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Never have a Republican elected again well the speaker Nancy Pelosi tells MSNBC she

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Won the travel ban and we wanted the Supreme Court said the travel ban is not anything against Muslims it's a thing against areas where we don't want people coming into our country that are going to cause problems cause harm cause of death hurt our people and I feel very strongly about that okay please go ahead as president trump says speaking in India this morning on a number of topics he is downplayed the threat the corona virus and placing you spoke to president xi jin ping who is working hard to get it under control the latest on the corona virus outbreak at Iran are reporting that the head of its anti it's counter coronavirus task force has Kobe did nineteen that official as it was announcing the numbers yesterday was a sweating eran confirming today that the doctor did indeed have Covay date nineteen so that's the latest on the corona virus well back to the stump Bernie Sanders facing an unprecedented assault from his democratic rivals as as that nomination fight threatens to explode into public tonight on the debate stage no less than three of Sanders rivals unleashing paid attack ads against the Vermont senator ahead of today's debate Sanders on Monday defended that his remarks at a CNN town hall on Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba and a literacy program that Sanders that