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The 75O: Readying For The Tennessee Titans


What if all you're breaking news alerts had a voice what would that sound like it would sound like today? Explain its daily news podcast from vox. I'm Sean Ramos grim every day my team, and I take one essential news story, politics, two movies sports science, and we break it down into twenty minute episodes. Perfect for your ride home subscribed today. Explain on apple podcasts or wherever you listen from Stitcher, and the vox media podcast network. Welcome back to the seven five. Oh, you're listening is always in partnership with the boys dot com, Espy nation, and vox media. I am the O RJ show. He is the seven five two times Super Bowl champion. Tony casillas. Tony happy happy November to you. My friend, can can you believe that November? I know I can this time just keeps us rapidly passing by and always has a propensity to talk about my age because I am the senior on this show. And those days seem like that is keep flying by. But nevertheless, it's a great day the day after Halloween, and as we get into November. We get into the season of thanksgiving and the thanksgiving season we get into December. What's means? What what's that mean? In the National Football League teams need to fetter. So here we are again back to back these seven five with my boy. Jay. That's right. You know, you mentioned it. This is the month of thanksgiving. I enjoy thanksgiving more than I do Halloween. And we spent a lot of our show on things. Excuse me on Halloween talking about candies. We like I'll ask you now. And I'll ask you once we get closer again. What's your favorite thanksgiving food? I mean because obviously there's a lot. Well, considering it's right after I'd a all kinds of candy last night and caramel apples and eventually lives move onto food. You know, what I gotta go with. I'm a dark meat person. I appreciate it. So I like the drumstick I like anything. It just depends on how you prepare your Turkey. But at the sides gotta go with some yams. You gotta go with the marshmallow sweet potatoes. That's a must sets the with. That's the almond joy thanksgiving foods. That's the thing about it. You know, when you when you starting thanksgiving, you just start putting everything pile and everything on so you just kinda mix it up and his concussion of mashed potatoes yams and everything else that goes along with it because it all comes together. Right. But I'll probably great the sweet potatoes with marshmallows will. Maybe they'll sprinkle cinnamon, mashed potatoes, and obviously Turkey and stuffing. But it's all good. Wow. That's not personally. But I'll say this. I don't know if this will be shocking to you. I don't think it will. I used to. I was a kid be just the pickiest eater. I mean, I my hamburgers up until I was like fourteen were just plain in dry just needing bonds and salads really picky eater. So it wasn't until about it'd be five six years ago that I had stuffing for the first time change in my life. Tony change in my life. So that's my favorite thanksgiving meal. So your parents had been deprived new. At all your life. What a bunch of bad, parents know. I mean. I will say it looked gross because it had like carrots and stuff. I didn't want it. But it was funny stories, though, we we're talking about your parents deprive, and you my kids I think they had the first fried egg Friday about six years ago, my grandparents they were here. Guess so I think my wife, and I we we kind of felt up until that point of parenthood. My my in law my in laws. I mean, they're great. They're great cooks, and they Lebanese food. I don't know if you're a big fan of Lebanese food, but I love it great bleach and everything. But anyway, when they when they came when they when they spend time when we're out of town there watching the kids or watching the kids, and so, you know, my my father-in-law gets up and starts making fried eggs, and he started. So he's asking my kids. You guys are like a fried egg. Like, what's that grandpa all because you don't want a fried egg? So make a long story short. He puts it on top until. They're like they're hooked. And they're like essence you mean? Your your kids have met ever had a frie- exit. Thank. But I understand that. Hey, see, I'm I'm a big egg sandwich guy. So I I'm totally down with the Friday. But well, congrats do your kids for the life. So it's officially game leak. The Cowboys play the Tennessee titans on Monday night their appearance on Monday night football this season that AT and T stadium. Jason Witten returning. We had mentioned this before I find this fascinating Monday will be November fifth when Jason win makes his return. And it won't be the one year anniversary of when Tony Romo. I call the Dallas Cowboys game. That's insane ironic is that it's insane. The way the world works. It really is. And it's hard to imagine it Tony romo's. Ben is a second year out of the National Football League. And again, this is you know, we don't talk enough about Jason Witten. I guess we do. But I'm sure it'll be the celebration just like Romo when he came back and made his first call here without a doubt. No, Jason Witten. We'll we'll get his respect. I'm sure. But again as you look at the time, and it flies by whenever thought that it'd been that long ago. You know, the anniversary of Tony Romo doing this. First call, and then you have is I guess BFF doing the same thing. Because last year when Romo return they had a video forum that was the big thing, and Jason Witten was the person who narrated it who would be your favorite to be the narrator for the Jason Witten video obviously it can't be Romo 'cause he's not playing. I would say the only guy, I guess, it'd be Sean Lee that'd be the only guy maybe one of the offensive I'm in. But I I would say, Sean Lee. Probably I'm trying to think of the history were you know, Jason what play fifteen years obviously with the same team. So I'm trying to think of who would be the next person there'd be that close to him. Maybe Sean Lee, but you got to go back and look at his history. It was a player. And that's a great question. It could be you know, some guys we don't ever talk about. But that's what tremendous question about who. I wonder if they let Dak doing you know, 'cause Dak had some moments with with Witton, obviously. And to your point. I think you're kind of saying well who's who's sort of the the mantle being passed to kind of thing. I think that stack index the quarterback he's the leader. I mean, all this stuff. I mean, I could see the Dax captain, you know, I think that that's that's one possibility. Well, it seems to me that they had this tremendous and had this tremendous marriage which Asia Whitmer, he's mister cowboy everyone when they think of mister cowboy they think of Bob Lilly. And then one a would be Jason Witten. So if you look at who maybe it'd be a candidate for that. I wouldn't wouldn't surprise me. Maybe the owner of the team. Maybe no Jerry Jones just seems to me they had this fond relationship because if you don't have Romo just sent to me just doesn't seem seem right? And I know this is not gonna come back and narrate it after the comments he may that might be a possibility. But that would be probably probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than him actually narrating his his Montaza video is it comes back. But. To me, it probably would wouldn't sound right. If it wasn't roaming romo's not available. And maybe they're able to do something where you actually was able to be able to narrate something like that. I wouldn't be surprised at. That's ultimately who does at this weekend. It would be cool. I think it'll be interesting. I think that this kind of a pressure to do it because they did it for Romo. So it'll be very very fascinating before we get into the game you and I are recording this on Thursday afternoon. Jason Garrett already had his daily press conference, and he bumped it back. So this is his first press conference at the week. Normally does when on Wednesdays, but because the Cowboys play on Monday, obviously shifts things around and he talked about the moves that they made obviously and how they think it's going to make them better football team and the coaching changes and whatnot. He also talked about Amari Cooper spending time with Sanjay law. The Cavs receivers coach over the by said they worked together for three days they were both in the bay area, which is the home of Thursday night football tonight. You know, you talk about some scary from Halloween. Tonight's games. Gross. But he said that Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper face timed over the by week. And this is getting a lot of traction already on Twitter and stuff. What are your thoughts? I'm going to be. Honest about something I probably don't use FaceTime enough. When you and I record this we Skype so that's gonna face timing. But I hardly ever FaceTime. Somebody on my phone. I if you do maybe your kids, your wife, something like that. I never FaceTime call somebody from my phone, and so I guess number one your thoughts on FaceTime in general and number two. Is it cool or weird that Daqing Amari our face timing? Is it could it could anything could that be beneficial to any degree because people are? I like it. I do it all the time. I don't I don't do it when I'm driving. If I do do it when I'm driving. My wife's like you need to get to get the hell out to phone not FaceTime while you're driving, and please do not do that along with texting and driving. But I I like the -bility to be able to see someone depends on where you're at. Yeah. I mean, I think it's a great be Hickel depends on what you're doing. As far as him make it a point in press conference. I think it's probably. It's evidence that they really want to make this relationship speed up as fast as possible with him trying to grasp the whole offense. And I think if you're on that personal type of relationship because I think Dak is very personable player, and you meet him out in public. I mean, he's just a tremendous person. And he just he's great with the fans, great with charity and a lot of different things. So I think he's very genuinely receptive to really trying to get to know someone especially when it's a person such a more Kupa where they're bringing in. Here is a is a really just a Premera part hopefully in the future this offense. I think it's a great vehicle. Whether you're trying to study with each other or destroy trying to develop and maybe show things. I mean, I don't know on a on a whiteboard or whatever. Have our way they Mabel may be able to you know, to work that and especially if you're not in the same zip code, especially don't a buy wing 'cause you can't you can't spend time together. Like, you're able to again, the compliance and everything with collective bargaining. I'm not really sure of that. I think it's a great way to really this kind of depth each other and try to get as much time as far as the buildings relationship. Whether it's dismantling or as we get into physically during a practice because it's been what almost it'll be almost over two weeks when the Cowboys falling play again, and that's a long time and a longer time for a Mike Hooper because he was on a by the week before with the Oakland Raiders. Yeah. I think people are going to have their phone with this. They're going to poke around and say, you know, why you face timing. You should be running routes. What's Saddam makes? We're just gonna we're just going to nitpick this all day long. And look I mean, and that's the thing about it. And we talked about this yesterday on the seven five, oh is that people don't really know the constraints that you have it's not like you can spend twenty four seven with each other. There's only a lot at mount of time you can spend together. I mean, they got five days off and during those five days, you know, it's almost like college now with the compliance of spending time with players. But again, I think it's just having the rhetoric going back and forth verbiage the Simon's, I think for me it's more of a mental aspect of horizon. Ask not the biscuit aspect of it because we know Amari Cooper, would it can do. Now. It's just a connection between a quarterback and receiver and grasping a grasp on the whole of the mental aspect of the playbook. And I think that that kind of brings you guys closer if they can have a conversation back and forth, whether it's face FaceTime. Whether it's in person, it's all the same thing. How much do you think is, you know? And I think this is important in all avenues of life. Whatever may be its quarterback and wide receiver. If it's a contractor and builder. If it's. You know, whatever, you gotta be you got to know each other. You know, you gotta show. I mean, and I'm not trying to say this is the coolest thing I would that their face timing. But even if they face timed, and they talked about their favorite Netflix shows or they talked about their favorite Halloween candy's, or whatever I think it's important because we're we're very clearly reading the tea leaves here that Dak Prescott is going to be the quarterback of this team at least through next season. Amari Cooper, is regarded as a potential cornerstone player, and Jason GARRETT'S exact words, he's only twenty four years old to that point. I mean, they have to to know each other. I mean, they have to you know, and I don't mean forget football because obviously they have to know each other and a football sense. But they have to be friends. I mean, does that make sense or am I totally wrong here, and you've been there? I think you gotta develop it's much better to be able to develop a personal relationship with one of your teammate. And you don't have to go to work. You guys are doing the same thing the same. Livelihood. You're trying to compass the same thing, but I always felt like it was great to be able to once you leave the Bill into build establish more. Just just a job relationship a work relationship. Go out and have a burger bear with one of your teammates. You know, build some build some chemistry other than playing the game of football. Or, you know, you're pharmaceutical or whatever your business may ban. It's kind of nice to get away from each other. Because to me, I think it's got to be a little bit more to the core of the personality. And I think that that's on the offense aside, especially if you look back at most the really good teams. There's some continuity built between amongst the players. I know what the offense align. No. When we when I was playing we had an eye where we all go out on Thursday night. We go out and have a cold beer, go to steakhouse and just build that camaraderie way from what we did at work. And I think that that leached a lot more because I. You can't coexist with that one. No, you can't like everyone. But you wanna at least be around. I mean, kind of this normal a bit more than just playing football, or whatever you may do you wanna get more inside their head that, you know, real estate inside their head as opposed to just let's go to work. Let's head us chemistry. And I think it's really important, especially when a new guy comes in. And you're trying to develop that type of relationship is to kind of really get some familiarity get some more personable on knowledge about because I think if you have a guy like that, then you really if you like each other because you can't like all everyone doesn't like each other. But if you like each other even more just as a co worker, and it goes beyond that, I think you establish a more of a more of a friendship Cher and not just a working relationship. I think it should be noted that look, I know people think a lot of things about Dak Prescott. But this is somebody who literally from an education standpoint. I mean, he's. He's, you know, his his degrees are in leadership there in psychology. I mean, he understands human beings. I think that's a really powerful. Then he's talked about before one into they'll get his doctorate. So Dak is a guy who who just understands how to relate to people, you know. And again, I mean, I'm looking at things separate from who is a football player. But if you know, some guys might like FaceTime, you know, some guys might not like FaceTime and Dak seems like the kind of guy who knows how to get along with everybody. And I think that's important to your point about developing camaraderie, developing friendships, and and building that chemistry because that has to exist to some level. The I think the connection is very important again if you're trying to catch up and really trying to speed the whole process the relationship in the National Football League is receiver to quarterback. And this kind of understand again, the verbiage and everything else that goes along and just talk about it. And it's like you, and I are relationship we have not we have yet people. I don't know this you, and I have not met in person right this. And so we Skype and we see video this pull the curtain back. But I feel like I know you because there's a face. We were the connection that we have. And it's the same thing. Those guys work together every day. And now they're just trying to really discount to give them crash course of all the the Berber JR. And everything else that goes along with Tonto again speed the process up and make this more efficient and make this an easy easier. Transition for him. I I've got no issue with it. I mean, I understand why the jokes will be made in the memes will be made and. It's I think it's crazy though. Welcome to two thousand eighteen where you can physically here. I am I wasn't born in the, you know, the technology boom and yet to play catch up. But I think it's a it's a much better place to be able to connect with people and not have to beat around each other eight or nine hours and still be able to continue being really get to know each other. Because of the of the I would say the interpersonal the fact that you can see other. That's a great rake technology vehicle to really get to know someone respect look at that. I mean FaceTime. I got you've convinced me, I gotta use FaceTime on my everyday life. I just I don't know. Why don't it's just it's so much easier to plug it the headset and put the phone in the pocket while you walk around. You know what I mean? But whatever. But so the Cowboys have the titans on Monday night, they're wearing different uniforms. Tony, I don't know if you knew this. The Cowboys are wearing their navy. Cops which you've won four and a why why pants white pants. They debuted that uniform last year on the road against the giants. Coincidentally. It was Dez Bryant idea to pair that jersey with those pants. So kind of funny that they're wearing it in Amari Cooper first game as a cowboy just some interesting irony there. But I like it. I do what do you wish you could have won that look the white jerseys always at home? I mean, what's great. I always like when we went on the road with with those uniforms and blue the blue, and then it was the silver pants. But I like the blue on on why I think that's a good. So I believe there's still and also like the throat back white helmets. I used to wear and that was pretty cool. And I'm sure they'll go with the star helmet for the game. But I think it's a good combination. And look change is good. I always thought to be innovative. And that's why I love college football. I love college football. Because of this how trendy and how vogue and what the what they try to do to make something stick out, creativity and everything and. It shouldn't be different with the National Football League. And I think you made the comment when the lions played the Cal God uniform hated that. But I like I like that I have no problem with that uniform selection. Look, you know, maybe throw something in there. And I'm sure that it's a they're going to be trying to sell those those blue jerseys all game long that will be something that will merchandise genius Jerry Jones and a Cowboys, and especially if they win, and, you know, everyone everyone will be wanting to get their blue jerseys at the game. It is weird though to see you're right. I mean, the navy at home is just it's just kind of weird you're so used to seeing the Cowboys at home rocking the home whites. But so the titans have new uniforms in general new helmets and whatnot. This just kind of a weird looking game. But the titans bring with them Marcus mariota who the Cowboys have not faced yet in the NFL. They bring Derrick Henry certainly formidable running back who hasn't really. Done a whole hell of a lot this season for the titans. They do bring Dion Lewis. And that's where I wanna start because I think Dion Lewis, you know, we talked about this back when we talked about the lions game. I was nervous about THEO Riddick. I think he was part of my bold prediction that week. I thought the Riddick would would have something like a forty yard gain in the fourth quarter, something that was wrong. Thank god. But I think Dion Lewis is the guy that you know, you got to be concerned about if you're the Dallas Cowboys because he can certainly kill you in space. Yeah. And that's that's the I guess my key players in this matchup. Derrick Henry is this the big running back. But if you look at what they've done this your offense. They're kind of they're exactly like the Cowboys. They really haven't got anything on you know, going thirty I in total offense in the National Football League. But if you start doing the forensic part of it and you look at. Dion Dion Lewis and two hundred seventy seven yards rushing. But not all not only that they use them. Really well as a guy as you just mentioned in spaces that receiver and Heathrow in Marcus mariota. His he hasn't been very impressive this year strong of just over thousands yards. But again, he's a dual threat quarterback. And the combination him the capable of being able to Ron and Dan Lewis. I think that that's something you have to really really really keep in check because you don't want solely. No want someone like that just to explode on Monday night football. But yeah, I mean the combination of Derrick Henry Dion Lewis and Marcus mariota as far as being able to use his legs and Ron bleed he has whereabouts hundred eighty five yard eighty-five yards rushing. Creates problems for any team or any defense you're gonna up against because as you looked in the National Football League. And look at the Dallas. I mean, they like every other defense in the National Football League struggle with a dole threat quarterback and Marcus mariota can can really hurt you if you just really get a little careless, and they'll think about what he can do with his legs. You know? I think this has the potential to be an I'm I hope I'm wrong, but this has the potential to be a really gross game. We're gonna get LSU bam on Saturday. And you know, maybe that all end up the to a whole element changes things a bit. But you think LSU LSU Obama, you think of like nine to three you're not I mean, and this has not not this year, right? My point is that's that's what your brain. Gus exactly. Exactly, I know. And I think this has not in an LLC Obama way. But this has the potential to kind of be like that because you have two quarterbacks at kind of still trying to find their footing on the season. You have to run games that are sort of interesting. But haven't really caught fire you have to defense's that are kind of Q, obviously, the Cowboys are a little bit cuter. And so this kind of feels like, you know, I think we could see like eight consecutive punts back to back to back to back. You know, something I thought was interesting Jim wide who covers the titans had a tweet on Thursday morning. He just was a few stats, but he's at the Cowboys are allowing opponents to score seventeen point six points per game. It's pretty good. You know, we talk about the dick lebeau rule if you allow your the opposing offenses scores seventeen points or less you should win that game. The cowboys. I know. Greco basically averaging that and their second onto the Baltimore Ravens who allowing seventeen point one. So you're you're off by half a point. But the titans opponents are averaging eighteen point one points per game. So basically the titans have run into some good defenses this year and the Cowboys could be the best one. So I don't know that I can see anybody beyond Dion Lewis really having an impact Marcus mariota had this thing with his hand all season where he's felt numb. And look Tony. I don't know if this will shock you. I've never played quarterback in the NFL. But I have to imagine that if my hand was feeling numb. It would be a lot more difficult than if it wasn't. Well, isn't that Ryan hell has the same issue? I think it's the whole nerve. And then and I may not be accurately. Correct. On Marcus mariota his injury. But yeah, when it's your you've hand is because I to this day. So that issue with all nerve. I mean, this something is always going to be chronic with me. I can imagine someone being able to have to handle the football, especially in your throwing hand with that problem. But you know, what I don't want everyone to fall asleep at their wide receiver. Tell J J sharp is a very viable wide receiver. And you look at what he's done up to this point. We had a touchdown in which say one against Philadelphia. He's a big is a fiscal type of player. So you just cannot sleep on some of their playmakers. And as you just mentioned, I mean, they really haven't got anything going again, they're kind of the mirror of the Dallas Cowboys. But collectively if you look at the play, the, I guess you you look at Zeke Elliot and compare apples to apples. They went in that category. The biggest issue with that is how how I guess under how how bad the offense alive for the couch. Boys have really played to this point of not play. Very well. So they haven't been able to get those things go on. But again tells you a sharp if you look at him and you watch him play and what he's done this year. He could be an opportunity for them to get things going again, as I just mentioned, you know, the dole to dole threat of the quarterback creates problems for everyone. I just I just don't want everyone to just fall asleep on that particular player. No. I think that that's fair. I mean, I don't mean to say that the only guy that can hurt you for the titans, obviously, Corey davises solid as well in certain regard. But they're not these household names. You like look like who's this guy knows a lot of that people would look at it. And I I've never heard of this guy and unless you cover them unless you've seen them play. They're not these big household names. So I just you know, and I look at this. You mentioned college football though, while Mike rebel people have said so often that he wouldn't make such a college coach. I just I don't know that I'm. I'm nervous about Mike Ribble. I think it's worth mentioning that. Jason Garrett is so far on the season undefeated against you can't say rookie, head coaches. But I your head coaches with their teams, Pat Shurmur, obviously, it's as I you with the New York Giants, although he's been a head coach before Jason beat him. Matt Patricia we mentioned those Detroit Lions Jason Gopi him. So he's to anno- against teams that are coached by guys in their first year with them. So Mike Vrabel certainly fits that Bill. And I I mean again, I mean I don't mean to underestimate or look past the titans. But I mean, tell me tell me where it is on their team that you're supposed to look at in shudder. You know, what I mean, there isn't a whole lot. Maybe people are looking at the Cowboys in the exact same way. But there's nothing on that team that I'm going to lose sleep over this week. If that makes sense, well, let me just kind of let me go over the rundown of the teams that play they lose to the dolphins twenty two twenty seven to twenty. And that's in my. Damming the Texans. They beat the Texans twenty two seventeen Jacksonville nine to six. There's your nine the six game in in the bottom of the tenth any extra innings. If you wanna look at it that way, and in Philly, they beat Bill twenty six twenty three the bills thirteen to twelve the ravens they lose twenty one to zero and they lose to the LA chargers. Twenty twenty two nineteen look at those teams not a lot of those teams. You look at wins and losses, and that's not very impressive with all those the seven teams that they play at three and four make the margin of the the only I guess the game you can really consider that they got blown out or not blown out decisively. Got beat was twenty one zero right a game. And if you wanna look at that and also if you wanna look into the vision or plan, it's really kind of a week division. I mean, you have you had the Texans which are what five and two now and below that. And you have a Jacksonville you have a Indianapolis Indianapolis with the titans are in second place in that in that in that division. So that's not if you wanna look at it that way, like, well, you know, they the margin of the losses are not that much except the ravens. But then you gotta look at who they've played, and you gotta get them credibility or not. But again here this all the time and it's hard to win a game every week and seemed like an Anassa football league because of the parody. Sure. And you know. I think I don't think I think when they beat the eagles everybody. I think everybody was ready. Everybody was ready to jump off. And believe in everybody's okay? Now, I'm ready to buy in on the titans. This is how they're going to be excetera, blah, blah. And of course, because they're the titans, they go, and they lose the bills the very next week. That's the titans are all. But so they are this. I don't even know that you can call him a Jekyll and Hyde team. I mean, they're just this lukewarm team that is sometimes warming. It's like sometimes, you know, like when you leave your coffee out, and you take a sip, and it's not cold. But it's Luke woman you like I can finish this. I mean, it's it's at a temperature that I can finish it, and it doesn't taste horrible. That's who the Tennessee titans are well, I like my coffee hot. I'm not an iced coffee guide. I am. I like to be a connoisseur or not a connoisseur. But I just know I drank a hell of a lot of coffee. But you're right. It's you know, they're attain that we look at who they played and the players they have on their tame. There's some really talented personnel. But the quarterback really hasn't played any kind of sounds similar to what we're again. There are a lot like the Dallas Cowboys three and four the only I think with Marcus agree with you the Amine Marcus and Dak both. Falling short of expectations. Have you wanna verbalize it? But obviously Dax not the second overall paved Acton win a Heisman Trophy and part of Marcus's issue. So far on the NFL has been the ability to stay healthy that has never been an issue for exactly right. But I I mean, so my point is I guess if I'm tight I think tightens fans should be more sour on Marcus than Cowboys fans are on that. 'cause if the doctor doesn't work out you lost a fourth round, pick, whatever. But if Marcus doesn't work out, dude, you had this insane chance, whatever, blah, blah, blah. You know, people like to give nicknames two games and stuff. I think this is the twin the Cowboys and titans. This is a show us. You're not dead game. You know, the winner of this game is going to show us that they're they're not lifeless. Whoever loses this game. I think is lifeless because I think we're right that these teams are both kinda, you know, kinda just hanging on in the world of relevance. And if you lose this game, you're three and five who which ever team loses and you're three and five you've already had your bye week. There's a clear sort of leader in your division as you mentioned whether it's the Texans or the Redskins and the Cowboys case and you're too far behind if you're the Cowboys obviously have the eagles on Sunday. So this is a show us you've got life in your locker room game. And I think the Cowboys injected more live with Amari Cooper into coaching changes as we mentioned that we talked about yesterday. It's kind of like, you know, when you're a little kid in your parents rearrange the furniture and the living room, you know, it's it just feels. Do you know? It's it's exciting. Oh, wow. The catch is over here. Now, you know, this is my view now of the TV, you know, it's a really exciting thing. And that's what the Cowboys locker room. Feels like you know, I like the label this game as Showtime because you got the Cowboys had a bye week and they didn't have to play until Monday night. So again, it's it's been a long time since I played that had a hell of a lot of time prepare so to me, it's Showtime. And then you got the titans or the right there the three and four or they Mike fray bills, the new coach, and they really again they had some guys that can play. But really there again on offense really hasn't been this much chemistry. So we need to develop you mentioned earlier Marcus mariota has been been fighting this injury in his hand. And it just kind of a weird deal in that. It's Showtime game where it's on Monday night. Football national TV as you mentioned. Early Jason wins coming to do his first broadcast after he's retired it in Dallas. So it's kind of a Showtime kind of the flavor game. And I always thought the teams that really kinda struggle. This is the kind of environment. It kind of brings out the best in you brings out some of the things you've been missing on either you're going to respond or you're not going to respond. You know, you mentioned about the furniture humanely, and they're going to like it or not like it or you wanna move it back. The the other way my wife doesn't like the couch over there the TV. You don't have the best angle. I mean in this game you want to have the best best seat in the house to hopefully, see some Showtime performance style. I mean, I agree with all of that. And I agree that it can bring out the best you, I do think it can bring out the worst in you. You know, some some teams rise to the occasion and some teams fold under pressure. You know, the whole shuffling thing. It can either be rearranging the furniture in the living. Room to a great way, or it's just shuffling chairs on the Titanic. You know, it's one of those two, and you don't wanna be the Titanic team, by the way. Did you see last week? They announced that they're going to relaunch the Titanic. Did you see that? No. So they're going to do literally rebuilding. An I don't know all the details. So if you're listening, you know, and you have some details tweeted at us, but I don't know who they is. I don't know if it's like, the Titanic company or whatever. But if kind of ironic by whether we're talking about the Titanic when it has the titan in it this week of expanding they they're rebuilding the Titanic like in the same image of the original. And they're going to launch it on the same course that the original launched on on its anniversary. How just I I haven't heard that this breaking news to me because. Oh, I love the movie, and I love all the history of the Titanic. And in fact, that they can't they go down. And they send that whatever that submarine. Is it goes down, right? Twenty miles down below excuse me in this whole theory about what happened. That's interesting that they would go through all that to build this replica of the Titanic and chart. That course. Yeah. So how about the icebergs they're going to have a big iceberg. Are they going to build technology where they they don't think it a second time. I hope by. Yeah. Would you go on this? Because that's when it popped around. Everybody was talking about. There's no way. I would go on this thing. I will be honest. I went on a cruise not this past summer. But the one before that, and I hated it. It was terrible. I just did not. So I if I, you know, forever going on seven five road trip not going on a cruise and didn't know what I did. I was the same way. So my whole deal is that before that I had like I was really kinda nag. And I'm not going to give claustrophobic and I won't like it. But I actually went on my first trip. It went on a it was Christmas cruise with my family, and that could be different. I can it. So we went, and it was it was I had this different type of perspective of cruise after we were on the ship because I realized first of all if you like the drain which sometimes I do, and if you like to eat like entertainment, and you like going all these different excursions different places, and you like it. So I kind of had a different attitude where I really I go on a cruise because I thought that I'd get claustrophobic, and I would hate it. And I don't have a problem going on a cruise now. Well, don't go. I have a hard time gaining all the way to afterwards. That's all you do on their see. But other than that. It was it was a blast. Don't go on the I feel like that's tempting fate to go on a ship built in the image of the Titanic on the same course as the Titanic on the anniversary of the Titanic. I mean, just just let's not do that. You know, why why do we need to do this whose idea was this? So I assume this is going to be sold to the public where you can actually go on what that's my understanding. It's pretty cool. I do like a whole the notion of the whole experience of the Titanic, and again, just gotta keep an iceberg. Exactly. But yeah, very funny. Not funny. But interesting that it has the titan in. I am kind of a cool little segue there. But so I think there is an iceberg in this game for for one of these teams. And you know, hopefully, it's the titans they hit it. I think that somebody is going to hit an iceberg. And I think that you know. I people say short we I don't know that. I mean, I've never been through it. But I don't know that playing on Monday night football is short week the same way Thursday night football as people try to acquaint it. I don't think it's the same thing. But this game. I mean, I don't see a reason why the Cowboys shin win. I mean, the titans are a lower team. They have a rookie head coach. They have a quarterback. That is a question Mark at the very best their power runner. Derrick. Henry hasn't really gotten on this season. So they don't have an ability to put you away their defense is moderately interesting. But if you're the Cowboys you have the premier defense in this game. I imagine Sean Lee we'll play it on Santa reason why he wouldn't Jason Garrett didn't say anything about him not practicing on Thursday. So you've got Sean Lee back conceivably played well in Washington, obviously got late and Vandross Jalen Smith everybody coming off the bye, DeMarcus Lawrence who's been fighting that shoulder thing coming off the bye, I think the hot boys and everybody are going to be ready to rock. So I'm not at all worried about that. I think that this comes down to in terms of every phase of this game who the Cowboys can be on offense. And whether the Amari Cooper edition will be enough. Well, I agree with you. You should be probably the best health at this point juncture this point in the season because you know, you've had a bye week. And you've had a longer your games not till Monday. So I think everyone a needed to get treatment to get healthy to get re-energized and be everybody should be feeling. Pretty good. There's when you get halfway point in the season. Always thought it's kind of nice to have a buy week. Maybe we eleven. Later because you know, that's kind of the point where kind of rigor mortis start settling a little bit. He starts everyone's hurt. I mean, everyone's nicked up. I mean, that's landscape National Football League. But defensively when you look at the matchup. I liked the Cowboys what what they have done to this point. And again. You know, it's an offense. That hasn't really got anything going with the titans, excuse me the. Yeah. And so you automatically think well, you look at the match ups that should farewell for the Cowboys. And again, the only thing about me is that if you're you look at anything it's a quarterback that can run because I really think that the titans are going to come in here. It do exactly what every dual threat quarterback does. And really try to watch film and try to find, you know, bits and pieces where you can get you know, crates and plays in trying to figure out how to get Marcus mariota. Get him more in the rhythm and use that aspect of it. But on the offense aside the ball when you look at the titans defense again besides I mean, there's a defensive lines pretty good. If got Malcolm Butler, and it's kind of the sexy name, they've Gerald Gerald Casey is a big defensive tackle inside is very athletic. If you look at the forensic the players. Kevin buyer is a tremendous safety. Kind of reminds you Earl Thomas Kyra minds, those type of safeties of play centerfield is a tremendous tackler eats up a lot of screens. So there's a coup- there's some playmakers on a defensive side of the ball. And you know, again, it's it's the matchups it's their defense person versus the Cowboys offense. It's the Cowboys defense versus the offense which offense is going to actually be able to generate some type of points some pie some type of big play yards because you just can't look at the names right now. I think we agree right now the Cowboys it's not you can't look at the resume and what they did last year or even. It's not on the resume. It doesn't intimidate. None of this right now. The offense doesn't intimidate. Hey. It's all about what they decide to do again after two weeks after by week after all the stuff has gone on the dynamic of Amari Cooper, fire near offense, align let's see where it's at. And I think that they should have a lot of energy going in this game. And the most important thing, you know, they're not going to say this. But, but you know, Jason Garrett has got to figure out how you look at the Cowboys, and we talked about this. And I know that I'm getting along with it. But you look the next nine games that they play the Cowboys going to be realistically going to be able to go seven and two. Now, I it goes that's what it's going to take to get them in the postseason play seven and two. I mean, if you can theoretically drop two games, this cannot be one of them. You know, you're you're likely going to drop to other games. So you cannot drop this. One. I agree with you. It's hard to predict because we haven't seen it. What this kind of feels like from the is have you ever had Julio's chips that the brand Julio's. Okay. So they're really good. They have all these awesome seasonings great with solid and stuff. And so one time we were making dinner and seven what are we gonna make for dinner tonight? We had some leftover Steph we'd may taco salad earlier in the week. And I said, you know, what let's just baked the Julio's with chips and star with cheese and stuff, and let's make notchers sentiment. I didn't know if they make good nachos because they have all the seasoning. So they're not like normal just chips. And so we threw it on while. I was in the oven. I was all excited now is like man, this has potential, you know, it could be really great because through and all this stuff. And I pulled it out in the first bite. I was kind of like, whoa. There's a lot of seasoning on here. I'm not super in love with this. But the more I ate it the more. I was like, you know, what are J? You're a genius. This is fantastic. And this kind of feels like that like we're in the oven right now. We don't know exactly. What is going to be? Well, we all know if you put the now, this is I don't know if that applies to me because I'm probably one of the worst person fallen directions when it comes to cook. I will say this. I tried. We tried blue apron, which is one of these, you know, your order the bills be the internet, the Linney all the greatest. But for some reason, I just couldn't. It didn't taste like what my wife when she made one of the mills. So maybe I was doing something a little different. Maybe it was just my, you know, the way I was putting you know, maybe I didn't follow directions as well. Because I think men have the propensity, maybe not the follow directions. That's what I say. You understand this one of these day, you know, as you as you get married and even a relationship, we all know men and women are different. It's one of those. It's like this doesn't look like the picture. It's nice it. But so when you look at the Cowboys and the offense we see what did the greedy and say have in all last seven games. They you know, they try to mix all ingredients in there. We said how good it stays before. But for some reason just like you talk about those nachos. You know, sometimes you put the right spice on him cheese on it, by the way. I just rather this put this plano until St. to- chips or does not and just put the cheese because it's all about the cheese. But anyway, respect, I it's kind of like the Cowboys with the ingredients is like, okay. Well, now, we added a little bit different gradients. You got you a wide receiver. And you got your maybe the message. It's not going to change overnight. Right. But you're hoping the ingredients that they put together on Monday nights, gonna taste pretty good and the directions read, the directions and everything. And when everything is is the Millis serve. Hopefully the mill is served on a big offense of explosion platter. No. I liked that. I like that a lot. So I don't know what element of the nachos. Amari Cooper is. Maybe he's the jalapenos because he spicing things up some people don't like how the pantyhose on their nachos. But they're wrong. So on the subject of Amari Cooper last week. We talked about the over unders that the guys in the desert had put out for him over the season quickly to revisit that. They set the over under for receiving yards from Ari for these remaining nine games at five seventeen and a half you and I both took the over on that they set receptions at forty and a half we both took over on that. And they set the touchdowns over under at three that's three touchdowns in nine games. That's pretty low. But again, it's a new shuffle new quarterback. I mean, the Cowboys haven't necessarily thrown a lot of touchdowns this season to begin with. But the over unders from art Cooper this Monday night against the Tennessee titans are out Tony. I want you to guess them before I tell you what they are. What do you think the over under from our coup? Yardage on Monday night is. I'm going to go eighty five. That's what you'd think they listed it as right? I'm gonna listen to eighty five. And if I was going to set the over Anonima Tony's over and under the eighty five. Wow. Will you would you know? You know, these guys are giving betters a far greater shake at this. Then you are the over under from Ari Cooper's yardage on Monday night, fifty point five five zero point five. Well, maybe that's my my Barry over optimistic. Well, I say I would think the overall at I would take the under on eighty five. But would you take the over on this? I would take over on the fifty. Okay. So you take over on fifty and a half. And I've got some other things that I think are interesting here. What would you say the over under the didn't have one for touchdowns, but for receptions, so receptions, just in this game? What they said he would have the over was fifty two point five at five point five yards. Someone do the math. I'm gonna I'm gonna go four receptions. See that's why you're the man it's exactly for that silver under. I don't have a treat or anything. But I know that you have some kind of your house. I was going to do the averages. But I'm not really good at math. To the app after we finish the show. Do me a favor. Go get a piece of candy. TC house, and that's your treat for guessing this. Oh boy. This oughta Rabah TC house. The over unders fifty and a half yards four receptions. I think I would take the over on the receptions, but I might take the under on the yardage because I think I'm always going to catch something like six balls on Monday night. But I don't I don't know if he'll he'll break fifty yards. It'll be interesting to see how much you know, how much I'm sure they're going to implement him in right away. I would say he's going to start the game. I mean, I don't know that yet. You would say, but he's listed as a starter as okay? So he's going to start and will be interesting to see how they use him. You know, they'll having about as a flanker receiver, you know, co basically in the slot. It will be interesting to see how the tide decide to defend Amari Cooper. I would say single caverns at first because. Right now. No, again, he hasn't what played three weeks and this the whole dynamic, right? And I just don't know how much they're willing to give up him and big place. Right. But I can see him break in one. I could see breaking a thirty yard or something. Yard catch. And if he gets three three of those that sixty yard there. And so you sprinkle in, you know, ten a five or ten. Yeah. Then that way it had to have at least over on. That would be is. I just said four receptions, then you're probably looking to be able to get eighty five. That's the Lisa five or six receptions. Right. Right. So I mean, it's interesting, and I will say this. So I wrote this other blog on the boys dot com, if you're listening and you want to kind of look at the information yourself so Amar is broken these marks twice so far this season. And he's only played a handful of games with the raiders, obviously. And it's you mentioned he's been on by forever. He broke both marks in two games. So he had over four catches in over fifty yards in two separate games, and they were against the Broncos and Browns, and again that was earlier this season while still with the raiders now Amari Cooper has played in fifty two total games so far and his NFL career, obviously all with Oakland and. And in those fifty two career games. He's broken the over under that they're setting here for receptions. They're saying four receptions, so breaking it would be five. He has had at least five catches in twenty four games. Twenty four of his fifty two that's almost half. That's amazing. It's literally almost fifty percent. And what's even more amazing is so fifty one yards would be the the break here. Because the over unders fifty and a half he's had at least fifty one yards twenty five times. So almost half of the time. He's done. So that's why this is a good over under. I mean, they don't call the desert for no reason. And so while I think I agree with you that you could certainly see Amari Cooper breaking off twenty six yard catch and then a thirteen yarder, and then a twenty two yard or whatever and kind of quickly piling up those yards. This is kind of his wheelhouse. Say at least that's who he's been with the raiders. I think I'm really looking in this game to see what he does for the other receivers Kobe's rank and some of the other things you may open up because he can has a reputation as a vertical receiver a number one receiver. That's going to be interesting to see what he does for that. Because. Kobe's Lii in the last game. I mean, he was in, you know, over the course of the season he's shown to be their number one guy. I mean, he's been the number one receiver as a slot receiver. So the whole dynamic of bringing someone like a more kuprin. What's he gonna do the other facets of the offense for the receivers? I mean, what is that going to look like that's going to be interesting to see how that kind of opens up. Also, I agree with you. And that kind of takes me to my bold prediction. It's that time. Tony, I know we were on a by last week. But we always kind of round out with a bold prediction each for the upcoming Cowboys game. So I think this I totally agree with you. I think that what Amari Cooper is going to do on Monday night is going to be more visible in other pieces of the box score. And so that's why Michael Gallup has one hundred ninety receiving yards on the season. I think he gets a buck forty. I think that Michael Gallup is the biggest house -ciary of Amari Cooper on Monday night. I think that so much attention is going to be given to him. I think I think that's a really hard thing. If you're the titans out, we don't really I don't think anybody's really mentioned that. If you're the titans, it's hard to prepare for the Cowboys this week because you don't know how they use Amari Cooper. I mean, that's just a whole extra folder of film to have to watch have to watch a Mari as well as the Cowboys. I think that Michael Gallup benefits, and then he has one hundred forty receiving yards against Tennessee. Wow. That is interesting perspective there. I would never thought that he would be that guy the benefit that much going in this game. I really didn't think about that. I think it's especially that many yards. Yeah. I think it's a combination. Nation of things I think it's a confluence because Dak Prescott is I mean, obviously the Cowboys lost Alaskan. But he was kind of finding himself kind of finding from a confidence perspective he drove down late to bring them within three points, obviously that didn't work out. But he obviously had a great game against the Jaguars. And a lot of what he's done. He's been on the ground. I understand that. But Michael Gallup has really kind of been finding himself within Dak Prescott, and we mentioned chemistry and comfortably and getting to know each other and becoming friends and whatnot. I think that Michael's kind of at that point that that point of assimilation where in November now. And I think that losing take on Austin who's not expected to play in this game was kind of you know, we use this phrase a lot over the Aussies kind of an addition by subtraction in that it forced the issue it forced Michael Gallup to be sort of that outside receiving the Cowboys needed. Now, they have a Mario on the other side. So I think all of those things kind of create this perfect storm that lends well to Gallup's case. Well, I mean, I tried to the courses season on my pull both predictions. I've went offense in this week. It might bull predictions are going to be on the defense side of the ball. Imagine that Tony Casillas puts on his uniform goes out there for. I wish I could go out there for one game. Check. I I have two kids going to college next year. RJ I saw by the way, congratulations to your son. I accepted to the university of universal. Komo. Thank you very much. That was one of the one of the schools he applied to and and we'll see what happens. We hasn't made any decision yet. But you know. I'm just trying to figure out that whole dynamic twins going going to school at the same time. But anyway, really interesting, I'm interested to watch chain champions. But back to the bold predictions. I went gone off instantly because the matches, but I really like the match. I liked it in the match ups the Cowboys defense versus they're the titans offense. Again, I think this is could be a feeding frenzy we're talking sharks in the, you know, smelling the blood. Okay, fritzy, I think this is going to be gained the Cowboys shut him out when I maybe maybe some MA be one of those really borne games as you mentioned early LSU versus Alabama, but Alabama's a lot better. Now, they found a quarterback. But I think it's going to be a game where the Cowboys really exploit the lack of offense of production on for the titans this year. And I'm going to predict that they to turnovers on on defense. I think Byron Jones I think this sets up for him. And the linebackers. We mentioned right off the top of the podcast. I mean, Jalen Smith. They this is probably the the healthiest this team has been on the defensive side. It's got Sean Lee back doesn't same. He's. So you got a tremendous amount of death. I think it's going to be one of those sharks in a frenzy. And I think collectively it's going to be one of those gains were talking about a New York Giants performance when they had what in week week to where you looked up in the third quarter. They excess. Yeah. Exactly. So as a whole overall the bow prediction for me is not a shutout. But they're going to hold them to least I would say ten points. So you got him to force turnovers, ten points or less. So basically if we tied a bow around your predictions, just the defense kicks ass. That's your. Technically, I didn't really didn't want to get into the stats, but it's just going to be a very dominant performance by the defense. I gave it to you. I'm down with that. So I've got Gallup for a buck forty you've got the defense flex in on the titans takeaways. Okay. I dig it. I did that a lot. And so let's pick this game. We've been all over the place picking things this weekend or not this weekend. Season for the Cowboys. I tell you what I'm really personally looking forward to this weekend. I drive obviously to every home game and driving on Sundays is such a bummer because I've got to listen to the other games going on on on the radio. And so this is one of those weeks where you get LSU bam on Saturday, and you get to watch all the games on Sunday. And then I get to drive on Monday when nothing's happening in the world. So I am personally excited. I'm so excited that I'm going to pick the Cowboys to win this game. I'm going to say twenty six to for you. I'll say ten that way. You're able prediction comes true twenty six ten Campbell's. Well, I gotta follow. I got to piggyback on that. Because the Cowboys have not lost a home yet. They're playing tennis. Tennessee titans. And again say until the blue in the face, and you got two weeks if a pair so today to be fair so both of them. And and that's a great point. But I always liked the teen the play. Home after the bye, okay. And again, you know, as you just you just mentioned the ad. You know, they got a lot of they seen a lot of tape on the Cowboys. They've seen some of the match ups and that they can go to. But again, I'm going to go with the Cowboys. And I'm going to I'm going to say, I'm not this because they have Amari Cooper doesn't mean they're going to solve the second half thirty five points. I'm gonna go twenty two six Cowboys win. Okay. You know, you're right. I mean, just because it is immoral. I mean, nachos are still nachos. Even if they have jalapenos on exactly we've got to get in the end zone. Yeah. Exactly. I will say that in each of the last two seasons. So both in two thousand sixteen and in twenty seventeen the Cowboys won their first three games after the bye. I think that's again. It's just that doesn't mean anything is the different team different year different set of people different receivers and everything you wanna talk about. But that is. Is that does suggest that Jason Garrett uses the bye week effectively? Whether you're old coach Jimmy Johnson thinks so or not. I we saw call him Hollywood Garrett. Yeah. That's a good holiday spending. Hollywood. It's been out in LA on the by weekend. I'll just say this the only game he was at as far as we know the dodgers won. So I mean, maybe the dodgers blame Jimmy Johnson for not letting Jason go to ten dollars games because then maybe they'd be the World Series champions. I don't know. I mean, I'm just stating facts, Tony. I mean, these are just love and Jimmy Johnson stirs a pot. That's true. That's a good good point. So so we both got the Cowboys. We've got some good things happening for them. This can be really exciting. And I really do that. I like the home team after the by which makes this game all the more important because after this game the Cowboys traveled to take on the eagles who are currently on their backs. So they will be the home team after the bye next week. So you got to have this one or else things could get a little dicey down the road. Yeah. This is guy. This is a very not a desperate win. You know, what if the Cowboys are what's the way they want to go? This is a game that they they should win. So yes, it's a must win. I I think that there's a negative connotation with the word desperate. I think that's fine. It's a definite moment being yet. Desperate more hungry. Exactly go go cash in on that desperation. We'll be back next week. Hopefully after a Cowboys win hopefully on a Tuesday edition of victory. Paulo monday. See it still victory Paulo Monday. Even if it's on a Tuesday tone. It's a very important detail. Doesn't matter we'll work that out then good show would enjoy the weekend. Enjoy LSU Bama. And and we will be back next week. This was the seven five. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it seems smart as show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up a mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart.

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