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It's a wonderful service have a very close friend this almost happened to them I told you that


Tennis title this pieces trump is right economic shutdown result in deadly health crisis scientists say on March twenty fourth president trump expressed an intense desire to begin the process of loosening restrictions in some portions of our country so that the American economy can slowly begin to emerge from the government impose shut down the most commerce the president said we cannot let the Q. R. be worse than the problem itself that's what he tweeted at the end of the fifteen day period we will make a decision as to which way we want to go later that day his daily briefing expanded on the point he said we're gonna be taking care and watching very closely our senior citizens especially those with a problem or an illness we're going to be watching them very very closely we can do that and have an open economy and have an open country so the president is actually reflecting the thinking of to expect one from you know one from Stanford we have to do that because that causes other problems the president concluded maybe the economic shutdown causes much bigger problems than the problem we're talking about now and man did he come under a full fledged attack because apparently the Democrat party the media and some of the scientists R. for ideological or or reasons that are incomprehensible vested in a destroyed or destroying the economy

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It's a wonderful service have a very close friend this almost happened to them I told you that

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