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Justice Department, Michael Horowitz And FBI discussed on Mark Levin

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Fabulous document paid for by the opposing political party because he's talking about what was done to president trump you would think that this kind of potential abuse by the justice department would pique the interest of mainstream journalists no such a lack in December and December inspector general Michael Horowitz the department of justice found that the FBI had included quote at least seventeen significant errors or omissions in the Carter page FISA applications and many errors in the woods procedures on quote during its crossfire hurricane investigation a new inspector general report looked at another twenty nine applications twenty nine the FBI file to get permission to spy on quote U. S. persons this could include green card holders who are not citizens the FBI could even find which procedure files which contain supporting documentation for factual assertions contained in the FISA applications as required by a P. I. policy for four of the applications what every single one of the other twenty five that auditors examined had apparent errors inadequately supported fax they looked at twenty seven and then there were all corrupt that is twenty nine of them and at least seventeen were corrupt sorry in addition to the twenty nine applications on it it the inspector general looked at the F. B. I.'s own application oversight mechanism relating to forty two FISA applications put it this way the new IG report found a total of three hundred and ninety problems in thirty nine of the forty two application set including unverified inaccurate inadequately supported facts as well as typographical errors and it found another twenty issues per application in the new water so if you're keeping score at home only three of the seventy five FISA applications four percent used to spy in the investigation starting in October twenty fourteen we're not problematic even worse than it looks because heart which didn't scrutinize the raw evidence case files which for all we know is teaming with mitigating evidence and fact all right here's the bottom line here's the bottom line the federal bureau of investigation under call me before call me I want to remind you was Robert Muller the federal bureau of investigation under Mahler another call me in too many instances involving foreign intelligence for surveillance act was a rogue operation it was a rogue operation that would include under Eric holder and Loretta Lynch this is shocking the mother report as reported by PJ media despite the fact the mother report proved there was NO collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians and clear Donald Trump junior of anything and everything.

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Justice Department, Michael Horowitz And FBI discussed on Mark Levin

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