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Over two percent and the nasdaq


That's a good news for at least a today hello Jackie W. B. T. weather forecast we want to drop to the numbers behind that cold front which clip this yesterday were good fifteen degrees cooler tonight even some thirties across some of the suburbs of forty one here in town tonight Thursday sunshine sixty seven so beautiful spring weather late week for the seventies again for Friday and the weekend I'm Scott Laurie more the weather channel news talk eleven ten in nineteen ninety three WBT sunny skies sixty six degrees right now in uptown at W. BT we lead local I Mike Doyle in the WBTV center

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Over two percent and the nasdaq

WBT Afternoon Programming 2 months ago

Payments for two years right now get to windows for every to you by

WTOP 24 Hour News 6 hrs ago

Street today the Dow rose two hundred and sixty seven cents back up

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This isn't the first time musk

WBT Afternoon Programming 7 hrs ago

Mainly clear tomorrow sunny up near ninety

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And most reliable network at

Steve Cochran 16 hrs ago

Rallies in New Zealand

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Dot com station good morning

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Hello forty five in some suburbs fifty at the lake and then tomorrow mostly sunny still pleasant

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Fox news

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Peaceful <Speech_Male> protests

Gary Jeff Walker 4 d ago