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President, India And Indiana discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Is a lot to get to a lot of news from over the weekend a lot of stories that until you take a second look should not be seen as as just brutal and awful as they seem on the top line because other answers haven't been given there are stories where headlines are absolutely taken in a way that are out of context I want to get to all of it but this extension of a social distancing guidelines clearly the country will not be open by Easter dot net present never said it will definitely be open by Easter certainly he would have liked to have seen the country open by Easter me to because I do not believe we can continue down this road in the social distancing guidelines being extended to April thirtieth according to the president and as for that death rate we have heard the same here in India that in two weeks we will see the the peak in those deaths and then it will go down what is that number well if you listen to Dr Anthony Fauci infectious disease got that number somewhere between one hundred and two hundred thousand people that's their top line number one hundred two hundred thousand people die from corona virus but they don't say when and so I want everybody to take a breath all across central Indiana and everywhere where they listen we have more and more people listening to this show from all across the country it's it's quite incredible and welcome take a breath because we don't have that answer and I have got some audio from doctor found himself that's going to make you say the story was not the story the story is what was left out the story is what they miss the story is what they did not share that's usually the case right we're gonna get into that here in Indiana we have got the latest numbers the latest numbers nationwide and why these numbers do matter and why these matter numbers cannot be utilized in context with other nations especially and specifically of those nations that ally entire king because I have a story yeah it's it's weird when you see people you know on TV cool if you could see what I'm seeing right now a cheesy sausages tasty toasty breakfast deal for my belly.

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President, India And Indiana discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News

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