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United States Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams good morning from your vantage point as Surgeon General what's the biggest reason right now our listeners to be optimistic China and South Korea do the things that Mecklenburg or doing and they're re opening there is a light at the end of the tunnel if we do the right thing that the community less Thompson eighty five to eight your emergency situation station the stock I am great wonderful we say we check in with our good friend mark garrison find out what's coming up on Charlotte at six one seven one well as you might imagine we'll talk coronavirus off the top will look in depth at the Mecklenburg numbers just how many have the virus now we know that three out of four cases adults ages twenty to fifty nine so as not to if you if you had this notion that malicious stole folks getting into this certainly not the case at all that's really incredible yeah it's six twenty we are going to go in depth on something else the question how much freedom do you have to give up with the stay at home order and what businesses are really essential those two questions clashed head on over the weekend when protesters were at an abortion clinic the protesters stood six feet apart while abortion patients were shoulder to shoulder in a long line with no separation so we'll talk about that that's a that's a very important issue as well which I come out of the bottom well let's see will it talk to a jungle SP at six thirty five he's been out at the parks in the airport then just he's just been all over the place today we'll find out what he's up to and then at six fifty I'll introduce you to a sixteen year old boy who came to Charlotte from Italy just seven months ago with his family coronavirus has taken all of their jobs and so he is using his violin to try to put a little food on the table all that is awesome great stuff marketers I can't wait to hear and I'm looking forward to my friend yes Sir thank taken at some markers in Charlotte it's six coming up at coming up at six president I'd states is taking questions from the press corps looks like let's so let's dip in there at the office

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Dot com station United States

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