what we call making adjustments basically if your job is not touching the guy if you want to the basic punches in boxing are touching the guy you have to figure out what adjustment you need to make in order to make those two punches effective and so with this. I Hi we know that migration is going to be effective. We know that the body punching is going to be effective but we also know that boxing from the outside and using their long arms and the speed is going to be effective as well so it's just about which time the US which style now I would argue that championship bouts are as much mental toll as physical You're in a good spot. Now you feel good about it. I agree with you one hundred percent. I think that anything that you do at the highest level level is just as much mental as physical and I think that right now I'm in a place from a mental standpoint that I've never been in This is the first this is the first time that I've been able to really hone and not just from the physical things. I'm doing but also the mental things you do. Do you now taking connotes. I got no pad with notes from. I got two three coaches over there. My Dad had system coach longtime trainer yeah and then also another coast because Larry Way. My brother has been there helping me as well. He's text me notes everything to everyone's taught me and show me through this camp. I've written it all down. It's their words but it's my handwriting is my note my preparation from a mental standpoint to look too far ahead. Floyd Mayweather one of the great fighters pound for pound of all time. Do you believe he fights again. I don't thanks so I don't know we. My Dad had a little discussion about that the other day. He thinks he well. I don't think he will do you wish you would have the opportunity back then I was you know we. We were all screaming his name. We all wanted it back then. I felt like I was I was ready. I know now in two thousand nineteen back then I was. I'm talking doc in maybe two thousand and fifteen thousand sixteen back then we were saying his name felt like we're ready. I know right now. I'm ready to take on a manny pacquiao Floyd Mayweather. Any of the greats shocked that Packie out is still as effective now. I'm not I mean we just talked about it is when you get it to. A certain level is just as much mental as it is winning the fights mentally but there's also other things that come into play as well the kind of lifestyle that you live the kind of things that you do outside of the sport of boxing for me even when I'm not at the gym training doing boxing work to go out and play basketball. I still get on track and do track workouts. I still get out and bike ride right. There's there's a lifestyle that comes along with being the kind of champion that Manny Pacquiao has been and so when you go up against a young guy like Keith Thurman you know not to I'd say he lives about life but manny Pacquiao has lived a life to allow him to sustain everything that he that he had when he first came into the game with until now Shawn's rare there. It is incredibly rare. I covered sugar ray. Leonard for Awhile and sometimes boxing can be very cruel ends very quickly and then you have the elegance of many like rob. Roberto Duran was kind of cruel at the end. It was tougher how you want to do this. I don't know I don't know like I said before for me. At this point in the game name is by me sending ago achieving ago and then moving on from there. Were you have a great reputation can't wait to watch it staples center in Los Angeles by the way everything is going to be okay with the browns. The schedule was a little difficult. You're a Cleveland guy now. They'RE GONNA lose against Baltimore. This Day and that's going to be tough now. Now going into the season I after game one I said Oh I don't know what for the Ravens not for the browns but after game one for the Ravens I mean I was like wow and their consistency is is the Mars plan his tail off. He is a good luck with both my fancy lease. Pat Get your sleep. Get your ass fuck. You gotta shine porter all right. We're we're out. We'll see you tomorrow. Thursday packers eagles the hank any podcast passes out now on my show you'll find honest goff talk with powerful opinions the best instruction and captivating interviews. I've coached for over forty three years ears and work with the best of the best on the BJ door now. I'm sure at all my knowledge with you and telling it like it is I heart radio which is number one for outcasts and it's easy to see why listen and follow on Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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