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Have a prior is any came from China


Have a prior is any came from China and China and that they had no idea what the dragon no I listen Marie a lot to take in there and a lot to consider look I'm I'm a I'm a big believer in a very big proponent of prayer and I hope everybody is praying and we certainly needed in this in this day and time for sure for this for this world in which we're living want to see this virus defeated A. S. A. P. to keep things in perspective well said Subrat wearable Shutterstock one ten nine nine three W. B. T. I see boom around Canada right there house alma rose looking over it I don't believe what I see I mean check out the traffic maps from Spartanburg South Carolina down to Raleigh Durham on I. eighty five not withdrawn slow down not even tell me not not even once wow that is on the on the five o'clock on a Friday afternoon on top of that eighty five an interface round out Lana wide open no slowdown is that crazy or what Friday may you have some slowdowns on seventh street due to a natural gas line break that so just shut down seventh street between the cotton Avenue and laurel Avenue so with Randolph road as an alternate incident back creek drive near Harris Boulevard and Central Avenue near the plaza at in west Charlotte Maranda wrote a baby's Ford road and Sam Wilson road at I. eighty five who were vying cannon WBTW now with the news update Mike Doyle and in the midst of this crisis the spotlight suddenly shining on several U. S. senators including one from North Carolina over stock sales that may have been informed by insider information about the corona virus threat Republican senators Richard Burr Kelli Leffler in jeans and Hoff and Democrat Dianne Feinstein

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Have a prior is any came from China

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