Episode 22: Kyle Veale of Landmark Americana host of the Glassboro Beer Festival


Welcome this show your about to listen to is part of the hopped up networks, growing family of crack beer podcast in the US and Canada. Find this show and others like it at hops up network dot com. This about four informative and entertaining craft beer podcasts. Welcome. You are listening to the south jersey beer scene podcast. Good evening everyone. Rob tally here, south jersey, cursing podcast with Vic, Vic? I am doing great run. I should Zik I because we have a guest and I wait, we do. Yeah, we have a guest host guest hosts, Yep, he's sitting right across from me in his old stool and Mike. Hey, guys, thanks for letting me out again to the. They were scheduling stuff without me. Let's just be Frank. What's his name again? I think it's John guys, John. So yeah, I'm surprised John. You came back very busy guy. I thought this was way beneath me, but I felt you guys need to be lifted up again after cast. I felt bad for you guys, but on all seriousness. Thanks, you guys that are really, really great job at my stead, and I've real tough time. Up control on stuff you can as Mr. tally over there that Mr. spe love and as true real tough time give up control over stuff, and it makes me really feel good that I have such good people that we all work together and can't get stuff out and really care about it like I do, and I think we all do. It was really cool when it was great. It was great to listen to it and be an arbiter not have to, you know. Listen to me talk all the time, which is what we do. So thank you guys, very, very much. A great show. Kristen came in and rose here and was here. And Vic had Richard was here as well. Richard was we had a great team and made it a lot easier really going out. So thanks. So we're back. I haven't been on air six weeks. It's been a while. I've been very slow. I went to Poona Kana and I drank a couple president days and decided like beer anymore. And then I had to come back and figure out that I did like bureau after those president as they are so killed your taste on my God. It was like, I'm not even gonna tell you, you know, Vick was text me why not drink anymore, and I should have listened home. But when you start drinking at seven thirty in the morning, because it's what you do exactly. You know, you take what they have. S. they call it a Dominican water there, and that's so but anyway, thanks guys is going to be back. And tonight we have guest with us here we have Kyle from landmark Americana. A little. Landmark Americana put on up. I got a waiver. Wait a minute. Cow talk again one more time. Say Logan. Hello, everybody. Is that a radio voice? Why? No, he just he just maybe Sally baby. He can do. Getting. It's my own voice over business. Want to hire me. Some work for you. Area cheap. So Cal helps put together or you're the, what is your title? I'm the director of operations for landmark Americana of the restaurant group at large, and they put together the glass borough beer festival this either the pit, their six year, we're not quite sure it's hard to recall top of my head. I missed the first year two, but I'm pretty sure this is year five. It might be your six, and that being said, it's one of the longest running beer festivals in south jersey after beer fest. I can't think of many more that have gone more than a couple of years. I mean, Chris, I mean, you guys do a lot of them. I mean, I think it's probably one of the longest running. It all started with the town of glass, bro. They they wanna. They wanna have fun events in town, and they actually approach us and said, we want to have a beer fest here and you'll be the only licensed Lauren town. Yoda toward the Franklin house down. Thanks for nothing. We rebuilt it. Mainstreet however, that's gone for good. And for those of you who aren't from south jersey and listen to podcasts, glass, borough was glass birthday college and it's where Kristen resides now, and she can probably help me a little bit more with this, but it's at totally changed town. Yeah. And it's funny because when I was preparing to graduate high school, I toward the university campus and I was like. I don't like three twenty. I don't like the area. It's a little too busy of a street for me so that I went to temple and you know it across Prague street every day. So that made a lot of your life in your own hands? Yeah, after dark. Yeah, it was. It was special, but yeah, so I live in glass borough and seeing everything that's happening with the town is been super cool. My husband and I actually went to hang out glass borough now. So big part of that delay Mark, grill and downtown. It's huge. They do a lot of stuff with local breweries. I know in the summary of back porch that guys come out and yeah, we, we just opened that up. This is our second summer with it. You know, it was really exciting. We've always had the small dining room space in their little patio outside, you know, we're looking at the new businesses coming into the town and what we can do to make sure we're putting their best foot forward, fun outside area. Unfortunately, there's a roof over it, you know, but the doors are wide open. The positive side of the roof is the son is not there right? And then when the when the weather's not great, close the doors up, run the ACA yet. So that was cool. And a lot of local south jersey breweries have gone in, they bring their beer out for the night special night and pour the beers. I know that we've had a couple people on this podcast ever all excited that they got to do that. Eight and sand was out for the Thursday beer town, things. Events. The town square, which is where the beer fest will be the first time. First time we're doing that in that location thinks change almost on the regular. I've two kids that are there before going further. Kristen, we got, we gotta get Chris and I said it was going to do this pre show. I didn't Kristen's part of the San brewery crew and they celebrated their second. Can't hardly believe it. Second diversity, it's true, and you know it as much planning as went into that day. It came and went so quickly. Now it's like, oh, well, now what do I have to look forward to? But don't worry is we have a lot of stuff that's coming up. So it's Chris brought us a one of the one of the beers that you put out for your adversary and tell us what we're trying. So we are drinking our double dry hopped IP number two. So we've been begged for it for a while. And we finally finally did it. We thought our to your anniversary would be the ideal time to release something so special to us and. It has been flying out of the tasting room. So we only have a handful of cases left, I guess, by the time this airs who knows, but we had one keg of it, and that went really quickly on Saturday. So everyone's been enjoying this beer. It's been, it's been great and vix. We oughta taste of it when he goes think of the beer. Very, very nice. It's nice. It's nice and juicy, really good example of the style to the New England PA. It's very good. I mean, doing these or no shorts of supply. But you know this one definitely the top list. You. I know Kristen sitting right here, but eight and Santa one of our favorite breweries. I mean, Chris Burke cake can really brew beer. He's very inventive. He taught me about some new fruits. I had no idea existed, and what's that? I can't even Buddha hand. He has to hand some easy fake thing. But I mean, congratulations and thanks for bringing the beer. It's really, really good. So I wanted to get out of the way it was really important. It was a, we stopped really, really quickly. It was a whirlwind of day. I think I saw you for like forty, five seconds. You were gone? Yes, she was gone and I wasn't even officially working that day a news. Are you working? I don't care what anybody else says. Yeah. So I I was there for throughout the day and hung out in the backyard via tense back there. So even the little bit of rain that came through it was still really nice. And then once the once it got cooler outside, we had the both fire pits going out back. It was it was absolutely great lot of great stuff. I saw social media for people being there. It's funny. I took a picture I was there and I caught a family. Put it up on the website and like somebody knew who it was like, we knew you were there were exposed the funding, so there's it so very, very cool. Congratulations fish everybody down there. It's a cool place. So beer festivals, I'm just going to be. I'm going to be honest with it. We feel like there's too many, I, I'm going to say, I, I feel like there's way too many beer festivals. I agree. Meaning that there's way too many beer festivals that aren't successful. Exactly. Very good that the key, but borough does a great job. I was in their last shows there the year before it's an cool spot. A revitalised part of town happens to be on Rohan parents day weekend. Go planning good idea for that, and it spread out enough where you don't have people elbow to elbow and you have almost sixty breweries coming in, and I know that's substantially more than you had a couple years ago. Yeah, the little one, the breweries this year, not to disappoint, but the venue has changed slightly before was on college drive, which is on a very wide road and glass bro. That's not very long for some reason, but it's there. It was a great spot, but we're moving back to the town square. So the benefit to that is, you know, it's a nice multi-million dollar park that the town has finally finished nearly finish. I should say they have a lot more plans for it, but mostly done. It's great. It's going to be predominantly on grass this year, which I think is the. It's a nice spot. The town is beautiful. If no one's seen it. I mean, come to the beer fest just for that. Maybe try a few beers if you're there. You know, it's funny. I talked to my brother graduated from. Rowen right when it was first Rowan, there was really nothing there. You know if you then they go driving through there now, like these kids are spoiled. They have a landmark. Are you. They started working in a landmark. I was just one of those college kids walking down the street, like I could work here, right? This is the only place to get a job. You got lucky a great company. I mean, landmark does much more than just run the grill downtown. I mean, it's crazy. I started there's a bouncer and two thousand six. He's about six foot nine. He hit his head on why I recognize. I mean, a few people out. And so you guys also are owners of urban village. As as involved in that project, you know the, the owner or one of the owners I should say is that had brewer, another partner runs the day-to-day operation. So I don't really have much to say to them about what they're doing wrong. Well, they're not doing wrong if you. This would want to hear from me so village. You guys also do the Westchester peer fest. Correct. It we have a landmark in Westchester as well. Those are second location that just had its eleventh anniversary the summer. This is our second year doing the beer fest, and that was a great day outside festivals. You never know. Yeah, yes. John Henderson, I wanted to ask them how many locations we have four currently, the fifth one I am in the process of wrapping up right now in Ewing New Jersey right on the campus of TCI j. and then we have our one urban village in Philadelphia, northern liberties, and the second one is forthcoming should be next fall right in right glass, bro. I cannot wait for that. I don't know if you've made the trip over to northern liberties. Haven't made that for that place is one of my favorite places knew south jersey beers care. The state lines. Go to your Utah, and they even those guys over there. The food is great. The beers really, really done. Well, they have a cool theme and air, and you can find parking. It's northern liberties. You can find parking, and it's not like seven hundred dollars for the night, and it's really easy to get to and they do a really, really good job with it. So it's cool and I didn't know how all this went together. When we first started talking, then we had Dave on my other show and he's like, he works for landmark. I'm like, whoa, my minds blown here a little bit. And so it's a much bigger corporation than what I just thought the landmark was the landmark because I'm from jersey, and I think it's only from, that's all we are. It's actually twenty that same conversation comes up a lot. I feel like we're a small company in the grand scheme of things and people, and it was like with those run to school, I'm like glass brother like, no, I was in Westchester or knows in the university city. So it's always funny to see. You touch a lot of people's lives. You don't realize it so, and so to get back a little bit too beer festival. So it's on September twenty twenty-ninth. You guys have admission from twelve to one what what's going on with that? We do get you an extra hour and then a lot of the breweries encouraged to bring something more interesting in a smaller format of six or something along those lines, you know. So you get early access to that stuff a chance that it's gone by the time. One o'clock rolls around, you know. So that's really the advantages. You get the early, you get to try anything you want. You don't have to worry about lines. We limit the ticket so it keeps the lines down. You can get get to all the places you want before the general mission comes in. Your tickets are very reasonable. You know, what do they run in right now? If they call today, what are we getting tickets for? VIP right now or fifty forty, and we have a code for you. That's going to be on the website and we'll mention at the NCAA after listen to the end where you can get five dollars off. One of those. Tickets using the code that Kyle's provided for us for our listeners and our readers and whoever. Anytime can do, and it's a really, really. There's a, there's a lot of really good bruiser. We can mention them. It's a lot and more than you know, you have to go onto the site and check them out, but there plenty of breweries that are going to be there. It's one of the few places that we will see our village in jersey. I know they festivals that they're coming over here. I'm pretty excited about that. There's some weird weird laws on the distributor for a day, and so it's weird. I mean, not to get into the weeds there. We, we have gotten into this brutal trying to trying to sort all those things out. It's nuts. But fortunately we found a way around it to get it to get here and in our own bars which Pennsylvania's that's where the real, the real crazy stuff is if you have a own because we have the owners have licenses for restaurants, so you can't have a wholesale licence, so we can't sell our beer from urban village to landmark, which that is weird. And even worse. We came to have the license to do that because we have a retail establishment, you know, I guess the idea back in the day, if you could make beer and cut out the the people who are selling it with the middleman, you can have a monopoly, but it just doesn't make sense. Today's veer culture, you know, no one would care if we had all over in village. Landmark wouldn't matter. One bit people wouldn't care now. They wouldn't care, but it's almost like there's laws have gone backwards and Chris Steele it a lot in the air and who can take it and how you can get it there and signing with distributors across state lines. It's it's a headache and I don't have to deal with it. That's all Burke and MS. And a little bit of Josh, I suppose. But I let the drugs she didn't mean that. I mean. I mean that money, but it's the New Jersey laws are a little weird and. Weird. It's the weirdest thing is that you know alcohol's been around for the dawn of man essentially that do not aren't. I remember when it started remember what it started. It must have been just after dawn then. We haven't figured out how to just to let people enjoy it. No. And I think that one of the things we wanted to talk about tonight too, was that it's getting near election time and guys if you're not trying to support this business because it. I know we're beer people, but I will tell you this that most of the town's New Jersey that have embraced craft beer and places like the landmark and urban village, and who knows and people that bring in different types of beer. And it's not the cheapest thing brigade and you're sitting on a lot of beer and you're going to hope that it sells. You have to get your legislators who you're voting for, look at what they're doing for you and your town and not just going where the money is being pushed. And when I mean is look where their money's coming from talk to them. I mean, we're having a real real hard time. You guys are kind of an exception eight and Santa lot of places just embrace them. We have a lot of people that are not in braced and they're trying to change a lot of laws here in the state to that will hurt breweries. And I mean, probably talked to a lot of people and people are people are a little worried they are and we don't like him very political here. This interesting challenges there, you know, kind of being on both sides of the bar so to speak. You know, it was great that they've changed legislation to encourage breweries to open up and it gets great and just the, they also did get them kind of launch most to serve the serve beer in a nearly, you know, extremely inexpensive fashion compared to your standard licensee and being being a company who is one of those. You paid a lot of money for that, you know. So someone else's walking up to the table to pay very, very low barrier of entry to have the same luxuries. You have granted, they're not the same, but there needs to be some some mindfulness foot into that because we don't want. Small places to not be available like Kelly, green example of a small brewery nearby. We would never want them to not be able to do what they're doing, but you've kind of embraced it a little bit you, oh, you've really your Europe, big entity where you're at. I mean, you can. You can a lot of people come into restaurant that aren't craft brew Stricker's for kids in nursing. Wow. This Kelly green, I got, where can I get this? We love. We love. We love the business. You know, we're not legislators, right, but you guys kind of have a synergy with it. And then we have restaurants in taverns that don't have a synergy with it and you get their nurse, twelve big beer taps because they feel like they're getting cheated. I know it's a hard thing and I know that a lot of places like mainstream bars, and I'm sure that's going to go away, but you have a lot of people that do the right thing, and we just need to get everybody on the same page. I'm a member of a group on a group that's looking at legislation trying to get voice change, but unfortunately, the craft beer industry, even though they are creeping. On stuff doesn't have the money of big beer restaurant or distribution. So if you have a chance, you know you want craft beer to stay. It's not gonna stay the way it is. It was going to tell you there's gotta be some concessions made, but if you want it not to go away at all, you need to talk to your legislators and talk to your neighbors and talk to your friends and have your voice be heard because this how things go away. And then it's going to be gone, and it's going to be woulda coulda shoulda. I know a lot of people have that right now for the president. Good. We'll come back even worse. All the people who invested in it that the have these lovely facilities. And if you change the way the law's work, even unintentionally, you could see a lot of those places you love going to not be there anymore. There's quite a few of its all. It's sweat equity and their four one ks and a retirement, and a lot of things that went into that could hurt them along. Right. So let get off my soapbox now, but I feel like it's a good time to mention that with the elections coming up in the one thing I can say is that most of your local legislators have no idea what local craft beer. Breweries are having to deal with as far as the red tape and everything that we're dealing with the state. So it's is one of those things where reach out to them, have a conversation with them about it because they really have no idea until their constituents start bugging them about it. Most of the local local politicians are accessible because they wanna be voted back in, let's be real. And if they see what they hear enough, they're going to take stay on that because they need the votes from their neighborhood, not from all across the state. So that's my soapbox for today, brought teaming downtown very. So the the other thing we're have food. We're going to music and who's the music this year? I know that this year the group is called grass and gravel a local local band. You must see them at. Carolina blue down with 'em Pittman play there. I think once a month or so the basis and the band's actually my sister's long term boyfriend, nepotism, even. You know. So there though, from runners, a low balled him, and they said, yes, so we'll tell them about this podcast. Can't hear that saluting now they're great band that a lot of good cover band have a bunch of food. There are. No, you can't name a million vendors, but no, I won't will name a bunch of vendors. I think people are more interested in the food truck vendors anyway. I'm sorry. Disrespect he doesn't. He doesn't mean it the way it's not the. I love you all Chiba. Grill back this year. They have the the walking tacos dorito bags. Yeah, that's cool. Crochet. In your hand slob. It up. We have. We have cannoli truck wood-fire pizza from Menino. We have a recurring truck Doggystyle and I hope they're hot. Should I picture Cranston space. You know, they were hot dogs and good, but have relatively inappropriate names for their hot. I was, why wouldn't they? I was really pleasantly surprised to meet the the owner operators of this truck. You would never believe that they're like, you know, I'm sure where the front of the guy Bailey speaks English. He decided not dog names from the urban. I'm still stuck on the walking taco. I can imagine in the town square, big taco water. Yeah, be wear Vic sites? Not real good. You know is if you're walking around in a taco cost him, you're taking your life and your own that that's probably gonna be another strain dream. I have remember. I dream I have yet. That's we can't say that. We a couple other ones. We have south jersey barbecue. They do have a huge setup for barbecue. I mean, it's Toler than I am. You know six night of me. Cowan the Kurds going to be there. We know great. Delano place, scarf feeding a mushroom enough. They were. They swelter. I don't somewheres else they've already in sand so they were doing a beer in July floats. So I don't know if that's on their agenda, Porsche them for them. And another lovely desert the good Donut shop. I'm seeing those guys is a great product to give into like a federal donuts. They make the donuts right in the trough of oil. We does the same thing with many. Little machine. They're all all the all the toppings beer themed icing, the grade, the guys he's, he's been in the past for counting the Westchester, password festivals. We've done just great, great results. That's awesome. I can't wait. I, it's the only parents week in ever want to go with my kids. I don't want to. I don't wanna see them. So I guess that's going to be good for me. So guys, we're going to end tickets you. There's a couple of different ways you can do it. We have a link directly off of south jersey beer scene dot com. One of the three boxes up top ones for glassware, beer festival you go to glassberg beer festival online. Is that where it is? It is glass bro beer, festive dot com dot com. You guys have a Facebook presence as well. We sure do and four that five dollar discount. And when you put your s j beer scene eighteen on the promo code there, you'll get five dollars off to put towards a nice south jersey beer scene t shirt at the over there. I think the hot dogs are they suit you buying walking taco. So once again, go to our website or you declare spur beer fest dot com. You can go to Facebook and get those tickets. Now I know everybody's sitting on their hands, wait and see what the weather's gonna look like. It's not going to matter. It's it's not going to matter. It's rain boots just in case it's a really cool venue. There's plenty of parking downtown. I mean, garages right next door. Yeah, you have no excuse. Not guys made a bunch of bad life choices might not listen to us this summer. This is your last chance to retain yourself for an outdoor festival. So you need to go there and caused on a great job. Bringing in breweries doing a great job, bring in food vendors. It's gonna be a really nice weekend. Speaking of breweries. What are some of the breweries that are going to be there. Oh, I have a long list here. I guess what I'd start with and say is that my goal this year was to create. A really local fest. Fifty three nearly sixty breweries were looking at. I wanted to make sure we had a really good presence for for was around here. New Jersey's bear scene is is going crazy, Pennsylvania. I really wanted to try to get as much of the New Jersey stuff because I feel like you know a fun weekend trip for most people. As you go, you go to an area. You check out a couple of Rory's that could take you about ten fifteen years to all the ones just jersey. So I wanna see that can bring as many as I could down there to glass bro. And I got twenty six from jersey from across the state. You know, it's hard to get those northern jersey guys, travel all the way down here to to glass bro, probably would way come. It's a great question. Way to ask them a question. He doesn't have an answer for, you know, anything big computerizing I do. I have a list and I've highlighted the ones. I. Mileage. I do know that a lot of a lot of people that we've had on here, we'll be there eight and say, I would say is going to be there. I know Tucker. Who's going to be their friend, Scott AAC thunderbolt distributor airports and beers, nine to ten or brewing, it'll be there. Yeah. So he's porn some stuff him and his wife. Susan, we'll be there. Thirteen child's going to be there Becker flag at co, new bone, Saul. Kate may cross keys brewing Cyprus death of the FOX Bruin doubles creek, double nickel, eight and sand. Obviously, flying fish forgotten boardwalk glass town hidden sans on Bruin human village, jersey girl, Kelly, green. Doing pretty quick. We got her rate lineup, jersey girl really Hoboken. Right. Nine. Oh, to show book Hackett style or. Oh, well, yeah, that's right. All the way knows pretty four to Paulo. Ueno Holloway. No, the the Philippine the Philippine Philippines. That's really far and there were, we talked to those guys man Hopkin. They were like Hudson county area story too. Decent beer. They just actually talked to the rep Borna Saturday after I was at eight and San stopped a Westville. I stopped at canals near carpet township, and they were actually doing a tasting there and it's an interesting beer much better than president. I would say as far as every beer has, it's place. Presidente seven, three in the morning, like you said, that's not that now it wasn't by Vicks like don't keep drinking them. You're going to get ahead getting text. I got it like nine. Paranoid. I'm pretty sure it no matter how many beers are drink at some point, doesn't matter the variety now it was. It was just kept bringing them to me felt very bad. You drinking president, they while you're looking at the beautiful turquoise blue water, and there's a little story about there was no beautiful turquoise water. It was full of seaweed. I didn't go into beach for one second. I'm talking to you there, liberty travel. But but it was fun. None. The less check a lot of frozen drinks. I gained seventy one pounds while it was there, which is pretty good seventy. One pounds off your target weight. Yeah, so I'm going to start that died next week. We'll get back on it. Guy. So we wanted to switch gears a little bit here. We're actually on our second beer that we didn't announce. We actually have the number two on double dry out version. Right? And it's great. It's a really good consistent. We've had it on the show a couple of times. It's one of my favorites. It's readily available in all the liquor stores in south jersey, great price point, I will say this about eating sand and listen up other breweries that are charging twenty two dollars for four pack of sixteen ounce beers. People aren't going to come back and buy them second time. If you're still charging twenty dollars for four pack of sixteen ounce beers. That's pricey. Eight and Santa's real good job keeping the price point down and they make sure that they have a variety of this. How many things do you have in cans now? Currently of li- weren two, three, five or six and cans right now. So we still have some of our goes left. We have our hells lager and then we have a are double dry regular number two or sweet potato. And what's the other one that I'm missing? Trek trek seventy six seventy six ads riot. I know this becomes a long commercial for eight and say when Chris here, but we don't care. Out of curiosity allowed to talk about other things. Do you do the cannon house -lica- equipment in house, or do you have a company. Breath. Urban village a couple times as well. There's super-efficient and we have a very small brew house is interesting to to get that. I was lucky enough to be requested to help for canning day. Cool thing to watch thing to watch was very repetitive. We have like a dividing wall between world tanks or to into the top area and the way the machines lineup, we actually had to hand them up over the wall to get it from where it's been, can't can't label needed doing. To be able to use both of your hands like independently of each other. It's a lot. Those guys are new job. Either they come in there. They tell you wouldn, they're going to be there. They come. They set up and the rate on all their marks when they're going to be there in and out, and you're just left with palettes. The air really interesting business model is trying to talk those guys a little bit just are you booked all the time or is this something that you have to kind of wait it out their books out all the time. You have to reach out ahead of time. You know, couple months to try secure those dates or else you're stuck, not canning beer to would have never thought that that mobile beer canyon would have been legitimate business models super-popular. Yeah, there's a couple people that have come out but brings me to one of our little things are news and notes section slack tide our friends down at slack tide in ocean view. They have their canning line install. Are know that because Tom Rizzoli are Tom Ren's helped out a little bit with it. Yeah, Thomas down there and they just announced on Facebook and I talked to the guys, they're going to be releasing their first two cans at the end of September on their own candy line. They went out and bought the road angry, Osprey their flagship and Billy their Belgian blond. They're both going to be releasing cans followed shortly thereafter by the five thousand pale and the tipsy Dipsy Weipa, which is one of my favorites. So they're going to be there joining the canning. And I think that's the next step in the volition, and we were talking earlier about how these breweries have a little bit easier with their start up costs and being able to sell their booze and stuff like that. I think one of the problems is we have breweries that are just happy to not grow. They're just going to operate like a bar and I think they're the ones that would probably make everybody more upset like in the restaurant arena where guys, like most of the people like eight and sand and slag tied and Cape May and all these guys always wanted to move. Be bigger. There's far more breweries that are doing that than not doing, but one of the things is that there's going to have to be some sort of give and take a little bit that if you're not making beer for distribution, you're not really a brewery it. That's what they're trying to say. I'm not choosing size. I'm just saying, you know, if you're not putting bureau for distribution, you're not trying to grow and you're not really in the spirit of the law. Yeah. I mean, if you're uprating a tasting room with a required tour where it's a, it's a video on on a screen that's definitely gaining. We definitely understand. We definitely understand that Vic, Vic brought us some cool beers tonight and what he got there, Vic. I got some beers. You're less time on the podcast. We talked about burial beer. I was in Asheville earlier this year and she will North Carolina. So I have friends of friends of ours have a son who lives in works down there. So they brought me back some beers from ashville and one of my favorite breweries when we were down it was burial beer company, very, very cool idea about it. The the whole design of the brewery looks like a cemetery, great artwork shack, fantastic art work on on the cans that they have, and there's always a story behind the beer so you can't just drink to. Can you have to read the whole story, this particular beer? Is there Belgian blonde with apricots apricots very, maybe underutilized fruit. You don't hear many people doing the beer with apricots, but this is a Belgian blonde with apricots cool the prayer. So. Nice and refreshing so comments on it, and a lot of spice up front, subtle apricot, kind in the middle. In the background, the nose is really great. Keep smelling. I can. I get the feel I can still taste the apricot afterward. Anything actually briquettes pretty hard flavor out there without being too when you're face and blends nicely. These guys do some really cool stuff you ever have borough before rob you've ever I, Chris is my first time. This is they make some really, really sought after beers. I know they're looking for distribution now, and I think they're just in New York in a small way. But thanks. Thanks for bringing their sharing are pretty cool too. Yeah, they are. Like Vick said, I eat the our work on them. It's kind of like it looks like kind of a wack doubt Alice in wonderland thing. You're on the one, but there's always a mythical story behind all of the beers. Like this one is to prayer is our gateway to what we crave to understand whatever you seek to find the guidance lies within the book of hours. So you cannot only drink the beer I'm going to. I'm going to be scared when you're drinking the whole lot. A whole lot of big Floyd. Where is Richard when you need. I told you pay fluid nineteen, seventy five Roosevelt stadium. I saw them. I was seven. Thanks for that. You were seven, maybe eight whatever. I know. Don't don't anybody else. China. You guys were. Election? I, yeah. Seven. Five. That was a little bit. I wasn't. I want to talk about a couple more things here for you back to the festival. One of the other things that's coming up after Kyle's festival. I'm calling Kyle specimen glassberg your fest on October, thirteenth, chop county Lennox. One of the better indoor festivals. It's not just a beer festival. It's a whiskey and beer festival sixty types of beer, thirty types of whiskies. It's a really, really cool event. They have a bunch of whiskies that are hard to find and that you would never get to taste otherwise. And I'm not a huge whiskey guy because I can't drink too much of it, but it's it's a really cool little show with a six. It's a six hour show and I think tickets like thirty five bucks so you can go to Tropicana AC dot net and check out that event. It did really, really well issue. There's some interesting beers there. A lot of the local distilleries. I know we don't talk too much about them, but they will be well represented. And the local people will be there as well. So that's Tropicana. AC it's thirteenth and we have another thing we have. Are you aware that we have a mogul in the room. I, I had heard that I saw the limousine parked outside. I was wondering who, and I try to come in the door and the guy stopped me. And it's me for my idea. I thought that you know, something's changed here isn't a mogul one of the hill ski steak. That's the mogul, the bump, but Mr. tally here a little bit of announcement that we want to talk about. So tell us what's going on Mr. tally I was fortunate enough along with a friend of mine purchase the network, which is a network of craft beer podcasts in the US and Canada. So if you guys want to know what's going on on the left coast or down in Texas or Michigan, buffalo Hieaux buffalo just hop on as it worked network and podcast. Listen to it. We were pretty happy when we joined the network and back couple months ago. Right? And and we were able to listen to a bunch of other craft beer podcast because it's a pretty fledgling thing and a lot of places and create this whole underbelly of podcasts and websites like mine and beer festivals, like Kyle dozen, having a cure rate taps, and we're getting to learn about how it is and other. Places. Like when I tell people that we have to take a tour, they listen to our pockets and going, what are you talking about taking a tour? What is going on there? And you'll find that in Texas, you can't get takeout like you can only they don't let you take beer out of the place like there's so many things that we've learned, and it's also cool to hear and the enthusiasm of the brewers that we get to here here. And here it's growing all over the country to hopped up network is hopped up network dot com. How many podcasts are on there. I believe it's twenty five right now not as thinker in the bunch. I mean, they really are all done. Well, we were fortunate to get there early on. So we to make some changes in our show by listening other people getting some advice and having spread the word. So check that out support rob and his buddy Eric there from the jersey beer guys girl podcast as well. Well, you had a girl who she said. I'm usually doing it. Did it last time when you weren't here? We gave them some room. Good. So check that out and check out. Somebody other shows, of course went you to check out ours. I yes, check out some of the other shows. These people really really work hard and it is truly a labor of love. Yes. Occasionally we get a free beer here or there are able to participate in a festival or do something like that, but it really is that we love the industry. We love the people in it, and we think it's important that everybody gets the news out of what's going on. And now you can get it not only here, but all over the country. I find interesting. There's actually two podcast from buffalo. Podcast from buffalo, which I find interesting because I've been to buffalo. Have you been to buffalo. I've seen it from across the lake, right? So, I mean, it's it's a pretty small community and they have a really upcoming big beer scene there and to have two podcasts are in the very, very good. Also we have a special broadcast coming up. So we're going to have a collaboration, broadcast, bruise role doing collaborations. Now, with the podcast, do the old south jersey peer seen in jersey beer guys, and a girl podcast, clever Asian at news of maple shade on October. Fourth, we got come into that when Rob's organizing us, he just asked me to come along. He did all the heavy lifting for this one. I did. Ship bottom borough will be there. So if you guys, here's talk about shit bottom and you haven't made it out there yet. This is going to be there. I venture to county as far as I know, and he's bringing some beers with them, and we're going to have a tap takeover. We're gonna have a podcast, and we talked to rob Trump two guys doing and maybe you're there and we'll talk to you to come out and see us. It's a really one of the bigger supporters of beer. I know the one in a big supporter and this one is and rob Darko really good guy. He's a guy who has kind of Kylie has a Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania routes. You guys have the Pennsylvania businesses, and he operates and Pennsylvania and has to deal with jersey. I guess we're trying to say we did a podcast air pockets a month or two ago, and he's making some waves with some of these beers that he's got coming out right now. This series are doing with the out the pie flavors or the. Yeah, through the summer, he did a different one every couple of weeks and. They were going quickly and he's brought them to a bunch of the festivals and congrats to rob and Jake and everybody there. They do a really good job and I know in summer it's hard to get there because how many lakes is there to get their thirty nine lights. There's thirty nine lights to get there. And you know in the summer thirty nine lights on China, it's pretty loan, but now I would doubt air. Awesome. Yeah. Rain. Yeah, we were. All wall. That's where rob went instead of Mana Hopkin when me and you were sitting in a range of? Yeah, that's rob went to manifest. And then down to ship them. I do the world thunderstorm straight down lightning while responding underneath yet it was, but come out and see us and. Grab a beer Gregson that ship out beer. They do if we didn't like them, we wouldn't be sending exactly doing anything. They make some great beer and how some good food too. Yeah, very innovative. Come see us there. So back to glass, borough. So you guys kind of, so you want to glass borough who college and you know you've been around there and just to see the difference that is that's happened. Now we have a chick. He's impeach their and landmark and chickpeas pizza with walking. Everything's within walking distance. Both two of the bigger craft beer supporters in New Jersey, and I would say Delaware valley. Everybody has a really, really good job with beer. You guys have a huge beer menu where forty drift beers, and you probably have one of the biggest bars and south jersey. It's gotta be eighty nine. There's a ton of seats there. Oh yeah. Arca passively is like twelve hundred and has to be on Thursday nights. When I understand that is accurate. Flashbacks. Yeah, same here. So you have those two rain walking distance and a lots of cool shops and lots of cool places the uneven, the whole downtown. That is a part of the main downtown has been revitalized. There's a couple places eat downtown, still got the cool little breakfast, but Angeles angelou's the same trailer. It's so come see, come down and see a come down downtown glass bro, and it's only going to get bigger. I mean, I have two kids that are there, and I can see the changes just in the four years that they've been there. So come down, see it come down and join us at the beer festival and. In your in your kids in glass? Birth glass? Abair I Scott glass bureaus thought it was funny. A bearded. I. What was the name of the bar down there that everybody wants to come on. Now somebody's got to help me out. I don't remember what it was getting number older magic. To there with one eye, close jersey hits, don't do that. Sure. I don't know that area. I know. So also talking on that same theme with these breweries and revitalization. Fifth or sixth year of beer festivals, we have some new breweries that are getting close to opening here in south jersey. Just wanna make a mention of a couple. And we've reached out to a couple of these guys and couple of guys. I know personally and. Vic, Vic is privy to the ocean county. We're gonna talk about couple here. So core three and Clayton just got through most of their inspections. And I guess they're going to be brewing. For the state in the next couple of weeks, it's core three in Clayton. I've talked to a few of the people. I don't know how they're connected to core three. I don't think it's the owners, but some of our regulars eight and sand have been talking about it for months. So I'm really excited to see that they're coming along with on that side of the state when you go from glass town death of the FOX Tate and sand and all through that way, it's going to be in cleaning, right? Nor buddy Rogers, backyard donor, Clayton, liquors, and that's good spot because we're building these beer trails everywhere, urban village of when when opens up the fall, we'll fill that spot, right? They're not that bones hasn't, but it's also going in. They're going to be a brewery most actually adjacent to urban villages will. That's right accident about those guys. Are you guys still be at the beer fests not selling beer today? Today, I'll fashioned Vic there. You're not going to be there this time. Now, Vic, Vic has to go. That's the day that he goes out and waves the sign in front of the nursing homes to bring people in. He has one of those hours up air jumps around. Is that your day, hey, it's commission, whatever. The guys down summers point brewery are looking up and up and I'm going to say, and I'm just gonna take a little liberty with us and say, sometime probably November, hopefully before Christmas all those guys, we actually had them on the podcast back beer fest when they just started out local guys, all work at the together and building this brewery and the old factory there down almost by the bay in walking distance of the Anchorage and all that. So we're looking at a opening some point in late fall, early winter in North Cape may gusto berry, put their sign up and look on her Instagram feed. You'll see the sign went up. Those guys are hoping to open on shore in this in the fourth quarter at some time. And hopefully we'll have those guys on soon as well. North Cape may is be the first brewery, they'll be far enough away from Cape, May there an area where there's really nothing. If there's somebody there, please forgive me. I live down there and I can't think of anything else down there, but it's really nice spot. Utilize a nice room and. Last, but not least our friends and neck of the woods are getting close real close. You said they're looking at Octo ber and they're in Mantua with within a stone's throw Pitman I guess in that toodle turf experience, and we had Bruce and the guys on before they've had a logo change since then. It's been awhile. It's been awhile and I know that you have them come on upcoming show for jersey beer guys and a girl the twenty-first of this month. So look for that probably early to road imagine you were released for the guys come out. So we have those four, and we also have an ocean county which it covers. We have some news from there as well. We have in Tom's river the working name that broody they were working on downtown Tom over his hops on main that still their name as far as Facebook at cetera. But I spoke to rate Carney who's one of the owners, and the name is going to be undertow brewing, insider company inches. They're going to work on. You can do brewing insider at the same place that's going to be the name of the company. So I'm just. I didn't know just asking, I think win, win, win, win, which does that as well. I didn't know with jersey. It's going to be undertow. They've hired ahead brewer show. He's hoping for a late fall or winter opening. I was actually inside the facility, you know they were. It was a restaurant there previously, so they were tearing it down and Tarrant important. It's really once. It's cleaned up and it's going to be beautiful places, brick, old brick walls in there. There's even underneath the drop and they pulled out there. Some crowd unbolting really damaged at center, but they have actually floors and they may be using the bottom port. There's already a walk in refrigerator down there. I don't know if it's up 'rational. They're going to be pulling it out, but they have a lot of room there and is going to the side street. They are main street is the the main entrance for it on the side street washing. There's actually a patio out there that they're going to be like TOMS river was like the last big city that was by policies the rendu doing, but it was kind of. Niche burry was the last big, south jersey town that didn't have a borough present for such a big town, and it's nice to see somebody going in there and be close our friend Jason over decorous and kind of serve that area. There really clue bilious side from renewed, and you have artisans, which is the former basil t's, which is by the mall for anyone who knows ocean county, you have that. They are too, but there was nothing downtown and you know the and we've seen in the past that when brewery comes in, it can kinda revitalize downtown downtown is very underrated. And there's a lot of stuff that can go on having worked up there for a lot of years previously felt like it feels like it should have that kind of community like glass, Bruce. I mean, that's what it reminds me up with the court houses and the residential areas surrounded by bigger county stuff. I mean, if feels like it should be a be something like that. A lot of opportunities. People don't realize Tom. River is one of the largest towns in the state of New Jersey and his growing leaps and bounds. I know a lot of the, you know, the population ship there has been pretty great for people that are coming down from the north, especially looking for a quote, short town hate when people say that, but that's what they're looking for. So what else is going up there in ocean county up there in ocean county, backward flag. We put out article celebrating the third anniversary already celebrate it. We'll have it ready cell, say some. Toward. Can you keep some of your money. Tort tori. A lot of people in this community. Most people in this community are very, very giving, but Tori. I don't. I don't know when she sleeps. That's the first thing. Secondly, every time she has an event. I think all the money goes to one of the many charities that she does, whether it's veteran related that wasn't enough. So she started her own. Local to the firehouse or to to a local charity and she's done. She did four or five different charities benefited from her. Well, what what they do at backward flag? And we mentioned that in the article that came out today, and I think she might have talked about it. A rod has a podcast just came out the other day that we did it that I was lucky enough to guess that the that on right now if we're off to, but but every month, the employees backward, Philip, they choose a charity. They use choosing non profit to support and a portion of the profits go to that charity temperature tips go into that jar that day Goto that month right now we, we were there last year at the ceremony and it was it was pack layer. It was a a great great event, and really very, very touching of into because one of the charities were mothers of of servicemen and win. Who had. You know who had given their lives in service and they were talking about their kids in had pictures of their sons and daughters up there and being got a chance to talk about their kids and about the organization. So it really, really is a very touching ceremony and very, very great event. And I say Tori, but it's everybody there. Tories figurehead of, you know, she's the person that we see and we talked to and Vic, you talk to everybody. But I mean for me, that's Tori and her staff is pretty incredible. They're going to be a glass per they're going to be at the beer festival. Go up, introduce yourself. You like what they're doing and throw some money in their tip jar because that's where it's going onto present is going to help some veteran calls or some local, whether it be the firemen or a family in need that they really do that. I feel like we don't, you know, we'd go a lot of the news a lot of the fun stuff. But I mean these people, this is a business for her. I mean, this is her job. This is what she does, and she puts all of our effort into the brewery, and they make really, really good beer. They have. That are out now that you can get, but she really does get back to communicate a lot of people do. I know every brewery has if somebody asked them if they can have the root for the night, and I'm sure at your restaurant at landmark. I mean, it's a really, really good community that they will accommodate, you know, and not even not even have any kind of reservation about, so congrats everybody at backward flag and Tori keep doing what you're doing because it's it's very, very impressive. Yes, it is. It's Rob's wearing his arms to artisan shortly than I do. I like that. It's one of my favorite shirts as a really cool saying on the back to does. So one of the things that the eight to eight vets, you go at a two eight vets and you can see the program. So they actually take post nine eleven veterans and teach them to brew and teach them the business so that they can go out and get jobs in the industry. These guys that don't, you know that needed suffering a little bit after from being in the military, and they take them and they teach them and they bring all these people in from all different fast. Hits. I know Mike from New Jersey craft beer comes and talks to them. I know that the people from the banking district talk to people from the hops farms. Come talk to them the grain people, so they know you know, they learn the whole thing and you know, that's really, really cool thing. I think Jason Cardi helps out with that. She's going to have her first two graduates out of the program. Presume Liz was I think one of them are, and and I think on this past week and they were, they were Liz actually is, is going to be one of the speakers at the at the anniversary celebration this weekend, and she is going to be employed by one of the breweries in New Jersey, one of the larger brewers, and that's really, really cool thing. Lots of good people that are involved in that. So if you have the means or that's one of the charities that we fully support amongst many others, but she does a really, really good job within that community teaching people a skill and his great bureau. So yeah, it goes without saying she makes really, really good beer. Once again, it'll be a glass berko say. Hi high fiber. She's not a real tall girl, but I get the feeling that she could kill me like four seconds. Paperclips, like whatever. Like she's whatever she's got. She was. She's a cheese Vetter self, but then she, she flew helicopters. She did some Robin her. We're talking about all of the chief on a helicopter which also make sure that door on her on Alec sushi rot while I was in it was an m sixty. So she was if it's still that she was rocketed emp sixty. Yeah, I'm not saying anything bad ever about her. Go to sleep. John just go to sleep. Got to wrap things up here around rob you coming up next on the podcast we're visiting, it's actually more night. We're gonna just do a fund session where us guys, and we're going to sense and. Coming up and that us. Kristen, how about anything going on pink boots wise or anything like, yeah, so few of us met last night at a brick tavern, and we're discussing a New Jersey either subcommittee or starting our own New Jersey chapter of the pink society. So we're hoping that we can get the word out to women in the craft beer industry here in jersey that we wanna know we wanna know who you are and we want to reach out and we really want to connect and do some really cool stuff. So if there are any ladies who were in the craft beer industry and whether that's working on a on a hop farm or in any in any capacity reach out because we're here and we're trying to do some cool stuff in jersey, and we just want to know more of you really good organization. A lot of people that we know it really, really participate in Christian being. One of our favorite people, we have to always say that she does do a really, really good job, Vic, what's going on with the Vic is a president. We forgot this. Vic is president the ocean county home Burs sociation. He doesn't allow anybody to vote so will never leave office. So he, he cancel the ballots like after they're done by for Vic, Vic, nobody's voted for Vick, but Vick wins in a landslide every year graduations BIC. Thank you. I don't think it's it's an issue because I think I was there in everyone's step back, became president of first place. Sometimes backing into something a little bit easier, so thick. But I'm joking victims a great job with the ocean county home Burs. You've got a couple of things coming up. Some exciting stuff of we are most recent meeting was at last wave. So we Nick Nick in. Burt with great hosts for us there. Last wave is up in point pleasant beach. They're in the process of expanding their brewery. They've really grown by leaps and bounds over this past year two and actually for shelter. Beer scene did the ten questions with them with the brewer. So that will be out at some point. Just got into John. So we'll get there are next meeting is going to be at backwards flag. As a matter of fact, getting lots of free promotion here. The October ninth, and we're actually, we have a competition against our friends here in Atlanta in Atlanta county, grew jersey, Eric, Schmil. Also the owner fermented guest and form a guest, and Vince Minella who is the president of Monmouth county home brewers scrubber the screwy brew Tri county competition. It's a serial competition. The only rule really was that your grain Bill had to be ten percent cereal. So our club finals for those you Kenny Homebrew is we'll be next week at next week. We'll be October ninth. I think that's the second Tuesday at backward flag in Torey will be one of our judges judge institute our top three as will a certain Mr John cashews and just as a just to let you guys near Chicago numbers, I m susceptible to bribes, feel free to offer anything that you want, except for VIP. If you wallet out. I'm looking forward to that. You have a good group of guys. We've been able to meet a lot of them at our Vic is Mr. popularity. You know, Vick is Mr. popularity. We I've had the the the lucky nece. That's a good word. I've met a lot of the guys and they all like Vic, so there's clearly something wrong with them. But I mean, Vic. They're all bunch of guys. I'm looking forward to it, and I think that Tom had judged competition or to competitions for you as well. Tom had judged the couple of competitions in the path, so he wasn't able to lots of lots of good beer going on there and great, great brewers that we have and the guy should open burned. Tom's river signed last, but not least. We got Kyle from landmark. Americana go see him at the Glazebrook beer festival. We're going to be there. We're gonna push pretty hard. We love this beer festival has a track record. It brings good people in has great vendors and local places, and it's a great town to call tells where we can get those tickets ago. Glass brew beer fest dot com. You can also from the Lincoln that page. There's, there's a all the breweries that are on there. A named a few of them around through the jersey ones. Real quick big names in there. I know downers and more the classic ones as well. You know, we definitely wanted to put emphasis on local, but there's. For everybody for sure. You know, we're looking to get much from the hundred mile races we can, but there's tons of good there and we can't ignore that. So it'll be a lot there. You can check out updates on the pace both page. We try to keep the the website updated as well, but go their tickets. It's going to be great day and you can always get the information off our website too, and it is linked from there and we'll be reminding until you know until the time, Sarah. And when you go to these things, make sure that bind say hi to grab sticker tells which one here we really do love the feedback in, you know, even the people that tell us what we're doing wrong makes us feel like somebody's listening to get your picture with Vic won't be there. So I'm going to get a car. I think they're not very expensive and he's not very tall, so it can't be. I'm sorry, Kyle. It's going to teach me how to speak like, that's pretty good. I have to gain about a foot. Thanks guys. Thanks. Thanks. Kristen thinks BIC and thanks and we will see next week or whenever we report again on south jersey piercing podcast part of the network. Cheers, cheers. Cheers. Yeah.

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