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Episode 15: Prophesying and Interpreting Dreams at a Revival Service


Welcome to adventures. In God with jared laskey. Our hope is that you will be encouraged to in equipped through this podcast. We have conversations with friends from around the world world. You can subscribe to our podcast and go to our website. FIREBALL MINISTRY'S DOT COM and sign up for our email list to stay up to date on fire born ministries threes. and May. You have your own adventures in God and now we hope you enjoy today's podcast. The the anointing of the Holy Spirit Thick Amen Amen. Then I'd love this lady over here. You're wearing the red shirt. Can you please stand up. Please stand up go ahead. What's your name? Jackie Jackie my met you before. Okay well the the Holy Spirit Pastor Peter testify to this lady in Red Sea. I was waiting for a lady on Sunday. Okay this close right but this is the Holy Spirit. He wants to tell you how much he loves you. He's been watching over you. There was a situation and Not Too long ago. That was kind of Harry situation but the new day is dawning. Just for you Jackie. The new day of the Lord is Dawning for you. I see that you come out of a valley of despair. You come out of a valley of just some struggles some battles but it's a new day is coming for you. You're walking into a valley of AH Wonderful Beautiful Valley so I'd like to encourage you. Close Your eyes right now. I'm hoping that you can see this with me. The Holy Spirit I see is taking you into this New Valley where there's abundant trees of life abundant fruit coming. There's multiple vineyards for you to choose from that you choose blessing you could choose prosperity. You could choose provision. You could choose healing and I bless that in the name of Jesus over you and I see you. You have a gift to take this fruit and give to other people you don't think necessarily for yourself but for others. You're you're a giver. You're not a taker. But the God is telling you that he wants to be blessed less to receive this blessing. But it's going to multiply so as you eat the fruit it will multiply in your hands so in one hand. You're eating this fruit from God but in the next next hand another one erupts that you give to other people Jackie. So he's going to use you more and more. I even see a financial provision coming. Your way is coming your way just for you. Even God wants you to rest in. That does that speak to you sister. Amen God is amazing guys isn't he. Amazing is there someone here combating discouragment combating depression. Anybody okay so for for those of you combating this can can. We lay hands on on on these few people precious God right now. In the name of Jesus we pray for -joy we pray for joy in their life and Jesus name God we break off any discouragement and he depression in Jesus name and we exchange danger for joy in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus we thank you for that Lord. Thank you that we're exchanging these things because of what you did did on the cross. and Jesus name in Jesus name May that burden of heaviness be lifted and Jesus name give them joy Oy in Jesus name Amen. Is there anybody here who has racing thoughts or anxiety issues okay. We're go over here. Marshall Right okay. Take him a hand for the God right now. The name of Jesus. I pray that Marcia Marsha will be renewed by the transformation of her mind and the name of Jesus that all racing thoughts all anxiety all fears even if there's Claustrophobia is gone and Jesus's his name anxiety over crowds over audiences Lord. I thank you that you'd gifted her hands to decorate small things to give small things they even see just She's able to give about chocolates. It's really meaningful. Just even something small like workers or any of those butterscotch candies these. These are important to her that she gives gives to others that she blesses others with that. In Jesus name I pray for continued breakthrough in her life in Jesus name in Jesus name does. SPD's sister in God is amazing. Is there anybody here who suffering from respiratory issues the breathing leading breathing issues respiratory. Can you please stand up Bro. Touch your lungs. Jesus come touch pastor Jabu Jesus name Father God in the name of Jesus Jesus we come in the respiratory issues to be gone in. Jesus name all liquid all things at this not of you take it away. Jesus name bring forth complete healing from head to toe in the name of Jesus Overpass Jabu Jesus name we thank you Lord. God that you call them to the nations we thank you lord that that you called him to bring the love of Christ due to the down and out to the untouchables wherever he goes I think you that divine destiny for you but his breathing is going to be cleared up up in the name of Jesus so that he could breathe pee on people the breath of God that he could see life symbolically and even physically Jesus saying that he could blow on people the the spirit of God like Jesus told his disciples received the Holy Spirit in Jesus name in Jesus name thank you Jesus. Let's give Jesus a big round of applause. We Love You Lord. We love you. Jesus as I was preparing today for power surge. I hope you don't mind I'm just kind of like jumping into to this. Aim in the spirit of God is here. My hands are on fire. Does anybody have fire on their hands or anything. Anything fire in your bones. Marsha God bless last yes Jesus so we pray for continued healing so that you can lay hands on the sick and raise the dead for the glory of God so we blessed that anointing. Jesus Jesus so as I was preparing for today's message and tonight's power surge I was worshiping the Lord. I was soaking in prayer and pastor astor. Peter Texted me and you know in this day and age. We can have cell phone. Itunes all that everything your life is in your phone amen. So it's like you're you're worshipping. Jesus the people were calling but hey I think everything we do as an act of worship him in so pastor. Peter Texts me and trying to see what time I'm coming and I was like I'm in a heavenly encounter counter. and He. He said stay there so I said what I told him. I said I wanNA share this heavenly encounter tonight so I'd written this down. I said as is I worship my wonderful Lord in a vision. I see a very powerful muscular angel. His wing seemed to go Out Twelve feet the left wing twelve feet the right wing twelve feet. His muscles are solid there. The ripped their cut. I since that his muscles are like steel. I see him. Lift up a sword and you raise it raises it up and direct. Sit It to charge then thousands of warrior angels charge Dick's zooming by they go forth to vanquish the enemy. I see armies of darkness get scared and then scatter and flee these armies have slime and they have poisoned but at the sound of the army of the Lord. They drop everything and run. Then I saw the throne room and the wheels Dell's full of is from zeal and they're moving their spinning and working. The spirit of God is always spinning and working. And then I saw Kohl's calls from a large fire and I saw the tongs now I did not see what spirit picked up the the tongs but my mind immediately connected with Isaiah Chapter Six verses one through seven where the Seraphim flew to the prophet with a fiery recall in the tongs. And it's like I can see this but at the same time I was more syncing it and then the coal was touching coaching. The Prophet Isaiah's lips win the coal touched. Isaiah's lips the Seraphim in the scripture of Isaiah Chapter Six said behold. This has has touched your lips. Your guilt is taken away. And your sin tone for. And then Isaiah was commissioned to be a profit fit by the Lord God and my mind started connecting how the things that we speak bring forth life and death. There's power in our tongue but the the coal fire had touched Isaiah's lips so that he can prophesy and speak life. And I believe that speaking fourth the word of God preaching the Kingdom message brings life to people around the world and wherever we go we can have that same voice the the voice of the prophets because of the wonderful Holy Spirit. Amen see the Holy Spirit was was limited in the Old Testament but now with the outpouring of the spirit. Since the day of Pentecost we're all disciples of Christ we're all successors and we're all anointed to take the Gospel message everywhere that we go and we have the voice of Prophecy. We have the voice of the Holy Spirit. We have the scripture that that's the backs us up and we could go and speak life over people in the workplace is in workspaces. You know one of my part time jobs. I'm a marketplace chaplain. And so today I did his Bible study at a retirement home. You you know nine people who need and love the scripture. They might be taken. Holy Naps within that half hours. Well and like I'd had one on lovely lady apologized to me and I said no sister you. You deserve it. You've earned it. I'm just gonNA keep preaching and sharing and you guys could take all the naps you want and I said but at the same time I'm believing that God will speak to you through it that you'll have a dream Amen. So we can go to these places and and I'll go into this memory care unit and I'll all sit there with with people with dementia and Alzheimer's but when I start reading the scripture to them I mean I don't ask okay. They're just. They're sitting there watching TV. And I'll I'll just sit next to them and I'll start reading the scripture to them but their hands would start lifting up praising God that's the power of the scripture the power of the spoken word the power of the Holy Spirit has imparted to our tongues for the glory of God. I've gotten way off track tonight. But that's okay. Does anybody have a dream. Kareem that that you may have had a spiritual dream that you don't have the interpretation for but you would like an interpretation Jackie where Jackie. Raise your hand Amen. So here and I went. I went to intercessory prayer meeting. And we're talking about dreams and I was Shan with. I've never had the dream but I've never had a dream and she was like you know he wants to talk to you through your dreams. He wants to talk to you. The your dreams and this Friday and so Sunday night. I had a dream so excited but the dream was about food. I was at a church meeting and I was trying to gather for some strange reason. I don't know why but I was just gathering food. I was putting food in boxes and just I didn't eat eat in it or anything but I was just trying to run and grab a bunch of food and so I of course I wrote it down I was like okay. Got You gotTa tell me what is dreaming because I don I I did Google it. I did a bunch of Google sites but I don't know what that meant awesome. That's your call to being a servant. You know as as we'd already spoken over to you. I guess five minutes ago you're being called to serve but being able to package food to load up food to to reach many people so there's a multiplication of this as you continue to serve the Lord. I'm not sure if you're currently plugged into a ministry theoretic outreach for some but I know that there's lots of ministries out there for that even this gentleman here. Neil has got a ministry similar to that to the homeless but symbolically early in spiritually speaking your boxing the food to serve and give to others so that they are fully nourished and the the food is not just only eh life sustenance but is also the scripture that you're able to impart to other people because the scripture is the word of God. The scripture is the Food of God. It's it's the food of Angels Amen. And so you're able to give those scriptures you're able to give those that food too many other people and see them impacted by the Kingdom of God even now. I'm just seeing that. There might be some people. I don't know if this was a part of your dream but I see some people who are super skinny like like they're they're malnourished but you're able to give the words of life to them and as you're speaking to them and as you're serving them and he's even as you're wiping their tears from their eyes and you're giving them tissues and you're listening to them you know they're going to to to grow in Christ they're going to be nourished in that moment they're going to be being brought back to life Ayman so blessed that in Jesus name Jackie's been doubly blessed bless tonight so is Marsha Amen God is amazing. God is amazing yes sister I had a dream a while back That I didn't understand what it meant. And what made me remember trying not to cry. was what you just talked about the army that you Sawing that encounter a mile is sleeping in my prayer room and I saw Just a huge army of I don't know if it's people were they were just transparent and on fire. And they were walking in formation and incomplete unity and they just curious children hundred where they were just they look like the Revista and they were just multitudes but just so well aligned and completely information within authority and and as soon as I woke up I felt in my heart. Joel like the book of Joe or something and I opened it and I saw and I read it but I still don't know what it means. I still don't understand it but I remember waking up with just a burning sensation of something like that. It was something very meaningful that I don't know what's what's your name. Sandrine Century Love. It love it so please keep standing. The Lord is schone the army that you're called to and just as you'd said Joel's Army the army of the Lord in your. I don't know if you're a military person at all. Probably not or even. I've had a call to politics but Still going much about well so so but at the same time because you. You're not a military person. You're probably waking up and be like why am I dreaming about a perfect military precision formation. Asian that's the army of the Lord that's led by the perfect one. Jesus himself but he's also calling you up into it so actually what I want to pray for. Is that the next dream. You'RE GONNA GONNA be caught up into the army of the Lord but at the same time that that you will become a leader in the army of the Lord the in time army and because that formation you know Rick joyner talks about the army of the Lord quite a bit and a lot of his works so rick joyner read his books on the arm of the Lord. I think he's got a series called the army of the new breed in you know some of these so that is the Times army that we're being all of us are being prepared for so she's century and is not just the only one with a dream honestly. It was army of the Lord that had brought brought me into the prophetic. You know it was reading Rick Joyner. It was having these dreams because even for me I was seen gene symbols on their bodies and I was not military personnel at that time but I knew that this was our generation. So I'm GonNa pray that you continue to be called into that that even those administrative skills are going to be poured out upon you and that you mentioned politics but I think that there's more than just politics politics for your life. I think I think there's going to be mentoring. There's going to be coaching. There's going to be encouraging. You know there's going to there's going to be people that that are just naturally attracted to you you and you're going to be able to pull them into the army. The Lord does that make sense. Do you mind just lift up your hands. Real Quick Precious Holy Spirit come from head to toe upon Sandrino Jesus name and anoint her. Bring the Fire of God upon her life. Anoint her Lord Jesus name in Jesus Name Holy Spirit Touch Holy Spirit touch touch Jesus name and Jesus Name Holy Spirit Holy Spear Wonderful Holy Spirit we love. Let's let's tell Jesus we hello. Jesus we love you love you. Jesus thank you for what you're doing. I don't know how many people are on facebook at the moment. But if there's someone who is out there and you need a dream interpreted interpreted please send it right it out if you're able to and maybe later tonight we'll we'll get to interpreting that amen so even though we're a church body here they're the church is where the people have got her with. The presence of Jesus and Jesus is within us as Christians so if they're watching on facebook they're they're just as much a part of the services anybody else amen. So we can't forget them Susan. This was last last last week. I was home by myself. The guys route hunting for the whole weekend. I had a dream one night. That one of my my sons and I were in our front yard sitting in lawn chairs with some other people like we're having a Bible study or something in the front yard and there's a big pine tree. They're out of the pine tree. A horseman came kind of nondescript Pale. No color to it. No facial expression but he came down from the tree and landed on the roof of my house and he looked down. Evanston me my son and I and he just wanted to fingers at us like that and there was no expression face has creeped me out. It and the scripture came to my mind he didn't say anything and the scripture was my sheep. Hear my voice. There was no the voice so I didn't feel like this was God of God and the next scripture that came to my mind was a flea from. How does it go? The Devil resist the devil. He will flee from you and I woke up so disturbed stirred me. Ever since I had the dream I told my son about it and and we heard that you would maybe be able to give some interpretation so I wanted to. Oh thank you very much. So that Dream Year in a place that you're familiar you're in your home your with your family your fellowship pain. You mentioned the Bible study so I honestly believe that it's fellowship. It's coin Aena. It's spending time with family with friends out on the front lawn where we're comfortable trouble but yet the the scripture and the book revelation talks about the Pale horse. And even though you didn't hear the Holy Spirit has has got your back. He's protecting you that even if there might be there could be potential attacks of things that try to get into our houses. It's not going to happen. You're protected you're going to be able to continue to fellowship and hear the Voice of God for yourself because you know the scripture as well. You're protected by the by the blood of the lamb and the word of his testimony. And you're covered so even though this situation you know you dreamt trump this. It's going to be all good. You're protected K.. Your family who you've been praying for is going to be brought brought together from north South East and West and you're going to be able to continue to grow and fellowship with one another despite what is going on in the world does that make sense. Amen Man thank you. Jesus we have to speak when you were talking earlier on my phone this war on my ear warmth on just a hot here in passing by and I heard the word word warning. The Lord says he's warning you against off before says that will arise in your future. Canals divers diversity gave you. You are to see them. It's more like a protection those verses to protect you from what's really ahead to arm us so let's let's lay hands on Susan over here real quick and let's pray for continued continued protection and Jesus name but also the fellowship of the Holy Spirit upon you and your whole family in Jesus Name Father God right now we lived up Susan to you we lift up her whole family to you. We thank you that by the blood of the lamb. She is protected. Her family is covered covered. That all things will go well Lord that she is protected by the the scriptures. She's protected by the blood of the lamb and she is even deceiving. See her growing more and more Lord. She's been a lighthouse for many many years God. She's been her. Lighthouse has been on the solid rock of Christ. And I thank you Lord. God God that she knows the scripture but also the scripture knows her Lord God that she's able to speak she's able to discern truth or God she's even able to discern who has selfish motives when they call she she could discern who was real. Who is legit? Laura even knows preachers. Who who are real she could discern sern these things where I blessed that upon her in the name of Jesus and I thank you that her family and her will continue to grow in Christ that there is any any negative negative situation with family? Lord that you bring healing and restoration and complete reconciliation in the name of Jesus we thank you for her life and her ministry thank you for her continued presence and her prayers because her prayers are effective for your glory in Jesus name Jesus Name Amen it Amen. God is amazing. We love you. Jesus we love you. Jesus anybody else. Dream Need interpreted and dance. I saw I saw an old old now but it was a unit and there were no letters. I areas number Jewish areas. Twelve in my I of business one older Jews work add-on surrounded by two other people and was in orange line. It was really weird anyway. I knew there were two people replace. Gather up I interested in shoes. Well you're being called to pray you're being called to intercede. Is that what you do. Well I I believe what's your name Tena so I believe that God is calling you to be an intercessor for Jews to come to Christ and that that God you even. Though this was twenty years ago there's going to be more being built on this and there's GonNa be more divine strategies from heaven as you continue to pray you're going to be able to to look into you and pray over situations here. You are hanging out in Virginia. But you're going to be called to pray into places and Turkey places in Iran places in the former Soviet Union. God's GonNa show you even. He might even wake you up in the middle of the night to pray for those who are being persecuted even persecuted Christians and things and your your prayers go into effect and keep people alive. I mean I've got some stories about being in Afghanistan and we're driving through an area and some of our moms woke up probably about that same time to get up and pray God protected us and God is going to use you to continue to pray Ray and intercede and more divine strategy will be coming to you and so these other people groups. I'm going to take a stretch here. And just say God is calling you to even pray for the unreached. And he's going to. He's calling you to pray for different different ethnic groups even the people who have who are in the ten forty window. The latitude longitude the most unreached area in the world. And you're going to be praying so that people can have divine encounters Jews and Muslims and your prayers will be answered by the power of God to sixteen. And you see that well and if not it just pray about it right I mean you know get closer to Jesus through amen. Yes two great big fishers and I was about to take one grief Ish and I just took one gray fish out of the Tang but then it got separated. I know it was not it was no more and in that. I'm just literally looking at the fish and Mabel to see lord of tiny colored fishes in the tank so I don't know what it means that really mining owning Nagata like it has some meaning was not able to figure out. Well what's your name. Evelyn wants a pleasure. I'm pastured it's a pleasure so Evelyn God is calling you to be a fisherman and and you're going to be able to catch more fish for the glory of God but it's not just a particular kind a diversity of it so it's a multiplied schools. Jesus bless her and Jesus name bless lesser in Jesus name so this diversity. You're going to be able to reach people of all races all ethnic you're going to be able to be a fisher of men and be able to bring them into the kingdom. God bless that in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus can passer Margaret. Would you mind. Land has on her real quick so holy spirit come from head to toe come bless bless her Jesus name thank you Lord Thank you. Jesus pray for the Fire God to be stoked deep within then her heart in the name of Jesus or God that you continue to visit her in the night that you continue to give her dream Lord God but at the same time she will grow in interpretation. Jesus Tame that these things will come naturally in the name of Jesus so I pray for more fire upon her in the name of Jesus I even see just deep within you I see a multiplication a disciple in a mentoring of other other people around you and you love people no matter what you love people you don't judge just carrying carrying for anybody and everybody and the Lord smalls over you and he blesses that in the name of Jesus and there's going to be more groups more people coming to you that you're GONNA be blessing. I just see you giving them the script for giving them the word of God. There's GonNa be some teaching upon your life in the name of Jesus for the glory of God in Jesus Jesus name in Jesus name Amen in Jesus name thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus we love Jesus we I love you Jesus. Let's thank. Jesus thank you. Jesus we love you. We Love You Lord we love Jesus. You're amazing God. You're amazing amazing. You're Amazing Cup right before. Jesus ascended into heaven. He gave his disciples the Great Commission. Promising them the precious gift of the Holy Spirit in acts one verse eight. Jesus said you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be witnesses in Jerusalem Judea Samaria and to the ends of the Earth with the Holy Spirit as your teacher jared laskey developed a new Bible Study journaling system that is sure to equip you in your adventure with God. The Spirit empowered journal offers life-changing steps that will enhance your biblical studies. This journal not only help you know how God spoke in end the scripture but also what he is speaking to you now. This is an incredible approach to Bible. Study empowering your spiritual journey your relationship with the Holy Spirit veered and understanding of the scriptures will increase as you use the spirit empowered journal by your paperback copy on Amazon Dot Com or fire born ministries dot com. Thank you so much for listening to our conversation in adventures in God we hope that adventures in God encouraged and inspired you to press send Jesus and launches you into your own adventure. Subscribe to our podcast and go to our website fire born ministries dot com and sign up for our the email lists to stay up to date on firebird ministries and may you have your own adventures in God.

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